Terrorism myth

The term terrorism came after the World Trade Center tragedy of 11 September 2001. At first glance, there is nothing wrong with the term terrorism. But if we look at, since the beginning of the term emergence of terrorism turned out to have been addressed directly to a particular group of cons against western policies. The issue of terrorism and then rolled like a ball of snow in many Muslim countries are trying to establish an Islamic state with. Indonesia did not escape the blast of the myth that this country is one of the nest of terrorists. Various cases of bomb explosions that are so bizarre as to be an evidence of a forced, Case bombs are always present together with the major cases in this country. The latter case is a solo bomb that occurred in September once again along with menyeruaknya Nazaruddin case. Peristwa bomb going to bring many advantages for those who hate Islam. The first bombing perpetrators are directly linked to Islamic movements or organizations who fight for an Islamic state. This raises great suspicion amongst the people about individual persons or groups who want to establish an Islamic state. Tempers pelebelan stigmatization by Islamic extremists or any fundamentals that should be avoided and must be immediately destroyed. The impact of the misdirection of course the issue is so detrimental to Islamic parties, so it makes no sense if the actions of the bombings carried out by Muslims who want to establish a Caliphate as an Islamic state. Various attempts were then made to resolve cases of terrorism in Indonesia as an act of war on terrorism. But apparently this is just a myth to resist the force-kekuaatan Islam became increasingly uncontrollable war on Islam. In Indonesia the government has made various efforts to combat terrorism through intelligence bill and the project de-radicalization. But unfortunately these actions will only lead to failure and even more sparked protests as a pretext bans and arrests of innocent people without clear evidence. This course will increase the hatred in the community have started to realize the failure of the system today. The bill is loaded with an effort to dispel the power of the Muslims to rise up from the colonial west toward the glory of Islam. Terrorism is just a myth trap ditikamkan American ideology of war right into the heart of the Muslims. Therefore there is no other more practical ways to erode terrorism in Indonesia immediately replace the system of Kufr to the Islamic Caliphate.

as the supreme leader of Iran's Islamic Republic. Iranian holiday this calendar combines the opinions of Ahlu Sunna and Shia believe 12 believed 17 Rabiul Awwal. Iran. Sulaeman. pages 137-154 and 226. In a mailing list one big mass Indonesia. a father writes: ". the Sunnis live comfortably in the province of Shiraz and Sanandaj. my posting alias was arrested not to be approve. Dina is a citizen of Indonesia as a journalist and never lived long enough in Iran.. and other Sunni clerics in writing his books. In a news broadcast on IRIB that the union do Shiites Sunnah in Iran. Then the Iranian government itself set up institutions to bring the Sunna and Shia in the form of dialogue and religious activities and help resolve conflicts in Islamic countries. The late Imam Khomeini... Imam Khomeini during his lifetime to make a holiday on the birthday of Prophet Muhammad from the date of 12-17 Rabiul Awwal. Then I post as additional information. In fact... Sunnis in Iran is the cult. I suggested that in the book "Rainbow in Persian: Touring the exoticism of Iran 'states that Sunni Muslims get their own place and is not considered heretical. . However. published PT.. In Iran too many outstanding books by scholars Ahlu Sunnah that has been translated in Persian.Shi'ites in Indonesia and how? Though its population is greater than the Ahmadis. In that post. the majority of the Sunnis into the school and have a great mosques and Sunni Muslims often do marriages with Shiite Muslims.. If you do not believe. If critical thinking and rational discussion takes place in many scientific centers such as universities and hauzah. Shiites in Saudi Arabia is a cult . please go to the book "Rainbow in Persian: Touring the Exotic Iran" by Dina Y. Ibn Arabi. 2007. " I was shocked to read it because it does not fit with what I read. So. The Shiite cleric who took a lot of references of Abu Hamid al-Ghazali.IIMaN. Shiites in Saudi Arabia is a cult. there is no conflict of sects in Iran. In two provinces. Sunnis in Iran is the cult.

In Mecca (Saudi Arabia) and Bogor (Indonesia) never held Sunna Shia dialogue activities and efforts to resolve the case of Israel to attack Palestinians and Lebanese. M. 2000.Abdurrahman ) on July 1. 2000 at the Merdeka Building in Bandung. should be advised to claim their own religion: Ahmadiyya. Bahrain.KH. These CBOs IJABI officially registered at the Ministry of Home Affairs through the Directorate General of National Unity and Community Protection number: 127 Year 2000/DI dated August 11.Dr.Jalaluddin Rakhmat. If it is different from the Ahmadiyya Muslim religion. Problem Ahmadiyya. are forbidden to perform the Hajj and Umrah to the Holy Land. Who is now Chairman of the Board Syuro IJABI position occupied by Prof. I suspect the school of conflict or dispute arises because there is a gust of yng not want to realize their unity and unity among Muslims. the last prophetic doctrine that fell on Mirza Ghulam Ahmad to be removed then believe that Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet and messenger. so is not prohibited when the Haj and Umrah. . Iraq. Syrians. Saudi Arabia. If it was called a heretic by Shiite Muslims or clerics of Saudi Arabia. As a matter of Shia in Indonesia. If still professing Islam. I do not know why there are still people who do not see the facts of the recognition of Sunni against Shia. has received the legality in the form of the establishment of foundations and organizations have stood the Temple Ahlu Lovers Association (IPABI) in Bogor and Jamaat Association of Temple Indonesia Ahlu (IJABI) declared by the late Gusdur (Indonesian President Wahid KH. who should Shiite Muslims from Iran.Sc. Yemeni. According to Kang Jalal (Jalaluddin Rakhmat) that IJABI is a mass organization that brings together lovers of Ahlul Bait of the Prophet Muhammad to perform any work mustadh'afin empowerment and enlightenment thinking people. and others. I think another issue that needs to be studied together.

which has killed about 3000 people . or in other words the presence of recognition. In fact. and perhaps the most important thing was done and was centered in the territory of a country which then leads to the 'state promotion'. on July 17. Kuta. This is where the real terror has shown movement as a tragedy of human values. this tragedy has also been wounded sense of justice. As a result of acts of terrorism are thousands of deaths. 'state Toleration' or 'state acquiesce'. World Trade Centre (WTC) and Pentagon buildings. company itself. without regard to borders. Bali. two of which ditabrakkanan into the twin towers Twin Towers. . which can occur anytime and anywhere. especially for those who have been victims of crimes of terrorism. As a phenomenal crime. bomb blasts appeared in Legian. on October 12. 2009. Second. thus the reason for the handling of international or bilateral become very reasonable. there was a bomb blast in Jakarta.S. Three US-owned commercial aircraft hijacked. not just to one country or one region alone but also to have transnational effects. religions and nations. 2001. but it becomes particularly since the events of the actual bombing of the World Trade Center (WTC) in New York. terrorism is not an ordinary crime (Crime Ordinary). Some time after this incident occurred. USA occurred.Hope For The attitude of the International Criminal Court (ICC) Against Terrorism Terrorism in the world is not a new thing. in which the event is known as the "September Grey". not using combat aircraft. This event is a sign that terrorism remains a serious threat for the country especially Indonesia and the global world in general. This tragedy is one proof that terror is a very cruel act and does not take into account and does not care and ignore the truly human values. 2002. but uses a commercial plane owned by U. Shortly after the incident at the WTC Building New York. so it is not caught by radar the United States. but it is an extraordinary crime (Extrordinary Crime). This tragedy has also shown that the world has lost human values (Humanity Values). which killed over 180 people and injuring over 200 people. dignity of the nation and religious norms. Both the tragedy that occurred in the above has been reminding us of the threat to world peace and security that always comes up unexpectedly and explosively. tremendous trauma and maimed for life in an instant. Terrorism is also an international crime because it has met three (3) elements of international crimes as among others the following: First. Attacks carried out by air. on September 11. have the influence / effect of a broad.

Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Crimes Against Humanity internationally Protected Persons. this is not caused because of the crime terrorism has exceeded the boundaries of a country (Transcend National Boundaries) and eventually become a threat to world peace and security (threat to the peace). 1973. UNGA. the countries of the world tend to preventing and combating it through international cooperation and set it into the international conventions. as well as well as an exceptional crime (Extra Ordinary Crime) and even has become an enemy to mankind (Hostis Humanist Generis). 1979. the international community has a problem and a threat to the peace against humanity (crimes against humanity) in addition to war crimes (war crimes). Second. groups. the perpetrators of terrorism itself can be done by individuals. 34/154. 1979. Measures to Prevent International Terrorism the which endanger or takes innocent human live or jeopardizes fundamental forms of terrorism and acts of violence in the which its cause some people to sacrifice human lives including Their own in an Attempt to effeect radical chan . the act was widespread and serious. 1944). the resulting consequences and the goal of crime itself. particularly in the UN resolutions relating to terrorism.Therefore. No. Fourth. then all or part of the largest countries are very concerned to prevent. International Convention Against Taking of hostages. The emergence of terrorism as a new type of international crimes in the International Criminal Law is not a natural thing because basically the nature of the crime of terrorism itself. Res. also in various international conventions governing the crime of terrorism. Terrorism as an international crime has exceeded the boundaries of the territory of either of the occurrence.protection or assistance from the state. As for some of the International Convention governing international terrorism are as follows: Convention for the Prevention and Punishment of Terrorism 1937 Convention on International Terrorism and Punishment of 1937 (Chicago Convention. Similarly. because terrorism is a transnational crime. which does not recognize state borders. combat and punish the perpetrators of this terrorism. the crime of terrorism can meet the scope and substance of international criminal law for several reasons as follows: First. or the state (State Terrorism). Including Diplomatic Agents. In the author's view. December 7. the jurisdiction in crimes of terrorism involves more than one country (at least 2 countries). Third. The imposition of the crime of terrorism which are dealt with explicitly in the various international legal instruments.

the existence of an international institution that could prosecute the perpetrators of crimes of terrorism that is at the International Criminal Court (ICC). which the ICC was set up special courts to prosecute serious crimes including war crimes (War crimes). which still left to national courts. No. Unfortunately. Crime of terrorism is not a common crime (Crime Ordinary). International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism. UNGA. in this particular crime against terrorism.Protocol for the Suppression of Unlawful Acts of Violence at Airports Serving Civil Aviation (Montreal Convention. when the United States suffer from attacks of terrorists on September 11. but that term indicates the use of unauthorized acts of violence for political purposes. it is not allowed / not allowed toprosecute cases they do it. the Crime of Aggression (Agression) and Crimes against Humanity (Crime against Humanity). particularly in the trial against the crime of terrorism. International Convention for the Suppression of Terrorist Bombing 1997. Although the term "terrorism" has no legal definition. Declaration on Measures to Eliminate International Terrorism Res. This is because the United States is seen as "the . not even belong to the regular cross-border crime (Cross-border crime). Third. Though terrorism is one potential candidate for a new international crime which the material has been provided for in International Criminal Law. the emergence or the pressure to make the International a fair judicial process. many of which suggest that the court should be conducted outside the United States courts. and not in international courts. Because of the aspects of a political nature in international terrorism cases. 10 March 1988). the question of combating terrorism has so far not one of the responsibilities of international justice. the countries being targeted or even target countries also become a sponsor of terrorism. 1994). 49/60. 1999 Various UN General Assembly Resolution and the UN Security Council and Regional Conventions. or even in an international court. 24 February 1988). Convention and Protocol from the International Against the Safety of Maritime Navigation (Rome Convention. the states-whether they are as actors (perpetrator states) or as a target (targeted states) are parties involved in this case. or in Third Countries. and even be a logical thing for the crime of terrorism have political elements. Unfortunately. Therefore. even the handling of terrorism today is more emphasis on enforcement at the domestic level. the Crime of Genocide (Genocide) . since terrorism is politically motivated.Because there are political elements in the crime of terrorism. 2001. is a matter that can be understood.

there are fears among some of the countries where terrorism was tried by an international court with the following reasons among others: First.parties to the conflict" (Party to the conflict) so that when the trial court committed in the United States. In addition. Judge Sahabudin as Ad-hoc judges who handle cases of Pam Am plane explosion over Lockerbie. feared to be a court that is not neutral. Scotland. in England and in Libya. For example. Hence it states involved in terrorism cases is in doubt and worry when handed the case to an international court . not all countries have the attitude and the same outlook in the face of terrorism crimes. countries accused of sponsoring terrorism is feared to question the validity of (Legitimacy) and neutrality (neutrality) from international institutions ( international institutions) who have the authority to prosecute the case. But Ad-hoc judges finally El-Kosheri expressed the opinion that the perpetrators of crimes who do blasting is not possible to obtain a fair trial both in the United States. and also handles the countries involved namely Libya. For example. asking the court whether the accused perpetratorscommitted the crime could receive a fair trial in the United States. Second. especially when the country became the target of terrorism has been a justice system andnational investigation that developed and have the resources of both to solve the case. countries that became the target of terrorism is also aware that each state has different interests. the United States and Scotland.Therefore it is partly the opinion of the case. countries that became the target of terrorism did not want to rely on international institutions to deal with such cases. Based on the above case it is the view of the writer to get some justice in the face of such cases is then one solution is that whenever there is an international institution that is trusted by the countries to resolve to deal with these cases. in this case is the Court of Criminal International. However. should be addressed by an agency that can not be influenced by the countries involved in the conflict is conducted by an international court or by the State conducting the Third Universal Jurisdiction. The same thing has been done by the State of Libya in front of the International Court of Justice (ICJ) on the case "Lockerbie". you need to know is bahwat not all countries have the desire to resolve the cases of terrorism in the ICC Court. one of the countries that refuse to do justice to the case of international terrorism is the United States who reject the establishment of an international court to handle cases of 11 September 2001. Third. where they questioned whether international institutions can be run effectively in the mechanism of judicial conduct.

the countries that became the target of terrorism also may be questioned whether international institutions that deal with terrorism cases are willing to share the views of countries in resolving the case. War Crimes. Crimes against Humanity (Crime against humanity). in international criminal law. Why the ICC Court? Because the ICC Court have jurisdiction or authority to prosecute serious crimes against humanity (such as heavy crimes of Genocide. The institute based its Article 1 shall have the power to sue and prosecute perpetrators of international crimes into its jurisdiction that is the Crime of Genocide (Genocide). Crimes against Humanity. then according to the author's view. and Aggression). The International Criminal Court (International Criminal Court) is a permanent international criminal justice agencies that have jurisdiction or authority to do justice for the violations and crimes interansional as contained in the guiding principle of the Nuremberg Justice Ad Hoc.that may have different priorities of the countries involved case. international criminal law enforcement in the form of demanding process and prosecute the perpetrators of international crimes is done through two (2) ways: Enforcement Direct (direct enforcement system) and Indirect Enforcement (indirect enforcement system). But that becomes an important issue in the ICC Court is whether the ICC Court would or not to include the crime of terrorism in connection with this jurisdiction. Crimes of War (War crimes) and Aggression (Agression). and punishment can be carried out effectively only through actions at the national level and international cooperation. Fourth. but because international terrorism is an international crime but every sovereign state can criminalize terrorism crimes into crimes against humanity. This is because international law either in the form of conventions or in the form of UN Security Council resolutions as well as evolving international customary law against terrorism has been placed as . Enforcement of international criminal law directly (direct enforcement system) is a demanding and prosecute perpetrators of international crimes by an international judicial institution that is by the International Criminal Court. Furthermore. the Court of the ICC (International Crime Court) is the appropriate forum to prosecute crimes of terrorism. The establishment of the ICC is necessarily a joint effort of the world's nations to prosecute and punish the criminals human rights violations. Although the international criminal court has no jurisdikisi to the evils of terrorism.This is in accordance with the provisions set forth in the Rome Statute of 1998 (Rome Statute) in which this statute explicitly confirms that the perpetrators of the crimes of the most serious should not pass without punishment.

among others. the jurisdiction can only be conducted on countries that accept the amendment. 2009.This can only be done by doing revisions (amendments) to the Rome Statute. If a party state do not accept amendments to the ICC may not exercise its jurisdiction.According to Article 123 paragraph (1) review (review) of the Statute of the ICC is not only limited to the list of international crimes that have been incorporated into Article 5 of the Statute of the ICC. war crimes or crimes against humanity. Thus. The ICC treaty amandment process is based on the vote of a super-majority of ICC states parties ". it will only be binding on countries that accept the amendment. the Court shall not exercise its Jurisdiction regarding a crime covered by the amandment Pls committed by the States Party's nationals or on its territory ".In other words. If the ICC Statute was amended in the future to include crimes of terrorism. namely: the Crime of Genocide. This has been stated in Article 121 paragraph (5) of the ICC Statute which states as follows: "In respect of the which a State Party has not accepted the amendement. War Crimes.Therefore.part of a crime against humanity. Thus. Crimes of terrorism could be incorporated into the ICC jurisdiction only when the perpetrators of terrorism will also be able to do genocide. and Aggression.Moreover. Amendment of the ICC Statute can only be done by voting or voting of the majority of ICC states parties. the 1998 Rome Statute explicitly implies that the material jurisdiction of the ICC could have been expanded to include other crimes. until now the ICC Court has no authority to prosecute cases of international terrorism. the ICC Statute can only have jurisdiction for crimes of . Crimes against Humanity . on July 1. because the three types of crimes are the jurisdiction of the ICC. because the crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the ICC has been established in the Article 5 of the Statute of the ICC (Rome Statute 1998). For example. the problem is how to keep international terrorism can be incorporated into the jurisdiction of the ICC. which can occur not less than 7 years after the ICC Statute is applicable (entry into force). In accordance with the procedures set out in Article 121 and 123 of the Rome Statute the crime of terrorism can only be inserted into the jurisdiction of the ICC by way of amendment. if an act of terrorism contains the element or elements of all three types of crimes are the acts of terrorism can be incorporated into the jurisdiction of the ICC. But unfortunately. Under these provisions. UN Secretary-General may conduct a conference to review the (review) whether an amendment to the Statute of the ICC is the right thing. then the capacity of the ICC to prosecute international crimes (other than the type of crimes that have been stipulated in the Statute of the ICC) will be greater. if the amendment made by the ICC Statute.

it is still an issue and debate among scholars and jurists. impartiality and integrity". or Russia. Second. Third. Countries that are smaller will benefit if the crimes of terrorism included in the Statute of the ICC because it would reduce the source of funds to prosecute the terrorists. "shall be chosen from persons of high moral Among character. the ICC court can be an effective forum to conduct a peradiuan on cases related to crimes of terrorism.S. the ICC court has no jurisdiction to adjudicate explicitly terrorists. This is in accordance with Article 36 paragraph (3) letter a in the ICC Statute which states that the judges who worked in the ICC. If the ICC Court may exercise jurisdiction to the evils of terrorism. it can reduce the financial funds that are used in the process of bringing the perpetrators of terrorism. clear and have integrity. Provisions can be seen in Article 7 of the 1998 Rome Statute that set up on crimes against humanity and related elements . countries such as Egypt.terrorism that is inserted through the amendment only if the crime was committed and the citizen in a country that has accepted the amendment. the material ICC jurisdiction can be extended to the evils of terrorism.This shows that the judges who worked in the ICC court are the ones who voted with good moral character. the benefits derived states. Thus this will give the possibility for terrorists to not flee to a safe place in countries that are not good court system or the state who do not want (unwilling) prosecute the terrorists. the ICC Court is a neutral institution or institutions at the international level. Every sovereign state can criminalize terrorism crimes into crimes against humanity. Algeria. some scholars and jurists denied if the terrorists can be tried for war crimes or crimes against humanity. has been placed as part of a crime against humanity. which incidentally are the countries that have serious problems with the terrorists. states to carry out the task of remote operations. by the countries are smaller. Basically.This is because some of the underlying reasons which are as follows: First. Compared with the United States. Philippines. In the author's view. Thus it is clear that these countries do not have the potential or ability as the U. Likewise. This is because international law either in the form of the Convention or in the form of UNSC Resolution as well as evolving international customary law against terrorism.Neutrality of the court that the ICC will provide benefits to more effective justice against the terrorists. Even so the terrorists may have been on trial for crimes against humanity (Crime against Humanity). Therefore. less able to bring to justice the perpetrators of terrorism (terrorists) to justice. In addition to in article 36 paragraph (8) letter a part (ii) the ICC Statute also ensures that the judges have been selected according to geographical representation.

the authors concluded that the crime of terrorism can be incorporated into the jurisdiction of the ICC because it has a theoretical base and a strong juridical in particular the international level. Thus. War Crimes. In Article 7 paragraph (2) letter a indicates the possibility for crimes against humanity committed in the context of "an organized policy". where the attack made payable to the civilian population and is part of a widespread or systematic attack. Article 7 paragraph (1) of the Rome Statute in 1998 condemned the attack-a widespread or systematic attack directed against a civilian population. Crimes Against Humanity) in order to facilitate the ICC Court in the prosecution process...of the crime. As for the things that underlies the crime of terrorism to be incorporated into the jurisdiction of the ICC by the authors is due to several reasons as follows. Based on the description above. Second. Article 7 paragraph (2) describes the "attack" as: "A course of conduct involving the multiple commission of acts . . which can be used as a reference or basis to prosecute individuals who commit crimes that international terrorism terrorists. the absence of a definition of terrorism contained in the various international conventions on terrorism have shown that the absence of a universal definition of terrorism can not menhalangi terrorism to be incorporated into the ICC jurisdiction. Third. if terrorism is inserted into the ICC's jurisdiction is to be distinguished from the evil of terrorism-kejahan core (Core Crimes) as contained in Article 5 of the ICC Statute (Genocide. carried out as part in state policy or policies are organized. judicial and sentencing to the terrorists. the actual jurisdiction of the ICC can be extended to terrorist organizations. pursuant to or in furtherance of a State or organizational policy to commit Such an attack". the existence of various international Conventions on terrorism can be used as customary international law (International Customary Law). namely: First. This has indicates that customary international law has evolved and is now entering a non-state actors as terrorist organizations.