• 1940 The Italian ambassador asked Greece to allow the safe pass for Italian force towards turkey and other countries. Hellenic Prime Minister Metaxas denied the permission and thus the Italians declare the ware to Hellas (Greece)

• During the winter of 1940 the Italians were unable to overwhelm the Hellenic Defense System. It was the time that Adolph's Hitler Declare the war against Greece and having the permission for safe passage provided by Bulgaria ( in April 1941), Nazi’s attacked Greece • Hellenic Defense system Collapsed in 21 days, under the overwhelming military pressure of Italy and Germany., while a 47 days period required for Nazis to take over the whole country (famous battle of Crete)

• In 10th f June 1994 Nazis payback a local ration that the caused using provocation. The Priest of the village was executed by removing his head, infants were executed so the women(117) and men(111) and the Children (53) • Greece became an independent state in 1944 and cost the life to more than 15% of the population • Greece forced to provide loan of 100.000 gold drachmas to Axis (150.000.000 billion Euros nowadays without the interests)

• After the defeat of AXIS the Alias of USA/USSR/UK decide to assemble a military court for administrate justice over the Criminal law. • Due to the London’s treaty( 1953) Hellas was excluded for receiving war compensation, until the unification of Germany. • These compensations, even are absolutely lawful, are for some reason a taboo to the Hellenic Political Elite

• Greece never raise any appeal against Germany… the Hellenes preferred to bare the past in the name of unity in Europe. • But relatives of people get killed by Nazis’ action ask for the supreme civil court in Greece For compensation (Aries Pago's) that interpreted the international law and the real incidents and it ended up with a decision, for a compensation of 28 million Euros, having the same legal opinion to the lower court of Livadia

• The Prime minister and the minister of Justice (Simitis and Stathopoulos) had used the privilege of Veto to negate the results coming from the court decision about

• The Prime minister and the minister of Justice (Simitis and Stathopoulos) had used the privilege of Veto to negate the results coming from the court decision about Diatom • In the meanwhile the European Council in Timbered suggested that all court orders are of the same power in whole European union [EC2001/2003] L388 σ001 έως 0029. • Applying the EU law Hellenes Asked from Italy to enforce the court order of the Hellenic Supreme Civil Court

• Italy accept the rightful of the appeal issued by Hellenes and forced the implementation of the Hellenic Supreme Court • Germany –by violating the EU Treaties – ask for the privilege off extraterritorial and forward the case to the international court of Justice. • Today the Court internationale de Justice issued a decision that support the Government of Germany

• Why Greece is not applying its lawful right for compensation • Why the minister of Justice does not allowing the application of the initial Supreme Court ruling • Why Italy and Greece did not went for the Cour Européenne des Droits de l'Homme - Européen Court of Humann Right? And the trie the usage passage of international court • Even now That the ICJ has issue its décision the claims of people are still valid since are claims on the ground of crime against humanité, and is well known this kind of actions are Never bardon by the International law.