Project Proposal Template

The following template is used by The Canadian Payroll Association as a standardized approach for considering potential projects. Notice the significant focus on mission/strategies, and the emphasis on the project's marketing impact and resource implications. Introduction/Background: y Briefly describe the project and how it developed

Purpose and Objectives: y y y What will the project accomplish? What are the objectives and are they measurable? Why are we considering it?

Relationship to Strategic Plan:
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y y y

How does it relate to the mission and key strategies? s it a new development? s it a crisis?

Membership Segments/External Audiences Reached: y y What membership segments will it reach? (Practitioners, Vendors) What external audiences will be reached? (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)

Project Deliverables e.g. Value/Benefits/Messages: y y y y y What What What What What are the projects deliverables? values and benefits will members derive? are the messages? is its relevance to members? is its relevance to customers (purchasers who are not members)?

Project Scope and Possible Execution: y y y y How broad is the project What possible execution opportunities are there? How feasible is it? s it related to a current or past program?

Timelines: y What are the timelines e.g. one quarter, one year, multiple years?)

Budget/Resources: y What is the budget?

) What are the estimates of time and money? Measurement/Evaluation (Accomplishment of Objectives): y y What tangible evaluation of accomplishments are there? What are member/customer satisfaction measures? Possible Complications/Challenges: y What are the potential challenges and complications? Responsibilities and Coordination: y Who does what. partnership. etc. when and how? .y y y What is the financial impact? How is the project to be resourced? (Staff. Engage consultants.