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I grabbed info on some of the more prominent cases recently in the Chicago Land Are. Also, I interviewed our guest and grabbed a little background on the American Association for University Professors.

Professor's Facebook Comments Draw Protests from Students (Nov. 10, 2011 By Courtney Copenhagen and Anthony Ponce NBC5 Chicago) For the second day in a row, students at Purdue University Calumet protested over one of their professors and what he posted on his personal Facebook page

For the second day in a row, students at Purdue University Calumet protested over one of their professors and what he posted on his personal Facebook page. The posting was made Sunday night by political science professor Maurice Eisenstein. "This all came about because I posted a picture of dead Christians by radical Muslims and asked where the moderate ones were," he explained Thursday. But students say it was his own comments that led to a firestorm of responses. "We're not protesting the link. We're protesting the comments that were made regarding the link, and the fact that he has called multiple people ignorant. He has called other students "Jewhaters," and he has been just blatantly disrespectful to the student body," explained student Jessica Tabor. Many of the students taking part in Thursday's protest claimed Eisenstein has demonstrated racism in the past, both online and in the classroom, and especially toward Muslims. "He's made racial comments about everybody. It's just not Muslims," said student Wala Issa. Eisenstein, however, said he's just exercising his freedom of speech, and says he's become a target because of his own Jewish faith. "I was a Jew who dared speak out. I dared speak out and say, very emphatically, that there seems to be people who are killing Christians in Africa, in Nigeria, in the name of Muhammad," he said. Christopher Ramirez, a former student who organized the protest, said the post and comments were made on the first day of Eid, a traditional Muslim holiday.

"I simply do not believe this was appropriate.including the university's defense of Professor John Michael Bailey's decision to allow students to witness the act . The guest lecturer asked the students if they were "ready for a live sex show. 5:21 PM) http://www.Northwestern University's president said Thursday that he is "troubled and disappointed" that a psychology professor allowed a couple to engage in a sex act involving a motorized sex toy in front of dozens of students. "I feel it represented extremely poor judgment on the part of our faculty member. a couple at the lecture decided that a video the students were watching on the female orgasm was not realistic and gave a live presentation involving the sex toy. Evanston police say it will be up to the school to determine if the demonstration violated any local ordinances. as about 100 students looked on. According to published reports." student Justin Smith told the Chicago Tribune. Schapiro said it did not matter that the incident occurred after the class was over. March 3. Northwestern Northwestern University to investigate sex toy demonstration (By DON BABWIN The Associated Press Thursday. and he is calling for an investigation. "I have recently learned of the after-class activity associated with Prof. At that point." he said. and I am troubled and disappointed by what occurred.Northwestern President Morton Schapiro strongly criticized the lecturer. A guest lecturer had been discussing bondage and sexual fetishes during Bailey's human sexuality class." Schapiro said a statement issued by the Evanston university. he would have withheld his remarks. necessary or in keeping with Northwestern University's academic mission.Eisenstein told The Times of Northwest Indiana that he wasn't aware of the holiday and said that had he known the importance of the day. Michael Bailey's Human Sexuality class. 21 class appeared in local newspapers . Faith Kroll took off her clothes and she and Jim Marcus climbed on the stage and.html CHICAGO -. Hours after accounts of the Feb." he said. that attendance was voluntarily and that the students were warned of the explicit nature of what they were about to see. the pair demonstrated the use of a motorized device with a .washingtonpost.

Those controversial tenure denials. and I think what people have heard about DePaul would probably make them think a bit harder about the climate issues there. for the lecture. could hamper the university's efforts to attract and retain minority professors." Bailey told the Tribune." The university will pay several hundred dollars to Melvoin-Berg. Worries About Tenure Turmoil's Effect on Hiring Chronicle of Higher Education January 7. faculty diversity experts say.phallic object attached to it. Bailey did not answer calls to his office Thursday. an independent consultant who conducted Harvard University's first study of pretenure minority faculty members there. told the Tribune. "It is probably something I will remember the rest of my life. "I certainly have no regrets concerning Northwestern students.. He said neither Kroll nor Marcus ." said Mariko Chang." And as some faculty members and students at the Roman Catholic institution continue to publicly insist that racism and sexism and a disrespect for academic freedom were at the core of . 2011 By Audrey Williams June As search committees do their work to fill tenure-track positions at DePaul University for the fall. not titillate. who have demonstrated that they are open-minded grown-ups rather than fragile children. The lecturer. Ken Melvoin-Berg.would be paid. Depaul University At DePaul U. the co-owner of Weird Chicago Tours. told the newspaper that the students were told about issues such as safety and consent. "Academia is known for having a chilly workplace climate for women and minorities. "I can't say that about my Econ 202 class and the material that I learned there. "This is the kind of situation that would at least give most minorities and women pause. a 21-year-old senior. they'll be hiring against the backdrop of the recent failed tenure bids of a cluster of minority scholars there." Smith. Kroll said she enjoyed the demonstration and Marcus said it was all designed to teach. in a year when every white candidate succeeded.exhibitionists who are more than happy to have people watch them have sex .

"I think if candidates are doing due diligence during their job search. vice president for institutional diversity and equity at DePaul.the denials. All 19 white candidates were successful in their bids. or half of those who applied. Holtschneider. DePaul's president." Ms. five of the 10 minority candidates got tenure. The latest cases put the institution under new scrutiny in the 2009-10 academic year. one factor is trying to determine whether the environment at any given campus is conducive to achieving tenure. However. faculty members at DePaul have been persistent about their efforts to keep the issue before the public and on administrators' radar. Elizabeth F." Mr. In the end." DePaul officials need to ask some hard questions of their own. "This makes my work very challenging because now I have to think. It faced protests two years later when five out of seven tenure denials were to women²three of whom recently filed a federal lawsuit against DePaul. said Ann Russo. which found that three of them should have been granted tenure. they would look at how many people were up for tenure recently and how many people made it through. Ortiz. a senior scholar at the Association of American Colleges and Universities whose expertise includes the retention of minority faculty. The institution was under a global spotlight in 2007 for denying tenure to Norman Finkelstein. said Ansley Abraham. Last year. That organization is known for coordinating the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring. some potential job candidates could question the institution's commitment to diversify its faculty ranks. Abraham said.D. Dennis H." Tenure denials have been a source of tension at DePaul before. and he agreed with the appeals board in the case of only one candidate. director of the Southern Regional Education Board." she said. Four of those professors appealed to a faculty appeals board. and 10 of them were minority professors. Clayton-Pedersen. agreed. Russo said. has the last say. said she is concerned about the impact the tenure denials could have on faculty recruiting. such an outcome begs for closer examination. an associate professor of women's studies there. For minority professors-to-be." Conveying a Message of Change Alma R. For academics on the job market. the largest gathering of minority Ph. 29 professors were up for tenure. if efforts to diversify the faculty are to succeed. Indeed. the Rev. people will want to know how we're going to respond as an institution. an outspoken political scientist who criticized Israel. "If they care about their careers. "You have to start talking about what you're going to do to make sure it's not going to happen in the future. students and their mentors in the nation. How do I work through that? Because my goal is for DePaul to be a welcoming and inviting community for everyone. "Given what's happened in the last few years. they need to ask the hard questions. six of the minority candidates had their tenure bids denied. And the willingness of professors to do that . "We're at a critical juncture right now.

The philosophy department. Goswami's academic freedom had been violated during the process. "I honestly didn't know one way or the other" whether the search would be affected. DePaul is not alone when it comes to having problems recruiting and retaining minority professors. "There have been some bad decisions. Johnson. sank her application for tenure. Ms. "I think our protest should serve as firm assurance to faculty of color that when they come to DePaul. "It's important to assure them that we're fighting the good fight. Goswami's behalf. . Johnson said.sends an important message to potential job candidates. Hispanic. this is the only actual denial from our department. "I would probably recount our record. "The hope would be that future candidates would benefit from this controversy. in part. Finkelstein's tenure denial. Goswami's tenure denial. "In 20 years in philosophy. If a candidate were to ask about Ms." Mr. had gone through a tenure process riddled with policy and procedure violations. Naas said. multiracial. specializes in postcolonial philosophy. Johnson said. where Namita Goswami was denied tenure. Ms. Some of her colleagues decided that it was too far afield of traditional philosophy. It's unclear how many minority candidates are among them. some of them will ultimately decide to "go into the lion's den and take their chances" at DePaul." A One-Fifth Representation To be sure. an associate professor of political science. and that." And with the job market as tight as it is. it found that Quinetta D. Goswami's contract will end in June. and Native American heritage. is one of the departments hiring for the fall. the department's chair. Shelby. associate dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. even though she was hired to teach her speciality. (Counted in that group are American citizens of African American." Mr. they will have a supportive environment. The faculty appeals board said Ms." Ms. Foreign faculty members are tallied in the 938 total but are not counted as minority members). Michael Naas. But officials said the institution has managed to build a faculty where onefifth of its 938 full-time professors are members of racial or ethnic minority groups. said Valerie C. Ms. a finding that moved the American Association of University Professors' national office to weigh in on the matter on Ms. a South Asian. a black assistant professor of chemistry. Goswami. and DePaul is being publicly chastened. Asian." Mr." said Midge Wilson. who remembers how job candidates plied her for information about Mr. In another case. said 175 people had applied for the tenure-track job as of early this week. Naas said. Naas said.

DePaul is now ripe with the opportunity to deeply examine unconscious biases on the campus and how they affect the lives of faculty members. "Everybody has some kind of unconscious bias. Ortiz said." Father Holtschneider said. But we can work toward the future to make sure it doesn't happen again. the way we make decisions on hiring and promotion²we're all subject to unconscious biases." Ms. Another motion to be introduced urges Father Holtschneider to withdraw judgment on Ms. "We want to standardize the procedures to take the guesswork out of it. Chang said. Shelby's case because." Ms. said that whether discrimination played a role in the tenure decisions or not. and faculty who usually don't . Russo predicts that the momentum the issue has gained will make sure of that." "So it means we're starting again in those cases. Let's make it clear that this is what's expected and tell people what's expected. the independent consultant. They also want administrators to have a greater respect for faculty governance. "It seems as if there was no regard for the appeals process" in both Ms." Ms. Once you acknowledge that these biases exist. "I'd say. "You can say that this is the first year in DePaul's history when everyone who didn't get tenure was a person of color. Ms. Ortiz said. then you can find ways for people not to be so negatively impacted by them. Ms." But like Mr. people are asking questions." "We have to really look at our university promotion and tenure procedures." To potential job candidates. Father Holtschneider acknowledges that the tenure denials "put us in the situation where we had to say goodbye to five people that really could have diversified our colleges and programs. the board is indeed allowed to cite findings of bias in the tenure process.In 2006." Ms. "The issues are on the table. "There's work being done right now by faculty at DePaul so that a tragedy like this won't become a pattern. Chang." In the short term. she would talk of being able to "stand on our record. Shelby's tenure cases. "They affect the way we rate and evaluate people's work. We can't change the past. Give us a chance. Ortiz said although DePaul has made some gains." she said. it's being discussed. DePaul established a president's diversity council as part of a strategic plan that calls for the university to "be a model of diversity. "and that's a sad thing for us and for the people who didn't get tenure. according to the faculty handbook. She plans to introduce a motion at a Faculty Council meeting next week that calls for Father Holtschneider to side with the appeals board in Ms. he said he would point potential job candidates toward the bigger picture. "What's happening now shows that it's not going to be business as usual." he said. Johnson and others want their colleagues to get their jobs back without having to resort to litigation. Naas." Ms. Goswami's case because she didn't get the formal hearing that the handbook says is allowed when the board finds academic-freedom violations. Johnson said. administrators have to think about "how to get the institution to the next level. Goswami's and Ms." But Ms.

DePaul¶s political science department had voted to award Mr. has made Mr. accusing Jews of exploiting the Holocaust for monetary gain and attacking Israel for oppressing the Palestinians. Finkelstein said of DePaul. Father Holtschneider wrote that Mr. for all of us. This is a wake-up call for the university. ³It was plainly the right decision.´ ³Any time I wrote or spoke would evoke another hysterical response and would be costly for them. Finkelstein.´ he said. it has to deny me tenure. the attorney and Harvard law professor whose impassioned defense of Israel has led to frequent and often venomous conflicts with Mr.nytimes. Mr. Mr. Finkelstein¶s work.html?pagewanted=print Norman Finkelstein. Holtschneider. In a letter to Mr. . DePaul¶s president. upheld that decision. Finkelstein¶s bid for tenure ³was unwelcome and inappropriate and had no impact on either the process or the outcome of this case. Sounding resigned. a Roman Catholic university in Chicago. Many faculty members at DePaul and elsewhere decried what they called Mr. the political scientist whose bid for a permanent position at DePaul University stirred up charges of anti-Semitism. ³Rationally. but the University Board on Promotion and Tenure rejected his bid. personal vendettas and outside interference in the hiring process. Mr. Something's going to happen. In a full-court press against Mr. to deny him tenure. Dershowitz¶s heavyhanded tactics. alumni and the administration of DePaul.´ It is no surprise that Mr. Dershowitz lobbied professors. Finkelstein many enemies over the years. referring to the college¶s fund-raising efforts. One of the most dogged has been Alan Dershowitz.´ He added: ³Some will consider this decision in the context of academic freedom. In a statement Father Holtschneider said the outside attention paid to Mr. Finkelstein. In fact academic freedom is alive and well at DePaul. was informed Friday that he had been denied tenure by the university.´ he said.´ Mr. the Rev. Finkelstein said he clearly ³met the publishing standards and the teaching standards required for tenure´ and that DePaul¶s decision was based on ³transparently political grounds´ and an ³egregious violation´ of academic freedom. Finkelstein tenure. Finkelstein." Outspoken Political Scientist Denied Tenure at DePaul (By PATRICIA COHEN NYTimes) http://www. Dershowitz was delighted.get involved are getting involved. Finkelstein is an excellent teacher and a nationally recognized public intellectual but does not ³honor the obligation´ to ³respect and defend the free inquiry of associates. Dennis

After the complaints surfaced.´ he said. ³I¶ll survive. "Sixty percent said they were in favor and 40 percent said. .'" That joke apparently offended at least one student. ³Teaching is in my bones. "He simply wanted to know the nature of the allegation before he went to a meeting. was halted by thinking of his´ he said. Oct 21. recalling the lead-in to the punchline. very reasonable. who survived the Warsaw ghetto and the Nazi death camps while the rest of his relatives were exterminated. who then complained to university administration.nbcchicago. Engler.html#ixzz1fyFX5CJj An adjunct Roosevelt University professor fired earlier this year for telling a joke has filed a grievance with the university and says he wants his job back.Mr. 2010 | Updated 2:29 PM CST) Robert Engler says Roosevelt University never provided written documentation of complaint http://www. said Wednesday. I love to teach. any temptation to ³indulge in a bout of self-pity.´ Nonetheless. and I think that's very.´ he said. Professor Robert Engler said he told the joke in an effort to illicit discussion on the matter. Engler said administrators tried to schedule a meeting with him but never put the allegations against him in writing.´ Roosevelt University Professor Fired for Immigration Joke Wants Job Back (By Anthony Ponce| Thursday. but he added that as a result of this ³blacklisting." Engler said. telling him only that he'd been accused of harassment. I will be barred from ever entering a college classroom again." Engler's attorney. who has taught for more than 30 years. During a lecture about Arizona's controversial immigration law in his "City & Citizenship" course. "A group of sociologists did a poll in Arizona about the new immigration law. Finkelstein said he plans to leave Chicago for New York. Doug Ibendahl. said he wouldn't attend those meetings unless the university gave him a written complaint. ³They survived. 'No Habla English.

" Roosevelt University on Wednesday declined to comment on Engler's firing." he explained. I¶m very familiar with these cases. Associate Secretary American Association of University Professors What are some other recent examples? Those cases have come to us and we never perused them. I¶ve reviewed these cases." the letter stated. But I don¶t really want to get into that. the Roosevelt Torch reported. or statements made in class or outside of the institution. saying only that it was a personnel matter. Robert Krieser. because I didn't want to come to a meeting and be charged and not even know what it is. or political groups. Engler received a letter of termination from his department chair. Some people in the Illinois AAUP feel they are« They are very complicated« some people in the Illinois AAUP do not feel they are necessarily complicated. "We also explicitly advised you of the consequences for failing to fulfill your responsibility. The case with Finklestein it¶s unclear where it could have gone. "We were very clear to you that you had an obligation to participate in a process that the university has a legal obligation to fulfill. He knows we are in Chicago and obviously want to talk about cases as they relate to Chicago. I asked him whether or not we could ask him about the specific DePaul cases and he said he would be fine with it. "That's important. The course Engler taught last year has been discontinued as of this fall. Brought in a naked women for an after class demonstration (haha I almost laughed as he was describing this) When does it become an issue? The most common type of incidents we receive are in connection with faculty members whose rights are being violated by the administration either through their [Faculty] research. Our main goal is to protect faculty. In August. I¶ve reviewed the protests at Northwestern and the psychology professor who«. . We try and protect faculty whose rights are being infringed by administration from outside pressures from religious groups. ideological groups.Engler said he refused to attend a number of meetings the university tried to schedule over the summer because documentation of the complaint was never provided. He just seemed a little caught of guard when I spoke with him.

Electronic publishing gives us many advantages. .org/AAUP/about/ The AAUP's purpose is to advance academic freedom and shared governance. the Journal provides a central place to track the developing international discussion about academic freedom and its collateral issues. Scholarship on academic freedom is typically scattered across a wide range of disciplines. tenure. part-time. and to ensure higher education's contribution to the common good.aaup. AAUP About Us http://www. What is the role of AAUP? We try to be responsive to complaints from faculty who believe their rights are being violated. even some full time faculty. Typically. We assist faculty members to make sure their rights are being respected mainly by ensuring they have access to hearing procedures. Contingent faculty are adjunct. from accounts of individual faculty experiences to institutional histories. to define fundamental professional values and standards for higher education. non-tenure eligible. something that would be much more costly in print. Journal of Academic Freedom http://www.Right now we¶re getting a lot of complaints from contingent faculty members. who are more vulnerable to attacks then tenured or tenured track faculty members.aaup. Essays range from historical studies to analyses of contemporary conflicts. We believe that all faculty members are entitled to academic freedom regardless of status. and collective bargaining. Online publication also gives us the freedom to publish quite substantial scholarly The new AAUP Journal of Academic Freedom publishes scholarship on academic freedom and on its relation to shared governance. we would try to understand their concerns and our primary objective would be to help them have their claim reviewed on campus by some sort of governing body. the first being the ability to offer the content for free to everyone interested. The Journal is published online.