Why Can’t a Woman Be More Like a Man?

By Ray S. Anderson

Maybe you Southerners could help the rest of us. After all, you did give American English a nearly legitimate 2nd person plural pronoun. We need one word to capture the transcendent: a good gender-filled 3rd person singular pronoun. “It” is too impersonal. “He” and “she” are too restrictive. Our limited contexts prohibit us from grasping the enormity of the whole. God has given us God’s own characteristics. Yet we struggle to comprehend and are overly prone to view God as masculine or feminine. Most use “he” and some use “she.” Both are woefully insufficient. Y’all give it some thought. –– Q

“Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” The frustration of Professor Henry Higgins with Eliza Doolittle in the Broadway musical, My Fair Lady, was due to the fact that in his attempt to make her into a lady, she turned out to be a woman! His irritation at her mirrored his own discomfort at finding himself drawn to her as a person when he only intended to use her to demonstrate the transforming power of language. Deeper than gender roles, more profound than sexual drive, the mystery of our humanity is inextricably bound up in being man or woman, man and woman. The good professor has stepped onto holy ground. Human beings, in some inexplicable way, image divine being, particularly in being man and woman. What is there in God of which humans are the image? And what has that to do with being man and woman? There is a story to be told. In the beginning there was a certain humanlike creature, who was given a task and a temptation—till the ground, eat freely of every tree except one. But he was lonely, though he might not have known that until the Lord God told him so! There was something missing, a helper, a partner. But a solution was offered. For Adam, who himself had recently emerged from the dust, the Lord God brought forth other creatures for him to name and, hopefully, find the missing piece of his own humanity. It was not to be. When the last of the animals had been brought forth the narrator sadly concluded, “but for the man there was not found a helper as his partner.” The man is put to sleep, the Lord God takes a rib from his side to fashion another human, a woman, to bring to the man. Upon awakening the man exclaimed, “This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; this one shall be called Woman for out of Man this one was taken” (Genesis 2). It was only when the woman emerged that Adam became a man. Do you understand that, Professor Higgins? In becoming a woman rather than merely a lady, Eliza reached into his soul in search of a man. While Henry Higgins and Eliza Doolittle are fictional characters, their encounter disturbs the topsoil of our own humanity to reveal the struggle common to each of us to find our own soul, not merely as human beings, but being man or woman, man and woman. So too, the biblical story is a mirror, not a myth, disclosing to us the soul of humanity as a reflection of the soul of God.1 The fact of the matter has already been stated: “So God created humankind in his image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (Genesis 1:27). The second chapter of Genesis can be viewed as a case study, which provides a theological exegesis of this text, which begins with an implicit theological question and ends with an explicit theological answer. Can the image of God be found in a creature for whom there is no human counterpart? If this be taken as the implicit question which chapter two intends to answer, the narrative presents a ‘what if’ situation. What if, instead of humans being created after the animals as a sexually differentiated pair, we are present with a solitary figure who is neither man nor woman, but merely an ‘earth creature?’ While this creature bears a name—Adam—it is more of a
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God loves us. our Father. also. gasping and panting. He wants us to grow into maturity. God. my grandmother and mother were able to transform those cut-created crevasses into rich reservoirs of compassion and unconditional love. This is accomplished through the same shaping love that we see exemplified in the best intentions of our temporal fathers and in the perfect will of our eternal Father. not by a slave owner or a dictator. The feminine imagery of God is always rendered in the defensive mode.” Here. in traditional Chinese fashion. SEMI Staff Writer Philemon Mitsuno Chen (SOT. and children of God. his grace covers all sins.A Woman’s Strength: Page 2 • Fall Week 6 • Nov. but. Yet. My grandmother was worked like an animal and beat like a punching bag. we cannot neglect how God acts in traditionally masculine ways. 1 – Nov. And you miss it if you don’t search and walk through those crevasses. and I believe are called to seek. The Bible describes God in many visual images. we think of God’s vulnerability. Somehow. as a family we can seek. matures. Lisa Wiegle is a first year SOT student who actually likes Greek. her mother-in-law. Throughout human history God has sought a relationship with his creation: God constantly calls his wayward children to repentance. Understanding father in a traditionally patriarchal sense. we are called to love others as we have been loved. For example. It makes us say “awww. But. but this does not mean that our traditionally masculine understanding of God cannot inform how we live out our lives as Christians. and kept silent. mentally tormented her giving her endless nightmares and wet pillows. and writing this article has helped me to renew how I see God. and I admit that it has been difficult for me to write about the traditionally masculine roles of God. both in the present age and at the end of time. the spiritual maturity of each other. God as our father can teach Christians much about what it means to love each other through discipline and grace. these images are products of the Ancient Near Eastern and/or Greco-Roman cultural ethos. Additionally. . through the desire to see all believers mature in their faith. and transforms.” In the next verse. SEMI Staff Writer Loving Discipline: A Woman’s View of Masculine Images of God I would probably classify myself as a feminist. promises divine judgment. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www. There is only one Father. holding myself in. something like what Nietzsche calls slave morality. We should seek to challenge and engage each other in love that shapes. most of which are masculine. I feel that we shy away from the exercise of accountability and speaking the truth in love when we lose sight of God’s paternal discipline. it moves to the first person where God vents pent-up fury. There is something about the bereaved mother. “the divine is lurking camouflaged in the ordinary. humans see both his gracious love and his loving discipline. As members of God’s family we are asked to be as invested in each other as much as our Father is in us. Through discipline and love. the suckling of the mother’s breast that demands our affect.” A Perspective by Philemon Mitsuno Chen. God in war mode “shouts out his battle cry. witnessed this abuse and developed an unspeakable insecurity and inferiority that I cannot possibly even pretend to fathom. That creative force for me lies in those deep wounds. we should seek to live out God’s distinctly paternal love. he also disciplines those he loves. a father helps his children to grow and transform into mature adults.asp A Man’s View of Feminine Images of God There are far too many images that portray women as the weak and the vulnerable. and wants us to shape each other. like a dictator. God’s paternal love manifests itself in a similar way. a father’s role acts as a shaping influence for his children. I cry out as a woman in labor. A Perspective by Lisa Wiegle. the jealousy of a wife. 5. As Christians. but by the one who promised to take care of and be with her whether in sickness or in health. and spurs his family to an equally deep investment in each other. Don’t miss it because as Ludwig Wittgenstein said. But now. we think of God as a sympathetic midwife. just as our fathers love us.fuller. Somehow we accept and identify that weakness as something that touches the soft spot of our souls. MDiv) thinks that he can be friends with John and Jina at the same time. how do I believe God’s model of love and discipline looks in the lives of broken human beings? As Christians. I believe that we need to understand God in light of both genders. I have said nothing. I was reared and raised by strong women. “I have looked away.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. In Isaiah 42:13. the crying out of daughter Zion. So. Frankly.” Or utter other stereotypical feminine sentiments like “how cute. My mother. at the same time. and allows us to bear the consequences of our actions. and he pursues us in his love. we think of God as clothing and dressing us in fine linen and silk. not only through the extension of grace. wants to shape us. but. “Where and how?” you may ask. But both of them lived the day with deep cuts and scars. I beg to differ.” And so when we think of feminine images of God. against his enemies he shows his might. We cannot accept women as always being “the victims” because here we have the image of strength and creative force. without any PG-13 warnings. God portrays strength in the cry of a woman in labor. Through his divine providence. Arguably.

They have also documented the decadeslong plan of Ariel Sharon to establish an apartheid-style resolution to the conflict. Glen Stassen highlighted the peacemaking practice that calls on conflicting parties to identify their share of complicity in the causes for the conflict. CA 91182. The SEMI is published weekly as a service to the Fuller community by Student Life and Services.edu Production Editor Ray Choi semi-ads@dept. 2) exclusive blaming of Yasser Arafat for the failure of the Oslo Peace Accords. a development declared illegal by the World Court. These groups offer a more hopeful witness to the Jewish covenant with God to uphold justice. Mouw lamented the tragic persecution of Jews through the millennia. or that Palestinians are killed at a 4-to-1 ratio in this conflict. a statistic obscured by the understandably high profile given to horrific Palestinian suicide attacks against Israelis. Dr. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www.fuller. and 5) an unqualified reference to an Israeli “war of independence” that hundreds of thousands of Palestinians experienced as a catastrophic seizure of their ancestral lands and homes. They must be submitted by the deadlines printed below and not exceed 35 words. 1 – Nov. 4 Nov. As a Palestinian. MDiv student Sari Ateek movingly modeled this practice in his introduction of the speakers. 2 Kent Sensenig is an SOT PhD student studying Christian Ethics. 5. Pasadena. office. Submission Deadlines: Fall Week 9 Fall Week 10 Winter Week 1 Nov.fuller. 3) an apologetic for Israel as a tiny (weak?) nation in the Middle East.edu Letters to the editor: The SEMI welcomes brief responses to articles and commentaries on issues relevant to the Fuller community.fuller. to billions of dollars in US aid). as he called for cooperation between all those committed to the other group’s security. he failed the test.fuller. Rabbi Dorff had a chance to reciprocate the peacemaking practice of acknowledging partial complicity in a conflict involving one’s own group. in part. 4) vague assertions that there is plenty of blame to go around in the Palestinian problem but no recognition of Israel’s role as an occupier with overwhelmingly superior force. B’T selem. he chose to affirm the common humanity of both sides and their equal share in God’s image. This remark was the only acknowledgement of an actual Palestinian person that the Rabbi made all night. Instead we heard: 1) a defense of the Berlin-style wall imprisoning Palestinians within the Occupied Territories. All submissions must include the author’s name and contact information and are subject to editing. owns one of the most powerful and lavishly funded armies in the world (thanks. despite the fact that it: possesses the most lethal stockpile of weapons of mass destruction in the region. He might have mentioned that Palestinian children are regularly killed by the Israeli Army (20 of 80 Palestinian fatalities from Israel’s current incursion into Gaza refugee camps have been minors). Syria. when given opportunity to speak to the Israeli share in the sufferings of the Palestinian people. edu. and has an aggressive record of attacking its neighbors (since 1967 alone Israel has attacked Lebanon. Articles and commentaries do not necessarily reflect the views of the Fuller administration or the SEMI. Advertisements: Notices for events not directly sponsored by a Fuller department. In a similar vein. via its illegal nuclear arsenal. . Yet.edu or dropped off at the SEMI Office on the 2nd floor of Kreyssler Hall above the Catalyst.Fall Week 6 • Nov. Rabbi Dorff offered a witty and astute interpretation of his beautiful. At the conclusion of the AntiSemitism dialogue between Rabbi Dorff and President Mouw (Oct. and was unable to do so. 18). In contrast. His promotion of a pluralistic vision wherein Jews seek a better world for all God’s children was admirable and eloquent. Final editorial responsibility rests with the dean of students.fuller. seek shalom. Kinnison semi-editor@dept. Instead. courageous IsraeliJewish groups like Rabbis for Human Rights.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. and be a blessing to all nations.asp • Page 3 Owning One’s Part in Conflict A Reflection on the Anti-Semitism Dialogue by Kent Sensenig Dean of Students Ruth Vuong Managing Editor Carmen Valdés Editor Quentin P. blessed tradition. and Iraq). If the majority of Jews continue to identify their faith tradition with a particular political state—as certain fundamentalist Moslems and Constantinian Christians have done—the moral leadership of such groups will be all the more essential if integrity is to be restored to the Zionist project and this terrible conflict remedied. and repented of the fact that Christians have been the most egregious violators of Jewish human rights (even while confessing a Jewish prophet as Messiah and Lord!). Announcements: Notices may be submitted to semi-ads@dept. All requests should be made through the production editor at semiads@dept. or organization will be printed in the “Ads” section and charged per word. 11 Dec. Fuller Theological Seminary. Egypt. he could have seized upon the short space allotted him to list the many injustices visited upon the Palestinians by the Israeli state. and Jeff Halper’s Israeli Committee Against Home Demolitions have regularly denounced the continuous war crimes of the Israeli Army and called for an end to its illegal and unjust occupation of Palestinian land seized in 1967.

I also knew that there were far more students needing grants and scholarships than funds to fill them. administrative and relational aspects of raising seminary support that helped me complete my entire education (tuition and books) without having to pay any of it on my own. I had rebuffed so many people in the church who had questions like “Why haven’t you started seminary yet?” with various excuses that I began to get frustrated with God. I had over 90% of the support I needed to begin attending. hated the idea of asking for support.” In my mind I had already determined that when this letter failed to provide a workable solution.fuller. which can be downloaded at www. another offered $250 per month. I learned how to handle the legal. I will write a letter and send it to those I know.asp did not want to be another statistic. I wrote a 25page booklet called “Discovering Seminary Support. an organization that helps churches recruit & prepare for worldwide short-term mission trips. but that seminary was out of reach. and I Beyond Pasadena: Alternative Funding for Seminary Education By David Hillis Page 4 • Fall Week 6 • Nov. I was humbled by God when the responses started coming back. “OK. God finally brought me to my knees.freshfireonline. in retrospect I can see how God used one of the most surprising aspects of seminary to teach me some of these lessons.G g. some saying they could help me with $25 per month. real-life lessons of faith that God seeks to teach us that prepare us more for what lies ahead than even our Hebrew verb charts or Systematic textbooks. and be a catalyst of faith and hope for future students contemplating seminary and how to afford it..edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. 5.” Please look at this PDF file. In frustration I cried out to God. after two years of ministry (and running from God’s call to seminary). 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www. I would then be able to tell God and everyone else that I had tried everything. Before I knew it. but I had a personal conviction that too many ministers were behind the 8-ball financially. With the guidance of a missionary who had raised support most of his adult life to stay in ministry. surviving on a less than adequate salary in ministry while trying to pay off these loans over a period of several years. Breaking my will to fight. but about the power of God’s call that makes support manifest itself through the laity.org ren scg fe a on 04 l C . 20 ua 6 MFT nn v 44 A No Sunday 0 Workshop 20 •PGU @8:30am Psych 126 Friday Saturday h gC ch ur Families & Forgiveness . •Prayer for the Nations @10am (Missions CC) Prayer Garden •CATS AAR/SBL “Brown Bag” Lunch @noon Geneva Room (See details on pg 11) Monday Week At-A-Glance: Week of November 1 thru November 7 US Election Day Tuesday •All-Seminary Chapel @10am Travis Auditorium Wednesday •Missions CC @10am Psych 116 •SIS GU @11am Psych 120 Thursday •TGU “Voice Your Opinion” @noon Psych Commons •Arts CC @5:30pm Geneva Room AS GC n wi ro .org. In the summer of 1997. as a bit of an introvert by nature. God typically has more to teach us in this phase of our lives than mere academics. In an effort to help as many seminary students as possible to face the financial challenge with confidence. I recall my utter lack of faith as I told God in exasperation.. David Hillis is General Manager of Face to Face Intl. Now that my Master of Divinity degree is behind me. “Why do so many people keep asking me this? You know I cannot afford seminary! Why are you torturing me?” Loans are an option for some. I learned that God is more than ready to prove to each seminarian called to the task that it is not about the student’s ability. God used the most surprising people––those whom I would never have expected to support or even be interested in me and my ministry––to bore into me some aspects of faith and humility that I might not have otherwise experienced. You can also email me at david@freshfireonline.As most students come to realize partway through their seminary education. He graduated from Fuller Southwest with an MDiv and serves in lay ministry in the Evangelical Covenant Church. There are some hard.org. In the end. tm •ASC Council gin .h er ence @11am Em er Psych 126 he conf :T / ce . Even though I have never been a fund raiser of any sort and. 1 – Nov.

San Diego until 11. but after my interview I felt that Fuller was indeed a great fit for my interests and passions.asp • Page 5 Tell us a little about the important people in your life. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www. What was your most interesting job? The job that I had consulting with the Chicago Public Schools. Then I went to Wheaton and got my PsyD and an MA in Theology. And my family. NY. and spent several years getting grounded in my faith in Chapel Hill. so I read Elizabeth Peters mysteries—specifically the Amelia Peabody series. I lived in Japan until I was 5. I just got engaged. There are so many opportunities here that it could stretch me too much to try to do them all. Last book read or movie seen? I like mysteries. Then I got about five emails from different friends encouraging me to apply for this position because they thought it was a great fit. And the students are really fantastic. We also have a subscription to the LA Philharmonic. And my roommate. (Campus Encounter) Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology Katherine Meese (1 year +) Where were you born and raised? Where is home? My Dad was in the Military so we moved around a lot. what would that be? Chocolate with hazelnuts. . This was near the old Cabrini Green housing project and helped me build my faith and discover my heart for working with kids who grow up in stressful and risky environments. where I am a part of the faculty-in-residence program. I took their advice and applied. I enjoy working with them.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. North Carolina. I’ve received a great deal of spiritual formation through a spiritual director for the past six years. Stephanie Smith. We think he is an amazing actor. What do you like least about working at Fuller? Sometimes there are so many exciting things going on that I have to really focus on my limits. What do you do for fun? Hobbies? I ride my bike. and then back to Buffalo. My Left Foot was the most recent. 1 – Nov. who are in Buffalo. who teaches in the School of Intercultural Studies. I had told God I would live anywhere but LA. How did you end up at Fuller? I was in my internship for my doctoral program when the job announcement came out and hadn’t thought of applying to teach that year. I am currently doing research in Guatemala. Where are you in your spiritual journey? I committed my life to Christ just after college. Sayers. My fiancé is a screenwriter so we watch a lot of movies together. As for movies. NY. What do you like most about working at Fuller? I really enjoy my colleagues at Fuller. 5. Keith and I both like Daniel Day Lewis. If someone were to come by and drop off your favorite candy. I just finished a Lord Peter Wimsey mystery Busman’s Honeymoon by Dorothy L. so my fiancé Keith is very important to me. I am able to research in local and international community-based ministries that work with children. My journey now is discovering and forming my spiritual life together with Keith. Currently I live in Fuller Housing. I have a biking partner and we ride on Saturday mornings. Buffalo is where I consider home. I love that I can follow what’s really true to my heart.fuller.Fall Week 6 • Nov.

contact Cindy Kinnison at 818. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www. Elizabeth House provides a safe home.hollywoodurbanproject. on a light stand . Others are not. volunteer to help with a fundraiser. be generous with your lives.4450 ext. please contact the SEMI office at semi-editor@dept. CA For any of the above opportunities. get your church. organization or business to help on our current project.3838 or visit our website at www.fuller.org. check back next week. 5.net.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi.fuller. . Volunteers. you might want to consider becoming a volunteer at Elizabeth House. join our Board. procuren ustedes que su luz brille delante de la gente. para que.”Call 564. 12 or visit our website at www.243. Del mismo modo.foothillfamily. 1 – Nov.463. We would love to have you join our team of individuals committed to serving the women and children of Elizabeth House. Matthew 5:16 (Message) Foothill Family Service “Building Brighter Futures for Children and Families. are interested in sharing love with women in crisis pregnancies. Located in Pasadena. Glendale. Call Joanne at 792. this generous Father in heaven.7880 or www. Join a ministry where we measure success one cuddle at a time! If you like to smile. If you know of a ministry or service that we should consider listing here. join a committee. Contact us today and we’ll exchange ideas. If this week’s opportunity doesn’t fit. viendo el bien que ustedes hacen.elizabethhouse. and get you involved. There are many volunteer opportunities at Elizabeth House.org. Elizabeth House Elizabeth House is a shelter for homeless women and their children.shine! Keep open house. todos alaben a su Padre que está en el cielo.childshare.1613 ext. 136 or visit www. please contact Elizabeth House at 577. Mateo 5:16 (Dios Habla Hoy) Now that I’ve put you there on a hilltop.asp Listed are organizations where Fullerites (and your churches) might volunteer as missional persons serving God in the world.org. Some organizations are faith-based. By opening up to others. Help build a house.org.us. Below are some volunteer opportunities available at Elizabeth House: •Mentor/Friend •Property Upkeep •Childcare •Weekend Recreation •Teachers •Fundraising •Group Leaders •Special Needs •Staff Relief •Craft Teachers •Office Assistants •Civic Groups Habitat for Humanity: a people-to-people partnership drawing communities together to build safe. We would love to talk to you about making a difference in the lives of women through this critical outreach! McKinley Elementary School: 844. determine a course of action.4434 or visit our website at www. “Finding homes for children through local congregations” Child SHARE provides a ‘turn key’ program that effectively ministers to abused or abandoned children within your local community.edu or by phone at 584. you’ll prompt people to open up with God. Pacific. support and hope for women who find themselves pregnant and in crisis. like to make an eternal difference in the lives of others.Oportunidades para Servir (Opportunities to Serve) Page 6 • Fall Week 6 • Nov.9555 or www. decent and affordable housing.sgvhabitat.5285. CURRENT PROJECT: 401 S. Hollywood Urban Project: 323.pusd.

“Too often we lament our powerlessness to respond to global crises.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. Winter Quarter 2005 Registration Please join us Wednesday. November 16-19. one of her great passions is to help Christians cross cultural and ethnic barriers using compassion and understanding. “What kind of friend is Jesus?” Four fun facts about Evelyne include: (1) Evelyne is French and loves to prepare French meals for her friends in Pasadena. Fuller Factoid: . She is heavily involved with international humanitarian work. You won’t want to miss this All-Seminary Chapel. and Armenia. Over 60 Countries are represented throughout Fuller. as a Trustee of MERLIN [Medical Emergency Relief International]. if you have not already done so. 5. the Karen. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www. Karenni and Chin peoples in the jungles of Burma. PhD Wed. many visits to Africa including Sudan and Nigeria. In Baroness Cox. we have an example of a life truly committed to be a voice for the voiceless. I have heard her message and been profoundly challenged to broaden my horizons of engagement. Doug McConnell Dean.” ––Dr. She has also been awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England and Honorary Doctorates by universities in the United Kingdom. Australia. Lady Cox has been honored with the Commander Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland and the Wilberforce Award for her humanitarian work. More recently she has visited North Korea helping to promote Parliamentary initiatives and medical programs. serving as a non-executive director of the Andrei Sakharov Foundation. She has also been instrumental in helping to change the former Soviet Union’s policies for orphaned and abandoned children from institutions to foster family care. Nov 11 Baroness Cox was created a Life Peer in 1982 and has been a deputy speaker of the House of Lords since 1985. the United States of America. Wednesday at 10am in Travis. the Siberian Medical University. Make an appointment to see your advisor soon.asp • Page 7 Becoming the Church Among Those Who Suffer Baroness Caroline Cox.Fall Week 6 • Nov. The largest non-US population is from South Korea followed by Canada. (3) Evelyne’s greatest concern today is the current state of Muslim-Christian relations and how it affects the understanding of Jesus'words in both contexts. and Chief Executive of HART [Humanitarian Aid Relief Trust]. Baroness Cox’s work in the field of humanitarian aid has taken her on many missions to conflict zones including the Armenian enclave of Nagorno Karabakh.fuller. Japan and Mexico. Non-Pasadena students should check with their respective campus leaders for registration dates. and with communities suffering from conflict in Indonesia. Nov 10 – Thurs. (4) Her greatest theme in mission is JOY. 1 – Nov. (2) She loves to travel and meet with people from other cultures. She was Founder Chancellor of Bournemouth University 1991-2001 and is a Vice President of the Royal College of Nursing. School of Intercultural Studies Fuller Theological Seminary featuring Travis Auditorium Registration for returning students on the Fuller Seminary Pasadena campus is Tuesday– Friday. November 3 for All-Seminary Chapel as SIS faculty member Evelyne Reisacher gives her sermon titled. the Russian Federation.

he answers this question positively. “Who knows what Jesus’ father’s name was?” Another child boldly answered. These people are the targets to which we have access. “Where did you get that?” The kid replied. Dr.Page 8 • Fall Week 6 • Nov.F 8am – 10:30pm Sat 9am – 10:30pm Closed Sunday Bookstore M . 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www. In the midst of this condition. Mouw is a Calvinist who proudly apologizes his tradition.F 9am – 7pm Sat 10am – 5pm Closed Sunday Coffee by the Books M . Richard J. we Christians should know our own tradition and identity: upon what is my faith based? upon what aspect of belief do I depend? What does Las Vegas mean for Mouw? Las Vegas is “the counterfeit version of the new Jerusalem” but “it does not deliver on its promises. “Verge.” Confused. Mouw demonstrates an excellent way of contemporary evangelism while neither giving up one’s own worldview or tradition nor being vulnerable to charges of narrow mindedness. they are always talking about Verge n’ Mary. 5. He loves the key rule of Calvinism: not the TULIP doctrine. “Mary.” From the Humor Department Book Review: Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport In our postmodernist era where diversity is greatly emphasized. “What was Jesus’ mother’s name?” One child answered.” This reflects the image of real life. Integrating the identity of Christianity with contemporary culture.F 7am – 7pm Sat 9am – 5pm Closed Sunday Hours of Operation A Sunday school teacher asked her class.fuller. but the ‘Sovereignty of God’ in every aspect of By Jonghun Joo by Richard J. the gospel is delivered more efficiently. reminded me of a Tertullian question: “What is the relationship between Jerusalem and Athens?” Mouw throws us a new question: “What is the relevance of Calvinism (Christianity) to Las Vegas (Contemporary Culture)?” Unlike Tertullian. Jonghun Joo (SOT MAT) graduated in summer ‘04 and currently works in the Korean DMin progam. When it comes to evangelism. This is not an exception even with Christians. I recommend this book not only for people who have a biased view of Calvinism but also to those who pose themselves as traditional Calvinists. most prudent people would not confess or expose any of their specific worldview or tradition. . Similarly.asp Library/Computer Lab M . They might learn to understand Calvinism in a new way and thereby be motivated to more sincere evangelism of the world. Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport. This implication is useful and helpful. Mouw presents a way to communicate the gospel with people living in this world. What is this way? “Treat others generously with humility!” This ‘relational evangelism’ is one of the best ways to communicate the gospel. but I have seen many who were embarrassed by their lost money.” The teacher then asked. I’ve never been to Las Vegas. Mouw: Suggestion for the new cultural evangelism creation as developed more specifically by Abraham Kuyper. this cultural trend of our society might be one of the obstacles for communicating the gospel. 1 – Nov. “Well. you know. The title of this book. I am convinced that when Christianity puts aside dogmatism. equipping me for manifold Christian ministries.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. the teacher asked. shap- ing not only the evangelical vocations but also the ethical assignments to this world. Why Calvinism and not Christianity? Every Christian has his or her own tradition even though it might be unrecognized.

Sometimes “coffee” means “date. As man and woman. Tyler D. Adam Note: All advice should be taken with a grain of salt as Adam is not a professional counselor. Tread lightly. but rather meet and treat each other first of all as human persons. 3 Karl Barth. Yours. .Ask Adam: With Adam Gossman Fall Week 6 • Nov. the equality of roles . each can also assume roles. There will always be tension between women and men–it is in the Good Book. If you have something you’d like to “Ask Adam” email him at: ask_adam_at_fuller@yahoo. Church Dogmatics III/4.com. It is a consequence of sin–we don’t always understand each other. The second chapter presents in narrative form a theological excursus in which the man and the woman emerge simultaneously. who may be either man or woman. When I ask a woman at Fuller out for a cup of coffee does it always translate into a “date?” Sincerely. “Each couple is a unit of equality—one. The Soul of God: A Theological Memoir (Wipf & Stock. The original designation of the first human creature in Genesis 2 was the generic term for “man”—’adam. Man & Woman –– continued from page 1 That which is in God—differentiation and complementarity of being as Father and Son—is now found in human form as man and woman. 80. with the relation itself a mirror of the divine image. p. The history of man and woman on earth begins at the same point in mutual and corresponding relation.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. each is summoned by God to be the particular human person that they are as man or woman. . it is not ‘the first man. Ray S. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www. pp.”4 This means that at every level of social or professional encounter we are not to project on each other concepts of what ‘male’ or ‘female’ should be for the sake of diversity. . 2004)! 2 Phyllis Trible. We must know the context of our relationships just as the context of a passage we study. . With the definite article ha. I didn’t want a date I just wanted to have a cup of coffee. mother and father. 103-4. This context is your feelings and the feelings of the other person–these may not always be the same. not sequentially. 1 – Nov. . Adam enjoys going to the Starbucks on Los Robles and Colorado with or without a date (with is better). the other. 5 .” and other times coffee really means coffee. God and the Rhetoric of Sexuality (Fortress.asp • Page 9 Does Going to Coffee Count as a Date? Dear Adam: I asked a friend of mine for a cup of coffee and she said she didn’t think of me like that. “Grammatical gender (‘adam as a masculine word) is not sexual identification . as adjunctive to their being human in the image of God. Rather than attempting to define man and woman by using masculine or feminine stereotypes. Be clear on what your intentions are. 1978). 1A My task is to be the man that God created me to be in his image even as it is the task of a woman to be the person that she is in God’s image. But we do enjoy reading it. . When we encounter each other humanly we are affirming the divine image we share in common. Roles. play on words than the name of a man. shameless plug for my book. The SEMI does not endorse or condone the advice given here. 153. they do not belong to creation. and respect each other’s task of being man or woman. Anderson is Senior Professor of Theology and Ministry and has written many more wonderful books that should be “plugged” as well. the earth creature is not the male. man and woman. p.fuller. then. what is designated is neither a particular person nor the typical person but rather the creature from the earth (haadama)—the earth creature. are secondary at best.3 Nor does the narrative intend to define parental or marital roles as part of the divine image. Nor is this creature identified sexually. Dear Tyler: Thank you for your letter. equality of creation. husband and wife.preceding the common noun ‘adam. In other words. Persons with serious conditions should seek professional attention. Know your intentions–do not be afraid to express them. 4 Ibid.’”2 The first chapter states the fact of the matter—male and female are created in the image of God with no elaboration.

Have a blessed year! (Advertisement) International Chapter P. Deadline Nov 19. Deadline Nov 30.000 scholarships will be awarded to students who maintain a 2. Financial Aid 250 N. Walnut St. To assist these students.php Hispanic Theology Initiative.000 International Peace Scholarship. Please see their website for full details at http://www. 464 E.peointernational. Applicant must be female.5439 or at aso-coordinator@dept. if you have any questions or queries on this matter. Student can be U. The HTI will award four outstanding Latino/a doctoral students a $15.D.500 Sweepstakes. 1 – Nov. the ASO places chairs and desks in specific locations thoughout the classrooms each quarter. Student must write a 1 page (250 words) essay defining how he/she wishes to further the message of the Gospel by ministering to people in the media and the arts. 795.org. Free for Fuller Students! Balance your studies with a focus on more intimate spirituality and community: mentoring. seminars or deeper study (study grants available).edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. demonstrate financial need. www. to pursue her professional career. For full details see their website at educaid. depending on her visa status. Please be advised that Student Visa is considered a nonimmigrant visa. Ed. or Canada. 5. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • ww. Th.Fuller community members using campus classrooms: The Access Service Office (ASO) would appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that chairs and desks labeled “ASO Disability Accommodation: Do Not Remove” are left in their designated places.O.5 GPA.S.4X12. and are pursuing a master's degree in the School of Theology or School of Intercultural Studies. Please contact the ASO at 584.000 grant each year. It is very important to your classmate that the labeled furniture remain where it is placed. Upon completion of degree program. As a Matter of Courtesy: Disability Seating Accommodation Page 10 • Fall Week 6 • Nov. This award is for full-time doctoral students (Ph. This specific furniture is labeled and placed based on the specific needs of an individual classmate.htiprogram. student must return to her own country within 60 days. citizens or international.D. and a graduate student.org/projects/policies-ips.) Applicants must be citizens of the United States of America or Legal Immigrants (Aliens admitted in the country as lawful permanent residents). Check us out: DISCiple Ministries.D. Two $5. (we rent space at FCC)..asp Bob Watson Scholarship.E..org/index. citizen of country other than U.htm . Suite B-30.com/doubletake. small groups. Sisterhood $6. This Doctoral Grant award is aimed at supporting the student for a maximum of two years of full-time coursework. Students with a documented disability occasionally require specific seating arrangements in order to fully access the educational experience. The scholarship encourages Christian witness and presence in the worlds of the media and the arts. The form is very quick and Fuller students have won in the past.fuller. Deadline Dec 1.fuller. Madison Avenue Educaid's Double Take $2. For complete details see their website at http://www.edu.S.2186. Deadline Dec 7. Application materials are available in Student Financial Services.

512. Ten Free Sessions of Therapy The School of Psychology offers ten free sessions of therapy provided by students earning a doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Email tgranoff@lmu. For men and women interested in an intensive growth experience: facilitated by Sam Alibrando.5555. 5. 6–9pm Take advantage of an evening of free childcare so that you can spend time alone and enjoy a date with your spouse! Children ages 0–12. For more info. Mel is a longtime member of Glendale Presbyterian Church and is involved in prayer ministry there. 1477 E. Services Rings. or his grandson. Interpersonal Therapy Group. 26 years of serving only the Christian community. we recommend using a more secure U-lock. Call Dinners Delivered 405. Call Walter’s son. Survey development. Methods chapter tune-ups. For more information. Auto Repair.1101. Complete service. contact Fuller Psychological and Family Services at 584. seminaries. This therapy is ideal for relationship issues.KARS or 909. CA drivers license and auto insurance. Diamonds and Things! Walter Zimmer Co. Tom Granoff.edu or 584.5566. 12–1:30pm.429. Nov 12. Christians Need Cars Too! SIDCO Auto Network International serves students and staff from churches.5444. The Services section of the SEMI is for announcing services and events not offered by Fuller. please call 577. Women’s Groups. batteries. flexible schedule.edu.2778. Bikes locked with a chain type of lock are easy targets.8303. relationships and job stressors. Just a block and a half away. colleges and mission organizations. Prayer Mon .8303. If you witness any bicycle theft or suspicious activity near bicycle racks. Worked on hundreds of projects. For more information. we consider it a privilege to serve Fuller students.4510 for information. Make $25 to $100 a shift. Statistical results explained in simple English! Assistance with statistical table creation and report write-up. Psychology Research Problems Solved! Fuller SOP PhD alumnus with 20 years experience as a statistician for thesis and dissertation consultations. tune-ups. etc. Final orals defense preparation. Sex Addiction. please report it to the Fuller security office as soon as possible 584. Dealing with personal challenge identity issues. at 213. PhD. is a wholesale jewelry manufacturing. 310.4064 for an appointment. Misc . Therapy group for men recovering from sex addiction. Individual psychotherapy also available. Teaches graduate research courses.fuller. especially of bicycles left at the bicycle rack outside the Psychology building. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • www. Nov 1. For more information. 1 – Nov. PhD. 20 % off with Fuller ID. Pasadena restaurant delivery service has openings for delivery drivers.949. If you park your bike on campus.asp • Page 11 Parents’ Night Out Fri. Part time work. Maria Flores at 818. Jobs Axiom Management Is Rembrandt a better economist than Greenspan? What does Gauss’s algebra have to do with Plato’s cave? Truth is beauty. Hutch’s BBQ For great Jamaican food. go to Hutch’s BBQ. Walnut. Pasadena. brakes. as thieves can easily cut through the chain. Visa/Discover/ MasterCard/AMEX accepted. Call 798. Must have car. Library Chapel Rise and shine! Start your day with prayer.Campus Events and Announcements Annual CATS AAR/SBL Preview “Brown Bag” Lunch Mon. Very affordable prices. self-esteem and identity issues. Provides multivariate data analysis using SAS or SPSS. Nov 5 at rescom-youth@fuller.800. please call Terry Liepmann at 584.. Washington Blvd. please call 577.Fri.622. Individuals are personally responsible for evaluating the quality and type of service before contracting or using it. Call for free phone consultation.9579. 449. personal growth. Fuller community discounts. 5 to 9:30pm. Mel.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. oil change. 7–7:45am. Hrant Auto Service. Ken.5671. Fight ugliness with the Lyndon LaRouche Committee at their student group page on Campus Pipeline.8095.8017. call Dr. design and repair business founded in 1917 in downtown Los Angeles. Because of our appreciation of Charles Fuller and the Seminary. RSVP to Krystal White by Fri. stress. Designing “survivable” research proposals a specialty. facilitated by Sam Alibrando. African American actors needed for clinical training role plays at FPFS. Engine repair. 390 E. life transitions. Must be available one Friday a month from 1–3pm. Geneva Room Bring your own lunch and join us! Fall Week 6 • Nov. PhD. The SEMI and Student Life and Services do not recommend or guarantee any of the services listed. Call 1.640. Security Notice: Bicycle Theft This notice is a warning to our bicyclists that there is routine bicycle theft at the Fuller campus. For more information.

Page 12 • Fall Week 6 • Nov.fuller. 1 – Nov. 2004 • Fuller Theological Seminary • ww.edu/student_life/SEMI/semi. 5. Washington ARCHIVES Lake Avenue Hill Avenue 210 Freeway .asp E.