Winter Warfare Course

Winter Warfare Course. 

The intention of the course is to educate instructors in basic winter warfare skills. - AIMS OF THE COURSE  

            - Teach the students basic principles and techniques concerning winter warfare

- Make the students feel secure and comfortable under winter conditions

- Teach the students limitations as well as possibilities of military operations under winter conditions


The following demands are required to participate in the course -    Are or shall be winter warfare instructor -   - Speak and understand English in a good way - Are able to run 7000 meters in combat dress with 20 kg backpack in 52 min


Winter Warfare Course

- Are motivated for the course


After having completed the course the students are expected to have acquired the following skills

Avalanches: -   -   - Be able to account for the main factors that cause avalanches, and take precautions when operating in an area with avalanche hazard - Be able to organise a rescue party at team level. - Buddy rescue

Bivouacs: -   -   - Be able to instruct own troops in how to establish a good bivouac. Using tents, snow caves or other improvised bivouacs, below and above the tree line. Learn to use the primus. Be able to conduct necessary field routines in the bivouacs Be able to camouflage the bivouac and equipment Know the squad and soldiers routines during movement Be able to move during darkness Be able to skijor


Winter Warfare Course

Land navigation:     Be able to navigate by using map and compass Be able to use the GPS Be able to plan and choose the best route for a ski-march

Skiing:     Be able to ski with backpack and rifle, using the Nordic cross country skiing principles Be able to instruct own troops on how to ski, using the same principles Be able to instruct own troops on how to wax and maintain ski equipment Be able to finish the 10 km race for the civilian ski badge in 60 minutes or less Be able to demonstrate the different techniques

Snowshoes:     Be able to use snow shoes Be able to account for the advantages and limitations of snowshoes as compared to skis.


Winter Warfare Course

Survival and medical aspects: -   -   - Be able survive under arctic conditions using standard Norwegian military equipment - Be able to instruct others in how to dress in extreme cold to obtain maximum protection - Be able to account for the symptoms of snow-blindness, frostbite hypothermia and carbon-monoxide poisoning, and the correct first-aid measures to be applied, as well as basic hygiene routines - Be able to take precautions to avoid frost injuries - Be able to execute first-aid under winter conditions

Weapon training: -   -   - Be able to use and maintain the G-3 automatic rifle - Be able to instruct own troops on how to maintain Infantry weapons in general under winter conditions - Know different types of methods for operating the G-3 in thick snow