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This Resource Is Dedicated To My Best And Life Long Friend Scooter Pittman (2004) And My Sister Jenell Aust Holland (2010) Who Both Died Much Too Soon Because Of Cancer And Both Are Very Much Missed

Everyone Concerned About Cancer Needs To Know This Research Concerning Dr Otto Warburg MD, PHD, Nobel Prize Winner In Medicine And Brian Peskin’s Research Discoveries On Cancer Before It Becomes Too Late. And I Bet You Want Learn From Your MD

This resource is written and compiled by Sid Aust

Everyone Has Been Touched By Someone With Cancer Maybe It Was Your Mother, Your Father, Friend, Wife, Husband, Sister Or Maybe Even You, It Really Doesn’t Matter At This Point. What Matters Most Is What Are You Going To Do About It To Protect Yourself? _____________________________________________________ You Must Educate Yourself Because Your Doctor Won’t Do It. Learn What You Must Do So A High Probability Of Cancer Will Become A Low Or (Zero) Probability Of Cancer To Visit Your Life Or I Should Say Come Back For A Visit. You Can Walk, Run, Crawl, Fly Or Dance To The Cure All You Want But It Won’t Make A Hounds Hair Of DifferenceNo Matter How Well Intentioned For The American Cancer Society. You Can Even Wear Pink For Breast Cancer Awareness Month. When You Realize The Activity Is A Feel Good Thing You Will Be Starting On The Road To Truth About Cancer And Its Cause And You Will See It In The Form Of Food processing Everyday As You Study
The Sad Truth Is That Cancer Rates (almost 53% for women and 73% for men) Are Getting Worse
Despite American Cancer Society Efforts. If Money Could Solve The Cancer Problem It Would Have Been Solved Years Ago. The Cure Is Prevention…What Will Cure Will Prevent And What Will Prevent Will Cure And Why One Must This Research On Your Own…………….
On The Upside You Are AboutTo Learn The Most Basic and Fundamental

Cause Of Cancer And Or Heart Disease Today Is Food Processing Or Adulterated Cooking Oils And In Our Foods That Interfere With The Oxygen Exchange To The Cells In The Body No Matter Where Cancer Is Located And Most Important You Will Learn What Simple Changes You Need To Make Now ___________________________________________________

Read This Resource As If Your Life Depended On It As It May Very Well In The Future

In 1931, German MD Phd and biochemist Otto Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work in understanding cancer metabolism, revealing that cancer cells burn sugar (glycolysis) differently than normal cells, preferring to burn sugar over energy rich fats even when cellular oxygen conditions favor mitochondrial fat burning. Warburg hypothesized that cancer is caused by mitochondrial dysfunction forcing the cells to use aerobic glycolysis instead of oxidation. Today, his observation is known as the "Warburg Effect" and is widely accepted as fundamental to Cancer biology. Warburg made his discovery with a device of his own design referred to as the "Warburg Apparatus"—a manometer that measures mitochondrial oxygen consumption of

..the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar. Why then does it happen that in spite of all this so little is done towards the prevention of cancer? The answer has always been that one does not know what cancer or the prime cause of cancer be, and that one cannot prevent something that is not known. But nobody today can say that one does not know what cancer and its prime cause be. On the contrary, there is no disease whose prime cause is better known, so that

today ignorance is no longer an excuse that one cannot do more about prevention. That prevention of cancer will come there is no doubt, for man wishes to survive. But how long prevention will be avoided depends on how long the prophets of agnosticism will succeed in inhibiting the application of scientific knowledge in the cancer field. In the meantime, millions of men and women must die of cancer unnecessarily. Of what use is it to know the prime cause of cancer? Here is an example. In Scandinavian countries there occurs a cancer of the throat and esophagus whose precursor is the so-called Plummer-Vinson syndrome. This syndrome can be healed when one adds to the diet the active groups of respiratory enzymes, for example, iron salts, riboflavin, nicotinamide, and pantothenic acid. When one can heal the precursor of a cancer, one can prevent this cancer.
Dr. Otto Warburg, PhD, MD, 1883 -1970
Nobel Laureate, Author, Director - Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Cell Physiology, Professor - Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Biology, Doctor of Medicine - Heidelberg, Doctor of Chemistry - Berlin, Doctor Honoris Causa Oxford University.

This Resource In Part Is Based On Research by Dr Otto Warburg PHD, MD From Germany Who Was Awarded The Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 For His Work On Cancer And Never Refuted Much Research Comes From Medical School Textbooks Biochemistry and Physiology And Is Baffling Why Doctors Don’t Pick This Up Also With The Help And Collaboration Of Professor Brian Peskin, Lecturer, Life Engineering Medical Scientist & Electrical Engineer (MIT) Author of The Hidden Story Of Cancer The 24-Hour Diet Founder of Life-Systems Engineering Science Houston, Texas

It Is Morally Reprehensible And Despicable That No One Is Being Held Accountable For The Billions Of Dollars Squandered Searching For The Cure Of Cancer With No End To Cancer In Sight

Read On…….And Prepare To Be Shocked

In Texas there is an old saying, “When you hear the pounding of hooves approaching, chances are it’s more likely to be horses than zebras”
Cancer is certainly no laughing matter. When I discovered this research and truth I knew I was on to something had to apply it to myself for my health’s sake. As you go through this resource click on the links, articles, lectures etc, there you will be exposed and shocked about what is behind the cancer issue. I am not a writer by any means, or a scientist or doctor, Brian Peskin (The Hidden Story Of Cancer always says he is just the messenger, but I hope anyone reading this resource will take it seriously. You will not be disappointed. We all need to help each other and this is the reason I wrote this resource. All must seek the truth wherever it leads and up to now we have at times been misled by the people we trust the most by popular press and opinion and sad to say so have our doctors. Quote from The Hidden Story Of Cancer “ One will find if you study this research carefully, you will learn that failure to utilize previous scientific discoveries by cancer experts is the cause of the cancer plague, and millions upon millions will continue to die unnecessarily in the suffering and agony if the research of Dr Otto Warburg and Brian Peskin’s discoveries and information is not put to immediate use.” “Unconventional ideas don't seem to generate research grants the way conventional pap does” (souce unknown). I am just a regular person who got caught up in cancer myself and in all honesty want nothing better than the truth about cancer and how we have been misled. This research can make a difference in your life in my opinion. This is not my research and findings that you will find with all the links, articles etc. Brian Peskin, author of The Hidden Story Of Cancer gave his approval to write this and helped me with his suggestions. Peskin is from outside the medical profession and he upsets doctors as he is points out what most doctors should have learned found in medical school text books in physiology and biochemistry. He lectures to MD’s all over the country and most of this comes from medical journals put out by the their own medical profession. Professor Peskin connects the dots on the cancer like no other as he take complicated research and makes it easy to understand and research the public never sees. He points out that most cancer research is extremely hard to understand with the use of big words,

graphs, wording etc. Peskin breaks it down for us so can understand like dummies like me thank goodness. Here are some lectures from Professor Peskin you can learn a great deal about this research and the omega 6/3 fatty acids and how to put them in your diet and why they will protect will not be disappointed, more than likely you will be shocked and that is good because this will make you reexamine what you have learned from popular press and opinion. Reading this material will not put you to sleep but hopefully it will wake you up. If you do a lot of reading you may have found Dr Budwig and her use of flaxseed oil and cottage cheese that was some time back and was very effective. Many get these confused. Some still use it to help get oxygen to the cells, but it runs a little deeper than that…see Budwig info here and here .. Brian Peskin in his research feels it is not as effective as it once was and what he says certainly makes a lot of sense. The difference is that
TODAY the main issue is adulterated (ruined) parent omega-6 used in frying, baking, etc. These oils that are found in stores and are in hundreds of foods that can be purchased. In Dr Budwig's time, there was little adulteration of the parent omega-6 and so one could just concentrate on the addition of a bit more parent omega-3. Peskin Protocol covers that and solves today's issue, too.

I hope you will find this information helpful and educational as I did and hope you will take it seriously. I just wish I could have found it sooner. You are about to find out about research you probably never knew existed and you are surely not going to hear it from your doctor. It is researched by Brian Peskin from MIT (Electrical Engineer) He lectures to cancer and heart doctors all over the county. They seek him out for his research. Lots of his research comes directly from medical school textbooks in biochemistry and medical physiology, medical journals and Nobel prize winner (1931 from Germany) Dr. Otto Warburg MD Phd.(nobel prize winner in 1931) Why our doctors don't tell us this especially when we need it the most is baffling. Brian Peskin connects the dots in the cancer and heart disease issue like no one I have ever read. I take this research extremely seriously. Some amazing things happened to me after my initial shock of (you have cancer) starting with mistrust, cynicism, anger and outrage, but like the phoenix I started moving from the ashes toward the light to the discovery of truth about cancer and finally inspiration after learning the truth. I did not discover this in one day. I purchased many books, listened to many lectures and talked to many people. Just to let you know where I am coming from and why I take this research so seriously. My mother had breast cancer (2000), my sister died of cancer in (Feb of 2010). I had colon cancer (2007) and the surgeon removed 10 inches of colon and I reluctantly did about 6 or 7 rounds of chemo (about 1 every 3 weeks. When I took my last treatment it was discovered my wife had breast cancer (2008) and had to have a double mastectomy with 4 rounds of chemo and 31 radiation treatments. My sister passed away with endometrial cancer and fortunately my mother only a mastectomy. My wife and I are doing great now. We follow Brian Peskin's (The Hidden Story Of Cancer) recommendations almost to the letter. My sister it is sad to say would have nothing to do his recommendations. She said she was going to do exactly what the doctor said and no more. She said if this was that important the doctor would know about it. Well he didn't know about it and it is important. Just because he did not have a clue of its existence does not mean it is not important. Cancer doctors are I have to

admit are cancer experts on weapons against cancer and not experts on cancer itself. There is a big difference. It would have been great if my sister would have added these parent essential oils to her diet along with the doctors program. This would have helped to keep the cells oxygenated before it was too late. The doctor sure didn't learn this in his medical training as a doctor. It’s not his fault as he is doing the best he can with what he was taught to do. That's the sad part as doctors as they learn only chemical drugs and not anything natural. My oncologist never ever mentioned one word about any kind of nutrition or supplements etc. One would think he would know that nutrition is a major player in this disease. All he could think of is chemo etc. I am the one who had to bring up the subject. After that my education in nutrition and truth began that lead me Brian Peskin’s research. I was listening to one of Brian Peskin's lectures before a group and in his talk he made the statement to look to person on your left and look to the person on your right and he makes the shocking statement there is almost a 53% chance if you are a women and almost 76% chance if you are a man to have cancer in your life time. Think of that when you look at the photograph in the beginning of this resource. One does not need to know the science behind this only that it works according to Brian Peskin’s research. I can't tell you how when I turn on the lights understand how it works but it does or even understand gravity, but you will surely know gravity works if you jump off a 10 story building. Are you willing to take that chance? Brian wrote the book called The Hidden Story Of Cancer and is now available by e-book also. Now you have a choice ( I have also enclosed other articles besides what is attached and written. If you have any questions I will be glad to try to help. I am no expert or medical professional but just a regular person who has studied this research for the past 2-3 years. One must study this research and decide himself if it is truth or fiction. The book is where I got the idea to write a resource. I told Brian Peskin I was so impressed with his discoveries that I wanted to write a resource to give out at no charge. He made some suggestions etc. and formatted it for me and it turned out great. I hope you like it. If you want please make suggestions on what changes I need to make to make the resource better that would be great. If you study the book you will know 100% more than any doctor knows about this research. Here are some additional links that in the resource yet but are included here. I talked to Brian on one occasion and don't remember of much of what he said, but I do remember he said to me if you are in remission now and you follow my suggestions you will not ever have to worry about cancer coming back. And also if you want to prevent cancer follow is recommendations. He is about prevention. I have read where others recovered from cancer in stage IV using his suggestions. You are giving what the body needs on a daily basis and that is essential fatty acids....(Omega 6/3 in an unadulterated form that is organic and cold pressed) this one is included in the resource... (good resource here),pdf.pdf You Must Learn And Apply This Knowledge As Your Doctor Will Not Inform You… " In ques t i ons of science t he aut h ori t y o f a t housand i s not w ort h t he humbl e reasoni n g of a si ngl e i ndi vi dual ." -Galileo Galilei, 1564-1642

Taken From The Hidden Story Of Cancer Wake –Up Call: We Are Losing the “War Against Cancer
“When morality comes up against profit, it is seldom that profit loses."Author Unknown
Carried along from one optimistic news article about the latest drug to the next Upbeat “March for the Cure” most people have no idea that the U.S. cancer Institutes are failing utterly to make meaningful progress against the disease in its many forms. The general public needs to realize-that, contrary to voluminous optimistic publicity from the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute, our trust and money have largely been wasted. The Cancer Institute cannot be relied on for the development of effective cancer treatments or to give the public accurate information on their overall progress toward a cure, or toward effective cancer prevention and extension of remission. In the United States, the official “War Against Cancer was started over 40 years ago, in 1971, with the passage of the National Cancer Act by Congress during President Richard M. Nixon’s administration. Since then despite operating with huge budget, the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society have made little actual progress against the disease. “To the cancer establishment, a cancer patient is a profit center. The actual clinical and scientific evidence does not support the claims of the cancer industry. Conventional cancer treatments are in place as the law of the land because they pay, not heal, the best. Decades of the politics-of-cancer-as-usual have kept you from knowing this, and will continue to do so unless you wake up to their reality.” John Diamond, M.D.-Lee Cowden, M.D.

This Resource Is The Simple Truth About Cancer And What I Have Learned. This Resource Is To Be Given Away For Those Who Would Like To Know The Most Basic And Fundamental Cause Of Cancer And How To Correct The Cause. You Will Know 100% More Than Your Doctor About This Subject If You Become Familiar With The Research

Thank You Professsor Peskin For Speaking The Truth And Your Discoveries And Giving Permission To Write This Resource. Can’t ever Thank You Enough For The Use Of Your Materials Of Which This Resource Would Not Have Been Possible

With Cancer You Must Go Beyond With What Your Doctor Says As You Will Soon See Why And

Paul Harvey was one of my favorite news commentators for many years and sure many of you enjoyed his shows and remember him fondly. The program I looked forward most on my commute home each day was Paul Harvey’s The Rest Of The Story. What you are about to read with the research of Brian Peskin and founder of Life Systems Engineering Science (see the links) and what I feel is what Paul Harvey would say is now you know The Rest Of The Story as that is what I want you to hear in your mind when you are finished reading. You will learn the culprit that is causing this nightmare we call cancer and heart disease and is getting worse by the day causing misery and suffering by the millions. As will be mentioned now and later this research has nothing to do with a cure, but just a basic change we put in our diet. It’s that simple and I could not believe it either. I'm not a health professional or medical doctor or even a scientist, but I do believe this the best research on why we get cancer and how to correct the cause I have ever read and I study a lot on cancer issues. I'm just a novice who got interested in health because I wanted to know what steps to take if a doctor tells me I've got cancer. The fact is that is I found out about this research after the fact, but as the saying goes it’s never too late. Heart disease and cancer are number one and number two cause of death by the same thing (food processing) and is taking away on our friends, parents, brothers, sisters ( as said has to do with the food processing and the interference of oxygen transfer to the cells in the body and the lack of essential fatty acids mainly omega 6/3 in the organic form in the correct ratio).You are about to learn that unadulterated (organic) Omega 6 is far more important than the much advertised omega 3 fish oils and are damaging to our health and have been proved to cause blood clotting.

Adulterated oils are in hundreds of food items we purchase in supermarkets. These adulterated oils were known to cause cancer and heart disease back in the 1950s, but did anyone listen? The following is a quote from Brian Peskin. “Did you know that way back in 1955 American physicians and scientists confirmed that intermittent cellular oxygen deficiency leads to cancer? More proof was known back in 1953, in addition to Dr. Warburg's published research in 1925. So why aren't scientists USING this

information? Why do they keep looking for secondary causes” of cancer, when the PRIMARY cause is staring them in the face?!? CELLULAR OXYGEN!” The research you are about to learn will give us a second chance if you have been so unfortunate to have had cancer and is in remission to make it right. When one takes the time to understand this research you will discover that you will have the maximum in cancer protection and prevention of recurrence in your hands and don’t take it lightly. Also there is a lot one could do if one has cancer said Brian Peskin along with the recommendations in The Hidden Story Of Cancer as this is the most basic cause..One has to correct the cause and that is getting oxygen to the cells… and the book Think Outside The Box Another book that would be great also is Killing Cancer Not People You can obtain this book at another great site to learn

REMEMBER KNOWLEDGE IS POWER AND WHEN YOU HAVE CANCER YOU NEED KNOWLEDGE OTHER THAN THE BASIC OPTIONS…YOU NEED OTHER OPTIONS ALSO Also you do not forget the basic reason for cancer and what you must Put in your diet. The Hidden Story Of Cancer would be the first book I would order hands down… You can learn about his research at his website He also has a wonderful archive of new information at,

You must educate yourself as it is there for the asking…become proactive.

This resource is written in simple style and easy to read. We don’t need and want complication when we want to read about cancer that is affecting millions at this moment. (The Hidden Story Of Cancer). It’s better to keep things simple. And for a teaser here you will learn if you follow the links here you will learn one of the side benefits of adding the right Omega3/6 (more about essential fatty acids later in this resource)

is they make your arteries more flexible and also increase blood flow. I had my arteries tested a while back with a DPA (Digital Pulse Analyzer). This is a medical instrument used in surgery to show how good the blood flow is while surgery is performed. This is a complete new use for the electronic instrument The 3 minute test showed I had the arteries of a 30 year old. I had learned that the Omega 3 and Omega 6 made your arteries younger, but to see it I was shocked and the test proved the oils worked and that was only a side benefit.

One will know my motivation and where I am coming from with this resource when one knows in my family my mother had cancer, including myself with cancer, wife had cancer and recently my youngest sister passed away with cancer. Cancer is a very serious subject and I take extremely seriously. What you are about to learn in this research that hardly any doctor knows is that it should not be taken lightly so please don’t this research without serious study. It’s sad to

say my sister would have nothing to do with the recommendations that are presented in this research that can’t be refuted. Some will look at this research and say dam I wish I had known about this sooner and some as said will ignore this off as not important please. I hope you are not the latter. My sister said she was going to do exactly what her doctor says and no more (till he kills me) and that is my emphasis. That is how much blind trust and power she gave over to the doctor for no other reason if the doctor did not know about this research it must be nothing to it. It also must be stated here we give doctors a lot more credit for what we think they know than they know. For some like my sister and best friend Scooter whom both I will forever miss and dedicate this resource in a small way in their memory. For my sister it was extremely hard to except that doctors just may not have all the answers and have connected the dots with the cancer issue as this research has and may be harming and causing the cancer to spread even more with radiation and chemo treatments. It is my goal to give this resource away with nothing in return as everyone needs to know about this research. You will find in this resource the whole premise has to do with getting oxygen to the cells and tissues within the body with the correct essential fatty acids. See the presentation in the links and the articles also that are written that will fully explain this discovery and why you will have to learn this on your own. We are not saying not to do the treatments as they are necessary a lot of times. If you study this research you will find that the treatment will work better with the use of the omega 6/3 oils added.

If you ask is there is that possibility radiation and chemo cause the cancer to come back years later. They will have to say yes. These Parent Essential Oils will protect the cells during these treatments. But the key to it all is do this for prevention and or recurrence of cancer. Doctors do what they are trained to do extremely well and takes an intelligent person to do what they do, but they don’t know everything and we don’t know everything either. It must be said and will say again it's not always the doctors' fault for not knowing about this research; they are too busy treating illness or other problems to delve deeply into things such as Omega 6 or Omega 3 fatty acids and their importance in cancer or heart disease. This is why YOU need to take responsibility for your own health.,pdf.pdf This is a chapter Brian Peskin wrote for this publication for Anti-Aging Doctors. This is a chapter from a book coming out in 2011...The truth keeps coming out about The Hidden Story Of Cancer by Brian Peskin for all to see….

You will have to trust me on that. Until the average person realizes that they cannot just take the "professional's" word for it, but must do their own research to get to the facts, they are in danger of bad health, degeneration, and disease.,pdf.pdf According to the research cancer takes at least 10 years to become full blown and will need emergency care quickly if found that late. Never will it ever be said we do not need our doctors. It is the goal of this resource to get one to think for themselves and don’t give all the power to the doctor, challenge him, ask questions and not be afraid to say I don’t agree with what you are saying. Some doctors will be uncomfortable if a subject they know nothing is discussed, after all they are the doctors and should know. My oncologist said I was lucky because I did not get sick while taking treatments…Can you believe that…just lucky. But would not accept what I was taking that may have prevented me from getting sick with nausea etc. I guess it is just human nature to be that way, but who gives a dam what they think, it’s your body. But in no way will I ever show disrespect to a doctor and you should not either. Ask yourself now how many do you know who have cancer now or being treated? Your answer will surprise you and ask several people the same question. You will see the numbers growing. Watching a sister slipping away while holding her hand with tears running down my cheek is not a way I like to say good bye. The following is something I hear a lot and I bet you do also. This is a story that is sad and it happens on a daily basis and it is paraphrased somewhat from another source. Cancer doctors treat you as long as they can and then they abandon you saying further treatments would be be unproductive." This is how conventional cancer doctors operate: They poison your body, take your money, and when it turns out they've nearly killed you, they just stop treating you and tell you to go home and die. This is the state of treatment of today. I am not saying that treatment not necessary. Sometimes that seems to be the only hope. I recently had to put my pet down. I did any and everything to save her life. I did natural treatments, conventional treatments etc, but in the end she died anyway. But the point is you want do everything possible and I don’t care where it comes from…just do it. The point I am trying to make here is most cancer doctors think that their treatment is the only option and there is none others. Anyway this whole resource is not about treatment or a cure as you will find out as you study the material. This is mentioned only to show my motivation to share with anyone who wants to know something about the fundamental cause of cancer and how to correct the prime cause with this research you are about to learn. This research you will discover is not politically correct and is just the plain truth and can’t be refuted. Brian Peskin you will find has been slandered many

times for his discoveries. He just says he is just the messenger. I certainly do not want anyone to regret not putting this to use years later. One of the problems that science is sometimes so complicated and never put in terms we understand and presented to us novices. This is where Brian Peskin’s research and connecting the dots (science and not opinion) as you are about to discover shines like a beacon in the night. His research is simple to understand and as you will find taken directly from medical school books and medical journals. Much is also taken from Dr Otto Warburg MD, Ph.D and his research. This resource is written in part and taken from The Hidden Story Of Cancer by Prof. Brian Peskin and some from my personal readings from many sources. People who know me know that I read lots of research on cancer and heart disease from people who study and do research outside the box and from outside the medical profession. Some of the best discoveries have been made from these important researchers that think outside the box. One of these medical researchers is Brian Peskin — His discoveries got my attention enough to check this research out and I must say “thank god that I found it and thank him for his research and dedication and for connecting the dots as he did like no other ” and exposing the truth for all of us. People often ask me what I do now that I had contracted cancer during my lifetime. So I decided to write a resource for anyone who may wish to study this important area and for anyone who has lost someone to cancer.

This is from the book: The Hidden Story Of Cancer…by Brian Peskin In this book Brian backs up everything he says and have never been refuted or proved wrong…try if you will
THIS IS NOT THEORY, BUT SCIENTIFIC FACT It is really not surprising that, after decades of conflicting and failed nutritional recommendations behind us and an endless war against cancer that seems to produce a new purported “reason” for cancer every day, but never results in a cure, people will say to me (Brian Peskin) that Dr Warburg’s theories and discoveries are all well and good, but it’s all really another theory. You too should be prepared to hear from most people that this simple program for preventing and its recurrence can’t possibly be correct. But that not true this time. This information is correct. The information in this book is not theory, but scientific fact, with almost 60 years of Dr Warburg’s painstaking, meticulous, tested research to back up it along with most recent medical journal reports that have been verifying the anticancer properties of EFAs. You were just never given this information. (I Wonder Why) Many decades of incorrect nutritional recommendations have led to America’s mushrooming increasing of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer. You do not need to wait another 50 years before this anticancer information is generally accepted in the medical community. You can protect yourself today. The maximum in cancer protection and prevention of recurrence in now in your hands. It is really this simple and easy to give yourself maximum shield against contracting cancer now.

It is my hope and wish that cancer will not “visit” anyone. “The Truth Will Set You Free” if one is able to handle this type of truth…

Your doctor is one part of the equation and you are the other part of the equation. Having the best medical system in the world will not work for you if you make the wrong choices. Your medical doctor is not going spoon feed you this type of truth like a baby taking milk and mostly likely they never heard of this research or even care. They are far too busy doing what they are trained to do and that is treating symptoms of our wrong choices or general health issues which is fine as we need at one time or other. We sometimes never question what our doctor ask us to do or take and its consequences. We need to know knowledge is power and we need to take a little of that power for ourselves in which I say educate yourself as that is your responsibility and only yours. We are all guilty of making these wrong choices in what we eat, and not getting regular check-ups and getting a colonoscopy when we should. It’s the little things one does that counts so please help yourself and do your part in the equation. There is a high probability if you do not make changes now in what you are doing you will get cancer or heart disease in your life time. Just look around you and see who is being treated for cancer or heart disease or ride by the cancer clinic as the parking lot is full of cars every day. Take what you about to read to heart and make these necessary changes. You can reject it as that is your choice and keep on doing what you are doing and take your chances or you can make changes so that high probability changes to a low probability of cancer or heart disease showing up in your future. I know this sounds bold but this is the truth according to the research I have seen and if you take this research, study it carefully and really make the changes cancer may not show up in your future if you make these basic and fundamental changes in your diet and adding Omega 6/Omega 3 fatty acids in the correct ratio. This research is not about a cure as it is about getting the cells oxygenated so cancer will not develop or even come back if you had cancer before and in remission. The omega 3/6 fatty acids act like sponges to draw oxygen in the tissues. Let’s leave that word cure to the medical people who believe they have all the answers to the cancer plague as cancer

gets worse in the United States and as they work on their pet theories. Until the research of Dr Otto Warburg MD PH.D (two time medical Nobel Prize winner) is taken seriously that is light years of what is being done now. Dr Warburg said millions will continue to get this dreadful disease and die. The cancer experts (failed research) have failed to read and comprehend the seminal discoveries of Otto Warburg, M.D., PH.D. due to their own prejudice and negligence. This is basically why the war on cancer has failed. They should be prosecuted for scientific misconduct, fraud, medical quackery and crimes against humanity. At the time he could find a practical way to get the oxygen to the cells. This is where Brian Peskin starts to connect the dots. Read more about Dr Warburg and his research here. As someone who had an issue with cancer myself, I take cancer extremely seriously and probably more extreme than most people who take what little info the doctor will give you and hope and pray what he is doing will take care of the problem. That picture was not me and should not be you either. While accompanying my wife to her doctor made a statement that is good to take a multiple vitamin as that is what she does each day. I wanted to jump up and say what!! I almost fell out of my chair. Doctors know so little about nutrition it is shocking. If I could only take one thing it would be minerals and not vitamins as you get them from food. My advice here don’t ever take advice from an MD on supplements or nutrition. It would also be wise to take minerals also along with the Omega6/3. I am very conservative in what I take. One must study and learn what is beneath what we are told or not told by popular press, opinion, and your doctor. One must educate one’s self on health issues. Read this resource as if your life depended on it; as it well may in the future. Read, seek out, and apply, as this particular research will shock you to what you may find out compared to what we are told. We are being told we are winning the war on cancer. That is far from the truth I assure you and when you are finished reading you will know the reality and truth if you choose to study further which I highly recommend. One must begin to think of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids in the parent forms which means Organic in nature in our diet and the lack of them in our diet are the major cause of cancer according to medical school textbooks because of the oxygen transfer to the million of cells within our body according to Prof Brian Peskin. Adding these essential fatty acids to your diet in the proper ratios could take up to a year or longer to fully oxygenate the cells and tissues. What I mean by essential fatty acids is that the body does not make them and you have to get them outside the body. According to Dr Otto Warburg a 35% reduction of cellular oxygen causes cancer to start every time and you do not even know its happens in your body as Nobel Prize-winner in medicine, Dr. Warburg, MD, PhD, discovered many years ago in Germany. You will see how Brian Peskin connects the dots with direct quotes from medical school textbook and medical journals that make his research “bullet proof”.

I know this may sound a little strange to one if you have never been exposed to this type of research before. Believe me it is all spelled out by the research of Brian Peskin. Even the most lettered professionals sometimes have a problem and believing the research, but this research connects the dots well and can’t be refuted. Why doctors don’t learn this especially cancer doctors which could benefit their patients is somewhat beyond belief …”Essential fatty acids (EFAs are found in the structural lipids of the cell…and are concerned with the structural integrity of the mitochondrial membrane (respiratory-based energy producing”(Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, 26th edition, page 191). This is from a medical school textbook...It can’t be anymore clearer….This example are just a one of the truths you never see.

He will reveal a lot of bullet proof research as I have said taken directly from medical school textbooks. This also reminds me of the movie called The Matrix. If his research does not wake one up as the movie The Matrix “ Do I take the blue pill to continue as it always has been or do I take the red pill and make changes for the better”. If this research does not get your attention nothing will except maybe cancer in your life. Quote from The Matrix “the world has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth. So please take this seriously and you will know the truth about cancer and heart disease as they are caused by the same thing (lack of oxygen caused by adulterated oils and food processing. Also the most important diet in my opinion to follow is a low carbohydrate diet Saturated fat and butter help prevent heart attacks and cancer and is not as bad as we have been lead to believe. If you want to learn more about low carb which I suggest you should. you will learn a lot at or do a word search of Jimmy Moore and his low carb show. When a cancer cells develops they survive on sugar from carbs. There is no science to back up that saturated fats cause cancer and heart disease and that they, in fact, even help prevent cancer. Check this out and prove to yourself. Also, to get you started on this you may want to check out the book called The Liberation Diet ( It is opposite of everything you think you know about nutrition. Our system is designed to keep you sick, fat and confused. Also in this resource you will learn where to get the omega 6 and the omega 3 and how to put them in your diet in the proper ratios. This is very extremely important. I wanted to make the paper easy to read without much complication. According to Brian Peskin Science show that EFAs Transport Oxygen and enable its use in the Mitochondria. The following quote from medical school textbooks make it clear the critical role EFAs play in ensuring maximum oxygen transfer to the cell. Gases such as oxygen, CO2 and nitrogen- small molecules with little interaction with solvents-readily diffuse through the hydrophobic (oil) regions of the membrane” Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, 26the edition, 2003, page 418.

Also, at the end I encourage you to purchase the book The Hidden Story of Cancer direct from the publisher, Pinnacle Press, at But for now, this info will introduce you to this research that certainly changed the way I look at cancer and heart disease. This information is based on hard science and found from medical school textbooks and is just baffling according to Brian Peskin why this research is not picked up and applied by our doctors and told to us. Why must we have to learn it ourselves? You will not learn any of this material except from Prof. Peskin’s research. Friends and family say that I am a health nut but now I consider that a compliment. Don't depend on your doctor to give you this information and as I have said don’t have a clue that this research is here for all to see. As patients like myself and millions more, who have been mislead and misguided with misleading ads by drug companies especially on the cancer and heart issues and so have our doctors. The sad part is we don’t we are being misled. Let me give you an example of how we are misled. For years we have been told to eat more fruits and vegetables by our doctors and popular press. Here are the facts from this research as reported in Journal of the National Cancer Institute, November 3, 2004 in a study that analyzed over 100,000 people from health professionals over a 20 year period starting in 1984. .We found no association between fruit and vegetable intake (either total or of any particular group) and overall cancer incidence. Consumption of 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day has been recommended in the National 5 a day for Better Health Program for cancer prevention but the protective effect of fruit and vegetable intake may been overstated. Moreover, recent finding from Professional Follow-up Study, NHS, and other cohort studies have reported weak or no associations between the total fruit and vegetable intake and incidence of specific cancers. Did you see that in the newspapers or the evening news? I bet you didn’t and neither did I. You will not have to look far if you listen and watch carefully at some of the ads on television each night. You will be shocked, so watch carefully.,pdf.pdf Doctors are misled also and where do you think that leaves us who go to them for help in our time of distress? Share with your doctor what you think is important. Doctors most likely will think you are a nut if something is out of the main stream and not studied in medical school. They just don’t have time for anything else but to treat symptoms as taught to them in medical schools. Many I am sure will roll their eyes to the back of their heads when you share this research. Please don’t let that discourage you. Don't depend on your family physician or oncologist to give you an education about cancer, that is your responsibility. This is a disease that comes in many forms with only one cause you will learn according to Dr. Otto Warburg. Do you think for one minute they will find a cure if there are hundreds of causes? You will learn that it is lack of oxygen to the cells in the body that is causing cancer. When one starts to really look beneath what we are being told by popular press and opinion everything seems to starts to unravel. This is why it is so important to educate yourself on matters pertaining to one’s personal health. On one side is the hard science research and the other side is popular press and opinion, which are most times 180 degrees opposite. The research by Brian Peskin connects the dots and places science above opinion and will impact cancer and heart disease as they are the number one and number two killers as these diseases cross all barriers and affects doctors as well and the rich, poor alike. Most of his research is from The Houston Academy of Medicine, one of the largest medical libraries in the country. This research is focused on Cancer and Heart Disease, as

they are number one and number two as the biggest killers in this country. (1976: An Important Experiment: Defective Cholesterol=Lack of Oxygen. In 1976, the medical journal Pediatrics investigated abnormal fatty acid composition and impaired oxygen supply. They showed lack of EFAs always cancer-causing-lack of oxygen. Proof: Insuffieicient parent Omega-6 is Cancer Causing!!) You will be amazed that this was more than 30 years ago. Lucky was I that my family doctor did not roll his eyes when I shared this information. I gave him The Hidden Story of Cancer by Brian Peskin and he is now a committed follower of this research and recommendations of Brian Peskin. I did not give my Oncologist the book for the simple reason and my opinion they are so entrenched in what they do which is ok that I believe he would have dismissed the research without comment. And as I have said just don’t have the time other stuff so to speak. Both Janice and myself follow his recommendations to the letter. We give doctors a lot more credit for what we think they know than they know. Do you think for a second your doctor will give you something for a condition such as cancer and then he gets the same condition and goes in the corner and says to himself I am not going to take that I am going something else. No he doesn’t. He doesn’t have any tricks up his sleeve, chances are they would most likely take the same thing being given to you as that is what he is trained to do. I have to wonder sometimes if cancer doctors are about the next pharmaceutical medicine coming on the market; that cute little rep from a company trying to get them to prescribe to their patients while bringing the staff a box of donuts from the company such as free samples, pens, and free medications, trying to influence the staff in a positive way to get them to prescribe the medicine. And I will probably say it probably works as they are very good marketers. I am never more distressed for people who are not open minded enough to consider other options to go along with what their doctor is advising. Suggesting according to this research the treatment will work better with the parent omega-6 /-3 blend. The fact is that cancer is getting worse; 50% of women will contract cancer and more than 73% of men will contract cancer in their life times. These statistics are much higher than we are told, despite the trillions of dollars spent on cancer research. It appears that the cancer industry is looking for more patients than a cure I believe this to be 100% true. MD Anderson Cancer Center’s “answer to cancer” is to build more beds — sad but true. Most Oncologists are very caring, dedicated and professional, and sincerely want to make a difference in their patient’s lives, as I know mine was. They apply what they are taught very well. Sadly, the bottom line most times confirms that is not enough. The cancer industry is not about a cure as much as they are about getting more research dollars to study cancer. Research has to show some progress for getting all this money. The progress is usually early detection and that is great.

These small parts as above were taken from one of Brian Peskin lecture note speaking at a doctors meeting. For the complete lecture notes here is the link for them Research is more about a means to an end than an ending in itself. We are told by The Cancer Society that we are close to a cure, a cure is just around the corner, we need to race for the cure, walk for the cure, run for the cure or what ever else they do to earn more money and to help find a cure for cancer. It’s a bottomless pit that all that money that goes into, I assure you. The fact is there will never be enough money. Recently the American Cancer Society celebrated their 100th birthday and the mission was to cure cancer. It appears to me they have failed their mission. Can anyone name one cancer that has been cured despite trillions and trillions and trillions and (getting nowhere) of dollars put into this rat hole called cancer research? You can’t… To me that is sinful (quote from Brian Peskin) while millions die from this epidemic of a disease and continue to die if cancer do not wake up to this research and put it to use. Don't ever think otherwise because the cancer rate is going to get worst before it gets better. We can put a man on the moon, put more info on a computer chip smaller than the size of a pinhead and yet can’t find a cure or prevent cancer. Something is wrong with that picture folks. Sadly it’s about money and that’s all it will ever be about and obtaining an endless supply of money for cancer research. Do you really think for one minute a cure will be found by all this research? I would almost bet my life on it that no cure will ever be found. But wait to see how the dots have connected with this research that almost nobody sees, especially people like you and me. Its tragic people. According to Nobel Prize-winner in medicine, Dr. Otto Warburg, MD PhD, proved many times by in his research and confirmed by others, proving beyond a shadow of doubt that there is only one cause of cancer; not hundreds of causes like we are told and that is lack of oxygen to the cells in the body. Dr Otto Warburg wins Nobel for his discovery that lack of oxygen is a pre-condition to cancer.

There are lots of secondary causes but they all lead to the main cause. His research has never been refuted or proven wrong and was embraced by our cancer establishment in the 1950's. Politics got in the way as always and this research was essentially “put on a shelf” until Professor Peskin came into the picture. Don't believe anything here but prove it to yourself and decide for yourself who is telling the truth. One last thing I will say is the winds of change are about to be thrust upon on us, like it or not, with this national health care issue. It will force people to take responsibility to stop the habits that are killing us: mainly processed foods, adulterated processing oils, sugar and too many of the wrong foods such as sodas, cookies, ding dongs, cakes, breads, rice, potatoes, ice cream, cereal, fruit, candy, fruit juices or anything in a box. This quote comes from Professor Brian Peskin “ In some way, modern food processing HAS to be at the core of the cancer
epidemic. Why? Only foods conventionally farmed and suffering from nutrient-destroying processes are pervasive enough - crossing all national boundaries and socioeconomic classes - to constitute cancer's source, causing its epidemic rise” Get on the right path now before it is too late.

Here are some links I believe to be important in your quest to learn more about prevention, cancer, heart disease etc. I say again you must educate yourself, as you will not learn this from your doctor. If someone in your life had cancer such as a wife, parent, sister, brother, friend and we all know many who have been touched by this disease by all means share this as their thinking will never be the same about this issue again. If you study on these links below you will know 100% more than 95% of doctors on this important subject. You will hear and read about Brian Peskin and all of his research.

Having read a lot of books on cancer,
Brian Peskin’s book The Hidden Story of Cancer has influenced my thinking and wanting to take action more than any other research and book on cancer I have ever read. Brian Peskin is an Electrical Engineer with a degree from MIT and lives in Houston, Texas who turned Cancer Researcher. He connects the dots like no one you ever read. Brian Peskin says he stands on the shoulders of Dr. Otto Warburg and his research. Dr. Otto Warburg should have had more than one Nobel Prize for his discoveries. He was Jewish and was protected by Hitler during those war years in the 1930s and 40s as Hitler’s mother died of cancer and he had a great fear of it. So Hitler let him stay and continue this research. Most scientists hated Dr. Warburg and tried to discredit his research. Only a small percentage of people got cancer before 1910. Dr. Warburg’s discoveries were put on a shelf so to speak until Brian Peskin took his research a further step. Dr. Warburg could not at that time figure out how to get oxygen into the cells as they now do, as this is one of Prof. Peskin’s discoveries. It all has to do with food processing folks and the oils we use to cook, bake, fry, etc. One will know it as Sunflower, Safflower, Canola, etc. in the supermarket. These oils have been ruined by processing as they harm with the oxygen exchange to the cells of the body. In processing of these oils all the oxygen is removed in order to get long shelf life. We are giving ourselves cancer and heart disease and don’t ever know it is happening as you can’t feel it till you start getting symptoms because of these processed oils. Brian Peskin’s research is based on hard science and also much of it is taken directly from medical school textbooks in biochemistry and medical physiology and as he said is “bullet-proof. “Brian comes from outside of the medical profession. His wife is a pharmacist and that is another story of how Brian got started into this research.

Brian Peskin lectures to cancer doctors all over the country and they seek him out for his research and lectures. He has been the keynote or featured speaker at cancer / disease prevention conventions. He recently was invited to speak at the 2010 World Cancer Conference in Singapore. He places science above opinion and does not care if you like him or not and he says, “believe the science, not the person.” You will not be disappointed in what you are about to discover. He is not “politically correct” in what he says and only wants to get to the truth wherever it leads. He wants to help people to be able to learn the truth and apply what you learn so cancer will NOT be in your future! You are about to learn from the links above making it crystal clear what this research is all about. If you have an open mind, you will very quickly see the value of this research and this “bullet-proof” research. h

I have talked to Brian once on the phone as he asked me to call him after I sent him an email. Being a little nervous I don’t remember much he said but I do remember him saying if you do what is recommended you will not have to worry about cancer ever coming back if in remission, being treated for cancer, or just simply wants to prevent it in the first place. Read and make up your own mind about whom has been misleading whom, because as the old saying goes, “The

Truth Will Set You Free.” I challenge anyone unfortunate to have cancer or previously had cancer, to ask their Oncologist or any doctor if they have ever heard of Dr. Otto Warburg from Germany and his research. His answer will reveal volumes…because almost no physician has even heard the name! I want to end saying that we all get an oil change in our autos, why not get an oil change in your body? It is my firm belief that your body will last longer like your car if the proper maintenance is performed.
Here are some links you need: Remember Knowledge Is Power…. h The above is a great presentation and I look at it often
Below is some info about Prof. Brian Peskin and people who have been influenced by this research

Brian Peskin attended the world’s leading engineering institution, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), where he studied highly complex mathematics, engineering and physics, along with probability and statistics. Brian has also studied biochemistry and physiology. Peskin’s various fields of study give him a unique systems perspective when applied to health and nutrition. Electrical engineering is an exact science. There is no room for guesses, assumptions or errors. Brian Peskin’s findings with regards to health have a firm

foundation based on incredibly high scientific standards, which are, unfortunately, often nonexistent in the field of nutritional research. That’s why so many studies keep getting reversed and no one knows what to believe. Applying exacting science and experiment to further our health is the approach Brian uses in his search for the truth. There is no one else in the world who applies this approach to the nutritional field! Brian Peskin has been called by Dr. Robert Nemer, cosmetic physician, “The most insightful quantum nutritionist of our age.”

In formulizing his nutritional recommendations, Brian Peskin often relies on complex systems analysis tools, which emphasize the entire system, not isolated effects or results. Borrowing from his MIT engineering background, this systems analysis allows him to view the issues without the subjective bias that years of conventional medical training often imposes on even the most openminded of doctors and nutritionists. Because a scientist is trained from the beginning to think “inside the box” in their field – rarely do they think outside of that box or compare their “knowledge” to other fields that may cross over. Brian doesn’t constrict himself to these confines. Despite the fact that all of the science Peskin bases his discoveries on is found in the world’s leading medical textbooks and medical journals. Here is one of the many presentations he gives and this is his notes for that presentation.

Brian has been slandered and even ridiculed by those not taking the time to read and understand his science and its associated recommendations. But as Brian, himself, has said all along, it’s not HIS science – he’s simply the messenger. Brian utilizes established proven scientific discoveries already tested by the world’s greatest minds. This science rarely makes it to the popular press, radio, or television. Making others aware of this science is a major part of Brian Peskin’s calling in life!

Since attending Professor Peskin's lecture yesterday…
I am even more dedicated to his dietary recommendations. He explained that cancer is not an invading entity that is trying to kill us — it is, in fact, the body's mechanism to try to keep it alive longer. Yes, you read that correctly. Cancer is a protective mechanism of the body allowing you time to fix the problem IF you understand that problem’s cause – lack of cellular oxygen. Because of pesticides, smoke, processing of foods, our self-administration of fish oils, living with pollution, etc., our cellular oxygenation levels have dropped tremendously in the past 50 years. When the body's oxygenation level drops more than 35% or normal, cells begin to die. If it weren't for cancer’s allowing cells to temporarily live with restricted oxygen, we would all die from this lack of oxygen. The cancer keeps us alive longer because it requires less oxygen BUT there is a large price – lack of cellular intelligence. So there you have it! Prof. Peskin’s seminal discovery — this discovery is his alone —is that in order to oxygenate your tissues, you need to take between 1:1 and 2:1 of parent Omega-6 to parent Omega-3 (with NO derivatives except GLA. These oils must be organically grown and processed. Exercise has only a temporary effect on cell oxygenation, while hyperbaric chambers can keep the cells superoxygenated longer. Therefore, if you're interested in NEVER contracting cancer or STAYING IN REMISSION, please read his book, The Hidden Story of Cancer, and follow a more protein-

based diet, removing all fish oils, and taking the proper ratio of parent omega-6/-3 as he directs from his research. This alone will SAVE YOUR LIFE because it will not only keep cancer at bay, but you will never develop heart disease either. That’s right, there is an amazing additional benefit. The Omega combination keeps the arteries clear of plaque. If anyone has questions, feel free to e-mail me. I'm not trying to sell this guy's book — I'm just trying to spread the word so that people will never contract these awful diseases. I know from personal experience how awful surgeries and chemo can be. This book DOES have the answer, and the world needs to know that the solution is easily at hand and natural.

What Professionals are Saying About And Other Info From Peskin’s Newsletters The Hidden Story of Cancer:
“I think your book “The Hidden Story of Cancer” is the most important book to be written in the last hundred years. I am also trained in the analytical sciences and have read much of the nonsense you so eloquently discredit. There had to be a “connect-the-dots” formula but it was elusive until I started your book. A few pages in, I sat upright and paid attention. Sir, you have connected the dots and should receive your own Nobel Prize for medical investigation. I, and the world at large, owe you a debt that can never be repaid in simple words of thanks.” —Thomas Sommerville Singapore “I had been taking high-dose fish oil for many years in an attempt to prevent C-V disease and retard inflammation. However, I noticed that my fasting blood sugars were always in the high range (100-115) and measurements of oxidative stress also reflected high levels. No one could explain it since my hemoglobin a1c always stayed low. Since switching to the parent EFAs (PEOs), as recommended in The Hidden Story of Cancer, my FBS came down to 84. My lipids also looked better than ever. I think many of our colleagues do not appreciate the dangers of high dose fish oil. Derivative EFAs like fish oil easily oxidize, and although some surrogate markers may improve, the final cost is still unknown. Thanks so very much for your book.” —Ira L Goodman, M.D. Ophthalmic Surgeon (retired), Holistic Medicine “To save your health and your life you must read this book. This information has transformed me, my practice and my patients. I have followed the information on essential fats for the past 25 years, but my patients did not see the results that the researchers reported. The discovery in this book makes sense and finally patients are reporting

improvements. I hope other physicians will become aware of this groundbreaking information.” —Abram Ber, M.D. Homeopathic Physician/ Preventive Medicine “Earth-shattering and historically significant.” —David Sim, M.D. Interventional Cardiologist

What Professionals are Saying ...
“Physicians and their patients around-the-world owe you a big ‘thank you.’ As a family and integrative physician, I carefully read your book and articles paying close attention to your references. I am an enthusiastic supporter of your program. Dr. Atkins’ first book started me on this path and you provide the missing information— the missing links and scientific support—that eluded Dr. Atkins. I am strongly recommending this book to all my patients.” —Angelo A. Della Pietra, M.D., D.O. Family and Integrative Medicine “Brian Peskin has done a marvelous job of elucidating Dr. Otto Warburg’s discovery in easy understandable terms. In all my medical reading pertaining to cancer, this is the first time I have understood the ultimate cause of cancer. A ‘must read’ for doctors.” —Joseph J. Formica, M.D. General Surgery “The Hidden Story of Cancer is superb―it is a superbook.” —Morton Walker, D.P.M. named the World’s Leading Medical Journalist Specializing in Holistic Medicine by the American Cancer Control Society “There is no doubt that The Hidden Story of Cancer has Pulitzer Prize qualities. I read the whole book in one night because I couldn’t put it down.” —Sheldon Zerden Health book author/award-winning author “This information could prove to be one of the most significant health discoveries of the 21st century. It is extraordinary. Finally, an effective and practical program of cancer prevention. Brian Peskin has put together a program that must be called ‘brilliant.’ It is a must … for all.” —Stephen Cavallino, M.D. Emergency Physician, Reggio Emilia, Italy

“...Very well researched with complete list of references. Wording is very simple and easily understood, yet thorough. Everyone should read this book and follow the recommendations.” —F. Hajjar, M.D. Pediatric Cancer Specialist “An amazing insight into EFAs that everyone needs to know.” —Robert Jay Rowen, M.D. Editor-in-chief: Second Opinion Newsletter “This eye-opening book presents the most thoroughly researched nutritional anticancer program that I have ever seen. My patients have also noticed how their energy levels have rapidly skyrocketed by following the book’s simple-to-follow program.” —Clive Fields, M.D. Family Practice “Peskin follows the Nobel Prize-winner Otto Meyerhof (a Warburg protégée) by brilliantly bringing engineering into the fields of physiology and biochemistry. His anticancer discovery is worthy of a Nobel Prize.” —Charles Jannuzi Articulatory Phonology, University of Fukui, Japan “This book is invaluable; a blessing to those who want the scientific facts surrounding cancer along with insight that won’t be found anywhere else. Phenomenal research and top-notch writing.” —Shane Ellison, M.Sc. Drug Chemist and Author: Health Myths Exposed, “I refused to endorse any specific nutritional supplements until reading this book. Peskin’s discovery has completely changed my view on supplement recommendations; especially as it pertains to what the human body demands and requires. Every chiropractor needs to incorporate this discovery.” —Richard Thompson, D.C. Family Practice “We are honored to have Professor Peskin as a member of the faculty. His nutritional discoveries and practical applications through LifeSystems Engineering [Science] are unprecedented.” —Dr. James Douglas, President Texas Southern University (1998-1999) “The most insightful quantum nutritionist of our age brings us the most insightful nutritional cancer discovery of the 21st century! No one else is even close to matching his deep insight and

understanding.” —Robert Nemer, D.O., Cosmetic Laser Physician “This is a must-read for cancer patients and their physicians.... But the important message… is that cancer is a disorder of metabolism, not a genetically produced disease....” —Caduceus Magazine (UK)

What Professionals are Saying ...
“This is one of the most important books you could ever read if you want to understand and prevent cancer. This advice has benefits not just in protection but combating ill effects of radiotherapy and improving cancer remission…. This is a groundbreaking thesis that deserves worldwide recognition.” —Nexus Magazine (International) “I’ve been studying health and nutrition for over 25 years. Your book is knocking my socks off! It is indeed the greatest book on health and nutrition I have ever read. People don’t believe me when I tell them that even something as complicated as cancer—and other degenerative diseases—have such a simple solution. ‘Well, just read Brian Peskin’s book, The Hidden Story of Cancer, and find out for yourself,’ is what I tell them. I can’t put it down, it is that interesting and informative!” —Gary Shimabukuro (Hawaii) “I bought your magnificent book a few weeks ago and I couldn’t stop reading it! It is well written and easy to read. As a scientist in the heart regeneration field in Boston, Massachusetts, I really believe you have done a great job encapsulating, integrating and advancing the huge amount of data in the field of cancer and related topics. It was almost impossible to do, but you did it! —Serge Gregoire, Ph.D. Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard) ”Impeccable research and novel insights of sheer genius. Brian’s accomplishment is singular―no groups, no public money, only elegant science showing how proper use of EFAs is the missing link for practical application of Otto Warburg’s discovery. This knowledge is priceless for your future health.” —Brian N. Vonk, M.D. Board certified: Internist, Cardiologist, and Radiologist “I am a recently graduated naturopath in Australia. I have read some 1,000 textbooks over the years on many health topics—some written a long time ago, some very recently—but NONE come close to being as groundbreaking or informative as your book. I thought

it was brilliant. If I live to be 100 (I am 36), I will never read a more important book. Thank you for using genius in writing a seminal book that will change the course of history.” —Adrian Hallam, N.D. (Australia) Dr. Warburg could not have made the primary cause of cancer more obvious if he kicked in people’s front teeth. Yet the only response he got was a collective” DUHHH... we don’t get it” from the medical community. I hope you have better luck. Your book is a disturbing indictment of the inability, or perhaps more to the point, a conscious and premeditated unwillingness on the part of the scientific and professional community to pursue scientific fact. To paraphrase another philosopher, Thoreau: “For every scientist and medical professional hacking at the roots of cancer, there are tens of thousands hacking at the branches or even studying the leaves of the tree.” You have the cancer issue “by the throat” while others are clueless. Thank you for this superb development. I can see why Dr. Vonk said of your work: “Impeccable research and novel insights of sheer genius. Brian’s accomplishment is singular — no groups, no public money, only elegant science showing how proper use of EFAs is the missing link for practical application of Otto Warburg’s discovery. This knowledge is priceless for your future health.” Brian N. Vonk, MD Board certified: Internist, Cardiologist, Radiologist

Results of Peskin Protocol PEO Blend in Reducing Both Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure
“I measure my blood pressure within 15 minutes of getting out of bed each morning. I have normal to excellent blood pressure in the range of 128 over 86. The reading used to go up and down within a range of approximately 126 to 136, but rarely above this. Since I started on your PEO recommendation, I noticed my BP slowly dropping into the range of 122 over 81. In addition, it remained almost constant in this range, with a few departures down to 107 over 79. I have not recorded [excellent] BP like this since I was in my twenties. “I decided to try an experiment, and stopped taking the PEOs, but continued with minerals and my other regimen of 2000 mg Vitamin C per day. Within one week of not using the PEOs, my BP went up again to its old level and again showed some departures, mostly upwards. Back to the PEOs and within one week, the BP came back down to the new range. I repeated this four times over the last three months, always with the same result. Knowing the metabolic significance, I was not surprised at the result, but I was surprised at how large the difference was between on and off the EFAs — very interesting to me.”

Tom Sommerfield, Singapore

[Note: This is an exceptional yet fully expected result based on vascular tissue physiology and the powerful biochemical action of the PEO recommendation.]

(2009): Nearly a Century Later, New Findings Support Warburg Theory of Cancer1 (Note: Appropriately, this work was supported by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute on Aging.) The decisive experiment we report on below details and confirms specific changes in the mitochondria (cellular energy producers) that reduce or destroy their oxygen-dependent energy producing capability. This is the effect which Dr. Warburg discovered always occurs in cancer. These researchers, being unfamiliar with my work detailing the cancer/PEO connection, are unable to connect the dots and see how adulteration of parent omega-6 oils incorporated into the cells results in this destruction of energy-producing capability. Regardless of that, their experiment constitutes as complete a confirmation of the theoretical PEO/cancer connection as the placing of atomic clocks on board supersonic jet planes served as verification of Einstein’s special relativity time dilation theory. Here’s what the Boston College and Washington University School of Medicine researchers had to sayi: • “Seventy-eight years after Warburg received science’s highest honor [the Nobel Prize in 1931], researchers from Boston College and Washington University School of Medicine [St. Louis] report new [additional] evidence in support of the original Warburg Theory of Cancer. • “Warburg argued, cancer should be interpreted as a type of mitochondrial [energy production] disease. • “Boston College biologists and colleagues at Washington University School of Medicine found new evidence to support Warburg’s theory by examining mitochondrial lipids in a diverse group of mouse brain tumors, specifically a complex lipid known as cardiolipin (CL). Major abnormalities in cardiolipin content or composition were present in all types of tumors and closely associated with significant reductions in energy-generating activities. The findings were consistent with the pivotal role of cardiolipin in maintaining the structural integrity of a cell’s inner mitochondrial membrane, responsible for energy production. The results suggest that cardiolipin abnormalities ‘can underlie the irreversible respiratory injury in tumors and link mitochondrial lipid defects to the Warburg theory of cancer,’ according to the co-authors.

• “Major abnormalities in CL content or composition were found in all tumors. • “The tumor CL abnormalities were also associated with significant reductions in both individual and linked electron transport chain activities. • “The activities of the respiratory enzyme complexes are also dependent on the CL molecular composition… • “Our results suggest that abnormal CL can underlie the irreversible respiratory injury in tumors, and they link mitochondrial lipid defects to the Warburg theory of cancer. • “[W]e consider it highly unlikely that the CL abnormalities expressed in the various mouse brain tumors, or in any tumor for that matter, are reversible. [I]t seems unlikely that CL molecular speciation could be restored in any cancer cell. • “Hence, our findings in mouse brain tumors provide evidence linking abnormal CL to irreversible respiratory injury.” [Emphasis added]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
Unfortunately, these researchers are not familiar with the significant PEO discoveries discussed in this book or they would have made the connection and discussed it. Regardless of that deficiency, we now have concrete recent confirmation of Dr. Warburg’s seminal work and will make tremendous use of their excellent work. Warburg’s discoveries, like the science he so eloquently deciphered, is not subject to change. That’s why he was correct then and is still correct now. One of Dr. Warburg’s pivotal cancer discoveries was that the mitochondrion’s energy mechanism, as you have already discovered, is irreversibly impacted. What is cardiolipin (CL)? It is a fat-based complex phospholipid found in all mitochondrial membranes, almost exclusively in the inner membrane, and it is intimately involved in maintaining mitochondrial functionality and membrane integrity. It is used for ATP synthesis, and consists roughly of 20% lipids.ii Abnormalities in CL can impair mitochondrial function and biogenics. CL serves as an insulator and stabilizes the activity of protein complexes important to the electron transport chain. It also “glues” these protein complexes together.iii Cardiolipin is a “double” phospholipid, because it has four fatty acid tails, instead of the usual two. While most lipids are linked together in the endoplasmic reticulum, cardiolipin is synthesized in the mitochondria themselves, on the matrix side of the inner mitochondrial membrane. In mammals, the main substrate in CL is parent omega-6 with virtually no parent omega-3 or its derivatives.iv Once again, we see the key role that parent essential fatty acids (PEOs) — in particular, parent (unadulterated) omega-6 — the opposite of what most “experts” stress — play in cancer prevention.

A few key points to remember:

1. All tumors had this CL defect, not just some of them. 2. These defects are irreversible, meaning you must kill the cancer cell because it can never become normal again. Therefore, cancer PREVENTION is the key. 3. The researchers consider that no cancer tumors, not just cancer tumors in their experiments, are reversible. [Note: One would think that once the PEO deficiency is solved then the CL structure would be proper again and all would be right.] There is truth here because recalling the cancer experiment published in this book with the 2 million implanted cancer cells in the mice. The PEO pre-treated mice had significantly slower tumor growth. However, I always stress PREVENTION with PEOs guaranteeing high cellular oxygenation. If you have cancer and undergo surgery, radiation or chemotherapy to destroy / remove it, then the best means of protecting against recurrence thereafter is to ensure proper PEO structure, guaranteeing proper CL structure.

: American Heart Association Champions Omega-6 PUFAs to Counter Popular Nutrition Advice.
There is important groundbreaking information that all cardiologists need to know v: A great deal of discussion in the world of nutrition has given omega-6 fatty acids a bad reputation, which, according to the American Heart Association is unfounded. The debate came about because one of the components of omega-6 fatty acids, called arachidonic acid, is a “building block” for some inflammation-related molecules. This had led to concern that omega-6 consumption would lead to a greater risk of heart disease. “That reflects a rather naive understanding of the biochemistry,’ says William S. Harris, Director of the Metabolism and Nutrition Research Center of the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine and the nutritionist who led the science advisory committee that issued the report in Circulation. ‘Omega6 fatty acids give rise to both pro-inflammatory compounds and antiinflammatory compounds. To say that they are bad because they produce proinflammatory compounds ignores the fact that they give rise to anti-inflammatory compounds as well,’ he explains. “‘There has been a lot of talk about this concern,’ says Dr. Robert H. Eckel, a professor of medicine at the University of Colorado and a past president of the American Heart Association. ‘I’m glad that the American Heart Association went ahead and looked into the evidence of such a harmful effect, and it just isn’t there. This will comfort everyone who likes vegetable oil as part of a healthy diet.’ Reference for the above

“According to Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian (Harvard University, Boston, MA) one of the advisory writing group members, the AHA (American Heart Association) has zeroed in on omega-6s to counter nutritional advice from other sources that has deemphasized the role for plant-based PUFAs. “‘[O]mega-6 PUFAs also have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that counteract any proinflammatory activity,’ say the advisory authors. ‘It’s incorrect to view the omega-6 fatty acids as “proinflammatory.” Eating less linoleic acid will not lower tissue levels of arachidonic acid because the body tightly regulates the synthesis of [arachidonic acid] from [linoleic acid]…’ states lead author for the writing group, Dr. William S Harris.” Dr. Harris continues: “‘[W]e’re telling people not to stop eating their omega-6.’ “Advice to reduce omega-6 PUFA intakes is typically framed as a call to lower the ratio of dietary omega-6 to omega-3 PUFAs. Although increasing omega-3 PUFA tissue levels does reduce the risk for CHD, (medical journal article references 77 and 78) it does not follow that decreasing omega-6 levels will do the same. Indeed, the evidence considered here suggests that it would have the opposite effect. Higher omega-6 PUFA intakes can inhibit the conversion of alpha-linolenic acid to eicosapentaenoic acid, (79) but such conversion is already quite low, (80) and whether additional small changes would have net effects on CHD risk after the other benefits of LA consumption are taken into account is not clear. “To reduce omega-6 PUFA intakes from their current levels would be more likely to increase than to decrease risk for CHD.” [Emphasis added]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
The first quote above, “reflects a rather naive understanding of the biochemistry” says it all. You have already discovered that omega-6 is the substrate for PGE1, the body’s most potent antiinflammatory. Unfortunately, today’s physicians, nutritionists, and athletic trainers simply and naively “parrot” what they read. Yet, nowhere to be found in any of these articles is there a discussion about the adulterated, nonfunctional, non-oxygenating, destroyed omega-6 PEOs caused by food processing requirements, which stop oxygen transfer. That is the FUNDAMENTAL issue that was completely overlooked. Regardless, this is an amazing, long overdue revelation for the American Heart Association. For the cardiologists of the American Heart Association, this new line of reasoning is truly revolutionary. There is more insight this article offers to health professionals. Although many physicians mistakenly think that parent-to-derivative conversions are very high, these researchers understand that the parent-to-derivative omega-3 conversions are ALWAYS very low (likewise with the omega-6 series conversions, too). As you have already discovered, the conversion rate is

a mere 1% - 5% with at least 95% of the parent PEOs of both omega-3 and omega-6 series STAYING in PARENT form.

Why Today’s Medical “Breakthroughs” Often Become Tomorrow’s Discredited Science
Discover Magazine published an exceptional article regarding a Yale School of Medicine emergency physician’s horrendous experience with giving a stroke patient a drug meant to save his life — which instead killed him. Marketing hype is misleading both physicians and their patients. Here is the information from this article that you need to knowvii: • “Drug manufacturers are spending more to promote their products while being subject to tighter regulation and greater pressure for financial returns.viii • “John P.A. Ioannidis, an epidemiologist at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, analyzing published clinical (drug) studies between 1990 and 2000, found that “key claims of nearly one-third (14 out of 49) of the original research studies he examined were either false or exaggerated. • “A 2006 analysis published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that 90 percent of manufacture-sponsored studies of antipsychotic drugs led to claims that the study drug was as good as, or superior to, every other drug in its class. [Note: If they didn’t say this then no one would use their new drug — why would they?] • “Marcia Angell [MD], the former editor-in-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), says that most doctors are ill equipped to critically access the conclusions of researchers.” [Note: physicians typically don’t have backgrounds in statistical analysis, nor do they have time for these analyses — they should not have to! They rely (and should be able to rely) on drug companies not to mislead them. Tragically, this is often a big mistake.] Dr. Angell goes on to say… • “Let me tell you the dirty secret of medical journals: It is very hard to find enough articles to publish. With a rejection rate of 90% for original research, we were hard pressed to find 10% that were worth publishing. So you end up publishing weak studies because there is so much bad work out there. Doctors, Angell says, are not skeptical enough about what they read in top journals. They should say, ‘I don’t believe this; prove it to me.’ • “One way to make drugs look better or safer is to report only successful studies while ignoring those with bad results. [Note: This routinely happens in the medical journals and so physicians are misled.]

• John Abramson [MD], a clinical instructor at Harvard Medical School and author of “Overdosed in America: The Broken Promise of American Medicine” states “You can lower cholesterol levels with a drug, yet provide no health benefits whatsoever.” • “‘…Dying [from heart attack] with corrected cholesterol is not a successful outcome’…” [Emphasis added]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
Is it any wonder physicians either don’t believe much of what they read in the medical journals or are misled by them? No, it isn’t. You can see from the above that drug manufacturers have been forced to become superb marketers — likely the best marketers in the world. Because so many drugs have horrific side effects and so few drugs can be brought to the marketplace at all, the pharmaceutical companies are forced to make these few drugs “blockbusters” with little regard to each drug’s actual performance. The perfect example of this masterful marketing is the use of statins.

The Importance of Parent Omega-3 is Stressed in the article, “Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Risk of Nonfatal Acute Myocardial Infarction”ix
In a study of heart disease in Costa Rica some important discoveries confirm the science of parent omega oils you have already discovered in this book: “Greater alpha-linolenic acid [parent omega-3] assessed either in adipose or by questionnaire was associated with lower risk of myocardial infarction [heart attack]. [Note: Finally, researchers are noting the importance of the “parent” EFAs.]x “Similarly, low intakes of alpha-linolenic acid can be found in developing countries where cardiovascular disease is on the rise. [Note: there is no mention of the importance of unadulterated parent omega-6.] “Fish intake was similar in cases and controls, and the variation within each group was large… Fish or eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA] and docosahexaenoic acid [DHA] intake at the levels found in this population did not modify the observed association. [I want to make this very clear: The level of fish consumption didn’t matter. Given all of fish oils supposed miraculous claims, didn’t these researchers wonder why? However, the researchers understand that the parent omega-3 did something the derivatives didn’t do.] “Alpha-Linolenic acid in adipose tissue ranged from 0.36% in the lowest decile to 1.04% in the highest decile. [Note: parent omega-6 is approx. 15-35 times more predominant in body fat (triglycerides) and even in plasma triglycerides parent

omega-6 is approx. 17 times more predominant, too.8 Researchers should question why this is so.] The article continues… “Conclusions — Consumption of vegetable oils rich in alpha-linolenic acid [parent omega-3] could confer important cardiovascular protection. The apparent protective effect of alpha-linolenic acid is most evident among subjects with low intakes.xi “The potential anti-inflammatory effects of alpha-linolenic acid could be mediated in part through its conversion to EPA and DHA by the action of desaturase and enlongase enzymes. However, the finding that this conversion is generally low (<8%) and the observation of poor correlations between dietary alpha-linolenic acid and long-chain fatty acids in adipose tissue, plasma, or erythrocytes in this study suggest that alpha-linolenic acid could exert direct protective anti-inflammatory effects. [Note: The researchers are aware of the fact and admit that there is little derivative conversion. Therefore, doesn’t it occur to them that fish oil supplements give pharmacological overloads and that they should be warning America? The researchers are also misleading Americans.] “In summary, consumption of vegetable oils rich in alphalinolenic acid [parent omega-3] could confer important cardiovascular protection.” [Note: The researchers understand that parent omega-3 is important.] [Emphasis added]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
I’d expect much, much more from Harvard. In this Heart Journal article, these Harvard School of Public Health researchers show their woefully childlike knowledge of the physiology and biochemistry of EFAs and PEOs. No wonder these researchers continue to make so little progress. The researchers make the claim that because fish is becoming scarce and “the important omega-3 derivatives” (which you already discovered aren’t fundamental) will be lacking, that parent omega-3 can take some of its place. This is a completely backward and incorrect analysis. However, the case for parent omega-3 is becoming clear to these researchers. Tragically, they don’t at all mention the vast importance of parent omega-6.

Stop Heart Attacks and Cardiovascular Disease with Aspirin? No, No, No! PEOs are the Solution
Although aspirin is often claimed to be an anti-heart attack solution for all, this is factually incorrect. Please don’t fall victim to this fallacy. The following Pharmacist’s Letter article appeared in the August 8, 2008 edition on page 46: • “People are asking whether they should take TWO aspirin daily. This started with Dr. Oz, best-selling author and Oprah guest. He’s telling men and women over 40 to take 162 mg of aspirin a day… to prevent heart disease and cancer and slow aging. He says some people might be resistant to 81 mg/day [1 baby aspirin]…”

The editors of this pharmacy newsletter then immediate state the following response to pharmacists:
• “There’s NO proof that the higher dose is better. • “[G]iving aspirin to 2000 women age 55 to 64 for 10 years will prevent one [1] cardiovascular event… but one [1] in 200 women will be harmed by bleeding. Translation: The physician recommendation is insane — completely worthless in preventing disease while causing great harm instead. • “And there’s not enough evidence that LOW-dose aspirin prevents cancer…or that any dose slows aging. Don’t recommend aspirin to most healthy men under age 50 or women under age 65.” [Emphasis added]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
The pharmacists get it right much more frequently than “America’s Doctor”! His worthless yet harmful recommendation can cause horrific harm and gives many fine physicians who know better a bad rap! Because heart disease is such an important topic, here is the science that you need to know. Much of it comes from the medical textbook, Prostaglandins in the Cardiovascular System.xii This superb textbook contains the proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Prostaglandins in the Cardiovascular System, held in Vienna, Austria. It offers state-of-the-art science that many physicians and researchers aren’t aware of even today. I refer you, in particular, to pages 273-281. I published most of the following information in my book, Peak Performance: Radiant Health ― Moving Beyond the Zone, in 2001 (out of print). • At the conference it was suggested that “A combination of omega-3 and omega6 is best [to prevent atherosclerosis].” • “Antiplatelet and anticoagulant drugs are currently used as the standard treatment to prevent and treat thrombosis [bloods clots]. While this approach is beneficial, it is NOT optimal.xiii Buchanan, et al. state that constituents such as prostaglandin PGI2 [prostacyclin], tissue plasminogen activator, thrombomodulin, and the Lipoxygenase fatty acid metabolites derived from Linoleic acid [parent omega-6] 13-HODE directly affect the vessel wall. Normally platelets circulate as discoid-shaped inert cell bodies, which do not interact either with other blood cells or the vessel wall. • “Aspirin prevents the metabolism of arachadonic acid into thromboxane A2 (TxA2). As a result, platelet function is impaired. It is well documented that inhibition of platelet function by any ‘antiplatelet’ agent renders the platelets‘ haemostatically defective,’ thereby increasing the risk of bleeding side effects. “xiv

It gets even worse, as evidenced by the next statement:

• Once you have arterial blockage, most prescribed anticlotting (antiplatelet) drugs don’t help, as evidenced in peripheral (involving legs and arms) vascular disease.xv “Little attention is given to the importance of this metabolite when developing ‘antiplatelet’ drugs for antithrombotic activity. • “In fact, low-dose aspirin, which enhances platelet adhesivity, increases thrombosis (clotting) when platelet adhesion dominates as the response to injury.xvi • “…[W]hen platelets are exposed to low dose aspirin [you can imagine the effect with high dose aspirin] and their ability to aggregate to a collagen stimulus is impaired, they had an increased ability to adhere to a collagen coated surface. These results suggest that low dose aspirin will enhance thrombosis [a bad outcome] in some clinical settings in which platelet adhesion per se, dominates as the platelet response to injury. This, in fact, has been confirmed experimentally.

“Low dose aspirin which enhances platelet adhesivity… increases thrombus formation [clotting] in vivo [inside the body].”
[Note: This is an awful effect in the bloodstream and vascular system because collagen and protein are combined with the lipids, allowing this very condition. • “Thus a battery of evidence supports the concept that adhesion molecule expression necessary for cell adhesion, be it the endothelia cells [lining of the arteries], platelets or other circulating blood cells, can be manipulated by altering the fatty acid [parent omega-6 and their derivatives] milieu, in particular by altering the relative amounts of lipoxygenase products derived from linoleic [parent omega-6] and arachidonic acids [parent omega-6 derivative]. [Note: In this experiment, the researchers found the vessel subwall not to be thrombotic — contradicting other studies suggesting that wall was highly thrombotic (clotted). In PEO deficient people, we should expect problems.] There is much more to discover in this medical textbook, but you now have plenty of science — in fact, significantly more science than most physicians will remember, if they ever learned it, to conclude that unadulterated parent omega-6 is the key to staying heart-healthy.

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
Once again, we see the key is plenty of unadulterated parent omega-6. With a combination of both biochemistry and physiology we can address all three phases of heart disease: improper plasma platelet or other blood cell adhesion, aggregation, and problems in the vessel wall, itself. Platelet adhesion can be altered independently of platelet aggregation. If you have arterial blockage because of inflammation, aspirin MAKES IT WORSE! Also note that Reye’s syndrome is a potentially fatal disease that causes numerous detrimental effects to many organs, especially the brain and liver. It is associated with aspirin consumption by children who have viral diseases such as chickenpox. You need to know that the platelets and blood cells remains

defective until they are replaced by new ones — platelets last about 10 days and red blood cells have at least a 90-day lifespan. Do you want an important nonfunctional substance in your body for a month? No, not at all. Wouldn’t it be delightful if a highly publicized medical “authority” ever got it really right based on science, not opinion? Instead of causing great harm with their supposed “solution,” maybe if less time was spent on Oprah and more time studying the science that was already known some 15 years earlier, America and now the rest of the world would be much, much healthier. The anti-heart disease solution is now known and it has nothing to do with aspirin or anticoagulant drugs; PEOs in the ratios this book details are the answer.

The Cancer-Low Cholesterol Connection: Lower Cholesterol = Increased Gastric Cancer Risk!xvii
• “Low serum cholesterol levels are an independent risk factor for developing gastric cancer. • The impact of low serum cholesterol on risk of gastric cancer remained significant even after adjustment for Helicobacter pylori infection status, smoking habits, and dietary factors, according to the researchers.”

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
Again, we see the horrific cancer-causing effects of low-cholesterol recommendations.

The Amazing Link Between Cancer and Heart Disease — More You Need to Know …
If you have wondered why cancer and heart disease are always America’s most prominent causes of death, this fact can easily be explained with the science we have discovered. What is the connection between these two killers? There are two common causes: Lack of oxygen and lack of unadulterated parent omega-6. Because cancer researchers don’t focus on solving either of these conditions, if you contract cancer and don’t solve the cellular oxygen deficiency, then either the cancer will return or, before the cancer returns, you will likely suffer from heart disease. Here is just one mechanism, proven in human research (see reference below) that was published in the previous book referenced, Prostaglandins in the Cardiovascular System:xviii • “Do all these physiological and pharmacological activities of PGs [prostaglandins] result in an actual antithrombotic effect? Apparently they do. Indeed, not only do they limit thrombosis formation in different animal models of vascular injury (Witt & Müller, 1987) but they are also able to reduce the size of the thrombosis once formed (Witt & Baldus, 1988) … Indeed, PGs can actually protect microvascular flow regulating systems: by dilating arterioles and venules, increasing capillary perfusion (Müller, et al.,1987), limiting vascular permeability to macromolecules (Erlansson, et al., 1991; Müller, et al.,1987) and, therefore,

tissue edema and even necrosis (Müller & Schmidtke, 1990) following the reduction of blood supply.”xix • “Eicosanoids and cytokines play a role in regulating vascular cholesterol homeostasis and have a profound effect on cholesterol delivery and trafficking within the vessel wall. It also appears that the eicosanoid pathway is linked to the cytokine network regarding the modulation of vessel wall lipolytic activities.xx • “Figure 1 illustrates the effect of hypoxia on membrane potential… • “Thus it may be concluded that in arteriosclerotic blood vessels PGI2 synthesis and release are predominately diminished.”xxi • “When platelets are aggregated … polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) are liberated from membrane phospholipids and metabolized via cyclooxygenase and/or lipoxygenase.xxii • “Our data and those reported previously for reperfused ischemic hearts of the rabbit (Schrör et al., 1982) and cat (Thiemermann et al., 1984) clearly suggest enhanced PGI2 generation as an important tissue protective factor.xxiii [Emphasis added]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
We first see that it was known that prostaglandins are capable of limiting thrombosis (clogged arteries) back in 1987 and that prostaglandins can reverse thrombosis back in 1988. You have already discovered that PGE1, a parent omega-6 derivative, is the body’s most powerful natural anti-inflammatory which also reduces fibrin deposition — decreasing the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis — and that PGI2, a parent omega-6 derivative, is the body’s “natural blood thinner.” Next, we discover the grave damage that hypoxia causes in promoting cardiovascular disease. When human experiments with blood vessels are made hypoxic by decreasing the cellular oxygen, PGI2 (prostacyclin) decreases significantly. You will recall that prostacyclin is the most potent anti-aggretory (“helps blood thinning”) agent known and inhibitor of platelet adhesion, too! Prostacyclin acts as a protective to the heart. Irritation and inflammation zap your important cellular oxygen supply. The significant amount of unadulterated parent omega-6 stored in the phospholipids of your body’s 100 trillion cells comes to the rescue — being utilized as substrates in both the cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase pathways. Decrease these substances and you become a heart attack in the making. Solve cancer and you automatically stop heart disease; solve heart disease and you automatically stop cancer.

Case Closed, Closed, Closed… IT is NOT Genetic
The Special Edition of Scientific American (Vol. 18, No. 3, August/September 2008) devoted the entire issue to cancer. Many of the articles repeated the previous nonsense we hear time and time again that leads nowhere. However, the article “Untangling the Roots of Cancer,” by W. Wayt Gibbs, was excellent in presenting the truth, starting with the failure of the “oncogene theory.”

• “But the oncogene/tumor suppressor gene hypothesis has also failed, despite three decades of effort, to identify a particular set of gene mutations that occurs in every instance of any of the most common and deadly kinds of human cancer.” The article then details how geneticist Lawrence A. Loeb led cancer researchers astray with the silly notion that your cells are capable of having 10,000-100,000 mutations each. • “For many years, he suggested that ‘early during the genesis of cancer there are enormous numbers of random mutations — 10,000-100,000 per cell,’ but he had little evidence to support the idea.“ [Emphasis added] In 2006, researchers actually measured the number of mutations and it was a mere “65-475 mutations per 100 million nucleotides.” [Note: This is .000475% – .000065% — next to nothing.]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
The number of misleading researchers in the medical sciences never ceases to amaze me, nor how they completely throw all the researchers off track. This type of behavior simply doesn’t occur in sciences like physics or engineering, where scientific standards are much higher. Witness the contrast in results — amazing advances in technology every few years. Contrast this with thirty (30) wasted years of cancer researchers looking in completely the wrong “geneticbased” direction for cancer’s source and cure. Are we doomed to another 30 wasted years before researchers get it right and discover Dr. Warburg?

M.I.T. Reports How Genetics Fails Again and Again!xxiv
Again, the human genome mapping is shown to be next to worthless in its applications. When will they stop misleading you with misplaced hope? Here’s what you need to know: “There is very little reason to be encouraged that prevention strategies can be revolutionized with what we’ve discovered so far [on the genetic basis of common diseases].” David Goldstein, Director, Center for Population Genomics and Pharmacogenetics Duke University, Durham, N.C. • “[T]he actual impact on medicine, however, is far less certain and may be much less positive. • “…The assumption was that a limited number of common genetic variants would turn out to underlie a particular disease, and physicians would be able to prescribe drugs according to which variants their patient carried. But the latest data suggest that even the most common heritable illnesses, such as diabetes and heart disease, are linked to many different variants, each of them relatively rare. If that’s true, then practicing personalized medicine could become very complicated

— and very expensive. ‘It would not be good to have a $5,000 genome and $500,000 analysis,’ says Francis Collins, the former director of the National Human Genome Research Institute and a leader of the Human Genome Project. • “Single gene disorders, however, make up a very small percentage of human diseases. For most diseases, it’s much harder to pinpoint the genetic culprits. “…But finding these variations has not led to the breakthrough that some scientists had hoped for in understanding the genetic basis of common diseases. That’s because they turn out to account for only a small fraction of the genetic risk for many illnesses. • “‘There is very little reason to be encouraged that prevention strategies can be revolutionized with what we’ve discovered so far [on the genetic basis of common diseases],’ says David Goldstein, director of the Center for Population Genomics and Pharmacogenetics at Duke University, Durham, NC. • “Even Watson [co-discoverer of DNA structure], who has spent his career trying to understand DNA, seems less than impressed to see the results of his genome presented [at recent Cold Springs Harbor conference]. ‘We’ll see if any of it adds five minutes to my life span.’ • “But the greatest challenge in the next phase of the human genome is likely to be interpreting the meaning of the seemingly endless array of variations that will be uncovered. [I]t’s often impossible to tell which class a variation falls into just by looking at it. • “The complexities of the new genome information may also be an obstacle to the personalized medicine that gene sequencing was supposed to usher in. But genetic tests that detect newly discovered variations wont be very useful until scientists can figure out what those variations mean. • “Some scientists think that the real value of genomics may not lie in personalized medicine at all. • “[T]he easier it gets to sequence a genome, the harder it becomes to make sense of the complexity the sequences reveal. As Collins puts it, ‘The Human Genome Project was perhaps a simple undertaking compared to what we face next.’” [Emphasis added]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
Once again the cancer researchers are “successful in failure;” a real tragedy. After decades of wasted time and enormous funds spent on the “genomic answer,” the researchers are forced to make excuses for their utter lack of progress. Now they say to forget the “hope for the future” they gave us all decades ago at the beginning of the Human Genome Project. Even the codiscoverer of DNA’s structure is cynical and with good reason.

The researchers have little idea of how to interpret their genome findings and are forced to admit they are stymied and that the hoped for era of personalized medicine won’t be here for a very long time. Even though it has become faster and less expensive to map genes, no one is any closer to understanding how they work than they were decades ago. As you have already discovered, the answer is not in the genes but in the cell ― in particular, the bi-lipid cell membrane, as evolutionary biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton understands and describes so well in his superb audio CD course, “The Wisdom of Your Cells.” As you have already discovered, epigenetics — not genetics — is the future to cancer prevention and its eradication. The genes are structured but rely on raw materials based on the environment. Think of it as a perfect automobile engine. If the fuel is wrong in any manner the engine simply won’t run right. It really is that simple.

CONFIRMED — EFA Derivatives Made “As Needed”
I thank Soram Khalsa, MD, an extraordinary board-certified internist utilizing complementary medicine for sending me this article showing how PEOs do indeed allow creation of plenty of EFA derivatives in the body, exactly like this book has stated. “Flaxseed oil and fish-oil capsule consumption alters human red blood cell n–3 fatty acid composition: a multiple-dosing trial comparing 2 sources of n–3 fatty acid,” American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Vol. 88, No. 3, 801-809, September 2008, reports the following: “Background: An increase in plasma n–3 fatty acid content, particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (20:5n–3; EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (22:6n–3; DHA), is observed after consumption of fish oil–enriched supplements. Because linolenic acid (18:3n–3; ALA) [parent omega-3] is the direct precursor of EPA and DHA, ALA-enriched supplements such as flax may have a similar effect, although this hypothesis has been challenged because of reported low conversion of ALA into DHA. “Conclusions: The consumption of ALA-enriched supplements for 12 wk was sufficient to elevate erythrocyte EPA and docosapentaeoic acid content, which shows the effectiveness of ALA conversion and accretion into erythrocytes. The amounts of ALA required to obtain these effects are amounts that are easily achieved in the general population by dietary modification. [Emphasis added] Is there more confirmation of the fact that PEO derivative amounts in the body converted from ALA and LA are normally extremely low? YES. The medical journal Lipids Research published, “Long-chain conversion of linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid in response to marked changes

in their dietary intake in men,”xxv with the very same type of result back in 2005, if anyone would care to look: “Although an increased intake of dietary ALA might be expected to upregulate ALA conversion, this has . . . not been found…” “Overall conversion rates of LA and ALA, calculated from peak [13C] LCP concentrations adjusted for dietary influences on pool sizes of LA and ALA, were low and of similar magnitude overall for AA and EPA (0.18% and 0.26%; Table 2). LA—DGLA and AA formation was significantly lower on the FXO diet in each case, with ALA—EPA and DPA formation on average higher on the FXO diet, although the differences were not significant. Conversion of tracers to DHA was much less. [Note: We see PEO conversion rates of less than a mere 1%. The same less than 1% conversion rates held for DGLA, DHA, and DPA.] “Few studies have attempted more than relatively crude estimates of isotope transfer from tracer into the various trace pools, and it is recognized that AUC values will overestimate true conversion rates and provide only approximate relative rates of transfer.” [Note: This is why so many health professionals have been misled into thinking the PEO-to-derivative conversion rates are much higher than they actually are.] [Emphasis added] There were other published warnings about the overestimate of parent-to-derivative amounts. The article, “Comparison of bolus versus fractionated oral applications of [13C]-linoleic acid in humans,” European Journal of Clinical Investigation, Volume 29 Issue 7, Pages 603 - 609, had this to say regarding over-estimations of derivatives: “Conclusions: Using areas under the curve [the simple, standard method of analysis] overestimates the conversion, because different residence times are not considered.” [Emphasis added]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
There you have it. The conversion from “parents” into “derivatives” has been overestimated by most researchers; yet occurs naturally. Pharmacological overloads of derivatives, particularly from fish oil (or evening primrose oil alone and borage oil alone), are not required and can be extremely harmful.

Carbohydrates Known in 1977 to Lower Immune Systemxxvi
That’s right. Carbohydrates suppress the activity of your immune system. Analyzing blood drawn from subjects, white cell activity was measured before and after various doses of carbohydrates (sugar): (6, 12, 18, and 24 teaspoons worth of sugar consumed) Remember, the average American consumes at least 70 – 100 teaspoons of sugar equivalents (carbohydrates) a day, often consuming over 20 teaspoons of sugar at

a single meal. DECREASED white blood cell activity was directly correlated with carbohydrate consumption. The group consuming the 24 teaspoons had virtually complete immobilization of white blood cells within an hour after eating. The immunosupression occurred for up to 2 hours with adverse effects of blood cell activity continued for up to 5 hours.

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary
Following the popular nutritional advice to eat 5-6 times a day with a carbohydrate-based diet can cause immense destruction to your immune system.

DON’T Believe “The Studies”
At lectures and conferences, I constantly irritate many academics at university medical schools when they point to “studies” saying this or that and I tell them the vast majority of studies are not worth the paper they are printed on! It is not a case of “100 studies say this versus 2 studies that say the opposite” — the 100 studies consensus wins. All that counts is the truth and the only way to get there is through an experiment where only one variable changes between the two groups — the item of interest. Finally others are confirming how awful the studies are. The section titled “Why Today’s Medical ‘Breakthroughs’ Often Become Tomorrow’s Discredited Science” details the deplorable state of affairs in medical research publications. Here is confirmation from Dr. Marcia Angell [MD], the former editorin-chief of The New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), the leading medical journal in the United States of America: Dr. Walter Willet, MD, Dr PH, from the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, Massachusetts, in an exclusive interview with Medscape Oncology (April 22, 2009) detailing news from the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) 100th Annual Meeting, presented an overview entitled “Diet, Nutrition, and Cancer: The Search for Truth.” In his presentation, he reviewed many of the associations that have been suggested by epidemiologic studies. These include consumption of red meat, meat cooked at a high temperature, a high-fat diet, and alcohol all increasing the risk, and fruit and vegetables decreasing the riskxxvii: · “However, much of the evidence for these links is rather weak,” he said… · Regarding “Barbecuing and Other High-Temperature Cooking of Meats,” he stated, “If there was a strong association, we would have seen it by now.” [Note: You have already read the Japanese studies that clearly dispelled the red meat/cancer connection. Any negative effect is from what is added to the meat, i.e., hormones, preservatives, antibiotics, etc.] · “Even the case for eating more fruit and vegetables, a message widely promulgated by many authorities, including the World Cancer Research Fund, is fairly weak when it comes to cancer.” [Note: Of course, there is no link because they have nothing to do with increasing cellular oxygen levels.]

◗ Life-Systems Engineering Science Commentary

If a study’s conclusions don’t offer a metabolic pathway with firm physiologic and biochemical reasons why a certain result should occur, then don’t believe a word of it. Everything you have discovered in The Hidden Story of Cancer is based on the world’s leading medical biochemistry and physiology. You can take this science “to the bank” — no further “studies” are required.

No. 1 Cancer in Men Dependent on Prostate Oxygen Levelxxviii
• “Hypoxia, or reduced oxygen levels, in prostate tumors significantly predicts a poor long-term biochemical outcome, regardless of other prognostic factors. • “…new hypoxic strategies should be investigated….

Science Shows That EFAs Transport Oxygen And Enable Its Use in Mitochondria
The following quotes from medical textbooks and articles make clear the critical role EFAs play in ensuring maximum oxygen transfer: “Gases such as oxygen, CO2 and nitrogen — small molecules with little interaction with solvents — readily diffuse through the hydrophobic [oil] regions of the membrane.”xxix “Essential fatty acids [EFAs] are found in the structural lipids of the cell … and are concerned with the structural integrity of the mitochondrial membrane [respiratory-based energy producing].”xxx We see the use of membrane lipids again from Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, pg. 93, which states “Functionally and structurally, the components of the respiratory chain are present in the inner mitochondrial membrane as four proteinlipid respiratory chain complexes…” EFAs are integral to the structure and function of cellular respiration. Lack of EFAs are shown to impede the use of oxygen both in the cellular membrane and the cell’s mitochondria.

Decreased oxygen
Cholesterol levels in the bloodstream are not indicative of the structural cholesterol levels in the cell. Learn more about cholesterol and LDL in The Hidden Story of Cancer, section: “A New Look at LDL Cholesterol, Clogged Arteries and EFAs.”

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Additional Resources For Further Study and Recommended Products
More information can be obtained from: The Hidden Story Of Cancer or by visiting: Order Prof. Peskin’s literature from his website or by calling Pinnacle Press Toll-free: 1-800-456-9941. View Professor Peskin’s videos here: Resources for getting Parent Omega-6 and Parent Omega-3 in your diet… Never, never use any fish oil supplements. For more about Fish Oil versus Parent Essential Oils (PEOs) please visit: Note: Brian Peskin does not sell supplements — he is exclusively a medical scientist. You can mix the oils yourself if you have right combination of omega-6 and omega-3 containing oils. They must be organic as this is important. This info is also in the book and you can contact Prof. Peskin via his website, for more specifics. Check Healthy For Life or Toll-free: 877-535-6158 if you want to order directly or (call them directly) I purchase my Parent Essential Oils From this company by the case and you can get them at a better price..just fill out a wholesale application I hope anyone who reads this material after careful study will find this research the missing link in one’s health. Please purchase The Hidden Story Of Cancer for the more detailed information when you Can…… Before we get to the final important steps I would like also bring your attention Cellular medicine…


This is a very informative book below by Dr Rath and explains What happens if you do not have strong cells and connective tissue and how cancer spreads..I take several of his formulas Besides the Omega 6/3 oils these formulas the awesome and you should consider them also… (his formulations) This is where I get Dr Rath’s products and since I had a issue this is the product That I personally take (called Healthy Cell Growth) from Dr Rath. Dr Rath research tells us why we should have strong Connective tissue so cancer will not spread…Listen to him make his case…You will like it and learn a lot…and you will like it… hrough&part=4 best price I have found….from better life for his products There are other products that are also important…You be the judge To what you think you need…study everything carefully. When you consider cancer and heart disease are

#1 and #2

I know where I would start putting focus and attention. Good luck……………

1. Brian Peskin recommends: The Parent Essential Oils (omega 6/3) (either liquid or capsules) Or Blend them yourself. The ratio is 2-1 in favor of omega 6 Remember the oils are like sponges that take the oils directly to the cell where the oxygen is needed by all the cells. 2. Multi-minerals: I get mine from Swanson 3. Essiac: I like the new updated gel capsules from Swanson 4. =&n=0&ntk=Level1

5. Minimize carbohydrates you eat daily, sugars, sweets, breads, pasta, grains, starchy vegetables such as potatoes, corn beans ect…remember all carbs turn into sugar. Each 5 grams of carb = 1 teaspoon of sugar…12 teaspoons of sugar is maxium
If possible organic meats, steaks, cottage cheese, organic eggs etc. (purchase books for more details. Protein is important behind the essential fatty acid. Brian does not sell the oils directly. He is a consultant for the following companies I am on auto ship here for the liquid already mixed…the mixed last up to 45 days I purchase by the case here and get a better deal for bottle of the capsules. 120 capsules per bottle. fill out the retail application. Personally I like the one already mixed and ready to go, but that is a personal choice###BOT_TEXT###987iu34 5678p9[]

If you want to mix your own oils that is your choice. You will need cold pressed and organic oils for the Omega 6 safflower oil, sunflower oil, evening primrose oil. You can mix a little of each. You can get these at Call them and ask…but they have distributors all over the country that stock the products. For the Omega 3 it will be Flaxseed oil. Barleans is a well known brand and is easy to find… Remember it is 2 to 1 ratio in favor of the omega 6… 1 tea spoon per 40 lbs of body weight…1 teaspoon is =to one capsule 160 lbs person would take 4 teaspoons. If I had a problem I would certainly take more as it is just food.

Also for those of you who are interesting in eating low carb eating, you will certainly find an education in all the links below. Here a lot sites to get you started. Go slow take your time and work it in your diet as you can…

6……Study Dr Rath Research and also take that seriously also. one of my favorite ENJOY….. I hope you put all this info to use as there is a lot to learn and put in your life ….thanks for reading…

Sid Aust


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Reuters (2009). “Low oxygen level prostate tumors often recurrent.” (2009-05-29) (Reuters Health) and ScienceDaily (5/29/09) ref.: American Society of Clinical Oncologists (May 2009). xxix Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, 26th edition, 2003, page 418. xxx Harper’s Illustrated Biochemistry, 26th edition, page 191.

Victory Over Cancer…..Making the Unthinkable Possible
One last thing to think about…..and some parting statements Taken from the book by Matthias Rath MD And Aleksandra Niedzwiecki, Phd

1. The fear of death from cancer is a precondition for the acceptance of potentially deadly treatments like chemotherapy. 2. As long as cancer remains essentially a death sentence the investment business (big pharma) with toxic chemotherapies will continue. 3. Any medical breakthrough that will turn cancer in a manageable disease will, inevitably, remove the death sentence associated with this disease and thereby destroy the fatal dependency of millions of patients on toxic chemotherapy. 4. Considering the fact that cancer has remained a death sentence for more than half a century there exists an objective and immediate need for a new scientific direction that will also end the psychological war with cancer epidemic. 5. Remember Chemotherapy has its roots in Nazi death camps in WW2 and mustard gas used by the Germans in WW1 as chemical agent…check it out it’s all true…I wonder how many Oncologists know this. Do you really think medical schools teach this fact? Have you ever heard of the Nuremburg trials after WW2…? Something to think about….