C&I Leasing Plc, acquires N2bn newly built vessel

breadth x 4.2m in depth, with a maximum draft of 4.2m built in Malaysia and christened Ephraim, Charis and Eliezer, would be used for mooring of export tankers, and towing barges and similar vessels.

From the Desk of the Head of Outsourcing
You are all welcome to another edition of our quarterly newsletter and the first in a new year! Our commitment this year is to make our clients happy – we want to remain your company of choice by ensuring service delivery is exceptional. The management and staff of C & I Outsourcing are focused on making this objective a reality. The vision in 2012 is clear:

C&I Outsourcing Partners with PZ Cussons Nigeria


s part of its strategies to increase services in the Nigerian maritime subsector of the oil and gas industry , C&I Leasing Plc recently unveiled three newly built line handling tugs in Lagos, valued at not less than N2billion. Emeka Ndu, managing director of C&I Leasing plc, while speaking to reporters mentioned that the new vessels were the outcome of the federal government to empower local companies to compete with the foreign firms in similar fields, based on world-class standards in an ever changing business environment. Mr Ndu also noted that, C&I Leasing was able to scale the hurdle through the cooperation of some oil companies like Shell, NAPIMS and the Nigerian content engine, the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB)


ommencing February 2012, C&I Leasing Plc will be partnering with PZ Cussons Nigeria, one of the biggest names in the Consumer goods and manufacturing industry in the areas of employee recruitment & outsourcing and fleet management. Starting with about 200 chauffeurs, C&I Outsourcing will be responsible for the recruitment and management of key personnel in all its locations nationwide.

•Better service delivery •Effective communication and •Unity of purpose I hope this vision will inspire employees of C & I Outsourcing

We are delighted to be associated The three 30-ton bollard pull line handling with PZ Cussons and anticipate a boats measuring 31m in length x 9.2m mutually beneficial relationship.

Emmanuel Olaegbe

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Lagos goes Cashless, are you ready?
tarting 1st January 2012, CBN introduces the Cashless-Lagos Project, part of a pilot scheme that ushers in the actualisation of a cashless society . Under the new policy, cash handling charges would be levied on cash lodgments / withdrawals in excess of N150, 000 for individuals and N1, 000, 000 for corporate bodies on daily transactions. The policy is aimed at developing and modernizing the payment system in the country in line with the vision 2020 goal of being amongst the top 20 economies of the world. Although the CBN has stated that the charges/fees would be applicable from March 30th 2012, it is important to understand how the policy will affect transactions and consequently our daily lives. For starters every employee without a valid bank account is advised to immediately visit a bank; and when you do, ensure you get access to their e-banking platform which will allow you make funds transfer without the charges that would be associated to similar cash transfers.

Is gender still relevant in the Nigeria business scene? What are your experiences?

Yes, some organizations still consider gender in making employment decisions and this is not limited to Nigeria alone. Many of the decisions often driven by the indirect costs to the company of employing women; such organizations consider cost of maternity leave (and replacement hire), lost time and so on. However in Nigeria it is pleasing to note that day by day organizations are leaving such archaic practices behind. More and more we see company boards being headed by female CEOs where entire boards used to be predominantly male. With such change even at the highest levels it brings the assurance that change has come to stay across all levels of organizations. Even in sectors and jobs previously considered to be “for men” such as Security, the Military women now compete for the available positions. A case in point is one of the female Security operatives working right here in C & I Leasing Plc, Nora Oliakor

“Outsourcing has so many benefits but unfortunately is also being abused by some organizations”

Steering the Vision

Why outsourcing? Is outsourcing a relevant service in our peculiar environment?
Commenting specifically on Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Outsourcing is a viable option because it enables organizations plan and budget. Outsourcing because it enables organizations transfer and hence minimize risks involved in recruitment such as candidate character risks, lost time in replacing separated employees, minimizing influencing of recruitment decisions internally while maintaining agreed levels of candidature / selection quality etc. Outsourcing has so many benefits but unfortunately is also being abused by some organizations. An unfortunate practice is the use of Outsourcing as a cost-cutting measure whereby organizations apply salaries which are below the industry average or below those applicable for similar positions in their internal structure often resulting in discontent and even Industrial unrest.


he success of any business entity, to a great extent is wound tightly to how efficiently its policies and strategies can be translated into routine operational activities and how such exigencies are managed. In C&I Outsourcing, Stephanie Emodi is tasked with this very role – She shares her experiences.

Give us a picture of a regular day at work?
Outsourcing is such a dynamic business and involves so many fields that on any given day I may dabble in legal contracts, do some accounting or have to pull from my HR experience. A definite though is the need for constant and accurate flow of information and communication and a customer-centric approach to all transactions.

“More and more we see company boards being headed by female CEOs where entire boards used to be predominantly male” Stephanie Emodi Head of Operaions
As an organization that has successfully been in the Outsourcing business for over a decade, and from the plethora of thriving Outsourcing agencies in Nigeria it is obvious that Outsourcing as a business in the Nigerian setting has to date been a successful one and by extension is indeed relevant

Tips for Succeeding at interviews
illing out a job application is probably the easiest step necessary in prospecting for a new job, so, people churn them out with ease; the funny thing however, is that the same enthusiasm does not follow for the interview – a lot of people still dread this important aspect of prospecting for a new job. Here are 5 tips to help you sail through the interview process 1. Be prepared Re-read your CV and the job advert just before the interview. Do your research thoroughly: Look at the company web site or obtain literature. You may be asked about the salary you are after so make sure you research that as well – Interviews are in most cases negations too so be ready 2. First impressions counts Be on time and Greet your interviewer with a smile and firm handshake. Give eye contact. Try to make small talk during the walk from the reception area to the interview room. “You have to sell yourself before you can sell anything else and the first 30 seconds are when the interviewer subconsciously makes decisions about whether they like you or not and whether you will fit into their team.”


Well with 6 direct and several indirect reports I would say the role requires not just a lot of patience in managing individual relationships with people of varying backgrounds and experience, but also excellent communication skills, which ensures all persons and departments involved in achieving specific targets thoroughly understand their roles and responsibilities as well as our clients expectations.

So what does it take to head the operations of the unit?

What are the plans for the future?

We always strive towards operational excellence and of course to be the premier Outsourcing organization in Nigeria and beyond.

I enjoy travelling and love music, whether I’m listening to it or singing it. I’ve always loved to read for as far back as I can remember. My first birthday gift from my mother was a tome of fables and fairy tales and I very recently started writing too.

Share with us your hobbies – how do you relax?

I would be a pastry chef; surprised you didn’t I?!!!

If you were to choose any other profession or business role what would it be?

Bits n pieces
3. Remember your body language It is not what you say, but how you say it. During the interview, do not fold your arms and lean back or look to the floor! Sit upright and try to maintain good eye contact. Use your hands and lean forward when making a point. Many people cannot think and control their body language at the same time, which is why you need to prepare 4. Develop rapport Show energy, a sense of humor and smile. A positive attitude is infectious. Ask your interviewer questions about themselves and any issues the business is facing 5. Clarify anything you are unsure of If you are not certain what are meant by a particular question, ask for clarification. At the end, ask the interviewer if there is anything else he or she needs to know about. Do not be afraid to ask when you are likely to hear if you have been successful or not. imagery – while some people try to catch a quick nap in their cars, others rush down to the closest food kiosk, or in most cases just do it at their desks. An article in the BBC news magazine late last year, (The office breakfast’s unstoppable ascendancy) sighted that the line that should demarcate between acceptable activities for the office and the home is increasingly becoming thinner. In some offices, quick naps are even allowed (it’s called the power nap), music is becoming more acceptable, and in some extreme cases people even sleep over and take showers and groom themselves too. But if you also consider studies that suggest that we spend about a third of our lives at work then there is no major surprises anymore on the increasing similarities between work and home. How does your organization respond to you eating breakfast or napping at work, is it allowed? Did you eat breakfast this morning at work?

Do you eat breakfast at work?


f you live in Lagos or in one of the major cities in Nigeria, chances are that you have to wake up early every morning in order to avoid the crowd, and irrespective of the means in which you commute to work, you arrive at the office feeling spent . The day hasn’t even started but already you are craving a nap or famished, so you slurp a bowl of cereal or in some cases crunch down a sizeable serving of, rice, dodo, moi moi, and assorted meat for breakfast. 7:30 am in most offices present very comical

ant thing you w Have some ? ot an article to tell us? G the editor an email to cSend ghelpdesk@ outsourcin at: m ileasing.co


Tips on writing a professional resume
he objective of creating a Curriculum Vitae or Resume is to effectively sell oneself as the ideal candidate for an available job or role. A well crafted CV, like any good advertisement, infers that, “if you buy this product, you will get these specific benefits” and stimulates the prospective employers’ interest in meeting and learning more about you There are several important things to consider in building a successful CV but my top 3 tips

1 ) Research - It is always a good idea to invest some time researching as it is essential to ensure your CV is created in a format and contains information that is acceptable to the company or in the sector or country of application. For instance, in the United States, the employment laws prohibiting discrimination extend even to the job application process and limit the information companies can request for in a CV. 2) Contemporary Lay out / Structure – Generally, a properly structured CV should be easy to read, must be spell checked to ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors (note that errors are often considered to denote a lack of care preparedness and have often a time led to the loss of an opportunity) and the given details must follow a chronological order with the most recent education/ work experience detailed first. 3) Match the CV to the job – People often make the mistake of using a “1-size fits all” approach to creating their CVs, which should not be the case. Each application should be a fresh opportunity to reconsider the details captured in your CV. Often there are specific skills, values or experience that each employer is searching for therefore evidence of your abilities in those specific areas should be highlighted when applying for every new position. Sometimes these skills/values are explicitly stated but often a bit of research into the organization’s values may help spotlight some of these attributes. The aim here is to “give them what they want”, or at least prove that you can.

Male ties are getting thinner and more colorful, suits and pants even tighter but the new fad is on the color and style of shirts – big bold stripes, wider collar shirts and in some extreme cases, short sleeves with cuffs. The trend is exciting, and a quick comparison across industries reveals interesting similarities. Let us know what it’s like from you’re your end – take a minute, look around.

Is Pink the new blue?

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ashion these days is jet propelled to say the least, and if current indicators are to be taken seriously, then the very last barriers as it were, to its complete dominance even in the corporate world is starting to crumble too. Casual Fridays are in and beige is starting to lose its appeal – Take a minute off work and take a look around; now ponder about this: is pink becoming the new blue? Women are the usual culprits for fashion offences and are usually more disposed to owning bright and colorful accessories but I’m starting to believe the competition is becoming stiffer.

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Jokes / Funtoons
If its your Boss !!!
When you take a long time, you’re slow. When your boss takes a long time, he’s thorough. When you don’t do it, you’re lazy. When your boss doesn’t do it, he’s too busy When you make a mistake, you’re an idiot. When your boss makes a mistake, he’s only human. When you take a stand, you’re being strongheaded. When your boss does it, he’s being firm. When you’re out of the office, you’re wandering around. When your boss is out of the office, he’s on business. When you’re on a day off sick, you’re always sick. When your boss is a day off sick, he must be very ill. When you apply for leave, you must be going for an interview. When your boss applies for leave, it‘s because he’s overworked

Life affter Death !!!
Do you believe in life after death?” the boss asked one of his employees. “Yes, Sir.” the new recruit replied. “Well, then, that makes everything just fine,” the boss went on. “After you left early yesterday to go to your grandmother’s funeral, she stopped in to see you

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