About Us

is a public-owned biopharmaceutical company, founded in 2005 in Cadiz, developing and roducing biomedical products for the pharmaceutical and veterinarian contributions of the regional governments. national and Faced with a pharmaceutical sector that finds itself in a restructuring process, Bionaturis is presented as a real alternative to lead new market opportunities, while offering new hope to millions of patients worldwide with currently no effective treatment. To hit these new markets, Bionaturis shows a new concept in the development of biopharamaceuticals, called FLYLIFE®.

sectors. Bionaturis specializes in the prevention and treatment of niche diseases, such as orphan diseases.

Bionaturis was established in 2005, in
the academic environment of the University of Cadiz, and strengthened its strategic presence by locating its research laboratory, development and innovation (R&D+I) in the Centro Andaluz de Biologia de Desarrollo (CABD) University Pablo de Olavide (Seville).

Bionaturis has chosen Nature as an
optimized source for the production of biopharmaceuticals, substituting the traditional industrial cumbersome steel reactors for single use, disposable and naturally occurring individual reactors.

Bionaturis counted with the support of
the venture company Univen Capital in its development phase, as well as the

FLYLIFE® makes use of natural resources to achieve and indeed surpass the productive capacity of traditional industry standards but utilizing up to tenfold less space and fifteen-fold less investment. Amongst others, in niche markets where currently there is no solution, these competitive advantages provide a profitable solution and gives

renewed hope to millions of worldwide patients. With this new manufacturing concept,

Bionaturis perfectly adapts to new
trends that are reshaping the pharmaceutical and veterinary sectors, and thus completing its mission to lead the alternative systems of production of biological drugs.

Bionaturis: pipeline and competitive advantages
Today, besides a line of high-quality contract services, Bionaturis has its own pipeline in various stages of development:

1. BNT001. A new version (biobetter) of human recombinant glucocerebrosidase,
aimed at people diagnosed with Gaucher disease. Just in Spain there are 256 people diagnosed with this illness, with the average cost of treatment worth of 300 000 EUR/person/year. The value propositions of this biobetter are: cost-saving treatment, a more patient-friendly way of administration (oral delivery), and the possibility of extending treatment to patients with Gaucher type II and III. . International patent application in force until 2029.

2. BNT004. The first vaccine on the market for the prevention and eradication of
intestinal nematode infection in cattles. This disease causes annual losses worth of 5,500 millon ½ in the sector worldwide. International patent application in force until 2029.

2. BNT005. The first prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine in the market against visceral
canine leishmaniasis, a disease with increasing zoonotic episodes in children lately.

Bionaturis has an exclusive license right of an international patent in force until 2031,
with an estimated global market of 220 million ½.

Perfect partner for co-development of biological drugs
One of the main goals of Bionaturis is to standardize FLYLIFE® as a first-line option between the new wave of alternative systems to make biological drugs. Thus,


is committed to apply its concept to create local-specific solutions for attending custom needs of complex drugs. The company presents itself as a perfect partner for local authorities, governments or other institutions for joint development of biological drugs. The main advantage for the local partner is the quick and cost-effective access to the industrial capacity of next-generation biological drugs development through the implementation of a FLYLIFE® manufacturing plant. Thanks to this concept any region in the world can be more than ready to face health emergency cases, like pandemics, natural disasters, or biological attacks, protecting its people, its animals and the environment.

Growth, investment and international development strategy
Financial Data
The strategic aim is to achieve leadership positions within the new biopharmaceutical manufacturing platforms. To achieve this goal,

Bionaturis proposes a mixed model

which combines the supply of contract manufacturing services to third parties (BNT-CDMO) with co-development of drugs in early stages (BNT-PRODUCTS).

Bionaturis closed the year 2010 with a
profit of 553,000 Euros, representing a

growth of 75 percent over the previous year. The company's revenues amounted to 996,000 Euros in 2010 (+22%). The company expects to increase their sales more than five-fold by 2015 after maintaining a positive EBITDA since its birth.

Objectives to go public
The inclusion in the MAB is a natural step in the growth process of Bionaturis, going from a university spin off to an international company listed on the MAB. Once established and successfully implemented in earlier stages in the business plan, the listing will contribute to the prestige positioning and international expansion of the company. Reach Leadership positions within the new biologics manufacturing platforms Standardize the use of FLYLIFE ® as a system of choice for manufacturing biological drugs for niche diseases. Promote the brand Bionaturis internationally as a strategic partner for codevelopment of biopharmaceuticals and CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization) for orphan diseases.

Bionaturis facilities are distributed today in Seville and Jerez de la Frontera. The company is finalizing its next landing in Latin America.
The company plans to make a qualitative leap in its results over the next four years, based on three important milestones: 2012, organic growth of the business unit manufacturing services (CDMO) with the commissioning of clean rooms located in Jerez de la Frontera Getting income from technological transfer agreement with local partners in Latin America 2012-2015. At least one out-licensing agreement of its lead products

Bionaturis counts on highly trained, multinational
and multidisciplinary staff, that combines proven technical capacity with experience in the business sector, increasing year by year, the number of

international patents, developed internally or acquired through licensing. After six years of intense activity, Bionaturis has become a leader in biotech innovation which has led them to sign important consortium contracts for the development of large projects.

A business model to follow
Bionaturis focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and has built its business model,
based on continuous innovation and knowledge biopharmaceuticals manufacturing FLYLIFE®. in the new concept of

Bionaturis· activity is divided into two business units: BNT-CDMO and BNT-PRODUCTS:
BNT-CDMO: addressed to perform contract manufacturing services to third parties. It·s aimed to get revenue in short term. It assures the smooth running of the Company and supports the other business units. The unit specializes in the development and manufacture of drugs classed as orphans and is addressed to all actors, public and private, operating in the field of pharmaceutical industry that need to outsource this type of service. BNT-PRODUCTS: Bionaturis has an attractive portfolio of cutting-edge products for human and veterinary use in early stages of development. These products are out-licensed to large pharmaceutical and veterinarian laboratories. The business unit has longer cycles of maturation and earns income by a royalty and milestones schemes.

Board of Directors
Juan José Almagro, Doctor of Science of Labour - graduated in law (Public Law
specialist) and lawyer. He has developed his career in the insurance group Mapfre, where he held various senior management positions. He was president of the Human Resources Unit and is currently General Manager of Communication and Social Responsibility Mapfre.

Victor Manuel Infante Viñolo. Doctor of Science degree in Chemistry. Entrepreneur
and CEO of Bionaturis from 2005 to 2011, participating in three rounds of funding.

Member of the Board of the Association of Biotechnology Companies in Andalusia (Bioandalucía) and a trustee of the Technological Corporation of Andalusia.

Managing Director
Javier Gallastegui. Diploma in Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws (ICADEMADRID). MBA in finance and international marketing from the University of San Francisco (USA). Twenty years of experience into the pharmaceutical sector with responsibilities in general management, sales, strategic analysis and licenses. Commercial Director of Nycomed Spain for two years. Managing Director of the pharmaceutical company Daiichi-Sankyo Spain for twelve years and Managing Director of Veterinary Specialties Vetoquinol in Spain and Portugal for two years.