Staff nurse Exam model paper

1) Basic Principles of fundamentals of nursing a) Cleaning b) Disinfection c) Sterilization d) All the above 2) Example for second class lever a) Scissors b) Trolley c) O2 tank carrier d) None of the above 3) Radio active cobalt is used a) For surgery b) For Drug c) Locally treating d) None of the above 4) SOS means a) Once a day b) 4 times a day c) If necessary d) At night 5) Elements of primary health care

a) Promotion of food supply & proper nutrition b) Adequate supply of safe water & sanitation c) Maternal and child health care d) All the above 6) The technique is used to open O2 cylinder a) Clock wise b) Anti clock wise c) Upwards d) Downwords When caring for a client with continuous bladder irrigation. a) Reduce the neurotic syndrome . the nurse should. Jacinta's retention catheter by: a) Irrigating the catheter b) Perineal cleansing c) Encouraging fluids d) Cleansing around the meatus periodically * The major reasons for treating severe emotional disorders with tranquilizers is to. a) Record output every hour b) Monitor urinary speific gravity c) Subtract irrigant from output to determine urine volume d) Include irrigating solution in any 24 hour urine tests order * The nurse can prevent the contamination from Mrs.

emotional environmental first aid for patients in crisis? a) Attitude therapy b) Psychotherapy . a) The Clients emotional or motivational readiness b) The availability of community resources c) The qualitative level of the clients physical state d) The accepting attitude of client's family * Which of the following activities would cause her a risk in the increase of intracranial pressure? a) Exercise b) Coughing c) Turning d) Sleeping * Which of the following drug may be given to reduce increase intracranial pressure? a) Mannitol b) Scopalamine c) Lanoxin d) Calmpose * Which of the following is a form of active. focused.b) Prevent secondary complication c) Make the client amenable to physiotherapy d) Prevent destructiveness by the client * The most important factor in rehabilitation of a client addicted to alcohol is.

a)Spoon feeding b) Availability of food selections c) Smell and appearance of food d) Example of parents at meal time 1) Which is the most important nurse's responsibility on the day of surgery? a) Remove all clothing's b) Send blood for investigations c) Teach deep breathing exercises d) Administer Pre-anesthetic medications 2) The purpose of post-operative deep deep breathing and coughing exercises are to: a) Reduce pain b)Prevent wound infection c) Prevent Apnea d) prevent atelectasis 3) Soft systolic ejection murmur heard in elder person is commonly due to: a) Sclerotic changes of aortic leaflets b) left ventricle become smaller . a) Increased potassium b) High protein c) Restricted fluids d) Restricted sodium * The major influence of eating habits of the early school-aged child is.c) Re motivation technique d) Crisis intervention * The major treatment for ascities calls for.

c) Decreased elasticity & widening of aorta d) Increased Blood pressure 4) Gerontology is the study of a) Old age b) care of old c) Diseases related to aging d) Aging process 5) Which of the following manifestations would a nurse expect to observe in a patient immediately following a tonic-clonic generalized seizure? a) Apnea b) Tachypnoea c) Lethargy d) Hypersalivation 6) The precipitating factor for myasthenic crisis is. a) ICP less than 15 mm of Hg. MAP below 40 mm of Hg 2) Which of the following is malignant tumor? a) Glicoma b) Neurofibroma c) Thyroid tumor d) Kaposi's sacroma 3) Haemophilia type A & b are: a) Autosomal dominant traits b) Dominant sex linked traits c) Autosomal recessive traits . a) Increase intake of fatty acids b) Omitted doses of medication c) Weight lifting d) Excess medication 1) To maintain adequate cerebral perfusion pressure (CPP). MAP below 50 mm of Hg c) ICP lmore than 25 mm of Hg. MAP above 50 mm of Hg b) ICP more than 15 mm of Hg. which of the following is true. MAP below 70 mm of Hg d) ICP lmore than 30 mm of Hg.

a) Muscular pain b) Muscle twitching c) Exophthamos d) Decreased level of consciousness 1) Which is not a quality of a self-actualised person? a) Humor b) Dependent c) Good relationship d) Problem centered in approach 2) Anxiety is always present and accompanied by a feeling of dread is termed as. saliva and sputum b) Eighth cranial nerve damage c) Brain d) vestibular dysfunction 6) Which of the following is an unlikely assessment for a client with a diagnosis of hepatic encephalopathy. a) Reddish orange color of urine.d) Recessive sex linked traits 4) When is the most appropriate time for a women to perform breast self examination? a) The first day of the menstrual period b) One week after the start of the menstrual period c) Just before the time of intercourse d) Any convenient time of the month 5) A client receiving recieving rifampicin should be taught that the effect of the drug could cause. a) Signal anxiety b) Anxiety state c) Free Floating anxiety d) Anxiety trait 3) Which is not a part of the rehabilitation plan of the mentally ill patients? a) Regular medication b) Avoiding crisis support c) Skills training .

d) Specialized training for vocation 4) Intelligent quotient ( IQ)level of 20-34 indicates? a) Mild mental retardation b) Moderate mental retardation c) Profound mental retardation d) Severe mental retardation 5) Which drug is found to be most useful in the treatment of bipolar affective disorder(BPAD)? a) Chlorpromazine b) Lithium carbonate c) Librium d) Pecitane 6) Persistent recurrence of unwanted and often distressing thoughts is. a) Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) b) Depression c) Compulsion d) Obsession .