February 5, 2012

Volume 12, Number 6

Spiritual A-D-D
“Therefore gird up the loins of your mind, be sober, and rest your hope fully upon the grace that is to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ;“ (1 Peter 1:13)

I believe in Spiritual ADD. Sometimes, I have to admit it is at work in my life. ——- Now, what was I intending to write? Back in the “olden days”, when I was a child in school, we didn’t have all these diagnoses of conditions and disorders. Now we do. In most cases, I guess it really is better. I remember a boy named Dennis. Looking back, I think we would have to conclude that Dennis had some sort of leaning disability, such as Attention Deficit Disorder. He may have even had the hyperactive form. We just thought he was “dumb”. He always made bad grades. He commonly interrupted the teachers. He rarely stayed in his seat. He would suddenly talk about things that had nothing to do with our work. By the time he was in my class, he had already been “held back” once. If I remember correctly, he had to repeat fifth grade again after us. Teaching concepts have come a long way in dealing with troubled learners. There are now genuine efforts to understand the challenges associated with helping the children with a learning disability. With appropriate methods, and determined efforts, children like Dennis are not relegated to the discard pile of the dumb. They are given every opportunity to reach higher goals and attain great success. Spiritual growth and education presents greater challenges to some of us than to others. Attention Deficit may not be a clinical diagnosis, but it very well may be a practical one. It may be that in the midst of all the distractions that float through our lives, maintaining a focus just hasn’t been practiced. Peter instructed us to “gird the loins” of our minds. In other words, pull together the working parts and put them to the job before us. Spiritual ADD can be readily overcome. It really is just a matter of setting your focus, recognizing what has been given for you to do, and then doing it. Russ
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The Sentinel — February 5, 2012

Keep These In Prayer
 George King undergoing treatments

for Lymphoma.
 Sandra Bagger will have knee re-

Thank You: A thank-you to Michael Berry for preaching today. Russ is gone to the Bible Lectures at Freed Hardeman University. Elders and Deacons Meeting—this afternoon at 3:00 PM. Area Wide Youth Gathering: This month the AWTG will be at Cherokee Hills. Check with Josh about time and travel. Mark Your Calendar: February 24-25, 2012 — Affirming the Faith — The theme this year will be, “A Reason to Hope”. This is a great event for everyone. Schedules are on the table in the foyer and at www.affirmingthefaithok.com.

placement surgery this week.
 Don Fleming - Bill’s brother.  Albert Cox - Chuck’s father.  Riley Baldwin has recurring surger  

ies on his throat.. Mark Baldwin, will have surgery for melanoma on Tuesday. Janice Parker, Jennifer Fleming’s mother-in-law. Andria Whaley, a co-worker and friend of Layne Adams is being treated for cancer. Teresa Fields, a friend of Delda McMasters, is undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. Tommy Wisley continues to struggle with breathing problems

Brother’s Keeper Meetings
Team 1 – Chad & Jenni Bruner Leaders: Saturday, February 18, 6:00 PM, at the church building. Team 2 – Brian & Emily Jaworsky Leaders: TBA Team 3 – Joe & Talsie Downs Leaders: TBA Team 4 – Teah Ausmus Leader: February 18, 5:30 p.m. at Randy & Linda Vance’s

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Lesson for Sunday morning February 12, 2012

— Live In Reverence 1 Peter 1:17-21

Order of Service
Welcome & Announcements Scripture: Matthew 28:18-20 Song — 732 We Praise Thee, O God Song — 134 Faith Is the Victory Prayer Song — 427 Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone? Comments Lord’s Supper Collection Song — 208 He Is Able to Deliver Thee Sermon: The Reluctant Prophet of God Song — 255 I Am Resolved Song — 860 He Is My Everything Prayer

The Reluctant Prophet of God
The Reluctant Prophet of God: Part 1 Jonah chapter 1 “Arise and go to Nineveh…and cry out against it.” 1:2 Nineveh’s History Capitol of the ________ Empire. Other Nations were forced to pay ___________. They were evil people who __________ other nations. Lesson 1: You can’t _________ from God. 1:2-3 Lesson 2: Sin brings _________ to our lives. Chapter 1:4-5 Lesson 3: We must __________ people out of their sins. 1:6 Lesson 4: We must enter the ___________ to leave our sins behind. Chapter 1:11-15 The Reluctant Prophet of God: Part 2 Jonah Chapters 2-4 Lesson 5: God will bring us out of the _______to enter a new _______. Jonah Chapter 2 Lesson 6: God’s ________ does not ________. 1:2 and 3:2 Lesson 7: God _______his message to be spread to _____. Chapter 3:2 Lesson 8: We don’t ________ who should _____ the Word of God. Chapter 4:1-4 The Final Lesson: God has great ___________on all people. Chapter 4:5-11

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The Sentinel — February 5, 2012

Randy Vance

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We were saddened to hear of the passing of Edith Skaggs on Wednesday. She had recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Our heartfelt sympathy is extended to Marlene Roberts and all of the family. She was a very good lady and will be missed by all who knew her. Tipton Home: It is time again to collect items for the Tipton Home. Bring—bleach, 40 gallon trash bags, Pledge, paper towels, HE laundry soap, cereal, Pop Tarts, Nestle Quick, catsup, canola oil, sliced peaches, and pear halves. Lists are also on the bulletin board. — The truck will be here between February 20-23. If you would rather donate money or have any questions, check with Michael Berry or Dwain Thacker. Do you have an update or know of news that should be shared in the “The Sentinel”. Please have any information for the bulletin into the office by Thursday morning of the week it is to be published. We have some great classes on Sunday and Wednesday. Be present!
Minister Russell Dyer

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