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Tpad Dialler

Tpad - The Global Phone Network
Tpad is an international telecommunications company with over 1000 customers in the UK. Operating internationally in Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong and Cyprus Tpad has a true Global presence . With over 20 years experience in the IT Sector, our expertise spans the development, manufacture and installation of business telephony services. Tpad offers solutions to meet all requirements ranging from Managed IP/PBX systems to complex contact centre installations. The Tpad Global Phone Network has unlimited call handling capacity and our in-house developed software provides an On-Net feature rich environment with functionality that includes network based call recording, call reporting, least cost routing, Predictive Diallers, Multi-Site solutions and much more.   With over 100 operatives within dedicated Service, Support and Development teams, we pride ourselves on service excellence and after sales care, consistently delivering some of the highest level of support within the industry. Our services are backed by a range of service and support packages to suit every business.


Tpad is able to offer a wide range of connectivity solutions through our partner company, Internexus, which has over 12 years in the sector, that includes the provision and management of network solutions for Supanet, the largest independent Internet Service Provider in the UK.   Supanet has over five hundred thousand customers using a range of services from internet access, line rental and carrier pre-select services.   Tpad and Internexus have experience and knowledge that is almost unparalleled within the industry. It was this combined experience that led to the creation of Tpad’s On-Net Voice Platform in 2005. Users worldwide were given the ability to log in and make phone calls over the Internet using their Tpad account.   Whilst we have come a long way since then, adding the Tpad Platform to our broad range of business IP/PBX equipment powered by industry leading connectivity make our solutions a truly one-stop shop.   Tpad’s exciting product range is constantly evolving to keep pace both with technological advancements and our commitment to offer our customers new and improved features and enhanced capabilities. At the same time we remain true to our core values of providing reliable cutting edge technology with outstanding service delivery. Telecommunications are the foundations on which every business in the 21st Century is built. Information is power and communication is king. Whatever your requirements, Tpad is ideally positioned to deliver a flexible cost-effective solution to satisfy your organisation’s telecommunications requirements both for today and in the years to come.

Tpad Dialler

We design it
We believe that product design is a creative and evolutionary process. Through on-going discussion and review with our customers we are able to determine what is really needed from a Predictive Dialler. We know what issues users have typically experienced on a day to day basis and from this feedback we design our diallers to address the functionality, reporting, ease of use and resiliency demanded from dialler users today. Our team of in house developers from around the World have taken this research and responded with a suite of solutions that are not only technically and functionally well specified but also deliver a smoothness of operation and ease of use not provided by other systems.


We build it
Built to the highest standards in hardware and software, the Tpad Dialler is resilient and most of all reliable. The fine tuning and convergence of hardware and software into a managed environment is something that our International team of system developers, configuration engineers and programmers from all over the world (Including Europe, Asia, UK and the Middle East) spend time getting right. Our build policy is based on 3 significant and fundamental principles: • Ensuring that what we build conforms to the growing needs of our customers. • No single point of failure with built in fault diagnostic and resilience. • That everyone knows, understands and takes pride in delivering their part of the solution, whether it’s hardware, software or system setup and configuration.


Tpad Dialler

We install it
When we install a new Tpad system there are many factors that our team take into consideration to ensure the installation process proceeds smoothly and completely. For example, when one of our clients purchases one of our Tpad Dialler solutions we conduct a pre-installation meeting with the client to go through the scope of the install, the design brief and cover the training needs of the managers, administrators and agents, ensuring that everyone’s needs are catered for. Each Dialler installation is different and our process is designed to accommodate the specific needs of the client. The Integration of a Predictive Dialler with existing systems is becoming more and more prevalent. We take time to know your business and through this process we complete a Functional Design Brief in advance to make sure on the day we fulfil our promises.

We support it
Through every stage of the process, Tpad’s dedicated client support team are available to provide the very best in customer service. Our customer services teams are professional, friendly knowledgeable and are dedicated to providing timely updates to issue resolution, quick and accurate support and most importantly we ensure through pro-active monitoring and system checks that your solution is running to its optimum performance day in day out.


Tpad Dialler

Tpad products and services
From simple telephony to complete network solutions, we are a single source for the total communication needs of our customers’ businesses. We take the time to get to know and understand your business goals and ambitions, and how these translate into your current and future needs. Technical and commercial flexibility combined with an absolute commitment to customer excellence, assures our customers lasting quality and service. We recognise that to compete and succeed in today’s environment, our clients need to be in constant communication with their customers. Our innovative approach is delivering our customers this edge, ensuring they maximise cost benefits while enjoying excellent end to end service. Tpad Business Communication specialists can help your company incorporate emerging technologies on your terms, making the most of legacy infrastructure investments while migrating to powerful, next generation capabilities. At Tpad we understand current best practices, standards, emerging technologies and trends. We work with you to identify the strengths, weaknesses and risks associated with migration strategies. We will define the likely consequences across operational, technical and financial disciplines and establish the next steps.


All Tpad systems are scalable by design, giving you flexibility from the outset. The design of the system takes into consideration that a business will grow and may need to make quick changes to accommodate new users. Even if you move premises, with the correct planning, Tpad is able to re-deploy any of its systems to new locations by just making a few minor changes.


Tpad Dialler

The Tpad Dialler was the ‘best all round solution’ for Supanet
Company Profile Established in 1998, Supanet is one of the leading independent ISP’s in the UK. Servicing over 500,000 home and business customers. Supanet has an annual turnover in excess of £30 million and employs 110 staff in three countries. Business Situation Home Broadband is a competitive marketplace, with over 100 operators in the UK alone, servicing 25m homes. The competition is fierce and customer contact is key. Supanet recognised that in order to communicate effectively with its own customers and also for new customer campaigns, a Predictive Dialer would enable them to improve contact rates, report correctly on campaigns and most of all reach more customers with a view to selling more services. After an initial review of the marketplace, Supanet’s Desk Team Manager shortlisted Tpad as being the most suitable solution to support him moving his business forward. The Approach From an initial project meeting at which the requirements were discussed, Tpad’s solutions team reviewed the requirements as a whole. Every element was looked at, from deployment plan, the data being used and the training requirements of the sales team. Tpad responded with a Functional Design Specification document that detailed not only the solution itself from a hardware and software perspective but also the configuration, installation and training plan.; This one stop service was seen by Supanet as the key differentiator between Tpad, and other suppliers. Tpad not only supplies the hardware, but also develops the bespoke software solutions, manages the complete installation and offers outstanding customer service and aftercare.


“The absolute key for us was that Tpad would be responsible for the end to end roll out of the dialler. We have heard from other users that the Tpad team really know what they are talking about. We have found that they are very hands on and own the project from start to finish.”

The Solution A key requirement from Supanet was how the new dialler would integrate with the existing CRM system. This system held all the customer records and would need to be linked to ensure that from day one, any calls, notes and call recordings would be immediately available to other members of staff across the business, enabling real time reporting and customer support. Tpad reviewed the system in place and using their system integration experience were able to link the two systems together as if they had been designed that way. The linking is key, to ensure when an agent logs into a campaign, all the information is there in front of them to be able to offer their customers immediate responses to questions, updates on installation timescales and providing their management team with a suite of daily reports detailing agent call time, sales and agent utilization. The Very Real ‘£’ Benefits Now that the solution is in place, Supanet has recorded two consecutive months of record sales from new customer acquisition campaigns and talk time by agents has doubled to 48% per seven hour shift. Supanet has a 30 seat contact centre in Lancashire. The new business team is now planning to expand, with 10 additional advisors being recruited to drive the home broadband sales. Additionally the dialler has been expanded to run customer satisfaction campaigns by linking in the ‘research module’ to the daily campaign scheduler. This additional benefit has aided in customer retention and customer satisfaction for Supanet, as advisors can be moved between surveys with customers in the morning to outbound sales campaigns in the evening, all within the same system.


Tpad Dialler

Tpad Dialler
We understand your business We take the time to understand our customers. The issues facing contact centres and companies looking to make the most of their telephony systems are the basis of how we design and deliver our solutions. Put very simply, we are not about numbers and speeds but more about practical issues being solved.

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C ar Clear

From our meetings and discussions with business owners, finance managers, IT, and team leaders we have developed a range of contact centre solutions to fit the different and ever changing needs of business in todays market place.

Call Start 2011-10-04 09:03:04 2011-10-04 09:03:05 2011-10-04 09:03:05 2011-10-04 09:03:05 2011-10-04 09:03:05 2011-10-04 09:03:05 2011-10-04 09:03:23 2011-10-04 09:03:26 2011-10-04 09:05:10 2011-10-04 09:05:13 2011-10-04 09:05:17
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CustomerID Extension PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: PR000001: 8661 8661 8661 125 126 8661 8661 8661 125 8661 8661

Number Dialled 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746 0845 1221746

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We understand that every business is constantly looking for improved efficiency and productivity. You have targets to achieve and you rely on the systems in place to deliver fast and accurate data. With our level of accuracy of data, your campaigns and sales strategies will have a higher level of visibility and reporting, which will enable you to make better informed decisions.

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Campaign Name Max Retry Retry Time Gap (min) Max Callbacks Dial Ratio Extra Calls Caller Identifier Shift Questionnaire Dial Method Automatic AMD User Group Active Fast Dial Map Display Local CID Display Dial Status New CallBack RingBack Supanet Sales Predictive Blackburn Campaign 5 180 5 1.00 0 08451221746 Full Week Test

It is essential that your contact centre agents have the systems in place to enable them to be as productive as possible, maximise customer talk time and at all times remaining task focused.

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Tpad Dialler

The Tpad Dialler solution has been proven to increase contact rates and therefore talk time by 40%, when compared to other dialler installations. This is achieved with a combination of new service delivery and better data handling capability with true integration to link to existing CRM platforms. Tpad work in consultation with customers to fully understand their business objectives. The raw data, target outcomes, and reporting and management visibility are brought together to form the basis of a campaign design to ensure success and targets are achieved.

User Group:Administrators User Login:Asif Desai Administration B2B Billing Broadband CPS Campaign Surveys Dialler Codes Entry Dialler Admin Dialler Login Dialler Reports Agent Status Callbacks Campaign Reporting Campaign Summary Contact Rate Survey Results Survey Results WallBoard Display Setup EDS Marketing Purchase Processing Sales Processing Stock Control




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Survey Re

Survey Results

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From: 2011-10-04 Campaign: All Campaigns Not in Phone Package Bundle

Campaign Summary Number of contacts in campaign list(s) total Still to Contact Not Attempted Yet Callback Ringback Duplicate numbers Ringback attempts greater than allowed on c DNCs Calls Made In Period Congestoin Distinct Calls Calls Answered

Broadband Provider report No. of Customers 48 11 11 23 29 122 (65.24%) Cost With Bu Captured Broadband 20 8 6 14 20 68 2 2 6 12 11 33 2 2 7 2 4 4


Survey Results
n by Provider Drill down by Call Disposition Solution Summary


0-04 mpaigns ackage Bundle :

To: List:



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Disposition Summary aign list(s) total 30836 23326 75.65% 11921 1964 9441 894 an allowed on campaign 0 229 2421 682 2311 445 7.49% 1.44% 38.66% 6.37% 30.62% 2.90% 0.00% 0.74% Answering Machine Detect Busy Call Back Answering Machine Callback Cannot get to Phone Disconnected Number DM Contacted DM Hung Up DM In Contract DM Not Interested DMC Not Possible CC DMC NS In Contract DMC NS Price DMC NS Requirements Do Not Call Literature Requested Noved Address No Answer Person Deceased Product Sale t With Bundled Broadband AVG 2 2 6 12 11 33 25.00 21.00 75.00 27.25 42.00 40.33 Broadband Other Non Bundle Provier AVG 18 6 0 2 9 35 19.56 25.83 0 24.00 22.56 21.66 Exp. Date Captured 26 6 4 12 18 66 Date Captired % 54.17% 54.55% 36.36% 52.17% 62.07% 54.10% 0 0 5 0.00% 0.00% 1.12%

If you are currently a dialler user, you will have experienced some good, some bad and some very poor sales days. This can be put down to a number of different reasons, ranging from data not being cleansed properly to agent availability, campaign structure and incorrect disposition codes being attached to your data records. Tpad is able to look at your data files, advise on campaign structure and scripting and deliver a bespoke series of setting and parameter changes that ‘fit’ your business outcome requirements and data quality.

194 43.60% 0 0 0.00% 0.00%
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187 42.02% 0 0 0 40 0 0 0 4 1 5 1 8 0 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 8.99% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.90% 0.22% 1.12% 0.22% 1.80% 0.00%

Administration B2B Billing BroadBand CPS Campaign Surveys Dialler Codec Entery Dialler Admin Callerid Mapping Campaign Dispositions Campaign Shifts Campaign DoNotCall Leads Import Lists Phone Extensions Recycle Campaign Leads Dialler Login Dialler Reports Agent Status Call Reports Callbacks Campaign Reporting Campaign Summary Contacts Rate Survey Results WallBoard Display Setup EDS Marketing Purchase Processing Sales Processing Stock Control

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Campaign List Agents Ready Paused 0 0 In Call 0 0 Ringing 1 0 Queue 0 0 News Leads 10705 919 Callbacks 367 85 Ringbacks 7297 1783 Calls 176 37 Drops s 2 0 Answers Answers 47 4 No Answers Answers 48 16 AMD 62 16

All Campaign All Campaigns 1 Sales Trial 1 Sales Trial 1 List 1 0

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Report Date 2011-10-03 2011-10-04 2011-10-05 2011-10-06

Campaign All Campaigns All Campaigns All Campaigns All Campaigns

List All Campaigns All Campaigns All Campaigns All Campaigns

Calls 1905 780 1030 175

Drops 106 67 80 2

Answers 414 126 195 47

No Answers 321 104 142 47

AMD 607 207 319 62

Busy 457 276 294 17

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Tpad Dialler
Talk Time T 07:46:52 6 07:46:52 02:59:52 9 02:59:52 03:44:25 4 03:44:25 01:10:13 0 01:10:13


Tpad Outbound Call Centre Diallers help organisations to maximise sales opportunities. Our series of dialler solutions range from Acorn which is designed for the smaller call centre (10 to 25 users) to Office Station which is designed for larger call centres (20 to 150 seats) who are looking to get more from their dialler and integrate with their existing systems. The flag ship product in the range is Dragon. This has been designed for the call centres who have high demands from their agents, need the very best in dialler solution that not only integrates with their current systems, but helps to actually improve business practices with high level reporting, data manipulation and a integral CRM platform. Whichever product you ultimately choose to deploy, Tpad will support all installations with a professional delivery. Our installation teams work with you the client to accommodate your needs today but also prepare the ground for future growth. The Tpad Professional Service’s team are on hand every step of the way to guide and support a business through deploying a new dialler solution, advise on campaign structure and refine the scripting within the dialler platform to work with your data set and reporting requirements.

“We Design it, We build it, We support it and We install it.”
Simon Jones > Sales Director



Tpad Dialler

W: T: +44 (0) 845 122 1746 F: +44 (0) 845 122 1747