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July 9, 2008
Prepared by: Drew Schiller Schiller Solutions, LLC PO Box 862, Iowa City, IA 52244 NUMBER EMAIL
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Iowa City.July 9. LLC PO Box 862. Please let me know if you have any questions about my proposal. Thank you so much for meeting with me last week and for giving me and my company the opportunity to put together this proposal. After reviewing the materials you provided me and after conducting my own research. Sincerely. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY . and thank you again. In my proposal I have outlined what I think is necessary to make this project a success. I see a wonderful opportunity for [Company Name] to complete this project with a [Clients Desired Deliverables] that really speak to the [Clients Desired Results]. Drew Schiller Schiller Solutions. 2008 [Contact Name] [Client Company] [Client Address] Dear [Contact Name]. IA 52244 © 2010 Schiller Solutions. I know we can do a great job for you and [Company Name].

.....................9 Part 5: Payments ........................... usage....... and credit 12 ...13 Part 10: Terms ...................................... Contents Part 1: Project Overview .............10 Part 6: In-Kind Donation .11 Part 8: Rights.10 Part 7: The Project Team .....3 Part 3: Timeline ................................................14 © 2010 Schiller Solutions...................2 Part 2: Design & Production .......... Part 9: Collateral Material .......7 Part 4: Fees ......... LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 1 ....

if [Client Name] would like to change any part of the proposal. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 2 . This new identity will be highlighted in the new website and can be incorporated in all future print and online materials. We are excited about the opportunity to participate in this project! © 2010 Schiller Solutions.Part 1: Project Overview [Client Name] requires a new website that will visually demonstrate the many offerings of the area [Note: these were their words]. The new [Client Name] website has the potential to be a valuable economic development tool for the area. recognizable brand identity that unequivocally shows what this area is all about. It is even more important now than ever before because economic development groups everywhere are competing in cyberspace for the attention of a relatively small number of site selectors. A strong brand identity has always been a critical piece of the communications puzzle. letterhead. If chosen for this project. One of the primary tasks of creating this new website will be to give [Client Name] a strong. Schiller Solutions LLC will donate a complete branding campaign to [Client Name] (a $2. [Client Name]ʼs goal is to create one of the top economic development websites for communities of this size and demographic. and envelopes. business cards. Please note that this proposal is based on rough specifications of the items listed. including a new logo. The current website is not up to par with many surrounding regions (itʼs missing the “Wow!” factor).500 value). then fees will change accordingly.

what elements were most effective. Once we have researched your industry and developed a working knowledge of terms and trends. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 3 . We will get to know your industry by reading trade publications and online journals about economic development. charts and graphs. These reports will be turned into case studies to review as the design process continues. including at least two from this region. Following the creation of the case studies. and how they ultimately reached their decision. These websites will be reviewed for content. According to ccintellect and ED Solutions. one of the five most common challenges economic development practitioners face when creating a website is “working with web vendors that donʼt know your business. The interviews will examine how the Internet played a role in their site search. we will look in-depth at five of the most visually interesting economic development websites.Part 2: Design & Production The process of creating the new [Client Name] website will occur in five phases. They have conducted hundreds of research interviews and focus groups. The purpose of these interviews is to ensure that we are developing this website with your intended audience in mind. use of maps and other geographic information. and at least two that have population sizes and demographics similar to the area. color scheme. and other unique characteristics. ease of use. we will create a discovery document containing trends in the industry. At the end of this phase. the five in-depth website case studies. and they understand how to ask the right questions so that we really understand the needs of our audience. These phases will ensure a finished product that is consistent with [Client Name]ʼs vision. The document will also provide a strong foundation upon which the new website will be built with [Client Name]ʼs input. communication. what elements were least effective. © 2010 Schiller Solutions.” It is our business to know your business in order to ensure proper branding and marketing strategies. We will also get to know your competition by researching their websites so that we can create a design that will help [Client Name] get noticed. and the findings from the five site selector interviews. navigational elements. PHASE I — Research & Discovery The first thing we will do is immerse ourselves in the field of economic development. These interviews will be conducted by [Focus Group Partner]. we will interview one site selector from five different organizations that have (preferably) worked with [Client Name] in recent years.

LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 4 . logical website architecture becomes critical. etc. which helps search engines discover all pages of the website. ideas for the websiteʼs visual identity will be conceptualized. the design of the new website will begin. and it is expected that one of the designs. This site architecture will also be utilized to create a site map on the website. an updated website architecture will be provided.). Each concept will consist of an example home page and an example inside page. such as interactive maps and photograph slideshows. This phase will incorporate the newly-created identity for [Client Name]. imagery. because 90% of site selection data is collected online before a prospect even picks up the phone (Source: Ron Starner of IAMC). a clear. PHASE III — Adobe Photoshop Mockups Following the strategic recommendations and approved website architecture. and color schemes to be used on the website. is necessary for even the most seasoned Internet user to have a positive experience.PHASE II — Architecture & Strategic Recommendations A clear website architecture. During Phase II. Business Advantages. New domain names will also be suggested at this phase to examine how we can make [Client Name]ʼs website more memorable. Specific stylistic ideas will also be created at this stage. along with title suggestions for each primary area of the site (such as Buildings & Sites. These ideas will include phrases. will be chosen as a direction for the new website. as discussed in the Project Overview section. It is imperative that the website content is highly informed and well-written. or hierarchy. the website will take its form via hand-drawn wireframes. When a website contains as many sections and as much content as [Client Name]ʼs website. Before any color swatches are laid down and any pixels are drawn. or a combination of designs. This new identity will then be utilized for the design of the website. which will allow [Client Name] to establish a cohesive brand in both print and online mediums. Using the information from the discovery document. © 2010 Schiller Solutions. These wireframes allow us to focus on the navigation placement and usability of the website before moving onto the computer with images and color. Three polished website concepts will be provided.

The HTML and CSS designs will also function the same in every web browser without excess code modifications or browser-specific style sheets (such as CSS Internet Explorer hacks). worldwide). and your users donʼt waste paper printing out navigation bars. In addition to being standards-compliant. so our hand-coding may help potential clients find your company more effectively through Internet search. the website will contain a special print. Alongside the standard style sheet for proper onscreen display.css style sheet that will allow for pages to be formated specifically for the printer when a user chooses to print a page.w3. It is our policy to fix browser display problems correctly by writing code that displays the same in every browser. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 5 . The CSS will be valid CSS 2. This will allow for easier interaction with the content management system and will help display foreign characters for localization.PHASE IV — HTML/CSS Template Creation Once a design for the home and inner pages has been selected. The character encoding used for the website will be utf-8 (Unicode. The markup will be validated at http://validator.org/.w3. they are unsustainable in that they may not work in future releases of Internet Explorer or other web browsers. After a discussion about the [CMS Provider]. and does not affect the user experience. which leads to increased efficiency when tracking down display problems.org/css-validator/. © 2010 Schiller Solutions. The benefit of using a separate style sheet for printing is that the printed page looks very clean and welldesigned. This change of style is handled on-the-fly. the pages will be turned into standards-compliant HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets) CSS. we decided it is best in this case to use the valid XHTML 1. This hand coding will make for exceptionally clear markup. nor does the user see the print styling anywhere other than on the printed page. the HTML and CSS will all be handcoded by members of the Schiller Solutions LLC team. While Internet Explorer browser hacks may work today. Search engines prefer a well-organized HTML document with clear “content” areas in the code.1 according to the W3C at http://jigsaw.0 Transitional document type according to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standard.

software design. we will monitor Googleʼs. Internet Explorer 8. We will also ensure that any Flash movies and other embedded objects load correctly. Additionally we will provide thorough testing of the website design and functionality using Windows Internet Explorer 7. Yahooʼs and Microsoftʼs respective webmaster tools for a period of three months (but no later than March 31. After the website is launched. Please note that Schiller Solutions LLC will not handle any content migration. The oversight we will provide ensures that the templates work with the content management system while still maintaining their design and markup integrity. 2009) to ensure that the search engines are not encountering any unexplained errors. Mozilla Firefox 3. Apple Safari 4. and Opera 10. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 6 .PHASE V — Execution and Oversight In this final phase. or training for this project. © 2010 Schiller Solutions. This is a complimentary service. software setup. we will work with [CMS Company] and oversee the migration of the HTML/CSS templates into the content management system.

This is an expedited timeline. brainstorm ideas for the strategic direction of the website. and it will require diligence and cooperation from all parties involved. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 7 . [Client Name] expressed a desire to have the five most common elements of the new website up-and-running by mid-September. show three ideas for new logo (in person or via email) August 4–15 • Complete new logo design (donated) • Develop three website design concepts in Adobe Photoshop (each with one home page design and one inner page design) • August 11 — Meet to discuss Photoshop designs and other design elements • Create designs for interactive maps and photographic slideshows • Design Photoshop templates for data graphs and charts ‣ [Client Name]: Choose direction for website design based on Photoshop comps (August 11 meeting) © 2010 Schiller Solutions. imagery and color scheme to be used • Generate a list of proposed new domain names • Begin sketches for new [Client Name] visual identity (donated). Below is a general timeline. All dates are in the current calendar year. and discuss direction for updated website architecture • Using the information from our meeting. submit for approval and feedback July 28–August 1 • July 28 — Meeting with Schiller Solutions LLC and [Client Name] to discuss Phase I.Part 3: Timeline In our initial meeting for this project. based on an initial impression of project scope and when the project can begin. including the phrases. create an updated website architecture • In the meeting. July 14–18 • Project commences with receipt of initial payment • Research the economic development industry • Create case studies for five ED websites • Generate interview questions for the five site selectors • Choose five site selectors and schedule phone interview times with them July 21–25 • Interview the five site selectors • Summarize each interview and aggregate overall findings • Complete the discovery document.

train [Client Name] September 2–12 • Oversee template integration into CMS • Make as-needed adjustments to the HTML and CSS markup • Meet two or three times to ensure this is moving smoothly ‣ [Client Name]: Complete primary transition of content into CMS ‣ [CMS Company]: Have CMS ready for template integration September 15–19 • Test CMS installation against all major web browsers • Launch first phase of website (including the home page and site selection sections) ‣ [Client Name]: Proofread newly-launched content September 22–November 28 • Oversee final transitions of content into CMS with new content • Complete the design of new [Client Name] identity materials (donated) ‣ [Client Name]: Finish migrating content into CMS © 2010 Schiller Solutions. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 8 .‣ [Client Name]: Make necessary adjustments to the existing website copy to reflect the new website direction August 18–29 • Create HTML/CSS templates from the Photoshop mockups • Test templates for proper display in popular web browsers • Validate HTML/CSS markup through W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) • Program Flash-based interactive maps and photograph slideshows • Meet August 25 – 27 to go look over interactive Flash features ‣ [Client Name]: Begin content migration into PageLeaf ‣ [CMS Company]: Have CMS ready for content migration.

type specifications. website hosting. imagery and marketing phrases • Domain name research and suggestions Phase III — Adobe Photoshop Mockups • Design three ideas for the new website.000 * Please note that these fees include everything that is outlined in the Design & Production section of this proposal.Part 4: Fees* Phase I — Research and Discovery $6. or its software development.000 Phase V — Execution and Oversight $4. © 2010 Schiller Solutions. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 9 . and other services explicitly mentioned in this document. domain registration. overtime charges. making necessary adjustments • Test installation against all major web browsers • Setup search engine webmaster monitoring to ensure there are no dead links • Monitor the search engine crawls and indexing of the site for three months after completion Project Total: $30. nor do they include any fees from [CMS Company]. Flash programming. website layout.000 • In-depth industry research • Work with public relations consultant on five interviews and five case studies • Creation of discovery document Phase II — Architecture and Strategic Recommendations • Organize an updated website hierarchy • Devise a color scheme. slideshow. and data graphs Phase IV — HTML/CSS Template Integration • Take designs and turn them into W3C-validated HTML/CSS templates • Test templates in major web browsers • Program Flash interactive maps and photograph slideshows • Create PDF templates if desired $4.000 $8. or printing costs. website design. These fees do not include general website copywriting. photographic art direction. HTML and CSS template creation. including three home page ideas • Integrate new logo • Create designs for interactive maps. public relations and design consultant fees.000 $8.000 • Oversee template integration into CMS. its software. alterations on approved materials. Included services are industry research. These fees do not include any services provided by vendors outside of Schiller Solutions LLC employees and contractors. out-of-pocket expenses (such as stock photography purchases).

Schiller Solutions LLCʼs involvement in this project will be considered complete when all pages of [Client Name]ʼs website reflect the new design. Logos and brand identities are one of our passions. and 2011 calendar years.Part 5: Payments Payments to Schiller Solutions LLC for this project will be broken into three segments. for 30% of the total ($9. business cards. and. 2010. we will monitor the new [Client Name] website in the search engine webmaster areas for a period of three months (not to surpass March 31. color scheme. we are pleased to offer [Client Name] our services to develop a new visual identity. plus any expenses incurred outside of the agreed upon services (invoice on September 2). Payment 3 will be for the remaining 30% ($9. if chosen for this project. This would bring Schiller Solutions LLCʼs pledge to [Client Name] to $5. or additions/modifications to the new [Client Name] website. and will be billed for 40% of the total ($12.500 over four years. We would also like to continue in the spirit of donation to [Client Name] by offering $1. Part 6: In-Kind Donation We are thrilled with the opportunity to work with [Client Name] on this project.000). Payment 2 will be due on September 15. Potential use of the 10 hours per year could be brochures featuring the new identity. © 2010 Schiller Solutions. A new identity would give your organization a visual consistency that it is currently missing. print or online advertisements.000) plus any outstanding expenses and will be billed at the completion of Schiller Solutions LLCʼs involvement in the project. Payment 1 will initiate the project. This identity system will include a new logo. 2009).000 of design work (10 hours) for each of the 2009.500. This system from Schiller Solutions LLC is valued at $2.000). LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 10 . Once our involvement is considered complete. letterhead and envelopes.

Harvest Farm & Preserve. teaching a graduate course each spring in web design and social media in the School of Library and Information Science. He is actively involved with many non-profit organizations. © 2010 Schiller Solutions. He formed Schiller Solutions. Drew graduated from the University of Iowa. hosts workshops. Drew has had articles published in area publications. LLC in July of 2008. and writes about marketing. branding. Designer & Project Coordinator Drew is a marketing consultant and an ADDY Award-winning graphic and web designer who helps companies create distinctive brands. and he serves on the Member’s Council of the University of Iowa Museum of Art. Public Relations Consultant Public relations consultant bio and photo. and he writes a blog on marketing and design at DrewSchiller. Drew is an Adjunct Instructor at the University of Iowa. He has freelanced since 2001. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 11 . Drew speaks. Design Consultant Design consultant bio and photo. having studied Graphic Design and Computer Science. In addition to creating memorable brands for clients.com that is syndicated by the Cedar Rapid Gazette’s Edge Business Magazine’s website.Part 7: The Project Team Drew Schiller. and started Drew Schiller Design in May of 2004. design and business. including the American Heart & Stroke Association.

JavaScript. and credit All work created for this project by Schiller Solutions LLC that pertains to the visual branding of [Client Name] will be considered the property of [Client Name].Part 8: Rights. © 2010 Schiller Solutions. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 12 . HTML. CSS. The design of all identity materials donated to [Client Name] remains the property of [Client Name]. Schiller Solutions LLC reserves the right to receive credit for all materials designed for this project and for all future design services and donations. so long as the use of these items does not infringe on or compete with the visual identity of [Client Name]. and templates such as maps and slideshows. Schiller Solutions LLC also reserves the right to use all materials in a promotional manner. usage. Schiller Solutions LLC reserves the right to reuse software code.

a new Mediterranean-inspired restaurant in Coralville: © 2010 Schiller Solutions. Collectively. Frank Magid Associates. In a similar industry as [Client]. 7-Eleven. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 13 . the MacAurthor Foundation. regional. we have represented local. Kansas City Art Institute. Minskyʼs Pizza franchise in Kansas City. and national clients. Jimmy Jackʼs Rib Shack. Alpine Communications.Part 9: Collateral Materials The team assembled for this project represents a wealth of experience and creativity. the Midwest Institute of Natural Healing. including Applebeeʼs. and many more. Schiller Solutions LLC has completed a makeover and content management system installation for the Muscatine (Iowa) Convention and Visitorʼs Bureau in 2006: Below is the most recent website completed by Schiller Solutions LLC. Cramer Sports Medicine. The website is for Vesta. The University of Iowa.

except that the Client may authorize expenses or revisions orally. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY 14 .Part 10: Terms 1. Upon cancellation or kill.Miscellany This Agreement shall be binding upon the parties. including any electronic rights or usage and including. and personal representatives. comps. Its terms can be modified only by an instrument in writing signed by both parties. or other preliminary materials. costs. 2. Any use additional to that expressly granted above requires arrangement for payment of a separate fee. and all original art must be returned. Permissions and Releases The Client agrees to indemnify and hold Schiller Solutions LLC harmless against any and all claims. Revisions (A) Preliminary Work/Sketches: Schiller Solutions LLC agrees to submit three rough sketches and/or three finished sketches for Clientʼs approval. their heirs. Client agrees to offer Schiller Solutions LLC the first opportunity to make any changes to final artwork. including attorneyʼs fees. 4. Payment Payment for finished work is due upon completion. but not limited to. No terms attached to any check for the payment under this Agreement can modify the Agreement except under an independent instrument in writing signed by both parties. including sketches. A 1 1/2% monthly service charge will be billed against late payment. comps. One hundred percent (100%) of the total fee is due despite cancellation or postponement of the job if the art has been completed. or other preliminary materials. (B) Finished Art: Client agrees to pay Schiller Solutions LLC an additional fee. Additional fees will be charged to Client for revisions made after such sketches and for all revisions that reflect a new direction for the assignment or new conceptual input. successors. Reservation of Rights All rights not expressly granted in the proposal are retained by Schiller Solutions LLC. The Clientʼs right to use the work is conditioned upon the receipt of payment within 15 days of completion and upon Clientʼs compliance with the terms of this agreement. all rights in sketches. for changes requested to final art where Client asked Schiller Solutions LLC to proceed directly to final art. This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of [Your State] and courts of such State shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue. Cancellation and Kill Fees Cancellation (“kill”) fees are due based on the amount of work completed Fifty percent (50%) of the final fee is due within 30 days of notification that for any reason the job is canceled or postponed before the final stage. all rights to the art revert to the Artist. to be negotiated separately. 6. Any dispute regarding this agreement shall be arbitrated in Iowa under the rules of the American Arbitration waiver of a breach of any of the provisions of this agreement shall not be construed as a continuing waiver of other breaches of the same or other provision. This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties. 3. and expenses. 5. due to materials included in the Work at the request of the Client for which no copyright permission or privacy release was requested or for which uses exceed the uses allowed pursuant to a permission or release. net 15 days. No additional fee shall be billed for changes required to bring final artwork up to original specifications or assignment description. assigns. © 2010 Schiller Solutions.

Iowa City. IA 52244 Dear [Contact Name]. Drew Schiller The signatures below indicate agreement to terms expressed in Schiller Solutions LLCʼs proposal for [Client Name] dated [Proposal Date]. I look forward to working with you. Your signature below indicates agreement to the all terms and conditions submitted in the proposal dated [Proposal Date]. ___________________ Drew Schiller. Member Schiller Solutions LLC __________ Date __________________ __________ [Authorized Signatory] [Client Company] Date © 2010 Schiller Solutions. Sincerely.Letter of Agreement Project: [Project Name] To: [Contact Name] [Client Company] [Client Address] FROM: Drew Schiller Schiller Solutions LLC PO Box 862. I am excited that you have chosen my company to [Explanation of project]. LLC — SAMPLE PROPOSAL FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY .