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LJ Hooker is the undisputed leader in Australian real estate.. Today. talking with them. *Source: Annual National Brand Track conducted by Newspoll. LJ Hooker agents spend much of their time much like Les Hooker did in those early days – meeting people. for inviting Australia’s No. Our wide range of proven. sharing knowledge. Why do more people choose LJ Hooker? As Sir Leslie Joseph Hooker said. “Real estate is not about houses.. real estate services has been designed to suit your needs and to make the most of the unique features your property may offer. developing relationships and gaining trust. Sydney. At LJ Hooker we know that selling your home is both an exciting and emotional time – that’s why we are committed to make the whole process as smooth and as easy as possible. it’s about people. in 1928.” Margaret & Joshua Parker and family 2 .” A young Les Hooker opened the first LJ Hooker office in Maroubra. According to independent research*. professional. nobody does it better than LJ Hooker. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you to achieve the outcome you desire – the best price in the shortest possible time. LJ Hooker is: 4 Australia’s most trusted real estate company 4 Australia’s best known real estate brand 4 Australia’s best known real estate advertiser 4 Australia’s most often chosen real estate company When it comes to selling your property.Thank you. 1998-2009 “ heLJHookerteamhavetakencareof T everythingallowingustospendtimetogether andmakingthelastmemoriesofourhouse specialfortheentirefamily. This people-first approach is a big part of the reason why today.1 real estate company to assist you with selling your property. with the best service.

because no one knows the local area better than your LJ Hooker area specialist. Trust is the essential ingredient in developing any business and personal relationship – at LJ Hooker trust is something that is not negotiable! Since 1928. When it comes to selling real estate. best known and most often chosen real estate company. nobody does it better than LJ Hooker. That’s why. research conducted by Newspoll. LJ Hooker is recognised as the real estate industry leader in the development and introduction of new. in the shortest possible time. hard working and totally committed to achieving the best result – in any market condition. Year after year. From day one our primary focus is on developing a professional marketing program designed to sell your property for the best price. one of Australia’s leading independent research companies. The result of LJ Hooker’s professional and innovative approach to selling real estate speaks for itself. every day. confirms that LJ Hooker is the number one choice in real estate – Australia’s most trusted. 3 . millions of Australians like you have trusted LJ Hooker to sell their valuable property because they know we are professional.Dealing with someone you can trust. so many people like you who sell their property through LJ Hooker are happy to say. Achieving your desired outcome. innovative and proven real estate marketing programs.

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’ a record is kept of every person who inspects your property. During ‘Open for Inspections. Your LJ Hooker local area specialist knows how important it is to you that your property is secure and left in quality condition during the inspection process.Caring for your property is important to us. 5 .

Vanuatu.Choosing the best method of sale for you. Hong Kong and China. Vietnam. Benefit from our International Referral System. Papua New Guinea. Today. will take you through the sale options and advise you on the best method to ensure your property receives maximum buyer exposure and interest to achieve the best price in the shortest possible time. Japan. India. Our system captures buyer interest across our network of LJ Hooker offices throughout Australia and in New Zealand. your buyer may come from across the road or across the world! When your property is listed for sale with LJ Hooker you can reach all these markets through LJ Hooker’s National and International Referral System. Indonesia.” Miranda and Brendan Dobbin 6 . “Wehavejustboughtourfirsthousethrough LJHookerandwehavejuststartedturningit intoourdreamhome. There are a number of ways to sell a property and LJ Hooker are experts in all of them: 4 Auction 4 Private Treaty 4 Sale by Offer 4 Sale by Tender Your LJ Hooker local area specialists.

These campaigns ensure the LJ Hooker brand remains top-of-mind when they are thinking of buying or investing in either by its location. As your local area specialist we will develop a Luxury & Lifestyle provides that something special. then it should be featured on the Luxury & Lifestyle section of ljhooker.1 agent website 4 Feature on – Australia’s largest industry website 4 Distinctive Signboard Range 4 Office Window Display 4 Local and Metropolitan Newspaper Advertising 4 Extensive Brochure Range 4 Office Buyer Database Match 4 International Referral System Enjoy a special experience. Most of your potential buyers are already familiar with the LJ Hooker brand due to our extensive television. 4 Feature on ljhooker. and takes your property marketing campaign to another level. radio and print campaigns that run throughout the year. If your property offers prospective buyers a unique point-of-difference. the following mediums may be selected for your property marketing campaign. its – Australia’s No. its exclusivity or its associated lifestyle. something different.Achieve maximum market exposure. 7 . To ensure your property gains maximum exposure locally and to the global marketplace. comprehensive and cost-effective marketing campaign to ensure your property receives maximum exposure to local and out of area buyers.

property details are emailed direct to the interested buyer! When you list with LJ Hooker your property is displayed on two leading real estate websites.The power of the Internet is working for – Australia’s No. which features on ljhooker.1 agent website in Australia. * Source – Nielsen Net Ratings 8 . The Internet is the most exciting marketing medium in real estate today – reaching prospective buyers in the next service.* delivering more potential buyers and investors for your is the – Australia’s largest industry members register their property search criteria and when a ‘match’ is made. ljhooker.1 agent website and homehound. the next around the country and across the world! myljhooker. Your property will also be marketed to members of the myljhooker.

20. so please ask us for a full explanation of these conditions at the time of listing your property.You deserve to be rewarded. *Conditions do apply.000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points* What better way to celebrate selling your home by planning your next holiday! 10.000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points for landlords* When you appoint LJ Hooker as your exclusive property management agent. or become a Qantas Frequent Flyer member. Making the decision to appoint LJ Hooker to sell your property has additional rewards if you are. Selling your property through LJ Hooker can be a rewarding experience. in more ways than one. 9 .

com 4 J Hooker Financial Services can find the property L loan that’s right for your needs from the hundreds of loans on offer through their extensive lender panel 4 LJ Hooker Conveyancing (NSW & VIC) can look after all your conveyancing requirements – exclusive to the service is Settlement Tracker that keeps you updated ensuring you are kept up to date on the progress of your settlement 24/7 automatically by SMS/email 4 LJ Hooker Settlements (WA) can look after all your conveyancing requirements – exclusive to the service is Settlement Tracker that lets you access the progress of your settlement 24/7 and automatically keeps you updated by SMS/email throughout the process 4 Connectnow is a convenient one call FREE service to arrange the disconnection or connection of essential utilities including water.Bringing people and property together. Please discuss the service you are interested in with your local LJ Hooker Agent or visit ljhooker. Contents & Motor Insurance available through H our insurance partners who can protect your valuable assets with a range of specific insurance packages 4 The Property Inspection Brokers can provide a range of pest and building inspection services through their Australia-wide network of fully licensed and accredited inspectors 4 MT & ASSOC is our preferred supplier of Tax B Depreciation Schedules for property investors to assist them to claim the maximum tax deductions relating to their property investments 10 . gas. Your local LJ Hooker office is committed to looking after you throughout the real estate cycle – from beginning to end and beyond – with a wide range of helpful real estate related services designed to smooth the selling and buying process. electricity as well as Internet and PayTV 4 Connectnow Move is Australia’s first FREE online moving solution that makes it easy to compare removal service providers and fully cost and plan your relocation 4 ome.

Systematic follow-up of all potential buyers 9. Pre-qualified buyers are matched to your property. We are a part of your community and strive to help make a difference where possible. 11 . Mr Hooker Bear character life-size suit and the LJ Hooker Marquee are often sighted at community gatherings and can be made available to you should you desire. The selling price is negotiated 10. Your property is marketed in accordance with your tailored marketing campaign 4. The sale process is fast-tracked with LJ Hooker Financial Services. Since 1928. Appoint LJ Hooker as your exclusive selling agent 2.Steps to a successful sale. You become a valued member of our “Customer for Life” program We’re supporting our community. Visitors to all property inspections are recorded 7. 1. The ‘Sign that Sells’ is displayed on your property 3. SOLD! 11. LJ Hooker has been active in local communities throughout Australia by supporting local events and sponsorships. assisting your potential buyers with their finance while providing you with finance options that best suit your needs 6. contacted and invited to inspect 5. Vendor reports are prepared after every inspection 8.

LJ Hooker is proud to be the national sponsor of Cystic Fibrosis Australia. On a larger scale. a partnership in caring. Through the LJ Hooker Cystic Fibrosis Fund we have raised in excess of $3 million dollars to help fund research in finding a cure while also increasing public awareness of this condition. Cystic Fibrosis is a life threatening genetic condition that affects the lungs and digestive system. 12 .LJ Hooker and Cystic Fibrosis.

With LJ Hooker you are not forgotten after your property is sold because you will become a valued member of our ‘Customer for Life’ program which is designed to maintain contact with you on matters relating to real estate. nobody does it better. This is our way of saying ‘Thank You’ for the trust you have placed with us and another good reason for you to say 13 . special offers and wealth creation.Customer for Life. When you appoint LJ Hooker to sell your property you can rest assured your satisfaction is guaranteed because of our commitment to live up to our promise that when it comes to real estate.

” Tiffany and Mark Knowles 14 . proven marketing programs 4 We are the recognised innovator in the real estate industry 4 We are the recognised industry leader in staff training. nobody does it is Australia’s No.Ourhomewassoldformore thanweexpectedinashorterthanexpected timeframe.1 agent website 4 We’ve been delivering real estate excellence since 1928 4 Our focus is on achieving the best outcome for you 4 We provide reward opportunities to vendors who list and sell exclusively through LJ Hooker 4 We offer a wide range of essential real estate related services to smooth the selling and buying process 4 We maximise buyer interest though a unique Customer Referral System across a network of over 700 offices 4 Our local area specialists deliver powerful. 4 We are Australia’s most trusted real estate company 4 We are Australia’s best known real estate brand 4 We are Australia’s best known real estate advertiser 4 We are Australia’s most often chosen real estate company 4 ljhooker. development and education 4 We are totally committed to our ‘Customer for Life’ philosophy 4 We actively support local communities 4 We proudly support Cystic Fibrosis Australia “ hewholesalesexperiencewaseffortless T andrewarding.Why we can truly say.

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