Post-Graduate Syllabus for Regular Students in English (Under Semester System) Effective from 2008-2009 Academic Sessions


Group Discussion: 50 & Vivavoce: 50 (Paper 204) Semester III: Written: 300 (Papers 301-303). which are mentioned in the relevant section itself. 204. to be decided by the tutor. They must study all the texts/units in order to be able to answer all questions. papers 301-304 for the third semester. shall be given to the students by draw of lots on the spot. Rules for the Special Paper on Linguistics and Phonetics are different. eight short questions (5 marks each) will be serially set. termed Special Paper. Students are required to do papers 101-104 for the first semester. 301-303. Each such choice contains seven texts/units. . 401-402 contain six texts/units each.B. each carrying 100 marks. N. Semester-wise Break-up of Marks (Total Marks: 1600) Semester I: Written: 300 (Papers 101-103). Paper 403. 304. & 404 are for Group Discussion and Viva-Voce. and papers 401-404 for the fourth and final semester. Papers 104. Papers 101-103.There are sixteen papers. In each such paper. offers four choices. papers 201-204 for the second semester. Group Discussion: 50 & Vivavoce: 50 (Paper 404) N. The text/broad topic for Group Discussion shall be announced ahead of schedule. Group Discussion: 50 & Vivavoce: 50 (Paper 304) Semester IV: Written: 300 (Papers 401-403). but different aspects of the text/topic. out of which any four are to be answered. In each paper meant for written examination. out of which any one is to be opted for. 201203. Group Discussion: 50 & Vivavoce: 50 (Paper 104) Semester II: Written: 300 (Papers 201-203). four essay-type questions (20 marks each) from any four texts/units with alternatives will be set.B.

Utopia PAPER 102 • Shakespeare . Of Friendship. Of Travel. Of Youth and Age.The Duchess of Malfi • Ben Jonson .Essay on Man. Of Envy. Of Truth. Book 1 • Francis Bacon -Of Adversity. Of Garden • John Milton .Doctor Faustus • Thomas More . Part I • John Webster .Samson Agonistes • Philip Sidney . Viva-Voce – 50 SEMESTER II .Gulliver’s Travels • Jane Austen .Faerie Queene. Of Studies.Hamlet Measure for Measure A Midsummer Night’s Dream Henry IV.SEMESTER – I PAPER 101 • Edmund Spenser.All for Love • William Congreve .An Apology for Poetry • Christopher Marlowe .Preface to Shakespeare PAPER 104 • Group Discussion – 50.Everyman Out of His Humour PAPER 103 • John Drylen . Essay on Criticism • Jonathan Swift .The Way of the World • Alexander Pope .Mansfield Park • Samuel Johnson .

Wordsworth . Shakespeare (b) Newman . (b) John Stuart Mill . One Word More (c) Arnold . Literature (c) Arnold .Frankenstein PAPER 202 • Emily Bronte .B. Section I. 14.The Lady of Shallot. Chapter I. Shelley . Autumn.Middlemarch • Victorian Prose . V.Ed.Rabbi Ben Ezra. BK II) • William Wordsworth .Wuthering Heights • George Eliot . 41.Knowledge its Own End. Growing Old. Seturaman (Macmillan) (a) Carlyle . 16. Odes (Indolence.The Marriage of Heaven and Hell • John Keats . 14. Kant.A Vindication of the Rights of Women (Norton edition) Introduction.S.Sweetness and Light.Philosophical Enquiry into the Origin of our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful [Excerpts].The Hero as Poet. Psyche.Preface to Lyrical Ballads.From “Subjection of Women” • Victorian Poetry (a) Tennyson . Coleridge Selections from Biographia Literaria (Chapter 13. Chapter II. In Memoriam-11. Morte D’ Arthur (b) Browning .Dover Beach. The death of Sohrab . Doing as One Likes • Henry James .PAPER 201 • Edmund Burke .Prometheus Unbound. 45.Letters [1817-19].The Portrait of a Lady • Victorian Prose Selections (a) Mary Wollstonecraft .Prelude I & II • Mary Shelley .The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed’s Church. Dante. 17) • William Blake . “Analytic of the Sublime” (From Critique of Judgment. Melancholy) • P. Chapter V.

A Summer Night. I can never be a Great Man • Modern Poetry II (a) Dylan Thomas . Poem in October. The Thought-fox.Saint Joan • Virginia Woolf . A Shilling Life (c) Spender . Thrushes . At Grass (c) Ted Hughes .Church Going.Hawk Roosting.The Express. The Windhover. Do not go into that Good Night. (b) Larkin . Eliot .A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man • Modern Poetry I (a) T. Darkness and Light. Memorial for the City.The Importance of Being Earnest • Bernard Shaw .The Wreck of Deutschland. Yeats. Wants.(d) Hardy .Heart of Darkness • Rudyard Kipling .B. In Memory of W.The Waste Land (b) Auden .The force that through the Green Fuse. Lawrence . At the Edge of Being. A Childish Prank.S.H. Pied Beauty • Joseph Conrad . Moments of Vision PAPER 203 • Gerald Manley Hopkins .Women in Love • James Joyce .Kim • Oscar Wilde . The Explosion.‘Modern Fiction’ PAPER 204 • Group Discussion – 50.In Front of the Landscape: The Darkling Thrush. Viva-voce – 50 SEMESTER III PAPER 301 • D.

The Intentional Fallacy. Bhabha .Inteoduction (From Orientalism). Republic Books II.Look Back In Anger • Samuel Beckett .Under Western Eyes: Feminist Scholarship and Colonial Discourses (Source: Mongia) PAPER 304 • Group Discussion – 50.The Trial • Brecht . Mohanty . • Chandra T. Cleanth Brooks: The Language of Paradox • Said . M.Contemporary Postcolonial Theory) • Derrida .The Study of Poetry.The Caretaker • Albert Camus .Lord of the Files • PAPER 302 • John Osborne .The Other Question (Source: Padmini Mongia . Eliot .Poetics • Arnold . Abrams .H.Mother Courage PAPER 303 • Plato – Ion.Tradition and the Individual Talent • Wimsatt and Beardsley . X. Viva-voce – 50 SEMESTER IV . III. Aristotle .Waiting for Godot • Harold Pinter .Deconstructive-Angel (Source: David Lodge) • Showalter .The Outsider • Kafka .Feminist Criticism in Wilderness (Source: Lodge).Graham Greene . Sign and Play in the Discourse of the Human Sciences.The Power and the Glory • William Golding .Structure.

The Sound and the Fury • Sylvia Plath .Day Standing on Its Head Indian English Literature • Mulk Raj Anand .The Glass Menagerie • Arthur Miller . Fire. Daddy.A Fringe of Leaves PAPER 403 (Special Paper) American Literature • Ralph Ellison .The Bluest Eye • August Wilson .Coolie • Girish Karnad .Provide.My Son’s Story • Marquez .The Fire and the Rain . Naipaul .Kanthapura • Derek Walcott . Lady Lazarus • Langston Hughes .Selected Poems PAPER 402 • Raja Rao . Ariel.Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom • Philip Kan Gotanda . Purdah.The Weary Blues. Fever 103.Pantomime • Chinua Achebe . 50-50. The Gift Outright. Theme for English B. The Negro Speaks of Rivers. Heaven. Provide. Personal • Toni Morrison .Surfacing • V. Sitting by a Bush in Broad Sunlight.S. Mending Wall.Walden • Tennessee Williams . Dream Variations. Come in • Gordimer .PAPER 401 • Thoreau . Directive.Things Fall Apart • Margaret Atwood .One Hundred Years of Solitude Or • Pablo Neruda .The Mimic Men • Patrick White .Death of Salesman • Robert Frost . Birches. The Colossus.Invisible Man • Faulkner . Ballad of the Landlord.Point Shirley.

A. Anantha Murthy .The Shadow Lines Arundhati Roy . Press) • Vaikom Muhammad Basheer . the notion of Universal Grammar Unit VI: Stylistics and New Stylistics UnitVII: Language and language acquisition: the Behaviourist. Clause/sentence type: Subordinationand coordination. K. . Ramanujan.Dance like a Man Indian English poetry . components of a linguistic description.Girls for Sale (Indian Univ. (Arun Kolatkar.R.Poovanbanana and Other Stries (Orient Longman) Linguistics and Phonetics • Group – A Linguistics: (50 marks) Unit I : Notions of grammar. Thematic Systems of the clause Unit III: The Noun Phrase Structure. ed. Unit V: Surface and Deep Structure interrelation. descriptive grammar vs.Godan (Oxford India) • P. Tense. A.Breast Stories (Seagull) • Gurajada Apparao . Adjectives. K. prescriptive grammar Unit II : Phrases. Aspect and Modality.The God of Small Things Mahesh Dattani . Innatist and Interactionist schools.• • • • • Salman Rushdie .Samskara (Oxford India) • Munshi Premchand . Mehrotra.The Home and the World (Penguin) • U. morphological processes. Determiners and Article features Unit IV: Verbs.The Grip of Change (Orient Longman) • Mahasweta Devi . Sivakami . constituent structure. Dilip Chitre) Texts in Translation • Rabindranth Tagore . Prepositions. sentence and clause. Some basic concepts in grammar: words and lexims. Correctness. Agha Sahid Ali. Kernel and non-kernel clauses. Grammaticality.Midnight’s Children Amitav Ghosh .

Problems of Indian learners of English. Phonetics and Phonology Unit II: Air-Stream Mechanism and Organs of Speech Unit III: Description of English Vowels and Consonants. Phonetic and Phonemic Transcription. . Intonation. Rhythm. the notion of General Indian English (GIE). Sylable and Syllable structure Unit IV: Suprasegmental features: Stress. IV & V. Viva-voce – 50. Practical: 15 marks) Unit I: International Phonetic Alphabet. PAPER 404 • Group Discussion – 50. Assimilation and Elison Unit V: The so-called RP. Practical: Oral tests on Units III.• Group – B Phonetics: (Theoretical: 35 marks.