Course No. ECE-307 Course Title: Antenna Engineering Faculty: Surjeet Kumar

Max. Mark 20

1. A hypothetical isotropic antenna is radiating in free space. At a distance of 100 m from the antenna the total electric field( ) is measured to be 5 v/m. Find a. The power density b. The power radiated 2. A linearly polarized uniform plane wave travelling in the +z direction, with a power density of 10 mW per square meter, is incident upon a CW circularly polarized antenna whose gain is 10 db at 10 GHZ. Find out a. Maximum effective area of the antenna b. Power that will be delivered to a load attached directly to the terminals of the antenna [5] 3. The radiation intensity is represent by U= Find the directivity. [5] [5]

4. The maximum radiation intensity of a 90% efficiency antenna is 200 mW/unit solid angle. Find the directivity and gain when the a. Input power is 125.66 mW b. Radiated power is 125.66 mW [5]