a day in the life of a wikileaks ninja

by mary rose lenore eng (please)

guantanamo is for lovers: on the way to see julian assange at the "supreme" court UK

ie: the wikileaks show

thanks to http://www.liberte-info.net/ for encouraging me to take pictures!

see if this were an extraordinary rendition conducted by G4S, my head would be tied to my feet causing asphyxiation. thanks to the guardian, and wikileaks, and the ACLU we are coming to grip the actuality of the Abu Ghraib scene. i mean, i'll speak for myself, and certainly not jacob rees mogg.

the bus from stoke newington checking out the december 5th extradition parliament notes---i describe jacob rees mogg as "awesomest" why do the brits call him an idiot. i think that's mean. i would extradite him to whereever i am. totally. i did make a note that he needs to read the guantanamo files released by wikileaks, to clear up some of his misunderstandings about american torture. also all the torture docs would be good too from disbartorturelawyers and the CIA nudity interrogation memo. i would never nonconsensually interrogate jacob rees mogg in the nude. zac goldsmith either. i mean if i worked for the CIA, i just might have to. oh yeah--but they are not arab. nevermind. its a racist kind of thing: USA. UK. we're hoping they never get their hands on julian assange---but htey already do.

see if 500k is the damage karl rove took to the rothschild's art firm FSI

via julian assange

and alexi is my informant

the only answer is to become an eco buddhist

eat tofurkey

tree pose

anonymous yoga supreme court 5:30 am

be flexible

number 3 and 4 in line for good seats

the anti-semitic occupy london guy doesn't like my friend because of his star of david tattoo.

but he's awesome.

crown prince of wikileaks, no that's zac goldsmith

cameras are a necessary surveillance when you are aware of the wikileaks sweatshirt wearing scottish guy in the second row behind and beside you freedom fighter irish defender jim curran--who witnessed clare montgomery do the whole pinochet song and dance--she ran towards contempt of court towards the end--it was so last ditch---rude and vulgar, but i still have a crush on her don't get me wrong. like majorly. i think i could help save julian by having a little talk with clare.

supreme scottish nationals plot the innovative scottish . . . occupy london/occupyscotland merger

i dont get the flag thing. i never have. i think it means no killing humans.

courage is contagious

judge on the way in

bronwyn macconville called her a spy or suspicious, but i saw her fairly treated by julian. i think she's cool. bron said she owes me my student loan money, but now she won't speak to me. i guess that means we had a wikileaks bankruptcy on that one. its all blood under the bridge. the claim that brita sundberg weitman is jewish money really bothered me. there is no reason to say such banal things unless you are a nazi.

why are english people obsessed with jewishness. maybe they should move to los angeles or tel aviv. no help even when i was lower than 100 pounds and panicking starving to make it to this wikileaks international law show---the cold shoulder smarts. but not as much as covering up a wikileaks whistleblowing issue. abusing the young with sexism, racism, and a low code of professional ethics is not what its about. that's where braingarbage is here today and gone tomorrow. just like international law. it would be big of me to delete braingarbage to please the wikileaks supporter censorship initiative. another said even her first name was too much that she could lose 1/2 her income. i explained i have no income and am homeless. so maybe she could bribe me to keep her passion for human rights and wikileaks secret. she said the official secrets act could get her in trouble. she writes the amazing letters to MPs and her name was brought up at the extradition debate 5 december. i dont like the disrespectful tone she employed on me to get me to censor her wikileaks activism. irony. quelle. i asked her of a piece called "there is no courage in england" which untrue. julian assange is in england. irish freedom fighters and refugees. honest activists. shy activists. the more the people understand the internet, the more they will realize being shy about human rights---is not a good policy. wikileaks supporters need to start treating each other nice. m_cetera who i do not think is suspicious or a spy contrary to Wikileaks Supporters bronwyn and monika see the braingarbage antisexist antiracist memo-- i think she's awesome

wikileaks central writer pablo i offered gavin an anonymous mask outside the decompression zone---he really wanted it---but then i realized it wasn't mine and it belonged to the hive the hero---who helped julian assange get safely into the cab when it was all over i said "hi clare" clare montgomery, international law hit man as in the anti-human rights community jim curran watched her protect pinochet defense show now she wants julian

these reporters were talking about jihad. they must be involved with english propaganda industries. sunshine press born this way: wikileaks: the edge of glory

move business class wikileaks, not just a court but an english court and a supreme english court dig?

getting that firm cold shoulder well documented. technically i might owe poundage in "RENTS" for 1 november to 16 november 2012. FBI please put this in my file. cold shoulder or self preservation? is braingarbage too much truth? should i censor it?

gareth peirce

two-way justice brief refuge on the island of wikileaks justice is also an electronic music group from france justice is a feeling these wikileaks ninjas move quick

naomi colvin + charlie wiseman

it felt awesome being first to the supreme wikileaks show wouldnt it be lovely?

justice looks like this (you have to kill trees)

the glorious jennifer robinson i thanked her for the article on eric holder at cannes law in england is elder care of a high order, high courts, high on life, high on smog, high and dry, advanced in years, low on internet, but high on verbiage i said to dinah rose "thank you for the legal education" you are strong humans need the dopamine that comes with justice heart the pirate bay this was the best thing i ever did with my life--but then again i could always die by way of collateral murder or a common one. so then, live and blog like you are going to die tomorrow.