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MODAL VERBS (auxiliares de modo

Can /could = Poder ser capaz de. It is used: • to express possibility, ability; • to ask for/ give permission in an informal way; • to express negative deduction (in the negative) May/ might = Poder, ser provável
I can/could do it myself You can ski on the hills (there is enough snow) Can I/could I borrow your car? You can’t be hungry. You’ve just had dinner He may /might not know that you are here


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May I go now? May is used: to express possibility/probability; to ask for /give permission (politely). Yes, you may Might is used: to express a remote possibility/probability; You might tell me what he said (please tell me) to express a polite request. I must be at the station at ten You mustn’t play with matches The prisoner must have escaped this way. You needn’t bring your books to class tomorrow

Must = Ter que It is used: to express necessity; obligation, prohibition; to express logical deduction. Needn’t is used to express absence of necessity Should and Ought to = dever (dever moral, conselhos) Used to express obligation; duty; advice

You should pay your debts You should eat more food You’ve spelt it wrong. There should be another “S” Shops should remain open till later in the evening (sensible action) You ought to finish your work before going out You ought to go to Paris

Will is used to express:

Will you have some more wine? Will you come tomorrow? Will you do it for me? Come here, will you? You will stay here till you are relieved. When shall I know the result of the test?

an invitation (convite); a request (pedido); a command (ordem).

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Shall is used for:
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requests (pedidos); Suggestions (sugestões).

What shall I do with it? Shall we send it to your flat ,sir? How shall I cook it?

All the news talk about it.Exercises Replace the words in bold by a modal verb. 3. He should keep his invention far from indiscreet eyes. 1. He is not able to keep his eyes open. The first one is already done for you. It is advisable for him to keep his invention far from indiscreet eyes. 4. but he recognised the rights of both sides . He had the possibility do it himself. 5. He probably is considered hypocritical. I'm quite sure it is true. 2.It was their duty to come earlier. It's probable that the fires die down 10. Perhaps these chemical products are dangerous to manipulate. 9. It is forbidden to smoke here. 6. They don't allow children to stay here. It isn't necessary for them to get the public transport. 13. 14. Make the necessary changes. Do you want me to take you home. 12. It is possible for us to send it by E-Mail. Are you ready to help me? 7. 11. 8.