Dear Reader, Ever since Big Ben chimed to welcome the new year in, Tony and I have been hard at work behind the scenes and once again we are delighted to welcome you to the latest edition of our ‘humble’ little newsletter. After a wonderful show at Thame last Saturday, our attention and focus has now officially turned to next month’s world famous Miniatura show and as a result there is a real ‘buzz’ here in PP workshop and office. But when Miniatura looms large on our horizon, our work days inevitably lengthen and so new stocks of midnight oil have already been ordered and stored close at hand! However, in the meantime we have lots of new products that will be released via our online shop, so you don’t have to wait until Miniatura to get hold of many of our new exciting smaller scale kits!!




Happy days!

Bea (Fiona) & Tony Broadwood
Tony and I are delighted to announce that our 6th quarter scale ‘Book & Kit’  property will be released at Miniatura on the 19th & 20th of March.     Born from Bea’s life long love of Cornwall, Barnacle Cottage is an adorable  1:48th  ‘Cornish’  inspired  coastal  property  featuring  a  traditional         weatherboard  exterior and quirky undulating roof.  Each  ‘Book  &  Kit  Package’  within  Petite  Properties’  unique  quarter  scale  series consists of a precision ‘laser cut’ kit used to create the structure of the  miniature property, together with a high quality booklet which provides step  by  step,  detailed  instructions  on  how  to  construct  and  finish  your  1:48th  dolls house; both inside and out.  This  series  has  been  specifically  written  for  miniaturists who  want  to  learn  how to build their very own quarter scale dolls house, whilst learning all the  tricks of the trade in order to create a truly professional ‘artisan finish’… 
To pre order and reserve your Barnacle Cottage Kit for email us with your name and the number of kits you wish to reserve… office@petite‐  (Pre payment is not required!)  collection at next month’s Miniatura show, simply



Please note, basic craft materials such as card and paint are also required to complete the kit.

ed & f construct Example o

t painted ki



 www.petite‐     01526  328738 


It gives us great pleasure to announce that our  

second quarter scale ‘Intermediate’ dolls house kit:  

Candlewick House

Example of constructed & painted kit


has  been  officially  released  and  is  now  available  to  order  via  our online shop:  

Candlewick  House  follows  on  from  the  success  of  our  first  ‘Intermediate’  kit: Yule Tide Christmas Shop and we hope you  will agree that it continues to deliver Petite Properties’ ethos of   realistic quarter scale architecture, all at affordable prices! 

Candlewick  House  has  been  specifically  designed  for            miniaturists who are a little bit nervous about adding their own  detailing and who want that bit of extra help along the way! 

Kits within our ‘Intermediate’ range come with everything included, just add ‘paint and glue!’
The new Candlewick House Kit has been released for sale today via the Petite Properties’ online shop and as it is oozing period charm and how could you possibly resist?!

Example of constructed & unpainted kit.

Building on the success that the AIM  projects;  covering  every  aspect  of  magazine  achieved  in  2010,  the       the dolls house hobby.   editorial  team  and  members  of  AIM  This  month  AIM  members  take  a  have  yet  again  excelled  themselves  closer  look  at  ‘shabby  chic’  and  and  produced  another  amazing,    come  together  to  showcase  their  quality  imag  for  miniaturists  around  ‘miniature’  interpretation  of  this  the  world  to  enjoy,  read  online  or  ever popular interior style.  download: all for FREE!!! 


So don’t miss out!.. 

The  February  issue  is  again  packed   from  cover  to  cover  with  interesting  features,  profiles,  editorials  and     

Why not download your copy today! 

          NEW  1:48th  ‘BASIC’  HOUSE  KITS 


MORE new kits from petite properties…!
Regular readers of this newsletter will know that so far we have released  five individual quarter scale properties within the ‘Book & Kit’ series;  
Example of constructed & painted kit

each one of these designs draws inspiration from different regions of the  United Kingdom and reflects different periods of vernacular architecture.  

However, the techniques taught in each of the booklets that accompany  this  series  of  house  kits  should  not  be  left  languishing,  unused    in  a  drawer!       Therefore  I  have  designed  a  NEW  range  of  additional  kits  which  can  be     constructed  and  finished  using  the  techniques  included  in  each  of  our      previously published  instruction booklets.  

In the ‘Basic’ House  Kit  Series, each set of instructions is carefully linked 

rom   Kits F

back  to  the  techniques  and  finishes  taught  in  each      booklet,  allowing  you  create  your  very  own  ‘artisan     finish’ on a new property time and time again! 


So for those of you who loved building ‘Flower Cottage’ why not  extend your collection of ‘Dorset’ inspired cottages with 

Daisy chain cottage
which accompany all our ‘Basic’ House Kits...

two  brand  new  dolls  house  designs:  Rosebud  Cottage  An Example of the full colour Instructions, and Daisy Chain Cottage. 

Example of constructed & painted kit

These new kits along with Halfpenny House, Orchard House, Windy Hill Croft, Gooseberry Cottage, and our new versatile side scullery will be added to our online shop over the next few weeks...

Rosebud cottage

19th & 20th March, 2011 NEC, Birmingham, UK
The  onset  of  spring  brings  with  it  more than just a flush of  flowering  bulbs  and  a  new  generation  of  fluffy lambs…  

It  seems  that  once  again  Spring  Miniatura  has  managed  to  quietly  and  stealthily  sneak  up  on  us  and  is now only a few weeks away!.   

Not  to  be  caught  out,  Tony  and  I  have been working hard to ensure  that the Petite Properties’ stand is  filled  to  the  brim  with  fabulous  new  smaller  scale  miniatures  and  as  a  result  we  now  find  ourselves  in  danger  of  not  being  able  to  fit  all our new products onto our 12ft  stand!!!  (eek!) 

also have a wide   selection  of  1:24th  scale  dolls  houses.    To  be  truthful,   after working and writing in 1:48th, I  have  very  much  enjoyed  getting  back  to  my  miniature  ‘roots’  and  building  and  designing  new  half  scale  Petite  Properties  instead,  but  oh  my  they  feel  so  BIG  in  compari‐ son! 

Many  of  you  already  know  that  shops have always been a particular  love  of  mine  and  although  I  don’t  own a dolls house ‐ if I did, I think it  would probably be a ‘shop’.     

With  this  in  mind  I  am  delighted  to  share  these  new  shops  that  I  have    been building recently and although  However,  not  to  be  beaten,  this  almost all of them were snapped up  ‘spatial’ puzzle has meant that we  at the recent Thame show,   are  currently  in  the  process  of     rest assured there will be   redesigning our stand to enable us  more just like them taking   to  put  really  put  on  a  wonderful  pride of place on the   show for visitors and customers!  Petite Properties stand     Alongside  all  our  ever  growing    at Miniatura next   array  of  quarter  scale kits,  we  will  month! 

All of the shops shown are 1:24th scale. Left - Barnacle Cottage (1:48th) which will be released exclusively at the show.

Our new range of shops will not be the only  special  additions  to  our    famous  and  much  coveted ‘Country Town Collection’ there are  many  new  designs  to  follow  and  I  will  be  previewing  all  of  them  on  the  Petite         Properties’ website: 

and in more depth on the Petite Properties’  blog: 

With  prices  starting  at  only  £59.99  for  a  ‘one off completed dolls house’; Tony and I   are  confident  that  we  will  have  something  for everyone at the show!! 

As ever all of our half scale dolls houses are  sold completed, with the house on our stand  being  the  one  you  can  take  home  on  the  day!          

However,  a  word  of  caution  ‐  we  only  have  one of each property, which are all sold on a  “first come first serve basis…” So once they  are gone… they are gone ! 

We look forward to seeing you there! 

Bea & Tony Broadwood

To book your tickets or to find out more about this very special UK show, simply visit: group/Theminiaturebeehive

Compiled & Formatted By Beehive Moderator & Professional Artist - Marianne Cook

‘Best Miniature Dolls House or Building Kit’??? YOU decide!!!!!

We  were  recently  utterly  thrilled  to  find  out  that  our  ‘Yule  Tide  Christmas  Shop’ kit had not only been nominated for a ‘Reader’s  Choice’  award,  but  that  it  had  also  made  it  through  to  the  final  (top) 5 finalists!!!    To  say  that  Tony  and  I  are  over  the  moon  would  be  an                understatement  and  we  are  chuffed  to  bits  to  have  our  kit           officially recognised by  

Voting is now open and fans of   Yule Tide Christmas Shop / Petite Properties can vote  once a day until the voting poll closes   on the 8th March!!! will announce the winner on 15th March!

(...and yep, it is hard to type with our fingers so tightly crossed!!)
So if you are a fan of Yule Tide Christmas shop or Petite Properties’ designs,   please do take the time to make your vote count!  Many, many thanks!!‐Miniature‐Dolls‐House‐Or ‐Building‐Kit‐2011‐Readers‐Choice‐Awards.htm 

Keep up to date…  There is always something new going on in the Petite Properties’ office or workshop, so don’t miss a thing! Come follow us via our regularly updated blog!

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