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• Discuss this application with your parents/guardians • Make sure you have your completed essay (you will have to paste it into this application before you can send it) • You must fill in every part of this form in order to complete the online application • After you successfully complete and submit your online application, print the Consent Form • Grade 7 Students: completed application must be submitted by December 15 (Spring Session) or June 15 (Fall Session) of your grade 8 year • Grade 8 Students: completed application must be submitted by December 15 of the year you enter grade eight

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If you are unsure about your Provincial Riding (Electoral District), you can check the Elections Ontario website.

Name of Provincial Riding in which you live Name of your Member of Provincial Parliament

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Title Ms.PARENT/GUARDIAN CONTACT INFORMATION Name of Parent/Guardian Name of Parent/Guardian Title Ms. subject. navigate to your webmail page. Page 2 of 3 . Microsoft Outlook) . Day Phone Number Day Phone Number E-mail SCHOOL CONTACT INFORMATION Current School Name School Address School Phone Number Principal's Name City Postal Code HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE LEGISLATIVE PAGE PROGRAM? Legislative Page Program Website Current Page Teacher/School Other: Former Page Sibling was a Page MPP ESSAY SUBMISSION GUIDELINES 1. Text formatting will be applied automatically. Mr. please click on the plus [+] sign in the bottom right corner to see the rest of the text. You must copy & paste your essay into the box below in order to complete this application before clicking Send. you will be asked to save your form.g. and body of the message will be completed for you and this form will be automatically attached to the message.g. Essays must be no longer than 750 words in length. 2. and then e-mail this form as an attachment to the program at: page_application@ontla. When you click the Send button on the next page: you will be taken to your e-mail application if you use a desktop e-mail client (e. If the length of your essay exceeds the box below.ola.the addressee. Mr. If you use a webmail account (e.org. Gmail).

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