Service Information Bulletin

Subject : Service support for Gas engines.
Date : October, 1995 Bulletin No. : 95SIB-5


This Service Information Bulletin details the service support / repair facilities for major components and systems of gas engines.

A) Ignition system components :
Photographs of typical components are shown on page no. 4 for reference.

I) Ignition Coil (transformer) :
Previously, we were using internal mounting ignition transformers (P/N 166836). KCL has developed External mounting ignition transformers P/N 3873589. Currently, external ignition transformers are being used on all engine models except G-1710 and GTA-1710. These two engine models are still fitted with internal ignition transformers P/N 166836. Note : Internal mounted ignition transformers CAN NOT be replaced with external mounted transformers. However, KCL will release a conversion kit for converting internal mounting ignition system to external mounting system in due course of time.

Il) Magtronic :
This system is used with both internal and external mounted ignition transformers. The repairs are being carried out through CDS~S. Any field problem should be reported to CDS&S through their authorised dealers.

ll) Altronic :
This system is used only on GTA-3067 engines with external mounted ignition transformers. The repairs of Altronic are being carried out through CDS&S. Any field problem should be reported to CDSLS through their authorised dealers.

IV)Distributors :
High Tension (HT) Oistributor Drive Ignition system has been developed only for 6-4 5, G-743 and G-855 engine models. This is used with ignition coil P/N 3812217, which receives 12 V supply from the battery and delivers HT voltage to the distributor. The distribtors have been supplied by Lucas TVS. Any repair of the distributor should be carried out through the nearest dealer of Lucas TVS. The required spare parts are also available with them. In case of any assistance needed, please contact CDS~S Service or KCL Performance Engineering department.

Kirloskar Cummins Limited
Kothrud, Pune - 41 029 (INDIA)

41 029 (INDIA) . All spark plug adapters should be replaced and External mounting ignition transformer system should be fitted. 3 of this bulletin. If spark plugs P/N 199148 are to be replaced with P/N 3873431. which is available for spares. B) Pressure Regulators : Repairs of failed pressure regulators have been arranged through CDS&S Pune. a. Pune . This diaphragm is suitable for all carburetors except for GTA-1710 and GTA-3067 engines. For assistance in this regard. These spark plugs MUST be replaced at every 1000 hours of engine operation. please contact the nearest CDS&S Office. Note : Spark plugs P/N 3873431 and 199148 are NOT interchangeable due to the difference in thread length and total height. Part number details of these components have been specified on page no.V) Spark Plugs : a) Spark Plug P/N 3873431 has been specified on (i) All engines having Altronic/Magtronic and external mounted ignition transformers and (ii) All engines having Distributor (HT) system. Kirloskar Cummins Limited Kothrud. The regulators for repairs should be sent to CDS8S along with a serial number of the regulator and date of manufacturing. C) Carburetor : KCL has developed the diaphragm P/N 3874998. b. which are stamped on these regulators. b) Spark plug P/N 199148 has been specified on all engines having Magtronic system with internal mounted ignition transformers.

41 029 (INDIA) . Pune .PART NUMBER DETAILS : Kirloskar Cummins Limited Kothrud.

Photographs showing typical ignition systems : Kirloskar Cummins Limited Kothrud.41 029 (INDIA) . Pune .