WHO estimates the number of people living with HIV on the level of all the continents of the earth 30 million and thus threatens everyone, and therefore must provide each member of the family enough information on it. AIDS prevention is simple but deadly infection transmission because there is no treatment now to heal the disease and vaccine prevents infection. The number of cases reported in all parts of the world and even in 1997 was 30 million cases. She developed symptoms on less than a third of patients, most of them died. In fact, the reported cases are not little wealth, and many of the injured now infected expected to show symptoms of infection. The study of the World Health Organization injuring nearly 8500 people daily, of whom 1000 are children.

macrophages and dendritic cells. Acute HIV infection progresses over time to clinical latent HIV infection and then to early symptomatic HIV infection and later to AIDS. the rate of clinical disease progression varies widely between individuals. In the absence of antiretroviral therapy. cellular immunity is lost. and/or the presence of certain infections. and the median survival time after developing AIDS is only 9.2 months. the median time of progression from HIV infection to AIDS is nine to ten years. [12] However. such as in Canada. from two weeks up to 20 years. Many factors affect the rate of progression. It directly and indirectly destroys CD4+ T cells.[13][14] Older people have .[8] CD4+ T cells are required for the proper functioning of the immune system. When HIV kills CD4+ T cells so that there are fewer than 200 CD4+ T cells per microliter (µL) of blood. which is identified either on the basis of the amount of CD4+ T cells in the blood. In some countries. this leads to a diagnosis of AIDS. such as the United States. These include factors that influence the body's ability to defend against HIV such as the infected person's general immune function. HIV is a retrovirus that primarily infects vital organs of the human immune system such as CD4+ T cells (a subset of T cells).Infection by HIV AIDS is the most severe acceleration of infection with HIV. In other jurisdictions. as noted above. AIDS is only diagnosed when a person infected with HIV is diagnosed with one or more of several AIDS-related opportunistic infections or cancers[9][10][11].

as appropriate age group.[12][15] [16] The infected person's genetic inheritance plays an important role and some people are resistant to certain strains of HIV. community must know the psychological and health conditions that may pass and. Poor access to health care and the existence of coexisting infections such as tuberculosis also may predispose people to faster disease progression. and therefore have a greater risk of rapid disease progression than younger people. Dialogue with the children. Healthy behaviors consistent with the teachings of religion and the rules of public health best teacher and guide for children. .[17] HIV is genetically variable and exists as different strains. 2.[18][19][20] The use of highly active antiretroviral therapy prolongs both the median time of progression to AIDS and the median survival time. If found sick in the family. 3.weaker immune systems. 4. which cause different rates of clinical disease progression. Must first know the methods of infection and to be ready to answer children's questions about all Maitalk this issue and frankly. What should we do? 1. An example of this is people with the CCR5-Δ32 mutation are resistant to infection with certain strains of HIV. therefore. access to the best way to deal with it and help it through this ordeal.

a period of unknown exactly as it appears ranging from 6 months to several years. and the average age at the time of children and adults in 5 years • After 3-4 weeks of the virus from entering the body suffers 50-70% of those of malaise and decline and pain in the throat and morbidity contract Lyme and mother Dystrophy fatigue and headache and rash appears on the trunk Patchy . or HIV Briefly • Deficiency Syndrome" or "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome" Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome or AIDS Briefly • There is now treatment to cure this disease to injury by lifelong What are the symptoms? • The patient undergoing incubation period is the interval between the occurrence of infection and the onset of symptoms of the disease confirmed.What is AIDS? • HIV is ATTACKS immune system cells responsible for defending the body against various types of infection and certain types of cancer. And thus lose its ability to resist bacterial diseases and cancers • This virus is called "HIV" Human Immune-deficiency The scientific name for AIDS is "Acquired Immune Virus.

• These symptoms last for two weeks or 3 weeks and Continue the process latency from months to several then disappear and the patient enters the latency • years. during which reproduce the virus affects the largest possible quantity of immune system cells • In the next phase symptoms appear in the form of widespread and sustained inflation in the last decade Lyme and 3 months at least in the absence of the reason for this illness • The situation evolved to include the following features: o o o o o o o o o o Underweight Apathetic and tired The appetite Diarrhea Rift Race night Headache Itching Menopause Inflation spleen • Stage AIDS: The worst stages of infection and show signs of Macedonia. but the most evident with the presence of opportunistic diseases and malignant tumors result of the immune deficiency .

And the world now does not look to the past as it looks to the future to curb this disease.• Symptoms appear about 25% of patients after 5 years of infection. only some symptoms of severe infection stresses. As Uday this patient appears in full health. in 1981 In the first recorded cases in the young man suffered a rare lung disease and then followed by four others until the total number to 200 cases. all transportation routes are to prevent infection. Can knowledge of AIDS patients Cold outer? Can not know AIDS patients leftists outside. How transmitted AIDS? Fortunately. Laboratory analyses (AIDS tests). and some patients do not show symptoms begin • Some of the factors conducive to the rapid onset of Repeat exposure to infection Pregnancy Weakened immune diseases symptoms such as: o o o How afternoon and when? Failed research and surveys to answer this question definitively. Are HIV transmission following ways: . Then rolled communications all over the world. and 50% of patients after 10 years. The afternoon when.

Not only this but a duty to deal with the patient in mind as a natural and psychological and social circumstances that may pass by. Through mother to the fetus during pregnancy or to her during birth or through breastfeeding (by breast) AIDS does not necessarily mean an aberrant behaviour. work. Is there a vaccine against the AIDS virus? . and fear of mixing with the ordinary patients both in the home.a person infected. Also transmitted infection through blood transfusions Organ transplant (College. skin. What is the AIDS test? Is the analysis can be conducted by any person in any health facility. heart) of the infected The use of needles or sharp objects or piercing of the or blood products contaminated with HIV 3. The presence of other sexual diseases compounded prospects infection 2. school and club subject to the rules of hygiene. liver. This analysis depends on the presence of antibodies to the virus in the blood and gives an effective result after exposure to infection b 6-12 week ago. Main method of transmission is sexual contact - natural or abnormal . In the case of a positive work of this analysis are examined confirmative called Western Plut Western Blot and the outcome inconclusive. donor. 4.1. such as contaminated razors or hair-cutting tools tattoos 5.

Young children from 5-8 years In this age children love to ask about the birth. 2. Dialogue with children 1. marriage and death. 3. So now the discovery of an effective vaccine against HIV. After 13-19 years of adulthood At this stage the children exposed to factors confusion or contradiction and the parents emphasize that they need to stay away from deviant behaviour and bad with the . Must reassure them that AIDS does not affect a result mixing usual in the street or school or club. One of the main obstacles that hinder the achievement of this objective would change the composition of the virus on a continuing basis and this makes the development of a vaccine against it pursuant very difficult. This is a good opportunity to educate children on simple principles health Kalnzafh pollution if the wounds have not received due attention. Adolescence of 9-12 years In this age of adolescence and the changes begin interested in the boy injuries and appearance must know what is considered together or not normal and should parents address the developments in sexual conversations with their children and the need to avoid deviant behavior exposed to infection by sexual diseases and educate them on ways to HIV infection.. and perhaps they have heard about AIDS on television and want to question.

as well as things banned religions and societies reject it affect the mental abilities and the safety of their disposal and therefore exposure to infection of many diseases. including AIDS. and must not have sterilized Bglleha for at least 5 minutes or Bgamsha in alcohol for 15 minutes. The personal tools such as brushes or dental barber razors should not be involved at all • Health education about the disease within the limits necessary for the appropriate age group and educational level • Spare the children the circumstances that may lead to drug abuse by encouraging them to engage in various hobbies and away from bad companions . needles and tools for Chinese tattoos.explanation family values and the principles of marriage and the tradition of family life and healthy lifestyles. The children must know how to deviant behaviour. What should be taught women? • Repeat pregnancy to the mother infected baby and breast-feeding leads to a natural increase in the number of children infected with AIDS in the world • • Parents to strike goes through the good behaviour Ascertain the sterilization of instruments used in the hole in the ears and excision and injection tools dentist. The preferred tools and single-use.

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