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Despite February being almost upon us (gasp), Tony and I would like to wish all our readers and customers a belated ‘Happy New Year!’ 2011 seems to have begun with an almost audible ‘whoosh’ and this month we have struggled to fit all of our news into the pages of this virtual newsletter. So where do we begin? February will see a whole host of new product releases as Tony and I really start to crank up our productivity and greatly increase Petite Properties’ output! To kick off 2011 we are delighted to be not only launching two new brand new collections of quarter scale kits, but we are also diversifying our range to incorporate and reflect a variety of skill levels; meaning there really will be something for everyone! We hope that you will all enjoy all that we will have to offer in the coming year!  Bea (Fiona) & Tony Broadwood


NOW RELEASED ONLINE  ‘Upstairs & Downstairs’   1:48th Kit Series 



I  know  that  many  of  you  have  been  eagerly                 anticipating  the  second  instalment  in  our  new     

quarter  scale ‘Intermediate’  kit  range and  we  are  delighted  to  announce that the wait is nearly over!  Following on from the success of our first ‘Intermediate’ kit: Yule Tide  Christmas Shop, Candlewick House continues to deliver Petite Proper‐ ties’ ethos of  realistic quarter scale architecture at affordable prices! 

Example of constructed & painted kit

Candlewick House has been specifically designed for miniaturists who  are a little bit nervous about adding their  own detailing and who want  that bit of extra help along the way!  

Kits within our ‘Intermediate’ range come with everything included, just add ‘paint and glue!’
              The  new  Candlewick  House  Kit  will  be  released  for                                         sale in February via the Petite Properties’ online shop.         As  you  can  see  Candlewick  House  is  oozing  period                  charm and how could you possibly resist?!  

Example of constructed unpainted kit



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          NEW  1:48th  ‘BASIC’  HOUSE  KITS 


Brand new kits from petite properties…!
Over the past couple of years I have received many lovely letters, emails and cards  from customers telling me how much they have enjoyed building the quarter scale  dolls houses from our ground breaking ‘Book & Kit’ series.    As many of you already know, the original ethos behind Petite Properties’ ’Book & Kit’  series was a simple one ‐ to teach miniaturists how to build their own 1:48th scale 

Windy hill croft

dolls houses and how to bring them to life by creating a highly realistic ‘artisan finish’.  Given the overwhelming number of   photographs and excited messages that have been sent to me, it seems that this simple ethos has really struck a cord with     miniaturists from around the world, all of whom  enjoy ‘scratch’ building and learning new techniques and skills.   

So far I have released five individual quarter scale properties within the ‘Book & Kit’ series; each one drawing inspiration from 

rom   Kits F 9.99 

different regions of the United Kingdom and reflecting different periods of vernacular architecture and rest  assured that there are still many more new designs to come!  However, the techniques taught in each of the  booklets that accompany this series of house kits should not be  left languishing, unused  in a drawer!      


An Example of the full colour Instructions, which accompany all our ‘Basic’ House Kits...

Example of constructed & painted kit

“if you loved building Washtub Cottage and revelled in creating the authentic ‘white washed’ stone exterior, then you are going to love our new ‘Windy Hill Croft’ or the adorable

Orchard House

‘Gooseberry Cottage’...”

Example of unconstructed kit (Orchard House)

Each ’Basic’ House kit includes the following…
 Precision cut dolls

house carcass.  Pre-cut windows, window sills & front door.  External porches (if applicable)  Pre-cut chimney pots & caps
  Therefore I have designed a NEW range of  additional kits which can be constructed 
Example of constructed unpainted kits

Example of constructed & painted kit

and finished using the techniques included  in each of  our previously published         instruction booklets.   In the ‘Basic’ House Kit Series, each set 
ill Croft Windy H

of instructions is carefully linked back to  the techniques and finishes taught in  and time again! 


each booklet, allowing you to create your very own ‘artisan finish’ on a new property time 

So if you loved building ‘Washtub Cottage’ and revelled in creating the authentic ‘white  washed stone’ exterior, then you are going to love our new ‘Windy Hill Croft’ or adorable  ‘Gooseberry Cottage’.    Or if you were charmed by our traditional ’Corner Shop’ and want to complete your very  own ’Victorian’ inspired street then the very handsome ‘Orchard House‘ and the nostalgic  ‘Halfpenny House’ are just what you need! 


ery ide Scull

Equally if the new inhabitants of your quarter scale Petite Properties need that little bit of  extra room, then our brand new and highly versatile ‘Side Scullery’ is just for you!    

Are you NEW to quarter scale..? Do you want to use your own techniques and imagination..? No problem..!
As each of these ‘Basic 1:48th House Kits’ comes  with full colour instructions on how to  construct  the property you don’t HAVE to have a previously  published instruction book.  Instead you can just  let your  imagination take over and bring the   interior and exterior to life in your own way…!

Gooseberry cottage

(separate) Side scullery
Example of constructed & painted kits

FROM only £9.99!!! 
These five new exciting kits will be released for sale in FEBRUARY via the Petite Properties’ online shop and with prices starting from only £9.99 - how can you resist?


 Just a super quick announcement…   

Dear Reader, We are delighted to finally announce the launch of our new super easy to construct ‘Upstairs & Downstairs’ range of quarter scale property kits which are now available to purchase exclusively via our online shop...  

Each of these new mix and match kits comes with precision cut  pieces; including windows, glazing, wall sign and pre‐scored  ‘tile or brick’ detailing to both the roof, side and front  elevations.   

“All you need to do is add paint and glue..!”
In 2011 the new ‘Upstairs & Downstairs’ 1:48th range of  kits will grow constantly, with more and more new kits  added on a regular basis.    Each new addition to this innovative new range will  encompass different architectural styles and sizes;  enabling you to create your very own unique       quarter scale ‘High Street’ scene.!! 

Picture of completed Shop Box Kit (14.99) & Georgian Top Kit (£9.99)

Upstairs & Downstairs Kits = 

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Compiled & Formatted By Beehive Moderator & Professional Artist - Marianne Cook

And the winner is… I am delighted to announce that the winner of our recent competition is: Joanne Root (Canada) ...and I would also like to thank everyone who took the time to enter. ...Joanne your ‘Yule Tide Christmas Shop Kit’ is in the post… Congratulations!!!
For those of you who got caught up in  The world famous AIM magazine will be  the  magic  of  AIM’s  2010  Online       back  in  its  usual  format  in  February,   Advent  calendar,    I  have  some  great  packed again from cover to cover  with  news.    To  cover  AIM’s  hardworking  interesting  features,  profiles,  editorials  editorial  team’s  mid  winter  break,  and  projects;  covering  every  aspect  of  AIM  has  published  all  24  of  its  super  the dolls house hobby.   ‘Christmas’  inspired  projects  in  one  What’s  more  each  edition  of  the  AIM  handy  project supplement!   magazine is offered FREE ‘online’!  So if you want to get ahead with your  So don’t miss out!  Christmas  2011  planning  don’t  miss  the  opportunity  to  download  your  copy today!  

And finally…
Credit card payments…
Petite Properties Ltd are delighted to   announce that we are now able to take  credit card payments on phone   orders and on payments at our exhibition   stand at Dolls House Shows. 

(Please note that our online shop already   has a credit card payment facility...)

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