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Walker County/Campaign Emails, 2009

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Here is a quick response to the draft report: - Budget Reform.doc


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WisPolitics News Summary 4 May 2009

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-- Milwaukee County Exec Scott Walker touted the results of this weekend's WisPolitics straw poll as a sign the party is unifying behind his campaign

for governor.

Walker won more than 93 percent of the votes cast by delegates, alternates and registered guests in a match up with former U.S. Rep. Mark Neumann and Appleton businessman Mark Todd.

Meanwhile, Superior Mayor Dave Ross placed first in the straw poll question on the lieutenant governor's race, Supreme Court Justice Dave Prosser talked about running for re-election in 2011 and state Sen. Dan Kapanke said he's mulling a bid for the 3rd CD against Dem Ron Kind next year.

See more from the GOP convention in La Cross in the WisPolitics Convention Blog:


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Subject (WisPolitics) WED News Summary -- 28 April 2009

WisPolitics News Summary 29 April 2009

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-- Milwaukee County Exec. Scott Walker touted his small-town credentials

during a campaign stop at a fire station in his boyhood hometown of Delavan this morning.

The Republican gubernatorial candidate told a group of about 100 supporters that he's proud of his service as Milwaukee County executive, but stressed that his values of public service were formed during his youth in Delavan.

"I'm not a politician from Milwaukee," Walker said. "I'm a public servant who grew up in Delavan."

Walker spent much of his roughly 20 minute talk reminiscing about growing up in Delavan, holding up his #35 high school football jersey, talking about his experience working at a local burger joint, and discussing how his experiences representing Delavan at Badger Boys State and at Boy's Nation in Washington, D.C. solidified his values of public service.

Walker said he's applied the values he's learned in Delavan to his service in the Legislature and in Milwaukee, and his campaign is going to be about "taking those values and applying them around the rest of the state."

Walker also used his talk to take a few shots at Gov. Jim Doyle, criticizing him over the state's budget deficit and for increasing spending and taxes during a recession and supporting big government.

"I believe in the people, he believes in the government," Walker said. "I believe that now is the time for us to move forward."


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Subject: Options for today

The nut of the legal issue the union is taking to the judge is do you have the authority to reduce hours from that budgeted without the approval of the board. Bill has written extensively to you about this so I will not repeat. The nub of our argument is that a budget document is authorization to spend, not a directive to spend. We are authorized to spend up to a budgeted level, not required to. This issue of fiscal emergency is not in the compliant but that does not mean the union might not raise it. In essence they want to void your entire Executive Directive.

The other thing you need to remember is that all the court is ruling on today is the temporary injunction. Regardless of how today turns out, the court still must rule on the issue at hand at a later date.

1) We win.

Option 1 -- proceed as plan with 35 hour workweek and decide next steps after arbitrator decision in approve August or Court ruling (60 days maybe). REMEMBER: winning today only relates to the temp restraining order -- the court would still have rule on the issue at hand.

Option 2 -- refrain from proceeding.

2) We lose

Option 1 -- Announce layoffs. We must give union two weeks notice AND we should review the layoff plans again. PROS: Shows strong leadership and confidence in your position. CONS: Likely premature since we are working on new projections for Monday and may seem vindictive. It could be once Budget revises our projections that it becomes clear that the 35 hour work week will not need to remain in effect for full year in which case this will affect # of layoffs. Consensus of group (Archer, Domina, Gracz, Below) is to hold off on any announcement until you have all the facts -new budget #. Announcing layoffs today may also harm our position in arbitration.

Option 2 -- Send resolution to Board seeking authorization to proceed with 35 hour work week. Let the board know that this is an alternative to layoffs. PROS: Gives the Board a role to play and if they don't agree, they are partially responsible for layoffs. CONS: Unlikely they will go along since they do not believe we have a projected gap.

NOTE: Bill cautioned that you should not be making any statements today until we see the wording of the judges decision.

3) Court could dismiss as not ripe. Bill said not likely

Bill feels fairly good about a win for us today due to a number of factors

that I will not into now. But remember a win today is only related to the temporary injunction -- not the issue itself.

If we loose, Bill said we lose for everybody -- you would also need to issue a new Executive Directive that pertains to just non rep staff since the your executive order is what is at issue.