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plc NBFC Insurance and finance µSar Utha ke jiyo¶ Strong Financial History STP Segment Target Group Positioning Personal and Group Insurance Urban and Rural Investors Complete Insurance and financial solutions SWOT Analysis 1. Customised and Flexible Insurance Solutions and large product portfolio 2. Robust Risk control Framework 3. Network of 500 branches and agents across 700 cities 4. Strong Financial Expertise and popular advertising 5. Globally, Standard Life plc has 1.5 million shareholders in more than 50 countries and over 6 million customers 6. Alliance between HDFC and Standard Life giving a strong brand backing 1. Less penetration in rural areas 2. Controversies like job cuts, racism and data loss have affected image 1. Growing rural market and better opportunities in the semi-urban areas 2. Group Insurance through large employers 1. Economic instability and global crisis 2. Entry of new NBFCs in the sector Competition



Opportunity Threats

Reliance Life Insurance HSBC Logo The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. HSBC Holdings Banking Financial Institutions The world¶s local bank All banking needs from accounts to convenient credit cards to a home loan or business account across the world STP Segment Target Group Positioning Enterprise and Individuals who are seeking financial help and advice Large enteprises and rich individual investors A global insitution which adjusts and adapts to domestic environment Parent Company Category Sector Tagline/ Slogan USP . Sahara Life Insurance Competitors 3.1. Bajaj Allianz 2.

Standard Chartered Bank 8.US a declining market 2.Diversifying portfolios for customers 3.Present in various business groups like commercial banking. Citigroup 3.Stiff competition from global leaders Competition 1. National Australia Bank 7.SWOT Analysis 1.Has over 7500 offices in around 87 countries 1. China Construction Bank Corporation 4. financial services and private banking 3.Changing govt regulations and financial crisis like recessions 2.Lower interest rates will boost market share 1.000 people globally 5.Royal Bank of Scotland Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats Competitors .Strong brand name and good financial position 2.Employs over 275. BNP Paribas 2. Deutsche Bank 5. Bank of America 6.Expansion in other countries 2.Weak retail banking as compared to competition 1. investment banking.Diverse customer base decreases risk 4.

Global exposure in Insurance through Allianz SE and Strong Local Implementation by Bajaj 2. Fundamentally Strong with good paying Capabilities 4. award by NDTV Profit 1. Insured by Care Expertise in local market with global exposure STP Segment Target Group Positioning Personal and Group Insurance Urban and Rural Investors Complete Insurance and financial solutions SWOT Analysis 1. Has network across 200 towns 3. Allianz AG is an insurance conglomerate globally and one of the largest asset managers in the world. Lack of penetration in rural areas 2. Economic crisis and economic instability Strength Weakness . managing assets worth worldwide with 115 years of financial experience in over 70 countries 5. Received the prestigious "Business Leader in General Insurance". Life. Growing rural market potential Opportunity Threats 2. Urban Youth with growing income 1.Bajaj Allianz Logo Parent Company Category Sector Tagline/ Slogan USP Bajaj Finserv LTD. Smaller Infrastructure as compared to established players 1. And Allianz SE NBFC Insurance and finance Jiyo Befikar.

WEAKNESS . In October 1995. 3. The company also provides innovative products to cater to different needs of different customers. HDFC Standard Life Swot Analysis Of Hdfc Standard Life Insurance Analysis of the industry s environment (SWOT Analysis) HDFC and Standard Life first came together for a possible joint venture. 5. 7. It was clear from the outset that both companies shared similar values and beliefs and a strong relationship quickly formed. Sahara Life Insurance Competitors 3. Huge basket of product range which are suitable to all age and income groups. Increasing awareness amongst people about securing their future Competition 1. to enter the life Insurance market. SBI Life Insurance 2. 6.2. Domestic image of HDFC supported by Prudential s international image is strength of the company. Large pool of technically skilled manpower with in depth knowledge and understanding of the market. STRENGTH 1. in January 1995. Strong and well spread network of qualified intermediaries and sales person. the companies signed a 3-year joint venture agreement. 4. The company provides customer service of the highest order. 2. Strong capital and reserve base. Entry of new NBFCs in the sector 3.

which represents around 30% of the insurable population. 3. Insurance liberalization in India is expected to result in a wider choice of major commercial insurance covers. 4. remain uninsured. This suggests more than 300m people. 2. Poor retention percentage of tied up agents.. Insurable population According to ING only 10% of the population is insured. Low customer confidence on the private players. 4.. OPPORTUNITIES 1.1.. such as fire. . Further the burden of educating consumers will also be shared among many players. Heavy management expenses and administrative costs. International companies will help in building world class expertise in local market by introducing the best global practices. export credit. There will be inflow of managerial and financial expertise from the world s leading insurance markets. 2. with the potential to buy insurance. Vertical hierarchical reporting structure with many designations and cadres leading to power politics at all levels without any exception. 3.