Monitoring of illicit Activities in Corporate/Universities

In some classes, students take online tests and some types of network activity (for example trying to find the answers in will be considered as cheating during the exam. It would be useful if instructor could monitor online activities of each student to detect cheating. The goal of this project is to develop such a tool using Client/Server Architecture. Students will install the client side program (for example batch program) and they will execute the program after they are connected to the network. This Program is to invoke Remote Machines. Monitoring tool will be installed in the instructor’s machine. Once instructor is connected to the network, he will start executing the tool. Instructor will able to see the entire student’s machine that are connected to the network with their host name, which have been registered already. If the student is connecting to the network for first time then student has to give the host name to the instructor for the identification. Our tool will have the User interface with the student’s name connected to the particular class network, applications running on the individual student’s machine, options to the add or update the Blacklisted website, view log file. If instructor clicks on the particular student’s machine then he can see each and every activity of student’s machine. Our tool will have the refresh option where instructor can refresh and see if someone has entered into the network or if someone has left the network. If any student visits the Blacklisted website then an immediate popup will open in the instructor’s machine with the student’s name and the Blacklisted website name. Log file will be created for an entire session for the entire student’s network activity and will be saved in instructor’s machine. If instructor wants to see each and every network activity of a particular student during the session or end of the session, then he can view the log file during the session or end of the session.

To Design a tool which can monitor activities of all the systems connected to LAN.


Tool must be user friendly and easy to install on professor’s laptop. MAC address and the IP address to the professor. . 5. 4. Tool must have an option to include blacklisted and white listed websites. We can do file operation through IO streams to retain the logs of all the client systems. These log files would be stored in the server hard disk. For GUI we can design it through Swing and AWT. Functional Requirements: 1. 3. We will make use of RMI as it is more convenient to use and would take less resource on server. 2. 6. These tools are quite complicated to understand and provide hundreds of results within minutes. Professor’s laptop will be connected to a Wireless Access Point in the classroom. Methodology: Here as per the requirement we would develop client/server architecture.2 Proposed System: We propose a system where we can keep track of all the off-line and online application which is running in client systems. So we need very expert persons to decode it and get the exact and correct information. Here administrator would be able view the user activities and side by side he can customize it to get alerts for illicit activities by users. Also in these tools we do not have facilities to check the list of off-line applications running in client system.3.1 Existing System: Now a day’s people are either wire shark or some complicated software programs for monitoring of the websites running in client systems. Tool must monitor the network activity of all the students and the professor’s machine connected to that Wireless Access Point. 5. Students laptops will be connected wirelessly to the same Wireless Access Point in the classroom. We can make use of database such as SQL Server or MS-Access to store the blacklisted and white listed websites so that administrator need not specify websites again and again after every start of the session. Client would forward the information related to processes going on in it continuously to the server and server would filter it as per the required filtering of applications. Before the class exam starts. 4. Here we would design a very user friendly and interactive tool which collects and display all the necessary information under a single interface. all students will give the hostname of their laptop. 3.

Runtime) . 10. : 10 GB.2 Software Requirements: Operating System Technologies : Windows Family. 8. : JDK 1.7. 6. 7. Conclusion: To design an RMI based Network Monitoring Tool which would help Colleges/Corporate to monitor all the systems running over the LAN to identify the misuse and also provide notifications to the administrator. SYSTEM REQUIREMENT 7. 9. Notification alert should be prompted if any student visits the blacklisted websites during the exam.1 Hardware Requirements: Processor Ram Hard Disk Input device Output device : Any Processor above 500 MHz. File Streams. Our tool should provide the feature to view content of the system’s log files in GUI itself so that professor need not go to folder to view log files. Swing.6 (RMI. If white listed websites are provided to the tool then it should show alert for all other websites which are not there in the white list. : VGA and High Resolution Monitor 7. Log files should be created automatic at the end of the session which would contain all the details related to the activities happened in students systems with date and time. : 128Mb. : Standard Keyboard and Mouse.

Data Bases Front End : MS SQL Server 2000/MS Access 2007 : Java Swing .