Is it the end of the carbon cycle for man?

By Jerry Vano
February 3, 2012
People are sensing we are at the end of the so-called age of the carbon cycle referring to a change of the makeup of the human body. The body of a human is based on the element carbon which is number 6 on the periodic table of elements. If you cycle carbon through the table of elements you will get elements 6, 12 and 18. Assuming that

Figure 1

nature/God does things in threes the end would be the element 18 which is Argon. Does the word Argon ring a bell to you in any way? The myth of Jason and the Argonauts may be saying something of great Figure 2 importance to us at this time in our quest for truth. A modern rendition of the myth is played out in the movie described in the picture of figure 2. Was his quest for the Golden Fleece a symbolic representation of mankind’s quest for a new coat or light body? I believe when the bible refers to 666 as the number of a man as being the beast or as the antichrist it is referring to the body of man in general and no man in particular but as man in the third carbon cycle of an un-naturally/sinned altered state of a body. What the journey of Jason and the Argonauts is portraying to us subconsciously is being as a flow through time performing laborious tasks to cure and perfect the fallen state of man. If this is so we should note that just as Jason’s quest for the Golden Fleece was only accomplished by the help of a female who became joined with him as his wife and mate this is showing us that our quest can only be accomplished through the combined effort of the lobes of our male/left brain and female/right brain to bring a balance of thought in mankind resulting in our understanding of the harmony between science and the spirit. We should take the hint in what Jesus said in the Gnostic Gospel when He said “I will be back when you become both male and female.” His meaning was in reference to when Adam’s, body was divided in two and he became both male and female through an unnatural genetic manipulation causing the fall of man spiritually, that through the annals of time they will be a rejoining in their perfection as in His marriage to the bride of Christ, He being the second Adam. 1

What follows is an explanation of what I believe the Jason myth is really trying to tell us. It seems that Jason’s quest ended when he killed the dragon that had 7 heads. What was unique about this particular dragon was that when Jason cut off one head another grew back. This sounds like a catch 22 situation. This is a pun; the saying means a constant repeating of an annoying cycle. Where did this saying come from? I’m wondering if it came from the ancients who knew something we don’t. The periodic table of elements is referring to the atoms periodic progression of the increase of their elements through time. If we relate the growth of mankind’s body to the progression of the elemental growth of the atom we will see how the myth of Jason and the Argonauts comes alive to leave us wondering who could have penned the myth. It seems that element 22 being titanium and the phrase catch 22 may be referring to the fact that the quest to get to element 22 is difficult. Makes me wonder if the artist knew what he was drawing in the picture at figure 1, which he called “Titanium man.” It looks as though the man with the titanium body is crushing together 3 atoms, one of carbon and two others as being images of the one as though he is indicating he conquered them ending the carbon cycle of man as though he caught 22 achieving the proverbial task. Is the drawing of this picture a subconscious achievement of the artist to reveal to us a synchronistic event, showing the end of the carbon cycle? Is the titanium atom number 22 symbolizing man’s fully awakened light body? Think about how it seems to us to be an individual task to reach our perfection. Then think how it really depends on our ability as a species to communicate, conscious or subconscious, with each other in one accord with a common language to achieve perfection and bring heaven on earth. Then think about how culturally we evolved language barriers as walls separating us that need to be torn down. Today we know the alpha-numeric Hebrew alphabet is the base of all languages on earth and has 22 letters in it and is tied to the very structure of our planet through its magnetic/gravitational thought sphere. The magnetics of this planet is generated by its spinning molten core and is our very link to the Sun and Galaxy. The heart/hearth of the earth is in its core and is linked as with a golden/etheric thread to the core/hearts of all other spinning/conscious galaxies and stars through our sun and galactic cores. But its surface has slidden due to the last pole shift in 10500 BC scattering us throughout the world confounding our communications and savored us from the connection to that golden thread. But it will slide back during the coming pole shift of 2012. Jesus being known as the word is as the Christ “the anointed one of God” has the basic foundational alphabet associated with that word and He being ascended to heaven has become the word in our hearts as the genetic message that the Father put in all of us. Then doing this He said “no man would have to teach us.” Jesus said “if I be lifted up I will draw all men unto me.” He also said “heaven is within us” He being the anointed one is in heaven in all Figure 3 of us waiting for us to become aware of His presences there to lead us to the knowledge of


Him as the truth of the past as His-story. His Ghost is in that heaven as the Holy Ghost within us to free us from all deceptions. He is the alpha and omega as in reference to an alphabet as in reference to the word of God. The transfiguration scene as described in the bible shown in figure 3, shows Jesus flanked by Moses and Elijah all glowing in radiant bodies. This seen is showing the perfected light bodies of mankind after our transition/transfiguring/metamorphoses out of the carbon to the titanium body.

It takes two to tango and do the dance of life.
The promises of science and science being the god most people believe in today have shown to be wanted and have left many hanging and searching for answers. This fact is showing us the truth of the words Jesus spoke when He said”the letter of the law killith but the “spirit of the law gives life.” What follows is what was shown to me while meditating on this statement. Scientists have been searching with the laws of science with mathematics hoping to and expecting to find god in a particle. It’s because they are only using the left half of their brain and is a half brained approach. The Hebrew alphabet is composed of letters with numbers associated with them. The letters are tied to the magnetic pole of the earth while the numbers are tied with the gravity or geographical pole. The confounded language due to the pole shift was the result of the shifting of the core/magnetics from the crust/gravity of the earth. The basic Hebrew alphabet being tied to the polar spin axis of the earth, with its magnetics being tied to the letters and the gravity being tied to the numbers resulted in the confounded language. The spiritual approach of gauging the land back to truth is related to its letters while the scientific is through its numbers. The shift in December will bring them back together again uniting science and religion/spirit in the mind of man. The left lobed male/logic brain searches for minute facts but without crossing over that barrier to the right lobed female/intuitive brain to take these individual minute facts and connect them together in a line to form words as in-formation to form coherent word patterns to make sense of the world to become fully awake as both male and female. They will never think as with the holy/whole etheric/mind of Christ as that DNA word of the universe to reveal the truth in us as our genetic message.

You may be wondering why all the fuss about the 7 headed dragon?
This is where science comes in the picture but science tied to a spiritual nature as sacred science. The basic building block of structures in the universe is the 3D geometrical shape of the tetrahedron or a triangular shaped four faced pyramid as shown in figure 4, made up of rods in the unperceived ether realm made up of moving particles that would appear as rods due to the persistence of timing. There appearance as rods is caused by an effect similar to a movie projector. This projector effect only allows apparent motion in straight lines and as a result there are no curved Figure 4 lines in the ether realm. All the geometric shapes in this 3

realm are made-up from these rods colliding together simultaneously at certain angles. The basic angle that is required to make the basic shape is 60 degrees and is related to the light cone but as we have seen it takes two to tango to do the dance of life so 120 degrees is also a basic angle and these angles are symbolized as the 2 Cherubims angels/angles in Genesis 4 verse 24 with the flaming swords which turn every way which guard the entrance back to the Garden of Eden. Only the light of Christ can open the gate and reveal the way of the tree of life kept by the messengers of God as the 2 angels/angles. Christ being as the shutter gate in the projector allows only the 2 angles of the 60 and 120 degrees which are related to light to Figure 5 strobe through to make the sap flow in the tree of life. This is all the result of the timing resulting in apparent motion of the ether particles in the unperceivable realm of ether/heaven. If you look at figure 5 you will see what I perceive the tree of life looks like. You see the ether particles as the small balls all approaching a center simultaneously at 60 degrees to form a sphere but only half is shown. The effective total is 144. The center is nowhere and everywhere. When two or three come together at the proper time it is part of our universe. This is because it has nothing to do with location but time. Einstein was led to deny the ether, this being as an apparent modern day emulation of the tower of Babel incident, was led to the formula E=MC squared, that setup a wall as in the parable Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall that led to a great fall in the minds of the scientists to bind us in the physical realm until the time is right. It keeps us in the three dimensional plain locked on the surface of the earth but it will be seen that after the shift his formula will change to E=MC cubed, that will allow us to enter the four dimensional universe to travel to the stars.

As above so below is the law.
The physical realm on earth is ruled by gravity with its curved nature and has to maintain symmetry or balance as in a sphere but the sphere through the eyes of the ether realm because it can only allow straight lines would be as a cube. The nature of ether is governed by a basic three dimensional shape of a four faced triangular shaped tetrahedron. The interaction of the 2 forces shows up as the lay lines on the earth. To maintain the law as above so below on earth all geometric shapes must be approximated with straight lines which we detect as the lay lines. Because gravity requires symmetry the three dimensional shape of the tetrahedron that has a 7 spin axis nature that cycles through them in time and because the third, fifth and seventh spins are in opposition to earths balanced nature of its gravity they will cause the rapid chaotic pole shifts. There are four spins at there points ware the rods join and three spins where the rod centers cross. The three that cross are the culprits we all fear as the hidden dragons or serpents. 4

They are emulated by the three crosses on Calvary’s Hill. If you visualize the Zodiac as related to the tetrahedron we are coming up to the third cross and seventh spin. In the myth of Jason we would know the spins as the 7 heads of the dragon. Why is it that when Jason cut off one of the heads it grew back? That is the mystery of the ages. Scripturally it says God made the world in 6 days and the 7th day he rested. All consciousness is because of spin that gives a recursive nature to a spinning object in space and because its face is constantly remembered or it reoccurs. The foundation of all objects being the tetrahedron which has 7 spin consciousnesses in time known scripturally as days, six are allotted the world structure the seventh is God’s. The seventh cycle is opposed because of not being an even harmonic of earth’s gravity it will very rapidly shift to a new count to start over. This shift has to be very fast and it is a violent shift in nature. These shifts accrue at 180 degrees apart on the Zodiac as earth’s time clock and are the result of pole shifts. We are about to experience the third shift of this Zodiac cycle resulting in the culmination of 3 sevens as the 21st and about to enter the 22nd but man being number 6 in each cycle is about to end the third 6 or 18th as the carbon cycle. Notice the Freemason symbols in the drawing of figure 6. The outlines drawn around it shows the full shapes of what is really being referenced by the square and compass. You see the square references a cube as the earth gravitational force and the tetrahedron references the magnetics of the heavenly ether realm as in the Sun and Galaxy. Notice the two circles the outer one indicates the earth’s orbit now, and the inner one indicates the new orbit after the pole shift. The top view as shown of the spin axis at the center in the G of the tetrahedron will shift from the triangle to the cross view when the polar shift happens. This indicates the alignment of the gravity and the Figure 6 magnetic spin axis and the tying of the earth to heaven. Notice the picture in figure 7; you see a progression of photos of the planet Saturn the top one taken on September 4, 2009. You see this top photo shows it has lost its rings. This is no mystery it is because the rings are at an angle where they seem to disappear. Is this just another sign telling us the carbon cycle of man is over? Saturn is the 6th planet from the Sun and is taken as a well known symbol for carbon. It is also known in myth as Khronos the father of time. Many know that the rings of Saturn Figure 7 are a symbol of binding as in wedding rings. Is this a sign telling us that it is time for us to no longer be bound to the carbon element? Jesus said in the end time there would be signs in the heavens. It is also true that Saturn’s ring disappearing is an emulation of the coming galactic ring alignment which will free us from the bonds of hell.