sleepwalking with clare montgomery versus julian paul assange 2-feb2012
clare montgomery versus julian paul assange 2-feb-2012 i think the antiwikileaks people should fire clare montgomery. i think she is a good lawyer, and strong legal mind, a "learned friend" as assange's brilliant new barrister Dinah Rose points out. she has an admirable legal spirit as shown by her adherence to destoying julian assange. she however let the ball drop yesterday. slaughter was the word that came to mind. dinah rose slaughtered clare montgomery. this harsh word---i use in view of its harshness---as an advocate for the protection of all the victims animal and human exposed by the wikileaks cables and document release. my independence as an outside observer allows me to say exactly what i am thinking. clare montgomery knows many of the major subtle points regarding the treatment of women as property and chattel under old british law---. the win-win for wikileaks works like this: this case has alerted many people to the severity of issues towards the civic equality of women. julian paul assange will be exonerated in the face of obstruction of justice and conflict of interest on the part of sweden. absence of forensic evidence and absence of a speedy trial, and internal swedish malfeasance have corrupted this case. his innocence and human rights will be maintained. women will be more respected in the international legal community than ever before as we come to grapple with issues of consent and the intelligence of the female homo sapiens. our intelligence and worth will be indisputable. in the future, the people trying to entrap julian-assange-like figures will not make their case so full of holes---from anna ardin's twitter from the karl rove prime PR united minds bribe firm to the expressen reporter/boyfriend who helped launch the assange attack. sweden's case looks like swiss cheese. in the future, men will never presume its safe to sleep with any woman. they may realize the gravity of the situation. that will help with overpopulation. and then we can get on with the war crimes trials e-evidence discovery process and the human rights cases which cannot be delayed by more media cart-wheels and salacious voyeuristic character attacks, which destract us from ongoing genocide, war crimes, human rights crimes, and eco-crimes.. england will move forward, graced by the wisdom of the sage. julian assange. as the judges of the supreme court are honor bound to defend the rule of law and the sages of the realm. that mark stephens sues julian assange over unpaid legal bills underscores the economic devastation taken to antiwar activists---in lines with COINTELPRO and MKULTRA tactics. what might be worse than death---can be turned around as a win-win for all parties. clare will get paid.

the honorable aged justices will experience a new kind of silent theatre: we the human rights community streamed in to hear the circumlocutions of clare montgomery belabor the point of whether or not mafia police states who endorse assassination, refoulement, torture, and media character assassinations can be respected. called judiciary---judicial---judicare never mind war crimes. police state. power. torture. gitmo files. god bless wikileaks and wikileaks' ferocious supporters. bless the judges and bless the law assistants and lawyers and bloggers and reporters sent here to witness this travesty. what a relief were the dignified intelligences of the supreme court---insusceptible to clares antilogical criminological administration of justice police state mafia reification ---when the knowing now you know thanks JA we were gnostics incapable of more knowledge. and then when clare recommended cambodia as having replicated aspects of france's (in) justice system, julian assange's face changed--like "are you kidding--????" or "you haven't read the wikileaks cables have you clare montgomery?" he was the silent actor--but there is much truth in silence when everyone else has become one with the lie the blood in the thames which preserves indefinite detention in england for 5 years, which preserves PM David Cameron's weapons lobbying for BAE with India, which supports the Gitmo Silence, the Abu Ghraib silence, the persecution of the spanish war crimes judge, who is splendide mendax and who is just a liar? mary rose lenore eng braingarbage maintain harline kopimi 3 feb 2012 the danger of the pirate bay to human rights crimes was wikileaks collateral murder the pop music was the styrofoam around the actual point: there is no where to hide from justice.

anakata GottfridSW Thank God for Twitter. I almost missed my own trial! #spectrial
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