Mohan Rao Khamitkar

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Seeking a career where I can utilize my skills and abilities in software testing that offers professional growth while being responsible, innovative and flexible

Career Overview
    2 years of experience in Software Testing as a Test Engineer, collaboratively working with testers. Involved in Functional Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, Regression Testing and Compatibility Testing Familiar with all the stages of Software Test Life Cycle (STLC).

Requirement analysis and approval.  Analysis and Design of Test Plans, Test scenarios .Also Test case preparation and Reviews
   Exposure to full cycle of software development including detailed analysis, design, implementation, debugging and testing. Exposure to Defect Tracking tools such as Quality Center, Lotus Notes.

Defect reporting, tracking and Defect Review meetings.

Organizational Experience: Lecord Consulting Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore from Nov 2009 to Till Date Educational Qualification

  

B.E In Telecommunication, completed from M.S.R.I.T, VTU, Belgaum, Karnataka 2nd PUC Completed from Venkatadri Ind. Pre-University College, Chintamani SSLC Completed from Pragathi Group of Educational Institutions, Chintamani, Karnataka

Technical Skills: Operating Systems : Languages Databases Project Profile: Project #2: RANFORD Banking : : Windows 98/2000/XP C, Perl SQL

Project Name Client Domain Environment Database

: : : : :

RANFORD Banking MindQ systems

Banking J2EE SQL Server-2005
Microsoft windows 2000

Operating System :

Team Size : Role : Testing Approach :

6 Software Test Engineer Manual Testing 1

Test Cases and Test Sets in Quality Center. bank employee. Generated test summary Report for closure of bugs. Responsibilities:  Functional / system testing of all test scenarios. The Objective of the RANFORD BANK Customer module in project is designed for the registered customers to perform various activities such as Accounts Summary.     Creation of Test Requirements. Smart Money Order.  Generated test summary Report for closure of bugs.. 2 . Reported the bugs with clear description of the bugs against the product. Project#1: Task Management Tool (TMT) Project Name : Client : Domain : Environment : Database : Team Size : Role : Testing Approach: P ROJECT D ESCRIPTION : Task Management Tool (TMT) ABB Management Dot Net. forwarding the task to other employees. The Task Management Tool can effectively handle the different process for task assignment like tracking of all the tasks assigned to different employees. various customers (Individual customers.Net SQL Server-2005 4 Software Test Engineer Manual Testing The Task Tracking Tool will help to monitor and control the various tasks assigned to the employees and to provide information on the progress status of the assigned tasks.  Reported the bugs with clear description of the bugs against the product. corporate customers. The objective of the RANFORD BANK Admin module in project is to create new branches.  Executed test cases with the test data. ASP.P ROJECT D ESCRIPTION : Ranford Home page allows different users such as admin. Online bill payments and online request for chequebook etc. International Customers) to login and access the application for further usage and also it provides information about various services offered by Ranford Bank. Money Transfer. The Task Management Tool provides the complete automation of task assignment process.  Involved in Functional testing. alerts on assigned tasks. to create the new users and Bankers along with the privileges. task splitting and task recurring. Preparation of Test Data for executing the Test Cases. Responsibilities:  Involved in Writing and executing Test Cases as per Functional Specifications. online task status information. The Objective of the RANFORD BANK Banker module in project is to register and manage the customers of the bank and to book the day-to-day transactions in the bank such as deposits and withdrawals etc. customized reports on the status of tasks. System testing and Regression testing.

LCD 16*2. Bangalore (MOHAN RAO K) 3 . RFID is a wireless system that works in conjunction with an organization’s information technology infrastructure to improve business processes such as inventory management and efficiency in supply chain management.Kannada. MAX232 Cable. complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. RS232 STANDARDS.Listening to music English.Telugu and Hindi Languages Known : Declaration I hereby declare that the statements made above are true. This project is basically a microcontroller-based design used to monitor the attendance of the students where in each student will be given respective RFID smart tag. Radio-Frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method. DTMF generator /receiver Implementation of RFID Technology for Attendance Registering and Monitoring The novel idea of this project is to keep a track on each and every student’s attendance registry by using RFID technology.Marathi. Personal Profile      Father’s Name Date of Birth Nationality Hobbies : : : : Dattu Rao K 10-07-1986 Indian Reading news paper and magagines.Academic Project Microcontroller and Wireless Project  Title: RFID based Attendance Registering and Monitoring  Team Size: 4  Duration: 4 Months  Tools: Microcontroller AT89C52. relying on storing and remotely retrieving data using devices called RFID Tags or Transponders.