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Top wrestlers face issues others don’t grapple with
eing a standout wrestler has its advantages, but there’s a darker side too. The pressure, the constant attention, the steady stream of forfeits and facingthejayvee“fish”addup as a stud wrestler’s career continues to rise. Some handle it better than others and there’s different ways to look at it all. “It’s frustrating at home, especially at home, when it’s a big crowd, you want to go out and perform,” Delsea senior Curt Delia said. “You’re working hard all week, you want to come out and show what you’ve got. “But when you’re going against a big team and they throw out a fish, I kind of take it as respect.” Most of the better wrestlersarealwayslookingfor a match. Forfeits mean no mat time at all, but getting a kid who just falls to his back in 10 or 15 seconds doesn’t provide much by way of practice. “It’s a little frustrating, especially when they don’t bump the kid away, they just decide not to wrestle him,” Schalick’s Newt Richardson said. “But at the same time, it happens to everybody. I’d rather haveamatch,butI’drather wrestle the good kid.” All too often, the best wrestlers don’t get every possible opportunity to prove their skills on the mats. With team scores often determined by one match, one way or another, and 14 weight classes, teams often choose to either forfeit to top wrestlers or send a non-regular out with a faint hope of not getting pinned. “It turns into a team sport that way,” Buena’s Billy Ward said. “If you can


happen out there. And I think it saves the other kid the humiliation of getting thrown around for a few minutes.” That loss to Garner standsasoneofthejusttwo times Ward has been pinned his career. “Sometimes you go out and you take it light, but I try not to,” Delia said. “Sometimes you get a pretty strong kid and you have to turn it on.” Then there’s the mental aspect. “You have pressure on you all the time,” Ward said. “One thing I try to focus on is not even winning the match, but trying to do all my stuff right.” And owning titles means people are coming foryou.Theywanttobethe next wrestler to beat you. “Everybody wants to beat the good kid,” Ward said. “Everybody is gunning for you. You have an ‘X’ on your back.” And when you do get beat, it makes the headlines. When a wrestler only loses three or four times a year, it becomes a big deal. Reading about it the next day and hearing about a loss for weeks afterwards can be tough for some wrestlers to handle. Unlike other sports, where one position lends itself to having more pressure to perform or one position is used more other than another, all 14 weight classes count the same the same in wrestling. The pressure and the circumstances are dictated by your own talents. Everyone loves a winner and everybody wants to win, but there is much more to being a star wrestler.


17-2 17-1 20-5 17-2 12-4 20-1 18-2 16-5 20-5 17-8 14-6 15-7 13-5 13-4 14-4




» Jackson Memorial, which is regarded as the No. 1-ranked team in the state, had to withdrawl from the Shore Conference Tournament and cancelled Wednesday’s showdown with Timber Creek because of skin issues. The two-time defending Group IV state champion was cleared to participate in next week’s NJSIAA group championships according to Gannett New Jersey’s Steve Falk. » Millville’s 37-36 win over Absegami on Wednesday was the Thunderbolts’ first triumph over the Braves since 1996. That also marked the last time Millville captured a divisional championship. That wasn’t the longest streakbuster of the night though. Shawnee dealt sister school Lenape a 48-16 loss on Wednesday. The Renegades hadn’t beaten their crosstown rivals in 22 years. Shawnee (14-4) clinched the program’s first winning season since 2004. » The bad side of wrestling: West Deptford’s Rory Bonner donned his singlet for last weekend’s quad-meet against Pennsauken, Eastern and Egg Harbor Twp. and never wrestled a single second. The 182-pounder accepted three forfeits and is currently 24-1.


1. Timber Creek 2. Delsea 3. Camden Catholic 4. Paulsboro 5. Clearview 6. Clayton 7. West Deptford 8. Egg Harbor Township 9. Hammonton 10. St. Augustine 11. Buena 12. Haddonfield 13. Pennsville 14. Seneca 15. Shawnee

*Records through Wednesday.

1. John Gentile, Paulsboro 2. Tyler McBride, Camden Catholic 3. Patrick D’Arcy, Holy Spirit 4. Joey Rocks, Egg Harbor Township 5. John Amato, Timber Creek 1. Tom Gattinella, St. Augustine 2. Anthony Racobaldo, Williamstown 3. Sam Morina, Paulsboro 4. Zach Valcarce, Lower Cape May 5. Ronray Harris, Middle Township 1. Billy Ward, Buena 2. Ricky Carter, Timber Creek 3. Juan Rivera, Paulsboro 4. Newt Richardson, Schalick 5. Evan Zuzulock, West Deptford 1. Kevin Devoy, Burlington Township 2. John VanBrill, Clearview 3. Ron Gentile, Paulsboro 4. Robert McNeill, Winslow Township 5. William Elliott, Cumberland 1. Brandon Keller, Timber Creek 2. Maaziah Bethea, Trenton Central 3. Joe Lemerise, Cherokee 4. John Hennelly, Delsea 5. Aaron Lambert, Burlington Township 1. Chad Walsh, Camden Catholic 2. Joe Esposito, St. Augustine 3. Ed Lenkowski, Clearview 4. Dillan Berghof, Buena 5. Nick Knauer, Paulsboro 1. T.J. Miller, Camden Catholic 2. Curt Delia, Delsea 3. Antonio Mancella, Oakcrest 4. Dom Ruggiero, Timber Creek 5. Christian Stackhouse, Riverside 1. Raamiah Bethea, Trenton Central 2. Wayne Stinson, Northern Burlington 3. Mark Patterson, St. Augustine 4. Bryce Shade, Timber Creek 5. George Skibinski, Clearview 1. Phil Bakuckas, Hammonton 2. Robert Schlitt, Haddonfield 3. Connor Donahue, Clearview 4. Dylan Dobzanski, Delsea 5. Austin Wetterau, Shawnee 1. Steve Nelson, Haddon Township 2. Robert Shade, Timber Creek 3. Nick Elmer, Penns Grove 4. Alex Gong, Absegami 5. Nick Moore, Seneca 1. Rory Bonner, West Deptford 2. David Williams, Hammonton 3. Thomas Forline, Moorestown 4. Tyler Miller, New Egypt 5. Michael Robinson, Clayton 1. Carson Stack, Haddonfield 2. Bryan Dobzanski, Delsea 3. Padric Lynch, Haddon Heights 4. Chris Lail, Kingsway 5. Cory Damaina, Lower Cape May 1. Mauro Correnti, Holy Cross 2. Nick Pustizzi, Schalick 3. Roy Lucas, St. Joseph 4. Ryan Thompson, Haddon Heights 5. Grant Corretjer, Bordentown 1. Greg Webb, Timber Creek 2. Cody Melton, Northern Burlington 3. Tom Rementer, Clayton 4. Alex Thompson, Haddon Heights 5. Sam Ekwonike, Cinnaminson *Records through Wednesday. 21-1 23-3 28-0 23-1 5-2 24-3 24-1 24-4 19-5 14-2 24-3 21-6 25-3 24-1 22-1 25-0 21-1 24-4 25-0 16-3 24-3 20-0 26-2 21-4 11-0 23-4 25-2 19-0 24-2 21-7 25-1 24-1 21-1 16-6 25-1 20-0 24-3 27-1 22-6 21-0 26-0 22-1 22-0 23-3 21-3 27-0 24-3 26-0 23-4 22-1 24-1 24-3 23-4 19-2 19-1 26-0 22-1 23-3 23-2 19-3 22-3 24-1 24-1 24-2 22-1 3-0 18-2 24-0 26-1 5-0

Buena's Billy Ward has his hand raised after a win earlier this season. Ward has won 95 matches in his career and, as a standout, he’s had his share of forfeits and quick pins.


get away from the good kid, you’re going to do it.” “I just think about picking up the extra points for the team,” Richardson said. Since you’re trying to get better every match, there’s an appeal to use your lesser opponent as practice, a chance to work on new moves. But that can backfire too. “I usually just get off the mat,” Ward, who was pinned by Schalick’s Wil Garner two years ago in a match he shouldn’t have lost, said. “Anything can


Zach Goranson, Millville Joshua Pineda, Vineland Steven Bergamo, St. Augustine Sal Marandino, Buena Luis Rivera, Buena Tom Carney, Delsea 21-5 20-5 18-9 17-8 10-6 12-10 24-3 22-4 19-5 19-5 17-8 24-1 24-3 14-5 9-6 10-10 16-7 16-12 21-4 17-3 18-10 16-9 15-9 13-8 25-2 24-2 14-7 16-9 24-1 16-8 13-6 17-9 12-11 27-1 22-4 22-5 8-7 22-3 23-5 20-6 7-5 11-10 20-4 20-7 11-3 11-5 8-7 17-11 23-1 21-4 20-4 24-1 20-5 17-8 15-6 22-3 10-6




Tom Gattinella, St. Augustine John Gallo, Schalick Zach Nealis, Vineland Connor Palmieri, Buena Chad Kahn, Millville



Newt Richardson, Schalick Billy Ward, Buena Danny DeTetta, Vineland John Rizzo, Vineland John Borelli, Delsea

126 132


Elias Garcia, Millville Ed Donahue, St. Augustine John Hennelly, Delsea Will Elliott, Cumberland Jarett Pierotti, Buena Jarred Hodges, St. Augustine Jonathon Rodriguez, Vineland Jarrett Kelly, Buena

Delsea senior Sean Redden is in the odd situation where he shares a weight class with another wrestler, Bryan Dobzanski. Each match, he gets the guy who basically doesn’t want to wrestle Dobzanski. Quietly, Redden is on pace to win over 25 matches and isn’t out of the question to make the state tournament. He recently spoke with The Mat Pack about wrestling for Delsea and some off-the-mats stuff. QUESTION: What are you thoughts on basically sharing a roster spot with Bryan Dobzanski? ANSWER: It’s good, I think it helps us both out by practicing with each other we both get better. And it helps the team out a lot by having the flexibility of bumping one us up to 220 and keeping one of us at 195. Q: Do you ever feel a little slighted when Bryan, Curt Delia and John Hennely get all the attention, but you’re 20-4? A: No, not really. John, Curt and Bryan, they’re three studs, and all three should place in the state. I don’t do it to get my name out there, and if that means I can win quietly, that’s fine with me. Q: Before the season, did you think you guys would be sitting as the No. 2 ranked team in South Jersey? A: Yeah, we knew we were only losing a little bit, but it was big losses in Rick (Azeglio), Matt (Hennelly) and John (Scavelli), but we knew we had kids who could step in and fill the roles, and we talked about doing big things this


Delsea’s Don Fisch pins Paulsboro’s Domenic Magazu during a 2002 Region 8 match



Each week we will feature a fantasy matchup between two of the best wrestlers from greater Cumberland County since 1985.

Joe Esposito, St. Augustine Dillan Berhof, Buena Cruz Flores, Cumberland Deon Henry, Schalick



Delsea 195 :: Senior

Curt Delia, Delsea Rico Rivera, Millville Richard Morris, Cumberland Dylan Manno, Schalick Brandon Muessig, Vineland



year, all summer during practice we said our goal wad to win a state title. Q: Team titles or individual titles, which mean more to you? A: Definitely team titles, going through it with everybody and being able to share it. And Delsea hasn’t had a team state title since 1990, it would be special for the senior and everyone on the team to go out with a state title. Q: Does hosting District 31 give you guys any advantage? A: I don’t really think so, we may be a little more comfortable wrestling in the same gym, but every school brings the same amount of fans and every match is tough. Q: Super Bowl prediction? A: I’m gonna say Giants, 27-14. Q: As an Eagles fan, how hard is this to watch? A: It’s real hard. I was debating on who to pick, but I think I hate Tom Brady more than I hate the Giants. — Patrick Buganski

Mark Patterson, St. Augustine Justin Pierotti, Buena Ed Shockley, Millville David Gresk, Delsea



Dylan Dobzanski, Delsea Tyler Sentman, St. Augustine Zach Rahl, Schalick Sean Platt, Millville Derrick DeWoody, Delsea


Class of 2003

RECORD: 127-13
ACCOMPLISHMENTS State: 1st, 1st, 4th Region: 1st two times District: 1st four times

Class of 1987 RECORD: 89-11-1
ACCOMPLISHMENTS State: 1st, 3rd Region: 1st, 1st, 2nd District: 1st three times


Steffen Rodriguez, Vineland James Bennett, St. Augustine Marcus Nelson, Vineland Garrett Craig, Delsea Dylan Wargo, Schalick

182 195

Cory Pietrzyk, St. Augustine Bryan Dobzanski, Delsea Taiwahn Cosby, Vineland Sean Redden, Delsea




Nick Pustizzi, Schalick Noah Repko, Buena Eugene Maisonave, Vineland Obie Kali, Millville


Bobby Malatesta, Prep 118 Votes (62%)


Anthony Baldosaro, Delsea 71 Votes (38%)

Tre Porch, Delsea Jacob Paul, Cumberland

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*Wrestlers must have at least a .500 record and a minimum of 13 bouts. All the records and rankings are based on information through Wednesday.

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