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“…this is capable of, by itself, completely changing geoeconomics, geo-politics and solving climate and energy” -Dennis Bushnell, Chief Scientist at NASA


The energy density is so high that the E-Cat modules only needs to be loaded two times a year. In case of higher energy needs. The term that many consider to be more accurate. The man behind the final leap is Andrea Rossi. Contact Hydro Fusion today Email: sales@hydrofusion.The energy density is a factor of 100. Cold fusion is a subject that has been debated for many years but has now finally taken the step from research to industrial product. Power density in the small reactor reaches a full 100 kW/l. Rossi’s E-Cat will go down in history as the solution to the global “energy problem” with a completely green technology that neither leave toxic nor radioactive waste.4mx2.000 or more compared to the combustion processes of today’s fuels. Andrea Rossi made his first historic sale of a plant on the 28th of October 2011. Energy Catalyzer or E-Cat. offer this 1MW E-Cat to interested parties. more containers can be bought. E-Cat. stacked and connected in parallell. It emits no carbon dioxide or toxic pollutants and minimize the number of fuel transports. On these occasions. Andrea Rossi. the overall management of the reaction products and residual products is managed by certified service personnel.6mx6m) No exhaust Plug’n’Serve The E-Cat 1 MW reactor produces energy through a so-called cold fusion process. He has developed cold fusion excess heat to useful levels for products in the energy segment. Hydro Fusion Ltd has exclusive rights in the Nordic Region and can now in collaboration with the inventor. Be the first energy supplier with an Energy Catalyzer. The E-Cat 1 MW reactor is due to its container construction easily transported with a plug’n’serve design. is LENR. Low Energy Nuclear Reaction. This phenomenon has been recognized by the scientific community for decades. but only now has one managed to generate energy continuously. has succeeded in constructing the world’s first cold fusion reactor for industrial use and several hundred prototype versions have been tested over the past year. Andrea Rossi. namely. stable and with an output of several kilowatts. The energy source is nickel and hydrogen where no combustion process takes place but instead the hydrogen is merged with nickel and form copper.Revolution. E-Cat is the ultimate energy product in terms of environmental friendliness. The world’s first cold fusion reactor ready for delivery in November 2011 The Italian engineer and inventor. It took Rossi almost 18 years to reach from the idea to the product he offers to the market today.com . 1 MW Reactor 52 modules consisting of 20kW E-Cats No handling of reaction products Control panel for individual monitoring 20 ‘container (2.

and solving climate and energy” -Dennis Bushnell. London. “A novelty that might solve the energy problems of mankind.hydrofusion.com/revolution . E1 6NG. chairman of the Royal Academy of Energy Committee Hydro Fusion Ltd 132 Commercial Street. geo-politics. but we believe it is possible to explain with the known laws of nature “ -Hanno Essen. United Kingdom sales@hydrofusion | www.“The most interesting and promising [technology sector] at this point … [is] low energy nuclear reactions…this is capable of. assistant professor of theoretical physics and professor at the Royal Institute of Technology and a board member Association of Science and Popular Education. must one of course affirm. Chief Scientist at NASA “Somehow. new physics takes place.” Sven Kullander. completely changing geo-economics. It is puzzling but it is probably no new laws of nature. by itself. at least until it can be rejected.