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511 Kingsley Ave. Orange Park, FL 32073-4829 904-264-2783
Stated Communications 7:30PM 1st & 3rd Monday Order of Eastern Star 7:30PM 1 & 3 Tuesday
Orange Park Lodge has an active Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star. The following are eligible for membership: Affiliated Master Masons in good standing, females related to those Master Masons or if deceased, were in good standing at the time of their death. Contact: Carol Davis, Secretary for information. 904-813-6764
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February AL 6012

February AD 2012
From the East: From the East We are already into our second Month of the Year and this Year will be over before we know it. So I encourage each of you to maximize the time we have together. Think of a Brother that you saw at least once in the Lodge last year but havent seen in a while. Personally contact him and invite him back to Lodge. We have a great schedule of Masonic Education planned as well as our traditionally great meals. I need some Brothers to step up and become catechism Instructors. We have Brothers at every step of the process, ready to become Master Masons, and we owe it to them and to the Lodge to follow through. Orange Park Lodge has a wonderful support system and I encourage you to utilize it. If you dont know, ask.

2012 Officers
W.M. Duane Trump 312-0590 S.W. - RH Corey Kosciuszko - 535-8428 J.W. - DJ Levy 860-6740 Treas. Wayne Williams PM - 272-5487 Sec. Charlie Frey, PM 563-3340 ( S.D. - Leif Olsen - 759-0543 J.D. - Richard Bilyard II 982-5273 S.S. - Todd Jennings 446-5893 J.S.- Darin Mueller 278-7035 Marshal - Joseph Farrell 781-7392 Chaplain Eric King 465-2054 Tyler Bryant Samuelson 514-7547 Notice Unless otherwise noted in the Trestleboard, Dinner WILL be served prior to all meetings and special events. Secretarys Corner Brothers, if you werent at Lodge on Monday, January 23, you missed a great degree. More information later in this newsletter. Please keep me informed of any change in your snail mail address or your email address. Each time the post office returns a Trestleboard it costs the Lodge 50 cents. Also postage rates went up on 1/22/2012. The more mail we send out the more it costs the Lodge. Use email if you possibly can. It is quicker, cheaper and gets you lots more information than the postal version.

Calendar of events February 2012

Feb 6 Stated Communication Dinner 6:30 Meeting 7:30 Feb 13 Called Communication Fellowcraft Degree EA Proficiency 6:00 Dinner 6:30 Degree 7:30 Feb 18 Ritual Competition Open Books Orange Park #267 Registration 9:00 AM Feb 20 - Stated Communication

Have I mentioned dues this year? I guess I must. Do you know that you cant hold a lodge office or visit another lodge unless you have a valid dues card. Valid means 2012 now. Check your wallet.
Any inputs you may have for the new Trestleboard would be greatly appreciated.

District Deputy Grand Masters Official Visit

Dinner 6:30 Meeting 7:30 Feb 22 11 & 12 Masonic Association Meeting Duval Lodge #159 Dinner 6:30 Meeting 7:30
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Committees 2012 Sickness and Visitation Phillip Cannon, Bryant Samuelson Widows Jeff Foster, Bill Stevens, Vigilance Danny Griffith, Vince Dreyer, DJ Levy Masonic Education Elmer Coffman, Jeff Foster, Pat Farrell, Rudy Boatright, Jerry Austin, Corey Kosciusko Finance: Corey Kosciusko, Bill Walker, Randy Rogers Charity Corey Kosciusko, Bill Walker Board of Relief Corey Kosciusko, DJ Levy, Leif Olsen Lodge Property Corey Kosciuszko, DJ Levy, Wayne Williams, George VanValkenburg, Joe Farrell Memorial Charlie Frey, Lew Smith Petitions: Charlie Frey, Jeff Foster, Phillip Cannon, Lew Smith, Arthur Morrison, Tony Cerra Investigation Committee: Philip Cannon, Leif Olsen, Todd Jennings Non-payment of Dues Elmer Coffman, Danny Griffith Public Education and Primary Schools: Elmer Coffman, Jeff Foster, Corey Kosciusko Publicity & Scholarship Randy Rogers, Jack Welkenbach, Dennis Smith, Website Corey Kosciusko, DJ Levy, James Orner Blood Bank: Jack Welkenbach Board History & Archives Elmer Coffman, Bill Walker Mentors: Elmer Coffman, Rudy Boatright, Vince Dreyer Catechism Instructors DJ Levy, Richard Bilyard Sr., Richard Bilyard II, Lew Smith, Pat Farrell

Each month there will be TWO Trestleboards sent out. The regular US Postal mail version will be abbreviated to save costs. If you would like to receive the full version by email please make sure I have your email address. There will also be copies of the full version available in the Lodge. Charlie

February 2012
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6 Stated Communication Dinner 6:30 Meeting 7:30 13 Called Communication Fellowcraft Degree EA Proficiency 6:00 Dinner 6:30 Degree 7:30 20 Stated Communication Dinner 6:30 Meeting 7:30








18 Ritual Competition Open Books School of Instruction Orange Park #267 9:00 AM 25



DDGM Official Visit

26 27 28

22 Masonic Association Duval #159 Dinner 6:30 Meeting 7:30




Figuring Out What Freemasons Believe In

By Christopher Hodapp

There is no international administrative or controlling authority over Freemasonry. There's no office anyone can call to get the official, worldwide policy position of Freemasons, because there is no such policy. In the United States, each state has its own Grand Lodge. But there are basic beliefs common to all regular, mainstream Masonic organizations. The beliefs of Freemasonry can be boiled down to those three simple concepts. Masons are taught to believe in: Brotherly love: Love for each other and for all mankind Relief: Charity for others and mutual aid for fellow Masons Truth: The search for answers to the universal questions of morality and the salvation of the soul that only a man's individual faith and his relationship with God can provide

Brotherly love Simply put, Masons believe in the Golden Rule. The Golden Rule is part of every great world religion, so it qualifies as the single, unifying theme of all faiths. Its most basic concept is the cornerstone of Freemasonry, no matter how it is phrased: Buddhism: "In five ways should a clansman minister to his friends and families; by generosity, courtesy, and benevolence, by treating them as he treats himself, and by being as good as his word." Christianity: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Confucianism: What you do not want done to yourself, do not do to others." Hinduism: "Men gifted with intelligence . . . should always treat others as they themselves wish to be treated." Islam: "No one of you is a believer until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself." Judaism: "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." Taoism: Regard your neighbor's gain as your own gain, and regard your neighbor's loss as your own loss."

Relief Masons do not teach, and have never taught, that good works on Earth are a means of salvation in the afterlife. Masonic charity is practiced to improve the lives of men here and now. Many people who are familiar with Freemasonry but are not members are aware of some of the fraternity's philanthropic and charitable contributions to society. A common statement is made that, internationally, Freemasons provide $3 million every day to charity $2 million in the United States alone. Three centuries of encouraging good works in its members have resulted in large, institutional charities supported by Freemasons. These include scholarships, relief for natural disasters, and donations to schools and to destitute families. Masons have provided retirement homes for their own members, as well as schools and homes for orphans, and they participate in a dizzying list of community and social programs. Especially notable are the many medical philanthropies supported by Masons, which range from neuromuscular, dental, and eye care, to the world-famous Shriners Hospital program for children. Although these charities make an enormous contribution to and have a tremendous impact on society, Masons do not perform such services to mankind to receive gratitude or recognition. Individual Freemasons are encouraged to participate in all forms of charity and benevolence for society, not just the ones that get on the evening news or in the morning paper. Masonic charity does not just mean writing a check or throwing coins in a basket. It means giving a part of one's self and one's time commodities that are always in short supply. By participating in improving the life of a whole community or a single human being, by example, they hope to encourage others to do the same. Truth Masonic truth is a little more difficult to explain, because it means something different to every man. When a new initiate enters the lodge, aspects of the ritual ceremony seem unusual. For example, he is blindfolded. Blindfolding is done for a variety of reasons, but the primary symbolism of being blindfolded is that the candidate is seeking light. Light in a Masonic lodge is a symbol of spiritual truth and knowledge, and every candidate must discover that light on his own. To be in darkness is to be ignorant and unaware. No lodge ceremony or Masonic lesson can pretend to provide "ultimate" truth for a Mason, but Masonry seeks to inspire the individual to search for knowledge on his own.

Orange Park Lodge No. 267 Past Masters & Past Grand Lodge Officers
*James Wylie 1930 *Ben Mayes 1931 *Louis Martin 1932 *William U. Wilson 1933 *Joseph B. Cottrel 1934, 35, 42/45 *Ray A. Gordon 1936 *Stanley D. Morgan 1937-38 *Cebron B. Jackson 1939 *Hoyt B. Cotney 1940 *Richard C. Irving 1941 *Ellis J. Oglesby 1946/47 *Chester E. Merrill, Jr. 1948 *Ralph C. Rines 1949 *Oscar M. Dean 1950 *Clarence L. Metcalf 1951 *Lee E. Overstreet 1952 *William C. Williams 1954 *Walter Z. Tarr 1955 *William G. Giessen 1956 *Anthony H. Oak 1957 *Gilbert Tucker 1958 *Ira L. McCormick 1959 *Barney L. Price 1960 Johnny M. Gentry 1961 *Marvin W. Howze 1962 *Paul C. Armstrong 1963 Marvin E. Whilhite 1964 *Louis M. Gill 1965 *George Steve Jr. 1966 - DDGM 1976 *John L. Leverence 1967 *John M. Satterfield, 1968 - DDGM 1972 *John A. Hartzog 1969 Charles W. Smith 1971 *Thomas L. Metcalf 1972 Walter C. Sherrill 1973 Ted W. Odle 1975 *John D. Rown 1976 *H. Gene Grimes 1977 *Horace E. Stepler, 1978 - DDGM 1988 Donald W. West 1980 - DDGM 1985 *Charles R. Wagner 1981 Claude Ben Sebastian 1982 *Denotes deceased Ned L. Hanson 1983 Jack L. Welkenbach 1984 Arthur I. Morrison 1985 Clayton J. Kicklighter 1986 *Edward L. Case 1987 Elmer G. Coffman 1988 - DDGM 1992 - GM 2004 *Chester L. Fitzpatrick 1989 Treasurer Emeritus *James H. Brewton 1990 William Walker 1991 DDGM 1996 Norman J. Magyar 1992 Danny R. Griffith 1993 DDGM 2001 SGW 2011 James Emmert 1994 Patrick F. Farrell 1995 - DDGM 2005 *Edwin T. Austin 1996 *William Harvey Jenkins 1997 Dan Joseph McNeal 1998 Rudin J. Boatright 1999 - DDGM 2009 Jerry Austin 2000 - DDGM 2010 Charles H. Frey 2001 Wayne M. Williams 2002 Mark A. Royal 2003 Otho Lew Smith 2004 Daniel W. Mitola 2005 James V. Vince Dreyer 2006 Randall L. Rogers 2007 Dennis E. Smith 2008 Carl Yochelson 2009 Jeffrey Foster 2010 Ronald E. Smith 2011

Affiliated Past Masters

James W. Livingston - Belleview 95 - 1998 Milford Durwood Smith Albert J. Russell #126 - 1967 George Thomson DC #31 1978 Elmer Posick Broward #300 - 1976 Jeffrey A. May Marion-Dunn #19 - 1994 Robert DeLoatch Albert J. Russell #126 - 1997 Henry W. Hart Riverview #306 2005/2006 Richard Grondin Webster #164 ME -

Anyone having information to add to this section please let me know.

Orange Park Lodge No. 267 Perpetual Members

William J. Austin Eugene R. Baker Michael C. Bennett Barry W. Bett Charles D. Blake Rudin J. Boatright Alberto Castiel Anthony N. Cerra Michael E. Cofer Elmer G. Coffman Gregory A. Coffman Maurice A. Cooper, Jr. Robert W. Cunningham Robert W. DeLoatch James V. Dreyer James Emmert William T. Evans III Patrick F. Farrell Joseph N. Farrell Larry E. Fenwick Chester L. Fitzpatrick Kenneth L. Foster Jeffrey S. Foster Charles H. Frey Rob A. Garrett Johnny M. Gentry Antonio T. Gonzalez Jr Joseph C. Gooding Mack D. Gooding James D. Graves Danny R. Griffith Henry W. Hart Mark E. J. Heilman IV Rodney C. Herman Richard T. Hicks Robert W. Holmes William M. Hudson II Clayton J. Kicklighter James E. King Corey D. Kosciuszko William T. Lenoir Keith G. Lentz James W. Livingston Ronald E. Mackie Norman J. Magyar Bennie E. Martin Daniel W. Mitola Daniel W. Mitola Jr. Arthur I. Morrison Aaron G. Newman David E. Newton Noah A. O'Berry III Ted W. Odle Fernando Ortiz Philip A. Potts Darrell G. Quiett Randall L. Rogers Mark A. Royal Keith A. Schertell Charles W. Smith Dennis E. Smith Otho L. Smith Ronald E. Smith Lewis E. Smith Bobby D. Stroud Frank H. Stubbs III Leonard R. Stuck William P. Thaw Craig W. Thompson Robert D. Trump Jr. William Walker Jack L. Welkenbach Donald W. West Marvin E. Wilhite Wayne M. Williams Dennis N. Witt Jr. Joseph H. Wright Jr. Joseph H. Wright Sr. Carl Yochelson

Perpetual (Honorary)
George Washington Wilmer T. Atwell William B. Rich Joseph Mitola Joseph Mitola Jr.

Perpetual (Memorial)
William H. Jenkins Frank McCance

Perpetual Friend
Mrs. Hollyn Foster

Happenings Brother Phillip Cannon was recognized as Orange Park Lodges Mason of the Year. Br. Phil has done a lot of work at the Lodge over the last year or more and was duly recognized for his earnestness and dedication. He is always ready to help. Congratulations Brother Phil!

Master Mason Degree January 23, 2012 Four new Master Masons were raised in Orange Park Lodge on Monday, January 23, 2012. From left to right: Br. Maleko Berrier, Br. Robert Alexander, Br. Lance Norman and Br. Bruce Nelson Jr. Congratulations Brothers. We look forward to your participation in our great Lodge!

RH Corey Kosciuszko led the Orange Park team in performing the degree. It was a great job all around. This was some special degree work of the caliber for which Orange Park is so well known.

Brother Mark Balester delivered the Master Mason lecture. This was Br. Marks first time with this lecture and he did a phenomenal job! Representatives of the Grand Lodge of Florida were in attendance. Left to right: M.W. Dale Goehrig, PGM, R.W. Danny Griffith, Senior Grand Warden and M.W. Elmer Coffman, Grand Treasurer/PGM