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the demo. NOTE: Content of Web Links within this document may not be under the control of Electronic Arts. ************************************************************ TABLE OF CONTENTS ************************************************************ 1. Minimum System Requirements 2. Basic Keyboard Controls 3. Troubleshooting 4. Controller Information ************************************************************ 1. Minimum System Requirements ************************************************************ MINIMUM SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS =========================== Windows XP and VISTA with latest service pack installed Intel Pentium 4 (or equivalent) CPU running at 2.8GHz or higher (3.0GHz if runni ng Windows Vista) 128Mb DirectX compliant video card with Pixel shader 2.0 or above (AGP and PCIe only) using a supported chipset (see below) 512MB RAM (1GB if running Windows Vista) DirectX compatible sound card 1.5 GB of HD space required to install game DirectX 9.0c June 2007 edition NOTE: Do not install the Need for Speed ProStreet DEMO in the same windows direc tory as the retail Need for Speed ProStreet game. Use separate directories for each of the versions. ************************************************************ 2. Basic Keyboard Controls ************************************************************ The basic keyboard controls required to play the game are: Default In Game Controls: Steering Throttle Primary Left/Right Arrow Up Arrow

Down. the game will automaticall y detect and set the best video options based on your system hardware. VIDEO CARD SUPPORT ================== Need for Speed ProStreet Demo only officially supports Direct3D for certain 3D a ccelerator devices. Left and Right Arrows Up. While other devices running Direct3D may function in Need for Speed Pro Street Demo. Left and Right Arrows ENTER or left mouse click on selection ESC F12 installation directory) ************************************************************ 3. their behavior cannot be predicted and may lead to an unstable PC Environment. TROUBLESHOOTING ************************************************************ DEFAULT GRAPHICS SETTINGS ============================== The first time you run Need for Speed ProStreet Demo. The following major Direct3D chipsets are supported: ATI Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon 9500 9600 9700 9800 X550 X600 X700 X800 series series series series series series series series .Brake/Reverse E-brake Nitrous Boost Look Back Clutch (if enabled) Shift Up Shift Down Camera Change Reset Car Pause Game Arrow Indicators On/Off Best Line On/Off Minimap On/Off Leaderboard On/Off Menu Controls Down Arrow Numpad 0 N B Space Left Shift Left Ctrl C R Esc 1 2 3 4 Highlight Menu Items Cycle Choices / Move sliders Select / Go to next Screen Return to previous screen Take Screenshot (Screenshots are saved in the Up. Down.

e. miniport) are up to date. For further information please contact your Motherboard manufacturer. but are not officially supp orted. SOUND CARD SUPPORT ================== Need for Speed ProStreet Demo supports DirectSound. If your sound card driver does not support DirectSound you may experience choppy or stuttering sound. NVIDIA GeForce MX series not supported. video and sound card drivers) be obtained and installed. Also. Always obtain the latest device drivers from your sound card manufacturer. or sound that cuts in and out. VIDEO & GRAPHICS PROBLEMS ========================= . Please consult your card manufacturer for their newest drivers. If you are experiencing issues with an unstable PC environment please make sure your Motherboard drivers (AGP. DEVICE DRIVERS ============== It is highly recommended that the latest versions of all device drivers (i. FAST USER SWITCHING =================== You will not be able to run two versions of Need for Speed ProStreet Demo using the fast user switching feature in windows. be aware that video chip manufacturers sometimes provide drivers in addition to the card manufacturer.Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon Radeon NVIDIA GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce GeForce X850 series X1300 series X1600 series X1800 series X1900 series HD 2400 series HD 2600 series HD 2900 series 6200 series 6600 series 6800 series 7300 series 7600 series 7800 series 7900 series 8500 series 8600 series 8800 series FX 5950 series ***NOTE: Laptop versions of these chipsets may work.

try increasi ng the page file size on your hard drive. or other graphics settings.If you are experiencing performance problems on the default graphics settings. or contact applications . CHOPPY PLAYBACK DURING VIDEO SEQUENCES ================================================== . appointment.Windows "Disk Cleanup" utilities Similarly. keyboard or mouse. or suspend applications that start up automatically or programs that automatically run other applications at specified times. keyboard or mouse. but are not limited to: . and possibly cause an unstable PC environment. We strongly recommend that you shut down all other applications before running Need for Speed ProStreet Demo.Calendar. message boxes and dialog boxes from other programs. keyboard or mouse. or from Windows itself can cause Need for Speed ProStreet Demo to lose control of the screen. We strongly recommend that you close.Email programs .Windows Task Scheduler . We strongly recommend that you disable these features before running Need for Speed ProStreet Demo. and possibly cause an unstable PC environment. POWER MANAGEMENT SUSPEND/SLEEP MODES ============================================ Systems (such as laptops or other portables) that automatically power down into "sleep" or "suspended" modes can cause Need for Speed ProStreet Demo to lose control of the screen. WINDOWS VIRTUAL MEMORY ISSUES WITH 512 MB RAM ================================================== If you experience any Virtual Memory issues while running the game.Windows System Agent . but are not limited to: . Please consult the Microsoft Windows hel p pages to determine how to change your virtual memory settings. try lowering the video resolution. Programs that start up automatically can cause Need for Speed ProStreet Demo to lose control of the screen. Graphic Cards: Graphical settings and features available in-game are dependant on Graphics Card capabilities. behind Need for Speed ProStreet Demo. Settings not supported by your Graphics Card hardware are disabled in the Options Menu to prevent adverse effects on the game and your computer. These include.Network or Internet chat programs We recommend that you shut down other applications and run Need for Speed ProStreet Demo by itself whenever possible. BACKGROUND PROGRAMS =================== Avoid running other programs in the background. These include. and possibly cause an unstable PC environment. before running Need for Speed ProStreet D emo.

Some newer keyboards do not allow certain combinations of more than two keys to be pressed simultaneously. this problem is due to a limitation of the hardware. properly configure and calibrate the device from the Windows Control Panel. If the problem continues to persist. . The re-mapping tools in this menu allow you to change your button configuration for optimal pla y.Settings . Always ensure the latest manufacturer drivers are installed for your device. By adjusting the Repeat Delay and Repeat Rate the user can adjust the controls to feel more analog or digital depending on their preference. KEYBOARD PROBLEMS ======================= To adjust the feeling\sensitivity of the steering in gameplay when using the keyboard. select Controls through the Options menu. CONTROLLER PROBLEMS ======================= To correct any controller problems. This may interfere with gameplay. Unfortunately. Please consult the Microsoft Windows hel p pages to determine how to change your virtual memory settings. and you pressed the <C> key to change your view. ************************************************************ 4.Menu items are automatically scrolled through with no user input. . these keys will also retain their original function and can interfere with gameplay. disconnect the device from your computer before playing Need for Speed ProStreet Demo. if you were pressing both the up arrow key to accelerate and the left arrow key to turn. . enter the Keyboard option in the Windows Control Panel (Start . If your device is not recognized. Examples of Controller Problems: . The Windows key is not locked out during gameplay and it will bring up the start menu during gameplay.Control Panel) or (Start .Control Panel in Windows Vi sta). ======================= .If you experience choppy playback during video sequences. While it is possible to bind game controls to the F12. the view may not change. try increasing the page file size on your hard drive.Sluggish response on slower machines. For example. Print Screen and Windows keys. or if you'd like to modify the configuration the game has pre-assigned to your controller. CONTROLLER INFORMATION ************************************************************ CONTROLLER CONFIGURATIONS ================================ Need for Speed ProStreet Demo can be played with many popular gamepads and controller devices.Your car makes erratic movements that are not intended (such as continually turning).Certain movements do not occur when the proper direction is pressed.

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