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SafeMedia HaloNS Network and Application Layer Security for Cloud SafeMedia

SafeMedia HaloNS Network/Cloud Security


Encapsulator Rules and Rule Based Management Detection Technologies

Detection Engines Tool-Chain Distributed Architecture

SafeMedia HaloNS Distributed Architecture Tool chain based portability Tool chain adjust GCC and processors optimizations Embedded kernel- small foot print Remotely updated through user start Distributed Architecture Multi-threaded 64 bit kernel and engine Open structures for legacy interfaces Patented product

SafeMedia HaloNS Dual Detection Engines Two detection engines: kernel engine embedded with the kernel and user engine open Architecture in user space Both engines are dual vector Both engines can operate individually in prevention mode (blocking) or alert mode Both engines can be updated remotely by SafeMedia 11 preprocessors, for protocol normalization Engines are designed to support many detections technologies

SafeMedia HaloNS Detection Technologies

Protocol behavior analyses and capture Non collision hash tables for 1st strike. Network pattern adaptability and capture base on protocol behavior Target based detection based on actual foot-print of specific servers including: DNS, SMTP, HTTP, SQL, TELNET, and SSH Special applications detection for many applications including : ActiveX, file-identity, finger, FTP, ICMP, imap, multimedia, MySQL, NetBIOS, nntp, oracle, pop3,scada.smtp,snmp, sql, telnet, tftp, tor, VoIP, web ActiveX, Web cgi, web-client, web-ColdFusion, webFrontPage, web-iis, , web-php, P2P, x11, SSL, etc. Anomaly detection Pre and post packet assembly and normalization detection Build-in Data Leakage detection and prevention Ability to interpret Custom Rules Created by users

SafeMedia HaloNS Rules and Rule Management

Kernel engine rules are developed and maintained exclusively by SafeMedia venerability Labs. SafeMedia venerability Labs deploy varying numbers of honeypots and spiders/crawlers to discover the latest vulnerabilities in the global net SafeMedia offers over 45,000 rules, chokepoints and counter measures SafeMedia update rules every 3 hrs SafeMedia participate in global venerability team of 250,000 users including CIA, Army, VRT, ETPro, DShield, ShadowServer, Metadataetc.

SafeMedia HaloNS EncapsulatorTM Technology The Encapsulator

Part of the Orchestration Stack Additional authentication and user privileges Encapsulate instances within Private/Hybrid/Public Clouds, including Private/Hybrid Hosting Facilities Patent Pending Product

SafeMedia HaloNS Graphical Interface Granular Controls Capability to drill down through each threat metric Ability to drill down to the forensic level in moments Displays the actual threat data packet Capability to customize each environment

Agentless Cloud Security

Locking down the Cloud

Hybrid/Public Cloud Security

Cloud Service revenue is presently at $127B annually and rapidly growing Medium, large corporations, and governmental agencies still dominate the Cloud scene Cloud Computing is still considered a No-Mans land Security concerns are mentioned at every Cloud and Virtualization conference Cloud Security has yet to be assessed, standards are lax, and best practices have yet to be solidified Application communication has dominated Cloud traffic Malicious threats are focusing on attacking applications and not infrastructure in the Cloud SafeMedia fills this gap, and offers Systems Wide infrastructure and application security coverage in Virtual Private, Hybrid and Public Clouds

HaloNS Next Generation Cloud Security Single Point of Communication

Does not reside on each individual Host Manages Security without having to pull and push information opening up security risks
Agents must communicate with central console for a single pane of glass management methodology

Manages 45,000 Rule Sets in Intelligent Libraries without burdening a Host

Agents in most scenarios manage 600-800 rule sets

No additional firewall ports to open, HaloNS uses the existing L2 VPN connectivity Hardened Non IP-Centric design exponentially decreases attacks to the system

Competitors Cloud Security

Virtual Instances

Agent Based Systems

Security Agent

Relies on Hosts resources

Network wide updates needed on each agent Typically protects from only Inside out Resources limits number of rules Reliant on their hosts Pushes data which increases chances of intrusion, or data corruption

Security Agent

Security Agent

Security Agent

Public Cloud Virtual Machines

Hybrid Cloud

HaloNS Next Generation Network/Cloud Security

Non IP-Centric Design
The system is not visible to the users, therefore is resistant to attacks

Internally redundant as well as the hardware it resides on Dual Kernels manage incoming and out-going traffic Dual Vector technology Populated with 45,000 rules covering multiple attack scenarios Protects Cloud infrastructure through existing connectivity
No need to open up more firewall ports

HaloNS Next Generation Network/Cloud Security


HaloNS Network & Application Layer Security Coverage

Application Layer (7) Presentation Layer (6) HaloNS Network and Application Layer Security Session Layer (5) Transport Layer (4)

Network Layer (3)

Data-Link Layer (2) Physical Layer (1)

Network Layer Security

Competitive Protection

Cloud Security
Non IP-Centric Design
Internal and External Redundancy Instantaneous Coverage of local network or Cloud resources Deep Packet Inspection to the forensic Layer Can report to multiple sources Behavior and Pattern Recognition Mitigates Risk Management Protects from outside in and inside out Assists in Compliancy Protects Cloud resources as internal infrastructure

Cloud Local Network HaloNS

Encapsulation Mesh Security

Virtual Instances Instances Encapsulation Encapsulation

Oracle Azure

No drain on resources

No Software to Install
Instantaneous Coverage

Forensic packet interrogation Reporting to multiple Data Bases

Hardware and Software Redundancy

Mitigates Risk Management Protects from outside in and inside out Operates at wire speed


Public Cloud Virtual Machines

HaloNS Next Generation Cloud Security

Patented Hardened non IP-Centric Design Dual Engine/Dual Vector 45,000 Rules Updated every 3 hours Like Pattern & Signature Recognition Enable/Disable/Alert/Drop Functionality Single Pane of Glass Management Widget based User Interface Interface definition to Cloud Locations and/or Containers

For Proof of Concept Documentation Please Contact Jonathan Spindel SafeMedia Executive Vice President of Engineering Direct: (561) 288-1142