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R e f e r e n c e C a r d : F R E E S PA C E 2


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Throttle -5% ~ ` After Burner Tab 1 2 Equalize Charge on Shield Q W Accelerate Next Subsys. Caps Lock +key for previous Shift Fire Primary Ctrl Alt | \ A S 3 Escort Ship E 4 Closest Attacking Ship R Closest Friendly F 5 6 Next Ship Ship in Reticle T Nearest Attacker G Y Closest Hostile H U Targets Target J I O Live Turret K Targets Speed N M : ; P 7 8 9 0 1/3 Throttle [

Throttle +5% = 2/3 Throttle ] Full Throttle

Zero Throttle

Increase Increase Increase Primary Shield Engine Weapon Recharge Recharge Build Decrease Decrease Decrease Primary Shield Engine Weapon Recharge Recharge Build

Target View Num Lock Bank Left 7 Turn + Pitch 4

Chase View

Decrease View

Turn + Pitch 8 Center View 5 Turn + Pitch

Bank Right 9 Turn + Pitch 6

Equalize Energy Settings D

Increase VIEW

\ Augment Forward Shield Augment Left Shield Augment Rear Shield Augment Right Shield

Decelerate Counter measure Z X C

Subsys. in Next Reticle Bomb V B

Primary Primary Backward Forward

Cycle 2nd weapon / Shift

1 Free look 0

3 External View

Fire Secondary Alt Ctrl

Flight Controls


Energy Management

Testing Controls always for next target, for previous use LEFT SHIFT

Advanced Targeting Alt-S Alt-K Alt-R Alt-H Alt-Y Alt-T Alt-J Alt-M Alt-D Stop Subsystem Targeting Target Previous Live Turret Target Closest Repair Ship Toggle Auto Targeting of Hostiles Target Last Ship to Send Transmission Turn off auto targeting Enter subspace (end mission) Toggle auto speed matching Equalize energy settings

Advanced Energy Management Scroll Lock Transfer Energy from Weapons to Shields Shift Scroll Lock Transfer Energy from Shields to Weapons

Wingman / Squad Messaging C Comm Menu Shift-A Attack Target Shift-V Attack Subsystem Shift-Z Disarm Target Shift-D Disable Target Shift-X Capture Target Shift-E Engage Enemy Shift-W Form on Wing Shift-P protect Target Shift-C Cover Me Shift-J Return to Base Shift-I Ignore Target Shift-R Request Rearm

[Cheats] (taken form

Type during the game A message "Cheats activated" appears. Now hold [~] and

[C] [K] [I] [W] [G] [R] [Shift] [Shift][K] [Shift][I] [Shift][W] [Shift][G] [Alt][K] [Alt][G]

Send message to foes Destroy target God mode Unlimited weapons All primary targets are selected as done Recharge all weapons Destroy Sub-System in Reticle God mode for target on/off Unlimited weapons for all ships All secondary targets are selected as done Get 10% hits on your ship All bonus targets are selected as done

! With activated cheat you cant leave a mission !

FreeSpace 2 developed by Volition, published by Interplay. REFERENCE CARD 2008.

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