Under the Light of Vajrasekhara Tantra

There were two major works that created the base of Shingon-shu, or the Japanese Esoteric Buddhist School of thought: the Mahavairocana Tantra (or to others Sutra) and the Vajrasekhara Tantra. While in the first the basic body of the theory behind esoteric Buddhism is the main theme being discussed, in the Vajrashekara Tantra we are told how to reach Buddhahood (Enlighentment) in this very body. The rarity of its appearance on the internet though made me really wonder why hasn't this marvellous piece of work been so openly divulged as other sutras... I came to the conclusion after discussing it with other highly evolved beings and former Buddhists of the Vajrayana School (and by saying former I mean when they possessed a body), that this document is very difficult to be understood by the laity. For me it has been a great inspiration to study the document in its arcane form when I was incarnated as Kukai. When I met my master Hui Kuo there was a strange power emanating from his body. It was as if I was within a fire pit. Later on when I was introduced to the esoteric rites and meditations ('Mikkyo' in Japanese) I realized that you cannot study Esoteric Buddhism you must experience it. So, that is why people cannot understand this, let's say for the shake of conversation, Sutra. You need an experienced Guru to take you step by step through the processes that are being described in the document and go through Initiation, another important aspect of Mikkyo. Then after you have gone through this training, the meaning of the Sutra opens like a flower. This approach on Esoteric Buddhism is another great difference between Mahayana and Vajrayana besides the nature of Enlightenment. That you cannot study the Esoteric teachings only experience them... Love Kukai

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