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Gloria Arroyo’s downfall actually started in July

November 21, 2011 · 122 Comments

By Raïssa Robles
The Arroyo camp is complaining that the Commission on Elections and the Department of Justice “railroaded” and “rushed” the electoral sabotage case against her. The truth is the opposite of that. The “evidence” of Arroyo’s crime first came to light on July 11 this year and quickly unfolded from there.
Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and former Muslim Autonomous Region Governor Zaldy Ampatuan share a meal in happier times

It all began when Zaldy Ampatuan – a suspected mass murderer whom Arroyo

handpicked to be Governor of the Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) – suddenly told ABS-CBN TV that his family helped rig the 2007 polls for Arroyo in their home province of Maguindanao. He claimed that as a result, Arroyo’s candidate Juan Miguel Zubiri won a seat in the Senate. During the Comelec counting at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Zubiri emerged No. 1 in Maguindanao province and won over 195,000 votes there. Gloria Arroyo’s senatorial bets won all the votes there while the opposition – that then included Benigno Aquino III – all got zero. Arroyo’s spokesman Raul Lambino said the accusation was self-serving. Ampatuan merely wanted to save his own skin. By offering to testify against Arroyo, he might evade being charged for the 2009 massacre

of 58 people, including 34 journalists, in Maguindanao, southern Philippines. At that time, Ampatuan had already been in a maximum security cell for two years trying to avoid arraignment for the mass murder. Ampatuan’s claim would probably have fallen by the wayside if another controversial personality had not surfaced three days later on July 13 and sang the same tune. Lintang Bedol, an election supervisor for the southern province of Sultan Kudarat and long wanted by the Comelec for cheating, suddenly gave an interview to ABS-CBN saying Arroyo cheated in the 2004 and 2007 elections. Two weeks later, the man whom Zaldy Ampatuan claimed was the main beneficiary of cheating suddenly resigned from the Senate. Juan Miguel Zubiri vacated his Senate seat on August 3 tearfully saying:
Without admitting any fault and with my vehement denial of the alleged electoral fraud hurled against

Kung may nandaya po sa 2007 elections. Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III had actually fought a lonely four-year battle to unseat Zubiri from the Senate and claim it as his. of cheating for Zubiri. we did not know anything about it. Lilian Radam and Yogie Martirizar.] The candidate who had accused Zubiri of stealing the votes assumed Zubiri’s vacated seat and vowed to go after the “mastermind” of the he had accused two provincial election officials. This is the same Yogie Martirizar whom I wrote about as having almost the same calcium deficiency disorder as Arroyo in my . wala po tayong kinalaman diyan…[If anyone cheated in the 2007 elections. I am submitting my resignation as a duly elected Senator of the Republic of the Philippines in the election for which I am falsely accused without mercy and compassion. Way back in 2007.

They signed affidavits admitting they had rigged the vote for Arroyo’s senatorial candidates and were helped by government forces in the cheating operation. It was this domino of revelations which prompted Comelec to conduct a joint investigation with DOJ. . accusing Arroyo and others of electoral sabotage. from leaving the country for four years After Zubiri resigned. He named Martirizar. They also claimed that Arroyo’s own election lawyer Alberto Agra – whom she later appointed acting justice secretary – defended them against the poll fraud charges. Zaldy Ampatuan and Bedol as his witnesses. Senator Pimentel immediately filed a complaint before the body. Radam.piece entitled – Gloria Arroyo stopped a woman. Yogie Martirizar and Lilian Radam suddenly volunteered to become state witnesses. with an illness and a case just like hers.

Unas said Mrs Arroyo told Andal Sr.Star witness Norie Unas During the investigation. Andal Sr. Unas claimed he accompanied Andal Sr to a dinner with Mrs Arroyo and her husband Jose Miguel inside Malacañang Palace shortly before the 2007 elections. There. to “produce a 12-0 result in Maguindanao (for her 12 senatorial candidates). The Arroyo couple’s lawyers had agreed to submit their counter-affidavits last .” To this day. Mrs Arroyo has issued no comment on the charges upon the advice of her lawyer. even if you have to rearrange or change the results. The star witness of them all was Norie Unas. 14 election officials and one technician working on computerized voters lists testified. Maguindanao’s provincial administrator and the right hand man of Zaldy Ampatuan’s father.

totally denying Unas’ claims. Five days later on November 18. the Comelec used the panel results to file a complaint of electoral sabotage against Mrs Arroyo before Pasay City Regional Trial Court Judge Jesus Mupas. Instead of doing that.Monday Nov 14. the case would be deemed submitted for resolution. their lawyers asked the Supreme Court last Friday Nov 11 to void the probe because it was “a kangaroo court.” Then their lawyers told the panel that Monday Nov 14 to freeze the probe and wait for Supreme Court to act on their petition. . who then issued an arrest warrant that very night. The rest is history. He said the panel disregarded the affidavit of Andal Sr. The panel refused and Mike Arroyo’s lawyer Ferdinand Topacio stormed out and denounced the “railroading” of the investigation. After that.

Ate Moh Atenila says: January 29. 1. 2012 at 6:04 am . Share this through Facebook and  Twitter: : Facebook Email Digg Print      Categories: Politics 122 Responses to “Gloria Arroyo’s downfall actually started in July” Read below or add a comment...

Pls.R. Reply ○ raissa says: January 29. . 2012 at 6:58 am Thank you for reading. Nyt. tell your friends and relatives about my site. now I don’t have to content myself with just opinion from Philstar. Enq. R.Mabuhay! I feel bless coming across this site. thanks!! more power to you Ms..

has surfaced with a story of a decade-old incident wherein he said he was given P500.5M from Mike Arroyo in 2001 A former employee of LTA Inc. The whistle-blower said that in coming forward. he only wanted to help President Benigno Aquino III bring justice and order to . for deposit to Libarios’ bank account.Reply 2. 2012 at 11:09 am Witness says IBP head got P. Victoria “Vicky” Toh.000 by Arroyo’s comptroller. Ma. Mel says: January 26.. which is owned by the family of Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo.

they may have found the smoking gun. January 26th. “I do not ask for anything in return.” he said. After continuous investigations into all sorts of wrongdoing allegedly perpetrated by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. nobody promised me anything or instructed me to make this narration. Mel says: January 25. the Senate blue ribbon committee has finally . 2012 Reply 3.the country. Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer 1:05 am | Thursday. 2012 at 9:16 am “Finally.

and the documents bearing either Arroyo’s signature or her initials were signed by the former president right in front of Uriarte. “When grilled by the [Senate blue ribbon] committee. Uriarte said that the documents facilitating the allocation of the ridiculous CIF requests went through Malacañang from 2008 to 2010. 2012) Caught ‘red-handed’? Reply 4. Dominic John says: .” Source: PDI Editorial (12:36 am | Sunday. January 22nd.found a case that apparently directly links her to the alleged crime.

kudos to your writings now I am hooked to your site I am a Malaysian married to a wonderful Pinoy living in Calbiga all countries have their crooked leaders it.please keep it up and all the best. Best regards Dominic Reply ○ raissa says: .January 23.s people like you who have to check and balance . 2012 at 5:38 pm Hi.

i would have to say that it was literally a slap on the face. when g arroyo made her “state visit” in the UK some years back and she was only met by low-ranking government employees. esp . kahiya talaga. 2012 at 7:04 pm Thanks. Reply 5.January 23. 2011 at 1:03 am come to think of it. pilipinang 2nay says: December 28. Dominic for being concerned about my country.

queen elizabeth herself feted to a state dinner a south african head of state. problema lang. it wasn’t her own money she was giving away. n’on pa lang nakakahiya na yon. and certainly not by her people. Reply ○ raissa says: December 28. not foreign governments.since a few months later. 2011 at 10:22 pm . the truth is. nobody respects her. her supporters are made up of mostly political stooges who have benefited from her financial largesse over the years.

Raissa maraming salamat sa yong articles…I forgot the time and was glued reading for straight 5 hours.Really? Interesting. Sana patuloy kang magbibigay ng accurate information lalo na sa mga tulad kong narito sa labas ng bansa. 2011 at 12:00 am Ms. Stay safe and more power. Reply 6. . joselin kobayashi says: December 19. God bless you.

2011 at 8:26 pm .Reply ○ raissa says: December 19. Joselin Reply 7. chizmozangfroglet says: December 13. 2011 at 8:05 am Thank you for reading.

I just accidentally saw your blog . 2011 at 1:52 pm Very informative and straight to the core of the issue. Raissa nasanay siguro kasi ang mga filipino na mabagal ang justice sa Pilipinas kaya ngayon na mabilis na nakakasuhan ang mga may sala parang gulat na gulat ang lahat. sinasabing minamadali ang kaso. nagpapapogi.obviously naghahalunkat ako sa blog mo Ms. Dominador Reyes says: December 12. nagmamagaling hehehe Reply 8.

and will follow you from now on. Keep on keepin’ on! Reply ○ raissa says: December 12. 2011 at 3:18 pm Thanks for reading. Reply .

because the P80 million translates to P100 paid by the government to . Windy says: December 10. 2011 at 5:32 am Eto pa isang kawatan Mr. Paki imbestigahan lang Pnoy para talagang makulong ang lahat na kawatan…walang favoritism: The TRUTH about SCTEX (Subic-ClarkTarlac Expressway. President. The issue is also one of overpricing.9. that runs through Hacienda Luisita) is that Hacienda Luisita or the Cojuangco’s was paid by the government P80 million for the right of way for 83 hectares of land that was made part of the expressway.

Luisita for every square meter of land ROW, at a time when the selling price of farm land in Tarlac was only from P6 to P8 per square meter. Therefore, the Luisita land paid for by the government was overpriced by at least P92 per sq.m On top of the P80 million, government also used P170 million of taxpayers’ money to construct a road interchange that connected Luisita’s private road to SCTEX. Other private companies like Mamplasan, Asia Brewery, Greenfields and Southwoods paid the government so their properties would be connected to the South Luzon Expressway. These companies paid the Philippine National Construction Corp. (PNCC) P241 million each for the interchanges that connected their properties to SLEX. So how come it is the opposite with Luisita? Instead of Luisita

paying the government for the interchange that connected Luisita’s private road to SCTEX, it was the government that paid Luisita. The overpricing has been confirmed by the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) during a congressional hearing. But it was not the government alone that got a raw deal from the SCTEX project. The poor farmers who had been toiling at Luisita for decades also got a raw deal. As the supposed owners of 32.5 percent of Luisita, the farmers should have gotten at least P25 million of the P80 million ROW payment. Instead, they were only given dividends ranging from 50 centavos to P1. A House committee investigation established that Noynoy used his influence as a congressman in 2004 to have the original route diverted to Luisita which at that time

was largely inaccessible. In fact, Noynoy served as the proponent of the SCTEX project that directly benefited his family. The congressional hearings elicited the fact that Noynoy used his influence as a legislator not only to push the SCTEX project, but specifically the inter-connection of Hacienda Luisita to it, at a huge cost to the government and the taxpayers. The net effect of Noynoy’s machinations is that from its original estimate of P18.7 billion in 1999, the SCTEX project cost was adjusted to P21 billion in 2004 and, by the time it was finished, the cost had ballooned to a whopping P32.808 billion, or twice its original price. Noynoy made sure he was present in most meetings related to the construction of SCTEX. To show their disdain for the congressional committee investigating the

================================== ============================== Panawagan ko kay Chief Justice Corona ay. but the messenger was unsuccessful. Somebody was sent to look for him so he could reply to these accusations. but the representatives of the people were prevented from visiting the site. In fairness to him. Noynoy was somewhere else in the hotel with Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim. Noynoy and the Cojuangcos ordered Luisita’s security men to bar congressmen from making an ocular inspection of the Luisita road interchange.SCTEX scandal. The government funded the P170-M interchange. having just come from the unveiling of his mother’s monument nearby. sana maging matatag kayo. Isa ka sa iilan na . Huwag kayong patatalo sa Malacanang. While all this was going on at Manila Hotel’s Roma Ristoranti.

2011 at 5:34 am . Hayaan mong magdusa si penoy dyan sa tinik na yan. Please don’t give up for the sake of our country. This deranged president and his minions are harassing and bullying you so you will give up and so they can have complete control of our country. God put you where you are to fight evil. Be strong for all of us! Reply ○ Blanche says: December 10.lang na malaking tinik sa lalamunan ni Penoy.

2011 at 7:13 am Dear Windy. But why do you register as another person named “Blanche”.Yes. President. Reply ○ raissa says: December 10. I give you the right to express your own opinion – even on my blog. . please investigate this. Mr.

otherwise. Probably Windy and Blanche are different persons using the same laptop? Anyway. . Do you have a split personality? Reply  Arsenio Reyes says: December 15. Raissa. it may be improper as you said.You and “Blanche” have the same IP address. They must answer your question. 2011 at 11:28 am Ms.

data or facts regarding the discussion above. 2011 at 9:13 pm I would have to restudy the matter. It would be certainly appreciated if you have some info. As for the SCTEX matter.I myself am wondering about the reason or motivation. . Thanks and regards. Reply  raissa says: December 15.

Reply  leona says: January 15. just lost your remaining credibility…to ZERO! Another meaning of “IP” is “identified person. 2012 at 9:41 am HAHAHA! huli ka! how Shameful! Now. Windy or Bianchi or whoever you are.” Very good Ms. Raissa! Reply .

al says: December 5. Boy. But it’s not over until it’s over. Reply . Carry on! I do expect more personalities to come to light and when it does. I am seeing a silver lining in the horizon already. Hats off to you Raissa. Nevertheless. Can’t wait for your next. 2011 at 11:32 am I can’t believe myself glued to your article… my first time ever. I believe democracy is still breathing in the Phil. you’re good.10. promising a new dawn. It really is an eye-opener and very credible.

2011 at 4:12 pm Thanks for reading.○ raissa says: December Reply . http://raissarobles. Try the other articles – these are like prequels to what happened before the electoral sabotage case.

Raissa is the best.. 2012 at 11:08 pm Yes. Thanks again Raissa...○ Edgar says: January 12. I’m addicted to reading her blogs and the comments that comes with it. keep up the good work! More power to you!! Reply  raissa says: .

2011 at 3:06 pm I salute Raissa for her meticulous way of search. Captain badjao says: December 4.January 13. SAD TO SAY THAT . Reply 11. It is nice to have a journalist like you at this modern age. I would very much appreciate it if you can recommend my site to your friends and relatives. 2012 at 8:34 am Thank you. Even enemies. Edgar.


I look forward to the day when all these corrupt people spend the rest of thier lives in jail or . our beloved country. The Philippines.. Reply  Jun says: December 8..It’s my small contribution to the building of a nation. 2011 at 9:29 pm And the only way you know Madam Raissa pushes the small fires within me not to stop dreaming to finally have a better country. The only way I know how.

com and since then. your blog is an eye opener to many silent readers like me who do not have the avenue to voice out your sentiments. Reply  Sammy says: December 11. Angelo Reyes. …Mam Raissa. 2011 at 5:34 pm Mam Raissa.better follow footsteps of the late Sec. this is not a small contribution. may our humblest and sincerest prayers . I got hooked reading your posts. I just found this thru abscbn.

I would really appreciate that. You can help by sharing my posts with your friends and relatives. .protect you and be your strength to carry on …Orchids to you and to all the brilliant journalists out there:-) Reply  raissa says: December 11. 2011 at 5:36 pm Thank you. Sammy.

max flores says: November 28.iisa lang ang talo… mga PILIPINO…the laughing stock of the world Reply 13.Reply 12. 2011 at 2:01 pm .. 2011 at 6:10 pm ano ga naman areh…is there anything new? this will be another “white washed tomb” in the history of Phil politics. giovanni says: November 25.

democracy would be in jeopardy.The first time I came across with this article. Journalist like you Raissa is what the country and the Filipino need. the media is the “Achilles heel” of democracy. I like the way you narrate inasmuch it crystallizes my understanding on such very important issue. 2011 at 1:54 am . Afterall. Without good media. More power and mabuhay po kayo! Reply 14. I sensed it was worth reading. mickey says: November 25. You deserve to be a part of the press or media.

i am very much impressed by your article raisa, it’s very informative and sheds light about the whole thing in the Philippine political scenario, that once we have had a sham leader. POOR PHILIPPINES!!!. It’s an awakening for all of us!! We, the Filipino citizens should not be apathetic (just like the church coz they lure each other, shame on them!) I hope our history teaches us a lot of lesson…. GMA is using her position, knowledge/education CROOKEDLY!. Sad…………… Thanks Raisa… Kudos!!!


MALYN says:

November 24, 2011 at 4:34 pm

Ang sabi ni Sen Bongbong Marcos, bakit ang bilis kinasuhan si GMA, pagka pala gugustuhin eh kayang gawin sa. pinalabas ng Pasig RTC yong disisyon na may probable cause ang kasong electoral sabotage na isinampa ng DOJ – Comelec fact finding. at noong ding araw na yon Friday Nov. 18 nag issue ng warrant of arrest. para kay GMA . okey ito yong totoo noong panahon ni GMA ,kapag kumuntra ka at may nagsasagawa ng Against sa Arroyo Government wala ng mga due process kulong agad. tulad ng nangyari Kay Sen. Trillanes, at mga sundalong Magdalo, Gen. Lim, Col. Querubin, at 28 sundalo na ikinulong sa Tanay. kapag may mga anomalyang ginagawa ang kaalyado ng Administrasyon bawal humarap sa mga



Roco Batungbakal says:

November 23, 2011 at 10:20 pm

Wow, the graphics perfectly compliments the article. It paints a clear picture of the events. Thanks God, there are brave people like you who is not afraid and puts put efforts to help build a better country for our children. I felt helpless every time I hear another atrocity committed by the Arroyo’s and his

buti yung tag team nyo ma’am marangal. .allies. With your article I see how Arroyo intends to evade arrest. and thanks to the firmness of DE Lima. di tulad noong mag-asawang nunal at masiba. mga hangal. 2011 at 8:27 pm oh thanks to your hubby also. Reply 17. She now must answer for all her crimes. Thank you. net says: November 23.

this is what ‘chronology of events’ is. “maswerte” lang talaga sila dahil ang supreme court mismo. abogado nila – ang forever legal but never moral coronarroyo court. magha-house to house sila para maawa ang tao sa mga kawatang mandaraya. yung mga bayarang boom box ni arroyo puro panggugulang lang ang alam.Reply 18. pathetic pala talaga ang mixture ng paawa lalo na kung wala kang charm at mas lalo naman kung sinungaling kang talaga. ang labo pa ng pinagsasabi sa media. . kulang na lang. net says: November 23. 2011 at 4:34 pm now.

madaling intindihin ng mas nakararami. 2011 at 4:37 pm For making this reader-friendly. you will also have to thank my hubby Alan. But in this particular piece.thanks for making this very reader friendly. Reply ○ raissa says: November 23. He’s my editor. Usually. my articles don’t need editing. I needed him to take a look and he made me remove a lot of .

walang doktor na kayang gumamot ng ganitong klaseng karamdaman kahit tumakas at magpunta pa sa abroad para magpagamot . 2011 at 4:46 pm Ang sinungalin. mandarambong ay kapatid ng magnanakaw di dapat pagtiwalaan ang taong may kaakibat na ganitong sakit .details that got in the way of the chronology Reply ○ MALYN says: November 24.

I hope that all of the journalists here in our country have the same thoughts like you. 2011 at 4:29 pm Hi Ms. Tandaan NAKAKAAWA ANG KONDISYON NG ISANG TAONG ANG ITSURA AY NAKAKAAWA SUBALIT WALANG MAKUHANG MAAWA. Im so impressed with your articles. Raissa.tulad ni GMA at Mike Arroyo kita. or should I . n’yo na wala man lang maawa sa kanilang sitwasyon kahit nasa ospital na. Arnel Tungcul says: November 23. Reply 19.

2011 at 3:15 pm Hi Ms. Ernie S says: November 23. I really enjoy reading your articles. I am enjoying every bit of your intellectual articles and subsequent come-on comments from everyone. More powers and may God bless you always. My favorite Cristianne Amanpor. Raissa. formerly chief international correspondent at CNN who gained a reputation for being a fearless . Reply 20.say brave enough like you to expose or reveal the truth.

Kudos to ABS-CBN for finding a gold mine named Raissa Robles. WYHAJ says: November 23. 2011 at 2:24 pm . Objectivity doesn’t mean treating all sides equally. Thanks for sharing her with us. “There are some situations one simply cannot be neutral about. . I am looking forward for more of your upcoming articles for sure. It means giving each side a hearing. Reply 21. .” I couldn’t agree more. because when you are neutral you are an accomplice.reporter once said this. and for that.

NO TO MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS ABROAD!!! .CONGRATS. 2011 at 9:12 am Nilapastangan niya ang batas while she was in power and it is the same batas that’s going after her.. Arroyo’s camp is calling it political persecution. They may refer or call it with other names but the bottom line is GMA and her cohorts should be held answerable for the electoral sabotage filed against her. Going out of the country is just a ploy to trick the Flipinos to escape from prosecution. Bernadette Brizuela says: November 23. Reply 22.

Reply 23. Keep it up! I’ll be your regular from now. YAD BISLIG says: November 23. Raissa. Thank you for all of these information. 2011 at 5:33 am I don’t really find pleasure in reading yet you had me stay on your site for 6 straight hours. the record of incidents and events is remarkable. Reply ○ raissa says: . good researcher and writer.

This recent article outlining the sequence of events leading to the current scenario really helped me understand why GMA & FG wants to .November 23. i came across your site just recently and am impressed with your great work in investigative journalism. Reply 24. 2011 at 8:47 am You’re welcome. 2011 at 2:40 am Dear Raissa. Vic says: November 23.

it would be a bestseller! Will be looking forward to it! Reply ○ raissa says: November 23. I bet that if you write a book. I’l keep that in mind.leave quickly only at this time. 2011 at 8:57 am Thank you. Vic. Reply .

Have a nice day. Reply . I will keep on reading too. Keep on writing. Thank you for writing about the chain of events that led to the airport and Topacio’s promised castration brouhaha.25. 2011 at 12:34 am Great article. Silver says: November 23.

Reply 26. Gregoria V.sana makamit . 2011 at 8:58 am You too. Raissa sa mga issue NA binunyag mo ngbuong tapang. Febrer says: November 22.○ raissa says: November 23. 2011 at 10:45 pm Thank you Ms.

shell says: November 22. Sana’y magpatuloy ka pa sa pagsasaliksik ng mga kawalanghiyaang ginawa ni Gloria. 2011 at 10:43 pm if i remember well.More power and god bless you.NA nation any katarungan dito sa Indonesia pinagtatawanan nil a angmga anomalyang nababasa nila. gma and . former president Gloria gave light to the issue of her meddling with the comelec during elections is when she went to national television and said “I’m sorry” refering to the hello garci tape…. Reply 27.

PhoenixRising says: November 22. thanks raisa for a very incisive reporting of the background.whoever her adviser is during that time made a bigtime mistake… Reply 28. 2011 at 9:38 pm reading these comments gimme an earful smile… ahehehh! but. context and substantial issues… for someone out here in arizona enjoying the rough and tumble of the 99% movement. it is heartening to hear what’s the truth about .

Keep reading. pls. Reply .what really matters in our native homeland… keep it up and MABUHAY! Reply ○ raissa says: November 23. 2011 at 9:19 am Thank you.

. 2011 at 7:01 pm actually raissa if you will notice lahat ng magkakaso/may kaso/nakasuhan ay nagkakasakit.the last dignified thing to do…set a precedent… Reply .29. isn’t it we want change. then i think this is the time for that…the downfall of the former president should be an example that not everyone is above the law…she can set an example. christopher says: November 22.

Reply  lorna says: November 24. They all get sick. 2011 at 7:03 pm You think she will? But you’re right. 2011 at 8:37 am .○ raissa says: November 22.

Forget about our spineless politicians who owe so much their positions to gma. Reply . Press people should inform the public of what is really happening in our country. 2011 at 2:43 pm Raissa. thank you for your accurate articles.that is what you call KARMA Reply 30. i gues gma stands for “Galing Mandaya Ako”. Reynaldo Ebreo says: November 22.

Jojo Deles says: November 22. Reply 31. 2011 at 2:38 pm . 2011 at 3:27 pm Thank you.○ raissa says: November 22.

Context is so important for informed reporting. Let truth and justice prevail. Salamat at malaking tulong ito sa ating mamamayan na sinusundan ang mga pangyayari sa ating bayan. More power Raiza and to the filipino people as well. Reply . emmy says: November 22. Thanks Raissa for substantial report. 2011 at 2:27 pm Ang ganda ng pagkasulat at very informative. Reply 32.


raids says:

November 22, 2011 at 1:19 pm

My favourite writer with another truthful interesting article!


Clemente says:

November 22, 2011 at 1:16 pm

Raissa, Thanks for sharing us (readers) how the chronicle of events led to her downfall.

No wonder they’re in hurry to get out of the country. Probably her lawyers sensed that the arm of the law is finally catching up with her. I don’t feel any sympathy nor compassion at all I want her to pay for all the misdeed she did to the state and to the Filipino people. Thanks and more power to you.


raissa says:

November 22, 2011 at 1:42 pm

Thank you, too, for reading.


JBkronos says:

November 23, 2011 at 12:23 am

neither do i, her photo taken at the airport so reminds me of how she looked when she said “i am sorry” . . . i think i will only pity her and her family once i will not see defiance . . . but how can we expect remorse if they all believe that they have not committed anything . . . to ensure that that belief becomes the truth of all times was to ensure that all justices in SC are her appointees . . . are they not all the time heading to SC from where the expect relief

these are the senators who owe to arroyo favors. . 2011 at 12:39 pm impeach those 8 justices in the supreme court if the nullify the comelec doj authority in filing the case.but the problem also are some senators who are jelly fishes like escudero. . angara who opened their big cavities to defend arroyo and her cohorts. . Reply 35. really bad for the justice system .from her appointees? . santiago.i do hope that these people will . josephleyson says: November 22. .

if they are still around in the scene . While GMA is still presumed innocent until proven guilty. Reply 36. philippines would still be lingering in agonizing poverty. Willeus Acuna @ Life Insurance Philippines says: November 22. the evidence against her is growing stronger by the day.disappear in the face of politics. Her boat is sinking but she cannot be counted out because she has eight Supreme Court justices seemingly in her corner. 2011 at 12:25 pm I hope more cases are filed by next week as promised. Let’s wait .

. WYHAJ says: November 22.if you have at least followed the Words of GOD… this will not happened to you…. maybe you have done something good for the country BUT because of GREED.until the convictions and final appeals are fully resolved before we can officially call it her downfall. thanks for the said info… for GMA as written in the bible… GREED is one of the capital sin… so its not good at all … and im so sorry for your present predicament…. Reply 37. it was . 2011 at 12:22 pm great job..

Rey Garcia says: November 22. 2011 at 11:58 am Now this is a clearer one.. Reply ..overpowered by your misdoings and selfishness and you forgot your real role in the country being a public servant and NOT as a QUEEN or the BOSS or the owner of this country……. an article worth sharing. Reply 38.

Reply 40. Jeff Cruz says: November 22.39. GMA loquacious spokesperson. Johnny Lin says: November 22. right after she foul mouthed the lawyers of San Beda. 2011 at 11:26 am The writing on the wall is that her days are numbered. Very soon it will happen. 2011 at 10:25 am Noteworthy is the silence of Elena Horn. .

Reply . . . 2011 at 12:27 am and the missing godson .Her unrestrained orifice was bolted. not by Topacio with the shrinking balls Reply ○ JBkronos says: November 23.

Reply ○ raissa says: November 22. Boyet says: November 22. As you use your talent.41. 2011 at 9:16 am Great piece. Gbu and stay safe. 2011 at 11:24 am Thanks. . more will be given to you.

This case has been reviewed since August.She has to be stopped from leaving the country because it is obvious from her past actions that she is not coming back.I hope those people who are still defending her will see the light and stop claiming the filing of charges were rushed. PSANTOS says: November 22. Reply .past.Reply 42. 2011 at 7:48 am Thanks for this article chronicling the chain of events that prevented gma from leaving the PH.

Reply ○ karen says: November 22. 2011 at 8:30 am They won’t. 2011 at 4:49 pm .○ raissa says: November 22.

the unthinkable? . maambonan man lang kahit tira tira. 2011 at 6:01 am gloria’s silence in all this speak volumes.they already see the light… actually they just cant resist it. maniniwala ba tayo na libre mga talents ng mga rahrah boys and girls ni glueria? Reply 43. kaya kita kita ng mga tagapagtangol niya. but conscience never give you peace of mind. ang kinang kaya ng nakaw na yaman ni glueria. kaloyz60 says: November 22. tomorrow…. now depressed.

suicide is painless. Her lying companies don´t sell any story at all.don’t ever let her listen to the song . If she doesn ´t do it–depression is more painful than she ever imagines. .. 2011 at 6:36 am Her only recourse now is the “Angelo Reyes Way!” If she does it she is guilty. Reply ○ Evangeline Eriksson says: November 22.

who knows baka mapatawd ka pa ng Diyos sa mga kasalanan mo Reply . go ahead glueria confess your sins! we are willing to listen. 2011 at 4:53 pm one report said glueria was suffering from diarrhea that’s why she was on dextrose to prevent dehydration daw.Reply ○ karen says: November 22. i said nerbyos lang yan.

2011 at 5:02 am the arroyo lawyers are brilliantly delaying the course of these proceedings in fact I am still waiting what the top notch counsellor Estelito Mendoza will say about the scenario of electoral sabotage tsk tsk Reply 45. keanleogo says: November 22. NapO says: November 22.44. 2011 at 4:25 am .

Mabuhay ka!!! Reply .net/98165/arroyofaces-more-troubles Reply 46.Thought you might want to watch GMA’s mugshots. 2011 at 4:12 am Raissa is really an adorable columnist. Please click the following link: http://newsinfo. rgm says: November 22.inquirer.

not to mention the other 58 serious cases that she has to answer which are all true! GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO IS FINISHED! . (2004 Election) what else does the camp of GMA wants for the evidence and President Noynoy Aquino getting ZERO VOTES (2007 Election). These two cases are very strong evidences to CONVICT GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO RIGHT AWAY! No amount of brilliant lawyers can ever dispute these two horrendous cases. you are the best and a very fair journalist! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! For GMA to say : I am sorry” for the HELLO GARCI. 2011 at 2:10 am Raissa. zahraff says: November 22.47.


Ron says:

November 22, 2011 at 1:27 am

Ms. Raiisa, if GMA is found guilty of Electoral Sabotage in 2004 (file the case ASAP) to keep herself in power, then she was an illegal president, which makes all her actions, decisions, appointments, etc. all illegal also. While the present adminstration cannot undo all of the actions of a fake president, it can certainly choose which ones to nullify. If any of the 8 justices of the SC appointed by GMA were appointed after 2004, then they should be removed from office without the impeachment process because their

appointments were illegal, invalid, and unenforceable. Anong say mo?


raissa says:

November 22, 2011 at 5:49 am

There was no electoral sabotage law yet in 2004. And the prescriptive period of fives years for filing a case against her for 2004 has long passed. Only Congress can take the unprecdented step of undoing her proclamation.


Evangeline Eriksson says:

November 22, 2011 at 6:40 am

Me, I want those 8 bandits removed. They are selfish people without interest in doing good for the people who are in need of justice.


jamesgeorge barcelona says:

November 22, 2011 at 1:22 am

Raissa. you are one columnist that should be commended for doing a great job! Keep it up and I thank you for all the info I got. You served our people well and most importantly. . Reply ○ raissa says: November 22. 2011 at 5:49 am Thank you for reading. Thank you. enlightened each one of us! Again.

2011 at 1:01 am Can you just imagine President Noynoy getting zero votes. question.Reply 50. Did you hear that? Zero votes in Maguindanao? Well. Alberto Agra should be included in the charge sheet? . even if you have to rearrange or change the results. Gloria’s command was followed by Ampatuan to the letter or I mean. during a lunch or dinner with Unas! Unas said Mrs Arroyo told Andal Sr.” This is the smoking gun plus the election results and witnesses affidavits. jamesgeorge barcelona says: November 22. to “produce a 12-0 result in Maguindanao (for her 12 senatorial candidates).

kasama ang mga ampatuan sa isang kulungan… Doon sila mag usap usap paano nangyari ang situasyon nila ngayon… Isama sa kulungan nila ang mga bala at bomba na nasamsam sa palasyo ni ampatuan at mga election return na peke at silaban kasama sila… yan ang batas ko kung ako.. 2011 at 1:49 am Dapat lang sa kulungan si glorya .Reply ○ epoy says: November 22. siguro magtanda na mga politiko na may gagawin pang kalukuhan… .

Iparamdam natin sa Korte . hwag po nating hayaang masayang ito. kundi sila naipit ngayon. jesus naz says: November 22.. Mahigit limampung buhay ang nasakripisyo. Hindi sisigaw si Zaldy at mga kasangga nito tulad ni Bedol. Reply 51. 2011 at 12:35 am Binigyang-daan ng Diyos na mangyari ang Ampatuan massacre para lumitaw ang katotohanan sa lahat ng mga kabulastugang pinagagawa ni GMA.wala na paligoy ligoy pa….hustisya…. iisa lang ang gusto natin.

The article is really nice. Reply 52..Suprema na katotohanan pa rin ang dapat manaig. I enjoy reading your . hindi ang anumang teknikalitis na sinasabi nila.there should be transparency. Ipagdasal natin na patuloy tayong patnubayan ng Diyos at di Nya papayagang ang mga masasamang kampon ni Gloria sa Korte Suprema ang maghahariharian. mina says: November 22. 2011 at 12:19 am I think the Philippine government should take this case seriously and should not be more about politics.

we should be proud that we are making initial steps to clean the system. 2011 at 5:54 am Yes. Reply ○ raissa says: November 22. And I do believe that we are better and not a sick nation…. rebellion. injustice. .articles miss Raissa Robles. too. But we have a lot of work ahead – poverty. insurgency. I do.

Unless na talagang may maparusahan at madama mismo ng taong bayan.Reply 53. She became a president initially due to the safeguard of the madlang people and she should have been grateful by instilling the proper values of decency and accountability yet instead she took advantage of her position allegedly. to satisfy and gratify her own interest. 2011 at 11:48 pm The bottomline is CGMA has never learned from the previous mistake. bcoolman says: November 21. this kind of ailment will continue to plague our beloved country. .

stupid. in . but in answer to your question – he was asked what was the strongest piece of evidence and he said it was unas and the conversation he overheard at malacanan. 2011 at 9:40 pm I dont know gus lagman comelec – thank god – but is the guy simple. senile or just a puppet. nona says: November 21.Reply 54. Not only media unsavvy but no knowledge of his subject. This is crazy. Watching his recent interview was not only like watching a train crash but embarrassing and humiliating.

but in US. so not only a questionable witness but an overheard conversation at a distance 4 years ago. she said. UK courts this would be laughed out. end of story my grandmother could win the case for arroyo. i have no doubt of the cheating. and she has been dead 10 years. . maybe anything is possible he said. that can in itself hardly be construed as cheating – unless you are a pakastani cricketer. if a team coach said win 12 – 0 whatever. here.fact lagman went further and said this was the ONLY piece of evidence which directly linked arroyo to the poll fraud. no case. allen & overy etc. joke. or a junior at linklaters.

REY says: November 21. . 2011 at 9:27 pm NO WONDER PHIL SICK MAN OF ASIA………………… ITS IN THE BLOOD EVER SINCE. NOW I UNDERSTAND WHY USA HELPED JAPAN SO MUCH AFTER WW2 AND ALSO KOREA CAUSE THEY KNOW WHO TO HELP……………… ABSOLUTELY i said if this case is the best after 16 months of fevered activity and ferreting then not very impressive Reply 55.

Walang kinalaman ang Japan at korea o america sa issue ni Gloria… Kahit sinong tao may sekreto. Sick man is the people thinking that way. may pinsalang nagawa sa kapwa ay panagutan. 2011 at 12:34 am You are right . yan ang batas ng diyos at tao…. pwes kasalanan yan ng nagpagamit… kuha mo… . Kung nagamit o nagpagamit sa ibang bansa.Reply ○ A says: November 22. wag sisihin ang ibang bansa….

Reply . it’s another matter. 2011 at 3:27 am Go back to school and learn some history. for victims….Reply ○ rommel says: November 22. waged war and murdered almost a million Filipinos. You think thieves would HELP their victims? Opportunism is in the genes of thieves. and well. kiddo. then bled the country dry of its natural resources. The US colonized the Philippines.

US bfor is called mutualism in my opinion. 2011 at 8:29 am why do you hate US so much? what happen with PH. Ivan says: November 22.I’m not a historian so could you please site a specific event/s where they deprive our natural resources? Mas masahol pa nga ang ginagawa natin environment!Gosh! what if US still takes holds on us? could we be the Hongkong/Guam/Hawaii of the Pacific? I’m proud to be a Filipino but the mentality of some makes me sick....We get something from them and they get something from us..why blame your .

pay taxes.If all Filipino would only buy Hapee toothpaste. Manuel Marquez. transparency in the government (thnx to Pnoy. Lady Gaga. Japanese. they were the most transparent so far) . eat only at Jollibee. Americans. Justin Beiber of our misfortune…(wink) Reply  epoy says: November 23. 2011 at 8:50 am .neighbors when it was your household who’s at fault…Korea and Japan on the other hand has a very Nationalistic heart. I think we could have a better country…and we will not blame the Spaniards. Mang Inasal.BENCH.

Reply . its our mismangement that bring us where we are… Reply 56.Klaro ka-ayo ….keep it up…. 2011 at 9:17 pm IM an avid follower of your column. KEVIN says: November 21. Dont blame other what happen to ours….

2011 at 5:58 am Thanks.○ raissa says: November 22. Reply 57. Rochie says: November 21. Kevin. 2011 at 8:54 pm we all know in our hearts that Gloria ( i refuse to give her the titles she does not deserve) is .

.I just want to see punished those people abusive…. . 2011 at 7:38 pm Its a battle of the brain.. but as it is. I just wanted to see a result now… tagal naman …. if the government lost in all wars like arroyos and ampatuans.guilty of so many crimes. or else… Reply 58. then the government is brainless…. epoy says: November 21. the gov’t has to move double time to prove them.

puro utang na loob ang botohan…. 2011 at 12:26 am . blessings in disguise siguro tawag dyan.. kung walang ampatuan masacre case di pa malalagay sa kaso si glorya…. kelan pa mababago ang systema…..Obviously may problema sa constitution kung bakit nangyayari ang palakasan sa supreme court…. Reply ○ paul says: November 22.

yung palakasan. due process takes time. but the courts do follow a code to respect the process. is it fair ? no. it takes 10-20 yrs if it reaches the higher courts. i just wonder how come gma’s pleadings get results in less than 2-3 days… hmmmmmm… curious… hearing all sides. it is what gma will do. allowing all angles to be explored has to undergo a “process” . . this is what the marcoses did. for normal cases. is it moral? no. she was able to appoint all her subordinates. almost all spots. actually happened because gma had a 9-10 yr term much like marcos.the justice systems allows all parties to be heard . so much so that the best lawyers can delay the process indefinitely. i believe .

if the people running the system doesnt have the moral good intentions. and for all the citizens not to tolerate corruption. but remember. americans are more vigilant that’s why they have a bit less corruption. even the best systems fail. it is the people that run the system. pagbabago sa loob. Reply . i think the phils need a renewal. and to put corrupt govt ppl behind bars para may sample naman.system is there. then it will happen. may checks and balances na eh. kasi if the people allow it to happen. i think moral renewal is what is needed.

59. pity they cannot afford decent lawyers. but may have been an expedient measure to buy the govt a very short breathing space and to stop arroyo leaving. nona says: November 21. 2011 at 7:21 pm of all the potential cases this happens to be the weakest in legal terms and certainly wont result in a conviction. they will be made fools of – arroyo will be out of here . no problem with that. Reply . but unless they get their act together on the other cases. and they will only have themselves to blame.

2011 at 7:31 pm why the weakest? Reply  Archie says: November 21.○ raissa says: November 21. 2011 at 11:10 pm .

Probably because the main evidence of the panel linking CGMA in making the poll fraud are affidavits of people who would want to be shielded when everything falls down. These people can as easily retract their sworn statements when threatened and to convict the accused their statements should corroborate like matching pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Reply ○ Chot Conde says: November 21. 2011 at 10:55 pm .

What decent lawyers you’re talking about? you mean a talkative lawyer like RL & FT or the bunch of old lawyers hired by the Arroyos? Reply  paul says: November 22. shakers and strategists are magagaling gumapang. those are just the front ppl. talent fees go up to millions and millions. 2011 at 5:43 pm no. at magagaling na lawyers. the movers . . pang poster lang.

may documentary evidence. let us just wait. may nag sabi nga they were ordered to steal the ballots in congress. malakas evidence from top to bottom. she’s honest and very good. may video tapes. may solid affidavits that tie everything together. wala masyadong holes yung mga testimony. malakas lang yung . i feel sec de lima is on top of it.Reply ○ paul says: November 22. 2011 at 12:37 am it is a very strong case. the case hasn’t even started yet.

then impeachment would be a heaven sent against majority of the dependent minded justices. mahirap ang position ng executive and legislative. i think the govt is doing the right strategies in fighting a wayward supreme court. a supreme court can even be more powerful than a president. even if govt hires the best lawyers . just watch how the most SC justices defends it’s client GMA. if the supreme court doesn’t get it’s act together. kasi the gma justices twist the law to suit their client. supreme court. . it would fall on deaf ears .kalaban nya . a normal citizen or a major issue of the country could never get the speed at the decisions and TROs that GMA could muster almost anytime.

they can make white look black thru legal jargon . 2011 at 12:42 am .one instance. if you file a complaint against midnight appointments. maawa naman sila sa kaluluwa nila. corona was appointed 2 months before gma was stepping down. but they shouldnt forget that God is their witness. e sila sila na rin yung mag decide. Reply  paul says: November 22. so what do u think would be the decision? they would say it would be legal.

the log book attested to this.may instance nga na di pa natatanggap ng ibang judges yung motions and legal documents . Reply  nona says: November 22. may tatak na agad ng majority sa panig ni GMA. 2011 at 1:37 pm paul i have to disagree lagman comelec was asked what was the strongest piece of evidence . parang rubber stamp court.

and he said it was unas and the conversation he overheard at malacanan. in fact lagman went further and said this was the ONLY piece of evidence which directly linked arroyo to the poll fraud. so not only a questionable witness but an overheard conversation at a distance 4 years Reply  paul says: November 22. 2011 at 5:47 pm .

if u dont think out of the box. and try digging for such thing as a perfect case. it’s a wholistic legal strategy to combat the biases. Elso Cabangon says: November 21. there are 6-10 more cases coming. so no worries. you just do with what you have. minsan lang. Reply conviction. tingnan nyo yung marcos cases. u will surely lose. 2011 at 7:19 pm . anyway.

GMA’s “brilliant” lawyers miscalculated. They counted on her fleeing after the Supreme Court issued a TRO in her favor. 2011 at 9:30 pm i agree…. Reply . i thought they would push for technicalities since it was sewed already by GMA by putting his own “pawns” in the SC…. Reply ○ richard says: November 21..

2011 at 12:44 am the supreme court can free her anytime w/ another TRO against comelec. if kaya ng consensya nila. Jill says: November 21.○ paul says: November 22. Reply 61. 2011 at 5:58 pm .

Reply 62. Captain badjao says: December 4. I’m out of the country but I will be in here most of the time.Nice article. That’s what we call a constructive journalism. Count me as regular in your column. Carry on to your good work. 2011 at 7:08 pm Gd day Raissa. Many thanks .

] UPDATE: I’ve elaborated on Yogie Martirizar’s case in a recent post entitled . Bitoy MV “Hanze Groningen” Hanzevast Shipping Reply Trackbacks 1. with an illness and a case just like hers. Alexander A. from leaving the country for four years says: November 28. 2011 at 11:24 am [.] . raissa robles Gloria Arroyo stopped a woman..Gloria Arroyo’s downfall actually started in July [....Capt.

] Gloria Arroyo’s downfall actually started in July [..] July 2011. Zaldy Ampatuan suddenly announced that his family had helped Mrs Arroyo cheat in the 2004 and 2007 e…s... 2011 at 11:23 am [..] 3. [. 2011 at 4:01 pm [.2. not suspected mass killers? says: November 24.. Reply raissa robles Part 2: Why did GMA treat Ampatuans as rebels.. He has not been arraigned to this day.] ... Reply raissa robles Filipino endocrinologist calls GMA spokeswoman “funny”says: November 28.

Reply [In the Web] Gloria Arroyo’s downfall actually started in July | CARPE DIEM says: November 23.. says De Lima .] Reply Gloria MacapagalArroyo ‘asylum’ bid probed Destination Dominican Republic..4...] Read more at http://raissarobles. 2011 at 10:06 am [.com/2011/11/21/gloriaarroyos-downfall-actually-started-in-july/ [.

Christian V. Marlon Ramos Philippine Daily Inquirer By 12:39 am | Friday. . 2011 13share362 345 former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo AFP FILE PHOTO Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on Thursday said she had asked the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to look into “unverified information” that the government of the Dominican Republic had provided “passports” to former President Gloria MacapagalArroyo and her family. De Lima raised the possibility that Arroyo and her husband.Cathy C. Yamsuan. Speaking with reporters. might seek political asylum if the Supreme Court allowed them to leave for abroad. November 11th. Esguerra. Jose Miguel “Mike” Arroyo.

The authority there would be the DFA. A number of messages on the Arroyos’ “escape plans” had been circulating in the media since De Lima announced on Tuesday that she would not grant the former President’s request to be allowed to seek medical treatment overseas for her bone ailment. 23. the high court voted 13-0 to grant Mike Arroyo’s petition for a TRO on his inclusion in the immigration bureau’s watch list after being tagged in . who once served as Arroyo’s spokesperson and chief of staff during her presidency. DOJ asks SC to defer ruling Last Aug.” De Lima said. They can always do that.” she said. Part of the supposed plans was for Chief Justice Renato Corona. “I’m asking the DFA on how to confirm that.“Anything is possible. to cut his US trip short and grant the petition for a temporary restraining order (TRO) that the Arroyo couple had separately filed at the Supreme Court. The “sinister plot” purportedly hatched by the Arroyo camp was the subject of text messages received by reporters covering the justice beat.

Solicitor General Jose Anselmo Cadiz argued that Arroyo’s claim that she would suffer “irreparable damage” if her petition for a TRO would not be granted was baseless. the Department of Justice (DOJ) asked the high court to allow it to file its comment on the separate petitions filed by the Arroyos before acting on their request for a TRO.a Senate hearing as the owner of two used helicopters purchased by the Philippine National Police as brand-new. Cadiz said Arroyo’s medical abstracts did not support her claim that her health condition had been worsening. .” Legal cover De Lima said she had referred to the DFA information that the government had been receiving. In separate manifestations filed by the Office of the Solicitor General. On Thursday. He also said “there is no actual extreme and urgent necessity for [her] to travel abroad. the DOJ urged the high court to defer decision on the Arroyos’ petitions and set oral arguments on the matter.

“which is becoming the basis for our doubt on the true agenda for [the Arroyos’] travel. That’s what we’re afraid of. . there was no mention if they had found a specialist in stem cell treatment. adding: “There are gaps and inconsistencies in the information they are supplying us.” she said. “That’s really the legal effect. If the TRO is issued at this very moment. the Supreme Court administrator and spokesperson.” she said. then they can just leave a few hours [later]. De Lima pointed out that Mike Arroyo recently traveled overseas ostensibly to seek stem cell treatment for his wife. that nothing could prevent the Arroyos from leaving the country should the tribunal issue a TRO.” “What if our suspicions are true that this spectacle was just [meant as] a shield for their actual intention to escape the cases against them? They can do anything to give it a legal cover. And when we connect these to the information we’re getting.” she said. “But in their request [for an allow-departure order]. they bolster our suspicions.” De Lima agreed with Jose Midas Marquez.

I will not recommend it. “I don’t enjoy a profile as prominent as hers. Panfilo Lacson warned that life on the run would be hard for Arroyo. Lacson said it would be unwise for Arroyo to attempt what he had done.Life on the run Sen. “I’ve experienced how difficult it is. yet so many Filipinos abroad were able to recognize me.” said Lacson. “Just let me clarify that I was not a fugitive from justice but a fugitive from injustice. “Your adrenaline and alert level would always be up.” he said. . It was a good thing those who did were sympathetic to my situation. “There are Filipinos everywhere and they would recognize me.” the senator said. who spent 18 months hiding abroad after being linked to the murder of publicist Salvador Dacer and the latter’s driver Emmanuel Corbito.” he recalled.” Lacson returned last March after the Court of Appeals revoked the arrest warrant issued against him by the Makati Regional Trial Court in connection with the double-murder case.

news is instantaneous right now. Sen.” Angara said at the Kapihan sa Senado. But Sen. .” Right to travel On the other hand. I have done it. I know what I’m talking about. Miriam Defensor-Santiago told the Inquirer that Arroyo could take her appeal for medical treatment abroad to the United Nations Human Rights Commission. The long arm of the law is longer now than before. life on the run would be more difficult for them. “[The world is small] and the pressure of international opinion is so great that I think no person who has occupied such a high position as the presidency would risk that kind of escape. Edgardo Angara said Arroyo was sensitive to public opinion and would not gamble with her legacy as a world leader. “Besides.” he said. Where would she hide in case her escape or failure to return is reported by the media?” Angara said. the media will always find her. “Especially in this … era where there is practically no place to hide.“If [Arroyo and her husband] have more enemies than I do.

. President Aquino’s father. The human body is inviolable. The Constitution prohibits cruel.” . was careful not to tackle the merits of Arroyo’s petition for the Supreme Court to invalidate her inclusion in the immigration bureau’s watch list. “Human rights are akin to Christian charity. she discussed the constitutional provision on a person’s right to travel: “In Philippine jurisprudence. former Sen. Senator Arroyo recalled that in 1975. It is also a human rights issue. the right to travel is a human right because it is included in the Bill of Rights. Instead.” he said in a statement. It allows private petitions from individuals. “Preventing a person to travel might give her the right to petition before the human rights commission of the UN. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. a constitutionalist. especially for medical purposes. degrading or inhumane punishment.Santiago. Joker Arroyo likewise cited the former President’s “human right” to travel.” Sen. went on a hunger strike to protest the “abuses and excesses of martial law.

where military doctors nourished him back to health. the burden of proof is on the party who seeks to prevent travel. with blood on their hands. “Even the hard-boiled martial law rulers. health or safety.” she said. no selective and arbitrary application of rules.The senator continued: “When his fast was reaching the irreversible point. public safety or public health. the martial law rulers got alarmed because Ninoy refused to budge. gave way to Christian charity and human rights concerns. the only way it can be proved that her departure will threaten . the burden of proof will be on the solicitor general. He has to prove that if the applicant leaves the country. [His] military handlers brought the weak and helpless Ninoy posthaste to V. Therefore.” Burden of proof Santiago said a person could be barred from leaving only if his/her flight would be a threat to “national security. “In the case of a particular applicant. No balancing of competing interests. Luna General Hospital. the Philippines will be endangered in terms of security.” “Since travel is a constitutionally protected right.

she might withdraw billions of pesos and fund a national uprising against the administration. Santiago comes to Corona’s defense Aquino confirms dating Korean TV host ABL: Philippine Patriots. That is not what the Constitution says. But Santiago said: “You cannot invoke national interest because that is not included in the provision of the Constitution.” ‘National interest’ Both the President and De Lima used “national interest” to justify the denial of Arroyo’s application to seek medical help abroad for her cervical spondylosis and hypoparathyroidism.national security is if it can be proved that while abroad. That would be proof that her departure would be a threat to national security. San Miguel Beermen face separate foes SM unveils new condo project in Manila Israel: It's a kind of magic (Who's the Mummy?) Hillary in 2012? (Fox Business) 7 inventors killed by their inventions (Mother Nature Network) From Around The Web    .” We Recommend      Saudi crown prince dies Sen.

Disturbing Charts Expose The Unthinkable. netbooks and mobile [?] Recent Stories:           Cracks show in Liberal Party chapter in Cebu 387 military personnel undergo random drug tests. Text ON INQ BREAKING to 4467. 2012 Issue Village chief who got shot turns out to be a suspect in Cagayan murder case AFP to rights group: Name Palparan’s coddlers Aquino appoints Montano OMB member Corona’s cash advance from BGEI legal—defense Quiapo fire fatality puzzles cops Complete stories on our Digital Edition newsstand for tablets.  How Much Money Do Supreme Court Justices Make? (eHow) Prophet Economist Issues Eerie Warning. Smart and Sun subscribers in the Philippines. . all test negative 6 men arrested while selling 2 stolen motorcycles ISAFP to lead probe of drug users within AFP Correction box published in INQUIRER Feb. (Newsmax. 14-issue free trial. for Globe. About to step out? Get breaking alerts on your mobile.

we must target their principal. there was positive identification of Mrs. She took part in it. In the election rigging case. had an active role in several of the cases filed against her. Arroyo behind bars . We all know that for us to really scare the wits off those who want to earn billions from the public's coffers.Why is it important to see Gloria Arroyo and her minions behind bars? Why is it extremely important for us to see Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her minions behind bars? Three reasons. She marshalled her forces just to realize one goal--extend her term and put the life off those who oppose her. We must debilitate the strongest symbol of their group before putting them all in jail. Second. Gloria Arroyo. putting a President behind bars sends a very strong message that this administration is really serious in putting the entire bureaucracy in order. Arroyo in the scheme of things. putting Mrs. based on evidence. the very brains behind their schemes. First.

The reason we are in the rut right now is the fact that Mrs. All institutions of governance were crippled and were corrupted during her term. fortunately and at long last. Lastly. leading us to the right path. the Filipino People. Let us not commit the grievous errors the first Aquino administration did when it allowed the . Arroyo created the necessary conditions for a near systemic breakdown. that will probably scare the wits off them and make them change their direction. It is time for us. decide to end their nefarious acts against the People. Those who support her will lose their morale and eventually. to get the justice we deserve. Gloria should be made accountable for all the crimes she and her minions created during the past nine years. It is time to make things right. President Benigno Aquino is. We are paying for her indiscretions and her sins.puts an end to the on-going corrupt activities of her group. Some of these pro-Arroyo allies are still in government and benefitting from it. Let us not falter this time. If they see Arroyo behind bars.

is justice. along with it. Putting Gloria and her minions.Marcoses and their minions to escape the fangs of the law. behind bars. Real change will never happen if we do not do these things. Here is the opportunity for us to really correct the errors of the past and try to build a new system. these demons in barong. Top of Form Search Find Bottom of Form • Home Arroyo’s electoral sabotage case and Maguindanao massacre intertwined . billions of pesos worth of the people's money. For us to get the change and the freedom we so deserve as a people. we must first get justice.

Malalim ang pinagsamahan.Gloria Arroyo with Andal Sr and Zaldy Ampatuan. Today. A tweet by Federico Pascual is shared by many who lament the slow pace of the trial: “If only PNoy could show the same speed & singlemindedness in prosecuting the plotters & killers in 2-year-old Ampatuan masssacre.” In a statement the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines said “Two years after the . we will be at the historic Mendiola Bridge (now renamed Don Chino Roces Bridge) to remind President Aquino that the families of the victims of the Maguindanao massacre are still waiting for “justice” that he promised last July.

staff of Andal Sr. The star witness of the Commission on Elections. the former chief. Unas testified before the joint ComelecDepartment of Justice investigation panel that he heard Arroyo instruct Andal Sr in a dinner in Malacañang to make sure that all the candidates of the administration party’s senatorial candidates win (12-0) in the 2007 polls.gruesome crime.” The Maguindanao massacre trial has also been dragged into the electoral sabotage case of former President Gloria Arroyo with some of the major personalities involved in the massacre being tapped as witnesses in the highlypoliticized court case. 103 of the 196 suspects remain at large and only two of the principal suspects have been arraigned. is Norie Unas. .of. The case remains snagged on hearings on petitions for bail of the accused. which filed the electoral sabotage case in connection with the 2007 elections against Arroyo.

has been tagged as one of those who planned the Nov. vehemently protested it. lawyer for the families of several journalists. in its desperation to put Arroyo in jail (which they were able to do last week but has been amended to hospital arrest due to her health condition) considered it but Harry Roque. in her effort to have herself cleared of the charge that is punishable by life imprisonment. Arroyo’s lawyers said Andal Sr. 2009 massacre and worked to protect those who participated in the killing.Unas. denied . 23. tried this route out of the massacre cases. who is now in detention for the Maguindanao massacre. her co-accused in the electoral sabotage case. It is worth noting that Arroyo has to bank on the word of Andal Sr. Zaldy Ampatuan. Unas is not among those accused in the massacre. who has been admitted under the Witness Protection Program in the electoral sabotage case. The government. Strangely though.

(b) The right to be secure in one’s person. Defendant – a public officer – directly or indirectly obstructed defeated.Unas’ allegation that Arroyo ordered rigging of elections to achieve a 12-0 results for Team Unity candidates. house. and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures. is the P15 million civil suit filed by Harry Roque in behalf of relatives of 14 journalists and media workers killed in the massacre against Arroyo yesterday. Roque claimed that “By her aiding and abetting the Ampatuans. Underscoring the intertwining of the two high profile cases.” Roque also said Arroyo’s “refusal to ensure that the laws be faithfully executed in Maguindanao encouraged the culture of impunity perpetrated . violated and impaired the following rights and liberties of the victims of the Maguindanao massacre: (a) Freedom to write for the press or to maintain a periodical publication. (c) The right to life. papers.

Imagine the security and logistics requirements for 196 accused. they fly the witness/es to Manila to pinpoint to the court who the witness is testifying against. Every time a suspect is arrested.November 22. You have 196 defendants and not all are in custody. Malaya 94 Responses 1. “ November 22. Maguindanao massacre Posted in: Gloria Arroyo and family. 2011 11:22 pm The prosecution’s strategy in the massmurder is to blame. 2011 9:58 pm Tags: electoral sabotage. Gloria Arroyo.Maguindanao massacre. . leading to the Maguindanao massacre and causing damages to the heirs of the the Ampatuans. TonGuE-tWisTeD .

Just imagine the delay. What you have left are a handful of masterminds. How long will 58 prosecution lawyers and 196 defense lawyers engage in presentation of witnesses and cross-recross exams before the case is submitted for judgement? 50 years? 100 years? Atty Roque on radio corrected the judge’s earlier computation and said that it is more likely 15.000 years! The solution is to get rid of all the insignificant suspects. Now that is more manageable and less expensive for the government. The lowly Cafgu or patrolman after all just followed officers’ orders. Justice can then be served. the postponements that will be caused by appointing a public lawyer or hiring a private lawyer who will need to study the case from the top for every new defendant that is arrested. . You can all finish the trial way before everyone is too old and afflicted with Alzheimer’s.

where magistrate judges hear the incidents. etc.At the present setup. yung application for bail. which is why he denied bail. the district judge hears the case with a fresh perspective. . That frees the principal judge to try the case. are heard by the magistrate judges.. he is not influenced by his earlier finding that the evidence of guilt is strong. Yung probable cause. 2011 12:03 am Sino ba ang executive judge? He can issue an order so that the incidents (motion for ancillary remedies. 2. or he is not influenced by his earlier finding that there is probable cause in the first place. That way. the quest for justice is doomed to fail. and the main case is tried by the district judge. not the main case) can be assigned to another judge. That is the system here in the Federal Courts.November 23. saxnviolins .

2011 3:44 am Palitan ang prosecution team. Kung mag-John Doe sila for every participant. or are there still trojans inside. Katangahan ba yan. tuwing may bagong discovered John Doe. that of the principals. mga trojans sila ni putot! Pnoy can act fast naman pala as he showed in putot’s electoral charge. The trial and applications for bail can run a parallel course. chi . panibagong arraignment na naman. I also agree.November 23.Puwede ring si Executive Judge ang mag-hear ng applications for bail. against the others. etc. courtesy of the Raul Gon mafia? 3. Take two nga dyan Pnoy para sa Maguindanao massacre naman! . because they are not prejudicial to each other anyway. that the case can be tried separately.

43 of RA 9369) it was ONLY the Comelec.November 23. 2011 4:19 am @snv. baycas2 .November 23.4. that filed the case against the Electoral Sabotage respondents gloria et al. . while it is true that the DOJ conducted preliminary investigation concurrently with the Comelec (based on Sec. this has to be clear because the “concurrent” thing aka the Comelec-DOJ panel was in effect put to a test in gloria’s case. 2011 6:02 am chi. true to its mandate as an independent Constitutional body. chijap . this application of a 2007 specific amendment to BP 881 is now being heard and deliberated on at the Supreme Court as to its constitutionality. i really value your insights so i wanted to ask you this: do you think De Lima is still a Trojan? 5.

hence. it may be said that DOJ DC 41 (the consolidated WLO-HDO-etc from past DOJ circulars) and Sec. this situation was clairvoyantly seen by gloria herself when she considered herself as a . —– as to the Trojan thing. gloria’s case is a TESTIS case and the BALL is now in the hands of the Supreme Court (the reason for Topacio’s bet…). i believe there are still landmines and trojans…and fools…out there to produce more chaos. we’ll leave it to perception if de Lima is truly a trojan horse or is simply a fool like Brillantes or Lagman who are jeopardizing the independence of the Comelec. in the eyes of some. 43 of RA 9369 are part of gloria’s landmines. all hell broke loose. it only takes one person in de Lima to step on them and boom.

baka malito kayo.cause of a never-ending divisiveness among us and YET she continued to stay in politics. 7. Got to agree with you about the trojans. gusto ko makita na nanghihimas sya ng mainit na rehas.November 23. 6. chi . 2011 6:58 am Btw. hindi ako ang blogger na chijap. so deviously she’s able to put them in proper places to ruse us all. . Tuso talaga si putot. we should be forever alert to spot them. tagal kung nawala so am doing an almost unending read even the bet(log) of Topacio. I don’t pity goyang even in her starwars getup.November 23. Don’t want her to die. chi . 2011 6:51 am baycas. my heart goes to the country and people suffering due to her countless sins.

8. i really value your insights so i wanted to ask you this: do you think De Lima is still a Trojan? ——————– @chijap. . For the moment pwede na nating gawing “Trust” si De Lima. juggernaut . ito raw si taba ang utak o di kaya’y may partisipasyon sa mga pangyayari … 10. hilman . 2011 10:01 am ayon sa mga bubuwit na pagalagala kung saan saan .November 23. 2011 10:56 am ————————————– @snv.November 23. hindi na Trojan. 2011 9:55 am dapat kasuhan na din si fatsoy … 9. hilman .November 23.

November 23. Nagmistulang “Datu” ang mga . Di kaya gumaganti lang ang mga ampatuans kay pandak ngayon? Pare pareho ang kagawian nila. 11. But this is good coz that is how we can keep all of them in jail! There is no doubt that the cheating operations and the massacre are intertwined. wala pang nabubuo. other real estate properties and most of all payroll for the private army. Kaya ang bayad nila ay ang multi-millions na pondo sa mga projects ng mga ampatuan na pangsarili nila: malalaking bahay. private roads. parasabayan . Ginamit ni pandak sila sa 2004 elections pati. ganun pa rin. hindi kaya nagsasakitan lang ang mga criminals na ito? Hindi tinulungan ni pandak ang mga ampatuans noong nakulong sila sa pag-massacre.nevertheless. gasolinahan. 2011 11:19 am Ang hirap niyan.

pinatay ang mga kalaban at napasali pa ang mga walang kasalanan na media men. 2011 2:17 pm 2 yrs matapos ang pamamaslang nakakulong ang mga salarin…pero ang mga naulila ay patuloy pa rin sa paghahanap ng hustiya… . She showered them with power and money. 2011 1:54 pm Psb…. na si fatso ang tunay na sakim! 13. hilman .November 23. hilman .pwedeeee!!! 14. parasabayan . 2011 11:21 am Hilman. 12.November 23. yan din ang sabi ng mga bubuyog na aalialigid sa tabi ko.ampatuans dahil sa bayad utang ni pandak. Yan tuloy noong may gustong umagaw ng trono nila.November 23.

2011 4:07 pm Anu ba yan !!!hehehe 16. hilman . ang balita si gloria. parasabayan .November 23. MPRivera . 2011 3:09 pm Hay naku Jug kaya pala mataray! 17. 2011 2:54 pm Oops. SC macho man in action. 2011 6:33 pm kahit saan ako magbasa. juggernaut . .November 23. http://www.November 23.palagay ko di sila maghahanap kung walang 23. 15.let’s hope for the best. Watch the video.

bawat taong makausap ko. kumusta na daw si gloria. 2011 6:38 pm . bakit parang alam na alam nilang fan ako ni gloria romero? 19.November 23. 2011 6:36 pm #15. MPRivera . MPRivera . bayonic .anumang pahina ang buklatin ko. ‘andoon ang larawan ni gloria. anong kaos naman ang isasampa mo laban kay fatsoy? tinatanggap ba sa husgado ang pambababoy o kababuyan? 20. hindi nawawala si gloria. Diversionary tactic lang yan … 21. kahit saang sulok ko ibaling ang aking mga mata.November 23. 2011 6:35 pm #8 hilman. tinatanong sa akin.November 23.

anong KASO naman ang isasampa mo…. Mike .. 2011 1:01 am Dapat ibigay nalang kay Judge Jesus Mupas ang kaso. part-1-the-maguindanao-massacre-was-adeadly-quarrel-within-arroyoscamp/#comment-5648 @15 Juggernaut.. duane .November 24. joeseg . 2011 2:41 am . 2011 12:07 am Interesting article here by Raisa Robles: http://raissarobles.November 24. Midas Touché @18 MRivera: Halatang may pagka showbiz ka kasi.November 24. Jug! 23. para mabilis.…….November 23.. Mike . 25. 22. 2011 11:26 pm Nice “two”.

November 24. 26. saxnviolins . 2011 4:00 am Yun daw bet ni Topacio na betlog. Majority (14 out of 15) voted in favor. hawaiianguy . 28.November 24.abscbnnews. Now all eyes will be on PNoy’s reaction regarding the ruling. 2011 8:24 am . 2011 2:41 am #25 http://www. Mike .November 24. Midas Marquez wants to hold it in 27.OT SC orders distribution of Hacienda Luisita.

hilman . without proper environmental review. kaliwa ba o kanan? 30. Litisin na at husgahan na! 29. 2011 9:40 am atty. Mike . “A RTC judge has ruled that the scrotum offered by notorious Lawyer Topacio was offered illegally. 2011 11:11 am Read this in a news.November 24.Wala na iba pa dapat gawin kay Mrs. in what could be the first forced destruction of a scrotum in the Philippines — and could open . The judge further said the offered scrotum must now be destroyed. Arroyo kundi pairalin ang batas. chi . sax .November 24.November 24. Omigawd!!! Sya rin?! 31. 2011 10:02 am #15.

juggernaut . first there was Delima Trojan (condom) now there’s talk . Whether she is really terribly sick or just feigning it! It is about time! 34.November 24. 2011 11:22 am Mike…hah. parasabayan .” 32. 33. 2011 11:51 am Yan ang mga doctors ni pandak are being summoned to shed light into her condition.hah.hah.November 24. 2011 12:24 pm hahaha! This must be the season of the RH.November 24. parasabayan .the door for future rulings to keep Filipinos safe from potentially hazardous scrotums.

it would easily slipped out of her spine. it would still depend on the size of the lawyer’s scrotum since if it’s too small. He said that the scrotum that CGMA’s lawyer who have used it as a bargaining chip can be implanted on the spine of CGMA to act as a support since the said scrotum is soft and could serve as some kind of a shock absorber. There is another donor that they are considering. Mike . to ease the pain that the patient is experiencing.of scrotums? Thats Topacio’s contribution to the RH debates – partial castration. But the potential donor is still none committal since his name was recently lifted .November 24. said the doctor. 2011 1:44 pm Latest news: CGMA doctors found a cure for her bone disease. 35. A specialist doctor who wanted to remain unnamed because of the sensitivity of the case confirmed that they found a cure for CGMA’s problem. But the doctor said.

November 24. and also has to consult with his girlfriend about the possible effect of removing his scrotum. But sources from the inside circles of the ex-president said that her name is Vicky Toh. TonGuE-tWisTeD .November 24. 38. hilman . Gloria and Mike ARE the best arguments for contraception.November 24. 2011 1:57 pm Brilliant mike. 36. 37. 2011 3:20 pm . The docotr declined to name the girlfriend since he is not at liberty to name the DOJ from the WLO (watch list order).pwede maging dashboard display si gloria . 2011 2:32 pm jug. TonGuE-tWisTeD .

2. Yan ang tag team! 40.November 24. 2011 3:33 pm If we follow saxnviolin’s recommendation that newly discovered evidence (used chopper deal)in the course of later investigations can override the 5-year prescription period for election offenses (2004 cheating) then by all .2 separate headlines: 1. Maliit na bagay lang yan Mas gusto ko ito’ng balitang ito: http://goo. DOJ asks Supreme Court to summon Arroyo docs. Comelec asks Pasay RTC to summon Arroyo docs.November 24. TonGuE-tWisTeD . TonGuE-tWisTeD . 2011 3:25 pm Ayoko nang pag-usapan pa yung bet(log) ni Topacio.

2011 3:35 pm Gumanti agad ang Supreme Court: Headline: “Supreme Court orders distribution of Hacienda Luisita to farmers” 42.means. file an electoral sabotage case against Mike Arroyo too! This would be non-bailable.November 24. Mahaba-haba ang bubunuin niya. ilang counts na. TonGuE-tWisTeD . Pahiram Phil Cruz: Ready.? It contradicts what everybody here in Ellenville is saying. file! 41. Dito lang sa Used Chopper Deal. he can then be included in a new HDO. TonGuE-tWisTeD . aim. Jr. From Cory Aquino’s spokesman to Midas Marquez’ apologist? .November 24. 2011 4:07 pm What can you say about this piece by Teddy Locsin.

2011 5:05 pm Teddy Locsin doesn’t seem to listen to anybody except the sound of his own odoro-l–locsin-jr–an-impeachable-offense 43.interaksyon. he loves doing it very much he has this ridiculous smirk every 5 minutes. the events are intellectually appraised without loyalty biases in their comments.November 24. no analyis. the SC will be heeded without question as the new dictator. Except for one or two. despite the fact that most are not Pnoy supporters. Here in Ellenvile. 2011 4:45 pm Locsin’s arguments are BS that do not follow logic. duane . whatever the chief . 44. If we follow his logic. of course. no discussion. He is also supported by losers who do not see any color other than yellow. juggernaut .November 24.http://www.

juggernaut .says should be followed. 2011 5:40 pm I watched teditorial once. I never watched again. juggernaut . He was talking as if he was the only . group agendas. 45. he can just say it on tv and its the law.November 24. 47. Another intellectual wanabe who can never really win.November 24. No one can actually be unbiased. no black and white. no paperwork.November 24. We all have our personal agendas. etc. even verbally. and pushing passionately for each one makes life worth living. juggernaut . 2011 5:07 pm Where was Teddy Boy when Gloria was on a rampage? Getting a massage with happy ending? 46. as nobody is an automaton. 2011 5:17 pm duane.

heading to an image as “tiger in asia”… 49... and company.November 24.We need to wish that Pnoy admin.”Justice delay is justice denied”… there were lots of evidences already and proven positively pointed to or against the former FG-Arroyo. Ka Enchong . and put into jail the criminals. Rudolfo . and conducive to denials of justice.. 48. or etc…yet.What matters and a very old call was. and also. 2011 7:02 pm . there were clouds of delay. would provide a better governance of the country. enough is enough !!!…The Philippines needs a new face as not having corrupted leaders. 2011 6:10 pm Ang masasabi ko.. at lagi ng pananaw.November 24.enlightened one and evrybody else is ignorant.

jug. kaya madalas ang Laban sa PDP. duane .Where was Teddy Boy when Gloria was on a rampage? Getting a massage with happy ending? Harharhar… mukhang alam ko ‘to. 2011 8:20 pm OT: On loyalty biases.2 bloggers here that do not support Pnoy but treat objectively the pro or con Pnoy issues .November 24. 2011 8:10 pm #42 & # 47 Tongue & Jug. 51. I do not want to name names but I can identify: .November 24. Teddy Boy is an a$$. PDPLaban si Teddy Boy. 50. Mike .

2 bloggers here that support Pnoy but will go against Pnoy when evidently warranted . I have obtained CA TROs of RTC TROs. 52. koko . executing (civil judgments – collection) pending appeal. saxnviolins ..they can learn a lot from the insights of respected bloggers here free of charge 53.2 bloggers here that support Pnoy and will defend Pnoy on any issue pro or con Pnoy. .2 bloggers here that do not support Pnoy and consider every issue to be against Pnoy .November 24. 2011 9:20 pm # 42 Point 1 – a TRO cannot be TROed. If. issued by the Supreme Court.November 24. 2011 8:59 pm I just hope that some palace insiders and DOJ as well was reading here in ellenville.

But one can file a motion to lift. Maybe they are good at doctoring documents. not doctors. myself. (Fraud lies hid in general statements. or motion to vacate. Fraus latet in generalibus. One. Nominally. none. The Constitution provides the exception. “as may be provided by law”. has to invoke a specific law to justify the exception to the rule. If my client were really in danger. therefore. and would have filed the motion. I would have brought the doctor to the Court.) . So far. so far. Point 4 – Agreed. to request the Court to question the doctor.Point 2 – No MR on a TRO. there are only general statements from lawyers. There is none. I have obtained such a lifting. albeit issued with obscene haste. on hilariously unsupportable claims of the illness being life-threatening. The TRO is correct.

She could have filed a motion to clarify (whether or not the TRO was complied with). . Marquez cannot declare compliance or non-compliance. The justices assessed compliance. it is difficult to obey. In fact. so. 2011 9:23 pm Point 6. if De Lima read it. Only the Court can determine compliance. I would want to read the TRO.54. and found it wanting. Especially. since. if there is no declaration from the Court that the conditions were complied with. The government’s obedience to the TRO is predicated on the compliance to the conditions.November 24. saxnviolins . Considering the editorializing of the reverse Midas touch. No. there were conditions. that was what was taken up that Friday. it would have provided her the perfect excuse to not obey immediately. in this case. In fact.

lost a hometown decision. to receive the CA TRO. So I served it on the PNB manager. Topacio should have stood his ground.The tactic of De Lima of disappearing. End of story. the government office I worked for. In this case. and waited at the airport. and obtained an order of execution pending appeal. The bank is the agent of the plaintiffs. Of course. and releases the money. The lawyers were not home. We retained the money. they are not lawyers. so I could not serve it. since the TRO said the plaintiffs. but not inside. in order not to physically receive the TRO is typical. So service to them was sufficient. But that would not have been consistent with the stance that the woman is deathly ill. the agents had an excuse. . or their agents. and was also a respondent. the Bureau of Immigration is the agent of the DOJ. when it executes the judgment. In an ARMM city. They were near the PNB.

to evaluate my client’s appeal. Agreed. It was done to force her to appear in court. 2011 9:41 pm Point 10 – An offense is neither bailable or non-bailable on the mere say-so of the government.55. I have a case. saxnviolins . not to incarcerate the woman (arrest and incarceration are two different things). will be resolved.November 24. The warrant of arrest of Mupas was made. the issue of bail. where the Supreme Court ordered the NBI to detain a Pangasinan stenographer. That is why a bail hearing is made. In that hearing. and detain her. to be submitted to the Supreme Court. considering whether to evidence is strong or not. nor oppressive about Mupas’ order. until she shall have finished the steno notes. to determine whether or not to grant bail. So there is nothing irregular. .

The denial of bail is made if the offense is “non-bailable” and evidence of guilt is strong. and not be incarcerated while being tried.” That is a gratuitous factual premise. The right to travel is unrelated to bail. there is fear that she will not return. that is why an HDO is being sought from Mupas. Bail is posted so you can go home. . Flight risk? Wasn’t she about to literally fly (on a plane)? Locsin is confused about bail and the right to travel.“Once GMA returns. she can no longer be considered a flight risk. One may post bail and go home. because the evidence of guilt is not that strong. But one may still be denied the right to travel if it appears that one is a flight risk. Precisely.

hindi ang Hukuman. 94284 April 8. 1991. tao ang nagpapasya niyan. 57.True.R. 56. But one may still not wish to face trial even if the evidence of guilt is not that strong. or they are political discussion points. 2011 9:43 pm The points I did not discuss. No. The precedent here is Ricardo Silverio v Court of Appeals. but he was still denied the right to travel. 2011 9:50 pm # 4: .November 24. Yung pulitika. where Ricardo Silverio was facing a mere charge of violation of the Securities Act. desirable or not. I either agree with them. there is the adage that flight is evidence of guilt. saxnviolins .November 24.G. He was allowed to post bail. saxnviolins . whether something is wise or not.

Trust is not like a criminal case. whether in business (trusting someone with your money). where one is innocent until proven guilty. friendships (trusting someone with your secrets) or prurient affairs (trusting a woman with your egg). I am under kitchen arrest. Thanksgiving dito.Do I still suspect (not believe) that De Lima is a trojan? Whose action produced the potential error? Hers. Whose action produced the cure? The Comelec. It had a condition – that I first review the DVD of Mario Batali and Gwynette Paltrow in . There also was a TRO (todo recado order). One is untrustworthy until she so proves. Humiling ang inaanak ng paella. Sorry for the late reply bro.

chi . 2011 11:12 pm #42. so I have provisional liberty to post in this blog. Yes. Ah. kumukulo na ang mga recado. the ‘betlog’ missed to file the final requirement thereby making the TRO inapplicable. that is if the requirements are right away fulfilled. 59. so I have provisional liberty to post in this blog. Spain. In Putot’s case. chi . cook paella. he says. Kung fine print of the law ang pagbabasehan at susundin walang TRO na effective ang ipinalabas ng SC. kumukulo na ang mga recado. I am not a legal mind pero yan ang andar ng coconut ko.November 24. 2011 11:18 pm I have complied with the condition. BS na BS ang arguments Teddy Boy! A TRO is effective immediately. when they watched a master in Valencia. I have complied with the condition. -atty sax . 58.their trip to Spain.November 24.

November 24. 2011 11:26 pm _http://www.gmanews. “[The issuance of watch list orders during Arroyo term] is wrong then. ang arguments ni Teddy boy. 2011 11:23 pm Tsos. hindi na naging adult? 61. so wala kahit na provisional liberty to travel si putot. perl .In Goyang’s TRO. It is wrong now .tv/story/239551/natio n/gloria-arroyo-indicted-by-hubbys-lawyerduring-oral-arguments Associate Justice Ma. ipinaglalampasuhan lang ng arguments ni atty sax! What happened to this once brilliant Boy. hindi nag-comply ng isang requirement si betlog. aren’t they?” Topacio answered in the affirmative. Arroyo. Lourdes then asked him: “Your words are indicting the former administration of Mrs.November 24. chi . 60.

November 24. 2011 11:34 pm Happy Thanksgiving sax at sa mga kablogers na nasa US Trublue. huli sa sariling bitag! 64. saxnviolins .” Topacio stressed. 2011 11:37 pm #61. chi .November 25. paktay kang topak-syo ka… malamang tanggalan ka ng yagbols ni Fig Arroyo… hindi ka na nga nagcomply sa condition ng TRO agains WLO… idiniin mo pa si Gloria Arroyo… hahaha… 62. 2011 1:02 am . san ka? remember the 2 BL you promised? si ligot na lang hinihintay.November 24. hehehe… 63. perl .and SC should do something about it. Hahahaha.

/ Jenny Ortuoste – Manila Standard Today 65. 2011 2:49 am ted locsin is dreaming of a bench @ the SC rather than stay on the sideline.November 25. when you’re well and healthy. if she is so sick. was she wearing skinny leather pants and platforms when they tried to flee that night? Do you know how hard it is to get into leather pants. kinalaban pa niya si Rambo na posibleng .It takes a woman to have the fashion sense to notice: Why. miron lang siya. especially the skinny kind. baycas2 . let alone so ill that you’re wearing a halo vest that drastically limits mobility and your condition ostensibly so bad that you have to go abroad for medical attention? It makes you wonder if her mobility is all that compromised.

baycas2 . thus. gloria declared martial law in Maguindanao then and locsin defended it.maging presidente. Weapons of My (gloria) Destruction 66. Locsin defends martial law meron ding blogpost ‘yan dito sometime in Dec 2009. chi . that’s beside the point and go back to the massacre. 2011 3:20 am .November 25. 2011 3:10 am paki-google na lang ang title ng news item: Santiago hits. paano pa siya maaappoint n’yan? anyway.November 25. 67. ‘di ba martial law was declared to gain access to the ampatuans’ mansions — to search and destroy possible “gloria: WMDs”? —– *WMD – the ampatuans’ possible evidence on gloria’s electoral cheating.

Bigla tuloy ako nag-archive ng photos ni Goyang when she tried to ‘escape’! #65. what happened to the putot’s WMDs? 68.. saxnviolins .November 25. perl .November 25. hindi malamang inaasahan ni Fig na magkakaron ng oral argument… hindi na nagawang palitan ang abugado. 2011 5:55 am yan si topak-syo magaling sa character assassination. bay.. 2011 10:57 am # 67 . kaya kinuhang abugado para siraan ang gobyerno tulad ng ginawa niya kay Lacson sa kaso ng dacer-corbito. at ang resulta… nagkalat sa supreme court kaya pati si gloria nalagay sa peligro… ang bilis ng karma! hahaha… 69..#64. Bakas ang kintab ng leather. Exhibit B http://www. sa mga Magdalo at yung mga Tanay Boys. O baka naman natakot ang mga doctors niya na tuloy pa ring magsisinungaling sa totoong condisyon ni Note the pants and shoes.digitalhen. Why the special treatment? Ilagay yan sa kulungan ng maramdaman niya ang ginawa niya kay Erap. .Exhibit A http://newsinfo.November 25. 2011 12:48 pm Biglang gumaling na si pandak. parasabayan .co. Ngayon naman gusto na niyang mamalagi sa bahay niya. 70.

MPRivera .” saan ba dapat hinuhuli ang isda upang hindi na makawala? . 2011 3:21 pm Pati si lambino hindi na rin nagkatugma tugma ang mga pahayag sa media …katakut takot na kasinungalingan na naman ang ilalabas ng kampo ng arroyo nyan … Para umamin ang mga yan dapat tawagin si “H” ng unthinkable di ba. Arroyo. It is wrong now and SC should do something about it. “[The issuance of watch list orders during Arroyo term] is wrong then. Lourdes then asked him: “Your words are indicting the former administration of Mrs.November 25.” Topacio stressed. aren’t they?” Topacio answered in the affirmative.jug!!! 72. hilman .November 25. 2011 6:05 pm “Associate Justice Ma.71.

com. hindi lang piniritong isda ang kinalabasan kundi sarsiado pa nga. ipipilit ng Gloria camp “……Ayon kay 25. htm .” http://abante. MPRivera . 2011 6:11 pm House arrest.” ayon pa kay Lambino. 73. “Hindi naman maibibigay sa loob ng kulungan ang medical attention na kailangan niya sa kanyang recuperation. may kasamang itlog (niya) at kamatis.diba’t sa pinggan kapag pinirito na’t nakahaing may kasama pang kamatis na pagsasawsawan? ‘ayan. hindi maaaring sa National Bilibid Prison (NBP) o kaya sa Southern Police Distrito (SPD) cell makulong umano si Arroyo dahil kailangang gumaling muna ito nang husto.

teka nga pala. sige. ano na nangyari? . Ramos na kumukumbinsi kay Gng.November 25. Arroyo na harapin nito ang kaso nito o “face the music” upang magkaroon ng closure sa usapin……” http://abantetonite. MAGKANO na naman ang “lagay”? 74.htm hmmmmm. nag-second the motion naman ang Malacañang kahapon sa pahayag ni dating Pangulong Fidel V. naglalangis? nagsisipsip? ‘yung amari deal.ganu’n? o. 2011 6:25 pm “……Samantala. ikaw na la’ang lambimo ang ikulong sa munti para malubos na ‘yang pagtatakip at pagtatanggol mo sa bruhang ‘yan. MPRivera .com/issue/nov2511/news_story02.

aspx? articleId=751908&publicationSubCategoryId= 63 house arrest? teka. nakasama na bang nalibing ni doy laurel? buhay pa ang promotor na nagkamal ng salapi. bakit bumuti ang pakiramdam noong bigyan ng subpoena ang kaniyang mga dalubhasang doktor? hindi siya puwede sa correctional. asks for house arrest hindi puwede sa city jail o saan mang kulungan.philstar.‘yung centennial expo. the most respected and honored . MPRivera . 2011 6:45 pm Arroyo feeling better. may i suggest this beast be confined together with Lolong. ah? 75.November 25.

2011 6:48 pm alam ko merong kokontra. At dahil sa Pasay RTC ang kaso dapat sa Pasay General Hospital ang hospital . sabi ni Erap.November 25. sasabihin igalang bilang dating presidente ng pilipinas at huwag tratuhin ng ganyan. Payag ako. TonGuE-tWisTeD .national treasure the philippines now became known for? para meron namang mapaglaruan ‘yung pobreng buwaya at ma-stimulate ‘yung appetite niya. 76. MPRivera . Makatuwiran. 2011 8:00 pm Mags. tanong ko naman – BAKIT? kailang siya ibinoto ng taong bayan bilang presidente? 77.November 25. sa public hospital daw dapat.

juggernaut . . wala pang nabuhay na pasyente diyan kahit sipon lang ang sakit.arrest. Tamang-tama pagtawid mo lang sa Libertad dalawang punerarya ang sasalubong sayo – Yung Veronica at Rizal. Patay General Hospital nga ang tawag diyan. Sa pagkakaalam ko.hilman —————————– Napanood mo rin pala yun? hahaha Kung si “H” titira diyan malamang literally tanggal na ang betlog ni Topacio? Nabasa ko kanina inaalok daw ni Erap resthouse niya sa Tanay? Pwede na para sa akin yun actually pero grabe yung mga reaction ng mga tao – parang wala talagang naaawa kay Arroyo. 78.November 25.jug!!! . 2011 8:54 pm Para umamin ang mga yan dapat tawagin si “H” ng unthinkable di ba.

2011 9:24 pm nakakatawa naman ang mga spokeperson ni GMA. presidente lang ang puwedeng isapubliko ang health condition. di na nahiya. isa ding alipores ni GMA na harap harapan kung mag sinungaling. parang na alala ko tuloy si mike defensor. ang kapal ng mukha magsinungaling. dati si horn. ocayvalle .” baka ganun din ang ibig sabihin ni lambino.!! 80.November 25....79.. ganun din kung magsinungaling. but she`s not the one talking. naku tamaan sana lahat kayong mga alipores ni GMA na mga sinungaling ng kidlat. sabi ni lambino..iyong nakikita natin ay hindi n si GMA. saxnviolins .November 25. hindi daw puede isa publiko ang sakit ni GMA dahil ayon daw sa saligang batas. sabi niya nuon sa hello garci tape ” thats GMA`s voice. si lambino. 2011 11:51 pm .

“Your Honor. she did not have to make a full disclosure on her state of health. Raul Lambino. insisted that because she was no longer president.illegal and filial spokespersons where . And when did she ceased being president ? Yesterday? We were not born yesterday so we remember all those medical bulletins by her attending physicians . can I go home to my house in Cartagena. Remember the woman has a house in California. I hope his order is specific. bayonic .November 26.If Mupas grants the request for house arrest. and all the interviews of her legal.” 81.m. Magkaka-issue na naman ng interpretation of compliance yan. Colombia. 2011 4:15 am -from the news – Talking to reporters outside the court after the hearing adjourned at past 10 a. like the Supreme Court TRO. Arroyo’s legal spokesperson..

KARMA CHAMELEON and the ever popular MY WAY. May I suggest BILANGGO . assuming you survived My Way.November 26. And if you’ve had enough of singing . baka sakaling kauna-unahang maging pangulo ng bansa galing Bicol y Bicolano ). Rudolfo . 82. It’s time to face the music but you better stop singing looney tunes. kung di nga naman matapang ( kahit na di sa tamang proseso. conspiracy .Totoo ang sinabi niya..they explained in detail the supposedy lifethreatening yet mysterious affliction that their client/employer/mother was suffering from which required her to travel abroad. I recommend requesting a sojourn at a jail in Cebu where you could try some fancy aerobics with worldfamous inmates.(ikinalat sa Bicol. 2011 6:40 am Sabi ng anak ni GMA. na si Datu. matapang daw ang kanyang Ina.

magpakulong na lang Mike A.Edsa-2. sa pamamagitang ng “kababaang loob” o humilty. nagmumukhang pera sila. 2004 and 2007 election sabotahe. para kaawaan ng DOJ at mga “boss” ni pangulong Pinoy. kay GMA.Sino ngayon ang talagang matapang ?. malulusutan ba niya ang mga iyon (pati yata institusyon ng PMA-na inasahan ng Bansa na magtatangol sa Pilipino.sila’y nakakadagdag lang ng inis o yamot ng bansang mamamayan. kaysa mag-pa-ala-lay sa mga nawawalang prinsipyo ng mga abogado niya. kasama na ang SC. matapang pa din daw. kahit na ang “scripted ” na pagkakasakit ( na kahit magmukhang poodled chain sa leeg. at mga around 60-plus na mga kasong matitindi. etc. ba o si GMA. at luma-labo ang . ng wala ng mga Lambino at Topacio y Horny.. Mabuti pa... Ngayon...).ang tunay na katapangan ay humarap sa hustisya via Ombudsman at DOJ. mga anak ?. at aminin ang pagkaka-sala ( plunder and election sabotage ).).

ay punong-puno ng kababalaghan. ang 9-na taong GMA-term. 2011 7:38 am Raul Lambino (on house arrest): “Hindi po ito special treatment.November 26. There are security risks involved. Angie Reyes. ang pag-avoid ng US President na ma-”one-on-one” si “poodled”-chained lady. chijap . marami pang iba )buhay naman siya ( maaaring magkaroon ng pardon din ) malayo sa lethal-electric injection…my analysis. Col.November 26.. The president should not be equated to ordinary people. Santiago. 83. 2011 7:44 am . Malinaw naman talagang. at pagpapayaman at. at. balukto’t ( based from the harekire ni Hen.” Common people have no security risk? 84. Ampatuan connection. especially sinasabi nilang maraming galit sa kanya. chijap .mga karunungan sa mga batas. Hello Garci. Ligot-Garci.

86. chijap . she is under obligation to tell us what it is. Remember she is no longer the president. so her health is no longer a matter of national security. Arroyo) does not want the public to know.Raul Lambino: “There may be other ailments that (Mrs. Lambino. chijap . GMA is also under arrest so if her reason she is not in a detention cell is because of a sickness. 2011 7:53 am #57 thanks snv. . 85.November 26.November 26. but here is a man askin why should GMA be getting a better treatment when she did not do the same to ERAP then.” Does that include side effects due to a corrective operation which she denied involving a certain decades old enhancement? To Mr. 2011 8:01 am Not a fan of Erap.

Luna o Veterinarian’s Hospital (Dapat Veterans Hospital diba. Erap does get to laugh at GMA for now.http://www. 87. 2011 3:21 pm O I can’t believe it. TonGuE-tWisTeD . sige wag na sa Patay General. may sakit din yan.November 26. sigurado. Sa V. Pag kinasuhan si Taba. chi . . Dun na nga lang sa sinabi ni Erap. Dapat kabitan ng Bamboo brace. Hahahaha! Grabe ka tongue! Payag ako bah! 88. kaso may pagkabulol talaga si Erap) na lang daw. 2011 9:38 am #77.November 26.abscbnnews.

November 30. Kailangan niya ng paglalaruan. chijap . 91. 89. MPRivera . 90. 2011 1:59 am “Topacio said SC justices ‘are very interested’ in what the Arroyo lawyers have to say with .November 26. Sige na. 2011 6:47 pm Tongue.Itusok sa puwit tapos itatagos hanggang bunganga. 2011 6:48 pm makakalaro pala. magaling na si goyang kaya kung puwede ay ‘yung rekomendasyon ko ang sundin kung saan ikukulong ang alibughang babaeng ‘yan! Para naman sumaya si Lolong at magkaroon ng ganang kumain. MPRivera .November 26. eh.

92. or maybe he’s speaking to the SC reminding them of who appointed them. . saxnviolins . That is why those are the points required for him to talk about. There are two reason why I think Topacio is speaking from his behind: he is running out of cards. I wonder ano nanaman sasabihin ni Topacio when the SC does not favor? Another type of acquittal via technicality scheme by the Arroyos.abscbnnews. so he will be grilled on Spokesman na rin pala si Topacio ng SC. Yun ang petition niya.November 30. 2011 4:13 am Gunggong.regard to constitutionality of the joint DOJComelec panel.” (http://www.

The gauge? If Titong Mendoza argues. then it is viable.” the former President said. Kung si One-ball ang papalo. Arroyo. for he would not stake his reputation on a Hail Mary argument. Gumagamit pa ngdemagoguery para sa ganun ay siraan ako ng tuluyan. I think no one will quarrel with my kasipagan. GMA News . said she maintains peace of mind amid accusations. hindi laro nila Nadal. Former president Gloria Arroyo believes that the Aquino administration has prejudged her. who is now the representative of Pampanga’s Second District. without naming President Benigno Aquino III. ibig sabihin laro ng pulot boy yan.” she continued.” As of this posting. bukod-tangi kong layunin ay maglingkod… I did my best. she said in an exclusive interview aired on GMA News’ “24 Oras” with Arnold Clavio on Thursday. mukhang magaling siya. “Na-prejudge ako ng bagong administrasyon. “Siyempre kasi kung sisiraan ako.“Malinis ang aking konsensiya… sa aking pagkapangulo.

gumagaling na itong operasyon ko bagama't hindi natin alam kung tuluyang hindi na babalik… dahil wala pa tayong official diagnosis doon sa sinusupetsahang metabolic bone disease. On Arroyo’s health. Mikey were with her in the hospital. Clavio said that Arroyo's husband. and son. Other close friends also visited the ex-president as she prepared to leave for Veterans Memorial. Jose Miguel.” Clavio noted that her disposition . Clavio reported that she is still seeking a second opinion on her medical condition from a US. She is able to do morning and afternoon exercises as part of her therapy. but she is still unable to get an official diagnosis on her disease.based Filipino doctor. Arroyo said her condition seems to be improving. The former President is about to transfer from St. “Eto. and will remain by her side during the transfer. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig to Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center in Quezon City on orders from a Pasay City Regional Trial Court.Online is still waiting for presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda for comment.

2012 0share4 4 Former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo . — AL/VS. 20 Miko Morelos Philippine Daily Inquirer By 5:43 am | Thursday. January 26th. “Parang tiwala siya na malulusutan niya itong mga kasong hinaharap ngayon. GMA News Pasay judge sets Arroyo arraignment for Feb.” Clavio noted.seemed to be positive. and that she drew strength from her family. especially her two grandchildren.

Despite the thick records of the case and the lack of authenticated documents. defense lawyers noted. which had earlier granted Arroyo a temporary restraining order (TRO) on a hold-departure issuance by the . The court warrant averted a showdown between the administration and the Supreme Court. Judge Jesus Mupas in a three-page order Wednesday said there was “reasonable belief” of Arroyo’s involvement in electoral sabotage and this was enough to justify the arrest order against her and two others. paving the way for her arraignment for electoral fraud on Feb. Mupas issued the warrant before the court day ended on November 18.The Pasay Regional Trial Court dismissed former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s motion to recall an arrest warrant against her. Luke’s Hospital in Taguig later that night. Arroyo’s lawyers had argued that the court acted in “undue haste” and without enough evidence when it issued the arrest order just hours after the Commission on Elections and the justice department filed the case. The arrest order was served on the former President at her room at the St. 20.

Department of Justice because no case had yet been filed against her. Treatment overseas sought On November 16. and upon direct assessment of facts… the court made an honest belief that there were reasonable grounds . and determine if there was enough reason to believe that a crime has been committed and that the accused are probably guilty thereof. the former President attempted to leave the country ostensibly to seek medical treatment overseas for a bone disorder. she was stopped by the Aquino government.” “All that the court did was to weigh the evidence presented together with the affidavits and resolutions.” he continued. Despite the TRO. also a Pampanga representative. Mupas said “It is worth stressing that the finding of probable cause does not touch the issue of guilt or innocence of the accused. In junking the motion to reconsider the arrest order. Mupas acknowledged that the bone of contention by the accused revolved on the “propriety of the court in the issuance” of the arrest warrant against Arroyo. “When the complaint was filed before this court.

which cannot be negated for want of evidence.on which such belief was founded. Arroyo’s counsel argued that the rap sheet lacked “authenticated documents that would support the alleged commission of the crime. the court added. Such grounds were merely “evidentiary” in nature.” the court said. the court set her arraignment on February 20.” With the junking of Arroyo’s motion to recall the arrest warrant.” the court explained. . “It is worth stressing that the finding of probable cause does not touch the issue of guilt or innocence of the accused. Lack of evidence Any claims of lack of evidence.” particularly evidence that would point to the accused forging disputed election documents. would also be tackled during the trial. as raised by defense lawyers. the court said. “The issuance of [the] warrant of arrest is just a prefatory and not a final judgment. and it could be discussed at length during the trial proper.

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