Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!


Scholarly  Times     Week  in  Review:    
1/30/12  –  2/3/12  

Class  of  2028  (Kindergarten)  

This  week,  the  Class  of  2028  worked  on  our  Iinal  beginning  consonant  blends  /tr/  and  /tw/.   Next  week  we  will  begin  the  vowels:  short  a  (as  in  apple)  and  short  e  (as  in  egg).  Please  practice   the  astronaut  and  educate  wall  cards  with  your  scholar.  We  will  also  continue  to  make   connections  to  texts  we  read  and  build  our  Iluency  working  with  numbers.  We  will  Iinish  up   our  unit  on  plants.  


                      The  Meaning  of  Service:   Shaniece  Pires,  ’26  

This  week,  the  Class  of  2027  learned  to  compare  numbers  using  the  phrases  "more  than"  and   "less  than.”    In  literacy,  scholars  practiced  identifying  the  most  important  event  in  a  story.    Be   sure  to  ask  your  scholar  the  most  important  event  while  reading  at  home.    In  science,  scholars   began  learning  about  seeds.    Scholars  observed  seeds  from  different  types  of  fruit  and  learned   how  seeds  can  travel.  

Class  of  2027  (First  Grade)    

Shaniece  has  volunteered  to  serve  as  a   teacher’s  assistant  to  help   kindergarteners  and  Iirst  graders  in   gardening.    On  Monday,  she  helped   with  passing  out  papers,  getting   snacks,  and  sharpening  pencils.  

Physical  Education  
This  week  in  Physical  Education,  we   have  been  working  on  the  sport  of   basketball.    Scholars  have  learned   how  to  dribble,  perform  the  chest  and   bounce  pass  and  are  beginning  to   learn  the  proper  form  of  the  shot.     Next  week,  we  will  continue  with   basketball  and  by  the  end  of  the  week,   scholars  will  take  part  in  the  Iirst  ever   Alma  del  Mar  basketball  game!    Happy   dribbling!  


Class  of  2026  (Second  Grade)  

The  Class  of  2026  are  becoming  scientists.  This  week,  we  started  a  three  month  expedition   exploring  animal  survival.  We  will  be  studying  the  bullfrog  and  then  freaky  frogs  around  the   world  to  learn  how  animals  interact  with  the  habitat  and  use  their  bodies  to  eat,  avoid   predators,  build  shelter.  This  week,  scholars  started  off  the  expedition  reading  a  play  about  a   queen  frog  who  wants  to  leave  her  New  England  pond.  They  then  spend  the  week  learning  new   information  that  they  are  now  using  to  write  a  skit  to  convince  the  queen  to  stay.  

In  literacy,  the  play  is  also  the  thing.  This  week,  scholars  read  and  performed  short  plays  to   practice  using  punctuation  to  inIluence  how  they  interpret  text.  Scholars  are  practicing  Iluency   and  expressive  language  throughout  the  day  and  it  looks  like  we  may  even  have  some  budding   actors  on  our  hands!  This  weekend,  ask  your  scholar  to  read  aloud  to  you  and  then  ask  them   how  the  end  punctuation  (periods,  exclamation  marks,  and  question  marks)  helped  them  know   how  to  read  the  passage.  

In  math,  the  focus  is  on  three  digit  numbers.  Scholars  are  using  base  ten  blocks  to  look  at  place   value  and  unit  distribution.  For  more  information  on  how  best  to  support  your  scholar  in  math,   please  visit  www.youtube.com/mathwithmralmeida  

Star  Scholars  
Star  Scholars  come  to  school  on  time  every  day  in  the  proper  uniform,  complete  their  homework  every  day,  and  behave  excellently.  

Texas  Lutheran  








Ariela   Chase   Faith   Faryn   Jayda   Katherine   Leo   Lucas   Noah   Roman   Sarah  

Adam   Aleah   Angelie   Gabriel   Heaven   Joscelyne   Noah   Raeghan   Xavier  

Carlos   Chandler   Emily   Jaanai   Jorge   Kyanna   Leily   Ryann   Ryleigh   Seth   Ty  

Nazyia   Carmen   Rosa   Vado   Kiana   Samantha   Jorel   Jayden   Morgan  

Morgan   Sohaib  

Ava   Camron   Donovin   Cayla   Jae-­‐lyn   Jadyn  

Scholarly  Times   Looking  Ahead    

Learn. Lead. Serve. Succeed!

Box  Tops  

Do  you  have  Box  Tops  at  home?    We’ll   be  sending  in  the  next  batch  on   February  27.    Please  send  your  Box   Tops  and  Campbell  Labels  for   Education  in  with  your  scholar.  

  Soccer  Program  Launches  with   Donations  from  We  Got  Soccer!  

Tuesday,  2/7  –  6:00  PM:  Alma  Parent  Meeting  

  Please  come  join  other  parents  for  an  update  about  developments  and  events  at   Alma  del  Mar  as  we  enter  the  second  half  of  the  school  year.    We  would  love  to  hear   your  ideas  and  suggestions  for  Alma!  


Thanks  to  We  Got  Soccer  for  their   wonderful  donation  of  soccer  balls,   colored  pennies,  and  gift  certiIicates   for  all  soccer  participants!  

Thursday,  2/9:  Aha!  Night  –  Climate  Change  at  Buzzards  Bay   Coalition  (114  Front  Street,  New  Bedford)  


Alma  Receives  Donation                     of  Five  Computers!  


 5:30  PM  –  a  scientist  from  Sea  Education  Association  will  do  a    demonstration  on  how  climate  change  is  affecting  ocean    circulation  –  with  a  lot  of  other  interactive  activities  to  show  the  climate  and  marine  life  impacts  from  those  changes.    6:30  –  John  Bullard,  President  of  Sea  Education  Association  and    former  New  Bedford  mayor  will  talk  about  Climate  Change.  


Thank  you  very  much  to  Mr.  Peter   Durant  for  his  extremely  generous   donation  of  5  laptop  computers  to   Alma  del  Mar.    The  computers  will  be  a   terriIic  asset  to  all  scholars  in  learning   literacy  and  math.  

Saturday,  2/11:  Alma  Community  Outreach  

  Teams  of  Alma  scholars,  parents,  and  staff  members  will  be  going  door-­‐to-­‐door  to   spread  the  word  about  the  school.    Please  contact  Meredith  Segal  if  you’re  able  to   help  in  your  neighborhood  or  another  area  of  New  Bedford.  

Advice  from  Our  School  Nurse:  Anxiety  
Is  it  just  a  phase  or  is  it  a  serious  problem?    Everyone,  from  the   youngest  child  to  the  oldest  adult,  experiences  anxieties  and   fears  at  one  time  or  another.    Anxiety  makes  someone  want  to   escape  the  situation—fast.    Even  though  this  is  no  immediate   threat  to  a  person’s  safety  or  well-­‐being,  the  threat  feels  real.     The  nature  of  anxiety  and  fears  change  as  kids  grow  and   develop.    Children  ages  7  through  12  have  fears  that  re`lect   real  circumstances  that  may  happen  to  them,  such  as  bodily   injury  and  natural  disaster.    As  children  grow,  fears  may   change.     If  anxious  feelings  persist,  they  can  take  a  toll  on  a  child’s   sense  of  well-­‐being.    It  is  important  for  parents  to  recognize   and  identify  the  signs  and  symptoms  of  kids’  anxiety  so  that   fears  don’t  get  in  the  way  of  everyday  life.        


Signs  of  anxiety:  

•  •  •  •  •  • 

Becoming  clingy,  impulsive,  or  distracted   Nervous  movements   Problems  getting  to  sleep  and/or  staying  asleep   Sweaty  hands   Increased  heart  rate  and  breathing   Nausea,  stomachaches,  and  headaches  

  Parents  can  usually  tell  if  their  child  is  feeling  uneasy.    Lending  a   sympathetic  ear  is  always  helpful  and  sometimes  just  talking   about  the  fear  can  help  the  child  move  beyond.    If  fears  and   anxieties  hinders  your  child’s  ability  to  function,  discuss  the   situation  with  your  child’s  pediatrician  or  a  mental  health   professional.  

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