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FHHM1022 UNIT DESCRIPTION: FHHM1022 EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS WRITTEN ASSIGNMENT (10%): 5 MINUTE SPEECH OUTLINE INDIVIDUAL) Instructions to students: Prepare a formal outline based on your 5 minute presentation. Take into consideration all the important features a formal outline should have, especially the format, a consistent symbolisation and indentation pattern (the mechanics). Label each section clearly and have at least one (1) Organisational Pattern for Body (refer to the format in the sample below). Bear in mind that the outline is not the complete manuscript or the fully-scripted version of your speech, neither is it the printouts of your PowerPoint presentation slides. Use the format given below. This coursework will contribute a total of 10% toward your overall grade. Guidelines:
Num. Item Remark To enable students to a. apply what they have learned about preparation outline into practice: format, mechanics (indentation & symbolisation), organisation of ideas, transitions, bibliography b. prepare for their speech presentation in a systematic and structured manner 2. Format a. The outline must be typewritten and submitted in print. b. Font type Times New Roman c. Font Size 12-point d. Should NOT be longer than 4 pages (including the cover page) At least ONE Organisational Pattern for Body




Organisational Pattern for Body Grading Topic Submission Date

4. 5. 6.

30 marks (10% of the overall grade), see grading criteria below Any appropriate topic of the students choice based on the 5 minute presentation (screened by the tutor) Refer to tutor for specific date and time.

Grading criteria Num. Item 1. Introduction Title Attention statement Purpose/Thesis statement 2. Body 3 main ideas + 3 supporting ideas + 3 elaborations or examples 3. 4. Conclusion Summary statement Reinforcement of thesis Others Transitions Mechanics Organisational Pattern for Body Language TOTAL

Marks 2 2 2 9

2m stated & well-supported 0m not stated

1m for each main idea & 1m for each appropriate supporting idea(s) + 1m for each elaboration or example(s) 3m stated & well-supported 0m not stated 2m satisfactory & consistent format 1m unsatisfactory, inconsistent format 0m totally inappropriate

2 2 2 2 2 5 30

See band descriptors below

LANGUAGE [5 marks] Marks Description of criteria 5 Few mistakes, meaning is clearly expressed, sentence structures and vocabulary are varied and used appropriately, spelling error is minimal, punctuation is accurate 4 Some minor mistakes, language is almost always accurate to convey intended meaning, some variation in the use of sentence structures and vocabulary, spelling and punctuation are nearly always accurate 3 Language is largely accurate but mistakes are evident, especially complex structures, vocabulary is adequate but not sufficiently developed, spelling and punctuation are generally accurate 2 Meaning is fairly clear but with high incidence of errors in most aspects, sentence structures and vocabulary are limited and inadequate 1 Mostly serious errors which hamper reading, meaning not clear, hardly any accurate sentences

Format of a Preparation/Formal Outline: Title: INTRODUCTION Attention Statement: Purpose Statement: Transition: BODY I Main Idea: A. Supporting Idea 1: a. Elaboration/example: Transition: II Main Idea: A. Supporting Idea 1: a. Elaboration/example: Transition: III Main Idea: A. Supporting Idea 1: a. Elaboration/example: Transition: CONCLUSION Summary statement: Reinforcement of thesis: Organisational Pattern for Body: