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VEGETARIAN RESTAURANTS IN THAILAND "Eating Vegetarian" in Thai is pronounced "Mang-Sa-Wi-Rat" [or "mung-sari-rud" for English speakers], though this

term is not readily understood by many people. Be sure to say no fish sauce or other animal products. Fish sauce is called "nam pla" ["num plah"]. Remember this, because most Thai food has some meat or meat/fish based flavouring in it. "Gin che" ["kin jay"] = stricter vegetarian. Theravada Buddhism does not prohibit or even discourage the eating of meat except as a voluntary ascetic practice. Safe bets for vegetarian fare include Indian and Chinese restaurants and noodle shops. The Indian places have to keep veggie options for their Hindu clientele, just as Chinese restaurants have to satisfy their Chinese Buddhist customers. Noodle shops are especially good because everything is made fresh, so you can specify which ingredients to include or omit from a dish. These restaurants typically have condiments on the table, including fish sauce. This leads me to believe that fish sauce is not part of the recipe for most noodle dishes. One phrase that works well is pom kin tae pak, which means literally, I eat only vegetables. Women say dee chan instead of pom. Usually this phrase works fine. The few times I got confused looks, resorting to the listing method of saying no beef, no shrimp, no chicken, etc. conveyed the message adequately to the wait staff. The confusion comes from Thai not having a single word that means vegetarian. Thus, different guidebooks will offer different translations and different people will understand the phrases in different ways. Almost all ways of saying that you are a vegetarian will need some explanation. In addition, Thai has five tones, making it a difficult language for novices to use and understand. Another phrase that works well is to use the word tae, meaning vegetable, after a dish name. You might ask for Pad Thai tae or Radna tae. This is similar to requesting vegetable fried noodles as opposed to chicken or shrimp fried noodles in the West. The assumption is that the vegetables and sometimes tofu will take the place of any meat. Chiang Mai While most restaurants are very accommodating, some especially good areas for vegetarians include the Tha Phae Gate area of Chiang Mai. Here you can find, on Tha Phae road outside the walled city and stretching all the way east to Santiwong Road and south to Sri Donchai Road, an excellent selection of restaurants specifically catering to vegetarians. Inside the wall near Tha Phae is a great location as well. Most guesthouses in Chiang Mai also are good places to try, as many of them survive by hosting Westerners and selling them package tours, trekking tours, day trips and the like. Thus they have pretty good contact with all types of diets and know how to cater to almost all tastes. Phuket The island of Phuket, its economy largely dependent on fishing, is rife with seafood restaurants, so it may seem like slim pickings there at first glance. However, almost any restaurant can make special meals for you without including any of our friends from the deep. Every year in late September and early October Phuket has a vegetarian festival, during which Chinese Buddhists abstain from taking meat. Other area towns such as Pong Nga and Krabi also participate. Southern Thailand has been part of major trading routes for centuries because of its proximity to the islands of Malaysia and Indonesia. Thus, Chinese and Indian vegetarianism are not new to the people and the restaurants. Thailand has a great tradition of vegetarian food, with some local Chinese festivals requiring people to eat Ahan Jay (vegetarian food) for extended periods. With such a tradition it is no surprise that Thailand is home to some excellent vegetarian restaurants. Important food-related terms I eat only vegetables: Pom (dee chan) kin tae pak, No chicken: Mai chai gai, Mai chai pla, ...pork Mai chai muu, ...shrimp Mai chai kung, ...beef Mai chai neua, sauce Mai chai nam pla ...oyster sauce Mai chai nam man hoi, ...eggs Mai chai kai

Ayuthaya (2) RimNarn Restaurant - Barnpan Industrial Park, 91/3 Moo 9, Bangnomklo 66-35-289-169 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Thai, Take-out, Juice-bar. Situated on the edge of a man-made lake within Barnpan Industrial Park, Sena Ayuthaya. Air conditioned open 8am - 4pm, Mon-Sat, vegetarian and vegan Thai cuisine. Call to office Bkk 662 689-9612 for english assistance. The Flying Ladies - 22/14 Naraesuan Road (opposite Wat Ratburana) Vegan-friendly, Organic, Thai. Open from 9am-10pm. Bangkok (74) Aharn Mangsawirat Song Prapha Road (at /off Vibhavadi Rangsit Road, opposite Bangkok Int'l Airport, near overhead bridge) Thai, Organic Open 5:30-13:00. Aim-Boon Vegetarian Restaurant 1497 Rama 4 Road (10330) (at Soi Chula 11 corner) 022154296 Vegan, Chinese, Take-out Open Tue-Sun 9am-7pm, closed Monday Anotai 976/17 Soi Rama 9 Hospital, Hwaykwang (at Bangkapi) 02-6415366/70 Thai, Italian, Inter. Veggie food restaurant with air conditioning. Beautiful presentation. English on menu. Open 10:30-21:30, closed Wednesday. Direction: Take subway to Rama 9 station, then a short taxi ride (around 40 baht fare). Anotai is located in a double row of shop houses next to Rama 9 Hospital. Tell taxi to go to Rama 9 Hospital. You will turn into a small street and pass though an open gate, hospital will be on your right, the shophouses will be on your left. Go straight 100m until you see a driveway coming out of the shophouses. Turn left up the driveway, and Anotai is in the center of block. There is a Thai map on their website which you can give to the driver. Great little hideaway for quiet conversation and great vegetarian food, this restaurant opens 10:00-21:30 and offers a great range of Thai and other vegetarian dishes. Really tricky to get to but excellent cuisine at very reasonable prices make the effort worthwhile a meal will cost in the region of 120-150 Baht per person. Aroi 152 Dinso Road (at opposite City Hall, near 7-Eleven) 02-2244517 Vegan-friendly, Thai, Fast food Causal cafe. Menu consists of many mockmeat dishes, everything dairy-free. Can get busy. Open daily 7-7. Asoke - Chamlong's Asoke Vegetarian Restaurant Chatuchak Market (at Kampaeng Phet Rd, near Kamphaeng Phet MRT Station) 02272-4282 Thai, Organic, Buffet, Large restaurant with 40 table serving simple authentic Thai vegetarian food. Self-serve style buffet. Operated by Santi Asok, a Buddhist sect referring to themselves as The Dharma Practitioneer Association. Location is next to the weekend market, in its own car park among other restaurants, health food shops, and produce shops. Thai laungage only. Open Sat-Sun, and some weekdays. BACS Kitchen 12 Soi Pridi Banomyong 41, Kongtan Nua, Wattana (at Sukhumvit 71) 023819406 Ovo, Lacto, Chinese, Thai, International. Open-air, school environment. Set daily lunch menu. Cash only. Open Mon-Fri 11am-12:30pm, closed Sat-Sunday. Cafe Corner Samsen Road, Soi 2 (at Banglampoo area, 7 minute walk from Khao Sarn Rd) 0813424755, 081-5844933 Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Organic, Thai, Western, Beer/WineBreakfast all day includes freshly baked baguettes, an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu, juices, teas, and coffee. Cash only. Dine inside (non air-con) or out on the green terrace. Food served 7am-12am. Directions: at the end of Soi 2, turn left, restaurant is on the left. Chai and Louis Mother and Son 72/2 Samsen Road, Soi 4, Banglumphoo (at 10 minute walk from Khaosan Rd, past Klong Banglampoo canal) 089-0233582 Vegan, Thai Vegetarian restaurant and guesthouse. Chang Sow 84-88 Moo 7 Soi Thakam, Rama 2 Road, Samaedam District (10150) (at Soi opposite Central Plaza Rama 2) 662-8954895 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Take-out Taiwanese and Thai style vegetarian food. Cash only. 2

Chennai Kitchen 10, Thanon Pan, Silom, Bangrak (10500) (at near Indian Temple on Silom, around 4 doors from Wat Kaek) 66-2-2341266 Indian Small vegetarian Indian restaurant. Menu includes: idli, dosas, South Indian thali meals, vada, uthappam, poori, chappathi, Madras coffee, masala tea. Prices 40-100 Baht. Open 10am-3pm and 6-9.30pm. Chijuya Fifty-Fifth Plaza Sukhumvit Soi 55, 2nd floor 02-3921877 Ovo, Lacto, Japanese, Takeout. Ask for the photo menu. Average dish around 60-90 baht. Try the honey sesame vegchicken. Unique well managed place. Accept credit cards. Open daily 11:30am-2:30pm and 5:30-9:30pm. Dosa King 153/7, Sukhumvit Road, Soi -11/1 (10110) (at 35 meters inside Soi-11/1) 66-026511700 Lacto, Indian, Take-out Vegetarian Indian restaurant serving both North and South Indian food. Prices for main dish from 70-200 baht each. New location since September 2007. Ethos 85/2 Tanao Road, Banglumpu (at near Khaosan Rd, in alley behind Burger King) 6622822748 Ovo, Lacto, Vegan, Thai, International, Take-out, Delivery Casual cafe with extensive menu consisting of Thai and international dishes. Free wi-fi access. Restaurant is part of center that includes a small travel agency, yoga studio, juice bar, computer stations, and massage. Relaxing envirnoment. Open daily 8am-11pm Food Court Central Lad Prow Phohonyothin (at Lad Prow) 02-100761 Vegan Around 30-40 baht per dish. The all-you-can-eat buffet is around 60 baht. Govinda 65/66 Sukhumvit Soi 22 (at near The Imperial Queen's Park Hotel, next to Regency Hotel) 662-6634970 Italian, International, Beer/Wine. Restaurant is not affiliated with Hare Krishna. Offers pasta and pizza. Open 11:30am-3pm, 6-12midnight, closed Tuesday. May be difficult to find. Directions: Take Skytrain to "Phrompong" station at the Emporium and Sukhumvit 24, walk 200 meters to Soi 22, and enter a courtyard on the right about 30 meters in. Subway: exit at "Sukhumvit" station, take exit 2, bear left to Sukhumvit Road, take a left and walk to the pedestrial bridge about 100 meters, cross to other side of Sukhumvit and proceed to Soi 22 per above. Healthy Spice Chatuchak 662-2724314 Vegan-friendly, Thai, Take-out, Not 100% Vegetarian. Fusion Thai food. Closed Tuesday. Healthy Pan Soi Watchannai (Rajuthit 2) Bangklo, Bangkholaem (at next to Bangkok Rubber Company) 02-6898881 Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Take-out, Juice-bar Thai vegetarian dishes using soy mockmeats. Cozy modern air-con restaurant. Desserts available. Open Mon-Sat 8am-8pm. Another tricky one to get to that might be worth the effort if you have the time, Healthy Pan is a reasonably priced vegetarian restaurant that uses soy to create a lot of savory dishes that approximate the taste of meat. Air-conditioned and comfortable, if a little small, Healthy Pan has a range of delicious desserts and fruit juices to choose from. Hot n Spice 135/2, Soi Pudtha Osoth, Nares Road, Bangrak (10500) (at Mahesak Road) 026318469 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Indian, Buffet Veggie buffet featuring North and South Indian cuisine: idly, vada, sambar, chutney, sambar rice, aaloo sabji, paneer sabji, roti, white rice, pickle, papad, raitha. Price around 135 baht. Bargain plate on Friday evening, and special buffet on Sunday. Parking available. Open 12-3pm and 6:30-10pm. Jae Kee 9/1 Mahannop Rd (10200) (at Tanao Rd, Phra Nakhon district, near San Chao Sua shrine) 03-9105999 Vegan, Chinese, Buffet Simple restaurant offering a few dishes options that are good. Look for a yellow sign with Chinese and Thai letters, about 20 meters from the corner of Tanao Road. Open 6am-4pm. Jay Jang 44/73 Charansanitwong Road (10600) (at between Charansanitwong Soi 10 & Soi12) 050881734 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai Cash only. Tue-Sat 9am-9pm, Sun 9am-12pm, closed Monday. Jay Jay Ariya Saj Si Building, 270/2 Soi 65, Petchkasem Road 4210489, 4215286, Fa Buddhist, Thai 3

Kaodaeng Kaengron 239/5 Soi Kasikorn Bank (at near Khaosarn Rd & Banglumpoo post office) 662-2826338 Thai, Chinese Spicy Thai food. Best to arrive when food has just been prepared. Open 7am-2pm. Difficult to find: the soi has no name. From Phra Sumen Road, take the soi just beside the Kasikorn Bank. Khun Churn 136/28 Moo 17, Kwang Salatham, Thaveewatana District (10170) 09-1103776 Ovo, Vegan-friendly, Thai Good food, but the location is outside the city and can be reached by car or taxi. Call for directions. Komala's 15 Sukhumvit Soi 20, Klongtoey, Sukhumvit Road (at Asok Sky train exit) 02-66359712 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Indian, Fast food, Take-out Features both North and South Indian cuisine. Try the masala dosa. Open Mon-Fri 11am-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-11pm. Confirmed open as of August 2007. Kwan-Imm Jae Restaurant 6/15 Sukhumvit 24/1 Road (at sub-soi 5 meters west of Soi 26) 6622596466 Vegan, Chinese, Thai Open 11.00-14.00, 17.00-22.00. Directions: Located on a small soi next to Sukhumvit Soi 26, closer to Soi 24. Take BTS to Phrom Phong station (E5). Exit through exit 4. Make a U-turn after descent from the stairs. Soi 24/1 is in the opposite direction. Turn right at Soi 24/1. Soi 24/1 is located between Soi 24 and soi 26. Les Marg Bakery Sukaphiban 1 Road (Bangkae) 02-4541706 Vegan, Chinese All the pastry products are suitable to vegetarian users, including pastry without eggs. Hundreds of item available and custom made is also available for special events. Delivery available. Lumpini Park Morning Market Lumpini Park (at Rama IV) please send Chinese, Thai Food is available until about 9am. Directions to morning market in Lumpini Park: go in the park entrance on Rama IV road across from the HSBC and Abdul Rahim Buildings (there is also a bus stop there). Walk in and take the first right. Walk about 50 meters and the market will be on your right. There are a few vegetarian stalls on the back side. Signs are in Chinese and Thai, ask for "kin jeh" (vegetarian). Mah Boon Krong Vegetarian Food - MBK 444 Phayathai Rd (at MBK 6th floor food court, kiosk #C-8) 2179491 Vegan, Chinese, Take-out, Fast food Located inside MBK shopping center and can get crowded and noisy. Some dishes are spicy. Cash only. Open 10:30-21:30. Mangsawirat 2223/20 Ramkhamhaeng Rd, Soi 51/2 (at opposite Taiyo Language School) Thai Mashoor 38 Pan Road (at Silom) 02-2349304 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Indian, Burmese Primarily Indian sweets and South Indian dishes like dosas, uttapam, and idli. Owner is part Burmese and makes a few authentic Burmese noodle dishes which are not on the menu. Open 10am-10pm. Directions: approximately 6 doors from the Indian temple on the same side, on the corner of a driveway/alley. Maykaidee Vegetarian, Address: 117/1 Tanao Road Banglampoo Bangkok Tel: 0-2932-8673 May Kaidee offers traditional Thai vegetarian cuisine available at the heart of Bangkoks traveller area. Provincial Thai dishes are available alongside Western and Chinese dishes. Excellent range of fruit shakes, herbal drinks and teas on offer. Low prices and friendly service promised most dishes are in the 40-50 Baht range. Beer is available as are soft drinks. May Kaidee's Vegetarian Restaurant III 59 Rachadamnuen Rd, Banglampoo (at near Khao Sarn Rd, alley behind Burger King) 662-2817699, 891373173 Vegan-friendly, Organic, Thai, Beer/Wine. Vegetarian restaurant and organic food center located just 50 meters from the original location. Open daily 11am-9pm. May Kaidee's Vegetarian Restaurant I 111 Rachadamnuen Rd., Banglampoo (at near Khao Sarn Rd, alley behind Burger King) 662-2817699, 891373173 Vegan-friendly, Thai, Take-out. Open air dining in a Banglampoo alley. Features Isan-style Thai vegetarian dishes cooked to order. Uses organic red rice and organically grown vegetables when available sourced from local farmers markets. Cash only. Open daily 8am-10pm. May Kaidee's Vegetarian Restaurant II 33 Samsen Road, Soi 1 (at Banglamphu, Khao Sarn Rd area) 662-2817699,891373173 Vegan-friendly, Thai, International. Air-con restaurant and also 4

offering Thai vegetarian cooking courses. Above the restaurant is an 11-room guesthouse with Thai massage by appointment in a large air-con sala. See website for details. Cash only. Open daily 8am10pm. Directions: From the river end of Khao San Rd, turn right onto Chakrapong Rd, the name changes to Samsen Rd, cross over the canal bridge & look for "May Kaidee" on the left, at No.33, before Samsen Soi 1. Mission Health Food Center Mission Hospital, 430 Pitsanolok Road (at Yomarat) 022811422 Lacto, Ovo, Thai, International Cafeteria-style vegetarian restaurant with bakery as well as 2 health food stores facing different streets. Open 6am-6:30pm, closed Saturday. Also has another store nearby on Lan Luang Road. Nang Aharn Jay 111/6-7 Pahurat St. Wang Burapa (at Luang Thai Rd, across from Old Siam) 081-3417908, 4057658 Vegan, Chinese, Thai 20+ years old restaurant located in a very small soi/alley - look for stickers advertising vegetarian products on the wall. Around 25-35 baht each for curries, noodles, and food to order. Cash only. Open Mon-Sat 9am-4pm. Nova Kitchen 444 Phayathai Rd (at MBK 6th floor) Chinese Chinese restaurant on 6th floor of MBK next to the food-court. No garlic, onion, eggs, or dairy used. Menu includes soups, noodles, rice, vegetables, mock-meat as well as desserts and soft drinks, hot and cold tea. Punjab Sweets 311-1A Soi ATM (at /off Chakraphet Road) 02-2226541 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Indian, Fast food, Take-out Small vegetarian Indian restaurant, basic decor. Serves dosa, puri, samosa, namkeen, Indian sweets, chai, and more. Punjab Sweets 436/5 Chakraphet Road (at Phahurat, opposite Soi ATM) 01-8693815 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Indian, Fast food, Take-out Small vegetarian Indian restaurant, basic decor. Serves dosa, puri, samosa, namkeen, Indian sweets, chai, and more. Rasayana Raw Food Cafe 57 Soi Sukhumvit39 (Prom-mitr) Sukhumvit Rd, Klongton-Nua Wattana 10110. 66-26624803-5 Vegan, Organic, Juice bar, Raw Outdoor raw cafe. Also serves wheatgrass juice. Accept credit cards. Open daily 9am-8pm. Call before you go. Direction: take SkyTrain to Phrom Phong (Emporium) and then get a bus or taxi. Or, walk on the right side of soi 39 (coming from Sukhumvit) for 10 minutes. When reaching Soi PhromMit turn right. Walk for some minutes in Soi PhromMit until you reach a restaurant on your left-hand side. When reaching this restaurant turn left into the subsoi and walk for about 2 minutes. Rasayana is on your right hand. Royal Dosa 122/12 Rajaprarop Rd., Phyathai, Rajtaevee (10400) 02-65637878, 022080559 Indian, Beer/Wine, Take-out Indian restaurant. Simple environment, friendly service. Serves a variety of North Indian and South Indian food and sweets. Sapanhan Vegetarian Restaurant 528 Chakaphet Road, Phahurat (India town) (at near Central Department store, Wang-Burapa) 02-6238712 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Fast food, Take-out Food stall in alley not far from the overhead bridge (Saphan Han) behind Pooh Bear soft toy shop. Go inside the toy shop to get to the restaurant. Good food and juices ranging from 25-50 Baht. Open 8am-5pm. Sapanhan Vegetarian Restaurant II 728 Wang Burapa Road (10200) (at Chakaphet Road, opposite Grande Ville Hotel) 081-496610 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai Open 8am-5pm. Sing Yuan 115 Soi 3 Ladya Road, Thonburi Klongsan, Wongwian Yai (at near Robinson's department store - Wong Wian Yai) 02-3481731 Vegan-friendly Open daily 6am-9pm. Sirikul Mangsawirat Tra Jae Food Centre, next to Vanich Bldg. (TV3), New Petchburi Road 6629825094 Thai Slimbo 29/18-21 Soi Sunvichai, Rama IX Road, Bangkapi, Huaykwang 02-2030326 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Juice bar, Beer/Wine Part of Spa Foods. Open daily 11am-12am. Sri Ganesh Restaurant 392/23-24 Soi Sukhumvit 20/1 (at between Soi 18 and 20) 022581425 Lacto, Indian Mango lassi and vegetarian South Indian food. Suan-Plu Mangsawirat in front the Suan Plu market Thai, Vegan-friendly Authentic Thai dishes, salty and spicy. Non smoking. Open daily for breakfast and lunch. 5

Suki Jeh Ru Yi 285 Soi Phraya Singhaseni Street (at opposite Bangkok centre hotel, north of Rama 4 road, near Hua Lampong railway & MRTA station) 02- 2191721, 086-0689384 Chinese, Thai Open daily 9.00-22.00, except Wed from 17:30. Directions: Take subway to end at "Hau Lamphong" station, take exit 3, backtrack on Rama 4 (head east) for about 70 meters to Soi Trokphrayasinghaseni, turn left, restaurant is on the right with a sign in English, "Vegetarian," which can be seen from Rama 4. Suki Yoo Jing 425 T. Chao Kamrop, Pom Prab District (10100) (at near Poh Tek Tung Foundation) 02-6233838 Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Catering Has sukiyaki and sells mock meats and vegi products to go. Open 9am-9pm. May be difficult to find. Talalask Golden Place (at Ekamai Ramindra, Rama IX and Ekamai) 668-19120979 Lacto, Organic, Thai, Take-out Food is cooked fresh using organic vegetables. Accept credit cards. Tamarind Cafe and F-Stop Gallery 27 Sukhumvit Soi 20 02-6637421 Vegan-friendly, International, Gourmet, Juice bar, Take-out Vegetarian cafe and photo gallery with a roof-top garden. Vegetarian cuisine, fresh juices, and baked goods. Outdoor cooking class on the terrace. Free wi-fi access. Accept credit cards. Open Mon-Fri 3pm-12am, Sat-Sun 10am-12am. Tamarind Express 444 Phayathai Rd, MBK/Tokyu Department Store 5th floor (10330) (at BTS National Stadium) 02-6637421 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, International, Salad bar, Beer/Wine, Take-out A fast-service branch of Tamarind Cafe in the MBK food court. Serving salad bar, soups, and hot plates. Accept credit cards. Open daily 10am-10pm. Term-Bun at Platinum Fashion Mall 222 Petchaburi Road (10400) (at P8 5th floor Food Center, opposite Amari Watergate Hotel) Vegan-friendly, Thai, take-out Cash only. Open daily 9.30-20.00. Tham na Thanon Samsen Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Thai, International, Beer/Wine Bangkok vegetarian restaurant with wifi access. Open Mon-Sat 9-10. The Vegetarian Cottage 41/19 Soi Chokchairuammit 02-6915083 Thai, Chinese, European Part of Spa Food vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok. Choose from a variety of mock meat dishes. Try the spicy banana flower salad. Open daily 11.00-14.30 and 17.00-22.00. Directions: Take taxi to Vipawadeerangsit Rd or Ratchadaphisek Rd to Soi 7 (call before you go), near airport. (41/19 Chokchairuanmmit Yaek 7 Soi 16, Viphavadee-Rangsit Road Bangkok 10900 Tel: 0-2930-1108-10 The Vegetarian Cottage has been open for well over a decade and during this time perfected the art of vegetarian cooking. The restaurant is a little way out in northern Bangkok, and it can be difficult to find the nearest BTS is Mochit and the nearest MRT is Chatuhcak. Ask the taxi Chock Chai Ruam Mit and it is about 5-10 minutes down the road on your left (depending on traffic). Once the adventure finding the place is over, you will find the Vegetarian Cottage offers an excellent range of Thai and International vegetarian dishes. Opens daily.) Tontam Vegetarian Food 144/18 Phetkasem Road (10160) (at Bang Khae intersection, near Tesco-Lotus, behind Police box) 05-0200644, 06-78093 Vegan-friendly, Thai, Take-out Cash only. Open daily 7.00-20.00. United Centre Food Court 323 Silom Road (at United Center 3rd floor food court) Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Thai, Fast food, Buffet, Take-out Stall has a sign in English, "Vegetarian Food". Authentic Thai dishes, about 10 selections daily, and of richer quality than usually presented at veggie stalls. Closes at 2pm. SkyTrain directions: exit at "Saladaeng" station, and head towards the river. Walk about 150 meters to United Centre on the left, go to the third floor food court. Ur Station 612 Soi Suan Phlu (Sathorn Tai Soi 3) (10120) (at South Sathorn Road, opposite Immigration Bureau) 02-2871635 Vegan-friendly, International, Fast food Western style coffee shop with air conditioning. Cash only. Open Mon-Fri 7:30am-4pm, and 4-7pm offer sandwiches and desserts only. Saturday 9:30am-5pm, sandwiches and desserts only. Closed Sunday. Vegeta - Spa Foods 33/29 Moo3 Ramkhamheang Rd (at Goldenplace Saphansoong, next to PTT Petrol) 02-3722175 Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Chinese, Thai, Juice bar Part of Spa Food vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok. Offers a unique selection of mock meats made from textured soy protein. Diners & Amex cards accepted. Open daily 8am-10pm. Vegeta - Spa Foods at Rama 9 185 Praditmanutham Rd, Wangtonglang (10310) (at Goldenplace Rama 9) 02-9346530 Vegan-friendly, Lacto, Chinese, Thai, Juice bar Part of Spa Foods 6

vegetarian restaurants in Bangkok. Restaurant is rather hidden behind Golden Place. Decorated in a 1970's athmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. Offers a unique selection of mockmeats made from textured soy protein. Prices moderate to expensive. Diners & Amex cards accepted. Outdoor seating. Wheelchair accessible. Open daily 8am-10pm. Vegetarian Food Stall Ratchadaphisek Road, Robinson Department Store, Tops supermarket basement food court (at oppositeThiam Ruam Mit intersection) Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Thai, Buffet, Take-out Large veggie food court stall offers 20 items to choose; very good & cheap (15-20 baht), has packaged vege mock meat. Open daily until 10pm. Subway 3 stops N of Sukhumvit at "Thailand Cultural Centre" station, take exit 4, when outside proceed in same direction (N) to Robinson Dept Store basement, find "Noodle Island" at left; the vege stall is opposite on the corner of a tiled island. Main sign is in Thai, with "Vegetarian Food" written inside the stall rear wall. Vegetarian Food Stall Ploenjit Center Building, Ploenjit Road (at next to Krungthai Bank, near Ploenjit BTS) Ovo, Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Fast food, Take-out Vegetarian Food Stall at Amarin Plaza Ploen-Chit Road, Pathumwan (at Ratchadamri Road, between Siam & Chitlom BTS, reach by skywalk) Vegan, Thai, Fast food Located in a food court. Stall offers a large selection of dishes displayed in the food case. Open daily 10:30-17:00. Vegie House 1519-21 Rama (Phraram) 4 Rd (10330) (at opposite Rama Theatre, nearest metro Sam Yan/out way 2) 02-2154395 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai Sells take away frozen ham (around 200Bhat for 500g), sausages, and other mockmeats. Open 8am-6pm, closed Sunday. Wishing Well 036 Weekend Market (at subway station Khampangpet 2, cross from J.J) 0894547566 Vegan-friendly, Thai, Indian, Fusion Small and interesting menu. Also sell new age books, music, and tarot healing on Tue-Friday. Cash only. Open Mon-Fri 9.00-15.00. Yogi 62 Soi Putha Osoth, Surawong Rd (at back side of Manorah Hotel) 02-2361809 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Indian Open Mon-Sat 11.30am-9pm, closed Sunday. Directions: may be difficult to find due to street name not visible - from Surawong Rd, take the Soi on the right of Manohra Hotel, go to the end to reach Soi Putha Osoth, Yogi is on the left. Health Food Stores: (8 Listings) Palang Bun Navamin Road, Sukhapiban 1 (at front of Santi Asoke Temple) Organic produce, ready-made vegan food, natural products, books. Open 10:30am-9:30pm. Baan Suan Pai 304 Phahon Yothin Road (at between Soi 4- 6 Phahon Yothin, just before the gas station) 02-6151583 Selling dry food. Can be reached by Skytrain. Baan Aree direction: from BTS Ari Exit 1 and go straight about 100 m on the right hand side between EXIM Bank and Esso gas station has one small street, go to that street and you will find it. Another one is opposite so from BTS ARI Exit 2, go straight about 100 m on the left hand side and it's next to Caltex gas station. turn left and go to small street just 20 steps. Ban Khao Klong 364/21 Thanon Phutabucha, Bangmot, Thung Krut (10140) (at Suan Thonburi Rom Park) 02-8748315 Organic produce, deli. Ban Thanyapeud 9/269 Moo 7 Moo Ban Ban Suan Rim Klong, Thanon Phuttabucha, Bang Mot (10150) (at Phra Ram 2 & Phuttabucha) 02-8693744 Organic produce, deli. Golden Place Hipermarket Ekamai Ramindra, Rama IX and Ekamai Natural foods, beauty products, and more. Lemon Farm 104/34 Moo1, Changwatana Rd, Thungsonghong, Laksi (10210) (at Vipavadee Rungsit) 02-5752222 Natural foods and natural products market with 7 branches in Bangkok, always located by petrol station. Stocks a little of everything from organic products, fresh produce, deli, juice bar, dried Thai food, to herbal medicine and massage oils. Poh Puk 1/9 Paeng Loi Sirirat, Sirirat, Bangkok Noi (10700) (at Sirirat (Prannok) Express Boat Pier) 02-8661719 Organic produce. A few stops on the express boat from Banglampoo Pier near Khaosan Rd by the river. Ran Khao Klong Piyalom, Sukhumvit 101 (10260) (at upper Sukhumvit) 02-747-9379 Organic produce, deli. Betong (1) 7

Laan Ahaan Jay

27 Chayachawalit Road, Betong, Yala (95110) (at a few shops east of Betong

Plaza) 0872865489 Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Buffet, Fast food Vegetarian food. Cash only. Look for Chinese symbol "jay" in yellow at front of shop. Open 6am-2pm, closed Sunday except on special buddhist days. Chiang Mai (47) May Kaidee Vegetarian Restaurant 202 Ratchaphakhinai Rd (at 1 block north of Ratchawithi Road, near Sumit hotel) 087-717-5275, 089-112-1162 Vegan-friendly, Fast food, Thai, Take-out Chiang Mai vegetarian restaurant offering meals and cooking classes. Open daily 9am-11pm. Ahan Jay Superhighway Rd, Big C, 2nd floor Open 9am-9pm. Aum 65 Moonmuang Road/Mun Mueang Road (50200) (at next to Black Canyon, inside Thaphae gate) 053-278315, 271156 Vegan-friendly, Thai Serves food and tea, plus books for rent or sale. Interesting yet relaxed interior with cozy upstairs dining. Open 8.30-14.30, 17.00-21.00, closed on the 1st and 2nd of each month. Located near to Tha Pae Gate, Aum Vegetarian Restaurant offers the usual range of dishes you might expect from a quality establishment. Excellently prepared dishes at very reasonable prices make this restaurant a draw for locals and visitors. Well worth a visit. Baiporn Restaurant 15/3 Soi 1 Sri Phum Road (50000) (at Moon Muang Rd) +66-053-218630 Ovo, Lacto, Thai, Italian, Take-out, Not 100% Vegetarian. Around 2USD for dinner. Menu includes vegetarian catfish, stir-fry pumpkin with mushroom, spring rolls, phad thai, Italian food, fruit shakes, pumpkin bread. NO MSG used. Menu in English and Thai, English is spoken. Cash only. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner 10am-10pm. Blue Diamond Moom Muang Road, Soi 9 (at near Sriphum Moat) +66-053-217120 Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, International, Not 100% Vegetarian. Caters to visiting vegetarians, yogis, meditators, and massage therapist. Features breakfast, lunch, and salads. Makes own bread and supports 2 other nearby healthy food restaurants. Also sells fruits and products. Open Mon-Sat 7.30am-10.30pm, closed Sunday. Buddha Sathani Taphae Rd Chinese October Chinese vegetarian festival on Taphae road. Free vegetarian food. Chan Fong A-78 Chao Nuea Market (at /in Mueang Mai Market) 053-232-435 Open 3am-6pm. Che Cheng Lamyai Market (at opposite Warorot Market) 053-232-144 Open daily 6am-6pm. On full, half, and new moon open 3am-6pm. Che Ob Oon 11 Nantharam Rd (at near Chiang Mai gate) 053-284-393 Vegan Chiangmai vegan restaurant. Open 6am-6pm, closed Saturday. Open daily mid-July to October. Che Om Bun 199/23 Changklan Rd 053-820-361 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Buffet Self-serve buffet. Pay for food by weight. Open 7am-3pm, closed Sunday. Open daily during Chinese vegetarian festival in October. Che Phatthana Central Airport Plaza Food Court, 4th floor Vegan, Buffet, Chinese, Thai Food is already cooked and kept warm in glass case. Open daily lunch and dinner until 9pm. Che Restaurant 169/1 Yangneng-Don Kaeo Rd (at Amphoe Saraphi, outside of town) 086-1918466 Open 7am-7pm. Directions: Take Hwy 106 towards Lamphun, about 10km from Narawat Bridge, turn right before Amphoe Saraphi office, another 600 metres, just opposite gas station. Chiang Mai Vegetarian Society 42 Mahidol Rd (50200) (at next to Banchak gas station) 053271-262 Vegan, Organic, Chinese, Thai, Buffet, Salad bar, Take-out One of the largest vegetarian restaurant in Chiang Mai with 25+ staff working. Set up is cafeteria-style, you help yourself to the vast buffet that may include brown rice, Thai curries, soup, fruit and grain juices, salads with fresh herbs, and more. Organic fruits and veggies also sold as are religious items, herbs, and other products. This is part of an institution in Thailand with organic farms in the countryside (where one can volunteer and stay). Open Mon-Fri 6am-2pm. Call ahead as they may be closed for other events. 8

Dev Mandir Temple 2 Ratanakosin Rd 053-226-151 Lacto, Indian Free vegetarian food every Tuesday evening around 8-8:30pm. Duang Tawan 2 Soi Sirorot Suthep Road, Suthep (50200) (at near Neurological Hospital) 084-6119230 Ovo, Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Buffet Moderate size shop. Buffet style featuring a variety of meals. Cash only. Open daily 8:00-21.00. J Mai Jum J 89 Mahidol Road, Hayya (50100) (at across from gas station) 086-732-4971 Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai Small restaurant with nice, clean decor. Menu in Thai and English. Open 10:30-20:00, closed Saturday. J. Krayathip 191/3 Suthep Road, Suthep (50200) (at near Wat Suan Dok) 081-531-9771 Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Chinese Menu is in Thai and English. Open daily 7.00-20.00. Jao Ngoa - Chao Ngo Thanon Huay Kaew, 100/13 Huai Kaeo Road (50300) (at opposite Chiang Mai University north entrance) 089-835-5405 Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Take-out Popular with locals and students. Menu is in Thai but owner understands a little English. Offers several different dishes everyday (choose two dishes with brown rice for around 25Baht), and made-to-order Thai dishes. Also sells vegan Thai bakery goods. Look for big yellow sign on the right side just before Chiang Mai University (northern entrance). Cash only. Open 9:00-21:00, closed Sunday. Khufa Mangsawirat 152/6 Kaeo Nawarat Rd 086-924-4884 Open 7am-3pm, closed Sunday. Khun Churn Nimmanhemin Soi 17 (50200) 081-881-3032 Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Thai, Buffet, Salad bar Garden setting and ambience. Has vegetarian buffet with soups, main dishes, salad bar, dessert, and drinks for around 80 baht per person. Dishes change daily. A la carte menu at night. Closed on 16th of each month. Cash only. Free wifi. Lunch buffet from 11am-2pm. Open daily 9:30am-8pm, closed 2:30-5pm. Long Phisut Chiang Mai University, Faculty of Humanities 086-185-3627 This is the Canteen of the faculty. Open 7am-2pm, closed Sat-Sunday and on University vacations (March, May, October). Mangsawirat Suan Dok 15 Suthep Road, Suthep (at next to Suan Dok Temple and Pharmacy Faculty) 053-808-666 Ovo, Vegan-friendly, Thai, Local cuisine Curries, stir fry vegetables, noodle, soup, rice, fruit juices, herbs, medicinal products, and others. Also stocks packaged food products for sale. Open 5.30am-3pm, closed Sunday except mid-July to October. Extended hours during Chinese Vegetarian festival in October 6am-9pm. Pun Pun Organic Vegetarian Restaurant Wat Suan Dok temple, Suthep Road +66-081-4701461 Ovo, Lacto, Vegan-friendly, Organic, Thai, International, Juice bar, Take-out Serving healthy veggie food using mostly organic produce from local producers. Thai food, salads, pasta, smoothies, fruit drinks, and coffee. Directions: Walk pass Wat Suan Dok temple to the monk chat building, and restaurant is located behind the monk chat building in an outdoor courtyard with a large boddhi tree and tables with umbrellas. Open 9am-7pm, closed Wednesday. Rassamee Dhamma Foundation Restaurant 269/1 Chotana Road, Amphoe Muang, Tambon Chank Puek (50300) (at near Chiang Mai Ratchabhat University) 053-221-501 Vegan, Thai, Chinese Food is cooked using local recipes. Cash only. Open 6am-4pm, closed Sunday except between mid-July to October. Extended hours during Chinese Vegetarian festival in October 6am9pm. Saksit Vegetarian Restaurant 3/2 Suan Dok Road (50200) (at east of Wat Suan Dok temple, Hiltribe Handicraft shop) 053-903-855 Vegan, Thai, Chinese, Local Menu consists of curries, vegetable stir frys, noodle, soup, rice, and others. Clean place. Open 6:30am-7:30pm, close Saturday. Sam Nuek Dee 46/6 Mueang Samut Rd (at back of Mueang Mai market) 084-616-4920 Open 7am6pm. Sam Sien Phichit 34/3 Sanambin Khao Rd (at /off off Suthep Rd, opposite Chiang Mai's Art Museum sign) 081-746-3974 Vegan, Buffet Small shop that is clean. Food is served buffet style. Open 6am-6pm, closed 1st and 16th of the month. 9

Samathan Thip 367 Mahidol Rd (at Lamphun Rd intersection of flyover branch) 053-278712, 0812881513 Open daily 8am-5pm. Samathan Thip 2 Central Airport, ground floor Open Mon-Fri 11am-9pm, Sa-Sun 10am-9pm. Samphao Thip 22 Soi Poly Chotana Road, Chang Puak (50300) (at near Thai Parnit Bank) 083201-1079 Vegan, Chinese, Thai Small shop. Owner is involved with non-profit projects to help the children of remote villages - you can join if you want. Mr Satit, the owner, speaks english and can give you more information. Open daily 6am-6pm. Sien Noy 191/12 Changklan Rd (50100) (at Changklan Plaza, near Kasikorn Bank) 053-233079 Vegan-friendly, Thai, Beer/Wine, Take-out Thai vegetarian cuisine featuring starters, fried rice, curries, and more. Cash only. Open Mon-Sat 11:00-20:00. Directions: may be difficult to find. Location is between addresses #185 and #187, and entrance is on the side of the building. Taste from Heaven 237-239 Tapae Road, Chang Klan (50100) (at Muang) 053-208-803 Vegan, Thai, Fast food, Beer/Wine, Take-out Chiang Mai vegan restaurant. Dine inside in air-conditioned modern decor room or out in the back garden. Open daily 8.30am-10pm. Thai Vegetarian Food Restaurant 65 Inthawarorot Rd (at near Wat Phrasingh) 081-2893163 Vegan-friendly, Buffet Open 7am-6pm. THC 19/4-5 Kotchasan (at outside Tha Pae gate) 053-206-886 Also hemp clothing and products. Open till 9pm but hours sometimes vary. Thip Vegetarian Restaurant Address: 1/1 Moonmuang Soi 8 Thanon Sriphoom Road Chiang Mai Tel: 0-1960-0532 Another vegetarian restaurant only a stones throw from Tha Pae gate, Thip Vegetarian Restaurant offers a fine selection of Vegetarian Thai dishes. Perfectly cooked and scrumptious dishes come in at very reasonable prices. If you are a vegetarian (or even if you are not), this place is well worth a visit. TianZi Tea House and Garden 119/1 Kampangdin RD,T. Changklan. A.Muang (at opposite Maeping hotel beer garden) 0066-53-449539 Teahouse also serves lunch and dinner and sells natural health food products including cold pressed oils and grains. Free wireless internet. Open daily 9am-10pm. Tien Sieng Taiwanese Vegetarian 54-56 Phra Pok Klao Road, Phra Singh (50200) (at near Chiang Mai Gate) 053-206056 Vegan, Chinese, Taiwanese Restaurant also sells some vegetarian food supplies like dried TVP and packaged cooking products. Open 6.30-17.00, closed Sunday. Open daily mid-July to October. Vegetarian Thai Orchid 419/24 Wichayanon Rd (at opposite Aden Market, near President Hotel) 053-876-232 Thai Offers an assortment of pre-made dishes for around 20Baht eachp. Open 7:30am-3pm, closed Sunday. Thai Vegetarian Buffet at Gap's House 3 Rajadamnern Rd Soi 4 (at few blocks inside Tha Pae gate.) 053-278-140, 270-143 Thai, Buffet, Not 100% Vegetarian. Offers a vegan buffet every night (except Sundays) from 19-21. Vegetarian cooking course may be available. Also a cookery school in the daytime that makes meat dishes. The Whole Earth 88 Sri Don Chai Road, Hayya (50100) (at Changklan Road Nightmarket) 053282-463 Ovo, Lacto, Thai, Indian, Not 100% Vegetarian. A 22 year old traditional Thai house where you can dine on the veranda overlooking a large garden. Menu in English and Thai. Open daily 11am-10pm. Health Food Stores: (8 Listings) Aden Market 419/20 Wichayanon Rd (at opposite Vege Thai Orchard Restaurant near President Hotel) 053-232-2692 Some organic produce, variety of organic products, natural products, fresh juices. Open daily 9am-7pm. Baan Suan Pak 419/27 Wichayanon Rd (at near Presiden Hotel, same building with Thai Orchard Restaurant) 053-233-3317 Health food store with a variety of fresh organic and chemical-free fruits and vegetables plus a small restaurant with only four tables. Owner speaks English and can prepare dishes for vegetarians and vegans upon request. Fresh aloe vera and other juices are bottled in the store; fresh wheatgrass juice offered. Open 8am-6:30pm, closed Sunday. 10

Doi Kham Royal Project Food Products Suthep Road (50200) (at NE corner of Irrigations Canel) 053-809-081 Organic vegetables, herbs, teas, essential oils, processed and packaged products from Thailand's Royal Project. The Project imports products, growing techniques and technology to make cash products viable for local communities. It provides the branding, processing, distribution, and takes 10% of the sale with the rest going to the grower. Good Health 54/3 Sridonchai Road (at Kamphaengdin Road, Suriwong Book Centre) 053-206888 Large stores with selections in cold juices, international products and packaged foods, vitamins, and a small amount of fresh food. J. Imboon Vegetarian Supermarket 188/1-3 Mueang Samut Rd, Imboon village 053-235-487 Open 8am-6:30pm, closed Tuesday. Kasem Store 19 Ratchawong Rd (at Chang Moi Road) 053-234986 Health food store specializes in non-Thai items. Has bakery on premises. Also another location in Chiang Mai. Kasem Store 8/4 Nimmanhemin Rd, T. Suthep, A. Muang (50200) 053-4001123 Stocks produce, non-Thai items, baked goods, and more. This is the larger of the 2 locations in Chiang Mai. Organic Farmers' Market Chiang Mai J J Handicraft Market (at near Lotus and the Superhighway / Srimongkol Rd) Saturday and Wednesday mornings 6-9am. Locally grown organic produce and snacks farmer prices. Chiang Rai (7) Boonsita Restaurant Prasopsuk Rd (1 street from bus station) 053-808-377 Thai, Buffet, Buddist Open 7am till 7pm. Early is best. Very friendly Mae Daeng Mangsawirat-Jay Restaurant Diagonally across from the Reuan Tip Hotel on Paho 09-559-0580 Vegan, Thai Open 6:30am-2pm, M-F, but do check with Mae Daeng to make sure she's open. Mae Daeng turned 70 in 2004 and has been running this restaurant for over 10 years. She cooks all the food in her restaurant and makes her own black sesame seed butter, which sells all around Thailand. She would hire help but she knows the standard of quality and cleanliness will not be the same as if she did it herself. Many people have complained they can't find her restaurant because the sign is not big enough. Rather than change the sign she has been known to say, "You must have good karma to have found my restaurant"apparently she selects her consumers rather than hoping consumers will select her! No name Singhaclai Road, 150 yds. East of Overbrook Hospital (150 yards west of Thai Tourist Authority Office) Vegan, Chinese, Thai More expensive than the other restaurants (around 5 baht/dish). The quality, however, doesnt seem to be much different. The restaurant is clean, but the portions are very small. The selling point is possibly location and variety--not eating at the same vegetarian restaurant every day. This restaurant is on the North side of Singhaclai Road, opposite Wat Pra Sing. No Name Wisetwiang Road Vegan, Chinese, Thai Within walking distance of the PDA Hilltribe Museum and/or Vocational College. To get there: Leave the museum and go west on Thanalai road. At your first 4-way junction (Wisetwiang), turn right (go north). The restaurant will be about 50 yards up on your right (East side of Wisetwiang street). The competitive advantage of this restaurant is simply location and a change of scene. The food is good, but nothing to write home about. Oasis Vegetaurant 612/93 Sirikorn Market Paholyothin Road (150 yards from bus station) 053740-791 Vegan, Chinese, Thai Hours: 7:00-20:00 every day. Arguably the largest and cleanest vegetarian restaurant in town. As usual, the food is all pre-cooked and laid out behind a glass window for you to point and choose. They have a wonderful selection of vegetarian meats (for those who don't object to meat imitations)red pork, duck, three-flavored fish, drumsticks, fried pig intestines, etc. They also offer a few made to order items like "guay dtee-ow"especially delicious in the cool season after a long day's trekking. 11

Sala Jay-Mangsawirat Bratoo Chiang Mai Road, Across the street from the Land Office 053714-480 Vegan, Thai Hours: Weekdays for breakfast and lunch. Been open for around eight years. It's one of the smallest of the vegetarian restaurants, but the food is good and the people are nice. Tamachat Across the street from Api Plaza on Sanam Bin Road 053-753-000 Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Juice-bar Hours: 7-4pm daily. The food here is consistently good and they have a wide variety of options, so you're never bored. These include corn, pumpkin, and sesame seed juice/soup; "guay dtee-ow, " "kao soi" (a Northern specialty), grain & vegetable salad, khanome jin noodles. Hatyai (8) Je Lin 139 Thummanoonwitee Road 074-235369 Vegan, Thai, Chinese Open 7am-7:30pm. 100% Vegan. Sell a few health products too. Num Heng Vegetarian Prachathipat Rd (at @ corner of Pracharon) 074-232066 Vegan, Thai, Bay Marie Buddhist Friendly people, buffet and cook-to-order menu, mock meats. Saeng Sri Veggie 25/9 Saeng Sri Road (3-4 blocks west of clock tower/JB Hotel) (at Saengchan Road) 074-351739 Vegan, Thai, Fast-food, Take-out Open 7:00am - 2:00pm. A few exceptionally clean, spicy and delicious dishes served on mixed Thai jasmine white/red rice. Cash-Only. Su We Siang (Taiearn) 210/6 Niphat Uthit 2 Rd 074-354599 Vegan, Thai, Chinese Delicious and clean food from mock meats to freshly prepared thai salads, has a cook-to-order menu and a small buffet selection, all items vegan (even "egg"), friendly staff, excellent cuisine, fair price. Open 7am-7pm. Cash-Only Vegetarian Food Stall Canteen at the Songklanakarin Hospital, Prince of Songkla U., Karnjanawanij Road Thai, Fast Food Open Mon-Fri 7am-2pm Vegetarian Restaurant 266/3 Sangchan Road 66-74-235992 Vegan, Chinese Serves up to 30 choices of tasty dishes, sells some health products, uses MSG. Open 7am-3pm. Ying Arhan Je Juti-anusorn Road Thai, Vegan Open Mon-Sat 7am-8pm. 3 blocks east of JB Hotel on small soi between Suwanawong and Jootee-anusorn roads. Sell small assortment of natural food, beauty and cosmetic items. Health Food Stores: (1 Listing) Healthy Mart Rajyindee Rd 074-342111 A well-stocked, reasonably priced natural health food store like you would find in the West, 6-7 rows of items(food, personal, etc.). Bath salts, aromatherapy oils, candle burners - items very hard to find in South Thailand. Possibly the largest Natural Health foods store in South Thailand - exceptional line of fine health products. Khon Kaen (2) Jay Indi 31/24 Soi Sripromma (at next to ACL Bank, near Namuang Rd) 043-239993 Vegan, Chinese, Buffet In a small alley between (parallel to) Pracha Samoson Rd and Phimpasut Rd. Runs from Namuang Rd up to Klang Muang Rd. Open 7:30am-2pm, closed Sunday. Tawanthong Restaurant and Shop 227/129 Langsoonrachagarn Road (at opposite Khon Kaen museum) 043-330389, 081-7175290 Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Take-out Restaurant open daily 6am2.30pm. Also a large shop selling a selection of natural products: dry and frozen vegetarian food, food supplements, herbal teas, body products, and books. Shop open daily 6am-6pm. Cash only. Koh Lanta (2) Sayang Moo 3, Phra Ae Beach 662-6733322 Indian, Thai, Beer/Wine, Not 100% Vegetarian. Tables near or on the Phra Ae Beach (aka Long Beach).


The Sanctuary 186 Moo 2, Phra Ae Beach 081-8913055 Ovo, Vegan-friendly, Thai, International, Beer/Wine, Not 100% Vegetarian. Offers some vegetarian options. Open during high season from 6.30pm. Location is also known as Long Beach. Koh Phangan (3) Bamboo Haad Yuan (at hill above northeast end of beach) Vegan-friendly, Thai, Fast food, Not 100% Vegetarian. Has vegetarian options. SukSom Sunset Beach (at 5 minute walk from pier towards Thong Sala) Not 100% Vegetarian. Makes Thai and Western veggie food (enchilada, gado gado, Japanese soups, tofuburgers, etc). The Sanctuary Had Tien Bay Vegan-friendly, Not 100% Vegetarian. Restaurant serves juices, raw food, Thai and Western, cakes, and more. Koh Samui (10) About Art and Craft Th Chonwithi, Na Thon (at opposite port) 014999353 Vegan-friendly, Thai, International, Juice bar Juices, health foods, and raw dishes. Closed Sunday. Please confirm if 100% vegetarian or not for HappyCow - thanks! The Love Kitchen 43 Moo 1, Tambon, Bophut Fisherman's Village (84140) (at boat pier/Part of bsolute Yoga) 015575103 Vegan, Organic, International, Juice bar All natural kitchen offering fresh baked breads, cookies, sandwiches, salads, healthy elixirs, juices, and more. Internet access available. Yoga studio upstairs. Reviews(4): read reviews / write review BBC Restaurant Big Buddha Penisula (at the beach) Vegan-friendly, Thai, Beer/Wine, Not 100% Vegetarian. Small place with tables near the water. A wooden sign says vegetarian food. Generous portions, clean. try tofu green curry and soyaburger. Live music sometimes. Bongoes Lake Road, Chaweng (84320) (at near food center & 7/11 store) 077230931 Thai, International, Juice bar, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Not 100% Vegetarian. Thai and international food restaurant. Has vegetarian section on menu, vegan upon request. Health Oasis Resort Bang Po Beach, NW Coast 077420124 Vegan-friendly, International, Juice bar, Not 100% Vegetarian. Vegetarian-friendly restaurant offers fresh foods, juices, spring rolls, and more. Serves some seafood. Closed on 1st and 15th of each month. Kamalaya Spa Resort 102/9 Moo 3, Laem Set Road, Na 077429800 Vegan-friendly, Thai, International, Juice bar, Not 100% Vegetarian. Food is fresh, natural and healthy. Many choices plus a detox menu. Accept credit cards. Natural Wing Health Spa and Resort 11/5 Moo 6, Bang Por, Maenam 077420871 Thai, Not 100% Vegetarian. Restaurant inside resort offers some vegetarian Thai dishes. Open daily. Prayai Big Buddha market place Thai, Not 100% Vegetarian Small restaurant amongst the shops next to the Big Buddha. Some seats over look the sea. Vegetarian Thai food available. Ristorante la Luna 12/1 Moo 5 Ban Tai, Maenam 077420017 International, Juice-bar, Beer/Wine, Not 100% Vegetarian. Located inside Axolotl Village beach Resort. Accept credit cards. Spa Samui Resorts Box #1 Lamai Beach 84310 (at main road just before Lamai turn-off near Buddy Bar) 077230855 Vegan-friendly, International, Juice bar, Not 100% Vegetarian. Restaurant inside resort is clean, and food is good. Open daily. Koh Tao (1) Here and Now North Sairee Main Rd 077-456730 Vegan-friendly, Thai, International, Not 100% Vegetarian. Viewpoint Restaurant inside Taiji/Quigong resort operated by German owner whose wife is well-known for Thai massage. Has vegetarian food. Cash only. Open daily. Krabi (1) Hong Ming 4/1 Phruksauthit Rd 075-621-273 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Fast-food, CashOnly Street is parallel to Krabi River, has rice and noodle dishes made to order and pre-made. No 13

English menu, but some staff speak a little English. Opens early, closes at 5pm. Mukdahan (1) Djong Sin Jay 33/167 Chayan Koon Rd (at beside Mukdahan bus terminal) 042-611858, 0879535929 Vegan-friendly, Chinese Open daily 6am-10pm. Nan (1) Vietnam Food Restaurant 316/4 Mahayod Road, Tambon Nai Vieng (at behind Dhevaraj Hotel) International, Not 100% Vegetarian. Friendly family feel. Open daily 7.30-8.30. Pai (2) The Sanctuary Cafe on the River 66-894656918 International, Thai, Indian, Juice bar, Not 100% Vegetarian Veggie friendly cafe serving fresh juices, baked goods, vegetarian meals, and seafood. Cash only. Cafe is affiliated with The Sanctuary Resort on Koh Pha Ngan island. Open 9am-10pm. Cafe Del Doi Hot Spring Road 053-693230 Thai, International, Beer/Wine, Take-out, Not 100% Vegetarian. Offers some vegetarian dishes. Accept credit cards. Patong Beach (1) Spa Food Rat-u-Thit Rd, Jungceylon Shopping Center (at Soi Sansabai) 081-5554444 Veganfriendly, Thai, International, Fast food, Take-out. Thai vegetarian restaurant located in the food court of the new Jungceylon shopping center in Patong Beach, Phuket. Look for the yellow flags with "ahan jay" written in thai. Pattaya (2) Five Star J Restaurant 313/37 Moo 10, South Pattaya Road (at at corner of 3rd road) 6638421105 Ovo, Lacto, Macrobiotic, Thai, Beer/Wine This small restaurant serves nutritious foods. Friendly service. Five Stars Vegetarian Food, Address: 313/37 Beach Road South Pattaya Chonburi 20260 Tel: (038) 421-125 Probably more noted for its seafood restaurants, Pattaya is also home to Five Stars Vegetarian Food a choice vegetarian restaurant offering a wealth of excellently prepared vegetarian dishes. Everything on the menu is fresh and if the menu does not have what you need, tell them and they will see what they can do. Beers and soft drinks available. Opens 11:00 to 15:00 and 17:00 to 23:00. Raj the Vegetarian 669079114077 Indian, Thai, Beer/Wine Phitsanulok (1) Ran Jay Phitsanulok Bus Station (at near where the buses park) 055-212685 Vegan-friendly, Thai Phrae (1) Ran Jay Jay Noi 52/9-10 Thung Tom Street, Ni Wieng District (at near Nakorn Phrae Tower School, downtown) 089-4315914 Ovo, Vegan-friendly, Chinese Large vegetarian restaurant in Phrae. Menu is mostly vegan but will cook eggs upon request. Open 6am-7pm. Phuket (6) Travel Notes: For 9 days during September-October each year, Phuket hosts a Vegetarian Festival. Vendors lined the streets nearby Chinese temples with booths that sell snacks, buffets, fruits, drinks, and treats all of which are vegan & vegetarian. Local residents and participants in the festival wear white as they watch and sometimes partake in ritual ceremonies and worships. Central Festival Foodcourt Central Festival Shopping Mall, 74-75 Moo 5, Chalermprakiat Rd (83000) (at Thanon Vichit) 076-291111 Inside the mall food court, you will find an all vegan outlet serving Thai/Chinese cuisine for around 30 baht a plate, and also an Indian outlet with vegetarian curry starting from around 40 baht. Open daily 10am-9pm. 14

Her San 207 Ranong Road (at opposite temple, near central market) 076-256611 Vegan-friendly, Fast food, Take-out Choose from many ready-made dishes. Open 7.30am-8pm. Jeh Bangkok Road (83000) 0874178710 Vegan, Chinese, Thai, Buffet, Take-out Around 20 baht will buy you a plateful of rice, noodles, and as many toppings as your plate can hold. No alcohol on premises. Cash only. Open daily 6am-8pm. Num Hen Vegetarian Restaurant 9 Chana Charoen Rd (at across from Rattana Mansion Hotel) 076-210958 Vegan-friendly, Thai, Fast food, Take-out Ready-made dishes plus hot noodles cooked upon order. Cash only. Ruam Jai Ahaan Jei 215 Ranong Road (at opposite temple, near central market) 222821 Veganfriendly, Fast food, Take-out Choose from many ready-made dishes. Open 6am-9pm. Health Food Stores: (1 Listing) Santi Health Care 156/2 Phang Nga Rd 076-2331201 Vitamins and health care store. Rayong (1) Town Terrace House 32/2 Potnakhon Rd., Tha Madu, Muang (below Sukhumvit Rd.) 0-38874063 Vegan, Thai, Fast-food, Juice-bar, Take-out Opposite Khode temple. Cash-Only. After 6pm made to order. Trang (1) Kit Pung Vegetarian Restaurant Open daily 6am-2pm. 51 Phattalung Street 01-8933041 Vegan, Chinese, Buffet

Udon Thani (3) Ah-Hahn Jay 108 Tam Rub 94 Ratpatsadu Road, Soi 2, Makkaeng District (41000) (at behind Save Mart store) 089-8408751 Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Buffet, Take-out Friendly chef. Cash only. Open 11am-9pm. Arroy Maak Maak 40/20 Phosri Road, Markkha District (41000) 08-33296031 Vegan-friendly, Thai, Chinese, Juice bar, Take-out Serves varies fauxmeats. Try the fauxbeef noodle soup. Cash only. Vegetarian Food Ratpatsadu Road, Soi 2, Makkaeng District Vegan-friendly, Chinese, Thai, Take-out Veggie restaurat located next to Ah-Hahn Jay. Has the same varieties.