A Year of Waldorf Watercolor Stories

This e-book is comprised of 56 verses and stories that span the year’s seasons and holidays. The intention of this e-book is to provide you with inspiration for your watercolor activities each month. These stories are geared towards children who are ages 3-7 (and older if you are just beginning this method) and they use mostly 1-3 colors at a time although some do use all the colors. These verses and stories are taken from three sources: traditional stories or fables that have been passed down for centuries and re-told by me or another author, verses from other authors of vintage books (not copyrighted) that I have modified, and verses or stories I have created. I enjoy using vintage poetry and books in lessons and as inspiration because, as a writer, I feel that we don’t take enough time to appreciate the writing that is done. It seems, in today’s world, magazines are thrown after one reading, mails are deleted, online newsletters are deleted, and old books are passed over in favor of new ones. Modifying and bringing back some of these traditional poems are a form of artistic recycling and a way to once again, honor these poets and writers in a REAL way. Not in a college class about “ancient poetry” but in a real, live way in our homes and with our children. I hope I can introduce you to some lovely, forgotten but talented poets as we travel through the year together in watercolor… Although these traditional and vintage verses are not copyrighted I give full credit to the authors and honor their memory. And I enjoy using their poems as inspiration as much as I enjoy creating my own. You will see an eclectic mix as you scroll though these pages… If you need instruction on HOW to do Waldorf Water-coloring you can purchase my e-book “Waldorf Watercolor Painting” at www.waldorflessonplans.com or visit www.waldorfinthehome.com (Rahima Baldwin Dancy’s Site) and purchase the conference DVD on the subject. These watercolor inspirations follow the monthly themes of my online monthly lesson plans. However, they will also mesh well with any other lesson plans you may be using. Some Tips 1. The picture you paint with this verse can be ANYTHING! Let yourself and your child be inspired by it. 2. Below each verse I have provided you inspiration by sharing “our painting” with you. 3. Read through the entire story and plan it out in your first. A lot of the stories have hidden pictures so if you don’t plan it out first or envision it first you will not get the right picture.

4. You may change any story or poem you want to fit a holiday or special event that you want to celebrate. The stories are flexible! I am giving you the tools – but you will create the final masterpiece best suited to your family or classroom.

Three Kings Day
Verse & Story Verse: The Star by Kristie Burns Three golden gifts In triangle boxes One came from the north One came from the south One wandered from in-between And why did they come With these gifts? They were following the STAR In the Indigo night from lands afar!
Our painting: We start with yellow and we make a triangle with the point facing north (up) then we make another on top of that one with the point facing down (south) then another triangle situated between those two so that the final result is a star! If you want to add another color you can paint the indigo night carefully around the star.

Story: Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 One day three wise men saw a star in the sky. They knew that they must bring gifts. So they each purchased a gift. The one from the north purchased a yellow gold and put it into a lovely gold box (paint 3/4 of the top (the north) of the paper yellow). The second wise man from the south purchased some Frankincense, which glowed, when lit, a lovely red glow, infused the room he was in with a lovely red glow and pleasant smell (paint the bottom 3/4 (the south) of the paper red)…(as the orange emerges say…) and then emerged the third wise man. Not

from the north and not from the south, but among them as if by magic and he was carrying a box full of deep orange myrrh

Verse & Story The Candle: Traditional Nursery Rhyme adapted by Kristie Burns Little Nanny Etticot In a yellow petticoat And a red nose The longer she stands The shorter she grows A halo of orange around her head As she stands guard nearby my bed.
Our painting: make a bold yellow stroke for the petticoat, which will actually be the candlestick. Put a “red nose” for the burning light at the top while mixing the red and yellow to then draw a circle/halo around the flame. You can then color the background with different shades of oranges created by different degrees of mixing the red and orange.

Candlemas: Traditional Medieval English Rhyme If Candlemas day be fair and bright Winter will have another flight If Candlemas day it be shower and rain Winter is gone and will not come again If Candlemas day be damp and black It will carry cold winter on its back If Candlemas day is bright and clear There will be two winters this year!

And the little candle smiled because she knew that if your red heart is strong that nobody can blow you out! Snow & Ice Verse & Story Verse: Snowy Night by B. brightly. She was so proud of her red glow that one day she thought to herself…why am I just shining at night? I can shine all day too! So she didn’t go out in the morning she stayed glowing all through the morning and into the afternoon. softly through the indigo blue Snow is falling Sharply. “what is this? A candle trying to be bright like ME! Ha! I am the brightest one on earth!” So the sun crept into the room with her beautiful yellow rays and she tried to blow out the candle (paint yellow all over the paper). in the meadows Lambs are calling Coldly. even if someone tried to blow her out she would shine in a radiant circle all night long (color a bright red circle in the paper). Then when the yellow afternoon sun peaked into the window he saw her red glow and said. But then the blue moon saw her as he peeked in the window at night and said.The Noble Candle by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 There once was the reddish glow of a candle that wanted to do something special for Candlemas. “What is this? A glow inside? I am the only one allowed to glow at night!!! I will take care of this!” So the blue moon crept into the room and tried to blow out the candle too.E. up above me . She would shine all night. When the children came into the room in the morning they found a candle burning read surrounded by green walls – the colors of Christmas and Candlemas. But he was weaker than the sun and any time he got close to the red glow he would not be able to touch it (paint the blue around the outside of the candle glow) but he tried and he tried…(paint blue all over the yellow but not on the red) and finally had to leave. Coldly.Milner: Adapted by Kristie Burns Softly. the sun tried all day to put the candle out but the candle only turned orange! And soon the sun had to go to sleep and the candle tried really hard (paint the red circle again) and concentrated with all her red heart and soon she shown with a red glow again. sharply. all around me Winds are blowing Brightly. In fact.

deep and dark . they fell from the sky. though. Snow is falling would be dots of white in the sky. one at a time. They didn’t come to play. and stopped on a spot at the bottom of the window (paint a thick white at the top and then thinner at the bottom – these will be icicles) were they jumped in the window of the tiny little house and disappeared. But then one day the days became darker and the nights became colder and the white snow fairies came to his deep blue sky. and spins and twirled around. Then we take some white (this is a good lesson in what WHITE does when you add it to other colors so take note of this) and do the rest of the verse. The little old man didn’t know that the white snow fairies had come at night and entered his house to make him warm and safe in the winter in his little house. which will become a very light blue moon – a blue moon. But when he saw the icicles on his window he smiled. The moon can be a circle of white on the indigo sky. The Snow by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Blue loved to play. He mostly liked to dance so he left blue spirals all over the solid blue sky. He did cartwheels. The little old man could see him from his window in his little house and the entire window was a solid blue (the paper is the window). And winds are blowing would be some swirls of white on the indigo sky. . first slowly. He ran across the sky up and down and right and left until he covered the entire sky with blue. Lambs are calling would be little fluffs of white with the hint of a white head on the ground area.swirls of blue covering the page.The moon is glowing Our painting: We start by covering the page with indigo blue. Lunar New Years (Chinese) Verse and Story Verse: I am the New Year: Unknown Poet: Adapted by Kristie Burns I am the little New Year – ho ho ho! Here I come tripping over the snow. then quicker.

“some shall have water and some shall have milk” you should start to paint a “door” on the house (with yellow) and then point out that FINALLY the door has opened. But each from me a present may ye win – So open your doors and let me in! Our painting: when the verse says “presents” we make a large square on the paper in blue. yellow and blue on the other corners…. When it says. short and tall. little folks. the sky. Put a concentrated red BLOB of paint on the bottom “corner” . Some shall have satin and some shall have silk. Story: Celebrate by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Start this story with wet paper. “some shall have silver and some shall have gold” we make two squarish shapes with yellow in the larger square (don’t tell the kids but this will be a house so instruct them where to paint the smaller squares according to where you would put windows on this house). And the children will be surprised that the painting has turned into a house when it was a gift. had promised him tonight and he almost could not contain himself with . from me a treasure may win – So open your doors and let me in! Some shall have silver and some shall have gold Some shall have new clothes and some shall have old Some shall have brass and some shall have tin – So open your doors and let me in! Some shall have water and some shall have milk. When it says. Pretend there is an upside-down triangle in the middle of the paper.Shaking my bells with a merry din – So open your doors and let me in! Presents I bring for each and all – Big folks. Each one.then start the story… Little blue was SO excited! He thought about what mama blue.

And then she knew – it was New Year’s day! The Moon Verse and Story Flying by J. dear. the sun. Well. orange. little red flower was very curious about all this activity in this sky so she asked mother earth “what is this all about?” Mother earth said “Oh don’t worry yourself with such things dear. And then she saw! It was fireworks of all the colors of the rainbow – red. Little yellow was so sad. When little yellow saw this she turned to mother yellow. green. And the more he thought the more he felt as if he would just explode with excitement. you will not be able to stay up that late and find out. said. and said.M. “what is going to happen? What is he so excited about?” and mother yellow. She burst out crying and tears ran every which way and she tried to reach blue to talk to him but then she fell asleep (take the brush and make yellow burst with streaks from every side and some of those streaks reaching out to the blue). the sun. Then she did cry. Westrup (1943): Adapted by Kristie Burns I saw the moon One blue night Flying so fast – All glowing red Over the sky A runaway moon. And then he DID! His colors went every which way and he just burst with joy (take the brush and brush stroke the blue so that bursts come out of it from all directions). indigo. “Oh. For we live on the ground and they live in the sky. blue. .” But red was so curious that she could not bear to ignore it all. she thought she would cry. and violet.joy. Your bedtime is sunset”. So she jumped as high as she could to reach the sky and talk to yellow and blue (now put streaks of red out all around the red dot like a bursting flower or red sun…and make sure some of the streaks reach to the yellow and blue). yellow.

she felt so bored.The flaming stars Went racing past. The little blue fairy was so far away on the earth below that she could not hear. Could you come up and talk to me. She shone her yellow ball all over fairyland and was happy. She was quite content to live there all the time. But one day. When the stars go racing past make the “tail” of the balloon in the sky – but don’t tell the kids what it is until you’ve red the last line of the poem…then a purple balloon will reveal itself! The Fairy’s Moon by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 At the beginning of time between no time and time in the land of fairies there was a pretty yellow sun that lived in a white sky (paint yellow ball). after many many years of shining. She watched the fairies down below and she noticed that they looked bored too. When it says “moon” paint the moon in red as a circle. Chasing her on Ever so fast Then everyone said. So she flew a little closer to the sun but it was very hot so she did not want to touch it. So she called down to a little blue fairy. And the stars and moon Stand still in the sky. I am so bored and I don’t know what to do.” But I don’t mind – I saw the moon Sailing away A purple Balloon Our painting: Paint the entire paper with blue/indigo. “It’s the clouds that fly. (paint some of the paper a deep blue or indigo around the sun) As she got closer and closer she could hear the sun speaking but she could not find the face of the sun so she flew around and around the sun (paint blue around the sun) but it was so hot that she had to back away and there she paused in the sky flittering about near the sun (paint some more blue in the background .

(paint red in a circle but with swirls in it). Then suddenly the sky was such a deep blue and the sun had become the moon and from a distance away she could hear yellow sun drifting off to see other lands. so he reached down and all around and gave her a great big HUG (paint all over blue and the flower will turn purple and the stem will turn green).and continue to paint until the entire background is blue but does not touch the yellow sun). held her and kissed her (make a yellow stem for the flower with a couple leaves). And that is how baby red became a beautiful violet that I give my . And love comes down. she flittered in the west. she flittered in the south and flittered in the north. Then father sky saw her playing and he loved her very much too. Love is on the inside Trying to get out. Valentine’s Day & Love Verse & Story Verse: Circle of Love: Unknown Author Love is a circle Round and round Love goes up. And down below she could see her fairy friends drifting off to sleep to visit the land of dreams. So all was well in fairy land after that. She made spirals around and around like a lovely little rose. She flittered in the east. Love is whirling and twirling about! Our painting: We take the color red and follow the rhythm of the poem as we color swirls and up and down and around…red red red! Love is a Flower by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Little red floated in the sky. Mother earth looked up and saw little red playing in the sky and she loved her very much so she reached up with her deep golden arms.

But while Sofi was inside the forest grew curious with this object. When it says “toss them in a blue blue sky” you should slowly and gently paint over the entire paper with blue until the GREEN clover is revealed! Where do the Leprechauns Hide? By Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Sofi (or other name of child) received a bright red umbrella for her birthday. It was nearing Saint Patrick’s Day and the leprechauns were busy in the forest merrily dancing and picking as many four-leaf clovers as they could find. They danced in the air with their green coats and reached down their arms and plucked each . When it says “tie them with a golden ribbon” then make a “ribbon” (the stem) hanging from the bottom of the circles.mother (or sister or brother or dad or love or whatever) on Valentine’s Day! Saint Patrick’s Day Verse and Story Four Leaf Clover by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Faith is a circle like a solid ring Hope is a rounded gem Luck the circle of a coin Love’s a circle with no end Tie them with a golden ribbon Toss them in a blue blue sky And the hidden four-leaf clover Will reveal its magical side Our painting: Use yellow and draw each circle in the middle of the paper forming a four-leaf clover (only don’t tell the child…just direct them where to paint the circles). It was not raining so she left it on the ground and went inside to play (paint a bright red umbrella upside-down on the ground – this will later be a mushroom so be sure to paint the umbrella handle thick and without the curve). But she was very sad.

Little did she know that the leprechauns were hiding under it to keep safe from the rain! So now you know where they hide and where to find your four-leaf clovers on Saint Patrick’s Day! Spring Equinox Verse and Story Verse: Five Little Marigolds by Kate Greenway (Part 1) and Kristie Burns (Part 2) Part One: Five little Marigolds standing in a row Now isn’t that the best way for marigolds to grow? Each with a green stalk and all the five have got A bright yellow flower and a nice blue pot! Yellow flowers swirl and then yellow dips down to meet The bright blue pots. They knew that everyone would be looking for four-leaf clovers on Saint Patrick’s Day and they certainly didn’t want to give up their pot of gold! (as you are reading this color green in the “sky” above the upside-down umbrella…this will be grass when you turn the picture the other way for the surprise at the end so make it look accordingly but don’t tell the child). sitting at its feet Yellow reaches out an arm to shake hands with pots Blue reaches out an arm to shake hands with flowers . He was JUST about to come down and retrieve the gold coins when suddenly the sky burst and blue rain came pouring down (paint the rest of the picture blue…then turn it upside-down and you will see a red mushroom with orange dots sitting in the grass with a blue sky)…When the rain started Sofi ran out to the garden to get her umbrella but all she saw was a large red toadstool with orange spots.these will become the decorations on the mushroom).four-leaf clover they could find. But one little leprechaun was careless and as he was twirling and bending in the sky to get the clovers 5 shiny gold pieces fell out of his pocket!!! They landed on the bright red umbrella (draw circles on the “umbrella” neatly spaced….

far away from here. By the flowing blue river the alder catkins swing. adapted by Kristie Burns The wind blows blue. And the frogs pipe in chorus. crying.And suddenly appears a streak of a green stem Our painting: I changed this verse a tiny bit so the colors would be easier to work with. "Spring! it is spring!" Bear the winter off with you. And the sweet song-sparrow cries. We started with the marigolds….swirls of yellow in the air in the upper third of the paper and BIG and overlapping each other…hardly any white visible. "Spring! it is spring!" . The blue. "It is spring! it is spring!" Green grass comes & yellow flower laughs where lately lay the snow. O wild geese dear! Carry all the cold away. the birds sing loud. Over earth's rejoicing fields the children dance and sing. blue sky is flecked with fleecy dappled cloud. While we share the robin's rapture. O'er the breezy hill-top hoarsely calls the crow. Chase the snow into the north. Additional Verses to Inspire You Daffodil – Traditional Rhyme Daffy-down-dilly has come up to town In a yellow petticoat and a green gown The Spring Season of the Sanguine (Air) Verse and Story Verse: The Wild Geese by Celia Thaxter 1878. THEN we did the pots in a nice blue at the bottom. Then we brought back yellow to take blue from the pot and make a green stem. O strong of heart and wing.

Do not make the body of the butterfly yet. Sanguine yellow tried her hardest to listen to all of them. As it is “flecked” more blue is applied and “flecked” onto the paper near to the bottom. She didn’t like to sit for very long. she tossed a yellow ball. (Now start in the middle of the paper and as you read the story have the brush paint yellow like butterfly wings on one side of the paper. For that was in her nature. Then she tried to reach the sky and then she tried to do a handstand on the ground and she spread out her arms and twirled around! The Phlegmatic blue tried to follow her but he could not even touch her and got much too tired of all that activity and lay down to gaze at the clouds in the sky (paint blue all around without touching the yellow). she bent down low and jumped up high again. You do not need to tell the child what this is…. but she could not. As yellow flower laughs it brushes into the blue. Butterfly! By Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 There once was a sanguine child of yellow who loved to play and dance and do so many things.Our painting: Blue swirls in the air – in the sky.part of the fun is in the surprise…so just have them concentrate on making the swishing yellow (wings). So one day. she was in the garden and she jumped up high. but can you keep it in one direction please? (Paint a red line down the middle of the wings to make the body of the butterfly) Then melancholic green came and said “calm down my dear you are much too disorganized” and she petted the yellow (make patterns on the wings with the green) and tried to calm her down. creating some brushes of green grass at the bottom of the picture. Then choleric red came and said to her move! Move again. For she was just a butterfly – and that was her nature! Wind Verse and Story Verse: Blow Wind Blow: Traditional Rhyme adapted by Kristie Burns Blue wind blow! And red mill go! . and then on the other.

when the man felt the warmth of the sun he took of his scarf. The wind said “I am faster and stronger than you yellow sun and I can take away his scarf that he wraps so tightly around his neck” So the wind blew and blew (paint more blue in the same area you did before) but the scarf stayed there.That the miller may grind his yellow corn That the baker may take it And into cakes make it And send us some hot in the morn Our painting: Blue swirls around the paper like the wind until it covers the entire paper…then the red mill (as a circle) is drawn in the middle. One day the sun and the wind were playing in the sky and they saw a man. blow on the hilltop Little wind blow down the plain Little wind blow up the sunshine Little wind blow down the rain Story: The Wind & Sun: Traditional Fable Adapted by Kristie Burns There once was a blowing blue wind that loved to swirl and whirl around (make some waves of blue from the left to the right of the paper). And there once was a shining yellow sun that loved to streak the sky with yellow. “Let me try” so she shone and shone and streaked the sky with her yellow warmth (color more yellow over the same area you did before so that finally this takes shape into a scarf flying in the wind). As the corn is ground on the mill you can make yellow “sprinkles” around the edges of the circle as a decoration to your now emerging purple and green trimmed cake. but that rascally wind . And sure. (Paint yellow waves across the paper in the same way and keep them with the blue waves so together they will look like a scarf flying in the wind and will be a mixture of blue and green and yellow). Additional Verses to Inspire You Little Wind: by Kate Greenway: Adapted by Kristie Burns Little wind. Then the yellow sun said. enough.

As this has to be done by dragging the brushes and mixing ON the paper you get a very nice abstract landscape. When we say shower and sunshine I put some blue AND some yellow on the paper. Rain Washing by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Red decided to play one day out in the field of poppies. flowers. and grasses. She dotted the field with red and then looked at her work. Don’t paint them to the edge . How do you keep clean? Summertime showers Summertime rain Wash dusty flowers All clean again Our painting: (You can make this easier if you want by taking out some of the elements).blew so hard and took the lovely green and yellow and blue scarf and played with it in the sky! Rain Verse Sunshine and Showers by Maude Morin (1871-1958) Shower and sunshine Sunshine and shower Green are the treetops And blooming the flower Daisies and Grasses Daisies so yellow Grasses so green Tell me. I pray. As we recite the verse I have the child take from the color (or colors) they need to form the shapes of the trees. She was very proud! (Paint yellow dots along the entire bottom of the paper but leave a little space between the bottom and the first red dots.

Easter symbolizes that rebirthing time of the earth. Adapted by Kristie Burns Sleep is like a small death and rebirth of the person just like winter is the death and rebirth of the earth. I have modified and shortened the verse so it is more suitable for painting. But he was just little and his dots were more like streaks (make them like grass) – but still he was happy and quite proud of what he had done.of the bottom of the paper) Dot dot dot! She hopped around making dots everywhere! But then her little brother. the original verse is still hers. She said “But my dots are more beautiful. They are better formed and not all smeary like yours!” So they started arguing back and forth and back and forth and finally blue grandpa rain heard them and he said to himself – ah! I know what to do with two squabbling siblings! A dose of cool rain always helps! So grandfather rain gently poured down sister red and brother yellow and as he poured and poured and streaked from the sky sister red and brother yellow could see that their dots had become a beautiful field of poppies in the grass and that they didn’t have to argue at all! Because what they had done looked better together than apart and they had created a beautiful work of art! Easter/Spring Awakening Verse & Story Verse: The Yellow Sun by Kate Greenway. However. This lovely verse by Kate Greenway (1846-1901) tells about a child being awoken by the sun in the morning. yellow came and he wanted to show big sister that he could do like her! So he painted yellow dots under the red dots sister had made. So he said to his sister red “See what I have done? My yellow dots are so beautiful!” But big sister was not impressed. Wake up the yellow sun is shining And hark the noisy sparrows .

So you are painting the circles of red as flowers but they are also the rosy cheeks of the child being touched by the sunbeam and everything is merging together into one picture! One color picture: If you want to do this picture with one color you can take out all the words “red” or “rosy” (I added those anyway ☺) and do the entire verse using yellow paint.Are wide awake again Each little red bud and red blossom Has lifted up its head To great the pleasant yellow sunshine While you are still in bed! The yellow sun himself has risen To call them long ago And he has tried to wake you This last half hour you know The merry yellow sunbeams Have traveled oh so far! Have crept between the shutters Despite the bolt and bar Then wake and like red-orange flowers Lift up each rosy cheek It is too bright a morning to Waste it all in bed! Our picture: Our picture started with the yellow sun shining at the top of the page. Yellow Forgot by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 . As the verse progresses we paint some flower-like red forms at the bottom of the page. On the last verse you can continue to work on the flowers and point out to the child that the rosy flowers are like the rosy cheeks they have in the morning. This creates an illusion that they are “waking up” more. When the sunbeams come as yellow brush strokes down to the flowers they touch the tops of the red and become orange.

with swirls and whirls in the shape of an arch with the top colored to the edges of the paper…. yellow crocuses. for spring. yellow goldfinches and yellow buttercups! She started to make a list in her head…oh oh oh! I must paint all the yellow flowers…I almost forgot the marigolds…and yes. Yellow daffodils. .Yellow was so excited for Easter.then we paint the earth green as a mound reaching up to the blue. For then she would get to paint the world with yellow. When the colors meet you will have a green-blue. the tulips…and…as she was thinking and making her list she got her paint pot ready. Bright yellow and filled with yellow paint (make a half circle of paint at the bottom of the page – have the paper situated vertically and have the half circle cover about 1/3 of the paper but not to the edges – this will be a little chick’s body so plan accordingly) Then she thought some more…oh yes! The yellow caterpillars and the yellow butterflies! And …oh…what am I forgetting? Oh yes! My paintbrushes! So yellow got out her paintbrushes (at this point put yellow legs on the little chick)…and what else? Oh yes! I must paint the yellow bees and the yellow bugs and the yellow honey and…most important of course the YELLOW SUN! (now make the head and top of the baby chick as a round circle on top of the half circle)…but what else am I forgetting? Oh yes! The baby chick! (at this point you can paint a yellow beak on and then get out some red or orange and continue on to put some orange on the beak and legs or just leave it all yellow) The Earth Verse Verse: Green-Blue: Traditional Rhyme I’m glad the sky is painted blue And earth is painted green With such a lot of nice fresh air Sandwiched in between Our painting: We “paint” the sky blue.

“Oh never mind my dears. The wiped the cloud tears all away. They made a pretty row. And then from out the sky Upon a line the sunbeams made They hung their gowns to dry. green. then the yellow sprite Somehow the orange one snuck in there and then came into site! The indigo fairy came to hang her gown And by magic green fairy’s gown appeared! Then red fairy came again To remind violet to hang her dress. To dry your falling tears.” One fairy came in violet And one wore indigo In blue.Rainbows Verse The Rainbow Fairies: Unknown Poet. orange and red. yellow. Adapted by Kristie Burns Two little clouds. I’ll send my little fairy folk. Our painting: the last verse of this poem that I added on to it (the first part of the poem is by an unknown poet) tells you HOW to paint the rainbow of the story. one spring day Went flying through the sky They went so fast they bumped their heads And both began to cry Old father sun looked out and said. Make sure your paper is very wet and that you make broad strokes with the brush so the red and yellow form and orange in the . First the red fairy hung her gown.

“Why don’t we get her some lovely red balls to play with and throw and bounce?” (Color some red “balls” on the paper). Well red glared at blue and blue glared at red and they both thought their idea was the best in the world! Then mama walked in and said to them “Thank you oh thank you! How did you know that my favorite thing to have on pancakes was blueberries?” And she sat down to eat her lovely blueberries in a nice blue bowl (now enclose all the .middle and so on…! What a wonderful “surprise” when orange fairy appears and how fun when red fairy “reminds” violet to hang her dress! Mother’s Day Verse & Story Verse: The Hidden Heart by Kristie Burns White is the color of mother’s apron Like a triangle upside-down White is the color of two large pearls That she wears with her brand new gown But red is the color of my love for her That grows and grows and grows Until it spreads across this paper And my feeling for her shows Our painting: We start with white and make an upside-down triangle in the middle of the page and then two large pearls on the top of it beside each other (hint: don’t tell but you are making a heart). “Mamas don’t play with toys like we do! She does not want toy balls! How about we buy her some lovely blue balloons?” (Now paint all the red balls with blue so they turn purple). But baby blue said. Now when the poem talks about red that is love and grows…you take the red and brush it carefully across the entire paper – all over – until a PINK heart emerges! Berries for Mama by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 It was Mother’s Day and baby red and baby blue were thinking about what they could get mother as a gift. Baby red said.

To do it as an individual start with yellow on the first verse and have the yellow dance around but be sure to keep “her” in one third of the paper. Mayfair Verse & Story Verse By Kristie Burns adapted from a Kate Greenway poem Let me introduce you to The primary family For morning. Then have blue dance around and combine with the red a bit. Remember to dance with the brush and create swirls.blueberries in a round circle…you can paint over everything and just make a big blue ball…very light blue). Or you can do it as an individual. On the second verse have red dance around in the middle of the paper and combine with the yellow a bit. Then take the brushes again and have yellow dance a bit on blue’s head and on red’s head to make some green. . afternoon and night They danced away so happily! Yellow and Blue and Red Danced and Danced until time for bed When swirls of green and purple and orange Would appear upon their heads They twirled round about They turned their toes out The people wondered what the noise Could be all about! They danced from early morning Till very late at night Both in-doors and out-doors With very great delight! Our Painting: You can do this as a three-person painting if you each use one color and a very large watercolor paper.

“They are laughing because they are happy”. However. Maypole by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 The yellow sun was high in the sky (draw a small yellow sun in the middle of the paper almost touching the top and about the size of a halfdollar coin) but she could hear that something was going on down on mother earth! She strained to hear but she could not so she sent her daughter – red sunbeam to ask mother earth what was happening. So red daughter sunbeam went back up to tell her mom (paint a “ribbon” of red going up to the sun also in an arc) Well yellow sun was not happy with this answer so she sent down daughter yellow sunbeam to ask again. So red sunbeam went down to mother earth and asked her. (Paint a “ribbon” of yellow on top of the second ribbon of red). arching out and . Well yellow sunbeam followed the same path down to mother earth that red sunbeam had followed up and she said to mother earth “Why is everyone laughing today?” and mother earth said. She said “But I want to know WHY”. “Because they are filled with joy”. But when yellow sunbeam told her mother her mother was still not happy.One Color: This poem is not suited for one color. Then green sunbeam went to tell mother sun (make a painted ribbon of green on the left side of the pole. So she sent down green sunbeam who took the same path down as red sunbeam had taken up (this will make the pole brown) and when he reached mother earth he said “why are people dancing?” and mother earth said. Mother earth said – oh you tell your mother that she needs to pay attention to her job and leave me to my job. you could do it with just two and modify the poem a bit. So yellow sunbeam went back up to tell her mama. (Paint a “ribbon” coming out from the sun and waving gently down in an arc until it reaches the earth you will be creating a Maypole). (Paint a thick “ribbon going up JUST under the sun this time – not in an arc…this will be the pole of the Maypole).

” asked mother sun. She ran to tell mother sun (paint the last ribbon going up to the top of the Maypole). But when green sunbeam told mama sun all this she was so frustrated. She said that it is Mayfair time and they will all dance on the Maypole we made! And then mother sun was happy as she looked down at the pretty Maypole and imagined all the happy children dancing around it! Summer Solstice/Sun Verse & Story This lovely verse is another one I adapted from a Kate Greenway poem They saw it rise in the morning They saw it set at night And they longed to go and see it If only that they might! . WHY are they filled with joy and their hearts filled with song?” Mother earth whispered something to violet sunbeam and she was very excited. But yellow mother sun was not happy! She said. So blue sunbeam went to tell yellow mother sun (another ribbon going up).stopping at the “sun”). “So what did she say. “but I want to know WHY people’s hearts are happy!” so she sent down violet sunbeam (make a ribbon going down the same path the blue went up) and violet sunbeam said to mother earth “mama wants to know why are the people happy. “Because their hearts burst with song”. But I want to know WHY they are happy! So yellow mama sun sent down blue sunbeam and he went down to mother earth by a different path (a ribbon arched out to the left again) and asked mother earth “Why are the people singing?” and mother earth said.

She reached out her arms and spread them wide and made a circle as she spun around. As each child knocks on the door of the sun it could be “blue child knocked” and then you put a stroke of blue and “red child knocked” and so on… The Solstice Party by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Yellow danced with joy. The circle filled with yellow and yellow sat in the yellow circle feeling so happy! A curious red fairy had been watching her and wanted to know why she was so happy so she flew up from the ground and danced around the yellow circle and said “Oh yellow.The little soft white clouds heard them And stepped out from the blue And laid each child softly Upon their bosom of dew And they carried them higher and higher And they nothing knew anymore Until they were standing waiting At a golden round door And they knocked and called and entreated Whoever should be within But all to no purpose for no one Would hearken to let them in Our picture: we started by painting the paper with just the water and the brush representing the white (white showing through on the paper) clouds that are not really white but are made of condensed water! When they arrive at the golden door we make a large yellow sun door and then as the children knock and call we paint swirls and “knocks” around the door but all still remains yellow. The big yellow door remains a big yellow door but it now seems to be glowing with different shades of yellow around it. More than one color: You could have the children wearing different colors of clothing and surround the sun with strokes of these different colors so in the end it appears to be glowing with so many colors. “I am happy because it is the longest sunny day of the year!” Well that made red fairy happy too so she danced around the yellow circle some more and pretty soon orange joined them! Then . yellow tell me why – you made a circle in the sky?” And yellow said.

The orange smoke towers. yellow tell me why – you brought me up here to the sky?” and yellow said. “I am happy because it is the longest sunny day of the year!” Well that made orange happy so she danced around the circle a bit two (using either yellow or red. whichever you need more. And of course orange jumped out to meet her! (Because orange appears out there too when you make the circle with yellow). Red Fires in the fall! . The red fire blazes. go over the orange again so it becomes more orange around the circle). From the red autumn bonfires See the orange smoke trail! Pleasant summer over And all the summer flowers. Not to be left behind red fairy danced around the circle again too! And OF COURSE orange came out to meet her too! So they continued that way all day until they had created a beautiful glowing sun in the summer sky! The Choleric Fire Element of Summer Verse & Story Verse: Autumn Fires by Robert Louis Stevenson Adapted by Kristie Burns In the yellowed gardens And all up the vale.orange said “Oh yellow. This made yellow so happy that she decided to go around the circle again too – but this time the circle was wider so she went around the red fairy’s circle. Sing a song of seasons! Something bright in all! Red Flowers in the summer.

But she also liked to do different things so she danced and danced with choleric red but she got bored quickly and went on to do other things. orange nutmeg Everything that’s nice Stir it with a yellow ladle Wish a lovely wish Drop it in the middle Of an indigo dish . So choleric red enjoyed being full of energy like the fire – all by herself! (End picture is of a large fire) August: The Month of Preparation Verse Verse: Mincemeat by Elizabeth Gould: Adapted by Kristie Burns Sing a song of mincemeat Crimson Currants. She danced and danced and sometimes even forgot to eat her breakfast (paint red “flames” coming up from the bottom of the paper high into the sky) but she loved to dance. Now you have brushes of yellow. purple raisins Red Apples. One day Sanguine yellow came to play and she loved to dance too.Our painting: We brush yellow “grass” at the bottom of the paper. orange and red. (Paint yellow flames in and around the red ones but not as many as the red). Bring some of the orange up to make swirls of smoke towers. Then the autumn bonfires come and brush on and over the yellow grass. Well choleric didn’t even notice yellow had left she was so busy dancing and dancing and dancing…but suddenly she stopped – “Where did YOU come from orange? I didn’t see you come into the room!” But orange was silent and didn’t want to dance. Summer Fire by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 There once was a choleric child of red who got up from bed every morning and danced.

Paint a roundish flame on the top when you say “burns at story time”. When the flames “fly away” put two broad brush strokes on either side of the body of the candle (these will be the angel wings).Stir again for good luck Pack it all away Tied in little jars and pots Until the holiday! Our painting: Kids are always begging to mix all the colors together and see what they do. This is the perfect verse to show them how all the colors make a murky BROWN! But it can be very pretty if you follow the verse and gently apply the color…! Angels Verse Verse: Angel by Kristie Burns One yellow candle Burns at story time Tucked into bed The flames fly away As the dark night falls An angel glows Our painting: Paint “one yellow candle” in the middle of the paper. When it says “as dark night falls” you need to carefully paint around the candle until the simple image of an angel comes through clearly. Michaelmas: Dragons Verse The Dragon’s Flame by Kristie Burns Soaring in an indigo sky A dragon wakes the morning Yellow is the flame of friendship Red is the flame of warning .

A low wind tossed the plumage all one way Rippled the gold feathers. As you recite the last of the poem you can paint over the green and purple streaks again until they are the way you want them to look. and some Pink-lipped like and apple bloom. A low wind that in moving sang one song All day and all night long. and some were green. and green and gay. Under this streak of yellow (which will turn green) you should make a streak of red (which will turn purple). Leaves Verse Leaves by Katherine Tynan (1891-1931) – an Irish Poet Myriads and myriads plumed their glittering wings As fine as any bird that soars and sings As bright as fireflies or the dragon-flies Or birds of paradise Myriads and myriads waved their sheeny fans Soft as the dove’s breast. or the pelican’s And some were gold. Additional Verses to Inspire You: Autumn by Florence Hoatson Yellow the bracken Golden the sheaves .Out of the yellow his green body emerges Purple streaks and the red is gone The dragon appears as flash – a green streak And the purple the light of dawn Our painting: We start with making the entire paper blue – “the indigo sky” When we read “yellow is the flame of friendship” you can streak a yellow brush stroke across the “sky”.

“What is the matter dear?” says the old brown tree. THEN paint over the bread shape with RED when it says “scarlet poppies” – and you will have a brown loaf of bread! You may have to do some mixing and testing before hand to make sure you get the right mix of each color. Shaking Leaves by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Yellow leaf was trembling and shaking.Rosy the apples Crimson the leaves Mist on the hillside Clouds gray and white Autumn. The fields where scarlet poppies run. “blue rain”. good morning! Summer. And fields where scarlet poppies run Our painting: We paint blue in the shape of a loaf of bread when it says. (Paint the tree trunk ahead of time in brown or just leave the picture without a trunk or have the child paint a trunk with a branch or two and have them then paint the leaves on this trunk). good night! The Melancholic Earth Element: Fall Verse & Story Verse: Blessings of Fall by Alice C. And all the ripples of the wheat Are in the bread that I do eat. Paint OVER this bread with yellow when the poem says “yellow sun”. Henderson (1881-1949) The blue rain. Yellow leaf said…I am not sure but I think HE is coming! And all the yellow . So when I sit with every meal And say a grace I always feel That I am eating rain and sun. the yellow sun.

” said the yellow leaf. Red is the big round harvest moon. blowing and blowing. Red are the berries on the rowan tall. I am just scared. the smallest elf Sat on a mushroom by himself. Red are the poppies in the corn. Playing a little tinkling tune Under the big round harvest moon: And this is the song that Tipperty made To sing to the little tune he played. Strong with blue. tell us!” Said the other red leaves and then they started trembling too! “I am not sure.” Story: The Hidden Pumpkin Adapted by Kristie Burns . “Red are the hips.” But they didn’t have to wait long! HE came.leaves trembled some more (draw a lot of yellow leaves) “Who is HE?” said the little red leaf? “Yes. red are the haws. First the yellow leaves fell one by one (now paint yellow again but OVER the blue and on the ground) …but when they fell to the ground they found that GREEN mother earth embraced them and they felt at peace! So they called to the red leaves ‘It is safe to come down now!” And so they did! Halloween Verse & Story Verse: Red in Autumn by Elizabeth Gould Tipperty-toes. Red and gold are the leaves that fall. And red are my new little dancing shoes. the wind came and the leaves fell to the ground (paint blue all over).

The brown trunks rise to the green leaves The apples hang with the greatest of ease Some of them fall and hit the ground . Well that sure helped! The minute they lit the lamps the river was flooded with yellow light! (Now paint over the river with yellow so it becomes green). Even their little boat and lamps were surrounded by a circle of yellow light (enclose the boat and lamps in a circle of LIGHT YELLOW. So they lit two lanterns. But all this light woke up the dragon that lived on the shore and he growled in protest and as he growled the yellow glow was filled with red fire (color over the circle in RED now) and a jack-olantern appeared! The fairies were all so scared now they just ran to their underground houses and ever since Fairies like to stay underground during Halloween and not come out until the next evening. This will be the pumpkin so plan accordingly). Second verse original by Kristie Burns On the green grass of the orchard is a green tree The finest red pippins you ever did see The apples are ripe and ready to fall And Rueben and Robin shall gather them all.The fairies had a boat that they always took out on Halloween. one on each end of the boat. high above the boat (these will be the eyes of the jack-olantern and the boat will be the mouth so plan accordingly. Make sure these are a very DEEP yellow!). It was dark. Harvest Verse & Story Verse: Up in the Orchard: Traditional Verse: adapted by Kristie Burns. They were a little frightened of what they might find in the woods on Hallows Eve so they decided the best thing to do would be to take their little yellow boat out on the river and stay safe there all night (here you make a blue river and then a yellow boat floating slightly on top of it as a fairy boat should). But once they got onto the river in their little boat they were scared again.

We started by painting four large berries on the paper (red). As the greens and reds mix in some places you will have a brown to make the truck. one LARGE berry will be his body and another medium berry will be on his tail. Don’t make a swirly “cotton candy shaped” tree top. one berry will be his eye. Just make some small brush stroked leaves. especially the birds… Verse: Four Scarlet Berries by Mary Vivian Four scarlet berries Left upon the tree “Thanks” cried the blackbird These will do for me He ate numbers one and two Then ate number three When he’d eaten number four There were none to see! Our painting: Keep in mind that the blackbird is really a very deep purple when he shines in the light. Saint Francis: October 4th Verse & Story Inspiration: Saint Francis loved the animals. Then we take the red and we make some red dots of apples. The sun shone on him (paint . He was sad because he was lonely. With little brush strokes. One small berry will turn into his beak. Then make some longer brush strokes for the ground to make the grass. When is says “he’d eaten number four” then you will draw the tail over the last berry and “There were none to see!” Saint Francis and the Birds by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 There once was a sad blue rock (paint a rock shape but this will be an old man in a brown cloak later so put it in the lower left hand bottom of the paper and paint it in the shape of a man completely covered with the cloak). When it says he ate number three then you draw his body over the next berry. “He ate numbers one and two” you will draw the beak of the bird in indigo OVER the small berry and his head over the second berry.Where they lie in the grass and slowly turn brown Our painting: we take the green and we make some lovely leaves in the sky. So arrange the berries in that way. When it says. branches of the trees and a few brown apples.

a festival of inner light in the outer darkness of the approaching winter. Celebrating Martinmas is a reminder that each of us has a divine spark that we must ferry out into the world and share with others. Blue. not to be outdone.” Martin became the patron saint of beggars. wrapped in the same piece of cloak Martin had given the beggar. Martin removed the heavy military cloak from his shoulders and. That night. drunks and outcasts. It was said that one wintry night he met a beggar half-freezing. and gave half to the beggar. red made a blanket for the cold beggars in the street (paint the entire paper red). (You can also use the Candlemas story from above for this holiday as it is very fitting but here is another story as well!) The Inner Light by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 When it came time to give gifts to the poor for Martinmas. She was just a child and very small. dedicating his life to assisting pariahs. and said: “Martin has covered me with this garment. Then one day a man came that caused the rock to beam with red love (paint red over the “rock” and it now becomes the man in the brown cloak). It was a big thick blanket and everyone was very impressed. Saint Martin was a soldier in Rome in the 4th century. Then little yellow came. Martinmas: First Day of Winter Story It is said that Saint Martin comes riding on a “white horse” (the snow) Each November many Waldorf schools have a Lantern Walk to celebrate Martinmas. This man threw out some lovely yellow bread crumbs into the air and like magic many many green birds appeared to eat them! After this the rock was never lonely for he always had the man and the birds to keep him company. The sky embraced him (paint the entire paper a light blue) but still he was sad and lonely.yellow over the blue) but still he was sad and lonely. drawing his sword. She . Christ appeared to Martin in a dream. decided he would make something even more useful. cut it in two. So he placed a big blue lantern on the red blanket and stood back to admire his work. Final picture will be some streaks of green birds flying in the sky and a man in a brown cloak feeding them against the blue sky.

Advent Verse The Earth Spiral by Kristie Burns Out of the deep blue darkness Walking towards the light Surrounded by evening’s blue shroud Mother Earth holds us tight Yellow candle spirals Held in glowing hands Around the golden spiral Fir branches emerge from the land Our painting: We start by painting the “deep blue darkness” then we take the yellow filled paint brush in our hands and spiral it around but not in a spiral shape – in a circle. Then she heard a big cheer from blue and red and all the other colors. For she had given the greatest gift of all. But then she heard a voice. make some larger and some smaller so in the end you will have a GREEN advent wreath. no lanterns. tears coming to her eyes and was sad. Christmas Verse & Story . What could she possibly give as a gift? She didn’t have anything to give at all. She would not be able to give anything to the poor this year. no blankets. But make each circle overlap the other. It was coming from inside the lantern. So she went inside the lantern (paint a yellow flame “inside” the lantern now) to see what it was saying. No cakes. She didn’t even have very nice shoes herself! So she sat and she gazed. She had given of HERSELF and now the lantern was lit and they could deliver the gifts to the poor.saw the big red blanket and the now purple lantern…and she felt ashamed. and no shoes.

It was really a fountain! From the ground spouted the deepest golden yellow you ever did see and it sparkled in the sun (paint the yellow “gold” coming out of the ground but not the ground…when you turn this upside-down at the end this will be a Christmas tree so keep in mind that you are actually painting and upside-down Christmas tree right now…but don’t tell the kids). So he blew himself blue over to where the fountain was and decided he needed help in getting the gold so he blew blue all the way back home.Verse: Christmas in Red by Eileen Mathias (1946) Red for Santa’s fur lined cloak And his scarlet hood Red for the holly berries Gleaming in the wood Red for the breast Of the bravest little bird R-E-D for the brightest Christmas word Red for the glow of the yule-log light And the little crimson slippers That Santa left last night Red for the paper lanterns Hanging from the wall Of the many Christmas colors Red’s the best of all Our painting: was all red. As we read the poem we paint “shapes” of all the red things in the poem but in the end they all blend together to make the RED! The Fountain of Gold by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 There once was a fountain of gold in a far away land. (Paint him blowing over and blowing back home so the whole paper is blue now) . Gold! Well blue king wind was envious of this gold and he wanted it for himself so he planned to go an get this golden fountain.

They flittered around a bit (At this point make yellow dots in the STILL upside-down tree for decorations) and then went to tell King Blue Wind that the fountain was not there. So King Blue Wind.Once he was home he asked the yellow fireflies if they would help him get the gold. Well. Last verse added by Kristie (note that humans should not eat raw juniper berries but some birds can) Juniper. Winter Solstice Verse & Story The Juniper Tree: Traditional Verse: Author Unknown: Modified by Kristie Burns. Juniper Blue in the Fall Give me some berries Prickles and all For the birds all shiver And the wind is a quiver And berries will warm them up A berry feast for their sup . Juniper Green in the snow Sweetly you smell And prickly you grow Juniper. left a gift under the tree and blew all the way home. you can’t say no to the big King wind so they all flew off to find the gold. ashamed. But all they found was a green fountain. Well this made the king so mad that he blew blue all the way back to the fountain but when he got there he saw something that made him stop in his tracks (before he gets to the tree again and NOW turn the paper over) – it was a Christmas tree – reminding him of a gift that is even greater than gold.

Santa Lucia Day Verse & Story Night Walks with a Heavy Step: Traditional Santa Lucia Song Night walks with a heavy step Round yard and hearth As the sun departs from the earth Shadows are brooding There in our dark house Walking with lit candles Santa Lucia Santa Lucia! Darkness shall take flight soon From earth’s valleys So she speaks a Wonderful word to us A new day will rise again From the rosy sky Santa Lucia! Santa Lucia! The Crown by Kristie Burns . But then one day the Winter Solstice came – the shortest day of the year and I went to the window to see my birds and all I saw was the deep indigo blue of the night. (Paint birds over birds over blueberries. And more bluebirds would come. etc…until the entire paper is blue). (Paint a blue bird and some blueberries) He would eat a blueberry and then fly to tell his friends.Everything Blue by Kristie Burns Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 The blue bird loved to play in our garden and eat the blue berries we left him on the ground. So we would put more blueberries in the garden.

So she put yellow circles on top of the lines that red had made. So she made the flat ring and then she called for red. She thought they might be angry but when they saw what she had done they said. She made some tall lines all around the circle (these will be the candles in the crown). Then she called for yellow. Red saw the ring that blue had made and she knew what to do. But then she felt a little twinge of jealousy – brother blue got to make a BIG BLUE ring and sister red had made all those big tall red lines and all she got to make were these little circles? So she decided to do a little more…. She knew what she must do.she painted her yellow over big brother’s BLUE and even a little bit over big sister’s red. Then she went to get brother and sister. She had never done this before but she knew what she must do by watching her sisters the year before. “We are so proud of you! You made a crown of fir branches and candles for Santa Lucia to wear tonight” .Copyright Kristie Burns 2008 Blue made a flat ring in the air. (Paint a blue ring – this will be the bottom of the Santa Lucia crown so plan accordingly). Yellow was nervous.

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