OPEN ON: BLACK. FADE IN: EXT. HOUSE - FRONT YARD: MORNING. A gray SUV sits in the driveway next to a beautiful, two story, isolated, yellow house. It¶s snowing silently, and softly. The front door to the house opens and out steps a beautiful blond girl. She¶s wearing a gray winter sweater, tight black jeans, and black boots. The girl is holding a backpack, she walks down the porch steps. Making her way through the little path to the gray SUV. Meet, EMMA CASSIDY, a sexy, sweet, 17 year old. She seems shy and friendly. Emma pulls her car keys out of her pocket and clicks it, the car beeps. Emma opens the door to the carINSIDE EMMA¶S CAR. Emma leans over the driver seat and throws the backpack to the passenger seat. Emma sets the keys on the dashboard and pulls herself out of the car. YARD. Emma looks around-waiting for someone it seems, she sighs and turns back to the car. Emma moves into the car-all we can see is her legs, she exits a few seconds later, holding a phone. She dials a number and puts the phone to her ear. The phone rings then suddenly, someone answers itEMMA Where are you? GIRL [V.O.] I¶m stuck. EMMA Stuck where? GIRL My retard little brother¶s hockey

game. EMMA Yikes. Are you still coming? GIRL Yeah, after the team go out to eat. EMMA So when should you be at the cabin? GIRL Let¶s see« It¶s 10 AM now, so« And the two hour drive« By 4 PM. Emma sighs. EMMA Okay, Casey. CASEY Is µIT¶ still coming-? EMMA No idea, but I think he gets the message. CASEY Oh yes. ³I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOUR FUCKING FACE AGAIN!´ Great message. Emma frowns. EMMA Wow, I dropped the F-bomb? CASEY I knew I had some me in you! Emma rolls her eyes. EMMA Whatever, see you tonight. CASEY Kay, love you! EMMA Love you. Emma pulls the phone away and presses µend¶. Emma¶s phone rings, playing µYELLOW¶ by COLDPLAY.

SHOT OF: EMMA¶S PHONE. µTRENT¶. ANSWER. IGNORE. A picture of a smiling teenager enters. EMMA CLICKS IGNORE. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S RESIDENCE - KITCHEN: MOMENTS LATER. A nice kitchen, isolated and tidy. A women sits on a stool next to the Island. Meet, MS. CASSIDY, a kind, funny, sweet and loving mom. She¶s wearing a gray sweater and gray tights with some brown uggs. EMMA [V.O.] Hey mom, I¶m goingMs. Cassidy looks up and sees EMMA entering the kitchen. She jumps up and rushes to her daughter giving her a BIG HUG. Emma who wasn¶t expecting that, stands stiff, before wrapping her arms around her mother giving her a hug back. They part. MS. CASSIDY I¶ll miss you. Don¶t smoke. You can drink-Just don¶t get a hangover. Emma chuckles. EMMA Alright, you crazy, fun, loving you. MS. CASSIDY Hell yes. Bottles up! And use a condom. If you and Trent have sex. Emma eyes widen, and softens, she clearly hasn¶t told her mother. It¶s now understandable that TRENT is Emma¶s boyfriend. EMMA Alright mom. MS. CASSIDY Let me walk you to the car. EMMA Oh mom, it¶s fine-

MS. CASSIDY Let me walk you, baby. EMMA Alright then. Emma gives a weak smile, her mother puts her arm over Emma¶s shoulder. And the two walk off. CUT TO: INT. GRAY SUV: MINUTES LATER. Emma is sitting in the SUV, looking the window-she¶s talking to her mother. We can see both of them. EMMA I¶ll miss you. MS. CASSIDY And I¶ll miss you. Ms. Cassidy leans in and gives Emma a kiss on the forehead. She takes a few steps back. CUT TO: SHOT OF DRIVEWAY, as MS. CASSIDY waves, as the gray SUV pulls out of the driveway. CUT TO: INT. WOODS - CABIN: TWO HOURS LATER. Emma¶s car pulls to a stop, snow is falling peacefully. Emma opens the car door, holding her backpack, her head hangs sideways as she talks into her phone, she kicks the car door shut and pulls out the key from her pocket and locks the car. Emma tucks the key back into her pocket. EMMA When will you be here? CASEY [V.O.] How long¶s the drive again? EMMA Two hours. CASEY Then two and a half hours. EMMA Why?

CASEY Low on fucking fuel. EMMA Ah. Emma walks towards a large, isolated cabin. Snow covers the porch and the roof. Emma walks up the porch and looks around-finding a flower pot. She gets closer to it, revealing it to be fake, she leans over and picks up a key. CASEY Well, we¶ll see you soon. EMMA What..? CASEY I mean I¶ll« Emma doesn¶t think twice. EMMA Okay. Emma hangs up and walks towards the door. CUT TO: INT. JEEP: SAME. It¶s the girl that we heard on the phone, meet, CASEY WRIGHT, sexy, bitchy, 17 years old. Casey sighs and looks at a guy who sits next to her. Casey throws her phone in the backseat, it lands in her purse. CASEY Well, I guess I won¶t have to watch Glee tonight. I¶ll be seeing all the drama I need. The guy rolls his eyes, REVEALING to be, TRENT, jock, tough, 18, Emma¶s ex. TRENT Very funny, Casey. CASEY [Joking] I¶m quite the comedian. TRENT

Drive faster, I want to see Emma. CASEY Calm your tits. Trent rolls his eyes. TRENT Do you think she still loves me? Casey pauses, thinking« TRENT [CONT¶D] Do you? Casey sighs. CASEY You did cheat on her. Trent seems to get a bit angry by this comment: TRENT No I didn¶t, that slut kissed me! Casey raises her eyebrow. CASEY And you kissed her back. TRENT Hey, she was the one who made the move on me. CASEY Always blame the stupid slut. Casey looks at Trent and looks back towards the road. Trent gives her a glare, full with hatred. TRENT Like you? CASEY Don¶t give me a better reason to kill you, and rip your balls off. TRENT You¶re all talk and no show. CASEY Better shut up before I kick you out.

Trent sighs and looks out the window« CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. Emma is lying on the couch, reading a book. She presses her finger to her lip, her eyes searches the page, going left and right, repeatedly. The cabin is still and silent« It¶s a lovely living room, isolated, a bit dusty, everything is placed neatly. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - BACK DOOR: SAME. Focus on the back door itµs a glass door, it¶s dark and eerie. A few seconds pass, then suddenly. A shadow walks past, stops and faces the glass door-unable to see the face of the shadowy person. But it¶s full of PURE evil. The door slowly starts to open the glass door, silently, easy, and quick. The shadow enters the house, silent, and shuts the door« CUT TO: EMMA¶S EYES. They turn to the left as she hears the soft thud of the door closing. She stands, and walks out of the living room. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - BACK DOOR: MOMENTS LATER. Emma walks down the small foyer, to the back door. It¶s quiet. Confused, Emma walks up to it and peers outside the glass door. EMMA Hmm. Emma looks outside, to see if anyone¶s there. EMMA¶S P.O.V: NO ONE, JUST snow falling softly onto the ground, trees slowly shake. NORMAL P.O.V. Emma turns the lock and walks away. CUT TO: EXT. GAS STATION: SAME.

Casey shoves the pump into the side of the car. She sighs and rubs her forehead. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - BEDROOM: SAME. A shadow figure stands, the same one figure from before. The shadow figure walks over to a telephone, picks it up-and dials a number. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. A loud ring escapes the telephone that sits on a small table. Emma enters the room and walks over to it and places the phone to her ear. EMMA Hello? SILENCE. LOUD BREATHING ESCAPES from the phone, a low deep chuckle. FOCUS ON: EMMA¶S FACE. EMMA [CONT¶D] Hello? A deep gasp, another raspy chuckle from the line. Emma, growing frighten, shouts into the phone again: EMMA [CONT¶D] HELLO?! Is anyone there?! The chuckling goes silent« MAN [V.O.] You¶re going to die. Emma pulls the phone away from her ear, stares at it, then slams it back down. Shaken to the core, she rubs her arm. Looks around creepedout. The phone rings again. Emma doesn¶t know if she should answer it or not. She does answer it. EMMA This isn¶t funny! CASEY [V.O.] Emma? Emma furrows her brow.

EMMA Oh, sorry, I thoughtEmma pauses, then shakes her head. EMMA [CONT¶D] Never mind, what¶s up? CASEY Just fucking wondering. But« Do you want anything from Burger King? Emma sighs and rolls her eyes. EMMA A salad, I guess. CASEY It¶s fucking Burger King, get a fuckingEmma smirks. EMMA Fine. A small burger with« cheese and«tomato, and onions. With pickles. CASEY Emma Cassidy, you¶re a strange girl. Emma rolls her eyes and hangs up. Emma shifts weight, then moves over to the TV, a large FLAT SCREEN. She turns it on and sits down, she picks up the remote and flips through the channels, until she settles on FRIENDS. Chatter escapes the TV, Emma laugh at a comment and leans backward into the couch. BEHIND EMMA, WE GET A SHOT OF THE FOYER. A shadow of a figure runs across the wall, the figure is walking around upstairs« The shadow disappears within seconds. A creak and a groan escapes from a floorboard, Emma doesn¶t hear due to the loud chatter of the TV. Emma sighs, and gives a yawn. She lies down on her side, watching the show« Before she knows it.. She drifts asleep. FADE OUT.

FADE IN: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - OUTSIDE: TWO HOURS LATER. A car pulls up next to Emma¶s. Two people exit the car, TRENT and CASEY. Casey has a small bag of Burger King and her purse, Trent is carrying two bags, most likely being a gentlemen. CASEY Move it ass wipe. Trent flashes the middle finger to Casey. Who has her back turned to him.

Casey rolls her eyes. CASEY I¶ll pretend I didn¶t see that. TRENT You were suppose to! Casey walks up the porch, and knocks on the door. CASEY Little bitch, little bitch. Let me in. A loud thud, as if someone got up. Then footsteps. EMMA [V.O.] Not by the hair on my chinny chin, chin. Casey smirks, Trent walks up the porch. CASEY They I¶ll cut you and rip you out. The door opens and Emma runs towards Casey, the two hug. They pull away. TRENT Hi« Emma notices Trent, then turns to Casey. EMMA What is he doing here? Casey eyes widen.

CASEY [Lying] Nature¶s calling. She runs into the house, Emma looks at Trent. EMMA Why are you here? TRENT Emma, give me a chance. EMMA I gave you one, and you ruined it. She pauses. EMMA [CONT¶D] Leave, Trent. TRENT Can¶t, stuck here. Emma furrows her brow. TRENT [CONT¶D] Just give me the weekend. Please. DAMN IT EMMA, please, I¶m begging here. Emma thinks for a moment, maybe? She sighs. EMMA Fuck you, get in the cabin. Trent smirks. EMMA [CONT¶D] Don¶t make me change my mind. Trent enters the house, Emma rubs her temple, as if saying, ³what the fuck did I do?´ Emma enters the house and closes the door. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. Trent drops the bags, and sighs. He sits on the couch, noticing the bag of Burger King, he opens it and pokes inside. Emma enters the room, and watches him. Trent pulls a burger, he turns

to Emma. TRENT Here¶s your burger. Emma walks towards the couch, and takes it. She gives a smile. EMMA Thanks. Casey enters the room. CASEY Got wine? Emma points to a cabinet. Casey walks towards it and opens it. Revealing a couple bottles of wine, she searches them, before pulling one out. She also takes three glasses and shuts the cabinet. CASEY [CONT¶D] Well, this day just got way more fun. Casey giggles and sets the wine on the coffee table, she sets the glasses on the table also. She pulls the cork out of the wine and pours it into the glasses. Emma watches, wondering if she should stop Casey, she doesn¶t. Casey hands Trent and Emma a glass, and takes the last one for herself. CASEY [CONT¶D] Fuck yeah. Casey takes a sip of the wine from the glass. Emma thinks for a second and watches Trent take a sip. Ah what the hell, Emma joins in, also taking a sip. Trent picks up the TV remote and changes the channel. THE NEWS. REPORTER Coming up next, isCASEY God, Trent, you¶re so, un-cool. She takes away the TV remote and changes the channel to FAMILY GUY. CASEY [CONT¶D]

Ah, there¶s something I WOULD like to watch. Trent rolls his eyes, and takes another sip of his wine. EMMA Ugh, I hate this show« Casey raises an eyebrow. CASEY Funniest show ever. Emma shakes her head. EMMA I don¶t think so« Emma pauses. EMMA I¶m just going to go upstairs« Emma exit¶s the living room, and Casey turns to Trent. CASEY Well? Trent finishes his cup of wine, and looks at Casey. TRENT What? Casey sighs. CASEY Go after her, you dip shit. Trent rolls his eyes, sets his drink down. Stands and exits the living room. Casey takes another sip of her wine, and sits down on the couch. She finishes her glass, and pulls off the cork and pours some more wine into her glass. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - UPSTAIRS - BEDROOM: SAME. A figure enters a dark bedroom, the lights flickers on. We see EMMA. She sighs, she walks over to the bed, where her backpack rests. She opens it and takes off her sweater, and then her shirt, she throws

the sweater and the shirt next to the backpack, she digs around in her backpack and pulls out a long sleeved shirt. The door to the bedroom, creeks open, Emma turns around to see Trent. EMMA Trent-TRENT Sorry to barge in. Emma shakes her head, and gives a smile. EMMA Is something wrong? TRENT I uh, wanted to talk. Trent walks towards Emma, she nods and turns to her backpack, shoving the sweater and the shirt into it, she places the backpack onto a chair. Puts on the shirt and turns back to Trent. EMMA What did you want to talk about? She sits on the bed, Trent sits across from her. TRENT Us. A sore topic, Emma hesitates. EMMA What about«Us? Trent sighs. TRENT I never wanted to hurt you. What happened was a mistake. I was foolish, retarded, an idiot. I let myself down« By letting you down. Emma takes in his words, not sure to trust him yet, she wants to, but wants to be smart about what choice she makes. EMMA I¶m not sure--if I could let myself« Trust you again, I mean« Trent rubs his hand across her face, and pushes her hair behind her

ear. CUE: STAY BY MILEY CRYUS. The song plays slowly. Trent leans in« Emma does also« STAY PLAYS LOUDER. The two kiss, it¶s romantic, passionate. Emma pushes Trent down, and the two kiss again« The kisses growing hotter and hotter each time, Trent grabs at Emma¶s back, moves his hands down. STAY fades out. CUE: FREE FALLIN¶ BY TOM PETTY. Emma pulls away and smiles, she slowly pulls off her shirt to reveal her bra. She giggles and unbuttons Trent¶s jeans, and tugs them off. Trent kicks off his shoes, Emma takes off his socks. The two smile, Emma pulls off Trent¶s shirt, revealing his chest. She runs her finger up and down his chest. Trent pulls off Emma¶s jeans, revealing her underwear. Emma leans in and gives his another kiss. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. Casey sighs, she looks sad for some reason, she¶s on the phone. MALE [V.O.] Sorry Casey, so can we be friends? Casey hangs up, she throws the phone onto the table, a tear rolls down her cheek she wipes it. She takes a sip of her wine, as if trying to drink away the pain. She rubs the back of her neck. A figure enters the living room from the open foyer behind Casey. Casey doesn¶t notice the figure, the figure watches her for a few seconds. He slowly walks away, Casey-who heard his footsteps turns her head to the foyer. CASEY Hello? Anyone there?

Silence, no more footsteps. A moan escapes upstairs, Casey looks up and rolls her eyes. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - UPSTAIRS - BEDROOM: SAME. Emma and Trent are under the covers. TRENT You sure? Emma nods, leans in, and kisses him. EMMA I¶m sure. Emma continues to kiss him. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - DARK ROOM: SAME. We can see the outline of a figure« The lights flickers on, revealing a kitchen, a nice small kitchen, Casey walks towards the fridge. FREE FALLIN¶ FADES OUT. Casey opens the fridge and looks inside. CASEY Ugh. Casey pulls out a frosted pizza. CASEY [CONT¶D] [Loud] Yo¶, bitches, want pizza for dinner? SILENCE. Casey rolls her eyes. CASEY [CONT¶D] [Loud] Pizza, it fucking is! Casey sighs and slams the pizza on the counter, and walks out of the kitchen, giving the pizza time to defrost. Moments later, a figure walks into the kitchen. The figure opens a drawer and looks inside, revealing a drawer of kitchen knives. The figure, pulls one out, admires it, using his free hand to tap the top of the knife to see how sharp it is.

The figure puts the kitchen knife back with the others and shuts the drawer. The figure walks over to the house phone, hanging on the kitchen wall« CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. Casey is sitting on the couch, when the house phone rings. Not giving a shit, she watches FAMILY GUY, while moving her hand over to the table, searching for the phone. She finds it and puts it to her ear and clicks answer. CASEY Hello? BREATHING IS HEARD. CASEY [CONT¶D] Okay pervert, what do you want? MAN [V.O.] To« Kill« You« Casey smirks. CASEY I don¶t have time for this shit. So, go give your mother a blow-job. More weird breathing sounds. MAN [V.O.] I« Will« Cut« You« Open« Casey furrows her brow. CASEY You don¶t have a penis do you? A static of weird breathing escapes the phone again. MAN [V.O.] Your going to die. A dial tone escapes, Casey pulls the phone away confused, maybe worried. She settles the phone onto the coffee table. She turns to the small foyer. CASEY TRENT?! EMMA?!

SILENCE. Creaks and groans from upstairs, Casey eyes widen. She waits« Footsteps slowly starts coming closer« Closer« Closer« A FIGURE ENTERS THE LIVING ROOM« TRENT. She sighs. TRENT What¶s wrong? CASEY Nothing. Pizza for dinner. Trent nods a simple okay. Emma appears behind Trent, she kisses his cheek and walks next to Casey and sits down on the couch. EMMA Hi. CASEY I see you guys did some« ³catching up.´ Emma gives Casey a frown as she chuckles. Trent blushes a bit. Feeling awkward. TRENT Uh.. Yeah.. Casey eyes the TV then turns to Emma. CASEY Want some wine? Trent sits across the couch, on a small armchair. Emma thinks, then nods. Casey pours the wine into a new glass and hands the glass to Emma, Emma drinks the wine in one gulp.

CASEY [CONT¶D] Slow down there, tiger. Emma blushes and sets the glass down. EMMA Sorry« Trent picks up the remote and changes the channel, a movie is on. BLACK CHRISTMAS, the original, it¶s starting. CASEY I fucking love this movie. TRENT Same! Emma feels left out. EMMA I hate horror movies. Too scary« CASEY That¶s the beauty of it, Emma. You¶re suppose to get scared. Emma shrugs. Suddenly, the house phone rings. Emma picks it up and answers. EMMA Hello? MS. CASSIDY [V.O.] Emma! Emma smiles. EMMA Hi mom. Trent and Casey looks at Emma, Emma stands and walks into the foyer. INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - FOYER: SAME. MS. CASSIDY How are you? EMMA Good, good. You?

MS. CASSIDY Fab, fab! Emma rolls her eyes. EMMA Anything you need, or want? MS. CASSIDY Just fucking bored, thought I call-you.. EMMA That¶s---lovely. You¶re not drunk right? MS. CASSIDY No. Not yet. Emma rolls her eyes again, as Ms. Cassidy chuckles. EMMA Alright, Mom, I¶ll see you after the weekend. MS. CASSIDY I love you. EMMA Love you too. Emma hangs up with a smile. She walks into the living room. INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. EMMA Where did I leave my burger? Casey turns to her, her attention focused on BLACK CHRISTMAS. CASEY On the table, next to the table« or something« Emma rolls her eyes, and looks around the room, she spots it and walks over to it. She unwraps it. EMMA Ugh, going to heat it up. I¶ll be right back. Emma exits the living room.

Trent smirks. TRENT She¶s so not coming back. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - KITCHEN: MOMENTS LATER. Emma watches the microwave as it roars to life, Emma sighs. Behind her, a figure slowly enters the kitchen, slowly, deadly. Emma hears the footsteps, turns her head and SCREAMS. The figure jumps at her-she struggles to push him away, revealing TRENT. EMMA You asshole! Emma swats at him. Trent laughs. TRENT I had to. I saw my chance. And took it. Simple, as that. EMMA [Blunt] Do it again, and I¶ll punch your dick. TRENT Awh. But Mr. Dicky is nice. Emma rolls her eyes, the microwave beeps. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - BASEMENT: SAME. The figure stands in the middle of the dark, isolated basement. The light quickly comes on, and the figure stands. The figure pulls down their hand. Pulls it back up grabs the light bulb cord, and swings it to the left. Giving the figure, a creepy, shadowy figure. A quick shot of a PALE, HUMAN FACE. BLACK. FADE IN: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: HALF AN HOUR LATER.

Casey is totally into the movie, but she might be drunk. She takes another sip of wine. Trent is sitting in the armchair, watching the movie, bored-shitless, maybe he¶s just tired. And Emma, is sitting quietly, playing with her fingers. Suddenly, BLACK. A LOUD SCREAM IS LET OUT. It¶s from Emma. CASEY FUCK! Calm down, it¶s just a power outage. TRENT I¶ll check it out. Do you have a flashlight? CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - FOYER: TEN MINUTES LATER. Trent¶s figure is putting on a coat, Emma¶s figure hands him a flashlight, he takes it. A light comes on, it¶s from Casey¶s flashlight, she grabs Emma¶s hand, and turns the flashlight to Trent. The light shines on his face, we see the flashlight in his mouth, it¶s also on. TRENT I¶ll be back. Love you Emma, seeya Casey. Emma gives him a kiss, Trent opens the door and walks out of the house. EXT. WOODS - CASSIDY¶S CABIN: SAME. Trent walks around and heads over to the side of the house. TRENT Damn, it¶s snowing hard« It¶s snowing harder then before. Trent sighs and looks around, its becoming dark. Trent reaches the side of the house. He finds the electricity box and walks over to it. He opens it to find the wires cut. Trent¶s face falls, the flashlight hangs out of his mouth. He sighs, looks up at the house. Suddenly realizes someone did this« But it¶s to late. The flashlight falls out of Trent¶s mouth by accident. TRENT

Shit! Trent bends over to pick it up. A plastic bag falls over his head. Trent gags, the plastic bag tightens, Trent lets out a gasp, struggling for breath. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. The light flashes around the room. CASEY It¶s creepy and dark in here« EMMA Ugh, I¶m scared. CASEY Chillax, the light will go on soon. Pause. CASEY [CONT¶D] I hope. CUT TO: EXT. WOODS - CASSIDY¶S CABIN: SAME. Focus on the snow. Trent¶s face comes into view, a plastic bag over his head. His face filled with horror. He¶s dead« CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. EMMA What¶s taking Trent so long? CASEY No idea. He should be back already« And the lights should be on« A floorboard creaks. EMMA [Quickly] WHAT WAS THAT? CASEY Damn it Emma, calm down«

The light flashes around the room from Casey¶s flashlight. On the ground the light finds footprints. CASEY [CONT¶D] Emma look. Emma sees the footprints. EMMA [Scared] Trent is that you? CASEY Trent, if this is you. Your not funny. Cut it out, asshole.

EMMA Can I be scared now? CASEY He¶s just fucking with us, Emma. EMMA How can you be so sure? Silence from Casey« CASEY I just know! EMMA What do we do? Casey sighs. CASEY I wish I knew. Let¶s leave. Emma sighs. EMMA Alright, meet me outside. I¶ll look for Trent for a minute. CASEY Here, take the flash light. Shuffling is heard. EMMA Hurry«

CASEY Get the car key also. EMMA Okay. Emma runs up the stairs. EXT. WOODS - CASSIDY¶S CABIN - PORCH: MOMENTS LATER. The door opens and Casey runs out onto the porch. She stops dead in her tracks« Her jaws drop, her face full of horror, she grabs at her hair. AND LETS OUT A SCREAM DEEP FROM HER SOUL. QUICK SHOT: TRENT¶S DEAD BODY SITTING ON TOP OF CASEY¶S CAR, PLASTIC BAG STILL WRAPPED AROUND HIS HEAD TIGHTLY. NORMAL. CASEY SCREAMS LOUDER, drops to her knees, letting out ANOTHER SCREAM. INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - BEDROOM: SAME. Emma searches the room, and finds the keys in her bag. She takes them, hearing CASEY¶S SCREAMS. She runs out of the room. INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - FOYER: SAME. Emma runs down the stairs, A FIGURE SHOVES EMMA TO THE SIDE, EMMA SCREAMS AND BOLTS INTO THE LIVING ROOM. INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - LIVING ROOM: SAME. Emma trips and falls, her body thuds against the floor. She starts to pull herself up. The figure rushes her, sending them both falling over the couch and onto the coffee table. Not even a second passes, the coffee table gives away, shattering against the wooden floor. The two of them slowly regain their strength, Emma doesn¶t waste a second, she slams the flashlight against the figure¶s forehead, a grunt and the figure goes down. Emma takes her chance and RUNS. INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - FOYER: SAME. Emma rushes into the foyer, and pulls the door to open, unaware of

that it¶s locked by the chain, when she realizes it. It¶s too LATE, the figure slams her against the door. EMMA SCREAMS IN PAIN. EMMA HELP ME!!! Emma is tossed to the floor, she crawls backward as the figure stalks towards her. EMMA [CONT¶D] STOP, LEAVE ME ALONE! The figure runs at her, EMMA KICKS HIM IN THE FACE. Sending him down. Emma stands turns and finds a door. Runs to it, opens it, and runs in and closes it. INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - BASEMENT: SAME. Emma appears in the basement, the flashlight beams left to right. THUDS FROM THE BASEMENT DOOR, Emma looks up at the basement stairs and watches the door shake and rattle, she has little time before the door breaks. Emma flashes her light around the room, hoping to find a window to escape. THE DOOR SHAKES AND RATTLES AGAIN. Emma finds a window, and runs for it. She pushes and kicks boxes and items out of her way, she falls down. EMMA SHIT. Emma pulls herself to her feet, and runs faster, a loud thud and a crash. She turns to see the figure of the door resting on the bottom steps of the stairs. FOOTSTEPS, LOUD, coming downstairs. Emma turns to the window and slams his fist into it, breaking it. Glass shatters everyone. Emma groans in pain. She pulls out her hand, glass is stuck in her hand, Emma pulls herself up and shoves her head through the window. The footsteps become louder. Emma struggles to pull herself out of the window, she manages to almost get halfway out, THE FOOTSTEPS STOP. CUT TO: EMMA.

Emma¶s face is filled with horror and fear. She pushes herself further out. She¶s almost fully out. EMMA IS PULLED BACK INTO THE BASEMENT. CUT TO: BASEMENT. EMMA NO PLEASE! Emma is THROWN to the floor of the basement, Emma CRIES in pain. The figure goes to choke EMMA. THE FIGURE SCREAMS AS EMMA DRIVES THE CAR KEY INTO THE FIGURE¶S EYE. SHE DIGS IT FURTHER INTO HIS EYE. HIS SCREAMING GROWS LOUDER. EMMA RIPS THE CAR KEY out of his eye, the figure clutches his eye and ROARS, SCREAMS, KICKS BOXES, STOMPS HIS FEET. Emma dives for the window again. CUT TO: EMMA. It has been minutes later, Emma runs along the side of the house, moving as fast as she can. She bumps into CASEY. CASEY Oh my god, Emma. Oh my god! EMMA We have to get out of HERECASEY TRENT¶S DEAD, EMMA. Emma stares at her in shock, shaking her head µno¶. CASEY [CONT¶D] I¶m so sorry« Emma shakes her head, tears coming down. EMMA We have to leave. Emma runs, Casey follows. Emma does her best to ignore Trent¶s dead body, Casey does the same. Emma shoves the bloody car key into the car and unlocks the door.

Casey looks back. CASEY EMMA! HURRY! THE FIGURE IS LIMPING TOWARDS THEM. Emma opens the door, and Casey shoves her into the car, she pushes herself in and shuts the door. Locking it. THE FIGURE REACHES THE CAR AND POUNDS HARD ON THE WINDOW. The girls watch in horror. CASEY [CONT¶D] COME ON! Emma shoves the key behind the wheel, the car roars to life. THE CAR SEQUELS BACKWARD, as Casey holds onto the wheel, the figure grabs onto the car. EMMA NOOO! THE CAR SPINS OUT CONTROL, SMASHING INTO CASEY¶S CAR, CASEY¶S CAR ROLLS OVER AND EMMA¶S CAR JUMPS UP, SLAMMING HARD ONTO THE GROUND, THE CAR SWAY LEFT AND RIGHT, THE FIGURE STILL HOLDING ON. WOODS. The car SHAKES, passing by trees, THE CAR SWAYS LEFT BUT MISSES A TREE JUST IN TIME. The car turns to the side TO HARD, and goes flipping over and over. It hit¶s a tree and stops, sideway. SLOWLY ZOOM IN ON THE CAR. ALL IS SILENT, SNOW SETTLES ONTO THE GROUND. The figure sits up, looking deadly, terrifying, and weak. INSIDE CAR. Emma and Casey and hurt, cuts and bruises, Emma groans. So does Casey, the girls are slowly coming to their senses. Emma eyes widen. EMMA OH MY GOD, CASEY COME ON! CASEY [Groans] What?

Casey slowly moves. EMMA He¶s going to kill us, we have to go! Casey struggles, and screams in pain. CASEY MY LEG--! Casey grabs at her left leg, blood oozes down her foot. Casey gasps in pain. Emma grabs Casey¶s arm. EMMA I¶ll help carry you-CASEY Go on, Emma« Tears well in Emma¶s eyes again. EMMA You¶re my best friend, I won¶t leave you. Casey grabs Emma¶s hand, it¶s a great bonding moment, so cute, so powerful« CASEY Thanks« WOODS. The door to the car kicks open. THE FIGURE IS GONE. Emma crawls out, turns back, Emma helps Casey out. Casey clings to Emma her leg THROBBING with pain. Emma pulls her up. EMMA It¶s okay, I got you.. I got you. The two girls slowly make their way across the snow. CASEY I¶m trying« I¶m trying« EMMA You can do it. Casey limps, Emma holds onto her. Casey falls to her knees, winces in pain. Emma helps her up.

Out of behind a tree, the figure appears WATCHING them. The figure slowly stalks forward. Emma pulls Casey along faster, oblivious to the figure coming after them. CASEY Where is he? Emma stops, hears footsteps in the snow, she turns her head and SCREAMS. THE FIGURE RUSHES FORWARD. Emma pulls Casey along, moving faster, Casey follows, clutching her shoulder, moving as fast as she can. The figure moves faster after them. Emma screams and drags Casey. The figure picks up a stick. EMMA COME ON. COME ON! THE FIGURE SLAMS THE STICK INTO Casey¶s head, she falls over, Emma screams and watches her friend lies knocked out on the ground. EMMA LOOKS UP AT THE FIGURE AND SCREAMS AGAIN. The figure slams the stick into Emma¶s face. BLACK. FADE IN: INT. BASEMENT. Emma and Casey are knocked out. The basement is destroyed, Cassidy¶s basement. Emma comes to her senses, the sun is shining through the window. They must¶ve been knocked out all night. Emma is about to scream, when the figure POUNCES ON HER. HE HOLDS HER DOWN. EMMA NO! NOO--The figure places his hand over Emma¶s hand. The figure pulls out a kitchen knife, raises it. Emma bites his hand, the figure screams in rage and pulls away.

The figure brings the knife down, Emma moves out of the way-it digs deep into Emma¶s shoulder. SHE SCREAMS. The figure slowly slides the knife out of Emma¶s shoulder, ANOTHER SCREAM escapes from her. EMMA [CONT¶D] Please« The figure raises the knife, EMMA PUNCHES HIM IN THE FACE. The figure groans and falls onto the floor. Emma stands and runs over to Casey, pulls her up. EMMA [CONT¶D] COME ON CASEY! Casey¶s eyes open. CASEY Fuck, I¶m wounded. Casey slides down onto the floor, Emma sits next to her, she realizes Casey¶s stomach has a stab wound. EMMA NO« CASEY It hurts, Emma. I don¶t take I¶ll make it« Tears wells up in Emma¶s eyes. EMMA Try, Casey. Please. CASEY It hurts! CASEY SCREAMS AND GROANS, as the knife is pushed into her stomach. The figure pulls it out, Casey coughs up blood slowly going pale. Emma TACKLES the figure, choking him. The figure drops his knife. The figure grabs at Emma¶s throat, choking her back. The two struggle« Emma tightens her grasp, so does the figure. The figure shoves Emma into the wall, Emma grunts-not losing her grasp on the figure¶s neck. Emma starts coughing as the figure slowly overpowers her.. EMMA

[Weakly] No« Please« The figure tightens his grasp more and more« Emma coughs harder, wheezing, choking. CUT TO: Casey slowly rises, weakly. CUT TO: The light slowly leaves Emma¶s eyes. Emma catches the sight of Casey rising« CUT TO: A hand picks up a piece of wood« CUT TO: Emma gasps, taking her hands off the figure¶s neck, and shoves her hands onto his arms. CASEY appears behind the figure, holding a piece of wood. CASEY GO FUCK YOURSELF! CASEY SLAMS THE PIECE OF WOOD DOWN ONTO THE FIGURE¶S HEAD. BAM, AND AGAIN, BAM, THE FIGURE LETS GO OF EMMA AND DROPS TO HIS KNEES. The figure struggles, and BAM-a third time, right in the back. The figure goes down. Emma coughs loudly, clutching her throat-taking deep breaths. Casey drops the piece of wood. CASEY [CONT¶D] How do you like me now, bastard! Emma looks at Casey, Casey limps over to Emma and hugs her. Emma hugs Casey back. Casey looks back at the body of the figure, blood oozes around the figure. EMMA Come on. Let¶s go« Emma and Casey limp off. Making their way towards the stairs. ZOOM IN ON THE FIGURE¶S HAND«

IT TWITCHES. CUT TO: INT. CASSIDY¶S CABIN - FOYER: MOMENTS LATER. SMOKE EVERYWHERE. Emma and Casey exit the basement, coughing, confused. CASEY What the hell is going on?! Emma pulls Casey along, and follows the smoke, noticing it¶s forming from the living room. SHE SCREAMS. QUICK SHOT: THE ENTIRE LIVING ROOM IS ON FIRE. The small book shelf falls over, a loud thud. The flames make their way to the TV. NORMAL. Emma looks at the stairs, they¶re on fire also, glass from a picture frame explodes as fire rages on it. The picture slowly crumples up. EMMA WE GOTTA GO, NOW! The fire slowly expand, wood burns and crackles escapes the fire¶s mouth. Emma helps Casey walk to the door. Emma unlocks the door, and looks back. The fire is closing in on them, as if on command. Emma pulls the door open-INT. WOODS - CASSIDY¶S CABIN - PORCH: SAME. The two girls fall down as they stumble out of the house. Casey winces in pain, Emma turns back to Casey and reaches for her hand. Casey grabs Emma¶s hand and Emma helps her up. The fire slowly spreads onto the porch, the girls look back. EMMA Shit, come on, come on. Emma makes her way to the porch steps, Casey limping after her,

holding onto her. The fire slowly makes it¶s way towards them. Emma takes a step down the porch, pulling Casey after her. Casey clutches onto her and drags her leg down the step, whimpers in pain as her other leg-the one she hurt, thuds onto the porch step. Emma takes another step down the porch, holding onto Casey¶s shoulder, she helps her down the step. CASEY It hurts. EMMA Just a little more. It¶s going to be fine. We just need to find someone. CASEY NO one is out here for MILES! EMMA There¶s a house-down the road. Not far from here, not far. Emma walks down the final step. Helping Casey down onto it. The fire slowly enters the porch¶s steps. Emma holds onto Casey and helps her walk down the snowy path. Emma turns her head and sees the FIGURE walking into the trees-the figure watching EMMA. EMMA [CONT¶D] Oh god. He¶s alive! Come on« Casey LETS OUT A SCREAM. QUICK SHOT: THE HOUSE. THE HOUSE EXPLODES, BITS OF WOOD GO FLYING EVERYWHERE, SMOKE SHOOTS INTO THE SKY. FIRE RAGESTHE GIRLS. THEY SCREAM AS THEY ARE HIT BY THE FORCE OF THE EXPLOSION. ON EMMA. She falls onto the ground in pain. Her back has burnt bruises on them. She pulls herself up, her face is bruised, she whimpers.

EMMA [CONT¶D] Case« Casey« Casey lies next to Emma, weak, in a bad shape, even worst than Emma. She whimpers in pain, sobbing. Crunch. Crunch. Emma looks forward- the figure stands a few feet away from them. EMMA [CONT¶D] No« Stay away, stay away from us! The figure ignores her, Emma realizes the figure is holding a fire poker. The figure stalks forward, limping. Emma has no idea what to do. She tries to help Casey up. Setting her head in Emma¶s lap. EMMA [CONT¶D] Let me help you up-hurry, he¶s coming! Emma struggles to pull Casey up, the two girls showing effort. They finally stand-the FIGURE swings the fire poker at their faces. They let out a short scream and ducks. Emma pulls Casey backward. CASEY Why won¶t this bastard give up?! Emma kicks the figure in the balls, a loud groan, he bends over grabbing pants in pain. Emma takes the chance and pull Casey along. The girls limp past the figure making their way towards the thick rows of end-less trees. The figure roars in anger, spins around and limps after them. CUT TO: WOODS. Emma and Casey and looking around. CASEY Where is the house? EMMA A ten minute walkCASEY HURRY.

Casey uses all of her effort to pull herself forward, Emma holds onto her doing the same. Emma looks back-seeing the figure is gone. But she knows better. Emma pulls Casey along, moving faster. CASEY [CONT¶D] --What--? EMMA Your right, we have to hurry. He¶s gone, I¶m not taking any chances. Casey looks back. Emma pulls Casey along, walking a bit faster. Winces in pain. The figure lunges at them-shoving the fire poker right at EMMA. CASEY JUMPS IN THE WAY, TAKING THE IMPACT. The fire poker digs deep into her stomach. EMMA [CONT¶D] [Tears welling up in eyes] No« CASEY [Weak, dying] It¶s alright, Emma. Go get help« EMMA Why? Emma starts crying. CASEY You¶re my best friend. You stood by my side. Now it¶s time for me to stand by yours. Casey gives a weak smile, Emma sobs. Casey falls down. The figure watches, tilting his head. Emma drops to her knees. EMMA I love you. You¶ll always be my best friend. CASEY And you¶ll always be mine, Emma. I love you«

Casey closes her eyes« Emma screams and sobs. EMMA CASEY. CASEY. OH MY GOD, CASEY! No, please, Casey. No please--Emma sobs, and looks up at the figure as he pulls the fire poker out of Casey¶s stomach. EMMA [CONT¶D] Look what you did. You bastard« Why? Why did you do this«? The figure raises the fire poker, Emma rolls out of the way as the figure drives it into the snow. Emma stands taking one last look at her best friend¶s body before taking off in a limp run. The figure turns around and follows her, clutching the fire poker. Emma continues to run. Emma falls, she groans. Looks back, seeing the figure inching nearer and nearer- not in a rush to get to her. Emma pushes herself up and continues to run, she whimpers, screams out for help, pushes tree branches away from her face. Emma sees the house in the distance. Her eyes widen, as she struggles to move faster. EMMA IS JOLTED BACKWARD. THE FIGURE CLUTCHES HER HAIR, EMMA SCREAMS. The figure raises the fire pokerEmma struggles, grunting. Emma pushes away the figure¶s hand, the figure pulls the fire poker close to her face, Emma struggles to push it away. EMMA [CONT¶D] NOOO. NOOO. Emma sequels. Pushes the figure¶s arm away-hoping she can escape. All Emma wishes is that she could be safe and sound at home. The figure pulls the fire poker closer to Emma¶s face« Emma whimpers, struggles, winces. EMMA ELBOWS the figure in the gut. The figure grunts and falls against a tree. EMMA TAKES IN A MAD-DASH, USING ALL HER STRENGTH TO RUN ACROSS THE

SNOWY WOODS TO REACH THE HOUSE. The figure, tired of playing around with Emma, runs after her. Emma looks back, and struggles to pick up speed. FAR AWAY SHOT: Emma runs towards the unknown person¶s cabin, the figure close on her trail. NORMAL SHOT: Emma looks back and screams, seeing the figure madly swinging the fire poker towards Emma. EMMA [CONT¶D] STOP! STOP! JUST STOP! The figure ignores her pleas, and swings the fire poker at her again. AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN. Emma struggles to keep running. The figure does the same. Emma slips and falls, the figure stops and towers over the scared girl. Raises the fire poker-EMMA GIVES A HUGE KICK TO THE FIGURE-SMASHING HIS CHEST. The figure smashes against the snow. Emma grabs his discarded fire poker, he dropped during the impact of the fall. EMMA [CONT¶D] my best friend. my boyfriend. up my life and ruined it. YOU SON OF A BITCH!

You killed You killed You fucked ENJOY HELL

EMMA SLAMS THE FIRE POKER INTO THE FIGURE¶S CHEST. Emma lets go of the fire poker. It sticks out of the figure¶s chest. THE FIGURE, IS DEAD. Emma turns away and walks off, weak. FADE OUT« FADE IN: INT. CABIN - LIVING ROOM: LATER.

Isolated, beautiful. Emma sits on the couch, a blanket over her. WOMEN [V.O.] Oh my god. Are you okay? Emma takes a sip of coffee from a small coffee cup. EMMA [V.O.] Help me. He killed my friendsHe tried to kill me« MAN [V.O.] Who? EMMA [V.O.] Please, help me. MAN [V.O.] Sara, call the cops. You, come in. Come on in. EMMA [V.O.] [Sobbing] Thank you. Emma looks around the roomZOOM OUT, SLOWLY. COPS, chatting. COP #1 [V.O.] The others just found her friends. COP #2 [V.O.] The man she spoke of. He isn¶t here. COP #3 [V.O.] Are you sure he died here? EMMA [V.O.] Yes, I got him--how, can he be gone? COP #3 [V.O.] What if he¶s not dead« The voice over¶s fade out. ZOOM IN.

A cop walks up to Emma. COP #1 It¶s going to be all right. Your safe, we promise he won¶t hurt you. He won¶t hurt you anymore. Emma rubs her elbow. An EMT walks up to Emma, pulling her sweater down to check on her patched up shoulder wound. EMMA He¶s still out there« COP #1 We¶re aware of that, he¶ll be founded. EMMA I hope so. Emma gives a weak smile« ZOOM OUT, OUT THE WINDOW. The weak smile doesn¶t leave Emma¶s face« CUE: FIX YOU BY COLDPLAY SLOWLY FADE OUT« TRAPPED. CREDITS ROLLS: DUST IN THE WIND BY KANSAS AND BAD KARMA BY IDA MARIA. END.

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