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which include the provision of a s pecial ramp to ensure ease in mobility and specially designed restrooms Turtle W alk : It is an initiative aimed at educating the fishing community and the gener al public living near the beach on the need to protect Oliver Ridley turtles and its turtle nests .SEIMENS INDIA Provide equal employment opportunity to differently abled in co-ordination with Ability Foundation. an NGO. a division of Siemens presently employs 45 per sonnel who are differently abled When a candidate is hired by SIPS. Ability Foun dation takes an audit of the work facilities. SIPS.

Enrichment of mind. directly or indirectly. Education. ENRICHMENT OF MIND : Workshops on Yoga and nutrition Employees are taught easy s teps that can be practiced at the work place as well to derive the benefits of Y oga. In sync with their guiding path of five E's . Enrichment of body. Empowerment of Women and contributions for other socia l activities they try to make continuous efforts to better the lives of everyone involved with us both.WELSPUN INDIA LTD. Empathy. Classes on nutrition are also held at all their plants .

Educational Institutions: It has set up " Welspun Vidya Mandir ". a school up to class 10. ENRICHMENT OF BODY : Medical camps for women The aim of this exercise is to ensu re that all their employees are physically fit which in turn leads to their ment al health.CONT. Recently they have set up ' Welspun Anganvadi' which is a pre-primary school for children. EDUCATION : Especially through vocational training to economically ba ckward children.. these schools are open not only to the ch ildren of the Welspun employees but also the children of the other local familie s .

Water Effluent Plant: the y have set up a Water Effluent Plant at Welspun City at Anjar in Gujarat . Jatro pha Plantation: The Jatropha plant is a drought resistant perennial and grows we ll in Sandy and well drained soil. Some of there contribut ions include: Visually Impaired Children: Welspun is closely associated with bli nd and visually impaired children. This plant recycles the water to be used for industrial and household purposes. EMPATHY Their contributions are aimed at improving the lives of Individuals and helping them in their society to become self supportive.They have undertaken a drive of Afforestation at Welspun City where by thousands of saplings of the Jatropha tree were planted extensively Blood Donation Camps .CONT. specifically girls..

They orga nize computer courses that are offered to working women who intend to apply for positions in both Government and non-government organizations. . where women of one hundred and forty eight Welspun families from a tiny village have p articipated and have trained for two to three hours daily. This project has prov ided vocational training and in turn has led to the women making a small amount of money that today makes a significant difference to their lives therefore empo wering them. Project “Lijjat” Prog rammes providing training in the art of papad making have been organized.CONT.. they are supplying the in stitutes with facilities and man power to offer free computer classes. EMPOWERMENT OF WOMEN : As part of vocational training.

These include: Education. KNP have chosen four specific areas and most of CSR activities centers around th e same.KANSAI NEROLAC PAINTS LTD. Health Community Development Enviornment Prese rvation .

There set of CSR activities Education includes : Scholarship to deserving studen ts. Vocation course facility for the handicapped & the mentally challenged. Infrastructure f acility for schools. Promoting education for females. Vocational classes in rural areas. Promoting education by distributing books/ equipping librar ies. Sponsor research in design/ innovation areas in educational Institutions .

.CONT. CSR activities of KNP in Health includes: Health Checkup camps Equipment to hosp itals Financial support to those needing treatment for critical illness Mobility camps Support Cornea collection Adopt themes like Renal failure & support activ ities in this area CSR in Community Development includes: Rural water supply fac ility Assistance during natural disasters Community centers .

servicemen Traffic Signage Restoration of historic areas Preser vation of Art at heritage institutions Sponsor activities for the underprivilege d children. Support activities at Old age homes Senior citizens outreach programs Welfare of families of ex.CONT.. CSR in Enviornmental Preservation includes: Tree plantation Water co nservation projects Area beautification .

approach is decidedon what they want to do and why. RADAR approachis followed for every activity.i mprovement . Each activityis assessed. the approachis assessed and reviewed for the results achieved with learning incorporated for. debated & then approved. approaches are deployed systematically.How they operate Every plant works out a detailed Annual CSR activity plan in th e beginning of thefinancial year and the activities are carried out thereafter a s per the plan. While working out the activities. the plantkeeps in mind the broad CSR objectives and follows the guidelines provided in order to maintain objectivity. Proper reviews are ca rried out on the activities and results obtained. Results are identified & targets set.

known as Pirojshanagar. . It h as been greatly appreciated by all their employees and visitors. Godrej's entir e campus. Godrej stron gly believes that this green environment enhances productivity and quality.GODREJ CONSUMER PRODUCTS LTD Overall CSR policy : Their Corporate Environment Policy has identified biodivers ity enhancement as a focal point. The preservation of open spaces and specially green open spaces such as mangroves has been a priority for them. is an industrial garden township.

They are guided on spe cially organised tours. for example the Envirotech Group – for pollution-reducti on and related matters. . Every year thousands of students visit the mangrove area. The Encon Group – for energy conservation Most of Godrej's businesses have the ISO 14000 certification. along with strong Environment Mana gement system For the Godrej family Nature has always formed an important part o f their upbringing and their garden township at Vikhroli bears witness to this.CONT… Mangrove conservation has been the key focus of the Environment Cell Godrej has formed specialist groups. which are interesting and educative.

A Strategi c program to address two of the most pressing problems of India: Hunger & Educat ion . Mumbai Akanks ha Mentoring Program Office Assistants' Employee Children Scholarship Program Ak shaya Patra Foundation The Akshaya Patra Foundation. Xavier's High School. a not-for-profit organizati on. has been providing free meals everyday to poverty stricken school children i n and around Bangalore city (India's Silicon City) in southern India.DSP MERRILL LYNCH LTD CSR activities: DSPML Akanksha Centre at St.

CONT… Health -Employee Awareness Program Camps: Blood Donation camps. Thalassaemia det ection: organized along with Citizen. an NGO dealing with Thalassaemia awareness and counseling Cancer detection: organized in conjunction with Cancer Patient A id Association ( CPAA). an NGO working with Cancer patients Hepatitis B Vaccinat ion drive Lectures: Health & Nutrition Better Eyecare .

durin g the Gujarat Earthquake relief Environment and Wildlife: Recycle & Reach Out (R &R) is a program initiated to enable employees to recycle / donate item(s) to de serving charities such as Asha Daan . in undertaking the Disability Reduction Project. CPAA (Cancer Patients Aid Association). UNICEF. DSPML also supported the highly acclaimed LIFELINE EXPRESS. the world's first hospital on a train.CONT… Impact India Foundation DSPML has been associated with IMPACT India Foundation.run by Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Cha rity. and the World Health Organisation in association with the Government of India. A registered Public Trust promoted by the United Nations Development Programme. .

Bombay Natural History Socie ty (BNHS): DSPML is assisting BNHS in some of the conservation efforts in Boriva li National Park.CONT… Old greeting cards are donated to Jai Vakeel school for the mentally challenged where school children use the cards in school projects Used Toner and printer ca rtridges are donated to the Dhanraj Pillay Academy. The sale proceeds of the ref illed cartridges augment the corpus of the academy. . The forest is also home to endangered flora & fauna including leopards as well as the atlas moth--the world's largest moth.

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