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Please answer the questions above regarding your companys approach towards the diversity management 1. How many people from different age group are in the company? Ours is the company offering IT solutions which requires high energy and athleticism. Many of the people working in our company are quite young with age less than 35 but yes, we do have seniors to guide us. 2. How do you coordinate with people from different age group and hierarchy? In order to coordinate with the people among different age groups, we take into account the aspirations of all the people and try to understand their desires and thus we create the environment where the age does not remains a barrier and the people can freely express their thoughts. 3. What measures you take to avoid the ego-clashes in organization and in case such situation occurs how do you handle it? As you rightly pointed out, there may be ego clashes some times because of the difference in age but usually it is very rare. Whenever such situation arises we actually try to find out the reason behind such situation and take the necessary correction steps accordingly to avoid it 4. As the number of women working in IT industry is comparatively less than men, what measures you take to make it proportionate? Gender imbalance is one of the most important concerns of our company. We always try to make the women proportionate with the number of men working in our company by encouraging women to work in our company by providing a very friendly environment to them. We make them feel comfortable in our company. We do provide maternity leaves to the women which can be extended by them up to 6 months. We also provide special child care units for the women in our organization who have a very small child. 5. Do you provide any privilege to the working lady in the organization (e.g. security for late night shifts) Yes, we do. As I told you about the different ways to promote gender balance we look security as one of the main concerns for comparatively lesser number of women in our organization and in IT sector as a whole. Our organization provides security guards with the cabs for the women who would accompany them till they reach their home safely

which makes them feel secured in our organization. In addition to it we take the training programs for women to make them feel confident and secured when some tough situation arises and they need to face it single handedly. 6. What kind of problem generally arises when two different genders are working on the same project? We always try to include both the genders, male as well female in the project though their proportion might not be same. The advantage of doing so is to develop project from ideas arising from different set of minds as the way the men and women think are different. Sometimes there may be possibility of one gender showing some sort of disrespect towards others ideas. We treat it very seriously and take strict action against the guilty. 7. As ours is a multicultural society, people from different cultures work in same place. How do you make them feel comfortable? We should be proud of our country which is the home for the people with diverse background. Our organization gives utmost respect towards all the religions and culture. The dynamic nature of IT industry gives person the opportunity to travel to different parts of the country. We try to create the atmosphere, where a person will try to adapt the culture which he is not aware of very quickly. For this we encourage the people from different places to work in the same team and share their cherished values with others. 8. What kind of events you organize so that people can assimilate quickly with different cultures? To promote the attachment towards the culture and promote the respect towards other culture we also organize cultural events in our company where each person could do a act or a dance or anything related to his culture once in a year 9. According to you what are the advantages of creating a multicultural environment in your organization? We believe in taking different groups of people working together on the common platform. If the people are from different regions they may have different orientation of thoughts. So in order to take advantage of it we would love our organization to be a multicultural society 10. What percentage of your workforce is from non-IT background? Since we work on the projects which involves interaction of the people from different background, number of employees from non IT background are comparable with those with IT background. But their number is relatively less.

11. When people from different domain expertise are working on the same project how do you ensure proper coordination among them? As you pointed out correctly, there are people from different backgrounds working on the same project and there may be instances when there is a miscommunication between them regarding some technical terms. In order to take into account this we make sure that all the employees use a common set of technical language and same technical terms about which they will be taught during training. 12. What kind of training and development program do you conduct to bring people from non-IT background at par with IT-background people? It is obvious for the people coming from non IT back ground to will have a very little knowledge in computers. To enlighten their understanding we mould them to IT professionals by providing them the training and development program which focuses on their IT skill enhancement, soft skills, communication skills and also helps in their overall personality development. 13. As your company is having global presence what kind of problem you face? As IT industry is of a global nature, we have clients from all over the world from different places and they may be speaking different languages. But since English is a global language the chances of facing this problem are very less. Even if we face such problem when we talk to our clients from European countries such as France, Germany, etc we use the service of translators who could translate it. 14. How do you ensure proper communication between people with different countries & languages working on the same project? In todays dynamic world it is the need of the hour that people from different countries work together. We ensure that all our employees even if they are from other countries are able to communicate well in English which ensures that no communication problem occurs between them. 15. How does geographical diversity helps yours company achieve its goals? Geographical diversity is one of the keys to achieve goals for us. People from different regions in the world might be aware of different cultures and different socio-economic background. It makes us well aware of ground realities of different countries and helps us operate well in countries other than India.