Employment: 3,000 at Airbus Industrie and some 40,000 including Airbus subsidiaries of EADS and BAE SYSTEMS
AIRBUS INDUSTRIE 1 Rond Point Maurice Bellonte 31707 Blagnac Cedex, France Tel: (33-561) 93 33 33 Fax: (33-561) 93 37 92

Officers: CEO Noël Forgeard COO Gustav Humbert CFO Andreas Sperl

Aerospace Organization/Products:

Consortium of EADS, (The Netherlands) (80%) and BAE SYSTEMS Airbus, (UK) (20%): Produces A300 and A310 (746 delivered), A319, A320 and A321 (1,292 delivered), A330 and A340 (343 delivered) commercial jet transports (all deliveries as of 8/31/00). The 107-seat A318 and further versions of the A330/A340 are in development, along with the 555-seat A380, expected to be the world’s largest airliner. Consortium facilities are located in Meaulte, Nantes, St-Nazaire and Toulouse (France); Bremen, Hamburg and Stade (Germany); Cadiz, Madrid, Seville and Toledo (Spain); Broughton and Filton (UK); with regional offices in Sydney (Australia), Brussels (Belgium), New Delhi (India), Tokyo (Japan), Moscow (Russia), Singapore and Dubai (UAE); spares centers in Beijing (China), Frankfurt/Main and Hamburg (Germany), Singapore and Washington DC (USA); and training centers in Beijing (China), Toulouse (France), and Miami, FL (USA). Subsidiaries: Airbus Industrie China Ltd. (China): Provides training and product support. Airbus Industrie of North America (AINA) (USA): Provides training and product support. Airbus Military Company (AMC): Design and development of the A400M military transport aircraft. Airbus Transport International (ATI): Transports Airbus aircraft sections among factories in Europe using the outsize A300-600ST Beluga cargo aircraft, also ad hoc charters. Associates: Alenia (Italy), Belairbus (Belgium), Stork Aerospace Group (The Netherlands).
Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio

Employment: 116,000 corporate (6,000 Alcatel Space) Officers:
ALCATEL 54 Rue La Boétie 75008 Paris, France Tel: (33) 1 4076-1010 Fax: (33) 1 4076-1400

Chairman & CEO, Alcatel Serge Tchuruk; President & CFO JeanPierre Halbron; COO Krish Prabhu; President & CEO, Alcatel Space Jean-Claude Husson; Vice President & COO, Alcatel Space Benoît Tellier; Technical Director, Alcatel Space Michel Courtois
Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 3,782 2,745 416 —

3,526 2,514 99 —

% Change
(7%) (8%) (76%) —

Aerospace Organization/Products:
Alcatel Space Industries (Nanterre, France): Designs, manufactures and operates complete turnkey space systems; also acquires orbital positions and financing. Develops technologies in telecommunications, navigation, observation, optical and radar systems, satellite meteorology, and environmental and scientific areas. Designs and manufactures Arabsat, Astra 1K, Eurasiasat 1, Europe*Star, Eutelsat W, Globalstar, Hispasat, Hot Bird 6 and SkyBridge telecommunications and multimedia satellites; WorldSpace and XM Radio digital broadcasting satellites; EGNOS and EURIDIS navigation satellites; ERS, Hélios 1, Hélios 2 and Spot Earth-observation instruments; IASI instrument for METOP satellites and MSG meteorology satellites; Corot scientific satellite and Huygens interplanetary probe. Designs and manufactures the Proteus platform, with payloads ranging from 1,100 to 1,320 lb. for LEO applications, and the Spacebus platform, with payloads ranging from 1,980-13,200 lb. with power sources ranging from 1.5-20 kw. for geostationary applications. Designs and develops Earth stations for air traffic control, mobile telephony, multimedia, radio broadcasting and rural communication. Alcatel Space Industries is a subsidiary of Alcatel (51%) and Thales (49%). Management, production, and support activities are carried out in Cannes, Nanterre, Valence, Toulouse, France and Kourou, French Guiana. Subsidiaries of Alcatel Industries: Alcatel Bell Space (Hoboken, Belgium): Manufactures products in satellite communication, navigation, remote sensing, and spacecraft control systems, including gateways, user earth terminals, and satellite ground control stations. Alcatel Espacio (Madrid, Spain): Designs, develops and manufactures spacecraft equipment and subsystems. Alcatel Etca (Charleroi, Belgium): Manufactures on-board satellite power conditioning systems and ground based equipment such as ground stations for power conditioning and test benches for launchers. Alcatel Space Denmark (Ballerup, Denmark): Designs and manufactures power conversion products for satellites and launch equipment. Alcatel Space Netherlands B.V. (Noordwijk,

*AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book.

Netherlands): Provides quality support and project documentation services. Alcatel Space Norway (Horten, Norway): Designs and manufactures products for use in advanced analog and digital processing for satellite systems. Alcatel Space Operations GmbH (Darmstadt and Gilching, Germany): Provides field operations services to EUMETSAT, the European Space Agency and the German Space Agency (DLR). Alcatel Space Switzerland (Gals, Switzerland): Builds on-board equipment for instrumentation and microgravity experiments; designs and manufactures electrical ground support equipment. Alcatel Spacecom (Nanterre, France): Investor and an operator supporting its customers in their market strategies. It provides value-added services, supports privatization of institutional firms, worldwide expansion of projects refocusing of space agencies on R&D programs, new entrepreneurs and promising new services. Euteltracs is an Alcatel Spacecom subsidiary. Indra Espacio S.A. (Madrid, Spain): Ground segment engineering and applications for satellite communications, spacecraft control, Earth observation and satellite navigation. Alcatel Spacecom Joint Ventures and Limited Partnerships: Cyberstar, partner: Loral Space & Communications (USA). Eurasiasat S.A.M., partner: Türk Telekom (Turkey). Europe*Star, partner: Loral Space & Communications (USA). SkyBridge, partner: Loral Space & Communications (USA), among others from Belgium, Canada, France, Japan and the USA. TE.SA.M. (Globalstar), partner: France Télécom (France).


Employment: 18,000 Officers:
ALCOA 201 Isabella Street Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5858, USA Tel: (412) 553-4545 Fax: (412) 553-4498

President & CEO Alain Belda Ex. VP & CFO Richard Kelson Group President L. Patrick Hasse President, Howmet International James Stanley President, Huck International Bruce M. Zorich President, Thiokol Propulsion Robert L. Crippin

Aerospace Organization/Products:
Alcoa Engineered Products (Lafayette, IN, USA): Manufactures aluminum extruded shapes, tube, rod and bar for aerospace applications. Alcoa Europe Extrusions and End Products (Geneva, Switzerland): Produces aluminum extrusions, window systems and end products for aerospace applications. Alcoa Mill Products (Davenport, IA, USA): Manufactures aluminum sheet and plate for the aerospace and defense industry. Alcoa Wheel and Forged Products (Cleveland, OH, USA): Produces forged structural parts for aerospace applications. Howmet Corp. (Darien, CT, USA): Supplier of investment-cast superalloy and titanium components for turbine engines used on jet aircraft and in utility power generators and of investment-cast aluminum components used in aerospace and commercial applications. Huck International (Tucson, AZ, USA): Designs and manufactures high-technology fastening systems for aerospace and industrial applications. Specialty fastening systems include proprietary fasteners, installation tools, automation equipment and power sources. Thiokol Propulsion (Brigham City, UT, USA): Produces reusable solid rocket motors (RSRMs) for the space shuttle; the CASTOR family of motors for expendable launch vehicles; flight initiation and destruct ordnance systems; composite resins for aerospace and industrial applications. Military programs include High Velocity Antiradiation Missile (HARM), Minuteman Propulsion Replacement, Trident 2 (D-5) and a variety of illuminating and infrared flares and advanced decoy countermeasures. Additional capabilities include tactical and strategic missile motor demilitarization, aging and surveillance technologies. Thiokol Propulsion-Elkton (Elkton, MD, USA): Produces the STAR family of upper stage and satellite insertion motors; numerous tactical motors including those for the Harpoon and Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA). Develops the Extended Range Guided Munition (ERGM) and upper stage and solid divert propulsion for theater missile defense initiatives. Manufactures gas generators and safe and arm devices for launch vehicle propulsion.

Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio

Employment: 380
ARIANESPACE Blvd. de l’Europe, BP 177, 91006 EVRY Cedex, France Tel: (33-1) 60 87 60 00 Fax: (33-1) 60 87 62 47

Officers: Chairman & CEO Jean-Marie Luton Secretary General Francoise Bouzitat

Aerospace Organization/Products:

Responsibilities: Marketing and sales of launch services; production of Ariane launch vehicles; operation of launch services from Europe’s Space Port in Kourou (French Guiana). Launch Vehicles: Ariane 4 series (includes Ariane 40, 42L, 42P, 44L, 44LP and 44P, providing a wide range of GTO performances, from 2,070- 4,900 kg. (4,550-10,780 lb.). Some 146 Ariane 1/2/3/& 4s have been ordered since the beginning of the program. Ariane 5 (16 ordered) is the new European launch vehicle providing greater satellite payload capacity with GTO performances of 5,900 kg. (12,980 lb.)/dual launch or 6,800 kg. (14,960 lb.)/single launch. As of September 2000, the company, which has 53 corporate shareholders from 12 European countries, placed 174 satellites into orbit and received more than 225 orders. Financing: Arianespace has a financing company designed to provide assistance for new projects linked to launch services through long-term project funding, backed by a number of financial partners. Subsidiaries: Arianespace Inc. (Washington, DC, USA): Marketing and sales in the USA. Integration and Launch Sites: Europe’s Space Port (Kourou, French Guiana). Liaison Offices: Arianespace Tokyo (Japan) and Singapore.
Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio

1,273 — 17 —

976 — 7 —

% Change
(23%) — (59%) —

*AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99.


BAE SYSTEMS PO Box 87, Farnborough Aerospace Centre Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6YU UK Tel: 44 1252 373232 Fax: 44 1252 383000

Employment: 100,000 (approx.) Officers:
Chairman Sir Richard H. Evans; Chief Executive Officer John P. Weston; Chief Operating Officer Steve Mogford; Chief Operating Officer Mike Turner; Group Managing Director, Programs & Managing Director, Eurofighter Stephen Henwood; Group Managing Director, Customer Solutions and Support Robin Southwell; Group Managing Director, Avionics Chris Geoghegan; Group Managing Director, International Partnerships Mike Rouse; Group Managing Director, Operations Rod Leggetter

Aerospace Organization/Products:
BAE SYSTEMS Australia (Sydney, New South Wales, Australia): Products and services include: electronic warfare; simulation and training; missiles and decoys; communications, command and control (C3I); military aircraft systems; naval systems; support services; research and development; project management; radar support. BAE SYSTEMS in Australia also owns Hunter Aerospace Corp. Pty Ltd. It performs deep maintenance on the Australian Army helicopter fleet at Archerfield and Townsville in Queensland. It also is responsible for final assembly of, and deep maintenance on, the Hawk Lead-In fighter at Williamtown in New South Wales. BAE SYSTEMS, Avionics (Plymouth, Devon; Basildon, Essex; Rochester, Kent, UK): Products include gyroscopes and gyro-based systems, mobile surveillance vehicles, navigation systems, radar and countermeasure systems, sensor and communications systems, avionics and flight control systems, helmet displays, air data systems, electronic warfare solutions. Also involved in the Joint Strike Fighter program with both the Boeing and Lockheed Martin teams. BAE SYSTEMS, Civil: Airbus UK (Filton, Bristol, UK): Manages BAE SYSTEMS’ ownership interests and industrial responsibilities within the Airbus Industrie consortium. Designs wings and fuel systems for all Airbus airliners. Manufactures and assembles the primary structure of all Airbus wings. Designs and manufactures one fuselage section for the Airbus A321. Responsible for BAE SYSTEMS involvement in the A400M large military transport program and the Multi-Role Tanker Transport. Aviation Services (Filton, Bristol, UK): Specializes in the maintenance and conversion of Airbus aircraft. It also provides airfield services to the Filton site. Regional Aircraft (Woodford, Cheshire, UK): Designs, assembles and markets the Avro RJ family of regional jet airliners. Provides maintenance and refurbishment of regional aircraft. Flight and aircraft engineering test services. Engineering support and customer training. Also includes the portfolio management, trading and leasing of a fleet of ATP, Avro RJ, BAe 146 and Jetstream commercial aircraft in which BAE SYSTEMS retains a financial interest. BAE SYSTEMS, Customer Solutions and Support (Farnborough, Hampshire, UK): Provides support for all the company’s projects and programs. Includes: Air Programs (Preston, Lancashire, UK); International Programs (Preston, Lancashire, UK); Land, Sea & C4I Systems (Christchurch, Dorset, UK); Paradigm Systems Technology (Pty) Ltd. (51%) (South Africa); Training Services (Preston, Lancashire, UK). BAE SYSTEMS North America (Rockville, MD, and Arlington, VA, USA): Designs, develops, integrates, manufactures and supports a wide range of advanced aerospace products and intelligent electronic systems for government and commercial customers in the following areas: aeronautics products; avionics and navigation; combat systems; commercial aviation; communications and data links; electronic warfare systems; international marketing information systems; military aircraft; military high explosives manufacture; sales systems technical support and simulation and training, avionics activity in North America and has a contract to run the Holston (TN, USA) Ammunition Plant for the US Army. BAE SYSTEMS Information and Electronics Systems Integration Sector (Nashua, NH, USA): Produces aircraft self-protection systems, electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance and navigation systems, tactical surveillance and intelligence systems. BAE SYSTEMS, Operations: Aerostructures (Chadderton, Manchester, and Ayrshire, Scotland, UK): Responsible for the aerostructures manufacturing services to the Program’s organization. It also has responsibility for selling this manufacturing capability into other prime contractors

besides BAE SYSTEMS, on terms consistent with the UK regulatory requirements. Marine (Barrow-In-Furness, Cumbria, UK): The company’s shipbuilding business. Programs include Auxiliary Oilers, Future Attack Submarines, Type 23 Frigates. Prime Contracting (Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, UK): Prime Contract offices have ultimate responsibility for the execution of major programs. RO Defence (Chorley, Lancashire, UK): Manufactures ammunition, small arms, medium-caliber cannon, tank guns, artillery systems, solid rocket motors, communications equipment, explosives and propellants, fuses and warheads. Also designs and manufactures artillery systems. Programs include AS90 Braveheart, Bull Terrier Army Combat Engineer Vehicle, Future Beach Recovery Vehicle, Future Engineer Tank, Hunter and Marksman, Naval Gun Mountings, Sea Dart and Seawolf Shipborne Missile Launchers. Also owns 50% of Cased Telescope International SAS (France); Heckler and Koch (Germany); and Muiden Chemie (Holland). Underwater Systems (Portsmouth, Hampshire, UK): Develops and manufactures torpedoes, underwater mines and vehicles and acoustic countermeasures. BAE SYSTEMS, Programs: Astute-Class Submarine (Camberley, Surrey, UK): BAE SYSTEMS is undertaking the design, build and initial in-service support of three 7,500-tonne Astute-class submarines (SSNs) for the Royal Navy. CVF Carrier (Filton, Bristol, UK): The Future Carrier is intended to be a replacement for the current Invincible-class carriers and will be placed as a prime contract following a Ministry of Defence competitive tender. Eurofighter Typhoon (Preston, Lancashire, UK): Responsible for the Eurofighter Typhoon military aircraft program and BAE SYSTEMS’ shareholding in the Eurofighter consortium. Future Systems and FOAS (Preston, Lancashire, UK): Will comprise all future systems concepts across land, air, sea and C4I, including digitization, Future Escort, electronic combat, information warfare, Future Attack Submarine and Future Offensive Air System which aims to provide the UK with a long-range offensive air capability. Gripen and South Africa (Brough, East Yorkshire, UK): Responsible for BAE SYSTEMS’ shareholding in Saab-BAe Gripen AB, the Gripen military aircraft and the introduction of Gripen into South Africa. Harrier, Tornado and US Military Aircraft Products (Balderstone, Lancashire, and Godalming, Surrey, UK): Responsible for the Harrier program, the Boeing Partnership, the Tornado program, BAE SYSTEMS’ shareholding in Panavia Aircraft GmbH, the T-45 Goshawk program and BAE SYSTEMS’ involvement in the Joint Strike Fighter program with both the Boeing and Lockheed Martin teams. Hawk (Brough, East Yorkshire, UK): Responsible for the Hawk trainer program. Lancer (Leicester, Leicestershire, UK): The TRACER/FSCS (Tactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement/Future Scout Cavalry System) being developed as a potential replacement for the UK’s CVR(T) and the US Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle and HMMWV in the reconnaissance role. Nimrod (Woodford, Cheshire, UK): Responsible for the remanufacture of RAF Nimrods to Nimrod MRA4. Type 45 (Stanmore, Middlesex, UK): The Type 45 is an anti-air warfare destroyer for the Royal Navy, which provides fleet or task force air defense. Joint Ventures/Partnerships: Airbus Industrie, partner: EADS (The Netherlands). Alenia Marconi Systems, partner: Alenia (Italy). Astrium, partner: EADS (The Netherlands). Eurofighter Jagflugzeug GmbH, partners: Alenia (Italy), EADS (The Netherlands). MBDA, partners: Alenia (Italy), EADS (The Netherlands). Panavia Aircraft GmbH, partners: Alenia (Italy), EADS (The Netherlands). Saab-BAe Gripen AB, partner: Saab AB (Sweden). SIKA International, partner: Lockheed Martin (USA). STN Atlas Elektronik, partner: Rheinmetall (Germany). Thomson Marconi Sonar, partner: Thales (France).

Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio

— — — —

14,443 10,558 531 —

% Change
— — — —

*AW&ST conversion based on exchange rate available on 12/31/99. **1999 data includes 12-months ‘old BAe’ & 1-month ‘old MES’ as British Aerospace (BAe) and Marconi Electronic Systems (MES) merged on November 29, 1999 to form BAE SYSTEMS.


NC 28217. Several divisions within the Group are linked by their ability to contribute to the integration design. flight crew seating. flight management.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 18. BFGoodrich FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998† 5. 2001 www. Electronic Systems Group (Charlotte.1 million after-tax) primarily related to merger-related and consolidation costs. transmission and structural health. blisks. pumps. landing gear cables and harnesses. Also within Safety Systems is Deicing and Specialty President & COO. and control and safety data. as well as structural and rotating components such as disks. Results also exclude the after-tax effects of discontinued operations ($1. the Group provides structural and aerodynamic elements for a broad range of commercial. satellite attitude control and data systems management. landing gear. NC. Within Safety Systems. USA): Aerostructures designs.AviationNow. and ejection seat systems.5 million after-tax) related to the sale of Holley Performance Products subsidiary and a $10.000 Officers: BFGOODRICH AEROSPACE Four Coliseum Centre 2730 West Tyvola Road Charlotte. OH. certain brake controls and wheels and brakes. USA Tel: (704) 423-7000 www. ice protection systems.5 million charge ($6. Electronic Systems Group Mike Piscatella President. the company produces evacuation slides. Aerostructures & Aviation Services Group Bud Wetzler President.3 million loss). manufacture and service of entire aircraft undercarriage systems. passenger restraints.538 743 362 53% % Change 2% 7% 10% 0% *Amounts include Coltec Industries. CA. Engine & Safety Systems Group Jack Carmola President. test equipment.bfgoodrich. Aviation Services provides maintenance. including sensors. which provides ice protection systems for general aviation. and space structures. shafts and airfoils. fuel delivery systems. In addition to nacelles and pylons. military. take-off. Engine & Safety Systems Group (Charlotte. ††1999 results exclude the effect of a $262. The Group’s products also include instruments and avionics. 1998 results exclude the effect of a $58. landing and stopping. components and entire airframes. produces and integrates aircraft engine nacelles. warning and detection systems. USA): The Electronic Systems Group produces a wide array of products that provide flight performance measurement. and heated products and composite structures in the broader commercial airframe markets. BFGoodrich Aerospace Marshall Larsen President.5 million after-tax) related to a restructure charge and a write-down of an impaired asset in the Aerospace Segment. USA): The Engine & Safety Systems Group includes four businesses from the mid-1999 Coltec merger that supply engine and fuel controls. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book.3 million gain ($38. Landing Systems Group (Brecksville.455 694 328 53% 1999†† 5. Included are a variety of sensors systems that measure and manage aircraft fuel and monitor oil debris. rafts. 298 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY . pylons and related aircraft engine housing components. engine.8 million charge ($192. NC.6 million loss) and an extraordinary item ($4. and aircraft motion control systems. repair and overhaul services for aircraft systems. Landing Systems Group John Grisik Aerospace Organization/Products: Aerostructures & Aviation Services Group (Chula Vista. USA): The Landing Systems Group provides systems and components pertaining to aircraft taxi. aircraft lighting systems.

14 delivered. 4 for UK). USA): Assembles Boeing 777 (299 delivered as of 9/00). WA 98108. LA. Boeing Military Aerospace Support (St.000 delivered). VP. Missile Defense & Space Control: Electronic Systems & Missile Defense (Anaheim. Apache maintenance training systems. (Wichita. President & COO Harry C. Australian Capital Territory. Connexion By Boeing SM Scott E. Space and Communications Group James F. Sr. Integrated Defense Systems (Seal Beach. Government Information & Communications Systems (Anaheim. WA. (Long Beach. Sr. C-137 and VC-25 contractor logistics support. Delta 3 and Delta 4 (in development). Condit. Sr. F-22 fighter (33% program share. CA): includes Delta 2 (more than 275 launches since 1960).6-billion three-year development contract). Louis. EADS (The Netherlands). (Everett. USA): Components manufacturing. MO. Kinetic Energy Anti-Satellite Weapon System. including CH-47 Chinook (total of 1. Koellner. United Space Alliance (Houston. RSC-Energia (Russia). and guidance system repair services. Subsidiaries: Aerospace Technologies of Australia (Port Melbourne. KS. NASA and DoD Expendable Launch Vehicles. T-45 Goshawk trainer (124 delivered through 9/00). Government Relations Christopher W. Australia): Produces main gear doors. Flight Dynamics Inc. Fabrication Div. among others. FL. New South Wales. Boeing 767 (803 delivered through 9/00). USA): Tactical and training aircraft. AGM-84H SLAM ER (Expanded Response). (Philadelphia. Australia): AP-3C upgrades. Australia): Australian Defence Forces helicopter school operations and support. Sr. USA Tel: (206) 655-2121 Fax: (206) 655-1177 www. H-47. 339 expected). CA. Boeing Capital Corp. USA): F/A-18 modification and upgrades. Mulally. United Space Alliance: (see Joint Ventures below). Provides the Advanced Early Warning & Control Aircraft (AEW&C) based on 737 platform and the Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) on the 767 platform (4 delivered to Japan). T-38C Avionics Upgrade Program. USA): Apache support programs. F-15 Eagle and F-15E Strike Eagle (1. CH-47F. V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor (50% program share with Bell Helicopter Textron. Laser & Electro Optical Systems (Canoga Park. Human Space Flight & Exploration: International Space Station (Houston. BGM-109 Tomahawk (1. Historical programs include A-4 Skyhawk (2.946 delivered). Israel to buy new AH-64Ds and upgrade an undefined quantity of AH-64As to AH-64Ds. USA): C-17 Flexible Sustainment program. Ground-Based Interceptor/Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle. PA. engineering and manufacturing development of latest variant. Sea Launch. WA. (Seattle. partner: Sikorsky Aircraft (USA). including 160 produced in Japan). Krueger flaps for the 737-700/747. floor support structure for the A330/A340. KC-10 tanker (60 delivered). 35 remanufactured AH-64Ds on order by Egypt. USA): Lead contractor on NRO’s Future Imagery Architecture. Space & Communications Services: provides engineering services and facilities maintenance support to a wide variety of products and programs. F/A-18 Hornet (production ended. USA): Assembles Boeing 747 (1.587 1. James F. Historical programs include F-4 Phantom 2 (5. Joint Ventures: Alliance Defense Corp. under way).255 delivered through 9/00). CA): Includes the Airborne Laser. (Renton. Sears.787 delivered through 9/00). (Philadelphia.057 delivered). MO. 29 projected). USA): 717 (32 delivered as of 9/00). total of 1. (Fort Walton Beach. (Everett. Bell Boeing. MO. PA. Defence Science & Technology Organisation support operations. USA): Weapons and tactical missiles. CA): Historic/ongoing programs include E-3 AWACS (68 707-based AWACS delivered). partner: Bell Helicopter Textron (USA). USA) Boeing Satellite Systems: formed in October 2000 by acquisition of Hughes Space and Communications. Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group Alan R. CA): Lead systems integrator on NMD ($1. Saudi Arabia): E-3A. WA. MD-90 (111 delivered through 9/00). Sr. (Oklahoma City. 134 required for US. Louis. Douglas Aircraft Products Div. CA. RS-27A engines for the Delta. 8 ordered by Singapore).993 54. USA): B-1B bomber upgrade program. (Garden Grove. Boeing 757 (940 delivered through 9/00). VP & CFO Michael M. CA. TX.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 199. Charles. B-52 and KC-135 training systems support. sustainment data and supply chain management support. USA): Military training systems and services. Also makes a variety of ordnance systems. including AGM-84D Harpoon (more than 6. Space and Communications Group (Seal Beach.154 54. 67 on order). AGM-114 HELLFIRE (more than 65.Boeing. Sr. 10 aircraft delivered. structural repair facility. USA): Maintenance and modification for C-17. TX): Prime contractor on the International Space Station and provider of components. C-130. Albaugh. Boeing Shared Services Group Laurette T. participates in Avenger and Bradley Linebacker mobile ground-based SAM systems.000 delivered). Palmer. MH-47E (26 mods for US special forces). Hayhurst. including the M-230 cannon (1. RAH-66 and V-22 rotorcraft support programs. (San Antonio. USA): C-5. with first flight of X-32 concept demonstrator on Sept. (Southern California. including 7 developmental aircraft.000 projected).309 59% % Change 3% 0. Marine Corps and Navy). 2001 www. USA): B-1B. C-17 airlifter (70 delivered. AGM-130 (more than 700 delivered). 1998† 56.191 delivered through 9/00). rudder for the 757/777. Daniels. USA): H-46. CA): includes guidance and navigation systems on every US attack and ballistic missile submarine. USA): Life-cycle cus- Chairman & CEO Philip M.AviationNow. commercial information and communications initiatives like mobile broadband data delivery through Connexion by Boeing and satellite-based air traffic management. 30 on order for The Netherlands. aerospace subsystems and low observable/counter-low observable applications. USA): 50% joint venture with Lockheed Martin (USA) to manage the space shuttle. (Newcastle. OK. USA): Develops technologies and processes for incorporation into all of Boeing’s government aerospace products.479 delivered). Boeing Military Aircraft & Missile Systems (St. Material Div. wings and aft fuselages for 9 ground test and 2 flight test aircraft delivered. AZ. VP of Engineering & Technology. 2 and 2A Navstar GPS satellites (40 built). Renton Div.. USA): Supplies subcontracted components. Sr. AH-64D Longbow Apache (180 delivered from a total of 501 on order for US Army. Sr. and Sea Launch.138 delivered) and M242 Bushmaster cannon (10. (Shreveport. Focus is on manufacturing and assembly technologies. USA): Rotorcraft including AH-64A Apache (937 delivered). FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. (Jacksonville.213 projected).4% 106% 5% 300 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. STOVL. Joint Strike Fighter (in competition. Queensland. 358 US. H-46 Sea Knight (production ended. Boeing Sikorsky. (Long Beach. Navy Theater-Wide missile defense and Patriot Advanced Capability-3. VP & President. VP & President. National Missile Defense (Anaheim. 1. CAMSU (Italy). partners: Kvaerner A/S (Norway). Australia): F-111 avionics and weapon system upgrades and logistics support. C-32. Stonecipher. VP & President. X-37 technology demonstrator vehicle.120 56% 1999 57. T-38C avionics modification. VP & President. AGM-129 Advanced Cruise Missile (114 delivered). CA): Block 1. CA): engines include the space shuttle Main Engine. VP & President. USA): C-32 USAF VIP support airlifter (4 delivered). Swain. AZ. Recent historical programs include DC-9 (976 delivered).154 delivered including 154 produced in Italy and 62 produced in Japan. F/A-18E/F Super Hornet (38. 18. TX. partner: Kaiser Aerospace & Electronics (USA). B-52 weapon systems upgrades.000 (November 1999) Officers: THE BOEING CO. (Lynnwood. MO. trusses and power system. USA): Components manufacturing and engineering. produces the Boeing 601 and Boeing 702 satellites. President. 7755 East Marginal Way South Seattle. Next-Generation Reusable Launch Vehicles. VP & President. 2 prototypes assembled. Everett Div. MD-80 (1. KC-135R re-engining and modifications. Phantom Works Group (Seattle. CA. MD-11 (198 delivered through 9/00). CA): Primary product is space shuttle as subcontractor to United Space Alliance. KE-3A support. Airborne Tactical Laser and Space-Based Laser. total of 826 delivered. flaps for the F/A-18 Hornet. Sr. Italian and Spanish aircraft plus 109 shipsets of forward fuselage and wings for UK delivered through 9/00). Sr. KS. Australia): F/A-18 upgrade program.647 delivered) and GBU-15 (more than 3.823 2. Wichita Div. AGM84E Standoff Land Attack Missile (SLAM) (700 delivered). 3. International Space Station components. including 6 complete aircraft kits for GKN Westland. (Riyadh.500 delivered). RAH-66 Comanche (joint venture with Sikorsky Aircraft. Hansen tomer support for Air Force Special Operations Command C-130 aircraft. and the centerline engine bellmouth and transition ring for the MD-11. 2000. Rocketdyne Propulsion and Power (Canoga Park.556 delivered through 9/00). F-15. RS-68 for the Delta 4 and XRS-2200 Linear Aerospike engine for the X-33 reusable vehicle. (St. Reusable Launch Systems (Huntington Beach. support Aerospace Organization/Products: Commercial Airplane Group: 777 Div.700 delivered). Sea Launch Co. CH-47 and E-4B modifications. KC-10 and KC-135. CA. WA. (Auburn. C-40A Navy logistics airlifter (5 on . Victoria. including ISS. USA): (Mesa. Brimstone and GBU-31 Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) (more than 6. Carson. AGM-86C Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile (CALCM). (Canberra. Military Aircraft and Missile Systems Group Gerald E. Information & Communications: Commercial Information Systems (Anaheim. USA): Airborne Laser modification. (Wichita. WAH-64 Apache (British Army. Historic programs include AGM-86B Air Launched Cruise Missile. Launch Services: Expendable Launch Systems (Huntington Beach. USA): Assembles Boeing 737 (3. C-40. DC-10 (446 delivered). WA. USA): Rotorcraft. (Melbourne. partners: BAE SYSTEMS (UK). Louis. USA): L-159 avionics integration and avionics upgrade programs. NPO Yuzhnoye (Ukraine). (Brisbane. VP & President. Phantom Works David O. WA. Air Traffic Management John B. (St. (Mesa.. including modules. including AV-8B Harrier 2 and AV-8B Harrier 2+ (new and remanufactured. (see Joint Ventures below).960 delivered). WA. delivered through 9/00 out of a total of 548-785 required by US Navy). also AirLaunch system. 458 required for US Air Force. 15 delivered. FL.

President & CEO. Canada): Bombardier Aerospace Amphibious Aircraft: Markets and supports Canadair 415 amphibious aircraft (48 delivered as of 7/00).419 8. Manufacturing: Bombardier Aerospace operates manufacturing facilities in three countries. and the design and manufacture of a range of engine nacelles. flight training.370+ ordered).bombardier. development and integration of complete systems. Canadair Facility (Montreal. product support.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 56. GROUPE DASSAULT AVIATION 9.AviationNow. President & COO. partner: Snecma/Hurel-Dubois (France). partners: CAE Electronics Officers: Exec. Bombardier Aerospace Business Aircraft: Markets and supports range of business jet aircraft including Bombardier Global Express (54 delivered as of 7/00). Electronics Div. 75008 Paris. produces aircraft flight and maintenance training systems and image generators. International Pierre Chouzenoux Vice President Bruno Revellin-Falcoz Honorary Chairman Serge Dassault Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 11. produces electronic publishing and technical documentation products.053 487 — 1999 3. Canada): Final assembly of Canadair 415 amphibian. Learjet Facility (Wichita. Shorts Facility (Belfast. France): Parts & maintenance for Falcon aircraft in the Eastern Hemisphere. produces structural components including those for several Boeing commercial airliner programs and the Airbus 330/340 programs. Rafale (41 ordered). West Montreal.610 7. Joint Ventures: CityLine International Nacelle Systems. Québec. International Aero Engines and Rolls-Royce. for General Electric.098 378 37% 2000 9.000 (34. Simulator and Training Canadair 3. product support and financing. (Teterboro.601 Dassault Aviation (Vaucresson. Ontario. Also offers flight training. several Boeing commercial airliners and the WAH-64 Apache program. service centers and financing. support and completion of Falcon business jets. Mirage 2000 (575 ordered).008 2. Sogitec Industries (Suresnes. Rond-Point des Champs-Elysées Marcel Dassault. Ontario. 800 René-Leveque Blvd. Brown. De Havilland Facility (Toronto. Dassault Falcon Jet Corp. Canada H3B 1Y8 Tel: 1 (514) 861-9481 Fax: 1 (514) 861-7053 . Executive Committee Laurent Beaudoin. (Canada) and Lufthansa CityLine (Germany). Robert E. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1999 7. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998† 3. Quebec. Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services. Canadair Challenger 604 (163 delivered as of 7/00) and Learjet 31 (198 delivered as of 8/00). Q200 and Q300 Dash 8 Series regional turboprop aircraft.dassault-aviation. USA): Sales. Lockheed Martin C-130 transport Officers: Chairman & CEO Charles Edelstenne Senior Executive VP. NJ. 302 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15.. 2001 www. USA): Currently manufactures Learjet 31A and Learjet 60 business aircraft and assembles Learjet 45 aircraft. KS. Quebec. Canada): Manufactures Q100. Bombardier Aerospace Regional Aircraft: Markets and supports the Canadair Regional Jet airliner (420 delivered as of 9/00) and de Havilland Qseries Dash 8 (559 delivered as of 9/00) family of turboprop airliners including the new-generation Dash 8Q Series 400 (deliveries began first quarter of 1999).642 498 — % Change 24% 22% 32% — *Fiscal year ends on Jan. Learjet 45 (82 delivered as of 8/00) and Learjet 60 (184 delivered as of 8/00).680 328 — % Change (15%) (12%) (33%) — *AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. space studies. Also offers business jet charter and fractional ownership. Dassault Falcon Jet Service (Le Bourget.000 Bombardier Aerospace) BOMBARDIER INC. France): Builds Falcon series (1. AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 1/31/99 and 1/31/00. France Tel: (33-1) 53 76 93 00 Fax: (33-1) 53 76 93 20 www. Canada): Manufactures Challenger 604 business jet and Regional Jet airliner. Bombardier Inc. Canadair Facility (North Bay. Chairman & President. UK): Design and manufacture of major aerostructures for eight Bombardier Aerospace programs. 31. Bombardier Aerospace Michael Graff Aerospace Organization/Products: Bombardier Aerospace (Montreal. Operations Christian Decaix Senior Executive VP. France): Communications Div. and performs final assembly of the Bombardier Global Express and 70-passenger Q400 regional turboprop. interior completions. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. partner: Lufthansa Tecknik AG (Germany).

Germany (A318. Military aircraft include: Eurofighter Typhoon. Brimstone. EADS Missiles and Matra Bae Dynamics) and the German EADS missile activities. regional aircraft: ATR 42-500 and ATR 72-500. Eurocopter Holding S. Exocet.I. Astrium. (A300-600. Airbus Division: Manufactures the A300-600. Elbe Flugzeugwerke (Dresden. A319 and A321). A320. partners: 53 corporate shareholders in 12 European countries. Head of the Defence and Civil Systems Division Thomas Enders. joint ISR systems). Taurus. Jean-Luc Lagardère. A318. light aircraft: Socata Epsilon. 2001 www. Helios. and Germany’s DaimlerChrysler Aerospace (DASA). Co-Chairmen Manfred Bischoff. Military Transport Aircraft Division: Manufactures the C-212. A319CJ business jet. Designs. Inmarsat and Intelsat.I. orbital infrastructure (e. telecommunications and services. strategic missiles. Stinger.90 and Tiger. AW&ST conversions to dollars are based on rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99.g.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 87. Spain. partner: Finmeccanica (Italy). Finmeccanica (Italy). Rainer Hertrich.eads-nv. 304 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Also supplies launch services as well as services related to telecommunications and Earthobservation satellites. by a merger of France’s Aerospatiale Matra. Subsidiaries: EADS Launch Vehicles (Les Mureaux. Is also designing the A400M.V. 2000. Metop. Mica. A310. Meteor. The final assembly lines are located in Toulouse. Spot 5. Diamond Back. Euromissile (Fontenay-aux-Roses.) Drentestraat 24. EADS distributes this public networking equipment supplied by Nortel. Through its subsidiaries Cilas and Sodem. partner: BAE Systems (UK). Starsem for medium-lift launchers and Eurockot for small-lift launchers). Airbus Division Noël Forgeard. Germany): Freighter conversion programs. France): Partcipation in the Ariane program and other orbital infrastructure activities.030 — — — 1999 22. TB20/21 and TBM 700. CEO. Earth-observation and scientific satellite systems for civil and military applications (e. Trigat LR and Trigat MR. MBDA. EC-135. develops and produces missiles and missile systems. high-speed and long-distance networks. France): Produces light aircraft.661 — — — % Change (6%) — — — *Since EADS did not exist in 1998 and Aerospace Organization/Products: Note: The European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) was founded on July 10.A.. Sogerma (Merignac. . C-295 and CN-235 at the San Pedro facility in Seville. The Missiles and Missile Systems sector of EADS brings together MBDA (a merger of Alenia Marconi Systems.g. The product portfolio includes ASRAAM. XMM). A319. Airbus Division Gustav Humbert. Head of Marketing Jean-Paul Gut. (EADS N. The defense electronics unit offers C3I systems. these figures are pro forma figures that have been consolidated according to EADS organizational structures and thus are not directly comparable with the overall key figures announced by the three original companies for these years. NL-1083 HK Amsterdam. and its business unit. Patriot.. EADS Launch Vehicles. partners: BAE Systems (UK). local loop equipment and fiber-optic and cellular telecommunications networks. Space Division: The Space Division is subdivided into its subsidiary. Envisat. Socata (Le Bourget. airborne multi-mode radars (ECR90) and electronic warfare systems. EC-155. Seawolf. France): Markets missiles and missile systems. Defence and Civil Systems Division: Designs.E. A320 and A321 narrow body . A340 and A380) and Hamburg. switching products. Head of the Space Systems Division François Auque. A330. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998 24. France): Aircraft maintenance and modification. the European navigation system Galileo. The Netherlands www. France. A340 and A380 widebody aircraft. Astrium. Scalp EG/Storm Shadow. Milan. EADS CASA Espacio.V. Aster. the space laboratory Columbus and the ATV for the International Space Station) and launchers (shareholdings in Arianespace for heavy-lift launchers. helicopters: Eurocopter EC-120. Head of the Military Transport Aircraft Division Alberto Fernández Fernández. Arianespace S. reconnaissance and surveillance systems (CL 289. Supplies Internet protocol (IP) networks. Roland.A. A330. France): Holding company of the helicopter manufacturer Eurocopter. primarily those of EADS/LFK. Head of Strategic Coordination Jean-Louis Gergorin. Polyphem.AviationNow. ATR G. defense electronics. EADS is active in the fields of optronics and laser technologies. RAM. Spain’s CASA. its joint venture. COO. freighter aircraft. Kormoran. NH. freighter conversion (Elbe Flugzeugwerke) and maintenance (Sogerma). Co-CEO’s Philippe Camus. (Paris. Head of the Aeronautics Division Dietrich Russell Officers: Aeronautics Division: The Aeronautics Division conducts the EADS aeronautic activities not included in the Airbus and Military Transport Aircraft Divisions. Mistral. A310. develops and produces: broadcast satellites for Eutelsat.E. Joint Ventures: Airbus Industrie G..000 (May 2000) EUROPEAN AERONAUTIC DEFENCE AND SPACE COMPANY N. Tornado and Mako. partner: BAE Systems (UK). CFO Axel Arendt. HOT.

tubes. OH 44114. electric motorpumps. stores management systems. Jackson. Engineered Sensors (Bethel. Israel): Develops and manufactures hydraulic and mechanical systems. PO Box 539 Haifa 31053. Israel): A start-up company engaged in development of components for optical communication in the field of wave-length domain multi-plexing. Silver Arrow (Rishon-Lezion. partner: Kaiser Electronics Inc. UAVs. (Karmiel. Eaton Aerospace (Irvine. and electronic controls. (USA). Fax: (216) 523-4787 www. Ground Systems: Performs combat vehicle upgrades. USA): Electric and electro-mechanical products and Officers: Chairman. C4I systems. stores management systems and flight control systems (for the F-16 and others). artillery command and control systems. (Yokneam. including: Vickers brand actuators and . USA). GA. Toccoa. 2001 www.143 349 43% 1999 8. helicopter avionics systems. USA. C3 systems. MI. develops and produces tank fire-control systems incorporating eye-safe lasers and state-of-the-art Flirs.402 7. UK. display. USA.000 (Aerospace 3. software-intensive systems. head-up displays and moving maps. cargo system components. Officers: Chairman Michael Federmann President & CEO Joseph Ackerman VP & CFO I. MS. USA): Aeroquip Aerospace (Serres-Castet. integrated packages. USA): Aerospace Actuation & Controls (Grand Rapids. relays. USA): Products and systems include digital map systems (for the V-22 and others). Austria): Designs and manufactures C2 systems. Eisenberg General Manager Aeroquip Engineered Systems David Good Aerospace Organization/Products: Eaton Aeroquip Engineered Systems (Jackson. cockpit display systems. Space: Offers a variety of complex space electro-optical payloads with data links and ground stations for governmental. USA). SC. commercial and scientific applications.100 ELBIT SYSTEMS maintenance and logistics support for various electronic systems installed on aircraft and ships. USA Tel: (216) 523-5000. which was completed in July 2000. Cy-Optics Ltd. Sterer brand fluid control and actuation systems. weapons delivery and navigation systems. Joint Ventures: Vision Systems Int’l. Major Subsidiaries: Cyclone Aviation Products Ltd. control. optical communications systems. Aerospace Cockpit Controls and Displays (Costa Mesa. self-sealing breakaway fuel couplings and ground service refueling couplings. clamps and fittings. AL. Teflon fittings. hydraulic motor-driven generators. digital image processing and communications systems. Los Angeles. Gilching. 306 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. advanced laser designators. noise dampening products and rotomold plastic components.eaton. MI. including: Eaton brand cockpit controls. nose wheel steering systems. electric turret drive and control systems. sensor and debris monitoring products and systems. CA. CT. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998 415 45 28 2% 1999 436 49 31 8% % Change 5% 9% 11% 300% *AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. UK. Naval Combat Systems Integration: Produces C3 systems. precision guidance and airborne reconnaissance systems. Fluid Monitoring and Diagnostic Systems (Glenolden. Israel): Produces and develops UAV systems for various mission applications. EFW Inc. and telecommunications systems. laser products. electronic warfare systems. Germany. training systems and paramilitary systems. helmet-mounted displays. stabilized E/O payloads. displays. Lakeside. ESL-AIT (Vienna. fire control systems for combat vehicles and security systems and products. night-vision-compatible LED illuminated displays.800) EATON CORPORATION Eaton Center Cleveland. Farchi Aerospace Organization/Products: Airborne Systems: Performs upgrades on fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. including: Vickers brand hydraulic and electro-hydraulic pumps. CA. day-night observation systems. rangefinders. stainless steel and titanium tube assemblies. El-Op Electro Optics Industries (Rehovot. Develops and produces helmet-mounted display systems. USA): Fluid and air distribution products and systems. IEI (Talladega. electrical. PA. provides logistics support capabilities. valves and manifolds. Charleston. self-sealing quick disconnect couplings. Israel): Designs and manufactures advanced electro-optical products and systems for military and civilian purposes. FL. CA. Jackson. servo systems. airborne computer systems. and third-generation Flir optronic payloads. (Or-Yehuda. Power and Load Management Systems (Sarasota. USA). pressure switches and pressure transducers.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: Total 64. Aerospace Fluid Systems (Bedhampton. Rynglok fittings. 1998† 6. Cutler VP Aerospace Operations Steven K. airborne reconnaissance systems. Tedeco brand fluid debris detection and collection components and systems. tactical control systems and computerized training and simulation systems. motors. throttle quadrants. Israel): Designs and produces aircraft structures and provides maintenance services for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. USA): Electro-mechanical. integrated keyboards and control panels. central computer and other units for the Bradley A-3 AFV. (VSI). FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. Israel): Operates mainly in the field of security systems and products and also in night vision instruments based on starlight application.elbit. mission computers. El-Op’s business areas include development and production of thermal imaging products. swivel joints.673 617 52% % Change 27% 25% 77% 21% Employment: 4. remote control circuit breakers and integrated AC/DC power modules.AviationNow. Israel Tel: (972) 4 8315 315 Fax: (972) 4 8550 002 www. TX.625 6. aircraft flap & slat systems and AC/DC electric motors. optical systems for space applications. motion control and fuel pump products and systems. USA): Fluid power. MI. Ortek Ltd. France. switches. Israel): Designs and makes solid-state components (sensors and laser equipment) using unique technologies. Financial data does not include merger with El-Op. USA): Provides depot level repair. including Aeroquip brand hoses. flexible fuel duct assemblies. (Sderot. Kinetics Ltd. Semi-Conductors Devices (SCD) (Karmiel. USA. communications systems. (Fort Worth. LLC. President & CEO Alexander M.

China): Markets Embraer products. as well as corporate aircraft. (San Antonio.889 196 230 297% % Change 44% 20% 111% 2% *AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99.USA (Fort Lauderdale. SP. and the AMX-T. Germany). the Super Tucano derivative designated ALX (Light Attack Aircraft) by the Brazilian Air Force.fairchildaerospace. VP. Germany): German administrative office. Brazil): Historical/ongoing programs include: the EMB-145AEW&C (first flight took place in May 1999). VP. General Counsel Carlos Rocha Villela. aircraft maintenance. Emerald Aircraft Leasing Ltd. (Somalia). Exec.ELEB (São José dos Campos. TX. Finance and CFO Antonio Luiz Pizarro Manso. (Cayman Islands). a cropduster aircraft and the 30-seat turboprop EMB-120 Brasilia. USA. transonic turbofan twin-seat specifically designed for advanced fighter lead-in training and miscellaneous missions.embraer. Defense Market Romualdo Monteiro de Barros. Embraer . The center for design. for 70. SP. TX. Millennium Leasing Company (San Antonio. VP & CFO Rudi Lenz. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998 1. USA): Markets and provides after-sales support for Embraer Officers: Chairman of the Board Charles Pieper. manufactures. Fairchild Aerospace Beteiligungs GmbH (Oberpfaffenhofen. Corporate Aircraft Market Samuel Hill. and aircraft maintenance facilities are also located in San Antonio. (Botucatu. Wolf. 257 options. Planning. Germany. France): Markets and provides after-sales support for Embraer products and also provides technical support for the French air force’s EMB-121 and EMB-312 aircraft. the ERJ-145 regional jet for 50 passengers (456 firm orders. TX 78279-0490 USA Tel: 210 824 9421 Fax: 210 804 7785 www. Other subsidiaries are: Fairchild Dornier Holding Inc.AviationNow. Fairchild Dornier is a supplier for major structural components for the full range of Airbus aircraft. aircraft service. Exec. VP.France (Le Bourget. Customer Services Artur Valério Coutinho Aerospace Organization/Products: Primary Production Facility (São José dos Campos. has a total of 325 orders (120 firm and 205 options). Subsidiaries: Embraer .197 (includes offices and subsidiaries) EMBRAER-Empresa Brasileira de Aeronautica SA. VP. 762-USA) FAIRCHILD DORNIER PO Box 790490 San Antonio.Employment: 9. 2001 307 .com/awst AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. 214 aircraft delivered as of May 31. Brazil): Subsidiary produces single.650 (2. DC. VA. ERJ-190-100 and ERJ-190-200. aircraft leasing. Subsidiaries: Dornier Aviation Holding North America (San Antonio. international logistic support for Fairchild Dornier aircraft. 2000). maintenance training. (Cayman Islands).888-Germany. the 37-seat ERJ-135 regional jet (164 firm orders. surveillance aircraft and other government/military aircraft. Organizational Development Horácio Aragonés Forjaz. repair and overhaul. VP. Aviation Technology Sales GmbH (Oberpfaffenhofen. www. Industrial Satoshi Yokota. maintenance training. Somair Ltd. VP. Faria Lima 2170 PO Box 8050 12227-901 Sao Jose dos Campos-SP Brazil Tel: (55) 12 345 1000 Fax: (55) 12 345-3399 www. TX. 157 options and 35 aircraft delivered as of May 31. Brig. TX. Ilona I Luftfahrttechnik Vertriebs GmbH (Oberpfaffenhofen. Manufacturing. Employment: 3. production and support for commercial and military aircraft for the corporation is in Oberpfaffenhofen. Magdalena Aircraft Leasing Ltd.Australia (Melbourne. the EMB-202 Ipanema. Dubilier & Rice and Allianz Capital Partners. USA). FL. (Namibia). (South Africa). Sales and marketing activities are located in Herndon. near Munich. CEO Lou Harrington. Germany). USA): Develops. SP. Embraer . Embraer-Liebherr Equipamentos do Brasil S/A .China (Beijing. Germany). Australia): Markets and provides after-sales support for Embraer products. and does not release annual financial data. 98 and 108 passengers respectively. Av.to110-seat market. Fairchild Dornier Luftfahrt Beteiligungs GmbH (Oberpfaffenhofen. VP Business Development Barry Eccleston Aerospace Organization/Products: Fairchild Dornier Corp. Embraer . Germany). aircraft Officers: President and CEO Maurício Novis Botelho. Airline Market Frederico Fleury Curado. Indústria Aeronáutica Neiva SA. Germany): Aircraft service. the new regional jet family comprising the ERJ-170. aircraft leasing. maintenance training. Brazil): Landing gear systems company controlled by Embraer and Liebherr. maintenance training. Exec. Fairchild Dornier GmbH (Oberpfaffenhofen. markets and supports commercial aircraft in the 32. USA): US administrative office. USA.and twin-engine aircraft. VP & COO John D. TX. VP. product support. Aviation Training International (Pty) Ltd. the 44-seat ERJ-140 regional jet (first flight took place in June 2000). a high performance. Contained within this subsidiary are: Aerotechnic Vertriebs und Service GmbH (Oberpfaffenhofen. corporate administrative offices. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio Fairchild Dornier Corporation is privately held by Clayton. USA). the EMB-145RS (a remote sensing variant whose first flight took place on December 17. Fairchild Dornier is involved in the conversion and overhaul of fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and operates FAA-approved repair stations and aviation service centers. near Washington. 2000). TX. 1999). (San Antonio. Fairchild Aircraft Incorporated (San Antonio. USA): Aircraft maintenance. The company also has offices in a number of locations worldwide. VP. Namibian Aviation Training Acadamy (Pty) Ltd.308 163 109 292% 1999 1.

partners: Japanese Aero Engine Corp. PT6B-36. T64-P4D for G222 military transport aircraft (with General Electric).614 1. Turbo-Union Ltd.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 5. Trent 500 engine for commercial airline use (with Rolls-Royce). development and production of components for engines for military aircraft. EJ200 for Eurofighter aircraft (with IPT. Italy): Supplies after-market services for gas turbines. and Rolls-Royce).735 1. Pegasus for Harrier 2 Plus (with Rolls-Royce). Energy (Turin. standard platforms for small satellites. Europropulsion (50%). (UK). dynamic magneto-plasma and arcjet propulsion. International Aero Engines AG. FiatAvio Power Services (50%). includes the new business. Paolo Torricelli CEO Saverio Strati Aerospace Organization/Products: Avio (Turin. Joint Ventures: Eurojet Turbo GmbH. Italy Tel: (39-011) 685 81 11 Fax: (39-011) 685 98 32 Officers: President Ing. helicopters and naval propulsion turbines including CF6-80C2/E1 engine (with General Electric). ignitors. MTU (Germany). UTC/Pratt & Whitney (USA). solid. Rolls-Royce Plc. Cira Consorturn (8%). for civil and military applications. LM2500 (with General Electric). liquid oxygen turbopump. Sogetel (50%) and Vegaspazio (50%). liquid. PW4080 engines (with Pratt & Whitney). (UK). FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. GE90 engine (with General Electric). FiatAvio also has interests in these other ventures: Arianespace (6%).com/awst . RB199 for Tornado aircraft (with MTU and Rolls-Royce).648 88 94% 1999 1. Atla (30%). light launchers (Vega). Regulus (60%). Space (Turin. Spey Mk 807 for AMX fighter aircraft (with Rolls-Royce). propellants for rockets and missiles. Independent Power Producer. Rolls-Royce Plc. mechanical components for launcher nozzle. MTU. apogee motors.AviationNow. IAE. Via Nizza 312 10127 Turin. (UK). 2001 www. J79-19 for F-104S fighter aircraft (under license to General Electric). partners: MTU (Germany). PW4000. Serene (35%).. and missile motors. PW2000. Italy): Engineering. interstage separation motors. Sepa (100%). rockets. PW150. FA 150 ARGO APU. T700/CT7 engine (with General Electric). commercial aircraft. partners: Industria de Turbo Propulsores SA (Spain). MTU (Germany).590 FIAT AVIO SPA. development and manufacture of solid propellant motors (from 9-230 tons). Italy): Design. PW308 engines (with Pratt & Whitney Canada). cold gases.549 65 75% % Change (7%) (6%) (26%) (20%) 308 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. RollsRoyce Plc. (Japan). 1998† 1.

EH Industries Ltd. 2001 www. Officers: Chairman & CEO Alberto Lina Managing Director & COO Giuseppe Bono Aerospace Organization/Products: Agusta .000 FINMECCANICA Piazza Monte Grappa 4 l-00195. Orbiting Infrastructures: Participation in the International Space Station program includes Columbus Orbiting Facilities (COF). C-27J. Alenia Aeronautica . in association with BAE Systems (UK) and Boeing (USA). A330. Agusta A119 Koala single engine. European air superiority aircraft developed through international cooperation with BAE Systems (UK) and EADS (The Netherlands). produces the ATR aircraft family for regional transport. MD-11/80/90) and Dassault (Falcon 900EX and 2000) for moving surfaces. US Navy CH-53 and SH-3D. 310 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Embraer (Brasil). A321. Conversions and Overhaul: Operates through Officine Aeronavali Venezia and The Dee Howard Co. partners: BAE Systems (UK). multirole aircraft. radomes. Agusta A129 international. Panavia Tornado in association with BAE Systems (UK) and EADS (The Netherlands). (Rome. a multipurpose aircraft for special missions. Italy): Aircraft Conversions and Overhaul (Brindisi. A340) and Boeing (717-200. partners: BAE Systems (UK). Globalstar.982 — 66. ATR. Italy): Activities include conversion and overhaul of Italian Air Force and USAFE . Panavia.). Scientific Satellites: Programs include Integral. upgraded version of the G. 1999 5. G. conversion of Boeing 707s into flying tankers. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. Italy): Aeronautics Div. partner: Aermacchi (Italy). ERS 1 and ERS 2 for Earth observation. fuselage panels and fuselage sections. plays a role in the development of Globalstar program. 767.finmeccanica. Eurofighter. NH-90 naval and tactical transport developed through cooperation with Eurocopter. partner: GKN Westland (UK). the European gammaray astronomy satellite. partner: Lockheed Martin (USA). Italy): Prime contractor for all Italian Space Agency (ASI) programs and many European Space Agency (ESA) programs. Future Large Aircraft. Italy): Operates in the field of naval and groundbased artillery and guns. self-propelled howitzers.2% 1998† 6. Civil Helicopters: Programs include Agusta A109 K2 ambulance and rescue. avionics. EADS (The Netherlands). Italy): Produces airborne radars (Grifo family). vertical rudder and fins. Joint Ventures: Agusta-Westland. Varese. EH 101 civil and utility transport developed in association with GKN Westland. AV-8B Harrier 2+. Remote Sensing: interplanetary probe Cassini/Huygens. tail surfaces. (Naples. a new. partner: Eurocopter (France. Agusta A129 Mangusta antitank helicopter. NH Industries. ATR-42MP. partners: Alcatel Space (France). US Army AH-64. Eurofighter. OH-58. Germany). Lageos 2. UH-1H. Military Aircraft: Programs include AMX tactical air support/interdiction aircraft developed and built in conjunction with Aermacchi (Italy) and Embraer (Brazil). Telecommunications Satellites: Prime contractor for development and construction of Artemis and ItalSat F2 satellite family. Activities include converting DC-8s. Italian Air Force HH-3 Combat SAR.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 43. electro-optic equipment. responsible for Sicral. Italy): Aerostructures: Program participant or subcontractor to Airbus (A300. C-27J. X-SAR (x-band synthetic aperture radar). A310. partner: Bell Helicopter Textron (USA).. the future European satellite system being studied by Alenia for satellite multimedia services. multirole-combat helicopter. Rome. Skymed Cosmo program for observation of the Mediterranean basin. UH-60.864 — (293.A Finmeccanica Company (Cascina Costa. Italy): Avionics and Equipment Div. MLPM and Nodes 2 and 3. partner: BAE Systems (UK). production of thrust reversers. space equipment. Participation in NASA programs. AMC (Airbus Military Co.222 developed through an international agreement with Lockheed Martin. partners: BAE Systems (UK).2 0. aircraft fire control systems. partner: EADS (The Netherlands). battle tanks. participates in the ATV program and in the CRV project. partner: GKN Westland (UK). Agusta/Bell A109 Power VIP and emergency medical service.1% % Change (13%) — 77% (82%) *AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. Commuter Aircraft: In joint venture with EADS. A320. Alenia Spazio Finmeccanica subsidiary (Rome. 777. EADS (The Netherlands).A Finmeccanica Company (Rome. Loral Space & Communications (USA). Defense Helicopters: Programs include Agusta A109 military. Helicopters produced under license: Agusta/Bell AB412 twin engine. the new European high-capacity airlifter. AMX. (Rome.222 medium-range tactical airlifter for miliFINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio tary and civil applications. Alenia Difesa-A Finmeccanica Company (Rome. EADS. an Italian military telecommunications system. EADS (The Netherlands). OTOBreda Div. active in Isis/Secoms projects. Italy Tel: (39 06) 32 47 33 95 Fax: (39 06) 32 47 34 99 www. Alenia Marconi Systems.AviationNow.1) 1. SAX. AFV’s and APC’s. DC-10s and MD-11s to cargo aircraft. EH 101 naval and utility helicopters developed in association with GKN Westland. CH-47. which are precursors of Euroskyway. airborne mission core systems. Bell Agusta Aerospace. flap parts.

X-33 (reaction control system) and the X-38 (deorbit propulsion stage). (FHI) Subaru Building 7-2. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998 7. center wing fairings and main landing gear doors for Boeing 777. Nishi-Shinjuku 1-chome Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 160-8316.700 — 156 38% % Change 5% — 5% 9% Employment: 8. BQM-34AJ/KAI Firebee target drone. primarily tactical missile programs including Hawk and TOW 2B. R&D for NAL/NASDA programs.and second-stage engine). wing package for Raytheon Hawker Horizon. Commercial Programs Kenichiro Usuki. Fuji-Bell 205B helicopter. fairings and main landing gear doors for Boeing 767. Aerospace Div. T-5 basic trainer. 1998† 1. Titan 4 ELV (first. 2001 311 . manned and unmanned satellite launch vehicles and satellite orbit transfer and attitude control systems. Defense Programs Norihisa Matsuo. CA.309 — 148 35% 1999 Officers: Chairman & CEO Bob Wolfe CFO GenCorp. Japan Tel: (81-28) 684-7053 Fax: (81-28) 684-7071 www.071 — 72 — % Change 2% — (14%) — www. T-3. empennage for OH-1. elevators for Boeing 737-600/700/800. Earth resources measurement systems.517 Aerojet) GENCORP Highway 50 and Aerojet Road Rancho Cordova. General Manager. Div. Utsunomiya Mfg. Terry Hall President. Aerojet’s Sacramento Facility (Sacramento. Senior Vice President & General Manager. Kisaburo Wani. specific programs include the US Air Force’s Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS) and target-activated smart munition called SADARM (Sense and Destroy Armor).gencorp. Aerojet also provides propulsion and armament systems for the defense industry. Major programs include the Atlas 5 expendable launch vehicle. outer wing nacelle and empennage for US-1A flying AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. USA Tel: (916) 355-4000 Fax: (916) 351-8667 www. U-125 and U-125A. other applications include target-activated munitions systems. J/AQM-1 target drone. Military Market Development Shunji Notake Aerospace Div: Manufacturer of: AH-1S helicopter. Hiroyuki Nakatsubo. General Manager. Kistler K-1 (first.000 Officers: President Takeshi Tanaka. flight training simulator for T-5 & U-125A. Delta 2 ELV (second-stage engine). millimeter wave and microwave sensor systems for US Defense Department. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book.AviationNow.000 (2. T-5. General Manager. Aerospace Div.and second-stage engine). wing components for Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 15. Yoichi Sugimura.fhi.FUJI HEAVY INDUSTRIES Aerojet Carl Fischer Aerospace Organization/Products: Aerojet: Aerojet’s Azusa Facility (Azusa. outboard ailerons for MD-11. USA): Aerojet produces solid propellant rocket motors and liquid propellant rocket engines for strategic missiles. wing main assemblies for P-3C and T-4. Overhaul T-1. General Manager. UH-1J helicopter. Deputy General Manager. search and rescue system for U-125A. RPH2 remotely piloted helicopter. surveillance satellites and real-time data systems. CA. ailerons and spoilers for Boeing 747. CA 95670.048 — 84 — 1999 1. USA): Manufactures advanced electro-optic. outboard flaps for Boeing 757.

partner: Snecma (France). CFM56 and GE90 engines for large commercial aircraft. VP. ducts and manifolds for jet engines. UK. development and manufacture of helicopters. Aircraft Engines David L. GKN Westland Helicopters Ltd. China. airframe and avionics maintenance. Yeovil Somerset. Somerset. Canada): Supports engine sales and service and provides field service and integrated logistic support.D. the CFE738 for Dassault Falcon 2000 business jets.053 10. advanced composite dynamic components. Fax: (203) 373-3131 www.. UK Tel: (44) 1935-475222 Fax: (44) 1935-702131 Chairman & CEO John F.. Cincinnati. T64 and T700 turboshaft engines for military and civil helicopters. equipment and subsystems. (Dayton. partner: Boeing (USA).com/awst . CFM International. 728JET and 928JET regional airliners and Envoy 7 business jets. (Yeovil. GKN Westland Helicopters R. General Electric announced its intention to acquire Honeywell. partner: Pratt & Whitney/UTC (USA). Calhoun. NC. 30. F414 for the F/A18E/F. pending the reviews of regulatory agencies.P. MA. Singapore. repair development.700 (GE Aircraft Engines) Officers: GENERAL ELECTRIC CO. OH. KA. 2001 www. GE-Pratt & Whitney Engine Alliance. Aerospace Organization/Products: GE Aircraft Engines: Commercial Engine Operation (Lynn. Malaysia. Case Chief Exec. GE Harris Aviation Information Solutions LLC. GE Canada (Mississauga. Isle of Wight. Lysander Road. Durham. Brazil.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 340. both USA): Produces aeroderivative LM500. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998† the Embraer ERJ-170 and ERJ-190 regional airliners and the Fairchild Dornier 528JET. partner: Snecma (France).. and Saab 340 regional airliners and the Sukhoi S-80 multipurpose transport aircraft. 3135 Easton Turnpike. Prestwick. EH Industries Ltd. CT 06431. UK): Designs and manufactures advanced structures in metal and composite materials. CF34 engines for the Bombardier Canadair Challenger 601 and 604 business jets. Marine Engines (Lynn. (USA). MA. rapid response teams for on-wing repair. CASA CN-235. General Manager (Acting). Military Engines Russ Sparks. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998 100. MA..222. partner: Rybinsk Motors (Russia). Military Engine Operations (Arkansas City.. VP & General Manager. Joint Ventures: Aerosystems International Ltd. Makes CT7 turboprop engines for the Ayres 7000. Jr. BA20 2YB.. multiple sites in the USA): Worldwide service and repair of GE and non-GE engines and components. CFAN Co. 312 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15.000 (corporate). Nantgarw. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book.gkn-whl.496 86. DHC-5D and G. Sherin. aircraft modification. Ontario. partner: Honeywell (USA). OH. T64 turboprop engine for the C-27A. Finance & Commercial A..175 — 1999 7. Lynn. develops technologies in the manufacture of composite components. partners: Teleflex Inc. partner: Harris Corp. OH. all USA): Produces engines for military aircraft. and Sermatech Technical Services (both USA).992 9. Fairfield. LM1600 and LM2500 gas turbines for marine applications. UK): Officers: CEO D.AviationNow. F110 for the F-15E and F-16C/D.I. all USA): Produces CF6. President & CEO. Cincinnati. Finance Keith S. Chadwell. Elano Corp. Xiamen. USA Tel: (203) 373-2211. Sr. partner: Agusta (Italy). F108 for the KC-135R. GE Engine Services (Petropolis and Rio de Janeiro. including the CT7. 700 and 900 transports. Commercial Engines Charles L. Marine Engines Russell Casper Note: In 2000.GE. Cincinnati. VP & General Manager.296 — 1999 111.150 — 1..510 — 869 — % Change 22% — (26%) — *AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. Welch. CFE Co. Canadair Regional Jet 200. GKN Westland Aerospace C. Wright Director. Milne Chief Exec. Aviation Training International Ltd.J.800 GKN WESTLAND LTD. Gustar Aerospace Organization/Products: GKN Westland Aerospace Ltd. F118 for the B-2 and U-2. F404 for the F/A-18C/D and F-117. USA): Produces tubes.717 — % Change 11% 10% 15% — Employment: 10. Rybinskie Motory-GE Aeroengines. OH. partner: BAE Systems (UK). (East Cowles. Joint Ventures: Airfoil Technologies International.C.630 96.

USA Tel: (321) 727-9100 Fax: (321) 727-9344 www. FL. USA). on-board digital processing. mass memory storage. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio *Fiscal year ends on June 30. actively steered. partner: General Electric (USA). (Palm Bay. cockpit moving digital map displays.Employment: 10.807 1. President & CEO Phillip W. (Palm Bay.743 1. FL. Government Communications Systems Div. USA). phased-array antennas.771 18 26% % Change 4% 6% (66%) (26%) www. (Melbourne. AJ GPS antennas.000 HARRIS Officers: Chairman. FL 32919.666 53 35% 2000 1. weapon data links. Melbourne. partner: Thales Avionics In-Flight Systems (France). Henry Aerospace Organization/Products: Aerospace Organization/Products: Government Communications Systems Div. 2001 313 . payload and network capability. Robert K.Harris. USA): High-speed data and fiber-optic network backbones. 1025 West NASA Blvd. adaptive antennas and processing systems. Offers information network products and decision support services that enable airlines to transmit and receive a wide range of information. Live TV. large aperture. Farmer President. fiber-optic high-speed data busses and networks.AviationNow. 1999 1. fire control system upgrades. FL. unfurlable reflector antennas. Provides live TV transmission to the seats of airline passengers. Joint Ventures: GE Harris Aviation Information Solutions. end-to-end satellite communication system AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15.

partner: GKN Westland (UK). electromechanical components. F-22. weather radars. Yamatake-Honeywell Co.. partner: Aviation Corporation Rubin (Russia). (LHTEC). integrated avionics systems. CFE Co. ACRS/Aircom data links. B-2. F/A-18. partners: Alenia (Italy). regional and executive auxiliary power units (APUs). repair and overhaul services. WA. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. 314 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Loranger. 737. Robert D. International Turbine Engine Corp.903 — % Change 0. and spare parts for the commercial logistics management. VHF communications. accelerometers. USA): Manages and operates facilities for the US Energy Dept. Aerospace Services (Tucson. NJ. HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. aircraft and subsurface applications. President. Commercial Propulsion Group: Design and manufacture of AS900 series turbofan engines. ground proximity warning systems (GPWS).000 Officers: COO Aerospace & Ex. cabin pressure systems. President. Fairchild Dornier 328Jet. USA): Navigation and attitude reference systems. AZ. VOR/ILS navigation. guidance and control equipment for land vehicles. President. ASE40. stabilization. 1999 23. CRT flat-panel cockpit display systems. gyroscopes. C-17. flight control . NJ 07962-2245 Tel: (973) 455-2000. ASE50 and ASE120 industrial engines. Nahuel. electromechanical engines and flight director instruments. Fax: (973) 455-4807 www. partner: China Eastern Airlines (China). USA): Solid-state flight data recorders (SSFDR) and solid-state cockpit voice recorders (SSCVR). industrial MRO products. Aerospace Electronic Systems Michael A. USA): Commercial Auxiliary Power Unit Group: Design and production of commercial air transport. Taiclet. USA): Com/nav equipment. F/A-18 and MD-11. EADS (The Netherlands). partner: GE Aircraft Engines (USA). airborne auxiliary power. bleed air control systems. Aerospace Services James D. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio Aircraft Landing Systems (South Bend. engine controls. cabin management terminals. AlliedSignal Technical Services Corp. Box 2245 Morristown. FL. radio altimeters and electronic flight instrument systems (EFIS) for general aviation. DME. radio altimeters. Military/Helicopter Group: Provides range of products for military and civil helicopter propulsion. LF502/507 turbofan engines. enhanced ground proximity warning sytems (EGPWS). brake controls and wheels for the 717. Guidance and Sensor Systems (Teterboro. President. Space Controls Alenia-Honeywell. 101 Columbia Road P. start systems and Aerospace Organization/Products: Aerospace Electronic Systems (Fort Lauderdale. Hardware Product Group: Airframe. information technology operations and training. Environmental Control Systems Group: Air-conditioning systems. 767. spacecraft environmental and thermal control systems and smoke detection systems for the 717. F-15. pending the reviews of regulatory agencies. space inertial and pointing systems. Engine Systems and Accessories Group: Designs and manufactures actuation systems. F-15.8% — (19%) — *Consolidated values reflect the merger of Honeywell and AlliedSignal. configuration management. IN. oil. air and fuel coolers. Commercial Aviation Electronic Systems Francis W. USA): Electronic and Avionics Systems (Fort Lauderdale. 777. making nonnuclear components for nuclear weapons. sensors. digital map systems. and testing and calibration of complex systems. Engines & Systems (Phoenix. Ltd. government and military aircraft. traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS). Smith. USA): Aftermarket Services: Inventory logistics services and processes. Industrial and Marine Group: Produces the ASE8. (Redmond. AZ. MO. which took place in December of 1999. Federal Manufacturing & Technologies Karen Clegg. Engines and Systems Steven R. sealing products.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 120. (Taiwan). development and operation of ground. KS. USA): Traffic alert and collision avoidance systems (TCAS). air and space-based tracking facilities. VP. growth and customer satisfaction. missiles. 737. C-130. President. TF15. Rubix.555 — 1. C-17. and the TF5. NormalairGarrett Ltd. Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Co.541 — 1998† 23. forward-looking windshear detection systems and other weather radars. (ATSC): Provides technical services to the satellite industry including: data acquisition. Johnson. F-16C/D. Customer Operations Group: Provides full-time service and technical support. WA. Canaan Group: Aerospace management consulting services in the following areas: productivity.. USA): Produces brakes. partner: Yamatake (Japan).O. TF40 and TF50 marine engines. partner: Aerospace Industrial Development Corp. displays and test systems. TFE731 turbofan and the TPE331 turboprop.AviationNow. partner: Taikoo Aircraft Engineering (China). A340. flight controls. MD-11 and MD-80. test equipment and upgrades to USAF C-130 and C-141 cockpit systems. Honeywell/TAECO. USA): Inertial navigation systems. electrical components. thermal switches. partner: Rolls-Royce (Allison) (USA). (Redmond. (Olathe. ADF transponders.. flight data acquisition units (FDAU). Inertial and Sensor Div. partner: Alenia (Italy). A330. electromechanical interface devices. Joint Ventures: CEASA.. fixed-wing aircraft propulsion and vehicular and ground power. regional airlines. FL. hardware. engine and equipment fasteners. Federal Manufacturing & Technologies (FM&T) (Kansas City. automatic flight control systems. sea. chemical products. Daly Note: In 2000 General Electric announced its intention to acquire Honeywell. 2001 www.735 — 1. fully integrated engine build-up systems.

com/awst AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. IM400. Japan): Builds liquid propellant engines.749 (March 2000) ISHIKAWAJIMA-HARIMA HEAVY INDUSTRIES (IHI) Shin-Ohtemachi Bldg. Defense Systems Division (Tokyo. LM2500 and LM6000. Ohtemachi 2-chome Aerospace Organization/Products: Officers: Chairman & CEO Kosaku Inaba President & COO Toshifumi Takei Executive VP Shozo Ojimi Senior Managing Director & President. J79. Gas Turbine Plant Division (Tokyo. Japan Tel: (81-3) 32 44 53 33 Fax: (81-3) 32 44 53 98 www. T64.AviationNow. 1999 8. fuel control systems and accessories.374 — — — % Change 7% — — — www. Also produces spare parts and performs maintenance. Civil Aero-Engine Division (Tokyo.742 — 48 — 2000 9. overhaul and repair of jet engines. AeroEngine & Space Ops. Trent and V2500 engine programs. Space Development Division (Tokyo. Japan): Manufactures turbofan and turboshaft engines. Mototsugu Ito Aero-Engine and Space Operations (Tokyo. F100. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio *Fiscal year ends on March 31. Tokyo 100-8182. T58. attitude control systems and ground test facilities. Japan): Manufactures light industrial gas turbines derived from aircraft engines for land and marine use. J3.Employment: 12. LM1600. Japan): Manufactures parts for F3. T700 and TF40 military aircraft engines. including IM150. as well as powerplant parts. Japan): Participates in CF34. GE90.ihi. F110. 2-1. IM270. 2001 315 .

sea. Military Aircraft Group: Lahav Div. illustrated parts and logistics catalogs. secure communications. Sigint and ESM suites. Engineering Div. partner: HG Inc. trainers and simulators. Flight Operations Div. VP & General Manager. MBT Div. customized training programs. (res. Keret. ImageSat International (ISI). SPX and Galaxy commercial and business aircraft. 316 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Boness. signal processing. retrofits and converts commercial and military aircraft. Israel): Air-. Test flights of IAI-produced aircraft and international ferry flights. Mer Services Group (all Israel). maintenance and management information systems. vehicle fleet management systems. repairs. develops.iai. MiG-21 and Mirage aircraft. (Ben Gurion International Airport. Harari.and microcomputers. simulators. 1999 2. tests and certifies military and commercial aircraft. point defense and air defense systems. (Beer-Sheba. radars. retrofits and tests more than 30 types of commercial and military engines. partner: AAI (USA). Training services include consulting. flight. electronic warfare. flight control actuation systems. overhaul. communications and Earth resource satellites. inertial navigation.. selfprotection systems. partners: Gilat Communications. (Yehud. tests and modifies components and subsystems for commercial and military aircraft. and tactical switching command and control systems. upgrades. data fusionimage processing. Israel): Builds Arrow antitactical ballistic missile. MLM Div. (Ashdod. Production Div. Kfir. upgrades A-4. repairs. high-voltage technologies. modifies. GSSC. partners: Core Software Technology (USA). artist concept and marketing support collaterals. Orr. stabilization systems for commercial spacecraft. Military Aircraft Group M. SHL Div. Israel): Builds and operates all-composite UAVs. upgrades combat aircraft and trainers. 2001 www. Israel): Test flights of all IAI customer-owned aircraft (fixed. night targeting and observation systems for helicopters. Israel): Overhauls. microwave components. Israel): Designs software for mainframes. CAD/CAM design and production of lightweight. components for air. turret stabilization systems. Israel): Overhauls. maritime patrol aircraft avionics suites. Component Div. F-4. data processing software. Engine Div.874 — 41 — % Change 7% — 71% — *AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates avilable on 12/31/98 and 12/31/ Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 14. trainers.and land-based missiles and guided weapons. Israel): Designs and builds military electronics systems. MHT-Technical Publications and Training (Ben Gurion International Airport.000 — 70 — 1998† 1. VP. high-speed information systems. training facilities. (Ben Gurion International Airport. advanced weapon systems. VP & General Manager. systems and components. Publications include operations. Bedek Aircraft Group D. mini. Israel): Designs and builds Astra SP. Joint Ventures: Eurolair Industries. F-5. Commercial Aircraft Group (Ben Gurion International Airport. builds and integrates stabilized electro-optic payloads for UAVs.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Officers: Chairman of the Board Gen.. data collection systems. AEW. installs avionics. Israel): Provides multilingual technical publications and training services. data links.) O. missile seekers. fighting and support vehicles. fast patrol boats and composite aircraft structures. Israel): Commercial and military electromechanical systems and hydraulics. antennas.000 Bedek Aviation Group: Aircraft Div. Medis Technologies. Electronics Group: ELTA Electronics Industries Ltd. VP & General Manager. VP & General Manager. produces helicopter/aircraft crew and passenger seats.: CAD/CAM of composite material structures.. overhaul and wiring manuals. minefield breaching equipment. modifies. Israel): Overhauls. Spacecom Satellite Communications Services Ltd. Israel): Maintains. Airport Israel Tel: (972-3) 935 3111 Fax: (972-3) 935 8516 www.and rotary-wing) following maintenance. partner: Eurolair International (France). ILS (Integrated Logistics Support) packages.: partners: Lifton & others (USA). composite nacelle production.AviationNow. 70100 Ben Gurion Int’l. President & CEO M. orientation and attitude systems for land navigation. Mata Div. Ramta Div. Knobel. Shmul. repairs. VP O. (Ben Gurion International Airport. Galaxy Aerospace Corp. (USA). Independent Divisions: MAMAN-Data Systems Center (Ben Gurion International Airport. F-16. land and sea platforms. Also produces real-time FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio video compression systems. satellite integration. (Beer-Yaakov. Pioneer UAV Inc. Tamam Div. inventory control systems. (Ben Gurion International Airport. image processing and enhancement systems. Finance A. (Lod. aircraft landing gear and shock absorbers. Malat Div. fire control systems. Israel): Designs. including budget control systems. helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft. Nahmoni. overhauls and repairs helicopter structures. surveys. fire-resistant electrical . Commercial Aircraft Group M. upgrades and conversion programs. fire control and ECM systems. Israel): Designs and manufactures manned and unmanned combat engineering equipment. designs. Exec. maintenance. vehicle hydraulic power packs and shock absorbers. (Ben Gurion International Airport. Arzi ISRAEL AIRCRAFT INDUSTRIES LTD. produces and integrates UAV systems. mission control stations. Electronics Group Z. Electro Optics Industries (Israel). Israel): Inspects. (Jerusalem. automatic test equipment. (Ben Gurion International Airport. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. (Yehud.

Ashburn and Reston. Kaman Aerospace Corp. 1998† 1. CT 06002. USA): Makes fuel. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. USA): Advanced Engineering & Sciences Div. Gilfillan Group (Van Nuys. Kamatics Corp. (Bloomfield. CO. CA. MA. NJ. Fluid Technology Business (Upper Saddle River. NY 10604.800 ITT INDUSTRIES 4 West Red Oak Lane White Plains. switches. military systems effects and analysis and hardware design. USA): International affiliate of Kaman Aerospace Corp. Electro-Optics Development Center (Tucson.000 KAMAN CORP. (Fort Wayne. (Bloomfield. Walter B. mechanical drive couplings for helicopters. (Clifton. CT.006 956 30 11% 1999 984 943 25 10% % Change (2%) (1%) (17%) (9%) www. test and evaluation. AN/ALQ-172 ECM systems for AC-130H and B-52. Avionics Div. USA): Produces non-contact position measuring systems and microwave cable assemblies. Kozlow President. USA): Produces EW systems. Kaman President & CEO Paul R. Other Units: Electromagnetics Development Center (Hudson. (255 produced. information technologies. consulting and technical assistance. Defense Business (McLean. Kaman Aerospace International (Bloomfield. MD. pressure. CT. Joint Ventures: Kamatics-Barden. USA Tel: (860) 243-7100 Fax: (860) 243-6365 www. testing accessories. USA): Builds helicopters. safing and mass memory systems. Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS).AviationNow. Kaman Instrumentation (Colorado Springs. AN/PVS-7B night-vision systems and goggles. partner: Northrop Grumman (USA). satellite electronics systems. Annapolis Junction. VA. (Burbank. IN. AZ. Spaceport Systems International. SH-2 Seasprite series. Systems Div.533 — 1999 4. temperature and letting flow switches. 2001 317 . 777 and C-17 aircraft structures. (USA). Kuhn President. aircraft components and composite structures. USA): Operation and maintenance Officers: Chairman & CEO Travis Engen President & COO Louis Giuliano Aerospace Organization/Products: Connectors and Switches Business (Santa Officers: Chairman Charles H. (Colorado Springs. CA. Advanced Threat Radar Jammer (ATRJ) for AH-64. PO Box 1 Bloomfield.Employment: 37. John Kornegay Aerospace Organization/Products: Kaman Aerospace Corp. USA): AN/AVS-6. USA Tel: (914) 641-2000 Fax: (914) 696-2950 www.632 4. USA): Produces electronic components. manufactures and markets advanced digital communications products and systems for government customers. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998 4. CA. (Roanoke. USA): Missile AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. all USA): Designs. air defense and coastal defense radars. Night Vision Div.567 1. Airterm airborne secure voice and data communications terminal. information card technology and high-speed cable systems. partner: Barden (UK). VA. CO. USA): Builds air traffic control.itt. CO. K-MAX. Kaman Aerospace-Middletown Operations (Middletown. AN/ALQ-165 ASPJ. AN/PVS-7. USA): Builds advanced electromagnetic motors and generators. CT. USA): Produces aerospace fasteners. USA): Builds self-lubricating bearings and surface coatings for aircraft. (Colorado Springs.kaman.217 233 — % Change 3% (8%) (85%) — Employment: 4. Joint Ventures: Consolidated Electronic Countermeasures. Harper Aerospace Fasteners Div. CA. USA): Aerospace Controls Div. USA): Produces strategic and tactical communications networks.493 4. including 11 new-build SH-2G Super Seasprites). Aerospace/Communications Div. Historical and ongoing projects include Boeing 767. (Burbank. NJ. fuzing. partner: California Commercial Spaceport Inc. USA): Builds Light Detection and Ranging (Lidar) systems. Kamatics Corp. hydraulic and pneumatic control valves for fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters. CT. interconnect systems. VA.

VA. (Toronto. Guidance & Control Systems Div. control.670 (51) 196% 2000 10. (Watertown. C-130. (Morris Plains. VA. MS. inertial platforms and inertial measurement systems. USA): Command. IA. Electron Devices Div. VP & CFO D. President & COO Ronald D. Litton Italia SpA (Rome. CT. Brown. subsystems and systems. general aviation and military transport aircraft. Electro-Optical Systems Div. (Pascagoula. overwing fuselage panels and wing in-spar ribs. Aero Products Div. airborne surveillance radars and light-emitting diode and liquid crystal displays. Woodland Hills. (Des Plaines. Full Service Center (Pascagoula. including slip ring assemblies and rotary joints.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 15.Litton. cylindrical and pneumatic connectors. Japan): Manufactures Boeing 737 wing in-spar ribs. NJ. Officers: LITTON INDUSTRIES INC. Marine Spey. design and life-cycle support . LA. USA): ARINC-regulated navigation and guidance systems for commercial. electro-optical. TELDIX GmbH (Heidelberg. USA): Inertial navigation and guidance systems. integration and support of computer-based information systems and reengineering of business processes. IL. commercial off-the-shelf equipment for military applications.828 4. Life Support Div. USA): Life-support equipment. Is currently developing the Air-Turbo Ramjet engine. repair. Canada): Inertial navigation systems. and OH-1 helicopters. Litton Ship Systems: Avondale Industries (New Orleans. 2001 Electronic Components & Materials Group: Airtron Div. actuators. CA. USA): Laser rangefinders and designators and IRCM transmitters. Kester Solder Div. Overhauls C-1. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1999† 9. transmission for BK 117 and OH-1.khi. construction. CA. (Northridge. Integrated Systems Div. Japan): Manufactures T53 and T55 turboshaft engines. (Tokyo. (San Carlos. Winchester Electronics Div. E-2C and E-767 aircraft. space support services and integrated voice communication switching systems. USA): Microwave components. (Apopka. CH-47J. MD. ship and land application. cargo doors and wing in-spar ribs.504 (176) 229% % Change 9% 10% (245%) 17% *Fiscal year ends on March 31.831 9. communications and intelligence systems. MS. USA): High-end information technology solutions to government and commercial clients. Space-related products include: payload fairing of H-2A rocket and Japanese Experiment Module (a part of the International Space Station). Subsidiary: Kawasaki Helicopter System Co. (Blacksburg. Aerospace Group Toshiaki Ouchida Aerospace Organization/Products: Aerospace Group (Tokyo. external load. CT. keel beam. VEAM USA (Watertown. Ontario. Marine Tyre and Orpheus engines. Litton Marine Systems (Charlottesville. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. Japan Tel: (81) 3 3435 2111 Fax: (81) 3 3436 3037 www.: Construction.202 222 48% % Change 16% 16% 83% 9% Advanced Electronics: Advanced Systems Div. Michael Steuert Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 40. USA): Design. General Manager. laser materials and gallium arsenide substrates. integrated ship electronics. USA): Design. 747 outboard flaps and 767 forward fuselage panels. synchros and Chairman & CEO Michael R. pressure bulkheads. CA 91367. Germany): Avionics navigation systems for aircraft and ships. after wheel-well bulkhead. VA. subsystems. CA. www. momentum and reaction wheels for space satellites. TX. Gas Turbine Div. (Garland. (Milan. spacecraft electronics. (Woodland Hills.497 121 44% 2000 5. logging and sightseeing. MO. CA. USA tel: (818) 598-5000 fax: (818) 598-5940 www. (College Park. USA) and Ingalls Shipbuilding Div. CA. overhaul.649 KAWASAKI HEAVY INDUSTRIES LTD World Trade Center Building 2-4-1 Hamamatsu-cho Minato-ku. (Davenport.300 FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Capital Ratio *Fiscal year ends July Officers: Chairman Toshio Kamei President Masamoto Tasaki Sr. Information Systems Group: PRC Inc. Litton Systems Canada Ltd. resolvers and engine instrumentation. 1999 4. USA): Multipin. (Springfield. motors. XATM-4 antitank missile and short-range surface-to-surface missiles. performs overhauls on LTS101. TASC Div. AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates avilable on 3/31/99 and 3/31/00. USA): Navigation and control systems for marine platforms. (Woodland Hills. Sr. 21240 Burbank Blvd. Interconnect Technologies Div.588 5. CT. Poly-Scientific Div. USA): Soldering USA): Night-vision and infrared systems. (Reading.AviationNow. Laser Systems Div. FL. Italy): Inertial navigation systems and attitude heading reference systems for airborne. RE220 and 131-9 APUs. multilayer back panels and printed circuit boards. engineering. USA): Passive detection and surveillance systems. 318 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. USA): Microwave devices and subsystems. Makes BK 117. (McLean. USA): Double-sided. modernization and fleet support of surface ships and commercial marine products. Litton Precision Products International (Watertown. USA): Electrical and electronic connectors. USA): Complete range of research and development.973 8. USA): Rotary components. Marine Olympus. USA): International marketing and sales of Litton electronic and electromechanical components. Tokyo. flight inspection systems. P-3C ASW patrol plane and T-4 intermediate jet trainer. hand-held terminals. Sugar. attitude and heading reference systems for all classes of military vehicles and weapons. Boeing 777 forward and center fuselage panels. VEAM SrL. Italy): Multipin connectors.

DC. Sponyoe. Technology Ventures Corp. systems engineering and integration of large. Stevens LOCKHEED MARTIN 6801 Rockledge Drive Bethesda. USA) and Kelly Aviation Center (San Antonio. MD 20817. communication systems offering large satcom †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. Greenville Aircraft Center (Greenville. and ground systems. NM. USA): Producer of C-5 Galaxy (131 delivered). M&SO also contains Advanced Technology Center (Palo Alto. Stevens..PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Officers: CEO Vance D. maintenance. two X-35 demonstrators produced). CEO Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications Inc. Ikonos. produces F-16 fighters (4. imagery training systems. Comprehensive support services for a wide variety of military and commercial customers around the world. Michoud Space Operations (New Orleans. C-27J (developmental. C-130A-H Hercules (2. USA): Capabilities include artificial intelligence. web-based applications. MSLS. Commercial Space Systems (Sunnyvale. Space Based Laser Integrated Flight Experiment. USA): Network services. integrated communication systems and complete communication networks methodologies.2%) (62%) 13% Global Telecommunications Sector: Lockheed Martin Global Telecommunications (Bethesda. Lockheed Martin Management & Data Systems (King of Prussia. markets and operates turnkey satellite systems (including A2100 commercial communications satellites) for the space-based telecommunications and remote sensing markets. GA. Titan 2 and 4). Lockheed Martin and Serco. JetStar (202 built). Camardo. CA. composite liquid oxygen tank for X-34. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (KAPL) (Schenectady. unmanned aerial vehicle development. Contractor logistics support.-Palmdale (Palmdale. Lockheed Martin Technology Services (Cherry Hill. operates as the steward for the UK’s nuclear weapons stockpile. (Littleton. CO. President & COO Robert J. CSS also contains Communications and Power Center (Newtown. data center operations. seat management. CA. PA. USA). USA): Designs. ERP solutions. TX. and multi-level security and data storage technologies. Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. image processing/exploitation. Chief products include planetary spacecraft and other space systems. develops. US Defense Dept. CA. Missiles & Space Operations (Sunnyvale. USA): Astronautics Operations (Littleton. intelligent systems and virtual prototyping. Hancock. DSCS and Milstar satellites. and provides space-based solutions for other applications. VP Systems Integration Robert B. MD. Coutts. USA): Aircraft & Logistics Centers (Greenville. NJ. C-130J (68 delivered as of 11/00). sophisticated information processing systems for government and commercial customers. (TVC) (Albuquerque. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. satellite services. produces one-third of the F-22 fighter.. Coffman. GA. C-141 Starlifter (285 delivered). Theater HighAltitude Area Defense System and Trident fleet ballistic missiles. USA): 320 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Airborne Laser. USA). MD. SC. aircraft maintenance. CA. digital signal processing. space launch systems (Atlas.530 23. establishing joint ventures in foreign countries and marketing modification and maintenance projects worldwide. privatizing aerospace-related depots. training and logistics. high-volume data processing.lockheedmartin. VP Space Systems Albert E. automatic target recognition. 3 delivered as of 11/00).AviationNow. exploitation. Exec. foliage penetration radar.156 delivered). Exec. USA Tel: (301) 897-6000 Fax: (301) 897-6083 www. systems management. 339 planned for USAF). USA): Provides telecommunications and network engineering. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. USA): All-weather. F-22 advanced tactical fighter (developmental. EELV. information infrastructure. classified aircraft development programs (including SR-71 and U-2 surveillance aircraft). P-3 Orion ASW aircraft (650 built). UAV command and control systems. Exec. Leads corporation’s Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program (in competitive development. USA). LA. TX. NY.-Fort Worth (Fort Worth. Smith. Remote sensing satellites include DMSP. builds. high-speed strategic information and data processing systems. USA): Designs. TX. imagery exploitation Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 130. modification and back shop support. Scientific projects include International Space Station solar arrays and other systems.001 160% 1999 25. experience in command and control systems for the intelligence community. selected for NASA’s X-33 reusable launch vehicle. Specializes in developing and managing international aviation service centers. systems & technology. 2001 www. John V. Atomic Weapons Establishment (AWE) (UK): A consortium of British Nuclear Fuels. bi-static radar systems. USA). SC. and information security for the US DOD and state and local governments. USA): Producer of F-117 stealth aircraft (59 delivered). 4 delivered. (Fort Worth. Athena 1 and 2. USA). VP Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. ground terminals/stations. Terrestrial Planet Finder. NASA. distributed processing and embedded processing within embedded training.865 382 180% % Change (3%) (0. Energy Programs (Washington. Ltd. Exec. USA): Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co. PA. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co.000 FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Capital Ratio 1998† 26. working with Korean industry in development of the T-50 supersonic trainer/light attack aircraft project. intelligence processing.021 delivered through 11/00).-Marietta (Marietta. Space-Based Infrared System-High (SBIRS-High) and TIROS. high-resolution synthetic aperture radar systems. made F-111 fighter/bomber. USA): Participates in Japan’s F-2 fighter (with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries). Information Support Services (Seabrook. CO. integration and modification. VP & CFO Robert J.266 23. C3I with emphasis on large-scale systems integration. VP Technology Services Michael F. (Smyrna. aircraft systems design. precision weapon guidance systems. Centaur. tests and manufactures a variety of advanced technology systems for space and defense. S-3 Viking ASW aircraft (187 delivered). USA): Advanced EHF national team.914 1. Contracts field teams for on-site maintenance and logistical support. X-33 aluminum liquid oxygen . also contains Lockheed Martin Aeronautical Systems Support Co. USA): Space shuttle external tanks. Dain M. USA): Commercializes technology from the national laboratories (primarily Sandia) and regional research universities.

AviationNow. Arrowhead. Space Imaging Inc. USA): Provides support services to NASA and the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) command and data acquisition stations. LMNE&SS-Undersea Systems (Manassas. USA): Engineering sciences. integrated logistics support. AN/TPS-117). Stand-alone Units: Integrated Business Solutions (Orlando. undersea and antisubmarine weapon systems. defense information systems. Longbow Limited Liability Co. fire support systems (ATACMS. Lockheed International Launch Services. marine systems. instructor services for aircrew and weapons systems operators. TX. product support. NITE Hawk. Information Technology and Identification Solutions. Lockheed Martin IMS (Teaneck. aerospace information operations. WCMD). shortrange air defense systems (PSTAR). HAVE LITE. FL. payload development. LANTIRN. civil and industrial customers. Ontario. simulation/training systems and data processing services. Joint Ventures: Airport Group International. partner: Raytheon (USA). modification and software support of flight simulators and training devices. AN/APG-67 Derivative SAR System. Predator. partner: Northrop Grumman (USA). MD. Python 4. real-world database generation systems. propulsion testing. combat systems. Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control-Dallas (Dallas. NY. and operations and maintenance for the US DOD. Starstreak). F-14 IRST. and Training and Simulation Solutions. USA): surveillance. strike weapons (AGM-142. 2001 321 www. VA. Longbow. control. Comanche EOSS. AN/TPS-73. and radars for cruisers and destroyers. USA): Designs and manufactures militarized. tracking and control. PAC-3). TX. Technical Operations (Sunnyvale. OH. LOSAT. combat systems. Lockheed Martin Information Systems (Orlando. Target Sight System. radar and flight data processing. high-speed. USA): Development and production of multifunction. Expertise and products include area. undersea and ground applications. Navy TACMS. training systems. tactical weapon and guidance systems. (Eosat). AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. TX. USA). anti-armor and air-toair missiles (Hellfire 2.). USA): Provides operation. NEXRAD WSR-88D wind and temperature profilers). advanced large-scale simulation capabilities. partner: Soros Capitol LP (Bermuda). satellite operation. NJ. including Aegis fire control. HIMARS. partner: Raytheon (USA). USA): Provides data processing and communications services for Lockheed Martin Corp. FL. LMNE&SS-Surface Systems (Moorestown. partner: Alenia (Italy). JASSM. air and missiles defense systems (AN/FPS-117. USA): Develops and produces air defense systems (ADATS. space systems support. Earth Observation Satellite Co. USA): Provides value-added. Javelin. LOCASS. program management. Systems Integration: Systems Integration-Owego (Owego. capabilities include systems integration. engineering. partner: Boeing (USA). PANTERA. AUP. FL. information systems support. weather systems (Environmental Situation Assessment Radar. ship and aircraft laser-based self-defense systems and sensor systems. computers and intelligence (C4I) systems. has delivered a number of command. USA). Raytheon/Lockheed Martin Javelin Joint Venture. partner: Turkish Aircraft Industries (Turkey). integration and operation. Lockheed Martin Alenia Tactical Transport Systems (LMATTS). LMNE&SSAkron (Akron. USA): Comprises two units. APS-145). Patriot. Chaparral. sustaining engineering. Lockheed Martin Mission Systems (Gaithersburg. logistics and engineering services for military combat and weapons systems. and provides engineering and technical support. ruggedized and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) defense computer systems for airborne. NM. Space Operations (Houston. MN. technology-based information services to various Lockheed Martin businesses. United Space Alliance. MD. AN/TPS59(V)3. USA) and Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire ControlOrlando (Orlando. and Perry Technologies (Riviera Beach. signal processors. Lockheed Martin Naval Electronics & Surveillance Systems Segment (Moorestown.. microelectronics and photonics. LMNE&SS-Radar Systems (Syracuse. digital image processing systems. advanced-technology system solutions for defense. terminal and tower automation. NY). Longbow Hellfire. system infrastructure development. Integrated Weather Systems. engineering and technical support for life science projects. . TRACER/FSCS). MD. USA): Business activities are structured into three major product areas: Support Solutions. LMNE&SS-Tactical Systems (Eagan. BLU-109. NASA and other customers. partner: Boeing (USA). develops PC-based interactive training courseware. Canada): Electronic systems for naval and airborne programs. airborne systems (AN/APG-67 multimode radar. Lockheed Martin Distribution Technologies (Owego. Note also that Lockheed Martin retains a 20% equity share of Loral Space & Communications. FL. PVS. Applications include modernization of existing information systems (and the business processes they service). Lockheed Martin Air Traffic Management (Rockville. pulsed power. phased-array radars used in major combat systems. and a metalcraft/electronic manufacturing capability. NJ. USA): Simulation and training systems for flight. Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control Segment (Dallas. surveillance data processing systems and space processors. FL. partners: Khrunichev Enterprise and NPO Energia (both Russia). range systems and intelligence. parallel processing computers for airborne and undersea command and control. USA): Information system integration programs. Sandia National Laboratories (Albuquerque. The unit is a prime system integrator for maritime surveillance aircraft. hardware and software development. a subsystem integrator of shipboard and airborne applications. TUSAS Aerospace Industries. USA): Satellite operations. deploys and maintains advanced air traffic control systems.Designs and provides support for nuclear reactors on board US Navy ships. manufacturing and logistics support. PGMM. systems integration and support. mission operations and control systems. customer field service support and manufacturing services.. space launch services. maintenance. and computational and information sciences. trains US Navy personnel in nuclear power plant operation. NY): Provides integrated. Strategic and tactical land-based air defense systems. MLRS. CA. weapon location systems. Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems (Orlando. fire control and sensors (ABLIRSS. USA): Develops. MPIM/SRAW. communications. the FAA’s National Airspace System and military training ranges. Lockheed Martin Canada (Kanata. development and integration. materials and processes. USA): Data processing and systems integration services for state and local governments. NJ. mission planning. cockpit procedures and total aircrew mission rehearsal. Systems Support & Training Services (Seabrook. flight hardware research. USA): Products and services in support of submarine combat systems. shipboard IRST. MEADS.

400 (as of April 1999) MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES. Japan): Manufactures Yushio and Oyashio-class submarines.. H2A launch vehicle. 2-5-1 Marunouchi Chiyoda-ku.000 Officers: Chairman & CEO Bernard L. VP & CFO Richard J. USA): Leases transponder capacity and provides value-added services to customers for a variety of applications.mhi. VP Michael P. Schwartz. Japan Tel: (81-3) 32 12 3111 Fax: (81-3) 32 12 9800 www. providing telephone communication to previously unserved geographical areas. including mission control operations and procurement of launch services. AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 3/31/99 and 3/31/00. CRJ-700 aft fuselage. It provides Internet Protocol (IP) broadband data. Type 80 ASM-1. Nagoya Aerospace System Works (Nagoya. Nagasaki Shipyard and Machinery Works (Nagasaki. Executive VP Eric J.V. Fixed Satellite Services (Bedminster.302 1. NY 10016.120 21. VP & Treasurer Nicholas C. Kobe Shipyard and Machinery Works (Kobe. and MD-11 tail cone. First Sr.520 (202) 73% % Change 12% 14% (45%) 38% Employment: 40. Aircraft & Special Vehicles Tadayuki Tanioka Aerospace Organization/Products: Aircraft and Special Vehicles (Tokyo. Global Mobile Telephony (San Jose.335 (139) 53% 1999 1. LE-7 and LE-7A rocket motors. de C. 777 aft fuselage and doors. Townsend LORAL SPACE & COMMUNICATIONS 600 Third Ave. Tokyo 100-8315. Defense Aircraft and Aeroengine Dept. Service is being established throughout the world systematically on a region by region basis. Japan): Manufactures Kongo-class Aegis warships and Asagiri-class destroyers. distance learning and direct-to-home services. news gathering. as well as the broadcast and communications services of Europe*Star. produces 747 Satellite Manufacturing and Technology (Palo Alto. S. The data services segment leases transponder capacity on the Telstar fleet. (Satmex). Loral Skynet: A global provider of satellite-based communications services as the leader of Loral’s Global Alliance.AviationNow. Type 90 SSM-1B ship-to-ship missiles.085 24. NJ. LTD. 322 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. 2001 www. Nagoya Guidance and Propulsion System Works (Nagoya. 1998† 1. USA Tel: (212) 697-1105 Fax: (212) 338-5662 Aerospace Organization/Products: Data Services (Rockville MD. SH-60 and UH-60 helicopters.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 4.199 150 74% 2000 27. The Alliance comprises the broadcast services of Loral Skynet via the Telstar FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Capital Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. a strategic partnership with Alcatel. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1999 24.291) 85% % Change 12% 17% (961%) 15% *Fiscal year ends on March 31. Guided Weapons Systems and Space Systems Dept. Type 91 ASM-1C and Type 93 ASM-2 air-to-ship . Globalstar: A next-generation provider of mobile satellite communication services. CA. Q-400 Dash 8 center fuselage. 767 aft fuselage panels. including the distribution of broadcast programming. Sr. Moren. New York.A. USA): Loral Cyberstar: Provides managed communications networks via very small aperture terminals (VSATs) and Internet/intranet services.728 (1.. MH 2000A. Produces aircraft engines and LE-5A. Also provides a range of related services. Japan): Produces AIM-9L and Type 90 AAM3 air-to-air missiles. Produces Bombardier Global Express wings and mid fuselage. Zahler. DeBlasio. Internet and multimedia services to businesses and Internet service providers. Japan): Manufactures F-2 and F-15J combat aircraft. USA): Loral leads an international joint venture for the Globalstar system of LEO satellites. Sr.. business television. satellite fleet and Satelites Mexicanos.458 1. CA. Japan): Headquarters and sales functions for Civil Aircraft and Aeroengine Dept. USA): Space Systems/Loral: Designs and manufactures satellites and other space Officers: Chairman Nobuyuki Masuda President Takashi Nishioka Managing Director & General Manager.

763 817 10% % Change 5% (3%) 185% (63%) 324 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. intelligence.000 MOTOROLA INC. Space Systems and Services Division (Scottsdale.AviationNow. AZ. AZ): Designs and integrates the Tactical Operation Center (TOC. security and encryption systems. telemetry and control (TT&C) transponders. AZ): Manufactures air-traffic-control radio systems and encrypted landline and radio communications solutions. space-borne GPS receivers for position navigation and timing. communications.772 (962) 27% 1999 30. USA Tel: (847) 576-5000 Fax: (847) 576-7653 www. President and COO Robert Growney. as well as the communications payload for the International Space Station. Canadian Defense Department Military Message Handling System. US Air Force Theater Deployable Communications (TDC). AZ): Designs and manufactures near-Earth and deep space tracking. Integrated Systems Division (Scottsdale. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. USA): Specializes in developing and integrating command. Galvin.398 30. US Marine Corps CGS and JSWS. IL 60196. Vice President and General Manager. Information Security Systems and Products Division (Scottsdale. Integrated Communications Access Packages (ICAP). Tactical Airspace Integration System (TAIS) and the US Army’s Combat Identification for Dismounted Soldier (CIDDS). control. Corporate Vice President and General Manager.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 146. 1303 East Algonquin Road Officers: Chairman of the Board and CEO Christopher B. 2001 www. 64 delivered).com/awst . Information Security Systems and Products Division John Cole Aerospace Organization/Products: Motorola Integrated Information Systems Group (Scottsdale. Taylor. designed the Combat Search and Rescue system (CSAR) including the PRC-112 and NEW GPS-112 transceiver and Quickdraw Interrogator. US Coast Guard National Distress and Response System Modernization Program. Vice President and General Manager.931 29. for the US Navy. Integrated Information Systems Group and General Manager. US Army Combat Synthetic Training Assessment Range (CSTAR) and Airborne Stand-Off Radar Programme (ASTOR) for the UK Ministry of Defence. New Millennium Deep Space 1 and STARDUST missions.mot. Mars Surveyor 98. Engineered and delivered the Digital Modular Radio (DMR). 1998† 29. a fully software redefinable radio system based on Motorola 6004 Wireless Information Transfer System (WITS) technology. space communication and operations and asset management systems for projects worldwide. Mars Pathfinder. surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. and advanced communication satellite and space communication payload subsystems. Joint Services Work Station (JSWS). Common Ground Station (CGS). Recently provided the Earth-spacecraft and spacecraft-to-spacecraft communications link for NASA’s Mars Global Surveyor. Space Systems and Services Division Ronald F. computer. Integrated Systems Division Mark Fried.

on the F14D. 1 for France. F-15. and Miniature Air Launched Decoy) (San Diego. USAF Common Imagery Processor (CIP). Modifies and upgrades F-5 fighters and T-38 trainers as original designer/manufacturer (El Segundo. one aircraft assigned to Edwards AFB. Northrop Grumman Norden Systems (Norwalk. USA): AN/APY-1/2 RSIP for E-3 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS). AN/APQ164 phased array radar (B-1B).146 194 90% 1999* 7.616 — 483** 61% % Change (14%) — 149% (32%) *Restated for sale of Aerostructures which took place in July 2000. base and range support. MD. C-2A. C-130. Designed. production of new E-2Cs with two new production E-2C Group 2 aircraft scheduled for delivery in 2000. information systems... Orbview 4. MD. mine hunting search sonar (AN/AQS-14). Integrated Family of Test Equipment (IFTE) standard automatic test equipment. California Microwave Systems (Woodland Hills. Multi-INT ground processing systems (Army ETRAC. USA): Prime contractor for B-2 Stealth bomber. (Peterborough. Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) covert. USA): Radio equipment. Repairs and Overhauls (MRO) Business Area. F-16C and F/A-18C/D. developed and produces BQM-34 Firebee and BQM-74E/Chukar multirole aerial targets (Palmdale. providing MWIR/LWIR scanning and staring sensors to detect and track ballistic missiles. Xetron Corp. analyze and debug operational software. USA): Designs. F-4. OH. Consolidated Automated Support System (CASS) electro-optical test system. torpedoes (Mk48. Space Systems (Baltimore. USA): Produces the AN/AAQ-24(V) directional infrared countermeasures system (DIRCM). integration of Cooperative Engagement Capability continues. USA). C-130J. CA. AFRL TRAM 2. the fire control radar for Comanche. Navy Littoral Surveillance Systems (LSS). with Navy technical and operational evaluations to begin. Relations Robert W.000-lb. Areas of expertise include command. Improved Air Delivered Sensor. weapon systems. USA). EA-6B. power generation. developed and produces the F/A-18’s center and aft fuselage and twin vertical tails and integrates all associated subsystems. SAR/MTI sensors (DARPA). marketing AEW solutions worldwide. Myers. communications. Electronic Sensors and Systems Sector (Baltimore.000 UK): Civil and military VHF and VHF/UHF digital radios. communications systems. (ICR) diesel engines and main reduction gears. Lightweight Wide Aperture Array. AN/ALQ-131 (A-10. Park Air Electronics Ltd. MD. TX. USA). Night Giant electro-optical surveillance system for Nimrod MPA. CA. Mk48 ADCAP). communications gateway systems. to flight-test software and weapons systems upgrades. MD. USA. systems and services. and air traffic control. USA): Advanced SEAL Delivery System (ASDS). USA): Air traffic control radars (ARSR-4. CA. Tactical Radar Electronic Countermeasures system for use on UAVs. A-10. MD. including Base Shop Test Facility and F-15 Down-Sized Tester. management and logistics support for E-2C Hawkeye airborne early warning and control (AEW&C) aircraft. AN/APG-77 active electronically scanned array radar (in a Northrop Grumman-led joint venture with Raytheon for the F-22 aircraft). MESA radar for 737 AEW&C. Repairs and Overhauls of various aircraft. Air Combat Systems (El Segundo. E-2C. LITENING airborne infrared targeting and navigation pod. USA): Airborne Early Warning and Electronic Warfare (Bethpage. The division also designs. CA. surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR). with eight additional aircraft on order. Microwave Power Modules. USA). AN/APY-3 (Joint-STARS radar). surface ship ASW (21HS) and radar sensor systems (AN/SPQ9B anti-ship missile defense radar). CA. RISTA IR line scanner for F-16A/B. and through a joint venture with ITT Avionics. Jr. MODE-S monopulse secondary surveillance radar. USA): Engineering. F-5E. a wholly owned subsidiary of Northrop Grumman: Provides advanced information technologies. Principal member of the Lockheed Martin Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Team competing to develop next-generation strike fighter (El Segundo. NY.NORTHROP GRUMMAN 1840 Century Park East Los Angeles. AN/ALQ-165 Airborne Self-Protection Jammer (ASPJ). USAF A-10 Thunderbolt 2. marine systems and automation and information systems. Discoverer 2 Technology Demo. Also electronic countermeasure systems. USA). Crosby. bombs with custom tail kit. USA): Member of Lockheed Martin team developing Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS). System-Level Test Set to verify performance of ALQ-135 prior to delivery. Augustine/Cecil Commerce Center. Upgrades and refurbishes 707 aircraft for use as E-8C Joint-STARS platforms (Lake Charles. Land Combat Systems (Baltimore. ASR-9 and ASR-12). IL. Jr. F-16. engineering and manufacturing development of next-generation Increased Capability-3 (ICAP-3) underway. USA): Submarine propulsion. SBIRS Program Office (Bethpage. CA 90069. including AN/AAR-54 passive missile approach warning system. including AN/APG-66 (F-16A/B. F/A-18. (Cincinnati. LA. USA). F-14. precision weapons. submarine hull-mounted acoustic systems (AN/WLY-1 Acoustic Intercept System. Herbert W. Global Positioning System Aided Munition (GAM) 2. FL. Integrated Systems Sector (Dallas. torpedo defense systems. battlespace management. Corporate VP & Treasurer Albert F. USA): Modifications. Program and engineering headquarters for EA-6B Prowler and related electronic warfare aircraft programs. and surface ship power distribution and power conditioning system. USN Fleet support of C-2A Greyhound and F-14 Tomcat. tactical communications. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998 8. MO. Corporate VP & President. including A-7. the AN/ALQ-135 internal countermeasures system and AN/ALQ-162 countermeasures set. USA): Space-Based Infrared System (SBIRS High/Low). USA): AN/APG-76 airborne radar. Vehicular Intercommunications System. government groundbased SATCOM systems. TESAR radar for the Predator UAV. support of F-5/T-38 International/USAF users. AN/TPS-75 and FPS-130). surface ship propulsion and power generation gas turbines. principal subcontractor to Boeing on the F/A-18C/D Hornet and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet strike fighters. MD. Brilliant Anti-Tank (BAT) submunition. Logicon Inc. CA. a satellite system to detect and track ballistic missiles. AN/APN-241 (C-130H. Designed and is developing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) systems (Fire Scout vertical takeoff surveillance. antisubmarine warfare targets (SPAT). HS-748 Australian naval trainer). Airborne Surveillance Systems (Baltimore. seven delivered as of March 2000. Marine Systems (Sunnyvale. computers. USA): Teamed with Lockheed Martin to produce the Longbow radar and Hellfire missile systems for the AH-64D Apache helicopter. and commercial information services. Mast-Mounted Sight high-resolution sensor suite. President & CEO Kent Kresa. Corporate VP Govt. NY. business and engineering management for Modifications. **Before one-time accounting change. F-111 and Harrier). 20 at Whiteman AFB. www. Integrated Systems Sector Ralph D. Produced and delivered 21 aircraft. intelligence. in a joint venture with Lockheed Martin. MD): Airborne reconnaissance and surveillance AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Avionics Systems (Baltimore. and headquarters for Northrop Grumman Field Support Services. and mission planning. (Herndon. Airspace Management Systems (Baltimore. Officers: Chairman. Virtual System Analyzer test instrumentation system. Supporting A-7 Corsair 2 and S-2T International customers. USA): Produces the E-8C Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar Systems (Joint-STARS) for the US Air Force. Aperture Risk Reduction. Anderson. research and development for AGS & BM Systems. Belcamp and Hagerstown. Specializes in airborne reconnaissance and surveillance systems. Integrated Support System to monitor. Orbview 3. training and simulation. Helm. CA. Roche Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 36.902 8. unmanned battlefield monitoring device. secure software and communications systems. based on UGS. science and technology. FL. Oceanic and Naval Systems (Annapolis. Corporate VP & President. Corporate VP & President. military space and undersea programs. CA. mission computer cluster for the Commanche helicopter and. Corporate VP & CFO Richard B. (St. AN/APG-68 (F-16C/D). VA. Research and development related to AEW & EW systems. research of Infrared Search and Track capability begun in 1999. 2001 325 . CT. USA): Produces aircraft radars. develops and produces electronic countermeasures. Defensive Systems (Rolling Meadows. Warfighter 1). Army Tactical Exploitation System [TES]). NATO F-16 MLU program). multiyear procurement contract for 24 (21 for US Navy. AMASS and ASDE-3 ground traffic control radar systems . APY-6 airborne radar. development and flight test of next-generation Hawkeye 2000. control. 2 for Taiwan) new Hawkeye 2000 aircraft awarded in 1999. Global Hawk high-endurance reconnaissance. AN/TPS-70. Airborne Ground Surveillance and Battle Management (Melbourne. Logicon Inc. air defense systems. USA Tel: (310) 553-6262 Fax: (310) 201-3023 www. Program. Designed. which features Mission Computer Upgrade and Advanced Control Indicator Set workstations—completed.northgrum. CA. and High-Frequency Bow Conformal Array). Waugh. REMOTEC hazardous duty robots.AviationNow. unmanned undersea vehicle (UUV) systems for mine reconnaissance. and radar sensor systems (AN/SPS-40 air search radar and AN/SPS-67 surface search radar). ground-based surveillance radars (AN/TPS-63. Electronic Sensors & Systems Sector James G. develops and produces radars and electronic systems for combat aircraft. reactor control and missile launching system. Multispectral/Hyperspectral spaceborne cameras (DMSP Operational Linescan System. Provides B-2 depot maintenance at Palmdale.

21700 Atlantic Blvd. electronically controlled actuators. Abex NWL Div. technical data and reliability management. USA): Manufactures field-attachable fittings and flexible hose assemblies. all USA): Produces Pegasus XL and Taurus space launch vehicles. San Dimas and Sunnyvale. OrbView-3/-4. flight-control components and ballistic-tolerant hydraulic systems and components. regulator valves. (ORBIMAGE) (Dulles. VA. flight-control components and hydraulic systems and components. Major GEO satellite projects include: BSAT 2a/2b and Nstar C. USA): Designs. President. primary flight-control actuation and engine-control systems. hydraulic motors. including heat exchangers and cooling systems. UT. high-temperature bleed air . air pumps. Japan): Manufactures electromechanical actuators. electromechanical actuators. VA 20166. Cleveland. space systems and technical services. OH. manufactures and services heat-transfer and inerting systems and components. spraybars.959 551 311 30% 2000 5. LP (Dulles. Airborne Div. Pierce Aerospace Organization/Products: Satellite Access Products Business: Magellan Corp. MA. technical data. VP & CFO Jeffrey V. (Forest. USA): Worldwide logistics support for systems and components manufactured by Parker Aerospace for military aircraft and related equipment. Services include sales and management of spares. MD. USA): Designs. Parker Aerospace Group Steve Hayes FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio *Fiscal year ends June Officers: Chairman & CEO Duane Collins. Minotaur orbital/suborbital vehicle and a variety of suborbital launch vehicles. MI. (Kalamazoo. Gas Turbine Fuel Systems Div. USA): Designs. CA. OH. Dulles. MI. (Ayer. quantity-gauging systems. training. Canada): Satellite ground stations. Orbital Imaging Corp.parker. air turbine starters and aircraft fire-suppression systems. as well as online inventory. all USA): Satellite access technology including consumer GPS navigators. online land information products. 326 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Parker Fluid Connectors: Stratoflex Aerospace Military Connectors Div. SORCE and VCL. manufactures and services fuel. manufactures and services hydraulic systems. VA. hydraulic systems and electro-hydraulic servovalves. These are manufactured by the MacDonald. USA): Designs. filters. VA. 1999 4. both USA): Intelligent transportation systems and space and ground sensor systems. warranty administration. two-way data and messaging communications services. Germany): Manufactures and services electro-mechanical actuators. Launch Systems Group (Chandler. ground-support equipment. Vandenburg AFB. gauges and fittings. overhaul and repair. field service. (Smithtown. Space and Ground Infrastructure Business: Electronics and Sensor Systems Group (Pomona. CA and Rochester Hills. OH. GA. hydraulic thrust-reverser actuators. manufactures and services electromechanical actuators. 2001 www.355 576 368 31% % Change 8% 5% 18% 3% Aerospace Organization/Products: Parker Aerospace: Abex Aerohydraul Div. atomizer devices. integrated flyby-wire electro-hydraulic servomodules. flow-measurement systems. turbine clearance control valves. AC fuel pumps. hydraulic systems and electro-hydraulic servovalves. Customer Support Commercial Div. hydraulic thrust-reverser actuators. USA): Designs. integrated fly-by-wire electro-hydraulic servomodules. (Irvine. (Irvine.500 ORBITAL SCIENCES Officers: Chairman.-Commercial (Ogden. engineering assistance. USA): Designs and manufactures electro-hydraulic servovalves and electromechanical products. President & COO Don Washkewicz. all USA): Satellites. Satellite Services Business: ORBCOMM Global. helicopter transmissions and accessories.orbital. hydraulic piston pumps. Russia. aerial refueling equipment. CA and Dulles. NY. and field service in support of the world’s airlines. 6035 Parkland Blvd. hydraulic systems and electro-hydraulic servovalves. Aircraft Wheel & Brake Div. CA. metering devices and manifolding for gas turbine main combustion and augmentation for commercial. bleed-air valves. Parker Aerospace Japan (Yokohama. air traffic control systems and software-based space. which was selected by the Canadian Government to build the RADARSAT-2 imaging satellite. OH. USA): Designs. USA): Global. manufactures and services aircraft wheels. (Moscow. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Operating Income Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. Servo Controls Div. manufactures and services fuel nozzles. VA. high-precision GPS systems (sold under the Ashtech brand name). Major LEO satellite projects include: GALEX. USA Tel: (216) 896-3000. USA): Designs. hydraulic motors. Customer Support Military Div. bleed-air temperature control systems. Systems Integration and Software Group (Toronto and Vancouver. USA): Provides around the clock support services for some 50. TX and Dulles. manufactures and services aircraft fuel system components. Control Systems Div. and in-theater support. CA. 1998† 731 718 13 43% 1999 875 934 (59) 78% % Change 20% 30% (554%) 81% Employment: 39. (Mainz-Kastel. USA): Designs. (Avon. USA): Satellite-based automobile navigation products and services including Magna Works (partnered with Magna International) and Navigation Solutions (partnered with The Hertz Corp. ORBNAV (Plano. Air & Fuel Div. hydraulic piston pumps. Pirone Exec. subsidiary. Space Systems Group (Germantown and Greenbelt. manufactures and services DC fuel pump products. Dulles. MD. CA and Germantown. primary flight-control actuation and engine-control systems. Electronic Systems Div. and repair services. training. parking valves and hydraulic systems and components.AviationNow. industrial and aerospace propulsion engines and related products. AZ. United Aircraft Products Div. (Irvine. overhaul.000 PARKER HANNIFIN CORP. USA): Worldwide Earth-imaging and remote sensing information services. manufactures and services hydraulic systems. electronically controlled actuators. (Fort Worth.and oil-management systems. VP & CFO Garrett E. Nichols Aircraft Div. electromechanical actuators. flight-deck displays and flight inspection and aircaft-control systems. USA): Designs. valves. VA. hydraulic piston pumps. (Mentor.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 4. (Elyria. CA. TX. hydraulic motors.000 Parker Aerospace part numbers. (Dublin. Control Systems Div. Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. USA): Designs. hydraulic thrust-reverser actuators. CEO & President David W. brakes. ORBCOMM.). defense and information products. automotive navigation systems (used in the Hertz NeverLost system) and wireless satellite communications products. master cylinders. engineering support. Fax: (216) 896-4000 www. auxiliary power units. OH 44124. USA Tel: (703) 406-5000 Fax: (703) 406-5572 www. manufactures and services lubrication and scavenge oil pumps for aircraft gas turbine engines. Thompson Sr.-Military (Irvine.

USA Tel: (781) 862-6600. the ground-based radar for the THAAD system. Control. LPD-17 Ship System Integration. C-12 Guardrail. SpacePort Canada. Swanson. Phalanx shipboard air defense gun system and XM-982 guided artillery round. Enhanced Position Location Reporting System (EPLRS). Commercial Remote Sensing System (CRSS). Improved Bradley Acquisition Subsystem (IBAS).RAYTHEON Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 94. USA): Logistics support and maintenance services for more than 1. Electronic Systems (Tucson. Communication and Information Systems (C3I) (Marlborough. drivers vision enhancer.006 844 — % Change 2% (24%) (52%) — www. AN/APG-65 for AV-8B. partner: PIK Facilities (Scotland. AN/APQ-64 Sentinel ground-based radar. Sensors for Global Hawk and ASARS-2 for U-2. VP of Bus. Operates a network of business aviation service operations at airports across USA and in the UK. McKinney. Also makes naval weapons and combat systems such as: AEGIS components. Thoray Electronics. Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder and interrogator systems. PEACE Shield Command and Control System for Saudi Arabia. McKee Commercial Electronics: Microelectronics/Advanced Device Center (Andover. Marchilena. AGM-154 JSOW. AN/AWG-9 for F-14. RI. second-generation Flir program. Raytheon Aircraft: Raytheon Aerospace Co. Raytheon Systems Limited (RSL): Raytheon Company’s UK subsidiary. Beech/Pilatus PC-9 Mk2 trainer for JPATS program as the T-6A Texan 2. Raytheon Aircraft Co.raytheon. AN/APG-73 for F/A-18. Has aircraft fractional ownership program with Raytheon Travel Air. VP & President of C3I Francis S. USA): Provides wide range of scientific. and System for the Vigilance of the Amazon (SIVAM).700 government and military aircraft. CA. El Segundo. BGM-71 TOW. LePore.300 Officers: Chairman & CEO Daniel P. Kongsberg Defense and Aerospace. Peter R. MA. USA): Produces air traffic control systems including: Digital Airport Surveillance Radar/ASR11. Precision Runway Monitor and Skytrack air traffic management systems. Mk6 Trident missile guidance electronics. McKinney. radars and other weapons systems such as: AGM-65 Maverick. AN/MPQ-37 firefinder radar. Dev. Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS). (USA). partner: Akjuit Aerospace Ltd. TX. CSR. AIM-7 Sparrow. COMLOG. the Surface Launched AMRAAM system. UK). Cobra Judy. airborne communications products including. AN/APG-70 for F-15. Earth-Observing System Data and Information System (EOSDIS).com/awst AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Hawker 800. Global Broadcast Service (GBS). Beechjet/Beech 400T (TTS). ARC-222. AN/APG-63 for F-15. Fax: (781) 860-2172 www. all USA): Produces missiles. VP & Group Exec. Sr. Schuster. Beech 1900D. 141 Spring Street Lexington. RGE Government Services Co. missile target operation and maintenance support. KS. the Clear Radar Upgrade Program. AN/APG-181 for B-2. Airborne and spaceborne radar: FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. Exec. Philip T. AGM-88 HARM. Bonanza. munitions. Night Sight thermal imaging system. Exec. VP & President of Electronic Systems William H. VP & President and CEO of Raytheon Aircraft Co. Secure Mobile Anti-Jam Reliable Tactical Terminal (SMART-T). ARC-187. Joint Tactical Terminal. RIM-116A Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM). both USA): Produces head-of-state aircraft interiors and interiors for Boeing Business Jets. technical and professional services including: depot operations. refurbishes E-6B TACAMO and P-3 aircraft. (Wichita. USA): Produces and supports AQM-37C and MQM-107D aerial target systems. T-39 and T-44. AIM-9X. Burnham. Caine. Dahlberg. Hansel E. Andover and Bedford. ARC-164. including C-9. Tookes. HISAR synthetic aperture radar and Space-Based Infrared System-Low (SBIRS-Low). AIM-120 AMRAAM. BGM-109 Tomahawk. MA. USA): Produces VHSIC and GaAs-based MMIC devices. VP & President of Technical Services Co.. test range operations and training. 2001 327 . Raytheon Technical Services Company (Reston. JLENS. VA. RSL has indigenous design and manufacturing capability and acts as both prime bidder and team partner for major UK programs.841 1. Managing Director of Raytheon Systems Ltd. Produces communications systems including: Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System. engaged in a number of technologies in defense and commercial electronics. VP & CFO Franklyn A. RIM-66/-67 Standard. designs. of Raytheon Commercial Electronics Delbert E. Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC). Command. Joint Ventures: Alliance Logistics Ltd.. Commanders Independent Thermal Viewer (CITV) for the M1A2 main battle tank. partner: Computer Sciences Corp. TX. Mk46. the HAWK air defense system. Horizontal Technology Integration (HTI). MS. MA 02421. Exec. 1999 19. Mk48 and Mk50 torpedoes.527 404 — 1998† 19. Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) system for F/A-18. VP & President of Aircraft Integration Systems James E. the Patriot Air and Missile Defense system. HIRE fire control sight. MILSTAR terminals. Employs some 2. Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension Systems (BGPHES). C-21. Cobra Dane. partner: Kongsberg (Norway). T-33. Defense and Government Electronics: Aircraft Integration Systems (Greenville and Waco. RIM-7 Evolved Sea Sparrow. Javelin anti-armor missile (Joint Venture with Lockheed Martin). (Canada). partner: Lockheed Martin Government Services (USA).AviationNow. partner: EADS (The Netherlands). FIM-92 Stinger. (Madison. 800XP and 1000 business jets and Raytheon Premier 1. partner: EADS (The Netherlands). Paveway family of laser-guided bombs. Produces infrared and thermal imaging systems such as: AN/AAQ-27 thermal imager. Exec.419 2. 2nd. Other: AN/ALE-50 towed decoy. TX.000 people at nine sites across the United Kingdom. Hawker Horizon is in development. Baron. Navy EHF/SHF satellite communications terminals. Lippert. Portsmouth. AZ. MA. AN/ALR-67(V)3 electronic radar warning receiver. Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS). the X-Band radar and the upgraded early warning radars for the National Missile Defense mission. partner: Thales Sintra ASM (France). Pave PAWS. & President of Raytheon International Kenneth C. Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS). AIM-9 Sidewinder. Air Traffic Control Beacon Interrogator (ATCBI-6). Systems for Defense/Gesellschaft fur Vertidigungs Systeme GmbH (GVS). Also produces EX-171 Extended-Range Guided Munition. develops and integrates electronic warfare and intelligence-gathering equipment into special-mission systems. the ground-based radar prototype. BMEWS.

Rolls-Royce GmbH (MTR).com Officers: Chairman & CEO Don H. flight management systems and aviation electronics systems. ACAS/TCAS. T406 turboshaft. of spinning off to shareholders. accessories. Supplies EHF. builds GPS-based air traffic management system technologies.Rockwell. Brazil): Maintains and overhauls aircraft turbine engines. partner: Honeywell (USA). including Collins AVSAT satellite-based comm/nav/surveillance systems and Collins Pro Line 4 and Pro Line 21 avionics systems. Singapore International Engine Components Overhaul Pte. service parts. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio *Fiscal year ends on September 30. Industria de Turbo Propulsores SA (Spain). Business and Regional Systems (Cedar Rapids. head-up guidance systems. data links.261 562 — % Change 4% (8%) 32% — Employment: 49. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998† 6. overhead video systems. partners: EADS (The Netherlands).. (Singapore). IN. PRC). Germany. Canada): Builds gas turbines. HF and VLF communications systems to US government and international markets.rolls-royce. Finance Paul Heiden Aerospace Organization/Products: Aerospace (Derby. VHF systems. UK): provides maintenance.. Light Helicopter Turbine Engine Co. on-board servicing. IA. CA. GPS receivers. UK and . USA): Builds Adour turbofan (with Snecma/Turbomeca). technical information services and engineering services. Turbomeca. Turbo-Union Ltd. flight management systems. multimode navigation/landing systems. USA): Capabilities include a flexible menu of total service solutions. SATCOM. Bristol. Joint Ventures: Data Systems & Solutions. Milwaukee. MTU. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. Organization has more than 50 operating locations that provide single-source repair and overhaul of aviation electronic equipment. UHF. Rockwell Collins Clayton M. UK): Produces RB211 high bypass turbofan engine family. SW1E 6AT UK Tel: (44-207) 222-9020 Fax: (44-207) 227-9170 www. partners: EADS (The Netherlands). IA. partner: Snecma/Turbomeca (France). its Rockwell Collins avionics and communications business unit. Jones Note: Rockwell International announced its intention.000 aerospace) ROLLS-ROYCE PLC.. builds and supports integrated aviation electronics systems and products for regional airlines and turbine-powered business aircraft.795 558 35% % Change 6% 5% 11% — *AW&ST conversions based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. (Singapore): Provides engine services. FiatAvio SpA (Italy).600 corporate (30. Snecma/Turbomeca (France). Ltd. partner: Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. data link management systems. (Hong Kong. in late 2000.000 (Rockwell Collins: 14.043 6. Texas Aero Engine Services. International Subsidiaries: Rolls-Royce Brasil (Sao Bernard de Campo. Williams-Rolls Inc. USA): Designs. including maintenance. Indianapolis IN. USA): Designs. RB168-807 (with FiatAvio and MTU). Quebec. UTC/Pratt & Whitney (USA). Viper turbojet. USA): Worldwide supplier of government/military comm/nav/surveillance systems. Defense (Filton. Eurojet Turbo GmbH. 328 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15.000) ROCKWELL INTERNATIONAL 777 East Wisconsin Ave.465 504 — 1999 7. 65 Buckingham Gate London. partner: SAIR (Switzerland and UK). Davis President. MTR 390 turboshaft (with MTR partners). Rolls-Royce BR710/715 and Williams-Rolls FJ44. Rolls-Royce Canada Ltd. Pegasus turbofan. Collins Aviation Services (Cedar Rapids. Aerospace Organization/Products: Rockwell Collins: Air Transport Systems (Cedar Rapids. weather radar. IA. USA): Builds AE Officers: Chairman Sir Ralph H. Japanese Aero Engines Corp. autopilot/autoland systems. (LHTEC). training services. flight deck displays. partner: American Airlines (USA). partners: EADS (The Netherlands). comm/nav/surveillance sensors. Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Ltd. digital audio distribution systems.353 6. including HF. TEMRO. Trent engine family and modules for V2500 (with IAE partners).AviationNow. partner: Williams International (USA). builds and services cabin management and inflight entertainment systems for wide-body and single-aisle aircraft. Gem and Gnome turboshafts. Passenger Systems (Pomona.969 6. live direct broadcast satellite television and fax/phone connections for passengers onboard commercial airlines and business aircraft. including interactive in-seat video systems with audio/video-ondemand capability. T800 turboshaft (with Honeywell). Rolls-Royce Repair and Overhaul (Derby. Joint Ventures: In Flight Network (IFN). USA): Provides aviation electronic systems. products and services for the world’s airlines and airframe manufacturers. repair and overhaul (MRO) for Collins and non-Collins products. engineering and support for RollsRoyce commercial and military engines. FiatAvio SpA (Italy). including integrated information systems. IA. partners: EADS (The Netherlands). UK): Corporate & Regional Aircraft (Dahlewitz.. Industria de Turbo Propulsores SA. AE2100 turbofan. IAE International Aero Engines AG. RTM322 turboshaft (with Snecma/Turbomeca). EJ200 (for Eurofighter. Robins Chief Executive John Rose Director.752 6. Hong Kong Aero Engine Services Ltd. Rolls-Royce Airline Business (Derby. Model 250 turboshaft. Singapore Aero Engine Services Ltd.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 40.815 427 25% 1999 7. partner: Turbo 2000 SA (Spain). modems. GPS and satellite communication systems. repairs and overhauls aircraft engines. 2001 www. WI 53202 USA Tel: (414) 212-5200 Fax:(414) 212-5201 www. with Eurojet partners). (Lachine. (Japan). Government Systems (Cedar Rapids. partner: Science Applications International Corporation (USA). 1998 6. partner: News Corporation (USA).

UAV and Observation Systems: Complete UAV systems. missile infrared homing equipment. Exec. display and storage. partner: Ericsson Microwave Systems (Sweden). observation and fire control systems (missiles). inertial sensor units for stabilization and flight control systems.saab. Sweden Tel: (46-13) 18 00 00 Fax: (46-13) 18 18 02 www.AviationNow. France Tel: (33-1) 40 70 63 63 Fax: (33-1) 40 70 66 00 www. In March 2000 Saab acquired the Celsius Group. missile warning systems. Saab Aerospace (Linköping. Space Bengt Mörtberg. GPS/inertial navigation systems. Optics and Engineering: Astronomy and space high-precision optics and large-size optics. Managing Director. VP & CFO Goran Sjoblom. AW&ST conversions based on exchange rate available on 12/31/99. operations and maintenance. Sweden): Produces JAS 39 Gripen fighter (93 delivered through 9/00). USA): Commercial aircraft maintenance. FLIRS. Saab Ericsson Space. Avionics and Flight Control: Piloting and flight control equipment. digital map production workshops.SAAB GROUP SE-581 88 Linköping. simulation and training. separation systems. engine and component maintenance. Director. Head of Business Area. encryption. UAV and Observation Systems Didier Godart. aircraft condition monitoring systems. military terminals.000 SAGEM SA (Groupe SAGEM) 6 Ave d’Iena. mission planning systems. France): Aeronautic Systems: Avionics. partner: BAE Systems (UK). Guidance and Navigation Christian Jaeger. special flight operations. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Equity to Assets Ratio 1998 — — — — 1999* 2. radar-based level gauging. hybrid navigation and localization systems. Navigation & Guidance: Inertial navigation systems for aircraft. Director. Director. Head of Business Area. Saab Infomatics (Järfälla and Stockholm. Avionics and Flight Control Pierre Bloch. submarines and surface ships. partner: Ericsson Microwave Systems (Sweden).099 2. future aerospace systems. Technical Support and Services Jan Eiborn. Aeronautic Systems Christian Dedieu. The Saab Aircraft Leasing business unit manages a leasing portfolio of 309 Saab 340 and Saab 2000 models. Other Operations (Linköping and Officers: Chairman & CEO Pierre Faurre.932 132 50% 1999 3. Optronic Systems: Thermal imagers. Saab-BAe Gripen. www. high-capacity memories.114 1. aircraft modernization kits. Sweden): Provides product support for the Saab 340B and Saab 2000 turboprop regional airliners and Saab 340 airborne early warning aircraft. Head of Business Area. radio communications. Optronic Systems Dominique Mockly Aerospace Organization/Products: Defence and Security Div. 2001 329 . Defense & Security Div.609 3. Saab Bofors Dynamics (Karlskoga and Linköping. and structural assemblies including systems for commercial aircraft. network. Head of Aviation Services Christer Persson Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 16. trajectography systems. VA. Technical Support and Services (Linköping and Nyköping. system and terminal security. including image transmission processing. F-75783 Paris Cedex 16. Secure Terminals and Systems: Secure terminals (telephone. underwater systems. Senior VP & CFO Mario Colaiacovo. Sweden): Electronic warfare. inertial guidance systems for tactical and strategic missiles and missile launchers. Saab Infomatics Dan Jangblad. helicopters. flight test equipment. Sweden): On-board computers. Sweden): Celsius Aviation Services (Alexandria. Head of Business AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. spacecraft.sagem. land vehicles. Sweden): Manufactures missile systems. Sweden): Technical services. Head of Business Area. Joint Ventures: Ericsson Saab Officers: President & CEO Bengt Halse. antennas and microwave electronics.000 Saab AB (Linköping.372 155 50% % Change 16% 15% 17% — *AW&ST conversion based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. Saab Bofors Dynamics Ingemar Andersson. Director. Jacques Paccard. Employment: 15. aircraft and helicopter maintenance and modifications. Space (Gothenburg. mobile digital transmission systems. modifies and markets earlier Saab fighters. (Nanterre. day/night sighting systems.628 86 — % Change — — — — *1999 values are pro forma. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS):* Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio 1998 3. Director. facsimile). Saab Aerospace Åke Svensson.

Service centers are located in Melbourne. Canada.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 15. and Seattle. (Cheltenham and Southampton. Australia. Grand Rapids. USA). Detection & Protection Div. Managing Director. UK.AviationNow. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book.300 563 279 — % Change 11% 13% 9% — 330 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. San Diego. Aerospace Group John Ferrie. and in Clearwater.smithsind-aerospace. Micro Circuit Engineering-MCE (UK): Provides detection and monitoring of chemical and biological agents and air quality. flight control and engine accessories. UK Tel: (44-208) 458-3232 Fax: (44-208) 458-4380 www. Graseby Dynamics. aircraft utilities. Germantown. flight and video recorders and HUMS. proximity sensing systems. Information Management Systems Div.000 corporate. Managing Director. both USA. Managing Director. Legg Smiths Aerospace: Customer Services Div. (Europe. UK. Managing Director. Aerospace Organization/Products: Chairman Keith Orrell-Jones. airlines and military forces. WA. FL. Customer Services John M. data control systems such as data transfer. NY. all USA): Key product groups include flight management systems. IL. navigation and guidance systems. FL. cockpit control panels. FL. Vehicle Management Systems Nick J. Ehr. MD. Toronto. Information Management Systems Robert F. Dayton. 2001 www. Singapore. ships’ integrated navigation systems and safety equipment. Vehicle Management Systems Div. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio *Fiscal year ends on July 31. develops integrated circuit technologies and designs multichip modules. Detection & Protection John Shepherd. electronic chart display and information systems and satellite and HF/MF/VHF communications. MI. President. (6.000 Aerospace) Officers: SMITHS GROUP plc 765 Finchley Road London NW11 8DS.: Includes Environmental Technologies Group (Baltimore.080 500 257 — 2000 2. navigation/attack. (Hainault. UK): Supplies naval and marine radar. President. (Pompano Beach. Rockford. high-lift and actuation systems. NJ. Malvern. vehicle management. North America. UK): Key product groups include crew information systems. Clearwater. PA. and mission management systems such as stores management systems and AMLCD display systems. Bohemia. Naval & Marine Martin Jones. It also is a navigational chart supplier and correcting agent. Pacific): Provides equipment repair and spare parts service for airframe manufacturers. 1999† 2. OH. Cheltenham and London Heathrow Airport. Electro-mechanical Systems Ron Albrecht. Wilton. Electro-mechanical Systems Div. (Cheltenham and New Addington. Graseby Microsystems. electrical . Chief Executive Keith Butler-Wheelhouse. all USA): Specialists in products for electrical power management. Whippany. Managing Director. CA. Naval & Marine Div.

cryogenic engines and “MPS” solid rocket motors). Labinal Senior VP & COO Jean-Claude Lepage. Equipment for aerospace and defense applications. and jointly produced engines. Hispano-Suiza Aerostructures: Engine nacelles and thrust reversers. business jets and helicopters. Techspace Aero President & CEO Emeric d’Arcimoles. Atar 09K50 for Mirage 50 and Mirage F1. Larzac (in cooperation with Turbomeca) for Alpha Jet and MiG-AT trainers. develops. telecom and business equipment markets. Organic matrix composites for aerospace applications. automotive. Snecma Services: Worldwide product support of commercial engines and MRO services for commercial and military engines. production. Turbomeca: Medium-power and medium-thrust gas turbines. Snecma Moteurs Chairman & CEO Dominique Paris. Turbojet starting systems. Operations in Asia. French ballistic missile propulsion and tactical missile propulsion. Cinch Chairman & CEO Gérard Poulet. Labinal* FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS):** 1998† Operating Revenues 2. Produces and repairs precision mechanical parts and manufactures ejection seats. space valves and test cell engineering. satellite and spacecraft propulsion. USA) for Boeing 737 aircraft and military applications as well as Airbus jetliners. Turbomeca and Microturbo Chairman & CEO Jean-Bernard Cocheteux. www. hydraulic systems engineering and integration. manufactures and supports landing gears for commercial.102 Net Profits 256 Debt to Capital Ratio — 1999 4. Snecma Senior VP & COO Yves Bonnet. Messier-Dowty: Designs. automotive. Vinci and Vulcain 2. marine. Messier-Bugatti: Wheels and carbon brakes. *Snecma acquired control of the Labinal Group in September 2000. military. Officers: Equipment branch: Cinch: Terminals.735 Operating Expenses 2. 2001 331 . CFM56 aircraft engines (with General Electric. such as the Arriel. **AW&ST conversions based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. Arrius. M53 for Dassault Mirage 2000. and gas turbines for land and marine applications. repair & test services. defense and industrial applications.442 271 — % Change 11% 8% 6% — Snecma Moteurs: Manufactures engines and propulsion systems for both air and space applications. Turboshaft engines for helicopters and training/liaison aircraft. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. lubrication systems.907 4. Viking storable liquid propellant engines.570 77 — % Change (8%) (8%) (28%) — *Snecma acquired control of the Labinal Group in September 2000. drive shafts. repair). Messier-Bugatti and Messier Services Chairman & CEO Yves Leclère. Labinal: Wiring and electrical harnesses and systems for the aerospace. Low pressure compressor modules. power transmission gearboxes. France Tel: (33-1) 40 60 80 80 Fax: (33-1) 40 60 81 02 www. Europe and North America. Messier-Dowty Chairman & CEO Louis Le AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Snecma Control Systems: Control systems for aerospace engines. Customer support for CFM56 engines and distribution of spare parts. **AW&ST conversions based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. M88 for Dassault Rafale. Hispano-Suiza Chairman & CEO Jean-Luc Engerand. du Général Martial-Valin F-75724 Paris Cedex 15. Products include: Ariane 4 and 5 propulsion (HM7B. reduction gears and components for hydromechanical control systems. HispanoSuiza Aerostructures Chairman & CEO Christian Knapp. military aircraft auxiliary power units. Messier Services: International service. such as MTR390 (with MTU and Rolls-Royce) and RTM322 (with Rolls-Royce). Produces accessory gearboxes.500 SNECMA 2. regional and military aircraft. repair and overhaul network for all landing and braking systems.AviationNow. Current production includes: 100% Turbomeca turboshaft engines. Makila and TM333 engines.522 2. Service network worldwide. braking control Aerospace Organization/Products: Snecma Chairman & CEO Jean-Paul Bechat. defense and railway industries. thermostructural C/C and C/SiC composites for aerospace applications.snecma.Employment: 33.782 Net Profits 107 Debt to Capital Ratio 64% 1999 2. plastic housings and electronic connectors for the aerospace. Snecma Services Chairman & CEO Marc Ventre. missile and drone propulsion systems. Engine depot maintenance. Snecma* FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS):** 1998† Operating Revenues 4. Techspace Aero: Equipment and low-pressure systems for aircraft engines and spacecraft (design. Moteurs Globe: Electric DC motors and actuators for aeronautical. Hispano-Suiza: Power transmission systems for both civil and military aircraft. Propulsion branch: Microturbo: Small power and low-thrust gas turbines. Blvd.425 Operating Expenses 4. Moteurs Globe Chairman & CEO Steve McHenry.

Bell Eagle Eye UAV (in development with Honeywell. Stratos Group. Janitz Exec.157 delivered). sells and provides product support for business jets. aerospace controls. Citation 6 (38 delivered). TX. 458 production aircraft projected for USMC and USAF Special Operations Command). PA. ††Reflects increased equity and reduced leverage from the gain on the sale of AFS.683 8. USA): Builds gas turbine engine components. including AN/SPN-46(V) Precision Approach and Landing System and AN/TRN45 Mobile Microwave Landing System. 212/412 (367 delivered). Textron Lycoming (Williamsport. compressor blades.000 Bell Helicopter Canada. All deliveries as of 10/00. single-engine piston (2. 430 (70 delivered) and NTH (167 delivered). HR Textron (Santa Clarita. Textron Systems also develops and produces advanced materials. Citation 3 (202 delivered).683 delivered). CA. CA. Citation Bravo (127 delivered). TRW Avionics and Surveillance Group. servovalves. fan blades. a Division of Textron Canada Ltd. Unisys Government Systems [all USA] and Israel Aircraft Industries. USA): Supplies ATE. fuzes and microwave landing systems. USA): Manufactures “blind” rivets and tooling systems for the aerospace industry. 407 (446 delivered). 40 Westminster St. Scaled Composites. 2001 www. USA): Builds military helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft. USA): Manufactures aircraft and helicopter piston engines and components. Textron Aerospace Fasteners (Santa Ana. Citation 2 (687 delivered). 332 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. 206 (8. Citation Excel (87 delivered). Canada): Builds civil helicopters. turboprop and single-engine piston aircraft. USA Tel: (401) 421-2800 Fax: (401) 421-2878 www.textron. jet engine airfoils. V-22 Osprey (teamed with Boeing Helicopters. **Includes gain on the sale of AFS. Israel).579 . Cessna Aircraft Co. 230 (38 delivered). GA. flight control actuation systems.AviationNow. 9 prototypes delivered and 9 production aircraft delivered. Turbine Engine Components Textron (Thomasville. 412CF (100 delivered). 427 (11 delivered). 212/412 (1. Key Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 68. Historical programs include Bell 204/205 (426 delivered). Textron Systems (Wilmington.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN TEXTRON INC. †Textron’s repurchase of stock prior to 1/6/99 closing of the sale of AFS temporarily inflated the 1998 debt to capital ratio and return on equity.214 2. Final assembly for Bell 206 (1. fuel and pneumatic system components. Citation 7 (111 delivered). CitationJet (232 delivered). FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Total Costs and Operating Expenses* Net Profits Debt to Capital Ratio 1998 Officers: Chairman & CEO Lewis B. Campbell President & COO John A. Caravan Utility turboprops (1.325 delivered) and UH-1 Huey (10. AH-1 Cobra/Super Cobra Family (2. Bell Helicopter Textron (Fort Worth. All deliveries as of 10/00.216 delivered). RI 02903. Citation S/2 (159 delivered) and Citation Ultra (251 delivered). MA. including AB139 and BA609 tiltrotor (with Agusta). forgings.666 608 43%† 1999 11.226** 27%†† % Change 20% 18% 266% (37%) *Textron Manufacturing Only. (Mirabel. Citation 10 (117 delivered). Citation 5 (262 delivered). VP & CFO Stephen L.542 delivered). manufactures. Providence. rotors and vanes. USA): Produces smart munitions. Rolls-Royce (Allison) Engines. KS.234 delivered). USA): Designs. other current and historical programs include Citation 1 (691 delivered).392 delivered). (Wichita. Bell 406/OH-58D (485 delivered). All deliveries as of 10/00.

Diehl Avionik Systeme GmbH. UK): Security and payment. (Hengelo. nuclear powerplant simulators and training centers. UK and US: Air traffic management systems. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS):* Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Net Financial Indebtedness 1998† 7. Germany. Belgium): Ground-based. Syseca (Malakoff. TDA & Bayern in joint ventures with EADS (The Netherlands). a joint venture with Diehl (Germany). Information Technology & Services Business Area: Industrial Electronics Business Group. (Aylesbury. with operations in US. and Thales Sysbel (Hoboken and Tubize. Switzerland and the USA: Broadcasting equipment. missile systems. UK): SAW devices. Simulation Business Group. Elettronica. Redifon MEL (Crawley. (Belfast. The Netherlands): Naval combat systems. with operations in Australia & UK): Sonars. SATCOM. Blvd. Division/company names appearing here are approximations that will continue to evolve through 2001. (UK). Auxilec (Chatou. France). France. VP Chief Financial Officer Alain Hagelauer. Bayern Chemie (Aschau/Inn.079) 1999 6. TCOC (St. Thales Tubes Electroniques (Meudon. Sr. Air Security and Missile Systems Business Group. Italy. UK). France): Onboard electrical power management. Germany. Thales Norcom (Oslo. UK). Naval Systems Business Group. DSNP (Carquefou. Mexico. Sorep Erulec (Chateaubourg.225 6. UK): Military optronics systems & equipment. VP Group Marketing & Sales Jean-Paul AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. France).thalesgroup. partners: Finmeccanica. (Edinburg. Switzerland and the UK: Systems integration. UK) and Zaxus Inc. France): Space TWTs and other electron tubes. partner: Alcatel (France). (Basingstoke. (joint venture with Transfield Australia). Thales Missile Electronics Ltd. outsourcing. VP Strategy & Development Jean-Loup Picard. Haussmann 75415 Paris Cedex 08. joint venture with EADS (The Netherlands): Microelectronics. Laurent.000 (including Racal Electronics) Thales 173. Thales Optronique (Guyancourt.V. Racal Industrial Electronics & Transports Business Group. France). Cryogenics with Cryotechnologies (Blagnac. Owns a 25% stake in Singapore Avimo Group (Singapore) and Thales Laser (Guyancourt. Vice-Chairman Bernard Rétat. Optronics Business Group. M. Sr. Communication Systems Business Group. missile propulsion and armaments. UK): Navigation systems. Germany). France) and Racal MESL Ltd. France): Commercial and defense avionics systems & equipment. Avionics Business Group. Main Joint Ventures: Alcatel Space. Thales Training & Simulation (Cergy. Telecommunication and survey services and equipment.809 (271) (1. Thales Avionics In-Flight Systems Inc. Information Systems and Services Business Group. radar and control centers. France). CA. SEL Defense (Pforzheim. VP Operations Marc Véron Note: Thomson-CSF changed its name to Thales in December 2000. 2001 333 . Thales Signaal Communications (Huizen. networks. France): Air defense systems. (Irvine. Racal Electronics Plc. Thales Microélectronique (Massy. Quintec Associates Ltd.. France) and Signaal USFA (Huizen. France). France Tel: (33-1) 53 77 80 00 www. www. Defense Business Area: Airborne Systems Business Group. Thales Airborne Systems (Elancourt. France). UK). Aerospace Organization/Products: Aerospace Business Area: Air Traffic Management Business Group. Sr. France. Thales NCS France (Bagneux. airborne radar and mission systems and missile electronics. UK): EW systems. Russia. Racal-Transcom Ltd. France). Thales Comsys (Colombes. Thomcast (Conflans. Netherlands). UDSI (Sophia Antipolis. airborne and naval combat radio communications. France) and UMS (Orsay.: Ship prime contractors. Spain. Norway).AviationNow. Canada). Singapore.Thales Airsys (Bagneux. Officers: Chairman & CEO Denis Ranque. Thales Optrosys (London. a joint venture with Siemens) with operations in Australia. Germany). (Salisbury. professional services. France) with operations in Austria. China. SMS Ltd. France): GPS receivers. Samsung Thales (joint venture with Samsung Defense Systems. UK and Thailand): Commercial and military flight simulators. (Farnham. Optical components with Angénieux (St-Héand. and information systems.Employment: 65. Thales Microsonics (Sophia Antipolis. Airsys ATM (Bagneux. New Acquisitions in Defense: ADI Ltd. TDA Armements (Vélizy. Thales Avionics (Vélizy. †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. France). France . Benigni (both Italy). African Defense Systems (ADS) (South Africa).889 6. France) and Thales Signaal B. prime contracts & systems integration. Dassault AT (Plaisir. Safare Crouzet (Nice. South Korea). Italy. Thales Racal Avionics (London.joint venture with BAE Systems Ltd. Belgium. Pilkington Optronics (Glasgow. France) with operations in Germany. Thales Marconi Sonar (Sophia Antipolis. France). France) joint venture with DCN International: Sonars.498 275 (410) % Change (5%) (5%) 201% 62% *AW&ST conversions based on exchange rates available on 12/31/98 and 12/31/99. UK) and Thales Naval Systems Ltd. The Netherlands). France). USA): Inflight entertainment.

239 13. FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS)*: Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio *Fiscal year ends on March 31. VP Tsuyoshi Kimura Exec. 1-1-1 Shibaura. Minato-ku Tokyo 105-8001. and satellite systems. precision guidance . intelligence systems. VP Tsutomu Miyamoto Aerospace & Electronics Systems Division ( air traffic control and navigation aids Japan): Manufactures radar systems. Information & Industrial Systems & Services Co. VP Shinsuke Kawamura Exec. 2001 www. 1999 43.151 (264) 200% % Change 24% (71%) (130%) 5% 334 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15.PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Employment: 191. microwave semiconductors and components. Japan Tel: (81-3) 3457 8145 Fax: (81-3) 5444 9221 Aerospace Organization/Products: Officers: President & CEO Tadashi Okamura President & CEO.000 (consolidated) TOSHIBA CORP.AviationNow.809 44. Hiroo Okuhara Exec.758 (115) 190% 2000 54.

airborne. Intelligence: Integrated Information Technologies Div.969 — 469 — % Change 43% — (2%) — www. CA. UK and Arlington. Missile Actuation: Supplies missile actuation systems for fin. as well as other civil space organizations. analysis and dissemination. VA.. Miller. CA.: Prime contractor for US Department of Energy’s Civilian Radioactive Waste Management Program. Defense: Enterprise Management Services Div. Joint Ventures: Odyssey Telecommunications International Inc. Telecommunications Programs Div. fuel pumps. communications.: Information-based systems and services to air-land battlefield commanders in the command and control of their warfighting forces and in the preparation. combustion. CA. and depot electronic data management systems. engine controls. trimmable horizontal stabilizers. USA): Locations in Carson. Sunnyvale. hydraulic or electrical power sources. wing and thrust vectoring control systems on all missile types. Tactical Systems Div. Management of commercial and government solid-state laser systems and applications. Space Test Experimental Program (STEP) satellite and the Tactical High-Energy Laser (THEL).com Chairman & CEO Joseph T. Management of high-energy lasers and laser systems projects for US and international government applications. ground control station integration. and power generation and management. combustion and propulsion systems and small satellites. TRW Systems & Information Technology Group Donald C. TRW Space & Electronics Group Timothy W. antennas.000 applications of its airand oil-cooled AC and DC electrical generating AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. Hannemann. Asia-Pacific and Europe. control.Officers: TRW Inc. partner: Teleglobe Inc. power drive units and individual system components. Energy: Energy & Environmental Systems Div. 1998 11. CA. nacelle systems.AviationNow. Systems & Information Technology Group (Reston. F-16 and F/A-18. fabricates.: Management of all major space systems for NASA. VA. Cote. civil and commercial applications with internal and external mounting and using pneumatic.: Development and management of telecommunications systems and products including space-based and terrestrial products. fuel metering units. space-based and ground-based intelligence. MD... processing.. torque tubes. Clouds and Earth Radiant Energy System (CERES) instrument for EOS satellite. Hoists and Winches: Designs and manufactures airborne hoists and winches for military. Defense Systems Div.886 9. fluid mechanics and photonics.: Systems engineering and integration. missile systems. (San Diego.. integrates and tests electronic products for commercial and US government applications. thrust reversers. Gorman.TRW. communication links and advanced technology tactical systems. and Fairfax. electro-optic systems. SciTec Inc. San Bernardino. NJ): Electro-optical/infrared phenomenology.000 Space & Electronics Group: (Redondo Beach. Integrated support facilities (ISFs) and engineering services for military aircraft avionics including software engineering. Information & Technical Service Div. 1900 Richmond Road Cleveland. Winter. OH 44124-3760. USA Tel: (216) 291-7000 Fax: (216) 291-7115 www. VP & General Manager.. (Princeton. processors and software. including Defense Support Program (DSP) and Space and Missile Tracking System (SMTS). Exec. laser defense systems. USA): Integrated communication. West Midlands. Global Information Technology Div. Microwave Analog Front End Technology (MAFET) and Milstar communications payloads. simulation and training systems. Customer Support: Provides spares. Maciver Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 78. training and support of their forces. repair and overhaul facilities and technical support to all operators of its equipment. auxiliary and emergency power systems. Cargo Systems: Main deck and lower deck systems.: Provides spacecraft payloads and subsystems. Exec. slat and spoiler actuators. maintenance. Engine Controls: Products include engine electronic controls. high-energy ignition systems and air modulation equipment. Major programs include Battlefield Combat Identification System (BCIS). test systems. receivers. together with the Lightweight Cargo Handling System (LCHS). project engineering and logistics support. conducts applied research in high-energy lasers and spacecraft technologies including advanced materials. VP & General Manager. VA. logistics and training support for tactical UAVs. USA): Avionics Systems Div. hydro-mechanical fuel controls. VP & CFO Carl G. VP & General Manager. CA. FADECs. Programs include the Airborne Laser (ABL). all USA. Command. flight controls. Also designs. flex couplings and gear boxes. Space & Technology Div. Power Generation: Has more than 1. System integration and testing. Greenbelt.: Designs and develops space science instruments. Exec. Regional customer service centers are located in the Americas. electrical load management and control. Exec. TRW Aeronautical Systems Group William K. Includes CNI systems. Space & Missile Systems Div. (Canada). starter generator systems.715 477 — 1999 16. flap. including international and commercial customers. Civil & Commercial: Civil Systems Program Div. President & COO David M. Other equipment includes powered and manual systems. Electronics & Technology Div.: Focuses on space-based military systems. computers and intelligence information systems including mission planning. TRW Aeronautical Systems Lucas Aerospace. hoists and winches.: Information technolFINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Cost of Sales Net Profits Net Financial Indebtedness ogy and management consulting. navigation and identification (CNI) avionics for F-22 and RAH-66 military aircraft. (Solihull. and future avionics upgrades to tactical aircraft such as the F-15. Space & Laser Programs Div. 2001 335 . electrical starters. Intelligence Systems Div. Flight Controls: Provides primary and secondary flight controls. USA): Provides systems and equipment in cargo handling.

PW2000 (757. launch vehicle hydraulic power units and electronic controls and components. Japanese Aero Engines (Japan). management and control systems. partner: Nauka (Russia). and automated spray technologies at Advanced Systems Technologies (Huntsville. ram air turbine emergency systems. F-16). (Singapore). environmental control units. USA): Large jet engines and parts for military aircraft. United Technologies Research Center (East Hartford. and performs systems integration. AL.531 38% 1998† 22. aerodynamics and jet engines.300 Flight Systems: Hamilton Sundstrand (Windsor Locks. SSME turbopumps. solid and liquid. DC-10-40). 1999 24. F100-PW-229 (F-15. Pratt & Whitney-Paton Research Center. PW300. F119-PW-100 (F-22). CFO David FitzPatrick. F100-PW-100. USA). PT6. subsystems and components. Also offers advanced engines for industrial applications. both USA. and space shuttle (booster separation motors). USA): Builds medium-to-large turbofans.utc. (both of Singapore). partner: EADS (The Netherlands). distribution.. A310. Hamilton Sunstrand Customer Support Center. DC-9-50. JT8D (727. GA.999 1. Programs include: Minuteman rocket motors. Perm Motors (Russia). PW200. Produces environmental control. 3 completed). CA.255 33% % Change 6% 9% 22% 15% 336 AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15. TF30 (F-14A. United Technologies Building Hartford. J52 (EA-6B). Ltd. partner: Empresa Nacional Santa Barbara (Spain). USA). A330. S-92 (first flight December 1998. Propulsion: Large and small. IAE International Aero Engines AG. CT. It also operates a network of component repair operations in Ireland. Individual systems and components include: electric power generating. F-16). Hamilton Sundstrand European Pneumatic Component O&R. CT. F100-PW-220 (F-15. Also the prime contractor for NASA’s space suit/life support system. CT.O. partners: Praxair Surface Technologies and SIA Engineering Co. McKenna. TEC International. Singapore. Pratt & Whitney Large Commercial Engines (East Hartford. Pratt & Whitney Large Military Engines (East Hartford. C-141B. Borgman Officers: UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORP. partner: Airmotive Ireland (Ireland). Asia Surface Technologies.809 20. Samsung United Aerospace Co. RAH-66 Comanche (2 delivered). commercial spaceport in Australia (development). auxiliary power units. partner: E. partner: Samsung Aerospace Industries Ltd. USA) and RD-180 development at RD AMROSS LLC (West Palm Beach. including JT3B (JointSTARS). USA): Builds helicopters. President. Sikorsky Aircraft (Stratford. space and missile.and MH-53E (236 delivered). Space Flight Systems Div. TF33 (B-52H. JT9D (747. torpedo propulsion systems. solid rocket propulsion at Chemical Systems Division (San Jose. (Huntsville. life support and thermal control systems for international space programs. F119 derivatives (Joint Strike Fighter research). PW4000 (747..PRIME CONTRACTOR & MAJOR MANUFACTURER PROFILES: AMERICAS/EUROPE/ISRAEL/JAPAN Chairman & CEO George David. 2001 www. and hypersonic propulsion engines and systems. Pratt & Whitney Louis Chênevert. partners: FiatAvio (Italy). Hamilton Sundstrand-Nauka. HH-60H/J (84 delivered). A310. Quebec. CH60S (6 delivered). CT. engine control systems. USA): Unmanned space shuttle research. Turbine Overhaul Services Pte. USA): Basic and applied research in electronics. regional and military aircraft and helicopters. including JT15D. PW500 series.. Russian RD-180 booster engines. CT 06101. Pratt & Whitney Engine Services: Operates major overhaul centers in Singapore and in Cheshire. S-70/UH-60 family (2. partner: SIA Engineering Co. MD-90). RL10 and RL50 upper-stage engines. Western Aerospace Specialty Alloys. Space Propulsion includes liquid rocket propulsion at Liquid Space Propulsion (West Palm Beach. Hamilton Sundstrand Ronald F.127 22. 777.020 delivered). Pratt & Whitney: Pratt & Whitney Canada (Longueuil. FL. partners: Aviadvigatel (Russia) and MTU (Germany). F-111). CT. MD-11). A300. Il-96M). actuation systems. Taiwan and the USA. EADS/UTC. FL. partner: Singapore Technologies Aerospace (Singapore). including (through 10/00) CH. A300. USA). MTU (Germany) and Rolls-Royce (UK). PW901A. USA tel: (860) 728-7000 www. President. partner: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (The Netherlands). Canada): Smalland medium-size gas turbines for corporate. F117-PW-100 (C-17). S-76 (495 delivered). partner: Western Aerospace Specialty Alloys (Australia). Subsidiaries: International Fuel Cells (South Windsor. CT and Columbus. Pratt & Whitney Space FINANCIALS ($ MILLIONS): Operating Revenues Operating Expenses Net Profits Debt to Equity Ratio †Values updated from 2000 Source Book. propeller systems. MD-80. USA): Develops fuel cells and produces the fuel cell powerplants in the space shuttle orbiter fleet. Joint Ventures: Aeronautical Maintenance Tooling.AviationNow. F-16). Sikorsky Aircraft Dean C. (South Korea). 200 (F-15. President & COO Karl . Paton Electric Welding Institute (Ukraine) Aerospace Organization/Products: Employment: 148. PWA International Ltd. President. SH-60 family (319 delivered) and Cypher UAV (developmental). 767. gearboxes. PW6000 (A318). PW100. AL.870 1. FAST. E-3A/B). USA): Produces aerospace systems. fuel and special fluid pumps. partner: Malaysian Airlines (Malaysia). CT.

Berkshire Hathaway. 63.075 General Electric Company.324 AlliedSignal. 47. 96. Inc.891 141.106 Newport News Shipbuilding 535.964 The Mitre Corp. 12. Battelle Memorial Institute Bindley Western Industries Lucent Technologies.656 267. GTE Corp.696 General Dynamics Corp. 93. 18.183 211.138 131. 31. Cubic Defense Systems. 42.336 128. 70. 657.092 180.541 1.991 235.652 140. 35. 21. 78.384 177. Arinc Incorporated The Renco Group. Johns Hopkins University Stewart & Stevenson Services Ocean Shipholdings. 50.803 Bechtel Group. The BFGoodrich Company Gencorp. 406. Inc.193.367. Inc. 1. 49. The Aerospace Corp. 492. 87.183 133. 14.178 325. Inc.321 182.323 247.637 Longbow LLC 426. VSE Corp.862 Booz Allen & Hamilton. Hunt Building Corp. 26. CH2M Hill Companies. LLC Wallenius Holdings.026 265. 60. United States Dept. 421. 30. 566.933 197.237 146.158 The General Electric Co. 94. 40.282 166. 1.182 The Carlyle Group 1. 2.561 215.322 Halliburtan Company. Inc. 24.P. Inc. Inc.775 316.027 TRW.183 The IT Group. Inc. Government Technology Services Rolls-Royce PLC Azimuth Technologies. Inc.808 152.936 220. 34. 10. Gulfstream Aerospace Corp.431 Textron. Inc. Inc.363 166. 11. 659. 6.510 Jacobs Engineering Group. Inc. 17. 41. Oshkosh Truck Corp.249 176. 61. Hensel Phelps Construction Advanced Communication Systems Unisys Corp. Inc.073 237. 69. Inc. Inc.AviationNow. Electronic Data Systems Corp. 2001 337 . 79.838 Northrop Grumman Corp.186 181. Rockwell International Corp. 413. 54. 44. 81. 2. 5.186 Dynmeridian Corp.290 167. Inc.400.384 233. 29.020 Computer Sciences Corp.750 244.247 208.336.169 143. 7. 202. Inc. 37. 68.563. 599. PLC 729. 74.811 322. Lockheed Martin Corp. 580.777 273. 365. L-3 Communications Holding. Veridian Corp..423. 38. 15. 86.221 353.861 The Boeing Company. 52. Inc. 66. 3. Foster Wheeler Corp..674.714. Inc. Inc.213 220. 89. 90.027 TI/Martin Javelin Joint Venture 385. 744. 64. Harris Corp. Inc.759 148. 99.138 306. 20. International Shipholding Corp.100 295.431. Massachusetts Institute Of Tech. 12. Inc.684 244. 58.890 356. Inc. 75. AVIATION WEEK & SPACE TECHNOLOGY/JANUARY 15.479 Anthem Insurance Companies. Ltd. Of Energy Johnson Controls. 88. 84. 43. 59. 45.400 356.865 224.661 240. 91. Inc. 72. Primex Technologies. 71. 73. 22. Inc. The Procter & Gamble Company Mobil Corp. 25. Inc.064 Science Applications International 1. Charles Stark Draper Laboratories Government Of Canada The Titan Corp.246 232. Inc. 76. 85.995 150. 23.980 Foundation Health System. Inc. 27. 369. 53.332 160. Inc. Inc.957 212. Hughes Arabia Limited Texas Instruments Incorporated PGSUS LLC URS Corp.168 United Technologies Corp. Contractors — Fiscal 1999 (Ranked by Business Value) Rank Company Business Value ($1. 57. 36.405 Alliant Techsystems. 48. 13.465 132. 11. 56. 458. Philipp Holzmann AG Boeing Sikorsky Comanche Team Motorola. 39.584 CBS Corp. 65.392 183.567. Equilon Enterprises.484 67. 77.852 Triwest Healthcore Alliance Co.000) 33. 98. Caci International. Inc. Inc.596 251. Highmark. Inc.725 326. 4. Inc. 95. Inc.313 187.518 www. 9.394 187.519 Humana.408 175. 1. Inc. 100.814 323. 2. United States Marine Repair.578 171.293 162.893 Raytheon Company 6.358. Bergen Brunswig Corp.726 285.776 128. York International Corp. Mantech International Corp.479 252.937 135. Esco Electronics Corp. 92. 46. 62. 416.097. 55. 619. 83. 8. FDX Corp. Worldcorp.172 132. Sierra Health Services. Unicor/Federal Prison Industries Dell Marketing L.674 171. 746. 19. 28. International Business Machine Day & Zimmermann. Bell Atlantic Corp.113 ITT Industries.309 231. 80. 32.Top 100 US Defense Dept. 3. 4.497 138. 510.148 168.579 Litton Industries.411 232. 97. 82. 16. Federal Republic Of Germany Nichols Research Corp. Honeywell.

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