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Exam Diploma in Embedded System B.TECH INTERMEDIATE High School

Institute/College/School CDAC,PUNE K.I.E.T Ghaziabad Christ Church Inter College Christ Church Inter College

University/Board CDAC U.P.T.U U.P.BOARD U.P.BOARD

Year 2008 2007 2000 1998

Result Grade-A 74 % 64 % 68 %

SOFTWARE ORIENTATION • • • • Programming Languages : Embedded C, basics of ARM, Assembly Language, AVR microcontrollers,89C51. Software Knowledge : AVR STUDIO, GCC, Win ARM. Operating System : Windows 7, XP, Linux. Protocol : RS-232, I2C , CAN BUS.

PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN IN CDAC 11)Title 1) Title:- Device Driver for Stepper Motor Role: Designer Project Experience:- 3 months Objective:-In this project I have tried to implement driver for stepper

motor by connecting parallel port of the computer to the stepper motor through ULN-2003.

I have passed a module parameter to tell the driver to manage N no.Designer Project Experience : . The system works on AVR microcontroller. The microcontroller fetches data from a non-volatile memory and shows it on the display.2) Title:. Head Organising Com PERSONAL BIOGRAPHY .3 months Objective:. OTHER ACHIEVEMENTS • • • • Thrice qualified in GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test Examination). Captain of electronics cricket team. I have used two threads to test my driver-one thread writes and one for read.Scrolling display notice board Role :. of pseudo devices. The device object is maintaining all the resources and status information regarding each pseudo device. Captain of school cricket team.scoring 98.1) kmalloc 2) vmalloc 3) kfifo I have allocated one device object per pseudo device and the total number of devices are based on the users requirement.Pseudo Char Device Driver Role: Designer Project Experience:.6 months Objective:-The project aims at designing an LED display system which can be used for college’s notice board or other relevant information for a large number of people. Only one read and write thread is allowed at a time in driver on a per device basis. Each pseudo device is a kernel buffer allocated in one of following ways :. FINAL YEAR PROJECT WORK Title :.96 and 94 percentile respectively.

Name Father’s Name Sex Marital Status Nationality Address Date of Birth Languages Known DECLARATION -Asif Belal Usmani -Mr B.A. -Single. Kanpur(U.P.PUNE Asif Belal Usmani . urdu I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I bear the responsibility for the correctness of the abovementioned particulars.chaman ganj. -Indian.) -19th jan 1982 -English. Hindi. halim market.Usmani -Male. -Flat no 5.