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Cezanne Stephanie de Dios Villafuerte: Candidate for President The past year has indeed been outstanding for the Ateneo Association of Communication Majors, ACOMM. Keeping the organizations core competency in mind, Creativity for a Cause, ACOMM 9 was able to instigate and accomlish its two thrusts for the year - InterDepartmental Synergy and Creative Project Development. The success of ACOMM for this year is definitely reflected in its nominations in COAs Organization of the Year, Breakthrough Project of the Year, EB of the Year, and Leader of the Year Awards. Thanks to ACOMM 9, we have assured a spot in the hall of fame. We were recognized and were given recognition. Now that we are in this situtation, we are faced with the question What will ACOMM X be? I propose that for ACOMM X, we will focus on being in. Being in may mean a lot of things, being hip, being popular, being a part of the latest trends and whatnot, or even being hipster. But for me, being in will refer to the four INs INternalize, INvolvement, INtrospection, and INnovation. Being in at present This year, ACOMM reached out, even beyond the Loyola Schools community. We catered to High Schools and had partnerships with different clients. It was all about expansion, growth, and outside networking. However, how can ACOMM even grow further if, internally, those directly involved in the organization, specifically the members, do not benefit from the services and projects we implement? This brings me to my first point, INternals. I want to focus on the ACOMM identity being the home organization for ALL Communication Majors. Again, ALL Communication Majors. A Preparatory Course meant for the freshmen will be a partnership with the Communication Department and ACOMM HR Department. At the start of the school year, this Prepcourse will be an in-depth seminar for the freshmen about what is in store for them in their 4-year stay in the course. Plenaries and talks on the overview of the course regarding the tracks, classes, electives and professors will be tackled. Also, we will highlight the Communication Departments new facilities. This will be a venue not just for block bonding, but for inter-block unity and familiarity. Right before school work kicks in, ACOMM will be the freshmens mentor in helping them realize their future plans in the field of communication. As a home organization, I propose a year level based Academic Plan in coordination with the Communication Department on the Communication curriculum. In order to assure membership sustainability and development up to fourth year, there will be an assignment of projects targeted for each year level, starting with the incoming freshmen. The freshmen will be

entitled to basic fundamental talks and skills trainings and get to know the different tracks in the Communication curriculum. In their second year, they start producing output such as PR plans, advertising materials and essays that will be judged. For their third year, application of their knowledge and skills will be tested by opening internships and on the job trainings. By their fourth year, they are equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience and are set up towards the real world. This Academic Plan is research-heavy based and will tap the Media Studies track. A new structure will be implemented next year. The sustainability of the structure must be carefully guarded. Consultations, leadership and skills training with the COA Training and Development Department and CODE may help in structure enhancement and improvement. An in-depth review and revisal of the 12-Step Plan will aim to simplify the processes, roles and responsibilities of each department, officer and member in order to involve everyone in the organization. This will strengthen the inter-deparmental efforts of all of the said departments. My second point refers to INvolvement. Our core competency directs us towards a CAUSE. Through the Social Media Summit, Cover over Coffee, and Foodie Festival, our efforts leaned towards social media as our cause. I suggest that we create year-long themes as our cause so that we can focus on particular subjects. For example, by aligning projects to children, mothers, or animals, we exercise the social relevance and discuss issues concerning the theme. Aside from inviting non-Communication majors and outsiders to our events, I will open all projects and events of ACOMM to Communication Majors. That way, they will be interested to avail of all the skills and training opportunities that we intently crafted for them. Furthermore, we will provide opportunities for members, especially lower years, to be part of core teams in different projects so as to involve them in the workings of ACOMM this early on. This can be achieved by allotting slots ready for them at the start of the school year, plus a more interpersonal approach in tapping people to be members in project teams. Being in based on the past... In order to appreciate the present, we must look back at the past. Why is this important? My third point is INtrospection, a reflective looking inward. For the past years, we have engaged in partnerships with organizations. This year, ownership of the projects of past will be expressed. These previous partnership projects must benefit ACOMM. It is important that we build on what we have already and not start from scratch. This is the essence of the organization: always moving forward, building up on the past.

With this, we will look into the best past practices of ACOMM as a revival of partnerships and projects. We must reach out to our ACOMM alumni and celebrate ACOMMs achievements through the years. By presenting to them our projected events for a cause, we can count on our alumni for their support. They are vital to our organizations formation. Also, as a celebration of our tenth year as an organization, we will have a Grand Home COMMing for all AB Comm graduates. This will allow us to maintain strong ties with ACOMM graduates as well as foster that supportive environment that furthers our being the home organization for Comm students. Being in for the future... INovation, my last point, will lead us to a clearer future. From our Core Competency - Creativity for a Cause, I propose to alter this to Communication (COMM) for a Cause. Everything starts with communication. A simple action, word or gesture already is communication. If you can communicate in more ways than one, you can direct it for a cause. Communication is a skill and this skill is ours. This entitles the development of skills and members for a cause. The notion of creativity serves as a hindrance towards those who encounter it. If one does not think he is creative, he is challenged if whether or not his output is compromised. Communication involves skill, experience, knowledge and creativity. Creativity is necessitated by good communication. I believe that in order to serve for a cause, ACOMM and its members must serve as exemplars of communication, proving that anyone can do something for a cause as long as they can communicate. Given these four points, I am ready to make ACOMM X experience one of its biggest, best, and brightest years. There is nowhere to go but up. Come and join me as I lead this organization to greater heights. Let us look back at the past, make the most out of our present, and plan for the future. Come and join me as we become in with internals, involvement, introspection, and innovation.