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1- How great debt we owe to

.............................. 2- We all agree that one of the most important things in our life and has its vital role nowadays . . ......... 3- We all admit the importance and necessity of .in our life . . .................. 4- No wonder if we say that has/have its good and positive effects on us . ............. 5- We all agree that very necessary and plays an important part in our life. . ........ 6- T o begin with , I would like to say that we, Egyptians , always react well to what is good and react badly to what is bad .Thus , we all agree to and encourage ................. 7- We should put into consideration that has / have become one of the most important things in everyone's life . 1

. ............. 8-In my opinion , I would like to say that .is really important and necessary nowadays and may have good and positive effects on all of us .I think so because ..may bring all the good to the society . ......... .............. . 9is useful as it helps us to . ................................. . .....................10By means of we can .. ................................................ ...................... 11- With the help of .we can lea a comfortable life . .......... 12 is the backbone of any nation and no one ca deny that .plays an essential role in our life. . ............... ... 13- Who can deny that we owe much to outstanding role and active part in or life ? . ......... .which play(s) an

1- I see that stands for an obstacle in the way of or progress .Hence ,our state spares no effort to put an end to it . . ....... 2- In my point of view , I believe that really serious and harmful nowadays and may have bad and negative effects on all of us .I think so because may bring all the evil our society . ........ .......... . 3- First of all , I think that we should unite , co-operate and stand shoulder to shoulder for the sake of our country and against ..

.......... 4- It is time for us to unite ,co-operate and stand as one hand so as to find quick solutions to this thorny problem. . 5- There is no doubt that .is one of the most dangerous phenomena in our life and has its bad and negative effects nowadays . ......... . one of the worst things in our life .Thus ,our state spares no effort to fight it . . ...................... . a serious social evil in our society . . ........................... 8- There're various causes for the problem of in our country . . .................

1- On one hand
2- On the other hand 3- In addition to that 4- More over = further more 5- Above all 6- Hence 7- Thus 8- However 9- At the same time 10 And as a result 11- consequently 12- over and above

: Finally , it is quite clear that .is really .. In brief , I think that really . To sum up , one can say that is really ..

To sum up , by working hard we may overcome our difficulties and achieve progress . Undoubtedly ,..affected our life .We should do our best to find suitable answers to it . : We have to stand firmly against Solid national unity Mixture of positive and negative elements Impose new challenges The first firm evidence Since the dawn of the history To develop the individual awareness We are grateful to ....... Great progress will be made in the field of In fact ,its impossible to lead a happy life without . The press plays an important role in . forming public awareness. We seek peace for the welfare and . happiness of man For the sake of our country We should do our best to find suitable ..... answers to.. Practical steps have been taken For the good of the society Thanks to science and technology We must exploit all our natural resources ...... one of of our chief sources of wealth . We look forward to the time when peace prevails. ... Can you imagine life in the absence of ..? It teaches us discipline and

cooperation We are indebted to him for his discoveries improve our standard of living to achieve prosperity and welfare to achieve self-sufficiency Great achievements double production Work seriously and sincerely Spare no effort

Fruitful efforts Pioneering role Make good use of Double our efforts Part and parcel Sense of loyalty Sense of duty Exert great efforts Step by step A peace loving country The corner stone To close the ranks Strong ties Husband the money In collaboration with Initiative Backward and regressive ideas Make contributions to In favour of Catch up with At an alarming rate Take into consideration

Natural disasters Encourage youth Common Arab market Peace co-existence Double-ended weapon Recreation Settle disputes Human rights A cultural event Reading for all Opinion polls With the aim of The elite Sooner or later Human dignity Sense of responsibility Free of charge /

1-Technology and our life today

How great is the debt we owe to modern technology .It plays an important part in our life .We cant imagine life without means of transport .They enable us to travel long distances easily , comfortably and in in a short time .In addition, modern means of communications enable us to keep in touch with the latest events at any part of the world in no time by means of satellite or the internet .At the same time , the mobile is in hand . It is really a breakthrough in communication .We can't imagine life at homes without electric sets. It will be dark and dull without TV. The refrigerator helps housewives to preserve food to use later .Washing machines help housewives to do washing easily and

quickly. In fact .Thanks to technology, our life is enjoyable and comfortable.

Life in the future (2)

Life in the future will be much easier and comfortable than our life today .Every family will own its high-tech home .The sun will provide us wit the energy we need . Every home will have two or three computers and every one will talk to their friends on the internet. Nobody will use telephones any more .We will be able to travel to other planets by rockets .Cars will run on fuel cell batteries and our cities will be cleaner and quieter. I think we will travel more as planes will be faster and cheaper .Perhaps planes will fly to other planets such as: Jupiter and Mars. Finally, the future is the subject of speculation which may come true someday.

Educational programmes(3)
No one can deny that Educational programmes are of great importance for many students. They save time, money and effort. O one hand , They provide a private teacher for students to help them achieve their goals. On the other hand , They are a growing means that completes the learning process . They give students tips on how to get down to a study plan ;making a "to do list " ; learning how to manage their time properly . You watch them on TV or you can listen to them on radio . I prefer watching TV as learning by watching is more useful than listening .in the end , educators should pay more attention for developing the educational programmes .

Desert reclamation(4)
Desert is a source of wealth ; it is a means that solves many of our complicated problems .It is an outlet of these problems which eat up any achieved progress .Now , feeding the world is the best problem of the new century as the world faces a severe shortage in food supplies . we can benefit from the desert through reclaiming it ; setting up new projects and constructing new cities .By and large , we share the responsibility with the government in the sense that we take steps to reclaim the desert .

On one hand, the government provides the youth with plots of desert land for reclamation. On the other hand, the youth should have the strong will and zeal. In the end, converting the desert into green land has become an urgent task to solve our problems and to live in welfare.

Money (5)
No wonder if we say that money has its good and positive effects on us .It is a mixed blessing which man can't do without. Some people say "Money is the root of all evil." They think that it is the motive behind crimes, deviation and waging wars among countries. Other people think it will solve all the worlds problems. Everyone agrees there is never enough of it as nothing is worth than wealth in life. However money is not the answer to every thing. You cant buy love or happiness, but as some one said "if you are going to be unhappy, it is easier to be unhappy in comfort." Therefore, we can make the best use of it in many peaceful aims. It helps build up medical centres, public hospitals, more schools and more land for agriculture which in affects our economy well.

The value of Reading (6)

Reading is fun .It is the food of the mind. With reading we never feel lonely .Through reading we gain the experience of the others. It provides us with information in all branches of knowledge. It has a good effect on our behaviour. It shows us the best conduct to follow .So, it helps us to acquire good qualities to be good citizens .Moreover, reading helps us to develop our characters and widen our horizons. It enables us to understand the world we live in .Reading enriches our cultural life and creates generations of thinkers ,writers and scientists .To sun up , reading enlightens man and makes him aware of modern changes that occur around him.

Travelling abroad (7)

Traveling abroad has seven benefits as it is said .We can learn a lot by traveling .It is a means to gain a lot of information about other countries customs and traditions

.Through these visits we see many countries of the world and get in touch with the peoples of other nations .When we visit a foreign countries ,we see different kinds of life and listen to new ideas .Some people also go abroad for the purposes of education .They can do post graduate studies there .Others go abroad for holidays .They go to new places that worth seeing .In addition .travelling abroad is useful for health as it helps to renew ones health . I mean changing the places and scenery calms the nerves .It also widens the scope of mind .It helps to develop friendly relations .Businessmen travel abroad to buy and sell .Some people travel abroad to work and bring hard currency which is useful to our economy .Last but not the least , travelling abroad helps to develop ones way of thinking and dealing with others .In brief ,travelling abroad is a real pleasure .

The computer (8)

It is an indisputable fact that we live in the age of the computer. It is more accurate and efficient than man .The computers have better memories and can store huge amounts of information .They can do difficult calculations quickly and accurately .They are used in banks to store information about peoples money .They are used in hospitals to check our health .They are used in our schools to help students learn well .Moreover, students learn to use it to be part of the information technology world .Also , the computer is ideal for our everyday needs ; it can used to reserve tickets in shopping , cinemas and travelling. We use it to communicate with relatives and colleagues .In brief, the computer is a great scientific miracle that has helped man to achieve progress.

Planting Trees(9)
Plants make the world a pleasant place to live in . In fact , man adores the beauty of the nature .Their different colours and shapes drew his attention .Thus, planting trees in the streets of town and cities provides them with the green colour .Trees make streets comfortable places and us feel at ease enjoy everything around us .Trees provide us with shade in summer when the sun is hot .They prevent fog in winter .Trees also shelter us in summer from hot rays of the sun and are a source of relief .

On the other hand, the green leaves help to keep the air pure and healthy .Plants are the Oxygen-making factories as they absorb Carbon Dioxide and release Oxygen, which is necessary for us to breathe. Hence, they reduce the amount of pollution from the environment. So we should have a sense of responsibility towards trees . Thus when you plant a tree, you are helping your environment and your city .But can you imagine a city without trees.

Practising Sport(10)
Sport, what a word! we hear it everyday on TV and the radio .It is of great value and significance not for a sportsman but to an ordinary man alike .Its importance lies in good manners man acquires .Contrary to wasting time and bad habits , sport purifies mans soul as it forms his character . Sport also creates man of tomorrow, who is able to defend himself and his homeland .Also sport teaches us team work, thus sport shouldnt be neglected. On the other hand, sport has a social effect as youth can spend their leisure time usefully .It t decorates our country with glory. Last but not the least , we should considers Omar's saying " teach your children swimming, javelin throwing and horse riding " .Also , we should remember this proverb "A sound mind in a sound body ".

The role of youth (11)

Youth are the backbone pf every nation .They re the present and the future for their country. They are the hope for a bright future .The prosperity and welfare of a country depend on the hands of its youth. First of all ,they can take part in building their country .They can either run their own business or work in governments posts .They can make great efforts to increase the production ,which in turn strengthens our economy ,during holidays .Youth should devote themselves to find work and even teach illiterate people how to read and write .In fact ,youth should make of their free time even during holidays .Moreover , the youth are not only the base of the country who build and reclaim the desert but also they are the arms who defend their country in time of war and project freedom and security in time of pace . In brief, youth are the effective power in building up their own country in peace and war.

Unemployment (12)


Unemployment has become a serious problem for most countries particularly the developing ones .It is the stumbling block for the progress and advance of a country .For its welfare and prosperity .In fact, most university graduates find no work nowadays, so they waste their times unwisely. And as a result, they become a means of destruction and ruin to their own society .Youth who find no jobs anywhere may be an easy catch to those who drive them in the wrong direction. They can easily commit horrible crimes against their country. It is time for us to unite, co-operate and stand as one man to find quick solutions to this thorny problem .So the government should provide the newly graduated youth with free loans to set up small projects .Moreover ,the youth shouldnt wait for the government posts but they should learn different professions to help them earn their living . To sum up it is time every graduate to have his own business to earn his living.

Friendship (13)
"A friend in need is a friend indeed ".That is the whole thing. To have a true , faithful friend is to seize the whole world .Thus , the most fundamental kind of love , which underlines all types of love , is fraternal love .I mean brotherly love : to love your friend as your brother for nothing without any compensation , to stand beside him up shoulder to shoulder in joy and sorrow , to be his mirror that reflects his defects and even advises neither deceive him .To love your friend is to hold the sense of responsibility , care ,respect and the wish to further his life regardless of any private interests .I mean to be the lantern that lights his way ,reveals his motives , intentions even good or bad they are front of him . Moreover , man is social by nature .He cant live without a friend . That is impossible ! Man needs friends to cooperate with him .They can help him when he is in trouble .So , man must select good friends .In addition to that ,bad friends are like a plague .

Tourism in Egypt (14)

It is worthy saying that tourist industry is of great importance to the Egyptian national income and subsequently its advance. On one hand ,Egypt is rich in a lot of historical sites , beautiful landscapes , and numerous places of interest which appeal to tourists such as he pyramids , the sphinx the Egyptian museums and ancient temples and mosques. Hence , the government is trying hard to attract more tourists by building more modern hotels , tourist villages on the Red sea shores of Sinai and Hurghada


where tourists can enjoy beautiful mountain and blue sea and lots of sunshine and do water sports as swimming diving and skiing . On the other hand , our tourist today wants efficient and friendly services .So , we should behave towards tourists I a civilized manner and welcome them to our country to come again .Moreover , the tourist would probably prefer to try out samples of our local food than to eat the international meals which are served in some places . This would be more interesting than having the same things always eaten in his country. Finally, one can say that tourism is very vital to our economy and that no country can do without it .

University graduates should start their own business(15)

No doubt, a youth should start his own business and doesnt wait for the government posts .But it isn't a laughing matter as it needs patience, sleepless nights, perseverance and hard work. A graduate needs to get down to a new business after finishing his studies. So he can lead a happy life: earn his living, manage his life expenses and costs .These businesses may be a small plot of land and a shop . At the same time ,those graduates are the labour force ,the future generation who can achieve renaissance ,welfare and progress for their nation .Hence out of this consideration the government provides youth with loans to start their own business .Imagine what would happen if everybody graduated and waited for his turn in this long queue stained with red tape, I think suffering will increase without an answer .

A person you admire(16)

A person I admire very much is my grandfather .He is very old now , and cant see very well , but he has had a wonderful life . When he was six, both his parents died and he had nowhere to live .He was taken in by a family who were not kind to him .They made him do a lot of work and didnt give him enough to eat . When my grandfather was nine , he ran away to school nearby .He went to the headmaster and said :Can I come and live in your house ? I will do the housework and gardening for you .In return can I study in your school ?" The headmaster was very kind and agreed to take him in .My grand father was clever at school .He passed all the exams and won a scholarship to study in a university in England and became a famous surgeon .

The problem of rising prices (17)

The high cost of living has become a matter every citizen talks about and extremely suffers from whether he is poor or rich .Here are some reasons


and solutions .On one hand , the way people think about it differs according to their point of view . Some say that it is due to inflation which penetrates money circulation .Others believe that it is due to human greed and monopoly .Thus , the government must pass strict laws to fix the prices of goods .Also it should remove the customs barriers .Moreover , attracting foreign and Arabic capital for investment would be the sure solution .Prices must be fixed and the necessaries of life must be rationed .House wives should rationalize their consumption . Citizens should co-opeate with the government to punish the greedy traders .In a word , we should cut down consumption and increase production .

Advertisements on TV(18)
In modern times ,advertisements on TV are of great importance for manufacturers , consumers and TV viewers .They are very important for manufacturers as they attract a big number of people to buy goods .Advertisements help the manufacturers to advertise their goods and they can make a good propaganda for their goods as supply is greater than demand .Advertisements create competition among to different manufacturers which in turn has a good effect on enhancing the quality of goods .Also, advertisements affect TV viewers greatly as they give them ideas about the products and its prices . However, some companies owners take advertisements as a way out from paying their taxes .Meanwhile, TV advertisements in Egypt reflect the Egyptian culture as we can learn a lot about a country from them .These advertisements give us a fairly true picture about the taste of people and their culture .Of course, TV makes a lot of money from these advertisements. In a word, we buy a particular product because we think it is the best .We usually think so because the advertisements say so.

The survival of Alex library (19)

The survival of Alex library is one of the most important cultural event in our modern history .That event reflects Egypt's interest for science and culture .It is a giant step towards spreading love and tolerance among nations .It will strengthen ties among world countries. It is a message of peace for those who seek knowledge and adore learning . On the other hand ,Alex library has been provided with modern of reading and useful entertainment such as the computer and the internet .It has a huge number of volumes and references of branches of knowledge .One can find what one searches for easily and quickly .It combines past and present of


mans heritage and protect it for the coming generations .Even its design is unique and marvelous . How great is the debt ,the world owe to Alex library, past ,present and future .

The role of women in the society (20)

The role that a woman plays in building a prosperous society isnt note less than that of man .Previously , women were regarded as passive members .Her main job was only to take care of the family and bring up children .They have no right to vote , educate etc.Today ,the situation has been changed .Women hold various posts .She is a scientist .an engineer , a doctor and even an ambassador .They have won the right to vote .She no longer stands behind man in her capability for work .To sum up ,The management of the house and success of family life and society depends so much on women.

What I wish to be (21)

Many are the dreams and wishes a man longs for and does his best to achieve. Since my early schooldays I have made up my mind to be an engineer as our age is the age of engineering and technology. But is the promising future of an engineering enough to make one decide to have career? Certainly not but I have those personal qualities tat qualify me to be so. I am a practical person and I always enjoy to excitement and activity of actual work .I have the enthusiasm and curiosity which are basic requirements to be an engineer .Further more , my high record in mathematics at school gives me confidence to push forward on the way to get at my aim . I know that dreaming or even personal qualities dont make one an engineer. I have to join the university and work hard. If I achieve my aim, I shall have the honour and pleasure to participate in the technological and economical progress of my country and help to make it take its right place among nations.

The importance of education (22)

Education for human beings is like pruning for natural plants .It polishes the natural qualities of man and makes him fit to live in his society .Besides the acquisition of knowledge ,that lights mans way through life , the most objective of education is the forming character .A person is taught discipline and the duties of a citizen . His moral qualities are polished so that he may become kind , sympathetic and social scoring what is selfish and dishonorable .He acquires knowledge in many fields in religion ,in politics


etc .He is taught the art of expression and the ability of comprehension both in his language and in a foreign language .In the end , everyone cant do without education .

Your favourite hobby (23)

A hobby is a subject that one studies for amusement .Many people spend a good deal of their time on their time on their hobbies .Some people are very much interested in collecting stamps .They classify their collections of stamps according to date or countries .They also keep them in nice albums .Others are very devoted to catching fish .They spend long hours on the banks of rivers or lakes to satisfy this desire .Some have a fancy swimming whereas others take a fancy to practicing sports or doing exercises .They spend most of their leisure in the sporting clubs . But as regards me ,I am very fond of reading that unlocks to me the vast field of knowledge .I enjoy living great mind of different nations in different ages .This gives me great satisfaction .The duty of the school is to encourage each boy and girl to pursue his/her hobby according to his/her attitudes .Thus he /she makes use of his/her time instead of wasting it .

Production and over population (24)

Production is the true criterion of the Arab force .By production we can end our under-development, rush towards progress, face and overcome difficulties and finally achieve victory over or enemy. The increase of population constitutes the most dangerous obstacle that faces the Egyptian people in their drive towards raising the standard of production in their country in an effective efficient way .The doubling of the national income every ten years allows for a rate of economic development which greatly exceeds the rate of increase in the population .It also provides a real opportunity for raising the standard of living .To attain this goal , it is not necessary to exhaust their energies under the pressure of responsibility but all hat it requires from them is honest and systematic work .

Housing problems (25)

The overpopulation problem resulted in many other problems including housing problem. Many homeless people found their shelter in slums and tombs. The problem of housing was the main stumbling block that confronts those who seek marriage and establish a new happy life .The low incomed citizens cant afford to rent a flat or build a small house .This grave problem has a bad impact on the stability and even the sense of belonging and loyalty .It may lead to the spread of dangerous diseases or even epidemics


.government has set up new cities and encouraged banks to lend those who hunt for settling at low interest .The government has set up new cities and encouraged investors to build new houses to be inhabited at reasonable prices .

Human heritage (26)

Man is to be blamed for ruining his cultural heritage .This heritage stands for mans culture and civilization throughout history .It forms the outstanding features and landmarks of the country's character . Thus, it should be preserved and safeguarded against any attack or misuse .This heritage includes monuments and historic buildings as well as the rare animals .The extinction of rare animals and plants is committed b y the reckless and irresponsible savageness of humans .This heritage such as the coral reefs ,the monuments and rare animals are worth treasures that belong to the present generations as well as the future generations .

Natural disasters (27)

Nature is very cruel to humans, animals and plants. The Somani hurricanes devastated many lands and left many people in the nakedness quite helpless without any shelter .Many humans were buried alive or seriously wounded or injured .The earthquake that shattered Pakistan gave a merciless blow to humans in different parts of Pakistan .America suffered a lot from high floods .Forest fires devastated thousands of acres here and there .Epidemics and infections spread in different corners of the world .Man was at a loss in such hellish atmosphere. Furthermore , Many African countries suffer from draught and starvation .A lot of people die of hunger and lack of water and food .

Bird flu (28)

There is no doubt that bird flu is one of the most dangerous diseases in our life and has its bad and negative effects nowadays. It mainly hurts poultry, ducks, pigeons and geese. It can be passed to man who is in touch with the infected birds . But it doesn t pass from person to another . It can be treated by "Tami flu" which is a well-known medicine . Moreover , we can combat this dangerous disease through following the rules of sanitation and hygiene .People should be aware of this fatal illness .The government is responsible for providing the needed cures .In brief , If we don t stand against this thorny problem , we will face more death and suffering .

Mobile phones(29)
Mobile phones are of great importance to many people in society from a businessman to an ordinary man. They can't do without. In 16

time of emergency people need to make a phone call asking for the ambulance help. In travel, mobiles are necessary to tell other people how you are doing. But some people have bad habits when using mobiles. They sometimes disturb people indoors unnecessarily at midnight. While driving, they may cause death, so the government should pass strict laws against using them while driving. However, doctors warn people of its drawbacks exposing themselves to the side effects of electromagnetic a., waves causing cancer. So people should use mobile phones more wisely and quietly.

Nothing can live without water. The water we drink is a blessing of Allah; however we are not wise in using it. Everyone should feel sorry for every drop of water wasted in our house. We all know that water is necessary for drinking, cooking, washing and irrigation. We are going to reclaim new areas of desert land. Meanwhile, water is a renewable source of energy which is cheap to generate electricity. So, all people should know how to care for every drop of water because the next century will witness a severe attack and an endless war for providing water supplies

Health is a priceless treasure that completes our happiness and a gift of Allah. We cannot really enjoy our life if we are unhealthy. For an unhealthy person, life is no more than pain and suffering. He is a helpless member who cannot take part in the process of development. However, healthy people are always good members in their societies and help to achieve its welfare and progress. So, people should take care of their personal cleanliness as it is tremendously important in the prevention of many kinds of infections. In order to be healthy, we must be clean. We must never eat food that smells bad or swollen canned food. We should always wash hands before and after a meal. We must either boil tap water or cool it before we drink. In the end, as it has been said that "prevention is better than cure" so everybody should pay attention to his health.

Charity Societies(32)
Charity Societies are organizations for helping the poor everywhere. Rich people establish them. They do their best to make homeless and poor children live in a reasonable standard. They offer them care in different 17

aspects. They offer the poor medical care free of change . If they are homeless, they offer them houses and food. Businessmen have got a duty towards these societies. They should give them support. They can pay a part of their taxes for these societies. All of us should take part in the activities of these societies. We can donate clothes, money, food or even we can donate efforts to please these poor children.

Schools in the Future(33)

I think our school will be completely different in the future. The ministry of education cares about creating a good citizen and a healthy young man as well. More attention will be given to sports. The computer will be used more widely. Every student will benefit from the internet in all aspect of his life. Moreover the students will be encouraged to take part in doing scientific research. This will encourage students to visit libraries more often. Distance learning will be also the feature of the future. Students can study everything while they are far away from the school. They can take tapes or CD's to enable them to study their subjects at home. We can imagine a more different shape of school than what we see nowadays. .

The television(34)
The television is the cheapest means of entertainment and culture. It shows us the current events that take place in every part of the world at the same time. It is also a means of communication. We can learn the language of any nation through its films or serials .We can't forget the educational programmes which attract the students of different stages. On the other hand it has some disadvantages. It has negatively affected the habit of reading. Most of us don't read much as we are attracted to the television more. Some people waste their time in front of the TV. So we have to use this important invention wisely. .

Making the best use of spare time"(35)

Time is gold. The time wasted is too hard to regain. So we have to make the best use of our time. If we have a spare time we can make a plan to spend it doing useful things. The wise person is one who spends his / her time carefully


in a proper way. Some people prefer to read a useful book, or a story. In this way they increase their information and knowledge in different aspects. Some others prefer to practise sports. So they renew their energy, activate their minds, and strengthen their bodies. Young men prefer to spend most of their time playing computer games, which can be useful in developing their abilities and computer skills.

Life in the past & today(36)

. In my view, life in the past was quieter and easier. Modern-means of transport tike cars, trains and planes were not there. Consequently, there were almost no air-pollutants. Vast areas of land were cultivated. People depended mainly on agriculture as their main earner. In the past there was shortage of medical care. Cholera and other serious epidemics were attacking many people for a time. At present, nearly all epidemics vanished thanks to medical care. Nowadays, we hear every now and then of new discoveries such as the Femto second, and new inventions such as the computerized car. Also there are various means of entertainment. In short, life today has become more complicated.

Life in the Future(37)

As long as we live, we have to think. Our life in the future will change completely. Computers and internet will occupy our life. So, instead of wasting time going here and there, we will use the internet to get our needs. Students of the future will get the information they need through their computers which will be available and within the reach of their hands Housewives can shop through the internet and the housework will be done by certain kind of robots. Most houses will be air conditioned and people won't suffer from the heat of the sun. Our factories will be computerized. There will be better means of communications and transport. Scientists will control the weather, so there will be no floods or drought. But I think man will not change.

Made in Egypt(38) Protecting local products

One should be proud of his country and its local products. Our local products are usually cheaper than the imported ones and sometimes better. In


addition, buying our local products creates job opportunities for our youth and brings hard currency which need to import our needs. There is no doubt that our products have the Egyptian taste which appeals to us and cope with our nature and way of living. Not only this but also they best cope with our hot and humid weather, with our habits of eating and doing the daily work. Finally, buying our local products increases our national income and raises our standard of living.

English and The Internet(39)

The importance of the Internet grows rapidly in all fields of human life, including not only research and education but also marketing and trade as well as entertainment and hobbies. This implies that it becomes more and more important to know how to use Internet services and, as a part of this, to read and write English. But although Internet services themselves are, generally speaking, easy to learn and use, you will find yourself isolated on the Internet if you are not familiar with English. This means that knowledge or lack of knowledge of English is one of the most severe factors that cause interest. Learning to use a new Internet service or user interface may take a few hours, a few days, or even weeks, but it takes years to learn a language so that you can use it in a fluent and self-confident manner. Of course, when you know some English, you can learn more just by using it on the Internet. So, English and the internet became one face of a coin.

First stage
Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1995) "Living in the new the cities" You make use of the following points: -cheap flats - fresh airy lovely parks - wide streets - means of transport - new friends Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1996) "Summer camps for students" You make use of the following points: Summer and winter resorts - cooperation Learning new activities - independence Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1997) 20

"A place you visited and you will never forget" You make use of the following points: What it is How it is different from other places why you like it . (1998) Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: "How we can attract more tourists to visit Egypt" - You make use of the following points: - travel facilities - providing information - comfortable accommodation - friendly attitudes Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1998) "The River Nile " - You make use of the following points: - source of life - water and fish wealth - generating electricity - keeping the Nile clean Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1999) "How to improve our school life" You make use of the following points: Building new schools - activities and games - having playgrounds, libraries, computers, TVs, videos .etc Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2001) "Computer study is essential for a successful career." You make use of the following points: - computerized machines . Great accuracy . - challenging speed - the internet - Availability information Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2001) "The problem of pollution " You make use of the following points - Air pollution - noise is a sort of pollution - Harmful gases - old cars -reducing pollution in our streets . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2002) "Protecting local goods" You make use of the following points - encourage local products Different kinds of goods electric electronic textile &medical industries ready made clothing export more than import good quality to compete . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2003) "All students in secondary schools should study science." What do you think? Give reasons for what you say You make use of the following points


Agree: why prefer science : interesting useful- the age of science - mod- the age of science modern technology inventions discoveries \ faculties & jobs available Disagree: why disagree : difficult needs equipment- costs money \ more interesting subjects :Arts ,literature ,History , geography , psychology , philosophy \faculties & jobs available. Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2004) "Advertisements have become an important part of television in Egypt.," You make use of the following points 1- How important are advertisements? 2- what are the things that you most like/ dislike about them ? 3- Do you think that television advertisements in Egypt reflect the Egyptian culture? Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2006) "The African Cup of Nations was a well-organized ,successful festival which was held in Egypt early this year." You make use of the following points Facilities: playgrounds transportation accommodation Football fans: flags new styles of support cheers of the crowds Egypts achievements: strong competition international reputation victorious players

Second stage
Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1996) "The value of having pen-friends .' OR "Three ways in which we can make use of desert land " Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1997) 'Great projects provide opportunities for work and better living conditions for all Egyptians" OR A story ending with: ".I shall never forget my fathers advice to be careful when I choose my friends." Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1998)


"To build up a great country, the Egyptian youth should be hard working, honest and well-educated." OR "A story beginning with: "Last month, on my way home, I saw .." Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1998) a) The advantages of having a business of your own and not waiting for a government post . b) Education of village women aims at the good of the Egyptian family and the progress of the whole country. Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1999) a) Money is important to all of us .We cant live without it .But at the same time , it is a double edged weapon .Discuss how it should be earned and spent . b) One favourable character you look up to as a model. Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (1999) a) Reasons for happiness differ from one person to another . Write about the things that will help you lead a happy life. b) A story ending with crime doesnt pay, and a criminal loses more than he gains . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2000) a) What do you think life will be like in the year 2100? b) You have just come back from a school trip .Write a paragraph describing how you spent time there . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2001) a) Describe what you would like a tourist to see in your country. b)The role of the youth in our society . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2002) The advantages of buying local products labeled 'Made in Egypt ". Guiding points: -Great variety - Egyptian taste cheaper prices help local industries - work opportunities - national income Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2003) you have received an invitation from an international space agency to travel in space .The trip will take one month , however you can only take four things with you .Describe your feelings ,tell us about the four things you would take and why they are so necessary for you .Tell us about the first person you would tell about your trip and why you chose him/her .


Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2004) The continuous rise in prices has become a national problem for most Egyptian families. Write about The reasons for the increase in prices of most goods . The role the government plays in controlling the market . Some suggestions on how to overcome this problem . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2005)

"Computers in society"
Personal computers first appeared in the mid 1970s and since then they have changed our lives forever .How? What effect have they had ? Write about the different areas in which we use computers: Education, business, entertainment, government, communication, offices ..etc. Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2006) "Thinking about the future " What will life be like then ?Will it be better ,worse or the same as now ?what do you hope a bout the future? Think about :technology ,medicine ,education ,war and peace , food ,work ,people and other things of your choice . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2009) "How has the internet affected our lives?" -Communications - Getting more information - Many fields of study - Many services - Entertainment Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2001 Al azher) "Your plans for the future" -Passing the final exams Getting the highest marks to join the faculty of Medicine being a doctor treating patients Being humble and avoiding to be a money maker . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2002 Al azher) "How to make your city a better place " -state the problems /city dirty /need to do something -start recycling /create more parks / plant trees - All work together /city better place . Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: (2003 Al azher) "Manners make a man" Good manners and bad manners - gain peoples respect Set a good example. Sense of responsibility love of God. 24

Write a paragraph of not less than 100 words about: 1-Our country is in need of every ones efforts.
Make use of the following ideas: Getting rid of our bad habits.-desert reclamation Hard work and production - encouraging national products 2- How people like to spend their holidays Enjoy nature and the fresh air go to the sea-side Go to the clubs - stay at home travel abroad 3- The importance of cooperation between the Arab countries Setting all the Arab disputes.-co-operation is a must at present. Exchanging national products . 4- Travelling abroad enriches oned s experience -Why people travel what they see and do - how this affects their ways of thinking and behaving . 5- Purposes for using the internet -Technology /e-mail global information - Fast / any part of the world 6- My favourite hobby -What your favourite hobby is - when you practise it Why it is important. 7- The traffic problems in big cities causes solutions 8- How to educate children and bring them up Strict parents and freedom giving ones Discipline and its effects Modern schools with scientific educational aids 9- Modern inventions telephone in touch with radios television amusement culture cars trains aero planes travelling easy life comfortable save time effort

How to write a letter


: . . . -1 -2 -3 -4

Dear + .. .... . . . .. ... .. .. Yours

( (, (, (

) ) ) ) )

17, el Nasser street, Boulak , Cairo, Egypt. rd 23 June 2009

Dear Ann,

I hope you are in a good health when you receive my letter, you can't imagine how pleased I was while I was writing this letter. I am writing this letter to 2 I'm looking forward to seeing you soon. My best regards to all at home. 26

Give my hands to all your family With my best wishes, :


, your loving son

, yours sincerely


Write a letter to your friend Yousef inviting him to spend the weekend at your home. Your name is Ahmed .You live at 15 el Sadat street, Cairo.
15 El sadat street Cairo, th 22 Jan. 2009 Dear Yousef, I 'm very pleased to write you this letter. I hope that you are well when you receive this letter. I would like to invite you to spend the weekend with me in my home , I'm sure you won't be sorry for coming because you will enjoy a happy time with my family. Give my hands to all your family. I'm looking forward to seeing you soon, Yours, Ahmed You receive the following letter from your English pen-friend, read it carefully, then write a letter in reply. Your name is Yousef and you live at 19 El Sadat Street, Cairo. Dear Yousef, I was very happy to receive your letter. I have been looking for a penfriend from Egypt for two years. Now I've got one, there's so much things to ask you about. I know little about your country. What is it like? Is it very hot? Please write soon and tell me every thing Best wishes, Robert


19 El Sadat Street, Cairo, Egypt, rd 23 Jan. 2009 Dear Robert, Thank you very much for your kind letter. I can't tell you how happy I feel when I receive your tender letter. I have read it and known that you want me to tell you every thing about Egypt. I like to inform you that Egypt is very beautiful country, it has a fine weather all the year round, and it has a civilization that attracts tourists from the entire world. It has good people who welcome visitors with smiles. I'm looking forward to seeing you, Yours,

Dear , How to nice to hear from you .I hope that you are well and sound better .No one knows how happy and pleased I am the moment I am writing to you. .. ...................................................................................................... looking forward to hearing from you . Best wishes Yours , .. :
(happy and pleased) . (sad and sorry) 1- So please, allow me to express my feelings of happiness concerning your .. 2- So please, allow me to invite you to . 3- So please, allow me to congratulate you on .. 4- - So please, allow me to borrow your . 28 Yousef.

5- So please, allow me to express my gratitude to you for .. 6- So please, allow me to express my apology to you for 7- So please, allow me to tell you that 1- I hope you are fine and doing well. 2- I hope that you are well and sound better. 3- It pleases me so much to write you. 4- It gives me the greatest pleasure to write to you and tell you about a a a a a 5- You cand t imagine how happy and pleased I really was on writing to you a a a a a 6- I would like to congratulate you on your (success, marriage, engagement, birthday, such good news a etc) 7- Thank you for a a a a a a a a a 8- I'm really grateful and thankful to you for a a a ..(your nice present , your kind letter ,kind invitation a a a a a .etc ) 9- Would you please allow me to invite you to a a a a . 10 Th nks for your gre t invit tion which I gr tefully ccept. 11- Th nk you for your kin invit tion which I highly ppreci te but I m eeply sorry for not coming s something quite unexpecte h ppene to me . ? 12- Woul you ple se llow me to enquire bout 13- Sorry for telling you th t I h ve compl int bout .? n terrible news 14-I w s re lly shocke on he ring such b . 15- Let me express my feeling of s ness concerning your .. 16-I m writing to you so s to tell you th t

1-How nice it w s to he r from you . 2- it is nice occ sion to receive letter from one of my e rest frien s . 29

3- I cant tell you how happy and pleased I was on receiving your kind letter. 1- As we have ever been, I hope we remain so. 2-it would be nice if you answered me soon. 3-Hoping to ever hear from you. 4- Wishing you speedy recovery. 5- Looking forward to seeing you.

Senders address Company address Date Greeting A reference to the advertisement Asking for an interview Personal details

The close

Write a letter applying for a job advertised in The Middle East News on 15th January for International Bank in Alexandria, P.O.Box 101 saying that you have the qualifications they require .Ask for an interview. Your name is Sami Ahmed and you live at 20 Nasr Road, Cairo.


20 Nasr Road, Cairo. The personal Manager International Bank P.O. Box 101 Alexandria Egypt 20th January 2009 Dear Sir, I am writing to enquire about the position of clerk advertised in the Middle East News on 15th March. I am 20 years old and I have just finished my work .I speak and write English quite well and I can type in both Arabic and English. I have also done a course on word processing. I would be grateful if you could send me an application form. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future and I hope I will be given the opportunity of attending an interview. Your faithfully Sami Ahmed

1-Adrian Doff is an English student who came to Egypt to visit luxor and see Opera Aida .he stayed at the Sphinx Hotel ,12 Nile Street , luxor .Adrian wrote a letter to his friend Martin telling him how much he enjoyed watching the performance as well as seeing the monuments at luxor .Write Adriand s letter to Martin .(1995) 31

2- you visited the Sixth of October City last week .Write a letter to your friend ,Hany ,telling him about your visit and describing what you liked most : wide streets , new factories , modern houses and lovely parks . Your name is Mohsen and you live at 20 Nile Street, Cairo. (1996) 3- Write a letter to David with whom you spent a week in London. Thank him for his hospitality and kindness .your name is Ahmed and live at 50 Ramsis street .Cairo. You may make use of the following:(1997) Thank invitation enjoy meet nice family delicious food- places visited shopping presents visit Egypt someday. 4- Write a letter to your friend, Samy, congratulating him on his success and asking him about his plans for spending the summer holidays .your name is Hatem and you live at 20 Adly Street, Cairo. (1998) 5- Write a letter to your British friend, Andy , telling him how life has changed in Egypt ,especially in the fields of industry , transport, agriculture and education .your name is Hassan and you live at 80 Karnak Street ,luxor .