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The Greenhouse Effect .scribd. • The glass panels of the greenhouse letin light but keepheat from escaping .com/ 14%2FWhat-is-the-Greenhouse-Effect%23source%3Afacebook><http://twitter.and keeps the plantswarm enough to livein the><#>Cancel <#> <#> Add a Comment Submit share: Characters: 400 <#> Share & Embed <http://www.scribd. Have you seen a greenhouse? • Most greenhouseslook like><ht tp://www. • Green houses areused to grow plants.scribd.especially in How do greenhouses work? • This causes thegreenhouse to heatup much like theinside of a car parked in sunlight.Dipti Hans Link account <#> Advanced < FWhat-is-the-Greenhouse-Effect&message=> <#> Add to Collections Download this Document for Free Auto-hide: on <#> What is the Greenhouse effect?What is the Greenhouse effect? • The greenhouse effect is the rise in temperaturethat the Earth experiences because certain gases inthe atmosphere trap heat from the Sun’s How do greenhouses work? • Greenhouses workby trapping heatfrom the 2%20on%20Scribd%20http%3A%2F%2Fwww.

• Without the greenhouse effect.water. land. The greenhouse effect isimportant. How do greenhouseswork? • Some of the energypasses back intospace. • Even a little warmingcauses problems for plants and animals.causing our world toheat up. • Greenhouse gasesin the atmospherebehave much likethe glass panes in agreenhouse. the Earth would notbe warm enough for humans to live. heat would escapeback into space and Earth’s averagetemperature would be about 60 º F colder. • Much of it remainstrapped in theatmosphere by thegreenhouse gases. thesegases are referred toasgreenhouse gases . itcould make the Earth warmer than usual.• The Earth’satmosphere is allaround us. • But if the greenhouse effect becomes stronger. and biosphere absorb thesunlight’s energy! Once absorbed thisenergy is sent back into theatmosphere. • As it reaches the Earth’s surface. What are these gases? • The greenhousegases are: Water Vapour Carbon dioxide Nitrous Oxide Methane CFCs . The Greenhouse Effect • Sunshine enters the Earth’satmosphere passing through theblanket of greenhouse gases. It is theair we breathe. • Because of how theywarm our world. Greenhouse Effect • Without these gases.

It is carbon dioxide that helpsto keep the Earth warm.WaterWaterVapourVapour • There is more water in the atmosphere than carbondioxide so most of the greenhouse heating of the Earth’ssurface is due to water vapour. not natural. • If it held in less heat.the amount of carbondioxide in our atmosphere seems tohave been increasing. • Our atmosphere needs acertain amount of this gas. Carbon Dioxide • This gas holds in just enough heatfrom the sun to keep animals andplants alive. • The water vapour content in the atmosphere is constantwhich means it hasn’t changed. • Why is this happening? • What is it doing to theEarth’s atmosphere? . • If it held in more heat than it does theclimate on Earth would grow too hot for some kinds of life. Water Vapour • Water vapour is the biggest contributor tothe “naturalgreenhouse effect” • Human activities have little impact on thelevel of water vapour. Global carbon dioxide emissions Carbon Dioxide • For the past 100 years. One of these natural gases is carbon dioxide. Carbon Dioxide • Carbon Dioxide is probably the mostimportant of the greenhouse gases and iscurrently responsible for 60 % of the‘enhancedgreenhouse effect’ • Enhanced Human activities. Carbon Dioxide • Our atmosphere contains many natural gases other thanozone. Earth’s climatewould be too cold.

Nitrous Oxide • Nitrous oxide makes up an extremelysmall amount of the atmosphere – It isless than one-thousandth as abundantas carbon dioxide. and kerosene).Where do all the carbon dioxide gases comeWhere do all the carbon dioxide gases comefrom?from? • Carbon dioxide Human respiration. the level of nitrousoxide in the atmosphere has increased by 16%. • Since the Industrial Revolution. Nitrous Oxide • Nitrous Oxide has one of the longest atmospherelifetimes of the greenhouse gases. • We use fossil fuels to run vehicles (petrol.diesel. Industrialization Burning of fossil fuel to generate electricity Burning of forest (lesser trees) CO2 is now 1 / 3 more than before IndustrialRevolution Carbon Dioxide • Burning fossil fuels release the carbondioxide stored millions of years ago. heat homes. • However it is 200 to 300 times moreeffective in trapping heat than carbondioxide. Nitrous Oxide • The impact of human activities Burning fossil fuelsand wood Widespread use of fertilizers Sewage treatmentplants Where do all nitrous oxide gases comeWhere do all nitrous oxide gases comefrom?from? .businesses. and power factories. lasting for up to150 years.

Some of thismethane is produced by rice fields Where do all the methane gases come from?Where do all the methane gases come from? • Methane Produced by bacteria living in swampy areas. Other sources are the extraction of fossil fuels. • Wet rice cultivation Waste in landfills Rearing of livestock • When cows belch (burp) Each molecule can trap 20 times as muchheat as a CO 2 molecule. landfill sitesand the burning of biomass. – Methane concentration in the atmosphere has morethan doubled during the last 200 yr.• Nitrous Oxide Vehicle exhaust Nitrogen based fertilisers Methane • The importance of methane in thegreenhouse effect isit’s warming effect. Methane • Methane accountsfor 20%of the‘enhancedgreenhouse effect’. • It occurs in lower concentrations thancarbon dioxide but itproduces 21 timesas much warming ascarbon dioxide. (Less thanother greenhousegases) Methane • Human Activities – An increase in livestock farming and rice growing hasled to an increase in atmospheric methane. . • It remains in theatmosphere for 10-12 years.

Global Warming • Changes in someplaces will not begood at all. Can remain in the atmosphere for a long time(up to 20 000 years) Global Warming • The average global temperature hasincreased by almost 1º F over the pastcentury. . • Scientists expect the average globaltemperature to increase an additional 2º to6º F over the next hundred years.Where do all the CFCs comeWhere do all the CFCs comefrom?from? • CFCs (Chlorofluorocarbons) Aerosol sprays Making foam packaging Coolants in fridge and air cons Cleaning solvents Each CFC molecule can trap as much heat as100 000 CO 2 molecule. Global Warming • Even a small increase in temperature over along time can change the climate. 000years ago) thetemperature wasonly 7 º colder thanit is today. there may be bigchanges in the things that people depend on. Global Warming • At the peak of thelast ice age (18. andglaciers coveredmuch of NorthAmerica. • When the climate changes. Human Health Ecological Systems(Plants and animals) Sea Level Rise Crops and FoodSupply Human Health • Heat stress and other heat related healthproblems are caused directly by very warmtemperatures and high humidity.

Ecological Systems • Plants and animals Climate change may alter the world’s habitats. • Oceanfront property would be affected by flooding. Rising Sea LevelsRising Sea Levels • When earth’s temperature rises. threatening plants andanimals in those areas. sea level is likely torise too: Higher temperature sea water to expand involume Ice caps at poles to melt Sea Level Rise • Sea level may rise between several inches and asmuch as 3 feet during the next century. • When water expands in the ocean. Heat exhaustion and heatstroke. Most past climate changes occurred slowly. • Coastal flooding may also reduce the quality of drinking water in coastal areas. • Coastal flooding could cause saltwater to flow intoareas where salt is harmful.All living things are included in and rely on theseplaces.g. it takes upmore space and the level of the sea rises .allowing plants and animals to adapt to the newenvironment or move someplace else. • Melting glaciers add more water to the ocean. Why? • Warmer weather makes glaciers melt. . Sea Level Rise • Global Warming may make the sea levelbecome higher.• Heat stress– A variety of problems associatedwith very warm temperatures and highhumidity e. • Warmer weather also makes water expand.. Plants and animals may not be able to reactquickly enough to survive if future climatechanges occur as rapidly as scientists predict.

• The expected negative impact of thegreenhouse effect on human life has beenassessed by some scientists to be secondonly to global nuclear war. • People living in these areas may have thechance to grow crops in new areas. • But global warming might bring droughts toother places where we grow crops. What Might Happen? • This warming trend is expected to bringdroughts and flooding of low lying coastalareas as the polar ice caps melt and raisesea level. water shortage and heat waves occurs Wet areas floods and avalanches (landslides) Climatic ChangeClimatic Change • Other problems may arise: Destroy food crop rice. • With more water vapour. cholerawhich are deadly. • But it is not evenly distributed: Dry areas severe drought condition.Crops and Food Supply • Global warming may make the Earth warmer incold places. more rain fall is expected. wheat and corn Affect animals need to migrate Encourage growth of weed and pests maylead to diseases like dengue fever. What can we do about it? • . Climatic ChangeClimatic Change • Global warming will lead to an increase in theevaporation of water more water vapour.

Try carpooling Ways you can help make our planetbetter. They don’t pollute as much. Some cars are better for the environment –They travel longer on a smaller amount of fuel.. • Talk to Your Familyand Friends – aboutglobal warming. We just have to be smart E. • Many greenhouse gases come from thingswe do every day. • Cars – cause pollution and release a lotof greenhouse gases into the air. you send less trash to thelandfill and you help save natural resources like trees andelements such as aluminum.g. Ways you can help make our planetbetter. Recycle cans. Letthem know whatyou’ve learned.plastic bags and newspapers. ridinga bike or walking. Ways you can help make our planetbetter. • Solar Energy – can beused to heat homes. • Bike. . the televisionand the computer. bottles. • When You Buy.There are many little things that we can doto make a difference to reduce the amountof greenhouse gases that we put into theatmosphere. water and tomake electricity. • Recycle – When you recycle. Using these cars can help reduce can helpreduce the amount of greenhouse gases inthe air.buildings. • Read – Learning aboutthe environment is veryimportant. Turn off lights. • Driving a car or using electricity is notwrong. BuyCool Stuff Buy Products that don’tuse as much energy Buy recyclableproducts instead of non-recyclable ones. Ways you can help make our planetbetter. Ways you can help make our planetbetter. Bus and Walk. we help putgreenhouse gases intothe air. • Save Electricity –Whenever we useelectricity.You can savesenergy by sometimestaking the bus.

• Money need to be spent to restore theoriginal • Public Health Services need to beprovided by the government.g fish • Destruction of forest lost of possiblemedical solutions Property • FloodsFloods property lost • Pollution destroy streets and beaches • Soil erosion desertification.What else can we do?What else can we do? • To reduce the emission of greenhouse gases • International efforts: Kyoto treaty (1997) was started to reduceemission of greenhouse gases by 5% of 1990s levels by 2012. industryand businesses. World’s major polluters Summary / ConclusionSummary / Conclusion Environmental Crisis will affect us: Health • Air pollution asthma or other respiratory problems • Water pollution poison our food sourcee. . lost of farmlands Summary / ConclusionSummary / Conclusion Environmental Crisis will affect us: Economic Costs • Lost in terms of monetary values.

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