Still not convinced? Ask any of our clients. Simply Amazing!

I have faithful regular customers I can attribute directly to my MBC system. Matt Jones, Peppertini’s After installing 4 machines from another vendor, I was convinced that these things just didn’t work. We were able to replace the 4 old machines with 2 from MBC and the results were incredible. John Cain, The Country Club The difference is night and day. Our customers love it. Kye Pietoso, Bar Napoli The previous owner went non-smoking and quickly went out of business. We made some improvements, added MBC Clean Air and offered smoking again, including a cigar club. The building owner came in the other day and said, “I thought you added smoking again, but I haven’t smelled anything.” I just pointed to the MBC Machine in the ceiling. The old regulars are coming back and so far business is good. Jeff Orbin, Herbie’s Vintage ‘72 Tin Can Gladstone’s, Nadine’s 3 Monkeys, Tin Can Milo’s John P Field’s, Barrister’s Double D’s, Babes Graham’s The Hive Paul Mineo’s Frailey’s, Agostino’s Downtown Soulard Morganford The Hill Clayton Maplewood Kirkwood Creve Coeur Westport West County

Smoky Bars Drive Away Non-Smokers

Non-Smoking Bars Exclude Smokers

Smoking Bans Kill Bars


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So what is the solution?

When you look at the numbers, it just makes good business sense to offer clean air to attract customers. It’s the same way you offer good food, good drinks, a unique décor, quality service and entertainment.
SMOKE...  Causes Burning Eyes and Stuffy Noses  Ruins Meal Experiences  Stays on Clothes - Costs to Dry Clean  Damages Electronics  Creates TAR Buildup on Everything  Causes Sick and Less Productive Staff  Leaves Bad Odors in your Bar  REPELS CUSTOMERS
 1000 Cubic Feet/Minute  Cleans Particles & Gasses  Kills Bacteria and Viruses  Creates Oxygenated Air  Performance Guaranteed

Monthly Cost
MBC 1000 (per unit) Service (per unit) Lost Revenue Extra Cleaning Electronics Damage

95.00 75.00


300.00 45.00 40.00

Total Cost


$385.00 $215.00 20 months 300%

     

Cost of Waiting per Month Payback Period 5 Yr Return on Investment

ATTRACTS CUSTOMERS Increases Sales and Profits Decreases Cleaning Costs Decreases Repair & Replacement Costs Keeps Décor Fresh and Clean Welcomes Smokers and Non-Smokers

†MBC1000 prices based on 60 mo. financing w/approved credit including taxes and standard installation and service contract. †Smoke numbers are approx. estimates based on internal data.